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Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel

High-quality lasting nail enamel
All pinkredbrown
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High-quality nail paint formula which smoothly glides to give an attractive and flawless finish. Chip-resistant with the blend of non-harmful plasticizers. The collection has 8 exemplary shades matching with the stunning Belle de Luxe Lipstick.

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Name & Address of Manufacturer:Fiabila India Pvt. Ltd Marketed by: Faces Cosmetics India Pvt. Ltd.

Country of Origin:India

Net Qty. (g/ml):9

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      Supriya Dhadphale

      Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel

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      Varsha Jadhav

      I loved the shade as well as it’s long lasting effect and gel finish … pretty happy

      Spoorthi HS

      Good products and as expected

      About Faces Canada Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel

      Are you tired of the same old nail polish trends? Are you looking to add more style and individuality to your look? The latest trend in nail fashion isn't about the color of your nails; it's about how you put them on. Faces Canada has just released their new Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel, which comes with its own unique nail art wheel that lets you create beautiful nail art patterns in a snap.

      Colorful Nails

      With this nail polish design for Fall and Winter, beauty junkies are swooning over colorful nails. From coral-toned tips to a rainbow of designs, these funky nail colors will inspire you to skip black and get creative with polish.

      One of our favorite ways to try out these vibrant shades is by painting a thin stripe on our ring finger — it's an easy way to wear a hot trend without committing to an entire color palette! To make your statement manicure last as long as possible, apply a top coat before adding a layer of varnish. This will protect your painted fingers from water damage and smudging while also keeping color bright for longer. A clear base coat is also essential when using dark polishes.

      Bold Prints

      During this nail polish colors season, nail designers are experimenting with unexpected prints and patterns. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Mix and match polka dots, florals, and geometrics on each finger for a fresh look that complements any outfit.

      You can even use bold designs as an accent nail, then accessorize with traditional colors on your other fingers. Go wild! It’s important to remember that all bold looks are temporary—after you’ve had fun mixing it up, choose a neutral color to give your nails some extra strength while they grow out.

      Transparent Stamping

      The new gel nail polish trend in nail art isn't anything like your grandma's red and white polka dots. Transparent stamping is a unique way to infuse color and beauty into your nails. This look has been popular among Hollywood celebrities for some time now and has even made its way into fashion magazines as an emerging trend that everyone should try out.

      So if you are thinking about trying out a new style for summer, try transparent stamping. It will last through all of your activities (especially water sports), make you stand out from everyone else, and give you something to talk about at work or on vacation!

      Neon Colours

      Summer nail polish gel is all about color, and we’re seeing a lot of neon colors on celebrities, fashion models and now even on our nails. Neon colors are vivid colors that pop off your nails. Think bright orange, hot pink, or lime green; these are not your typical nail polish colors!

      Many women are mixing trendy neon colors like orange and pink to create nail art designs that range from simple splatter patterns to intricate artsy works of art. Experimenting with different neon black nail polish shades is sure to result in amazing nail art designs. You can use multiple neon shades together on one hand or try just one shade on both hands for a nice feminine look. Make sure you have an assortment of shades to choose from before applying some neon fun!

      Tips and Tricks

      So you want to try out a new nail trend, but you don’t know where to start? Allow us to help. At Faces Canada white nail polish, we have some of the latest trends at our fingertips and can help guide you through your next manicure or pedicure. Whether you are looking for an edgy mani or a classy Pedi, our lineup of nail products can get your nails off to a great start. When it comes to fashionable nails, why not let professionals guide you? Here are some simple tips on how to achieve trendy nails

      Trendy shades of Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel

      Professional pink nail polish care products are all the rage these days, and nail enamel is one of the hottest segments in this industry right now. With so many brands on the market, it can be hard to decide which colors will get you noticed.

      Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe nail enamel provides an innovative way to address this challenge with the introduction of ten new colors that are sure to make your nails stand out from the crowd. Here are some great color combinations you can try.

