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Perfect Noir Eyeliner Black

smudge proof, intense eyeliner
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Faces Canada Perfect Noir Eye Liner is that magical tool which enhances your features. 1. Loaded in a small, handy tube you can carry this eye liner anywhere with you. 2. It is equipped with a tip applicator which is long enough to make application comfortable. 3. With its creamy texture this eyeliner glides on waterline effortlessly. 4. Lasts for long hours without smudging. 5. As it dries quickly application becomes clean and quick.


1- Precise line and dramatic color that create sensational Eye
2 - Intensely rich, long lasting, easy- glide color
3 - Smudgeproof and water resistant
4- Free from Parabens & mineral oil


Aqua, Butylene Glycol, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Laureth-21, Peg-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Hexylene Glycol, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Aminomethyl Propanol, CI 77266

Product Info

Name & Address of Manufacturer:Regi India Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd., C-08, Sara industrial estate Ltd., Chakrata Road, Rampur, Selaqui, Dehradun- 248197, Uttrakhand.

Country of Origin:India

Net Qty. (g/ml):3.8

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Black eyeliner

      Its very long stay

      Bobby Jain

      Perfect Noir Eyeliner Black

      I always wear it past 3 years

      Love its texture dark black and good staying part
      You can apply on waterline also

      Michelle Jalui

      Not really satisfied it is not as per my expectation.

      Aziza Baig

      I Used various brands eyeliner but I found this eyeliner best .it's brush is stiff So it's easy for me to apply.

      What is Perfect Noir Eyeliner Black?

      Faces Canada’s Perfect Noir EyeLiner is a fine tip eyeliner to improve your highlights. 

      1. This eyeliner comes in a small, handy cylinder that you can take with you everywhere. 
      2. It comes with a tip instrument that is long enough to make the application comfortable. 
      3. The silky smoothness of this eyeliner smoothly glides across the waterline.
      4. Continues without smirching for long periods of time. 
      5. Because it dries quickly, the application is flawless and quick.

      Additional Information: Faces has been in the excellence industry for the past 40 years. They develop and assemble their own things to adapt to quickly changing business sector patterns. Eye makeup is easier with Faces Glam on Perfect Noir EyeLiner, and it helps you appear great.

      Why use Perfect Noir Eyeliner Black?

      1. The spectacular Eye is created by accurate lines and dramatic color.
      2. Color that is intensely rich, long-lasting, and easy to apply.
      3. Waterproof and smudge-proof.
      4. Mineral oil and paraben-free.

      Benefits of Using Perfect Noir Eyeliner Black

      Are you having a problem deciding on the perfect eyeliner? Our best fine tip eyeliner has several advantages over traditional liners. Applying smooth lines close to the eyelashes will give you an easy allure.

      Only a young lady may appreciate the value of reapplied eyeliner; why not acquire the greatest colors with simple application tools? Let's consider the advantages of using fine point eyeliners for the most gorgeous appearances!

      Retains for long

      First and foremost, women use cosmetics for a long time. Assuming you are a functioning woman, for example, you would undoubtedly expect the cosmetics components to last roughly eight hours. You should not continue to eliminate and apply to make it. Keeping this in mind, it is critical to obtain cosmetics that endure longer without becoming smudged.

      Purchase the top-quality liquid eyeliners from stunning direct wholesalers to save money while maintaining your good looks. Even businesses can put together products for commercial sale. The greatest liquid liners last longer than traditional eyeliners. Take advantage of it!

      Improve your appearance for bigger eyes

      Aside from longevity, liquid liners aid in the enhancement of overall appearance after applying cosmetics. Women, for example, can use liquid liners to accentuate the size of their eyes when using smokey makeup. It also helps to improve the appearance of cosmetics because it is completely smirch-resistant.

      Using intense black eyeliner allows you to focus more on your eyes. As a result, you should more easily begin closing the inner corner of the upper lashes and working outwards, deepening the line as you go and completing a delicate 45-degree flick to create a catlike eye effect. Remember to use eyeliners perfect slim to get a rich look.

      With sharpening styles, you can create an astonishing shape

      Would you like to have a stunning appearance? Wear the cosmetics that best suit you. There is no denying that precision is the most important factor in looking beautiful. It generally means that when compared to powder or pencil liner, acquiring a liquid liner from magnificence direct merchants may provide you with a perfect look.

