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Volume Perfect Mascara

Non sticky, creamy mascara
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A super creamy, ultra-black, extra luscious volume mascara that lets you build volume without a sticky sensation. This mascara has been designed to dress up your lashes in a creamy black finish that perfectly coats each lash from root to tip.


1. A super creamy, ultra black, extra luscious Volume Mascara
2. Build up volume effect without any sticky sensation
3. Designed to dress lashes in a creamy black silk, it perfectly coats each lash, from root to tip
4. Paraben & Mineral Oil Free



Product Info

Name & Address of Manufacturer:Regi India Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd., C-08, Sara industrial estate Ltd., Chakrata Road, Rampur, Selaqui, Dehradun- 248197, Uttrakhand.

Country of Origin:India

Net Qty. (g/ml):8

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      Customer Reviews

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      Gayathri H
      Awesome product

      Had some issue with the first product delivered.However Faces Canada delivered a replacement very soon . Happy with the service and sorry for my annoying follow ups.Thank you faces Canada 😊

      Shalini Tyagi
      First purchase

      Using it for the first time today itself, long lasting, itching free, voluminous brush.




      Thank you

      Waterproof mascara

      Long lasting, waterproof and lengthening mascara

      Volume Perfect Mascara 

      Eyelashes may be enhanced in appearance by using Volume Perfect Mascaras to thicken, lengthen, color, curl, and create volume to eyelashes. This helps draw attention to the eyes. There are varieties of water-resistant, waterproof, and Volume Perfect Mascara now available in the market. These Volume Perfect Mascara may be formed as oil in water, water in oil, or as an anhydrous mixture.

      In general, waterproof formulations are either water suspended in oil or anhydrous formulations, both of which can only be removed using an oil-based cleaning. They also have a propensity to dry extremely slowly, which makes it easy for them to smudge before the film is completely dry to the touch.

      A lamellar gel network (LGN), also known as an oil-in-water emulsion, which has been stabilized with soluble polymers, is by far the most prevalent kind of Volume Perfect Mascara formulation that is now being offered. These formulas are very adaptable and may give a wide range of benefits, including excellent application, functional performance, resistance to wear and wash, and quick drying.

      What does Volume Perfect Mascara do? 

      The eyes are improved in a variety of ways by using mascara. In addition to darkening the lashes, it may also extend and volumize them, resulting in eyes that seem brighter and larger. A more youthful appearance may be achieved in the eye region by having eyelashes that seem to be fuller.

      The way that mascara works is by making eyelashes rigid, which makes them exceptionally brittle after the product has been applied. Because your lashes are already fragile, hitting the bed with the formula on causes them to be crushed against the surface of the pillow, which increases the likelihood that they will break.

      A quick and easy way to seem more awake and awakened is to apply mascara on the top lids of your eyes. On the other hand, using the same mascara on your lower lashes might make the creases and wrinkles that are already present around your eyes more noticeable.

      How to use Volume Perfect Mascara

      Step 1- The First Step Is to Decide on Your Formulation

      Everyone has a distinct choice for mascara, and no one is right or wrong in this regard.. As a general guideline, though, you may keep in mind that An excellent option for those who are short on length is which has an extra-spiky rubberized wand to aid with the process. You may also want to look at volumizing mascaras if your lashes are thin. 

      Step 2: Wipe the Excess Away

      The "pop" of a fresh mascara waterproof wand coming out of the tube is one of the most pleasant sensations. Regardless of the formula you chose, always scrape the wand across the lip of the mascara wand to remove any excess. This will help keep the product from clumping up when you apply it to your face.

      Step 3: Apply with a top and bottom swipe

      Before getting into the finer details, start by applying a layer of mascara to the lashes. Get your mascara wand as near to the base of your lashes as possible, then draw upward to begin the application process. Using a wand, move the wand from the upper lash line to the end of your lashes.

      Step 4- Use the "Out-Up-In" method

      The out-up-in approach, for creating lashes with greater separation and a fanned-out appearance, is another option. Begin by applying mascara from the outside corner of your eye and work your way within and outward from there. Move your mascara wand to the middle of your eye, and draw the lashes that lie above your iris upward.

      Apply mascara waterproof from the outer corners of your eyes in an upward and inward motion. By fanning the lashes, this technique aids create the illusion of larger eyes. Using the top of the mascara wand for careful application of mascara on your inner eyelashes is a great way to get the most out of your product.

      Step 5- Apply Mascara to the Bottom Lashes 

      Apply mascara to your bottom lashes in the same way that you applied mascara to your inner lashes by holding the wand vertically and using only one of its tips. Hold the wand in your dominant hand and support it with your wrist in your non-dominant hand for maximum stability.

      Step 6- To prevent clumping, be sure to use a clean spoonie brush

      To avoid the formation of clumps, use a spoolie brush or a lash comb to comb your lashes first downward and then upward. Perform this step before the first layer of Volume Perfect Mascara has had a chance to fully dry.