      1) Milano

      FACES CANADA Red Nail Polish Beauty’s lightweight nail enamel, Milano, is one shade that can be worn every day. A classic beige-pink combo with a glossy shine gives it just enough flair to make it appropriate for any formal occasion. This year, Milano is especially popular because you can pair it with colorful outfits without looking too out of place.

      Simply nail polish nude colors and dab on two coats for light coverage or go heavy with three or four coats for a dark opaque look that won't chip easily over time. FACES CANADA Beauty Milano has been named by many as their favorite shade available in modern professional nail polish colors and looks good on every skin tone and comes in 12 different colors including reds, pinks, and even blacks!

      2) Basilic

      If you have delicate skin, basilic green nail polish is a great way to refresh your complexion without chemicals or irritation. Just dust some over your face after cleansing and make sure not to touch your eyes for at least two hours so that it has time to soak in.

      It may smell good enough to eat, but keep it away from your lips! Also be wary if you’re allergic to peppers or plants from the same family (poison ivy, sumac, rue, etc.). Basilic can also cause allergic reactions if it's contaminated with ragweed pollen. You may want to wear gloves when applying on open wounds because basilic can increase bleeding—and don't expect regular results overnight.

      3) Interdit

      As a purple nail polish color, you’d think that being would mean forbidden. But we all know what it means: unlawful. So, instead of shying away from it, you should embrace it. If you're looking for something daring, these are beautiful! These have an amazing dark taupe base with black undertones that turn neon red in bright light—very cool! Think goth glamour and these will fit right into your wardrobe—dress them up or down. With such a cool sheen to them and a gorgeous polish finish, you won't be able to take your eyes off your nails! Don't believe us?

      4) Rose Poudre

      Rose Poudre is a yellow nail polish that matches all your dresses and daily wears. Make your nails colorful and make your friends envious by using them. This is a trend shade that you can't afford to miss out on because if it is out of stock, you might be stuck with other brands. You don't want to go there. Believe me! Buy it now before it runs out again! Because it's long-lasting and dries fast too! Try Rose Poudre right now and have beautiful hands within no time. ;)

      5) Cherry Blossom

      This nail enamel is an elegant and beautiful vibrant color that anyone would be sure to fall in love with. With a light shine but bold look, it's perfect for any type of occasion. It might look simple, but there are plenty of details to love about it.

      For example, it provides full coverage nail polish best brand with just one coat, and dries almost instantly. Plus, you'll get up to seven days out of each application! This is a new favorite that you should try if you're looking for something daring yet fun to wear.

      6) Golden Quartz

      Looking for a unique shade that complements your golden skin and fiery locks? Golden Quartz combines neon yellow undertones with a touch of white to create an electric gold that's perfect for those who want their look to pop. If you're more into neutral hues, however, you might want to give Bronze Taupe a try. This deep taupe is designed for women with darker complexions who enjoy earth-toned shadows.

      7) Burgundy

      Burgundy has been a color that has stood out in 2015, but it is not going anywhere anytime soon. This rich and bold shade will last you through the seasons to come. Burgundy can be worn on its own, or as an accent nail to enhance another hue that you are wearing.

      If you have always wanted to try out burgundy but were afraid to, it is time to take that step! The unique appeal of this warm tone is undeniable, so pick your favorite shade and begin experimenting with your nails today!

      8) Blueberry

      This best nail polish brand shade of nail enamel is a must-have for all women. If you're not afraid to stand out from everyone else and be yourself, then I recommend giving Blueberry a try. It's a unique color that isn’t too bold or dull.

      You'll fall in love with how creamy and smooth it looks on your nails. This gorgeous hue of bright blue makes it hard to look away from your fingernails. We guarantee you won't regret investing in Blueberry! Give it a try today!

      9) Storm Grey

      This nail polish for dark skin deep grey looks great on those with fair to light skin tones and has a hint of pink. It's more opaque than most greys and will last for about 3-4 days before chipping. This is not recommended for professionals due to its short life span.

