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Comfy Lips Combo

Twice the Happy Hydrated Lips
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We all love Comfy Matte Liquid Lipsticks for their 10-hour long-stay hydrated matte, non-drying and alcohol proof comfort. But what if we told you, you can get all that, in TWO SHADES? Here's a combo just for you Comfy Matte lovers, coz it loves you back! Get this lip-loving combo right now; your lips will thank you.

Reasons To Buy

• 10-hour long-stay, non-drying, alcohol-free, almond oil and Vitamin E enriched, super hydrating, smooth glide.
• Your 2 favorite Comfy Matte Liquid Lipstick shades in one combo.
• Can be the perfect gift on any occasion for lipstick lovers.
• Alcohol-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free products.

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Name & Address of Manufacturer: Faces Canada
Country of Origin:India
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 65 reviews
      Beautiful Combo

      Both the shade ‘just so you know’ and ‘fixed it for you’are very pretty and texture is so smooth n lightweight. In love with these lipsticks.
      Thankyou Faces Canada ❤️

      Varshu H
      Very comfortable

      Beautiful colors and very comfortable on lips. Loved my catch!!!


      Awsum shades.. Very comfortable on lips n long Stay...

      Himanshu Giri

      Loved the creamy matte texture awesome to use and long lasting loved it


      I love facescanada beautiful shades 💕😘

      Many products could make the perfect gift for your Valentine this year, but we think that Comfy Lips Combo liquid lipstick may just be one of the best choices out there.

      With Comfy Lips Combo, you can get two essentials that every woman needs and loves to use – lip balm and mascara! Forget everything else and find out how Comfy Lips Combo could be the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever given!

      Why Give the Gift of Wellness?

      In case you haven’t noticed, women love beauty/ makeup products. They also love health and wellness products. That’s why if you want to give her a gift that combines both of these things, look no further than ComfyLips Combo Liquid lipstick matte!

      This ultra-light lip enhancer is packed with a powerful combination of ingredients known to moisturize dry lips, protect them from harmful UVA/UVB rays and keep them kissably soft all day long. Plus, each tube comes in 4 adorable colors (pink, red, orange, and yellow) so that your valentine can customize their lippie even more to match any outfit or occasion.

      Comfy Lips Combo

      Give your special someone something they'll use! Comfy Lips Combo long-lasting lipstick is a safer and cheaper alternative to cigarettes. It gives users all of their favorite things about smoking, without any of its deadly side effects. Comfy Lip is a simple kit: in it, you'll find two small packs, each containing five e-liquids.

      Each pack contains two flavors - one savory, one sweet; both of which can be enjoyed separately or mixed for an experience like no other. Take a puff at lunch and keep it in place all afternoon; have another after dinner and relax before bedtime! With Comfy Lips Combo you get both love AND freedom, giving you everything you could ever want from vaping while keeping you on track with your 2016 resolutions.

      Presentation Matters, Too

      Presentation is half of marketing, and gift baskets are a fantastic way to surprise and delight clients. Gift baskets that offer an array of products or services make great gifts. Put together a basket with different items from your business—notepads, pens, food, soaps, hand cream, etc.—and you've got a one-stop-shop that looks like you spent time and money.

      This strategy works especially well if your business has several different offerings that can go into a basket. Just make sure that when you give it out in person, your long-lasting lipsticks product samples are available as well so potential customers have some hands-on time with what they're giving thanks for!

      A Keepsake Box

      Our revolutionary box transforms into a case for storing your lip balm and long-lasting lipsticks. The beautiful packaging also makes it great as a gift, whether you're giving it to yourself or someone else. With Comfy Lips Combo, you'll never lose your lip balm again!

      Some Lovely Handwritten Notes

      Write a few handwritten notes to people you love, thanking them for specific things they’ve done and showing your appreciation.

      At its best, it can show that you’re not just thinking about how a present makes someone feel—you’re considering how an action made them feel. It doesn’t have to be grand or expensive; in fact, a heartfelt note is more powerful than any token gift.

      How to use Comfy Lips Combo

      Comfy Lips Combo liquid lipstick best provides you with everything you need to keep your lips healthy and moisturized throughout the day, but it’s important to remember that there are many ways to do this.

      The following are 10 great tips for getting the most out of your order of Comfy Lips Combo, so be sure to use them when you place your order! After that, check out the numerous other product options offered by the company, all of which provide great solutions for dealing with dry lips.

