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Here’s some math for you lipstick lovers—get 3-in-1 long-stay lipsticks, now multiply it with 2!!! Yes, get this magnificent combo of 2 of your favorite 8-hour long-stay touch-up free lipsticks. And that’s not all, these lipsticks aren’t just lipsticks but have primer in them, AND are super-hydrating & lightweight. So—Primer, Lipstick, and Lip balm—all 3 in 1! Add this to your cart NOW!!!

Reasons to buy 

- Two 3-in-1 Long-Stay Matte Lipsticks in one combo.
- Primer + Lipstick + Lip Balm in one product.
- Super Lightweight on the lips, yet all-day intense matte color.
- No creases, no cracks, no smudge, no transfer for 8 hours!
- Chamomile & Shea butter enriched.


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Name & Address of Manufacturer: Faces Canada
Country of Origin:India
Net Qty. (g/ml): 2gm

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      What Is Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick?

      What do you look for in lipstick? Would you like it to last all day, to be moisturizing, to have anti-aging properties, or to be the perfect pink shade? Luckily, there’s a new liquid matte lipstick out there that satisfies all of those needs and more! Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick has all of these features and more! Keep reading to learn more about this exciting new product!

      There is nothing more thrilling than being able to wear lipstick without it making you feel uncomfortable. Thanks to Comfy Matte Pro, you'll no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort. Not only is it perfect for any occasion, but it also nourishes your lips and provides them with much-needed moisture.

       When you apply your favorite matte lipstick shades of matte liquid lipstick, you won't even know that you have makeup on at all! It will last for hours, providing a soft-focus finish that will always leave your lips looking gorgeous.

      Who Is This Product For?

      If you are looking for a long-lasting, matte lipstick liquid without all of those nasty chemicals in it, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been hard at work to create a flawless liquid lipstick that is packed with benefits and that provides a rich color payoff with each use.

      Our matte liquid lipstick will not only last for hours, but it will also leave your lips feeling moisturized and smooth as well. These types of lipsticks have been known to provide a heavy, drying texture on most users' lips, but our product was carefully formulated to provide just enough hydration while still keeping its intended look. This type of formula gives you a high-end product without breaking your bank account in the process.

      How Does It Work?

      This liquid lipstick contains a proprietary formula that is designed to penetrate through your lips and lock in moisture, which helps protect them from chapping, cracking, and drying out.

      The formula also makes it easier for your lips to produce more of their natural oils, helping them stay soft and hydrated longer. With these ingredients, you will be amazed at how comfortable Comfy Matte feels on your lips. To apply, simply glide on as you would any normal lip gloss or lipstick. You can use a brush or fingers to get an even application.

      4 Looks To Try Today!

      Whether you're heading to a casual gathering or an important business meeting, try out these 4 different looks with our new red matte liquid lipstick, and let us know what you think in a comment below. No matter which look you choose, they all feature smooth, long-lasting colors that won't dry out your lips or transfer when eating or drinking.

      They are also safe for sensitive skin and only need one application before they can be worn for up to 8 hours straight. Whether it's daytime work events or evening activities, our latest product is sure to brighten up your day!



      How to use Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick

      Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick was created to provide you with long-lasting, high-coverage color that won’t dry out your lips or leave them looking chalky or cracked. This lipstick can also be used in various ways, making it great value for money and a nice little addition to your beauty arsenal. Here are 10 ways to use Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick to its full potential!

      1) Create a seamless lip

      To ensure a professional-looking matte lipstick pink lip line, take a lip brush and draw along your natural lip shape. Fill in any gaps, smooth out any lumps or bumps, and make sure you have no lipstick outside of your natural lip line. Use a mirror or have someone help you for the best results.

      If you like clean edges, use a q-tip dipped in makeup remover around your lips to give them a smooth look (similar to how the foundation is applied). Fill in sparse areas using concealer on top of lipstick; make sure they match! Finish by lightly powdering over lips so they stay smudge-free all day.