      10) Smoke Grey

      It is a very dark nail polish light pink gray shade that almost has a hint of lavender to it. I would say that it is one-of-the best colors to wear when you are going out with your friends or family. This color looks perfect on both nails and toes! A perfect combination of brown, burgundy, and blue colors!

      What so special about Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel

      Every girl loves new nail enamel, but not all nail enamel is the same. Some brands make your nails look fabulous, but last no more than 3 days before chipping, whereas other brands last at least 5 days, but don't look as good. If you're looking for nail enamel that looks great and lasts longer than others, then you need to try Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel from FACES CANADA Cosmetics. Here are ten secrets of this amazing product that can help you pick the best color for you.

      1) Goes on like a dream

      This nail enamel is designed to go on like a dream. You will love how easy it glides on and how quickly it dries. Other nail polish bottle enamels can take forever to dry or leave your nails feeling sticky, but not Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel. It goes on clear, too! When you apply it, you’ll immediately see that it enhances your natural color. No one will even know you have polish on—that’s how clear and blendable it is!

      Plus, because it makes a seamless bond with your natural nail layer, there are fewer chances for chips. This means that over time, you’ll save more money since your manicure stays looking beautiful!

      2) Lasts forever, even with heavy use

      Believe it or not, we were able to get an average of 10 days out of one manicure with just three coats—that's as long as some manis would last with five. Plus, our nails looked amazing after just a few swipes; in fact, they almost looked too good to mess up. Whatever your profession, let us assure you that it's more than worth getting a fresh coat every other day for two weeks when you can enjoy beautiful nails for months on end.

      3) Doesn’t chip

      The nail enamel is a tough one for me. It can chip easily, and even when it doesn't, I like my nails to look shiny and new, so I'm constantly re-doing them. I didn't know that rubbing alcohol was going to be able to fix those issues—I had tried that before but with no luck.

      This nail enamel didn't chip and stayed shiny-looking even after several uses. Whether you just want your nails to look their best or you are in business as a professional manicurist, you'll find it useful! If you have some extra time on your hands, do yourself a favor and try out these secret tricks of how to make your nail enamel last longer!

      4) fast drying

      With a light blue nail polish formula that dries in a flash, there’s less chance for smudges and smears to mar your looks. The ingredients in these polishes help them dry super-fast.

      To get an even better finish, apply only one or two thin coats of polish instead of several thick ones. And remember to leave your nails alone for at least a minute after you paint them; that way, you'll minimize the risk of smearing and running polish around.

      5) Satin finish

      Matte nail polish online finishes can be very popular in nail art and nail designs. However, satin is quickly becoming a popular option for many reasons. It provides an attractive shine that isn't overly distracting or overly shiny but it still provides a little bit of glimmer and shines to your nails.

      This could make it perfect for formal events, work events, or any other event where you’re looking to add a special touch to your nails without being too much over-the-top about it.

      6) Covers in one coat (or less!)

      Use our nail polish green color liquid hand and nail brush to cover in one coat. It is because our liquid hand and nail brush are made of high-quality material, and they can be used to give you a perfect manicure. And you can use it for a long time without damage. Plus, its soft bristles will not damage your nails or cuticles.

      7) Opaque, never sheer or streaky

      Most traditional nail enamels are made with ten percent or less pigment, meaning they can easily look sheer and streaky. With 15 percent pigment, you won’t ever have to worry about that problem with Ultime Pro nail enamel.

      It’s also quick drying – in just ten minutes – and there’s no need for a base coat or top coat, so it saves you time and money. Color variety: There are nine shades in this collection, each one as gorgeous as can be. Plus, their color-matching wrap-around brush means no more messy cuticles!

      8) No weird smell

      When you put your favorite nail polish on and then immediately begin to smell something funky, you're not alone. This can be annoying, especially if you have just sat down for a nice manicure or pedicure!

