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Beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eye Liner Black

Blacker than Black high-shen eyeliner
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Why settle for just a black eyeliner when you can get more? Faces Beyond Black Liquid Eye Liner is high on shine and lasts all day. The smudge proof formula comes with a precise applicator for ultra-fine or dramatic application. Go Beyond Black and make a style statement.


1. High performance liner
2. Completely water and smudge proof
3. Gives a lustrous and intense black finish
4. Felt tip applicator ensures a precise, ultra-fine and wonderfully dramatic application


Water, Styrene/Acrylates/Ammonium Methacrylate Copolymer, Butylene Glycol, Bis-PEG/PPG-16/16 PEG/PPG-16/16 Dimethicone, Sorbitol, Laureth-2 Benzoate, Sodium Laureth-12 Sulfate, PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides, Sodium Cocoyl Apple Amino Acids, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Sodium Polyacrylate, Ammonium Hydroxide, Tetrasodium EDTA, Coconut Acid, Hexylene Glycol, Sodium Chloride, Benzyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Methylparaben, Potassium Sorbate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

Product Info

Name & Address of Manufacturer: Schwan Cosmetics International GmbH, Schwanweg 1, 90562 Heroldsberg, Germany

Country of Origin: Germany

Net Qty.: 2.5ml

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      Beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eye Liner Black

      Know More About Beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eye Liner Black from Faces Canada

      You use eyeliner daily, but did you know that there are several different kinds of liners? If not, then know eyeliner is one of the most necessary beauty items in ladies makeup kits. From a social gathering to a marriage function, the liner is a significant part of the beauty looks of almost every lady. Because ladies like to make their eyes appear gorgeous but have you ever considered that there are different kinds of liners too? If you do not know, then, let us tell you about liners, which are used in diverse ways. 

      Why Choose Liquid Liners?

      Along with pencil liners, you can also purchase liquid liners such as Beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eye Liner Black. Let us tell you that this well-known product comes from faces Canada, which is a liquid form i.e. wet. It is good for ladies who like to use winged liner makeup styles. Here both waterproof & not waterproof liners will be effortlessly found in liquid liners. If you need to maintain the liner on the whole day, then a water-resistant liner is good for you. 

      Why compromise for just simple black eyeliner when you can find other available options? This Beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eye Liner Black shines & lasts all day. The smudge-proof recipe comes with a specific brush for very fine or staged application. No doubt black is the just color that can immediately brighten up your tired eyes & makes them look glam and gorgeous.

      When you are good at applying liner, you can purchase a liquid liner. For those who like to apply wing liner, liquid liner is also good. Though, you will have to practice a bit to use the liquid liner brush flawlessly. This liner fulfills your dream of sharp nails. If you desire the liner to last all day, purchase a waterproof liner.

      Advantages of Using Black Long Stay Liquid Eyeliner

      The color and shade of the liner is very smooth with excellent stability. It is simple to plunge the applicator into the pot & the liner sticks itself to the brush. There are no requirements to wipe off the extra liner on the top of the pot. The liner glides effortlessly & easily along the lash line. Due to its simple and best application it is simple to make excellent precise lines & dramatic, bold, lines. 

      This smart product does not leave any hint of feathering & smudging. It is fast drying & you don’t need to wait for a long time to use mascara. The shades are fairly good and provide true & real shade in two filches. It is simple to craft curved, winged out, flicked, or simple lines smoothly through this liner. It feels fairly light on your eyes. It can be easily purchased online or offline from a number of stores

      This Liquid Eyeliner provides a matte black line ideal for a daily look. This is one of the most excellent liners to give a wonderful winged liner. The staying control is long & the texture is sparkling. 

      Why use beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eye Liner Black

      Everyone likes to make eyes look good-looking but there are very few ladies who know how to apply liner correctly. Well, today with the introduction of pencil liners in the marketplace, it has become simple for everybody to apply liners. But if you want to make your eyes look more gorgeous, big, and attractive, then you have to apply liquid eyeliner for this, because it provides the precise shape of the liner. But for several women, applying liquid liner is a daunting task, as it needs mastery to apply it professionally.