      2) Use as a liner

      It’s no secret that liquid matte lipstick brown is one of our favorite makeup items, so we're willing to bet you have some at home already. But did you know it can be used for a bunch of other things? One of our favorite uses is as a lip liner because it will stay in place all day long without any need for touch-ups!

      Plus, it goes on so smooth and makes your lips look amazing! It’s kind of like getting two products in one – which is why we love Faces Canada Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick so much. And just to show you how well they work together (and how easy they are to apply), here are 10 different ways you can use them both!

      3) Use on the eyes

      Liquid matte lipstick maroon can be used as an eyeshadow primer. Since it’s long-lasting, it will keep your eyeshadow from fading or creasing throughout a busy day. A little goes a long way when using liquid lipstick on your eyes, so start small and build up to your desired look.

      The color you apply will be much lighter than how it appears in its container. If you’re going for a dramatic smokey eye, try applying eyeliner first before adding Comfy Matte Pro liquid lipstick as an eyeshadow primer. Be sure to let it dry before moving on to your next step (e.g., eye shadow).

      4) Add a touch of metallic

      Metallic lippies are on trend for fall and can add that extra touch of drama to your look. If you're going for a high-shine look, pair it with matte liquid lipstick; if you want something a little subtler, try wearing them together. Your lips will look silky smooth with no shimmer or glossiness to distract from what's going on up top.

      5) Use under another lipstick

      If you're not a fan of liquid matte lipstick combo, or maybe don't have time for touch-ups during the day, but still want that bold matte look, try using it as a base. You can get a smooth application using one of these little tapered lip brushes that are designed to make applying lipstick or liquid lipstick easier.


      Dip your brush in a bit of Comfy Matte Pro (or any other favorite liquid matte lipstick waterproof), wipe off any excess on a tissue, and then start at your outer lips and work inward with smaller strokes until you reach your cupid's bow. Use some concealer on your lips beforehand if needed; remember that after you've got your perfect base color (using whatever product you like) there should be no skin showing through—just color!

      6) Add some sparkle on top

      Have an event coming up and want to stand out? No matter what you're wearing, add a little glitz with our shimmering gloss! Our liquid lipstick has a wonderful mousse-like texture, which makes it extremely easy to layer on top of your favorite lip color.

      For example, spritz over your go-to lipstick for a night out on the town or mix it into your foundation for some highlight and glow. You can even mix it in with eye shadow for a beautiful look that will have everyone talking. The options are endless when you have Comfy Matte Pro by your side! And did we mention it's 100% natural? That means no synthetic ingredients and no harsh chemicals are going anywhere near your lips or skin.

      7) Use as a highlighter for cheekbones

      Use a little of your favorite liquid matte lipstick long-lasting to highlight your cheekbones. The matte finish will make your cheekbones pop! It's quick and easy, and there are many colors you can choose from for a natural look or bold glam.

      Our Faces Canada Comfy Matte Pro liquid lipstick has great coverage that lasts all day, even through eating and drinking! The very lightweight formula is also vegan-friendly. Apply it with fingertips for a subtle hint of color or layer multiple coats for an extra dramatic effect! You can even apply it directly from its compact packaging. One thing’s for sure: This isn’t just another lip gloss—it’s a revolutionary makeup product that you need in your collection right now.

      8) Add color to your cheeks

      Don’t waste your money on an expensive blush; just grab a drop of your favorite liquid lipstick. The bolder shades lend a vibrant pop of color to cheeks when dabbed on and blended in with fingers or a brush.

      Work carefully since you don't want to get any Tippie inside your eyes! Since most liquid lipsticks are oil-based, you won't have any trouble getting them off from skin with a tissue or makeup remover. Just make sure you aren't allergic first!

      9) Layer with face paint

      We know it sounds crazy, but trust us—it works. If you’re using a bold color like Comfy red, start with a thin layer of primer (for oily lids) or white eye pencil (for dry skin). Then apply your foundation. Paint your lips with an eyeshadow brush and set them with some powder blush.