      1) Normal lips

      Don't forget that our lips are made up of skin like other parts of our body. This means that it's important for us to moisturize them. We often neglect our lips because they seem relatively less important compared to other parts of our body but we should take care of them and give some special attention to healthy and soft lips.

      For everyday use, you can apply a lip balm or liquid lipstick shades. Use your fingers so you can massage your lips in a circular motion with different pressure, depending on how much moisturizing your lips need at any given time; but always try not to rub too hard since it will damage your skin cells.

      2) Chapped lips

      If you have super-dry lips, skip smothering them with creams and just apply a little bit of salt (maybe a teaspoon or so) on them. Let it work its magic for 20 minutes or so. Rinse it off. Dry lips: If your lips are chronically dry, or after winter exposure or sun damage, try applying some ointment to soften the skin.

      Then put on some lip balm over that. Soften Stubborn Hair: The vaseline in comfy lips makes it great for softening stubborn hair that gets stuck in barrettes and hair bands! Use as Conditioner: Instead of using your regular conditioner, try using comfy lips and save yourself some money!

      3) Dry lips

      (1) Use as a regular lip balm for daily nourishment.

      (2) Before applying lipstick, rub a small number of COMFY LIPS COMBO liquid lipstick mac on your lips to prep them and create a smooth base.

      (3) Whenever you are out in harsh environments, such as wind or dry heat, apply it frequently throughout your day. Your lips will be more resilient and less likely to chip or crack.

      (4) Apply before bed every night for overnight moisturization and softness. Great for using under lipsticks that feather or bleed!

      (5) Use as a base coat under lipstick -- dry matte acts like glue that helps prevent bleeding!

      4) Thin or weak lips

      Dry, thick, cracked lips or thinning lips can make you look older than you are. To help keep your lips moisturized and firm, try our newest innovative lip care system that moisturizes while firming up thin or weak lips.

      If your problem is just dryness, apply a small amount of our unique balm as often as needed throughout each day for soothing relief. A little goes a long way. This silky gel-based formula delivers high-performance moisture for healthier-looking lips now! For best results, treat yourself twice daily with Comfy Lips Combo liquid matte lipstick for five days until you start seeing and feeling visible improvement.

      5) Bleeding lips

      If you tend to get chapped or cracked lips during winter, first use a regular chapstick or Vaseline. If that doesn't work, try our remedy: every night before bed dab a little bit of organic coconut oil on your lips and rub it in until it absorbs. The combination of beeswax, coconut oil, and cocoa butter can heal chapped lips overnight.

      6) Bitten, injured, or cut lips

      In addition to protecting your lips from further injury, Comfy Lips Combo's long-lasting waterproof lipstick keeps your mouth hydrated and soft. It’s also ideal for soothing chapped lips or helping you get back into eating solid foods after surgery.

      If you have puffy, swollen lips from oral infection like cold sores, herpes, or allergic reactions, apply a thin layer of Comfy Lips Combo on them and sleep with it overnight. In most cases, they should be visibly reduced in size by morning. You can also try Comfy Lips Combo on other tender parts of your body including insect bites or dry skin. Remember that results vary by an individual!

      7) Sunburned lips

      Don’t underestimate how quickly a sunburn can show up on your lips. Just like any other skin, your lips will burn if you leave them in direct sunlight for too long. To cool and soothe sunburned lips, dab them with a cloth soaked in water or saline solution.

      You can also put some ice cubes into a baggie and press it against your lips for 20 minutes (not directly). It will help reduce pain and inflammation. For long-term relief, place some lip balm on top of burnt skin (no rubbing) and apply an extra layer of balm every couple of hours until symptoms subside. In cases of serious burns, consult a physician immediately!

      8) Red, swollen or itchy lips

      When you experience any of these symptoms, it may be an indication that your lips are dry and chapped. It could also mean you’re suffering from a cold or allergic reaction; if so, consult your doctor right away. Either way, a liquid lipstick pink balm containing vitamin E is likely to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

      Our Favorite Lip Balm is packed with all-natural ingredients like pure sweet almond oil, beeswax, and cottonseed oil, which help lock in moisture. We love its rich consistency—not greasy—that keeps our lips soft and healthy-looking without being at all goopy or sticky. Apply our Favorite Lip Balm after every bath or shower for long-lasting results! You can apply it before going to bed too!