      If you are fond of applying 'cat eye' or 'wing' liner, then choose Beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eye Liner Black. And in these circumstances, this black liquid eyeliner from Faces is a grand option. With its help, you can give the preferred look to the eyes.

      Although it will take a little practice to use this brush correctly, gradually you will become a master. With liquid liner, you get a sharper shape of the eyes. If it is waterproof then its shape will not get worse throughout the day.

      When you are perfect at applying liner, you can purchase a liquid liner. For those who like to apply wing liner, liquid liner is also good. But, you will have to practice a bit to use the liquid liner brush flawlessly. This liner fulfills your dream of sharp nails. If you desire the liner to last all day, purchase a waterproof line.

      Spreading eyeliner due to sweat, rain or some other reason is like a nightmare for a makeup lover. To avoid this, one must always invest in excellent waterproof eyeliner. Hence, we recommend going for Beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eye Liner Black. A single stroke of this liner can provide a deep color to the eyes. This Beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eye Liner Black does not fade or spread after applying, as it dries rapidly. This is waterproof eyeliner, which can be applied by those with sensitive eyes & also those who apply lenses.

      Some Tip for Best Using This Eye Liner

      Do not put the liner in a rush

      Do not open your eyes instantly after applying the liner, but keep your eyes closed for 5 minutes so that the liner does not smudge. Also, check whether the liner is applied correctly or not. Applying liner in a rush can ruin it and make your eyes look ugly. So first cautiously look at your eyes and then apply liner on the eyelids.

      Never pull your eyelashes

      Do not pull on eyelids while applying the liner. When you pull on your skin to apply the liner, it bounces back to a similar shape. This causes smudges to gather over the eyes. So, while applying the liner, keep the eyes open & relaxed. By doing this your hands will not shake while applying the liner. Do not make these mistakes while applying Kajal.

      Keep in mind the equality while applying the liner

      It takes lots of practice to apply the eyeliner consistently. For this, the first practice must be that whenever you apply eyeliner, constantly keep your eyes open. Most women close their eyes while applying eyeliner. But doing so might damage the liner. This can damage the shape of the liner. So while applying the liner, keep both your eyes open & apply the applicator at an angle of 45 degrees over the eyes to make the eyes look gorgeous

      Makeup according to eye shape

      The classic cat eyeliner is in fashion these days. But it is not required that it looks good on your eyes too. You have to recognize that our eyes are of different shapes like round, hooded, monolid & almond shapes. So keep in mind that cat eyeliner is a graphic swish & flick look, almond shape does not look fine on the eyes. If this look is applied to the eyes of a hooded or monolid shape, then it looks inferior.

      How to use faces Canada Black Long Stay Liquid EyeLiner

      Most ladies use liquid eyeliner because it is extremely easy to apply to the eyes. But it must be applied only if you have an extremely good practice in applying eyeliner. Because a slight mistake can spoil the look of your eyes. Use a thin brush for liquid liner. These liners normally come in two types of packaging. One little vial contains a fine brush & the other holds a pen with a tip. Do not forget to apply liquid eyeliner on the eyelids under the eyes, or else it will spread and spoil the whole makeup of your eyes.

      Apply liquid eyeliner just when your hand is set to apply the liner. Here we are going to tell you how to apply liquid eyeliner.