      Step 7- Applying a Second Coat

      When applying the second coat of Volume Perfect Mascara waterproof just repeat the steps from the first application.

      The Correct Way To Apply Volume Perfect Mascara To Your Lower Lashes

      When compared to the upper lashes, the lower ones are often shorter, finer, and more sparsely distributed. It is tough to apply Volume Perfect Mascara in the same manner without smearing or spreading the substance from one eye to the other. This step-by-step guide will show you how to apply Volume Perfect Mascara to your bottom lashes in a way that looks professional.

      • The first step is to position a tissue.

      Put your chin on a flat surface (if possible) and stare into the mirror (try not to blink). To prevent any irritation to the region behind your eyes, shield it with a tissue.

      The second step is to begin from the middle.

      Remove any excess Volume Perfect waterproof Mascara with a cotton swab, and then apply the product to the center of your bottom lashes.

      • Coat the corner lashes as the third step.

      Coating the corner lashes is sometimes a challenge. Maintaining a vertical grip on the wand, coat each individual lash in the inner and outer corners of your eyes using the point of the wand. This method works particularly well for lower eyelid lashes that are either shorter or finer in texture.

      Don't your eyes appear larger and more open? In point of fact, without applying any other kind of eye makeup, it gives the appearance that your eyes have been "lifted."

      These two lessons are an excellent method to practice and rapidly grasp the technique of applying Volume Perfect Mascara, and they are very helpful for beginners. It is suitable for use with lashes of any length and shape. However, the majority of Asian eyelashes are more difficult to curl, even when using Volume Perfect waterproof Mascara. 

      How to Put Volume Perfect Mascara on Your Straight Eyelids

      The majority of people in Asia have eyelashes that are straight, and they do not keep their curls for very long. On the other hand, those times are coming to an end for you today! The following is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to curl your eyelashes, apply Volume Perfect Mascara, and keep them curled all day long without experiencing any clumping or transfer of the Volume Perfect Mascara eyeliner.

      A little adjustment to the way you apply your Volume Perfect Mascara will help your lashes retain their curled appearance. If you do not already know how to avoid making these blunders, you cannot call yourself an expert on Volume Perfect Mascara eyeliner.

      Mistakes To Avoid

      • If you care about your lashes and don't want them to fall out, you should avoid curling them after using Volume Perfect Mascara. This will prevent your lashes from becoming brittle and breaking.
      • After the first layer has been allowed to dry, the second coat may be applied as follows: It will not do anything except create a mess and clump the lashes together.
      • Using Someone Else's Volume Perfect Mascara: It is not sanitary, and you run the risk of transferring microorganisms from the Volume Perfect Mascara onto your eyes.
      • Do not chat or check your phone while applying Volume Perfect Mascara if you do not want to risk poking your eye. If you do not want to risk poking your eye, do not talk or get distracted while applying Volume Perfect Mascara.
      • If you don't wipe the excess Volume Perfect Mascara off of the applicator, it might cause your lashes to clump together. Excess products on the applicator can also create clumping.
      • Going to bed with Volume Perfect Mascara eyes still on your eyes is the quickest and simplest method to lose your eyelashes. If you don't remove your Volume Perfect Mascara at the end of the day. If this is not what you want, you may get rid of any remaining Volume Perfect Mascara on your eyelashes by removing your makeup with an oil-based product.

      How to prevent lashes from clumping

      Your guide to avoiding the disaster that befell your eyelashes. Even though clumpy Volume Perfect Mascara is the enemy of a stunning cosmetic look, it is something that all of us will experience at some time in our lives.

      When you've spent a lot of time and effort creating a statement eyeshadow look, having it ruined by clumpy Volume Perfect Mascara on eyes is one of the most annoying things that can happen. On most days, it is futile to attempt to start afresh. In this article, you will discover what causes Volume Perfect Mascara to clump as well as how to prevent it so that your lashes will enhance your appearance rather than detract from it.

      Why Does Volume Perfect Mascara Get All Clumped Together?

      If you can't believe it, clumpy Volume Perfect Mascara on eyes isn't caused by just one easy element; rather, this beauty failure may be caused by quite a few different things at the same time. Continue reading to learn how to prevent your Volume Perfect Mascara from clumping and the seven most prevalent reasons why it does so in the first place.

      • The Wand Is Covered in Excessive Amounts of Volume Perfect Mascara

      The majority of Volume Perfect Mascaras with eyeliner come with a little grip component that is intended to guarantee that your wand only comes out with the appropriate quantity of product. Unfortunately, regardless of the insert, there are certain occasions in which an excessive amount of product builds upon the wand. If you ever notice that your brush seems to have an excessive amount of product on it, you may easily remove the extra product by dragging it along the rim of the container.