      Taking a constant scenario by placing your elbow on a level surface like a table is the best technique to apply a liquid liner. Slowly and regularly create a marginal difference in being in the best shape by associating due to various areas and getting everything done. Liquid liners have a higher force of maintenance, so you can wear them for a long time.

      Maintain your creativity when applying cosmetics

      A good eyeliner will improve your overall cosmetics skills. You can be more creative when applying cosmetics to achieve a more attractive appearance. Will you love thinking "twiggy" when applying eyeliner to your lids?

      You can use a liner and mascara to represent your inner assets on your eyelids. It's crucial to be creative when it comes to sporting your favorite style! Make an impression with flowing eyeliners.

      Eyeliners that are liquid add emphasis

      Regardless of whether you are a working lady or a fashion model, intensity is seen as a component of confidence to some extent. You could choose the right make to give your character a boost of strength. Stroll in style with your eyes wide open and lashes down, sparingly varying liquid eyeliners. A perfect combination for any young lady who wants to inspire others.

      There is no need for multiple layers

      For example, traditional liners or pencils give you a lighter skin tone. As a result, you'll want to use the liner on a variety of occasions to get it to work properly. In any scenario, the optimal thickness may not be achieved. A liquid liner, on the other hand, is perfect for obtaining the dull lines on the eyes in one go!

      Because the liquid eyeliners are similarly dark, you won't need to apply multiple layers of the liner. Aside from that, the shade does not fade over time. So, for added elegance to your eye cosmetics, go ahead and buy top-quality liquid eyeliner online from splendor direct wholesalers. It is well worth the money.

      Provide more accuracy in exchange for less clustering

      You can always manage dull terminations using pencil eyeliners. You're dealing with a smooth material at the end of a precise brush with gel eyeliners. Liquid eyeliners, on the other hand, guarantee the accuracy and sharpness of the eye line. It specifies the brush point.

      How to use Perfect Noir Eyeliner Black?

      Fluid eyeliner is applied to a surface in the same way as the paint is applied to a surface, making it one of the most versatile and precise procedures for applying eyeliner. It is because you will not face a tangled line or bunching. Furthermore, the fluid eyeliners are waterproof and silky, making application a breeze. Even the most inexperienced cosmetics artisans may make creative use of it.

      1. Before applying eyeliner, place your elbow on a level surface in front of a mirror.
      2. Look straight ahead or slightly lean your head back and peer down at the mirror until you get a clear view of your upper lash line.
      3. Start at the center of your eyelid. Define a single border from the highest point of your lash line to the external corner of your eye, if desired, by placing your finger on your cheek.
      4. Define a second boundary from the top's focal point outward, but at a slightly more extreme point than the first, such that when the two lines meet at the exterior corner of your eye, they form an unfilled triangle.
      5. Use long, smooth strokes from the outside corner of your eye inward to fill in the triangle. Make sure the eyeliner tip stays as close to the lash line as possible, especially as you got closer to the inner corner.
      6. Line the base lash line with eyeliner for a more emotional or genuine look, then clear up at the exterior corner to interface with the thickest component of the wing on the top lash line (so it seems as though the wing is reaching out from the lower lash line too).
      7. Apply a couple of layers of mascara and set the line with eyeshadow in a complimentary tone.

      How to do wings with Perfect Noir Eyeliner Black?

      Fluid liner, a felt-tip liner, a waterproof eyeliner pencil, or gel eyeliner, and an eyeliner brush can all be used to create the perfect winged eyeliner appearance: the best eyeliner for producing a winged look is the one you're most comfortable with. To fix eyeliner mistakes with precision, keep makeup remover, Q-tips, and concealer (with concealer brush) on hand.

      1. Prepare the ocular area. To establish a smooth, even basis for your cosmetics and help them stick better, use concealer or eyeshadow first beneath your eyes and on your eyelids. Twist your eyelashes whenever you like.
      2. If using eyeshadow, apply it on top. If you want your winged liner to stand out, try for a more subtle shade, or go for a darker shade if you're going all out and combining a smokey eye with your winged liner.
      3. Create the mainline. Draw a short, fragile line from the outside corner of your eye to your optimum length, broadening the normal curve of your lower lash line (don't go past the end of your eyebrow). If you're having trouble drawing a smooth line freehand, try producing a series of small specks and then connecting them, or use a piece of tape or a stencil as a guide.
      4. Apply eyeliner to the upper eyelid. Define a boundary across the upper eyelid with fluid eyeliner, following the natural bend of your upper lash line from the internal to the exterior corner of your eye and continuing to resemble the primary line you made. Concentrate on creating a smooth line. It's fine if there are any gaps; you'll fill them in later.
      5. Fill in the blanks. Fill in the gaps with extra eyeliner now that you have your outline.