      •         First, you have to clean your face.
      •         After this, use a moisturizer on the face & an eye cream around the eyes. Let us tell you that eye cream prevents early wrinkles from appearing under the eyes.
      •         Now apply a little amount of primer around your eyes, where you apply makeup. The major function of the primer is to bring softness to the skin.
      •         Then use concealer on the eyelids & under the eyes. Blend it well & set it with a set powder.
      •         Now coming to the liner. To apply the liner, you can either utilize the brush that comes with it & if the brush is not integrated then you can purchase one.
      •         People's hands tend to shake a lot while applying liner, particularly liquid liner, for this, it is fine that you keep your elbow on a table & your hand on the cheek.
      •         First, dip the brush into the liner & hold it at the position of your eye.
      •         Now make a straight line just above your lashes from the inside of the eye to the outside. But creating a straight line can be hard for first-time liners. So, keep a rough gap at the place of the upper lash line, mark small dots in a small space & start applying the eyeliner. By following this process, you can draw the same fine line on both eyes. By doing this no ripples & knots will come out.
      •         Now gradually make small strokes to connect the dots you made at the place of the lash line.
      •         If you think there is space between the dots you made, draw a thin line near the edge & fill in the gaps.
      •         If you make it thick, the finishing won't come through. Once you have applied the liner in one eye, follow a similar method in the other eye.
      •         You have applied your necessary eyeliner. If you desire to provide a better look to your eyes with this, then certainly remove a tail at the corner. This makes the eyes look bigger.
      •         For this, using your liner, draw a little line rising from your upper lash line, but at the same time, keep in mind that you have to make this line at a similar angle as the angle above the lower lash line. Let the going curve be situated.
      •         For a classic cat-eye, you can keep the line short & stretch it far. One significant thing is to make a different line above the line made to make the liner a thicker.
      •         When the liner is completed, follow your lower lash line with a pencil liner.
      •         If the eyeliner has fallen off under the eyes, utilize a full-bristled brush to eliminate it.
      •         No matter what eyeliner you use, constantly do a patch test before using it. Put a little liner on your wrist to see if you are sensitive to it.

      How to use Beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eye Liner Black as a beginner

      Currently, the tendency for liquid eyeliner has increased. These days thin and thick lines can be made with clean tip applicator eyeliner. If you desire to make the eyes look extremely attractive, then use coal eyeliner on the waterline. This is the most excellent way to make huge eyes look striking and spectacular.

      Liquid eyeliner such as Beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eye Liner Black are the most excellent makeup items for creating perfect graphic wings, cat eyes, & statement lines. And while you might think learning how to use liquid eyeliner is hard, with a little bit of practice, you can master any liquid eyeliner eye art look you select. So whether you’ve been using liquid eyeliner for a long time or just got one in your bag, we’ve got you covered with this liquid eyeliner technique for all eye shapes & skill levels.

      How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

      If you haven’t had much practice with liquid eyeliner, never panic—we’re here to take the estimation out of your eyeliner application. The following practice is perfect for beginners or those with shaky hands and works particularly well on monolid, round, & almond eye shapes. 

      Start by resting your elbow on the arm you’ll utilize to apply your eyeliner on a flat surface in face of a mirror. 

      Hold the liquid eyeliner like a pen, & anchor your pinky on your cheek–again, this must be the pinky of your hand you’re using to apply your eyeliner through. 

      Look straight ahead, or tilt your head back a little and look down at the mirror: whichever let you the most excellent view of your upper lash line.

      Keeping the brush level through your eyes, start by making small dots or dashes as close to the lash line as possible.

      When you get to the end of your lash line, carry on the dots at a little angle toward the end of your eyebrow, going as far as you’d like. Using short, light strokes connect these dots to create a slight wing. There are no rules to where your wing must stop though. Make it as small or long as you'd like. It’s constantly best to start little, and mark off to more dramatic liner looks.”

      If you have a monolid eye outline or not much eyelid space, begin your wing from the bottom eyelashes in its place. Work from the outer edge of your lower lash line up towards the end of your eyebrow, & then brush in to convene your upper lash line. Fill in the unfilled space, and you have a good-looking graphic wing outline.

      Conclude the look by applying eyeshadow in a parallel color to set the line, & apply mascara.

      There are several ways to apply liquid eyeliner, whether you desire to attain a wonderful wing of the world’s best cat-eye. While these methods will lay the base for future eyeliner testing, don’t be afraid to adapt them & suit them to your skill level & eye shape. And, of course, keep in mind to rock some looks you create with confidence!

      How to do different eyeliner styles with beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eyeliner

      The great thing regarding eyeliner is that you can apply it in several different ways. Below we are telling you about six special styles of applying eyeliner below.

      Easy eyeliner –

      This is the simplest style to apply liquid eyeliner. For this, shade the eyes in a natural way with the eyeliner neither too lean nor too thick.