      But, don't worry — it is easy to find a top-notch, long-lasting nail polish that won't give off an overpowering scent. For example, there are many products from OPI that claim no smell at all when dry. You may also want to consider purchasing polishes that contain vitamins or those made with essential oils to counteract stinky smells while still enjoying your color options.

      9) Easy application

      This nail polish dries quickly and stays on, so you can paint your nails at home or on the go. It also comes with a brush that provides an even coat, making it simple to achieve a clean look. This enamel's formula is very smooth and strong, making it easy to withstand day-to-day wear and tear.

      And, once you’re ready for a change, all you have to do is peel off your old color and apply another one! We recommend using a protective topcoat between each layer of polish so your manicure lasts longer than ever before.

      10) Affordable price

      Beauty comes at a price, but you do not have to put a hole in your wallet to look good. The best part about beauty products is that they always fluctuate in price and discounts can be found here and there. Rather than buying one bottle of nail polish, it may be wise to purchase two or three at a time because most likely you will end up saving money on each purchase.

      The discount will eventually pay for itself after a couple of shopping trips. It’s also important to find coupons online or in-store flyers; these coupons can help you save up to 40% off any given product. When checking out prices online, it's wise to check different retailers; some sellers offer lower prices than others so keep an eye out for those deals.

      Choose Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel according to your skin color

      Finding the perfect nail polish color can be difficult if you have pale, dark, or medium skin tones. But that all changes with the new Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel collection! Thanks to its unique swatch technology, this revolutionary range of nail polishes adapt perfectly to every single skin tone, from the palest beige tones to the darkest of chocolate browns, giving every woman the perfect polish match and making it easier than ever to achieve fabulous nails! Find out more about this exciting new collection right here.

      Fair skin

      The newest addition to our Ultime Pro line, New Belle de Luxe is an excellent choice for fair-skinned women with pink undertones. This color will give your nails a soft, delicate glow that complements your complexion perfectly.

      This light pink has just a hint of sheerness and looks natural on its own or as a top coat over another color. Fair-skinned gals can wear it alone or as a subtle highlighter on their cheekbones.

      Wheatish skin

      If you have wheatish skin, don't be tempted to choose a red color as your favorite. It may suit you but it could also look unflattering. Wheatish skin looks amazing with neutral shades of pink and mauve colors. These colors flatter well on wheatish skin tones, making you look beautiful and trendy at parties.

      A good quality Faces Canada splash nail enamel neutral shade like Sandalwood or Rosewood would make great choices if you have a wheatish or fair complexion and want to look stunning without looking too over-done during parties or special occasions.

      Olive skin

      For women with olive tones, let's start with a green (such as The Olive Branch) or blue-green (like Mediterranean Waters). The slightly cool tones of these shades will look more natural on your complexion than warmer shades.

      If you're looking to branch out, try a shade like Azure Waters, which has turquoise undertones. I tend to favor anything reminiscent of the color of gemstones so naturally love anything turquoise! This Faces Canada splash nail enamel swatches shade looks gorgeous on all different skin tones and is a great transition into something brighter without being too jarring for an everyday makeup look.

      Pale skin

      The Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel is ideal for women with very fair complexions, from porcelain white to pale pink. With a sheer and translucent finish, it highlights your natural beauty without covering your hands or nails. The rich pigments of these enamels are also flattering on darker complexions. Try Mediterranean Grey (limited edition) or Golden Pink (limited edition).

      Dusky skin

      The Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Faces Canada nail enamel is recommended for people with a dusky skin tone. It is not too grey, or blue and has a perfect balance of soft browns that are ideal to complement your soft pink undertones and any other tones in your outfit or you may be wearing. It will give off that natural-looking color as if you were born with it on.

      This particular color will help enhance your features by bringing out certain facial features that are normally hard to notice when they are overshadowed by an average shade of red. The complementary shades of brown add definition and accentuate everything that makes you who you are!