      Another guide for all the beginners-

      1. This amazing dark flick isn't just for the pros; anyone can accomplish it with a little Perfect Noir Eyeliner Black and a lot of perseverance. Here's our step-by-step safety instruction so you can make things up as you go along - and confidently go for it on your first try.
      2. Freehand isn't the way to go for an optimal wing... Sticky tape is essential in this situation. Calculate the tape from your external eye corner to your sanctuaries to make a stencil (not foreheads). This wing is the most complementary. Fair warning: the skin surrounding your eyes is especially sensitive, so press the tape against your palms a few times to weaken its adhesive properties.
      3. Begin by using Perfect Noir Eyeliner Black to define your top lash line. The fine tip tool will allow you to better regulate the thickness and condition of your wing. Begin dragging the tip as close to the lash line as possible, starting at the top internal corner of your eye and working your way out to the external corner.
      4. As you keep drawing, keep your eyes slightly open and loose - winged eyeliner may sense worry - and keep your elbow level.
      5. Consistent strokes by associating your wing to your lash line. The line will be thicker if you press harder. Keep in mind that the borders of your eyes should be the thickest place.

      Once you've finished, try not to blink for 10 to 15 seconds to allow the liner to dry, and make sure the two eyes are balanced by contrasting them. Set up any slips with a sharp Q-tip, but make sure the liner is dry before removing with a wet cotton bud. The only thing left to do now is gently removing the sticky tape. Congratulations on successfully mastering winged eyeliner.

      How to do the perfect cat eye?

      Cat eyes give you an expressive, glittery look that is both artistic and fashionable. It's easy to smudge your eyeliner or make it uneven when you first start applying a feline eye, but with practice, you'll be able to master the technique. You have two options for sketching a feline eye if you're ready to assess one. You can use a cosmetics brush or tape to assist you in creating a simple blueprint for your feline eye. Fluid eyeliner is best for feline eyes, but if you don't have any, you can try layering pencil eyeliner.

      1. Using a Makeup Brush to Create an Outline- From your lash line to your wrinkle, apply neutral or light eyeshadow. Dip your brush into a neutral, bare, or light eyeshadow, then sweep it across your cover, working from your lash line to the wrinkle. The eyeshadow will prepare your lids and let you use eyeliner more smoothly. It will also give the eyeliner something to adhere to, allowing it to stay put and not spread or rub off. 

      Because feline eyes are so expressive, darker makeup tones can appear overdone. If all else is equal, choose a shade that complements your skin tone or is somewhat lighter. If possible, avoid using a cream eyeshadow. The eyeliner won't stick to it, and neither the liner nor the eyeshadow will.

      1. To identify your endpoint, point a brush from your nose to your external temple. Hold a thin cosmetics brush on the side of your nose and point it to the furthest point of your brow; this is the path your wing should follow. You believe that your wings should be as identical as possible – that different lengths, widths, and points will appear odd.

      If your eyelids are hooded, make the point on a level plane straight rather than vertically. This will open up your eyes and broaden your lash line. Treat your wing as an extension of your bottom lash line for a different look. Follow the point of your lower lash line, then reach out beyond it to frame your feline eye flick. This will help you symmetrically align the two eyes.

      1. Dab a dab of eyeliner over your wrinkle to check the tip of your wing. Your feline eye will be thicker and more dramatic the higher you make your location. Before moving forward, make sure the specks on both eyes are at the same place and level. It's a lot easier to delete a location and move it than it is to remove an entire wing.

      If you're unhappy with the position of your spot, wipe it away with a Q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover, primer, or cream. Then, delicately place your establishment in the ideal location and try again.

      1. Define a line that connects the dab to the outside corner of your eye. While drawing the wing, try not to tug on your skin. If all else is equal, lean your head back slightly and lower your gaze so that you can see your lash line. As you make your feline eyes, this will help you see what you're doing.

      Although pulling your skin tight may make defining your boundary easier, when you release the skin, your wing will change shape and may appear sloppy.