      Using a small concealer brush, dab a little face paint onto your lips and pat down gently so it isn't visible. After 10 minutes of drying time, apply your lipstick, and voila! It should stay put for hours on end. Just remember: This isn't something you can wear every day since face paint is meant for theatrical use only.

      10) Dab it onto your cuticles

      If you’re looking for a way to make your manicure last, give yourself a quick polish change by dabbing some in between your nail beds. It will fill in any ridges, making your nails look smooth and clean—and that’s not all.

      The matte lipstick best brands formula also gives off an extremely shiny finish (bonus points for anyone who has trouble achieving that with traditional polish). It's a great alternative if you don't want another layer of polish on top of your original coat or if you're wearing nail art and need something that blends well. No one will know but you! Also try: Using clear lip gloss as a topcoat.

      How is matte lipstick different

      When it comes to matte lipstick, your first thought is probably not smooth and creamy but hey! When you think of matte lipstick, you’re probably thinking of that classic, ultra-matte formula—one so dry.

      Which is exactly why we love it so much. The best part about matte lipstick is its rich color payoff: a little goes a long way. Simply dab onto lips using fingertips or brush on with a lip brush for precise application—don’t forget to moisturize! Our creamy matte liquid lipstick glides onto lips without skipping a beat.

      How to prep your lips for Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick

      Prepping your lips for matte lipstick on dark skin is key to getting a long-lasting, beautiful application. When you use lip balm or an oil-based product on your lips before applying lipstick, it acts as a barrier between your skin and the lipstick, which prevents it from absorbing into your skin.

      Instead of applying directly to dry or flaky lips, gently exfoliate using an old toothbrush and a light coat of lip balm.

      How to line your lips

      Lip liner has always been somewhat of an afterthought for many women, but it shouldn't be! Not only can it add definition to your lips and help you get the exact shape you want, but it can also help lipstick last longer. Lip liner is available in both pencil and liquid form. Each has its pros and cons, so figure out which one will work best for you before using it on your pout.

      Step 1 – Preparation

      Ensure that you have all of your materials laid out before you start. You will need a soft, clean makeup brush and a lip liner pencil. It's best to choose one with a thin tip because thick lines tend to smudge and get messy quickly. If you prefer harder pencils, use lip liners instead—they will last longer than regular lipsticks or lip glosses when used for lining.

      Step 2 - Use liquid or pencil liners

      Once you have outlined your upper and lower lip with a pencil liner, fill them in. Here are some great liquid liners that may work for you: Faces Canada Waterproof Eyeliner has been my favorite for years. It’s matte lipstick light shades waterproof, and it goes on smoothly so it can be layered for extra definition.

      If you use a good eye primer beforehand, these products will last all day long. If not, don’t worry—there are plenty of makeup removers out there! Faces Canada ColorStay Waterproof Eye Liner Pen is more affordable than Chanel and goes on just as well.

      Step 3 - Conceal outside edges

      With your lips closed, fill in any remaining space along the edge of your natural lip color with concealer or liner. Sweep a brush from one corner of your mouth to another and repeat. By doing so, you'll prevent lipstick from bleeding outside of your lip area onto the skin.

      Follow up by adding two coats of nude lipstick for softness and shine. Your lips are now ready for some sexy red lipstick or a deep dark berry color - whichever you prefer. For extra pop, try applying lip gloss over top of matte lipstick!

      Step 4 - Add color by layering liner shades

      For a natural, not overdone effect, try choosing two colors. Apply one color above and below your lip line, blending carefully with an eyeshadow brush or fingertip. The line outside of lips with darker shade only (that is if you're using two shades).

       It should look like you have lipstick on, but it should be subtle. You can use a darker shade as an outline for plumper-looking lips. To make sure that everything stays put and doesn't smudge or come off after eating/drinking, use a lip liner pencil to get rid of extra lipstick on the skin around your mouth, and then apply transparent gloss to keep your pout from drying out. Then apply moisturizing lip balm over gloss for added protection from chapping.

      Step 5 - Line the corners of the mouth, top, and bottom.