      Amazing nail arts to try with Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel

      1) Rainbow Gradient

      To get started, apply two coats of your favorite Faces Canada nail polish shades. I used two coats of Essie’s Mint Candy Apple in lime green for my base. Once it dries, paint a stripe of an additional color onto each nail, leaving about one-quarter inch of your original nail color exposed at your cuticle. Then, gently drag a toothpick or bobby pin from one side of your nail to another through all three colors until you have a gradient effect.

      Lastly, use a top coat! I recommend using at least three coats and waiting five minutes in between each coat so that you don’t make any mistakes while painting over wet nails. To get started, apply two coats of your favorite nail polish.

      2) Unicorn

      For a fun, whimsical look, use several coats of FACES CANADA and add a dab of white polish to your desired pattern. For example, you can draw diagonal stripes for a neater version of polka dots. Then finish by topping off with an iridescent top coat for an iridescent finish.

      You can also choose to add stickers or decals instead of doing freehand nail art. Just make sure your base color is completely dry before applying anything on top! (And don’t forget to clean up any excess polish that gets on your skin or clothing.)

      3) Cute Dream Catcher

      Apply two coats of Ultime Pro Belle de l'Extase Nail Enamel in your desired shade. Next, use a striper brush to apply a fine strip of holographic silver polish above your nails. Using another small striper brush, dab a small amount of black nail polish onto your nail in a vertical line.

      Then fill in any space around it using black polish and an angle brush for smooth lines. Finally, use a dotting tool or toothpick (depending on size) dipped into the holographic polish to draw an eye on each nail and finish off with a top coat. Easy peasy!

      4) Glitter Text

      This design is super simple, but it still makes a statement. Start by applying two coats of your favorite nail polish. When that’s dry, paint an X on each nail using a coordinating polish. Now mix a small amount of glitter into either clear polish or adhesive glue and apply it in overlapping stripes over your nails (the top half of each X). Let it dry for about 30 minutes and finish off with two more coats of color. That’s all there is to it! And there’s no need to worry about having special equipment: If you don’t have striping tape, grab your Scotch tape! It works just as well for creating sharp lines for painting perfectly straight lines onto your nails without fail.

      5) X-ray Nails

      You only need a couple of household items to pull off X-ray nails. To create these unique nails, you will need nail polish in your base color, white nail polish, some glue, and a toothpick. You will also need some tape.

      Follow these steps for your X-ray nails:

      1. Paint two coats of your base color on all ten fingers.
      2. While you paint all ten fingers (with two coats of the base color), drop about two-three drops of white nail polish onto one finger at a time using a toothpick.
      3. Use tape to create your lines where you want them and paint over that area three times.
      4. Wait for it to dry (about 30 minutes) and then add another coat or two if needed.

      6) Black Marble Effect

      The best way to achieve a black and white marble effect is by using a nail art pen. Simply color in alternate stripes of black and white, filling up your entire nail area.

      Give it some time for it to dry and then use a second pen that's colored red or blue on top of all of your nails. The other colors give it more dimension, making it look even more like marble. A little bit of sparkle never hurt anyone, either! This is one nail art you'll want to show off—it's beautiful and easy!

      Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel tips and hacks

      Applying nail polish correctly is one of the most tedious beauty processes out there, but it’s not as impossible as you might think! If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to getting flawless nails in no time. Before we begin, it’s important to note that your manicure should be the last step in your beauty routine each day.

      1) Shake the bottle

      The first step is to shake your nail polish bottle. By shaking it, you are making sure that all of the pigments are evenly distributed. When you apply a polish from a newly opened bottle, there will be thick areas and thin areas on your nails where you can see a streaky line. This step takes about two seconds but saves you time in applying and smoothing out a perfect coat of polish.

      2) Apply a base coat of nail polish

      Before you begin, it's important to apply a base coat to your nails. If you don't apply a base coat first, you run the risk of staining your nails. Another benefit of using a base coat is that it helps prepare your nails so they’re ready to receive nail polish.