      Classic Winged Eyeliner

       Firstly draw a classy wing from the external corners of the eyes & connect it through the point to the original line. Now fill in the eyeliner in the center.

      Thin & Thick

      Using the eyeliner by shifting the shape to thick & thin one can do well through the widths of the form of the eyes. You can comprise a light line on the bottom & keep the top of the eyes intact by a filled line.

      Double Winged Eyeliner

      After using the classic winged eyeliner, draw a different wing from the outer corners of the eyes. Just under the first wing, giving a little space. Smudge a little eyeliner on the baseline as well.

      Stiletto Wing

      This type of wing is not wide but has a slim blade heel look. For applying this look, utilize a thin and inclined eyeliner brush. Instead, you can utilize liquid eyeliner. Use the eyeliner in the outward movement & go towards the end of the eye.

      Simplest eyeliner 

      Apply an extremely thin line of eyeliner starting from the center of the eyelid to the outer corners of the eyes. Just like the outline of your eyes.

      Dramatic eyeliner

      Create thick flicks by applying an extremely thick caress of the eyeliner. Your eyes will be half covered in this look. This is an extremely bold look.

      Fishtail eyeliner

       For this, firstly make winged eyeliner. Next, make one more wing, but it must be facing down, like a fishtail. This look is very gorgeous.

      Baby Wings

      To provide a striking eyeliner style wing, attach the external corner of the top & the base eyeliner with a flick. Utilize long-lasting liquid eyeliner for making this winged look.

      Smokey Smudged Frame

      Pop your eye shade by making your eye outline by applying the eyeliner on the base & top lash line. To make a strong effect, smudge the liner through brush or fingers.

      How to do graphic liner with beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eye Liner Black

      Doing yourself eyeliner makeup can provide you with a fresh & matchless look. While nobody beats the strength of black eyeliners, highlighted & brilliant ones can include some further drama & sharpness to your eyes. These exciting colors also assist you keep pace with the ever-growing style. But it is not constantly possible to own each color of eyeliner accessible in the marketplace. That's why today we're here with a fresh makeup example for you. It is time to build up all your surplus eyeshadow to make innovative eyeliner colors. Swipe up to discover how & have your moment! 

      Graphic eyeliner, otherwise recognized as negative space eyeliner, is a brand new hot makeup tendency that is revolutionizing the kingdom of eyeliner application. A step up from the beloved fashion of winged eyeliner, graphic eyeliner comprises sharp lines of eyeliner that are detached to make a dramatic, contemporary look that can be worn as part of a daily look or for particular occasions.

       Eyeliner Graphic appearances are courageous ones that make a grand alteration from your typical cat-eye. You can go with diverse outlines & colors & can utilize liquid, gel, eyeliner, pencil liners, & even foundation to get the look.

      Layered Liner

      This is the simplest eyeliner makeup out of all mentioned here. Create the best black eyeliner of your preference. Winged liner goes well with this style. When generating a wing, think of it as a wing of your lower lash line, it supports placing a straight-edged point there for a guide. Apply a second liner on top & somewhat expand beyond the black. Apply any colored liner you are comfy with for the next liner.

      Wispy Liner Graphic

      The most excellent graphic eyeliner makeover is one that highlights your style & eye profile. Something as modest as a thin line in a sharp copper line can bring as much as a Smokey look. Consider this look as an entry to graphic eyeliners.

      A little Shocking

      Are you the shy kind people? No problem. This undertone of graphic eyeliner is planned to get you the utmost effect with a light swab of shade. The objective is to include interest to your appearance with a slight detail. Finish your Cat-Eye makeup wings by using metallic gel eyeliner. It’s good for days when you don’t experience applying eyeshadow but still desire to include glam & glitter in your eye makeup appearance. However you’ll be applying a lighter solid shade for your graphic, be cautious not to overlie the black eyeliner as it might interrupt your wing. Like the idea of the sparkling wing? Apply eyeshadow & a lean eyeliner brush to cover over your black liner. This will also help make sure your eyeliner stays unbroken & fleecy.