      Use a lip brush and draw small lines on both corners of your mouth. These matte lipstick shades for dusky skin will help give a full look, as well as an opening for you to fill in with lipstick. Make sure these lines are accurate. If you don't want any color there, draw just outside of your natural lip line; if you do want color, use a thin pencil and lightly shade them.

      Step 6 - Add definition by defining with a darker shade on the outer edge.

      Starting with a lip liner just inside of your natural lip line, draw over it with a liner one shade darker than what you have applied on your outer lip. Use a straight edge like an eye pencil or small makeup brush, so that it’s easy to get a clean and crisp line.

      Be sure not to leave any gaps at the corners or outside edges of your mouth (just think about how odd-looking it would be if someone drew a half-circle around their mouth instead of lining their entire pout!). If you’re looking for more definition but don’t want as much color, try using a white pencil first. It won’t show through as well on most skin tones and will add structure without adding extra depth.

      Step 7 - Blend the colors together with your finger

      To get that perfectly defined lip, blend all of your lip colors. Using a finger (and a little water if necessary) run it over all of your lines so they are just one color. This will create an illusion of being more defined. When done right you'll be left with smooth, even lines that look incredibly natural. When done wrong you could end up looking like you got punched in the mouth!

      Step 8 - Define the cupid's bow and blend it into the rest of the lip.

      After doing a full lip, fill in any holes or gaps with more liner and gently smudge. Use small strokes on the inside of your bottom lip, as it is often fuller than your top lip. Then softly blend into the rest of the lip with a Q-tip dipped in concealer.

      If you find that there are still sharp edges (particularly at the corners of the mouth), use a thin layer of concealer around the entire mouth to soften the edge then dab off excess with another tissue. It's not necessary to get into tiny crevices like you do when concealing under eyes; if they are naturally more hollow-looking they will not stand out much once the face is powdered.

      Step 9 - Finish with a clear gloss or matte lipstick.

      To ensure that you get a precise application and avoid any sharp edges, smooth over what you have just drawn on with a clear gloss or matte lipstick. This will help seal everything nicely together and make sure it's not going anywhere.

      The matte look might be what you're going for, but keep in mind that it'll dry out your lips over time if that's not something you want! You'll also be able to see tiny details better once everything is set with a coat of clear gloss. For a quick fix after applying lip liner or lipstick, touch up any missed spots using lip liner again. Remember, practice makes perfect! The more lipstick-lining looks you practice, the better (and quicker) at lining your lips you'll become!

      Step 10 – Done!

      Give your lips a once over with some lip balm and you’re all set! They will look beautiful and you won’t have any trouble applying lipstick or gloss on top. Just ask them in the comments below. We hope you enjoyed learning how to line your lips like a pro.

      How to prevent lines on lips

      Preventing lines on your lips is a bit of a conundrum. On one hand, lipstick helps protect against sun exposure and other environmental factors that cause wrinkles; however, it can also be dehydrating—or worse, it could turn into a thick, chalky mess if you’re not careful.

      The best way to combat these issues is by making sure you're drinking enough water every day (at least 8 cups) and eating plenty of fresh produce. Applying cream-based lip balms (rather than stick ones) will also help maintain moisture levels so you can wear your hippie for longer periods without any fallout. Make sure you're moisturizing as well!

      How to prevent lips from drying out

      This is especially important during dry winter months or if you live in a place with low humidity. The best way to keep your lips moisturized and protected is by applying a lip balm. Just make sure you use one that includes SPF, which will protect your lips from sun damage.

      If you need extra help keeping moisture locked in, consider adding some oil-rich plant extracts into your lip care routines, such as avocado oil and sunflower seed oil. You can apply these oils right before bedtime for deeply moisturizing results. And don't forget to slap on a thick coat of SPF over all that lip balm—you wouldn't want it rubbing off!

      How to choose your correct Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick shade

      As you search how to choose your correct Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick shade on google, you might be more confused than ever before. Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick comes in 22 shades and each shade may look different on different skin tones.