      9) Split, cracked, or blistered lips

      Sometimes our lips take a beating from weather and lifestyle. As a result, they become chapped, dry, and cracked. This can be very uncomfortable but does not have to lead to an embarrassing situation with your loved ones or coworkers.

      If you don’t already own it, pick up some Comfy Lips Combo Faces Canada liquid lipstick today! Your lips will thank you. But in case you need a few suggestions on how else you can use Comfy Lips Combo here are ten

      10) Dry skin on the face

      A major cause of dry, chapped skin on your face is a lack of moisture. It's important to get rid of any dead skin cells and slough away impurities before you start adding new products for softer, smoother skin.

      Using an exfoliating product with AHA or BHA helps slough away dead cells and remove blackheads, which can make your face look dirtier than it is. For example, Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant was named an Allure Best of Beauty winner for helping users reduce their overall signs of aging, including lines and wrinkles.

      How to prep your lips for Comfy Lips Combo

      If you are looking to achieve the best results from Comfy Lips Combo, it’s important to start with your lips prepared in the right way.

      Remember, the product will only work on clean skin, so if you do not prep your lips correctly, then the product will not reach its full potential and will have much less impact on your lips than it could have if you applied correctly. For this reason, I am going to share with you my 9 favorite tips and tricks to get the best out of Comfy Lips Combo smudge-proof lipstick and how to prep your lips before applying it! Let’s dive in!...

      1) Moisturize before you apply lip products

      Dry lips are an even bigger problem during cold and flu season, so it’s important to make sure you keep them hydrated all year long. While you’re sleeping, use a lip balm that contains glycerin. This humectant keeps skin moisturized.

      If your lips are chapped or extremely dry, consider using a heavy night cream before bed. Hydrate first thing in the morning: If you wake up with dry, cracked lips—which is common in cold and flu season—use a lip product with hyaluronic acid on them immediately after washing your face and before drinking water or eating food. The acid attracts moisture from surrounding tissues (like your skin) and helps seal it into your lips when applied.

      2) Use Vaseline as an overnight lip mask

      Vaseline (petroleum jelly) helps lock in moisture and will soften dry, cracked lips. It can be used as an overnight lip mask, but do not use it while you’re eating or drinking since it can get messy.

      Put a layer of Vaseline on your lips before bed, then wipe off in the morning with a cotton ball and warm water. Also, keep in mind that petroleum jelly can stain clothing and bedding if you don't wash it immediately after using it. If you choose to wear Vaseline overnight, use a small amount—not more than a tiny dollop per lip—since the excess application may lead to blemishes on your face from the overuse of petroleum products.


      3) Use Burt's Bees Lip Balm first

      To keep your lips moist all day, you need to apply lip balm first, and not just a few minutes before applying our Lip Scrub & then Moisturizer. The easiest way to get our Comfy Lips combo products off your lips is by using a natural lip balm like Burt's Bees 100% Natural Beeswax Lip Balm, which contains moisturizing ingredients like Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil.

      Apply it at least 15 minutes before using our two-step process; remember, using chapstick as needed can help stop your lips from drying out in between uses. Before applying our lip scrub and lotion combo, cleanse away any excess oil or moisture with a makeup wipe.

      4) Prime your lips with a natural color

      Why stress over matching liquid lipstick brown colors when your lips are naturally gorgeous, just as they are? Before you apply any lip product, be sure to prime your lips with natural color. This will keep them moisturized and give your lipstick a smooth surface.

      We recommend Faces Canada Rose Petal liquid lipstick combo Balm or Kaya's Minty Tangerine Lip Balm. These all-natural balms come in gorgeous colors that enhance your natural lip color and smell amazing. Go ahead, treat yourself! Give them a try!

      5) Use a darker lip liner for extra definition

      It's hard not to feel like a perfect, rosy pucker is totally up to your alley. And while that may be true in certain contexts, you may have noticed it's even harder to stay smudge-free than you initially anticipated.

      If you want your matte lip look to last all day long (and into the last call), it's key that you choose a liner in a shade darker than your natural lip color and follow our tricks on how to use pencil liner with liquid lipstick. Don't worry, if lighter hues are more your jam—you can achieve equally amazing results by choosing a liner in a similar color as your lipstick or gloss.