      Tribal Look Eye Liner

      Go graphic, go ethnic. This special graphic liner style is foolproof even for the best hooded eyes and will give a stunning look to your eyes. Apply a liquid kajal eye liner to make sharp, arithmetical shapes. The best kind of gel liner will fill it up properly to produce a great look. Draw a border that highlights the curve of your eyes or restores your eye shape. If you are with eyes downturned, include a wing above & below the external corner of your eyes then brush it upwards. Intend the central point of your liner artwork to the inner corner of your eyes if your eyes are far apart. Indifference, if your eyes are close together, places the central point of your appearance on the external corner of your eyes. This will assist bring stability to your eyes. A similar trap works for eyeshadow.

      Double Wing

      Make a wing liner as you usually would. Brush it upwards, & then brush it downside. The two lines must create a V-shape. Make a thin line beside your lower lash line & attach it with your next downward wing. Ensure to outline your internal corners to attain the fox eye look. This modest look shouts style, so feel free to go with no eyeshadow or falsies.

      Tips and tricks for beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eyeliner

      For the novice, it is good that you select felt-tip eyeliner. This eyeliner liquid base is like a marker. Grabbing it is simple, the eyeliner brush is solid, and it allows you to get fine lines without messing or smudging it up. However, liquid kajal eyeliner through a thin nail polish applicator can also do well. The just one thing is, you’d have to be extra cautious with your hand. With the correct tool, you are prepared to provide your eyes wings! Scroll down to know how. 

      •         If a number of tips are followed for using eyeliner, then applying it becomes extremely easy. Know below, some significant tips for applying liner to the eyes.
      •         Several women's hands tremble and shake while applying liner, so it is excellent to find a place where you can rest your elbows while using the liner. This keeps your hand stable.
      •         Constantly use a cosmetic mirror while applying eyeliner. Generally, they are double-sided. On one side there is a standard mirror, & on the other side, it is extravagant. From the magnified side, you can see the liner being applied up close.
      •         Be certain to curl the eyelashes prior to applying the eyeliner. This will make your eyes look better and more beautiful.
      •         Constantly look down while applying liner to your eyes. Looking up can ruin the shape.
      •         If the eyeliner applies to the eyes, then wash the eyes carefully at the same time.
      •         Let us inform you that liquid eyeliner is good for the eyes, and the finishing is extremely good.
      •         Keep the eye you are not working on open. By doing this you will be simple, in addition, the line will also become straight and even.
      •         Do not drag your eyelashes while making the wing. This will mess up the wing. Concurrently apply small strokes without moving the skin.
      •         Such eyeliners are measured best, which have peptides present.
      •         If you are finding it hard to create the wing extension to make a straight line, you can use a card such as a visiting card.
      •         You can also utilize tape to make a wing.

      Know the Different Formulas

      •         Eyeliners are accessible in a few special recipes, formulas & all of them will have its own special performance when someone applies it on their eyes.
      •         If one wants to learn and master the best liner, the first thing one has to do is use an eye liner pencil.
      •         All these products can be used differently as you use them. It can be used to create special looks, but you have to make sure that you keep your pencil consistently well sharpened.
      •         Gel eyeliners are one more option, though you might find it tricky to know precisely how much product to apply firstly as gel liners come in a vessel & are used with an applicator. But, they are wonderfully creamy and effortlessly glide onto the skin.
      •         Lastly, you've got liquid liners. Learners tend to get liquid eyeliner fairly disordered, but they are perfect for making a pointed, defined, & remarkable line.


      Beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eye Liner Black hacks

      Eye makeup works as a game-changer throughout makeup. If your eye makeup is beautiful, then several small and big flaws of the face are effortlessly hidden. Although women favor applying eye shadow to mascara while doing eye makeup, eyeliner is such an eye makeup good, which women also apply carelessly? Even if you do not do full eye makeup, still, all girls like to make their eyes gorgeous with the help of eyeliner?

      Not just this, she creates a new look each day by applying Beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eye Liner Black eyeliner in a special way. But there are several girls who want to apply eyeliner but are never capable of applying eyeliner in an ideal way. On one of his eyes, the liner turns thick, and on the other, his eyes or hands move frequently while applying the liner, due to which there is a mess. If your name is also integrated into the list of such women, then you do not have to worry, because now we are telling you regarding some such eyeliner hacks, after knowing that you will never have any difficulty in applying eyeliner.