      All in all, using a base coat can make your manicure last longer than if you skip out on using one. When choosing a base coat, look for something that matches or complements your desired nail color as well as offers additional benefits such as strengthening or extending longevity.

      3) Apply two coats of Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel

      Always start with two coats of your favorite Faces Canada nail polish shades. Make sure that you cover every nail to make your nails look bright and prevent potential chipping. Let it dry: Once you are done with your base coat, let it completely dry before proceeding to the other steps.

      Apply a second coat if needed: You can apply a second coat of your nail enamel if you feel like it is necessary. This will make sure that there is no white residue on any part of your nails when they are completely dried up. Always use even strokes to achieve an even distribution: If you use uneven strokes when applying nail polish, then there might be different shades of color on different parts of your nails. This makes a very unprofessional look at any kind of professional meeting where nail color matters!

      4) Use a top coat

      Don’t rely on your nail polish to last. Apply a good top coat after you put on your polish; otherwise, your manicure will chip soon. I recommend using Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat ($8) by Seche—it dries in a flash but is surprisingly strong so it lasts longer than some of its competitors. Look for one that dries quickly with a shiny finish (like Seche's) because dull finishes tend to look duller with age.

      5) Shine up your nails with nail oil

      The application of nail oil or lotion before nail polish is a technique that many seasoned professionals use. It helps smooth out ridges and bumps so you can get a smoother, more even manicure. Just make sure that your nails are completely dry before applying any sort of oil. If your nails aren't dry, you run the risk of it pulling up polish when you go to apply it later on. This can leave ridges in your manicure if you're not careful.

      How to remove Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel perfectly

      After removal, gently exfoliate your hands with a fine scrub to remove any excess nail color. Follow with a nourishing hand cream to moisturize and care for your skin. If you are wearing another coat of topcoat, remove it first by soaking cotton pads in polish remover and wiping off any excess nail color. Exfoliate again if needed, then moisturize again. Use a good hand cream each time you wash your hands throughout the day.

      Do’s and dont of Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel

      1. Don’t apply a single layer over bare nails. The enamel is too thick to give a good result if not applied over the base coat, top coat, or nail polish.
      2. Do make sure your nails are perfectly clean before applying enamel - dust or oil will cause cracking during drying.
      3. Don't apply color directly from the bottle, use a brush to remove excess product from the bottle and evenly distribute on nails then finish with tiny dabs of any excess along edges (preferably in the top coat).


      How long does Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel last?

      The color on your nails will last as long as you want it to, so long as you take good care of your nails. First, use a base coat. Base coats protect nails from staining. Second, use a top coat.

      How long does Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel take to dry?

      Drying time depends on a few factors, including air temperature, humidity, whether or not you use a top coat, and how thin your coats are. The fastest way to dry nail polish is to apply it in thinner coats.

      How long after painting nails with Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel can I shower?

      It is recommended that you wait two hours after painting your nails with Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel before showering. Additionally, washing your hands with water does not reduce its durability, so you can use soap if necessary.

      How long should I wait between coats of Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel?

      It is recommended that you wait at least three minutes between each coat of your favorite ULTIME PRO nail polish. This allows ample time for each coat to dry before adding another one.

      Does Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel need a top coat?

      Yes, it’s important to apply a top coat once your nails are completely dry. This will make sure that your nails maintain their shine and keep them from becoming stained over time.

      Does cold water dry Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel faster?

      Cold water can cause your nails to dry quickly, so you’ll want to take special care when washing your hands. Dry them off thoroughly with a towel, and follow up with a nourishing hand cream that’s formulated to protect nails.

      How many coats of Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel is best?

      There is no right number of coats to apply. We usually recommend applying two to three coats, allowing each coat to dry completely before applying another. Experiment with how many coats work best for you!

      Is base coat necessary with Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Nail Enamel?

      While not necessary, a nail polish base coat provides an extra layer of protection that can help extend your manicure or pedicure.

      Read more