      6) Apply lipstick first so it’s easier to match with the lip pencil

      It’s important to put long-lasting matte lipstick on before your lip pencil. After you use either lipstick or lip liner, it can be difficult to match them precisely because one will bleed into another. To help avoid that, apply your lipstick first so it makes matching colors easier when you use a lip pencil later.

      This also helps prevent a common mistake people make: putting on too much color, causing their lips to look dry or unbalanced. Make sure there is a slight sheen and color when you have finished applying; if not, add more until you achieve your desired look.

      7) Use an angled brush for application, but remember it needs more pressure.

      The texture of lip plumper is thick, so using an angled brush will make sure you get enough product on your lips. Start at the center of your upper lip and then apply downward in a circular motion. Then move to your lower lip and do it again, going in an upward motion.

      Do not skip over any spots! You want an even application of plumper over your entire mouth area. Now, take a cotton swab or makeup remover wipe, and wipe off any excess.


      8) Let your lips settle before adding another layer.

      If you’re going from a liquid lip to a matte liquid lipstick color, allow your lips time to settle. Otherwise, your lips might end up sticking together and look a little off-putting.

      To avoid getting them stuck together, let your lips rest for a few minutes before adding another layer of matte lipstick or any other product. Just add lip balm when you need moisture during that time and you should be good to go.

      9) Add gloss if needed, but remember only one layer!

      It’s natural liquid lipstick long-lasting that, when you first use the comfy lips combo, your lips will still be feeling a little dry. A good rule of thumb is to follow up your lipstick or lip stain with some gloss.

      Make sure not to apply too much though! It’s easy to just keep going and goop on layers and layers of the product without realizing it—and before you know it, you have way more product than necessary on your lips. Start small, and work your way up. Too much gloss can make lips look shiny (and even make them greasy), which is not an attractive look in any situation.

      How to line your lips

      1) Dotting

      Instead of filling in with a brush, try a dotting tool. This small stick comes with a little ball at one end and it can be used to apply color, almost like an ink pen.

      Dot on each corner of your mouth and connect them; you’ll end up with a perfectly shaped bow-like shape at each corner of your mouth that is much more precise than freehand drawing.

      2) Classic Line

      A classic look that’s been in style since makeup was invented, lining your lips with a pencil or crayon makes them appear fuller. Pencils are smudge-proof and tend to last longer than liquid lipstick waterproof. They come in numerous shades as well, so there’s something for everyone. You can opt for a light pink or purple if you want an almost nude finish or choose a deep red or brown if you prefer something bolder.

      Keep in mind that it’s easy to overdo it when using dark shades like these, so go slowly when applying and only add more product where necessary rather than drawing all over your mouth. You may also want to try using a brush or blending sponge instead of a straight-up pencil.

      3) Squiggly Thin Lip Line

      This Faces Canada matte lipstick look looks good for all ages, but it's especially great for women and men with thinner lips. Draw a solid horizontal line in a nude color across both top and bottom of your lip, extending it past the corners of your mouth by about one-quarter inch.

      Fill in with a lighter shade that matches your natural lip color. For an extra touch of glamour, apply two coats of clear gloss over the top!

      4) Galaxy Style Lips

      Purple is one of my favorite colors in long-lasting liquid lipstick makeup. It’s bold, it’s cool, and it looks great on so many skin tones. I love using a purple lip liner on top of my lipstick. The contrast adds dimension and drama. But maybe you aren’t a die-hard purple fan; maybe you just want some color without going overboard?

      Black is always a good choice if you want something dark, sexy, and a little bit different from anything else. And let’s be honest: Black is cooler than any shade of purple could ever hope to be!

      5) Thick, Colorful Middle Line

      The fuller, or more dramatic, you want your lip liner to be, you must start by lining in a direction away from one another. Starting directly across from each other creates a colorless middle that diminishes with every swipe of liner.

      If you draw an X and connect all four points, then the line from there outwards toward your mouth corners will create the fullest lines possible while still looking completely natural. Practice makes perfect here so don't be afraid of getting messy! It will take time before you have mastered it but after some trial and error, it will become second nature.

      6) Straight Outer Line

      One way of lining your lips is using a straight line. This is especially great if you are looking for a bold, dramatic look or have time constraints since you don’t have to worry about filling in individual corners. To get straight lines, use a lip liner that is closest in color to your Faces Canada liquid matte lipstick, and then trace it directly over your lipstick using a brush or sponge-tip applicator.