      Use of dotting method

      These hacks are also extremely helpful for beginners. For this, draw small dots on the top of your lash line through a pencil liner. Blend them softly with liquid liner, making it appear like one gorgeous stroke of eyeliner. However, ensure that you blend it well so that no trace of dots is noticeable at all.

      The magnifying mirror will work

      Women who recognize how to apply eyeliner in an ideal way, they can effortlessly apply liner by looking in very low light or in a mirror. But women who are beginners frequently do not know whether they are applying the liner correctly or not. In such a circumstance, later he sees a difference in both eyes. The most excellent way to avoid this situation is to use a magnifying mirror while applying the liner. This will help you attain a wonderful eyeliner look.

      •         Make your eye makeup long lasting by applying your eyeliner with a similar eye shadow.
      •         Firstly, line your eyes using a pencil liner, & then evenly grime eye shadow in a similar shade on top to hold the liner in position.
      •         Use a pencil liner as a guide for difficult liquid liners.
      •         If your hand isn't stable enough for liquid eyeliner, line your eyes first with a pencil liner, & then draw over it with liquid.
      •         Create a less pigmented eyeshadow more exciting by firstly covers your eyelid with white eyeliner.
      •         This will aid cancel out the shade of your skin, making a smooth base for the shadow & making the shade pop.
      •         Generate your own convention eyeliner using a liquid liner brush & eyeshadow.
      •         The dripping brush will darken the color a bit & make a sharp look like a liner.

      How to remove this Eyeliner properly

      Avoid rubbing the eyes as they’re very sensitive. "It can be very difficult to remove eyeliner from your eyes." You have to keep in mind that the makeup remover must be oil based but should not leave any residue after use.

      First, apply a mild makeup remover, such as to take away your makeup. As a result of its oil & water-based solution, dirt on your face is removed. Softly apply this product to your face & eyes part.

      Cotton pads & Q-tips are your top bets.

      A cotton pad is a must-have; it’s your top friend when it comes to taking away eye makeup! You must use something soft around your eyes as they are a sensitive area. As far as removing liner or mascara is concerned, a Q-tip will go a long way.

      Eye makeup must be removed softly.

      Wash your hands before touching your face to avoid the transfer of bacteria & eye irritation. To remove eye makeup, use mild dabbing and circular motions to keep away from traumatizing the skin.”

      Rinse off your makeup remover

      While several people miss this step, remember that makeup remover includes several ingredients & chemicals that help keep it safe for a long time. So you do not want all these harmful chemicals to remain present on your skin while taking off the makeup and damaging it.

      Go gentle

      When removing makeup you need to be more careful, taking off eye makeup require even greater care. You can get a crease & flabby coat by extending your skin as you take away your eye makeup. You have to be as calm as possible when doing this procedure.

      Use your cotton pad

      The best and best option is to use a cotton pad because cotton pad does not put much pressure on the eyes. And it is helpful to remove the makeup without harming the eyes. You can clean off the excess makeup left on your eyes by taking a little rose water and the process is very easy. You do not even need to buy unnecessary products; this will remove your makeup.


      Is it safe for teenage girls?

      Doing makeup is not a new thing for today's teenagers, especially when it comes to eye makeup. Girls do different types of makeup these days, they also include eyeliner. And if it comes to this liner, then it is great for teenage girls.

      Is it safe for pregnant women?

      Although it is medically forbidden for pregnant girls to do makeup as some brands use harmful chemicals in their makeup products? That's why doctors forbid makeup, but when the eyeliner is taken from a company like Faces Canada, then there is no problem in using it. 

      Is it long-lasting?

      It has been claimed by Faces that it gives you a long-lasting look. But no liquid eyeliner can stay on your face for a long time. But it has been seen that some women have given reviews that it stays in their eyes for a long time, they just need to retouch it.

      Is it quick drying?

      Yes, of course, it dries easily but it may have to wait for a while but it will not take that much time to get bored. This eyeliner is very good and gives you a complete look.

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