      Choosing the right shade could be very difficult and this article will help you with that! If you don’t know how to choose your correct Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick shade, keep reading this article! We are here to help you out!

      1) Know what color you should match

      Keep in mind that everyone’s skin tone and undertones are different, so picking a lipstick color isn’t as easy as choosing one you think looks good on other people. You want to make sure you match your undertone with your lipstick choice, too.

      So if you have yellow undertones, for example, look for a red-based or purple shade. Just make sure it’s not orange or pink (the opposite of yellow). Knowing which color you should match is easy!

      2) Check out all available colors

      Different factors can change how a matte lipstick for brown skin color looks on you, including how light or dark your skin is, what kind of undertones you have, and whether or not you're wearing other makeup at the time.

      When choosing a matte lipstick 24 hours or any type of cosmetic, it’s always important to test a few shades before committing. It might be helpful to ask someone else in-store if they have an extra lipstick of a similar color so you can see how it looks in natural lighting. Even then, though, every computer screen displays colors differently and even people with average vision don’t see color exactly as everyone else does.

      3) Look at Colors that don’t look great on you

      It's not just red, orange, and yellow that doesn't look great on everyone. Some colors have a wider range of shades than others, and some colors work on fewer skin tones than others. Look at colors that don’t look great on you. You should be able to see what color family they belong in, even if there are exceptions in both directions.

      For example, it might not be useful for you to memorize blue doesn’t look good on me, because that can lead you astray. Navy blue can be a cool-toned neutral and looks amazing against many skin tones.

      4) Test those colors

      The best way to determine which color is right for you? Test it. When you’re shopping in-store, visit a cosmetic counter and ask if you can have a sample of their lipstick line. Try on several shades that are similar to what you’re looking for, ideally ones that have been broken in (they will wear more evenly than brand new ones). Even better, go outside with one of them; natural light will help reveal even more information about how they’ll look on you.

      5) Test the product with your skin tone

      Not all liquid lipstick shades are created equal—and you'll have to decide whether that's a good thing or not. Some brands have a better range of colors than others, so if you're looking for a specific color, it can be frustrating to find that there are very few options for your skin tone.

      That said, most formulas aren't too far off from one another and will give you an idea of what different undertones look like on your lips. If possible, test out several different lipsticks before deciding which brand's formula works best for you. Although I love my Dose of Colors liquid lipstick in Vintage (it's perfect for me), I also own three other brands of formula and try them out often.

      6) Try different lighting

      When you’re trying to match a lipstick color, lighting can make all of the difference. In natural light, you’ll get a more true-to-life view of your lips and be able to spot any redness or skin tone issues. Try standing by a window or facing a mirror that reflects lots of sunlight.

      At night, when you’re getting ready for bed, consider turning on only soft lamps for makeup application (or go without). The harsh blue light from overhead bulbs tends to wash out lips and gives an inaccurate idea of how dark or bright your lipstick will be in real life. You may not notice until you put it on!

      7) Consider Lips Liner underneath

      The formula for these liquid lipsticks can be quite drying. Applying a thin layer of a moisturizing liner such as Faces Canada soft matte lip cream will make sure it goes on more smoothly and won't flake or crack.

      8) Wear it around the house for a day before wearing it out in public

      You’ll notice if you experience any allergic reactions or if you feel too dry, which can be corrected before wearing it in public. You should also take note of whether or not a product transfers onto cups and eating utensils after a meal. If a stain is left behind, consider looking for another color.

      You should try out a product at home first so that you will know how it works on your skin and how long it stays on your lips. Do not apply make-up while dehydrated: It's crucial to remember that being dehydrated makes it harder for your body to hold moisture and keep its natural moisturizers balanced.

      9) Come back after 24 hours and see how it looks on you.

      Most of us don’t think twice about which matte lipstick for dry lips we should purchase, but one wrong decision can drastically change how you feel about color. If you want to know whether or not a particular hue is right for you, take a picture of yourself in natural light (not on your phone) and compare it with swatches of potential colors that you find online.