      Be sure not to press down hard as it will make indents on your lips. Since you want crisp lines, any uneven application can make everything else look wonky and awkward. Once you have everything perfectly lined up, fill them in with lipstick! Here are some examples

      7) Tame Inner Corners

      One way to make eyes appear bigger is by lining their inner corners with a light neutral or beige color. This draws attention to their outer edges and helps make them appear more awake. Apply liner in a shade of pale pink, peach, light brown, or white using an eyeliner brush that won't tug at the sensitive skin around your eyes.

      If you don't want a lined look but still want a soft-focus effect along your inner rims, dust those areas with matching powder after applying concealer. While the foundation may seem like it could do double duty as eye shadow primer, foundation often contains ingredients that can make eye makeup smear—so give primers made specifically for eyes (like Faces Canada Eyeshadow Primer Potion) a try instead.

      8) Extra Big Center

      Start by lining just outside of your natural lip line, even if you have a big mouth. If you don't, stop at step 4—that will make it look like you have an extra big center.

      At that point, take an angled lip brush (or whatever tool you like) and fill in from there. If needed, use a clean liner brush to tidy up any lines. You can also go over them once or twice with clear gloss for extra shine!

      9) Cupid's Bow

      To get that classic, rounded Cupid's bow look, apply liner to both top and bottom lips. Start at the inner corner of each lip and follow its natural shape outwards. Be careful not to get too close to your teeth or gums with too thick a line—it can make you look older.

      And be sure not overline; thinner is always better. If you're worried about making mistakes, trace along with a lipliner pencil (or lip brush) with just a dab of liner on it first so you can find exactly where it ends before trying it by hand. Another key tip: Use a slanted liner brush; it makes getting close to those hard-to-reach corners super easy!

      10) Flamingo Style

      You can create a look of fullness by using a color that's close to your natural lip color. Think orange or red undertones, rather than blue or purple tones.

      Go with shades of pink and berry instead—they'll make it appear like you have a fuller mouth! Just be sure to match your lipstick shade to your hair color so it doesn't seem too harsh when paired with other skin tones.

      How to prevent lips from drying out

      1) Balance your water intake

      The best way to keep your lips healthy and hydrated is by balancing your intake of liquids. The average person should consume about 10 cups of water per day, which amounts to about 2 liters or around 0.5 gallons.

      You can add flavorings or squeeze in fresh fruit like lemons or limes, but it's important not to count these toward your total liquid intake because they don't contain enough water. In addition, be sure you aren't drinking too much coffee, tea, sodas, or alcohol; caffeinated beverages can contribute to dehydration over time!

      2) Moisturize

      While most of us pay extra attention to our dry skin in the winter months, it's important not to forget about your lips. The harsh wind and cold temperatures can wreak havoc on chapped and cracked skin on your face. The same is true for your lips.

      Moisturizing Faces liquid lipstick throughout all seasons can help you retain that youthful plumpness and smoothness. Plus, moisturizing will help prepare your pout for color as well as reduce blotchiness due to dryness. However, it’s important not to apply too much moisture before applying color—otherwise, you risk canceling out its effects altogether! Try these 10 tips for preventing chapped lips during winter

      3) Hydrate with plant oils, including argan oil

      Plant oils such as argan oil and hemp oil are rich in essential fatty acids that nourish skin, restore moisture, and smooth fine lines.

      You can apply them directly to your lips or mix a few drops into your favorite lip balm. Both argan and hemp oils are especially high in linoleic acid (also called an omega-6 fatty acid). If you’re looking for a plant-based oil that can nourish both your skin and hair, try unrefined rosehip seed oil, which is loaded with linoleic acid. Just be careful when applying essential oils directly on your skin: Many people experience irritation because of their sensitive nature, so always do a patch test first.

      4) Use a balm before bedtime

      Many lip balms contain moisturizing ingredients such as Vitamin E and shea butter and are designed to keep your pout soft while you sleep.

      By applying a liquid lipstick online balm before bedtime, you'll wake up with plump and hydrated skin. If you tend to use chapstick often during the day, consider keeping it in your purse or bag instead; if you carry it around with you, there's a chance it will get too warm and your product could expire.