      1. Create a line that connects the place to the center of your top lash line. Draw your eyeliner from the outer corner of your eye to the middle of your cover with care. Place your line as high as your feline eye requires. It's fine if you have eyeshadow peeking out beneath the line because you'll cover it up later.

      If you have little attachment space, avoid making the line too thick; otherwise, you'll likely lose all of your eyelid space. If you have a round eye, try using a thicker wing and line. You may, for example, make your line around 2-3 mm thick. Define a bent boundary rather than a straight one to widen your lash line and make your eyes appear larger. Make sure the line is bent downwards.

      1. If necessary, fill up the layout you've created. You may need to fill in the diagram depending on how you calculated your underlying lines and how thick you drew them. Fill up any areas where eyeshadow is peeking through with your eyeliner.

      You shouldn't need any filler if you defined your top border right at your lash line. Make a few layers of pencil eyeliner to fill in your feline eye if you're using it.

      1. With a sharp Q-tip, tidy up any messes. The pointed tip allows you to get into tight spots and tidy along lines without smudging your eyeliner. You can also dip the Q-tip in some foundation or eye cream and use it to lightly remove any excess eyeliner. Try to avoid using makeup remover. It has the potential to completely finish the job and remove any eyeshadow you had previously applied.
      1. To connect the internal corner of your eye with your feline eye, draw a line. Place your eyeliner at the outside corner of your eye, then slowly drag the liner toward the feline eye. Continue across your eye until you reach the cover's outside corner. This will make your feline eye's highest point look even. 

      Make a sincere attempt to execute this in a single, fluid motion. Otherwise, the line may appear choppy and uneven. Try not to tug on your eyelid once more. Slant your head back slightly and bring your gaze down to see your lash line. You can try tightening your eyelid, which means getting the liner between your lashes and facing your waterline, but this is difficult to apply and may irritate your eye.

      1. As the line approaches the outside corner of your eye, thicken it. While you're doing this, try laying your pinkie on your cheekbone. It will help to balance your hand and make it easier to draw a nice, straight line rather than a shaky one.

      If you're using a felt-tip liner, place it closer to the center of the cylinder for better control.

      1. Apply mascara to your lashes. To begin, coat your base lashes with one coating of mascara. Then, using your mascara wand, make a few breadths across your top lashes. Try twisting your lashes or putting on a pair of fake lashes for a seductive evening look.

      Eyeliner application for a no-makeup makeup look

      Stage 1: Even out your complexion and correct it.

      To begin, the first and most important advice of our basic cosmetics recommendations is to have clear skin. To do this, you need to begin with an exceptional skin routine to keep your looks flawless. For sheer inclusion and a natural finish, apply a light inclusion BB cream or foundation. The idea is to even out your skin tone rather than hiding it beneath a bulky inclusion item. Apply a spot concealer to areas that require more coverage, such as the under eyes, sun spots, and flaws. Set the base with a light powder, but be sure to use a gentle hand to avoid a thick fine finish.

      Stage 2: Use a dark or earthy colored liner to define your eyes.

      Eyes can signify the determining moment in a style, whether it's a simple cosmetics look or a glitzy one. Tightlining simply entails applying liner to the top and bottom inward margins of the eyes, staying close to the lash line as intended. We advocate using an earthy colored liner for this phase because dark might look cruel, especially on young ladies with lighter/more beautiful complexion and lighter eyes. To give lashes regular volume, apply the liner to the foundations of the lashes.

      Stage 3: Define and lift your lashes

      Isn't it true that your daily makeup process is never complete without lash preparation? Curl your lashes with an eyelash curling iron, then isolate them with a defining mascara. Avoid using an emotive mascara that lengthens your eyelashes because the look you're going for is all about seeming normal.

      Stage 4: Give your cheeks and lips a distinct tone

      If the cheeks are not included in the 'how to do simple cosmetics' answer, it is incomplete. Choose a reddish-pink or a robust peach for your cheeks, and use a small amount to create a stained, flushing effect. In an ideal world, basic home cosmetics would include the use of lip medication first to achieve that hefty, nourished appearance. To make your mope go away, first apply everything to your lips. Then, using your finger, tap the lipstick slug and gently press the tip of your finger all over to create a fine stain of diversity. This way, you won't look 'painted on,' but you'll have enough diversity all over to look fresh and attractive.

