ALL ABOUT - Nail Care

Well groomed nails are a reflection of your personal hygiene, and it’s time to adopt a regular nail care routine for healthier nails. 
The white tip of your nail, also called lunula, is usually a great indicator of its health. A dark coloured lunula could be a sign of anaemia or iron deficiency, and splitting/peeling nails could be because of vitamin deficiency. Here are a few basic tips which you can follow to achieve healthy and strong nails:
STEP 1 - CLEANING: It is necessary to be extremely gentle on your nails while cleaning them and keeping them dirt-free should be your priority.
  • Soak your nails in lukewarm water for 5 minutes 
  • Then gently clean the dirt from your nails using a cuticle stick
PRO TIP: Mix a special soap with the lukewarm water while soaking your nails. This would make it easier to clean any stubborn dirt particles from your nails.
STEP 2: CUTTING AND FILING: Regular trims keep your nails healthier and prevent it from trapping dirt. Don’t cut off your cuticles since they seal the nail base, and cutting them off would attract bacteria and could cause infections
  • Use a nail cutter and gently trim the excess growth of your nails.
  • Use a filer to file them in any shape you want, taking care that the edges are smooth.
STYLE TIP:  You can choose from various shapes like round, square, oval, ballerina, almond etc to file your nails. Just get online and open up a tutorial video to learn how to file your nails in a trendy shape.
STEP 3: MASSAGING: To promote nail growth and healthier nails, massaging your nails could work wonders. You can have shinier and healthier nails by following a few home remedies.
  • Take a cotton ball and soak it in a spoonful of olive oil
  • Gently massage your nails with the cotton ball and make sure the oil reaches your cuticles, so it can nourish it from within.
PRO TIP: To help your nails grow faster, you can make some adjustments in your diet and consume Biotin, a type B vitamin that is known to promote nail growth. It is also recommended that you avoid the use of glue on your nails for nail art.
STEP 4: PROTECTIVE NAIL PAINT: Always apply a protective base coat before applying nail paint, to keep your nails protected from being tarnished
  • Pick a nail strengthening clear polish that can act as a protective layer against pigments of the polish.
  • Apply a single layer of this polish on all your nails, and let it dry completely before you apply a nail paint over it.
EXTRA CARE: A general rule is that the darker the colour, the more harmful the pigmentation. So if you are going for a darker nail paint, be sure to use a base coat before in order to keep your nails protected from the chemicals.