      5) Choose lipsticks with protective qualities

      To maintain soft, moisturized lips, a nontransfer matte lipstick that won’t exacerbate dryness is necessary. To avoid lipsticks that will only dry your lips out further, look for ingredients like vitamin E and essential oils.

      Vitamins C and B are also beneficial because they help your body produce collagen. These vitamins can be found in certain fruit extracts, such as rose hips and green tea extracts.

      6) Add in antioxidants

      Antioxidants fight off free radicals, which can damage cells and cause diseases like cancer. As lipstick contains a lot of chemicals and color, it acts as a breeding ground for free radicals, leading to aging of your skin and ultimately weakening of your immune system.

      Make sure you add antioxidant-rich foods such as blueberries and turmeric into your diet. Another antioxidant-rich ingredient that you can use on your lips is rosehip oil. It is rich in linoleic acid – an essential fatty acid that helps make sure your skin doesn’t dry out. If you want soft, healthy-looking lips, go with rosehip oil!

      7) Eat tomatoes, strawberries, apples, and oranges

      Vitamin C is a key player in keeping your mouth moisturized, so loading up on foods rich in it—like tomatoes, strawberries, apples, and oranges—will do wonders for your kisser. It's also found in leafy greens, like spinach, as well as citrus fruits and kiwis.

      And don’t forget about dairy products. Research suggests milk can help keep lips moist by preventing water loss through its calcium content. You don’t have to down gallons of milk daily to see results; one glass will do it.

      8) Apply petroleum jelly before going outdoors in cold weather

      Not only does petroleum jelly form a protective barrier, but it also locks in moisture. If you apply a dab of petroleum jelly before going outdoors, your skin will stay well hydrated and less susceptible to chapping caused by dryness.

      In addition, you’ll benefit from wearing sunglasses when exposed to cold weather—not only do they protect your eyes against harmful UV rays, but they keep your face warm and protected too. Also make sure that when you use deodorant/antiperspirant in cold weather (and let’s be honest: that’s all year round) use one labeled non-irritating for sensitive skin types. Your underarms are no exception when it comes to cold weather!

      9) Drink hot tea or coffee instead of cold drinks with sugar or sweeteners

      You should drink hot tea or coffee rather than cold drinks that have sugar and sweeteners. There are several benefits of drinking these drinks, including weight loss as well as prevention of problems related to dryness of your mouth and lips.

      It has been observed that people who tend to drink a lot of soda are more likely to suffer from dryness in their mouths, which makes it easier for them to get chapped lips. Therefore, you should avoid eating sugary foods and drinks to keep your oral health intact. You can try sipping on some green tea or herbal tea if you want something with less caffeine content and still enjoy its benefits.

      10) Replace most of your lip products with chapstick

      Lip balm is one of those things that we rarely think about until we desperately need it. Unfortunately, not all lip balms are created equal. If you want to keep your lips hydrated and protected, you'll want a product with higher levels of natural emollients like shea butter or sunflower seed oil.

      Avoid petroleum-based products which can dry out your skin in addition to your lips. As a bonus, most products also contain SPF which helps protect your lips from harmful UV rays.

      How is matte lipstick different

      Matte liquid lipsticks feel thicker and more heavy on your lips, which can create a feeling of discomfort. However, it's better for you because it doesn’t leave any shine behind.


      How to prevent lines on lips

      Lines on lips can make you look older, and they can also interfere with your ability to eat or drink. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to avoid lines.

      How to choose your correct Comfy Lips Combo shade

      Dry, chapped lips are uncomfortable and unflattering. Before you go buy more lip balm, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re choosing your correct shade.

      How to properly remove Comfy Lips Combo

      Comfy Lips Combo liquid lipstick for dry lips was designed to be easy to use, but it's also important to know how best to remove all traces of it.

      Is it long-lasting?

      Yes, most users reported it stayed on for up to 6 hours. Some even called it their long-lasting lip stain. The best part is that it doesn't dry your lips at all, while it stains them beautifully!

      Will it dry out my lips?

      This moisturizer is perfect for dry, chapped lips. It won’t clog your pores, and it’s completely fragrance-free.

      Is it comfortable enough to wear all day?

      One important thing about selecting a lip balm is how comfortable it is to wear all day. By using a product that's soft and smooth, you can look forward to applying it to your lips each time you need some hydration.

      Is it transfer-proof?

      No. But you don’t need to apply a lot for your lip makeup to look great, so it shouldn’t transfer too much.
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