      Stage 5: Fill in and shape your temples

      Because they define your face, temples are also an important part of your basic cosmetics for a consistent look. Fill in the gaps in your temples with a forehead pencil or powder, then fix the strands in place with clear mascara. As temple filler, use a cool conditioned dark earthy colored eye shadow. Fill in the curves with the maximum opacity toward the beginning of the foreheads up to the curves, then tighten the variety toward the end.

      Perfect Noir Eyeliner Blacktips and tricks

      Tip#1: First and foremost, choose the right tool

      There are so many different recipes and tool methods to choose from when it comes to eyeliner. Each type of liner has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the perfect one for your skill level and desired look is crucial. If you're new to the world of liners, a pen, such as our Perfect Noir Eyeliner Black is the most straightforward tool to use. We needed to design a liner that anyone could use, from babies to celebrities, when we were planning this item. It has a super-fine tip, is easy to handle, and has faultless fortitude, which means it's smudge-resistant and, shockingly, waterproof. 

      Tip #2: Position Your Eyeliner

      The final product can be completely determined by how you position yourself before you begin your lining. First and foremost, purchase a portable mirror (even an amplifying mirror!) that will allow you to get close enough to see what you're doing. Hold it slightly below the eye so that your lashes are down while you apply your liner, making the process easier. Place your elbow (of the hand you're using to apply the liner) on a table or other flat surface to keep yourself constant. If your hand is shaky, tense your toes to keep yourself steady - We realize it seems crazy, but it actually works!

      Tip #3: Create the Shape with a Pencil

      If you're a beginner, start by tracking the condition of your wing with a pencil, as this is much easier to remove than the fluid liner. Apply the fluid liner on top and neaten with a Q-tip any essential areas once you've worked out the shape.

      Tip #4: Draw the Wing First with Eyeliner

      While it may appear strange, to begin with, your wing, it is far easier to get the point perfect so it lifts and captures your eye rather than pulling it downwards by starting at the periphery corner.

      Tip #5: Outline the Shape of The Wing with Eyeliner

      Rather than gradually thickening the width of your wing, design the shape first and then fill it in. We prefer to begin by drawing both wing shapes before moving on to the lash line or inward corner, as this ensures that the wings are of equal width and calculated in the same bearing.

      Perfect Noir Eyeliner Black hacks

      1. Set your eyeliner with a matching eyeshadow to extend the life of your eye makeup.

      Line your eyes first with a pencil liner, then lightly dust eye shadow in a matching hue on top to keep the liner in place.

      2. For shaky fluid liners, use a pencil liner as a guide.

      If your hand isn't steady enough for fluid eyeliner, line your eyes first with a pencil liner and then with fluid.

      3. Cover your eyelid with a white eyeliner first to make a less pigmented eyeshadow pop.

      This will help to balance out your skin tone, creating an even ground for the shadow and increasing the variation.

      4. Use a wet liner brush and eyeshadow to create your own personalized eyeliner.

      The damp brush will slightly conceal the colors and provide the impression of a liner.

      5. If you have mono lids, use a gel or fluid liner and draw a thick curve to achieve the perfect line.

      Assuming your eyelids hide your eyeliner, try drawing a curving boundary over your lash line that is slightly thicker than you may expect. When you open your eyes, you'll notice incredible size lines.

      6. For a quick eye lift, use white eyeliner as a forehead highlighter.

      To define your foreheads, use a strong white liner beneath or above your brows and smear it out with a wire brush.

      7. Warm the tip of a kohl liner with a lighter to make your own gel liner.

      Hold the liner's tip directly over the fire for a few moments, then test the pencil on the back of your hand before shielding your eyes.

      8. If drawing a perfect line is too tough, draw a less desirable boundary first, then refine it with a Q-tip and some Vaseline

      Occasionally, repairing mistakes is easier than attempting to get them right the first time.

      9. For a more uniform look, apply your liner midway between the lashes rather than across the lash line's highest point.

      Filling in your top lashes from the underside is the most straightforward way to do this. This will make your lashes appear fuller while also preventing you from staring upward excessively.

      10. Practice defining a straight line by first fixing your gaze with dabs and then associating them.

      Make sure your dabs aren't too big. They should be exactly the same width as you want your line to be.

      How to properly remove Perfect Noir Eyeliner Black

      How can waterproof eyeliner be removed?