      The lighting and angles used in product shots are often not reflective of what's best for everyday wear. Another helpful trick: Come back after 24 hours and see how it looks on you. Lipstick may look different immediately after application compared with how it wears throughout an entire day.

      10) Pick Your Favorite Color!

      When you're picking out new creme lipstick, it’s easy to gravitate toward colors that you love. Those colors look fantastic and can make a statement! But they can also make it hard for your skin tone to shine through.

      If you have fair skin with freckles and/or red hair, you’ll want colors that complement those natural attributes. If you have darker skin tones or dark features, brighter colors may be more flattering. When choosing a lip color, go beyond I like it because I want it! And consider what kind of statement you want to make about yourself and how colorful accents will do so effectively.


      How to properly remove Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick

      If you’re looking to remove Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick, you’re in the right place! It can be frustrating trying to remove this type of lipstick, but all you need is the right tools and some know-how, and you’ll be on your way to having your lips back in their natural state with no residue in no time! Check out our simple four-step process below, and get ready to finally kiss goodbye to that gorgeous liquid original lipstick!

      Step 1: Moisturize lips

      Before anything else, soften your lips. Your natural oils will break down the lipstick, allowing you to scrub it off more easily. You can do so by applying a layer of petroleum jelly on your lips for about 15 minutes before trying to remove your liquid lipstick.

      It's also a good idea to gently exfoliate your lips with sugar crystals for a day or two beforehand (or immediately after you take off your lipstick). Sugar crystals are sold at most drugstores and department stores. Rubbing a little bit of sugar between your fingers will create enough sugar crystals that you can rub over your lips.

      Step 2: Remove liner (if there is any)

      It's important to remove any liner before trying to rub off your lipstick. If you don't, you run a high risk of pulling up your actual lipstick while trying to remove it.

      To remove your liner, simply use makeup remover and a cotton swab or pad. Try not to do a thorough job, as getting all of your liner off could take more time than is necessary for the proper removal of your lipstick.

      Step 3: Use a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil

      This will not only get rid of your liquid lipstick but it'll also help moisturize your lips, which is a huge plus. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil and 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil and apply directly to lips. Leave on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Repeat if necessary!

      Step 4: Keep moisturizing!

      It’s a good idea to keep using moisturizer even after your makeup is off, as it'll help keep your skin from drying out. You can do it while you sleep, and you don't have to use heavy cream; body lotion or other light moisturizers work just fine. Additionally, try putting oil on top of your moisturizer (like argan oil) if you want something that sinks in deeper.


      Is it long-lasting?

      Yes, it is! To take it off you must use Faces Canada's long-lasting lipstick makeup remover or an oil-based makeup remover. I prefer olive oil because it's natural and organic and doesn't cause my skin to become irritated when I use it. Using baby oil will work just as well but some people are allergic so check with your dermatologist before using any type of oil.

      Applying a moisturizer after you remove your makeup helps soothe skin that has been exposed to harsh chemicals that are used for removing makeup. I recommend pairing a vitamin C serum with your moisturizer as vitamin C is known for reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as brightening dark spots on your face.

      Will it dry out my lips?

      One of my biggest concerns when using liquid lipstick is it will dry out my lips, so I like to layer a thin layer of petroleum jelly over top. The petroleum jelly acts as a barrier and keeps lips soft and moisturized. Your lips will look shiny, and it can be an extra step. If you're worried about your lips drying out, some products prevent lipstick from getting into your mouth such as a blotting paper or simply brushing on lip balm before applying lipstick.

      If you want something a little more heavy-duty but not too harsh on your skin, try some Faces Canada Healing Ointment. It helps lock in moisture while also providing healing properties for your chapped (and drying) skin.

      Is it comfortable enough to wear all day?

      Wear it all day. If you’re at home, try wearing it to work. See how long it can last.

      Is it transfer-proof?

      For a liquid lipstick to be transfer-proof, it has to have an extremely long wear time, usually 8 hours or more.

      Read more