      Your entire face should be thoroughly washed. Eye cosmetics, on the other hand, constitute a unique set of obstacles. Avoid rubbing your eyes because they're already sensitive. It's difficult to get rid of mascara and eyeliner. The makeup remover should be oil-based but should not leave a buildup.

      To begin, remove your cosmetics with a gentle cosmetics remover, such as Faces Canada Makeup Remover. The soil is removed all over due to the oil and water-based mixture. Apply this makeup product to your face and eye area with care.

      Stage 1: Cotton swabs and Q-tips are the best choices.

      The cotton cushion is an indisputable requirement; it's your best friend when it comes to removing eye makeup! Because your eyes are such a sensitive area, you should use something gentle around them. When it comes to removing liner or mascara, a Q-tip will suffice.

      Stage 2: Eye makeup should be gently removed.

      Clean up to avoid the spread of bacteria and eye irritation.

      Stage 3: Rinse away your eye makeup remover.

      Although many people skip this step, keep in mind that makeup remover contains a number of fixes and synthetic chemicals to keep it stable, and you don't want those synthetics, or any accumulation, to remain on your skin after you've removed your makeup.

      Because of their accumulation, these chemicals and deposits can cause premature skin aging. Then wash your face with a gentle cleanser like Faces Canada’s face cleansers. Cleansers from the drugstore are a must-have for everyone with sensitive skin, thanks to their low cost and good results. 

      Stage 4: Be gentle.

      While removing cosmetics necessitates more thought, removing eye cosmetics necessitates even more thought. By stretching your skin while removing your eye cosmetics, you can develop wrinkles and list skin. If it's not too much work, try to be as gentle as possible while performing this approach.

      The under-eye area demands special attention because it is the first area of the face to show signs of aging. According to Renée Rouleau, an esthetician: "This area should be treated with extreme caution. Kinks and barely discernible differences are formed as a result of grinning, squinting, and scouring the eyes." Faces Canada’s remover is perfect for removing eye cosmetics since it's free of "aggravations and oils that can saturate the eyes and generate unnecessary under-eye puffiness."

      Stage 5: Fill your cotton swab to the brim

      Overlay the unused portion of your cotton ball with each swipe to increase its usefulness. If you use the same side of the cotton pillow as before, the cosmetics you removed will be reapplied. Utilization of descending movements to eradicate eye cosmetics and mascara.

      Flip the ball over and move it upwards to go beneath the upper lashes. There will be a compelling motive to go for a few cotton cushions if you use this strategy. Reusable eye makeup remover cushions, such as Faces Canada’s Reusable Makeup Remover Pads, can be used for up to 500 reasons.

      Stage 6: To complete the process, cleanse your face

      After removing your cosmetics, clean up your face, especially the area around your eyes. Faces Canada’s Blush and Glow Face Wash is a good option. Its natural product concentrates will provide a strong flush to your skin.

      Stage 7: Maintain a healthy level of skin moisture

      Maintain a healthy level of skin moisture after applying eye cream to a freshly cleaned face. If you have slick skin, a dry border might trick your oil organs into producing more oil. It will also help maintain a healthy level of moisture in your skin, preventing minor variances and kinks from forming. This development was overlooked. After using a facial fog or hydrating toner, your face will feel more hydrated.


      How long does it take to dry?

      You should really let it dry: Are you constantly fighting an instance of liner in your wrinkle? Perhaps you're not allowing the liquid eyeliner to dry for long enough after application. Close your eyes for at least 30 seconds after applying the liner to allow the fluid to dry (and so prevent the liner from being squashed against your cover).

      Is it easy to apply?

      Pencil eyeliner is simple to use, but it doesn't always flow as smoothly or as thickly as gel or fluid lines. Perfect Noir Eyeliners Black are matte and glide on effortlessly. They come in a little bottle with a brush.

      Is it easy to store?

      Yes. Just keep it vertical, at room temperature, with the tip facing down or the cylinder resting level is the best method to store your eyeliner. However, after time, it is possible that the product may become uneven and difficult to use. If this happens, immerse the eyeliner in warm water, solidly covered, and tip side-down for a few moments.

      Is it safe for teenage girls?

      Absolutely. But still, as a parent, you must know when your child is old enough to wear eyeliner. Our estimation puts her at 14 or 15 years old. Also, check sure the eyeliners or other make-up they're wearing won't irritate their skin. Because it's adolescence, wearing too much make-up might irritate the skin and trigger pimples.

      Read more