      • You've Applied Way Too Many Layers of It!

      Using many coats of volumizing Volume Perfect Mascara may result in the formation of clumps, and this is particularly true if the Mascaras with eyeliner contain fibers. It is vital to build carefully and only add more when it is necessary to ensure that you are not overdoing it in order to avoid a clumping disaster. This is because you most certainly do not want to have a clumping catastrophe on your hands.

      •  You Failed To Make Use Of A Primer

      If you want your lashes to look their best, you should begin by using a lash primer. In the same way that your face makeup might not look as flawless if you don't use a primer first, your lashes won't look their best if you don't use a lash primer. This primer is formulated with rose oil to condition your lashes, and it may also improve the appearance of any Volume Perfect Mascara you use afterward for fuller, more fluttery lashes.

      • The Way You Are applying Is Incorrect

      When applying eyeliner with mascara to your upper lashes, you should begin at the root and work your way out to the tips. When applying Volume Perfect Mascara to your lower lashes, however, you may find that the process is not quite as easy. This is due to the fact that when dealing with really short lashes, it might be difficult to brush them out properly. You should instead experiment with applying the eyeliner with mascara to your lashes in a delicate zigzag motion from side to side in order to thoroughly coat your lashes and reach as near your lash line as possible.

      • You didn't remove all of the Volume Perfect Mascara from the previous day when you washed your face.

      It's possible that you believe you've done a great job removing your makeup, but all it takes is a quick glance at your lashes to see that you haven't. Because Volume Perfect Mascara is one of the most difficult cosmetic items to remove, you may discover that there is residue on your lashes, which may be contributing to the clumping that you are experiencing. 

      To get a finish that is free of clumps, it is necessary to first ensure that the foundation is very clean. Therefore, before wearing any eye makeup, soak a cotton pad in Micellar Cleansing Water and then gently sweep it over your eyes to remove every last trace of Volume Perfect Mascara hacks residue. This should be done before applying any eye makeup. When you apply a new coat in this manner, there will be no residue left behind to contribute to the clumping that occurs.

      • You Are Employing an Incorrect Method For Making Volume Perfect Mascara

      We all want the appearance of lashes that are thick, long, and curled, but there isn't a single method that can give us all those characteristics. Finding the perfect Volume Perfect Mascara is similar to the challenge of finding the most effective facial cleanser and moisturizer for your particular skin type; both are necessary steps in the process. 

      If your eyelashes are short, you should look for a Volume Perfect Mascara with a formula that lengthens them. If you are able to locate the Volume Perfect Mascara hacks that work best for you, you will be able to improve the appearance of your eyelashes without having to worry about clumps. Experimenting with a variety of various formulae is recommended since finding the optimal solution requires some trial and error.

      • Your Volume Perfect Mascara Is Expired

      Similar to other types of cosmetic products, Volume Perfect Mascara has a shelf life. In fact, it is one of the cosmetic items that loses its freshness the quickest. If you've discovered that your go-to mascara review no longer gives you the results you want and that it seems to have dried up and lost its shine, there's a good probability that it's beyond its expiration date. If you want to avoid having clumpy eyelashes, you should use your Volume Perfect Mascara before it expires, which is usually between three and six months after you purchase it.

      How to get voluminous lashes

      You'll be able to apply Volume Perfect Mascara like an expert if you follow these mind-blowing techniques for Volume Perfect Mascara.

      • Remove any excess Volume Perfect Mascara with a tissue.

      First, use tissue paper to remove any excess Volume Perfect Mascara before beginning the application of the first coat. Your lashes will be less likely to form clumps as a result of this. If you wipe the mascara makeup wand on the tissue paper, the extra product will be transferred to the tissue, and you will be able to achieve a perfect finish.

      • Warp the Volume Perfect Mascara brush in your hand.

      If you are having trouble applying Volume Perfect Mascara, you may try gently bending the tip of the Volume Perfect Mascara brush so that it is perpendicular to the section where you hold it. This will make it easier for you to apply the Volume Perfect Mascara. It will be a great deal less difficult for you to apply the mascara makeup to both your upper and lower lashes if you do this.

      • Put your tube of Volume Perfect Mascara in warm water to soak.

      If you want the consistency of the Volume Perfect Mascara to be smoother, all you need to do is soak the Volume Perfect Mascara tube in a cup of hot water for a few minutes. Make certain that the cap of the mascara use tube is securely closed at all times. If you have been using the product for more than three months, you should throw it away to avoid getting any form of eye infection. If you have been using it for less than three months, you should use this approach instead.

      • Put a spoon beneath one of your eyes and hold it there.

      Holding a spoon below your eyelids while applying Volume Perfect Mascara is a good idea if you discover that the process of applying Volume Perfect Mascara is messy for you and that you wind up with some blotches of the formula on your skin afterward. If you position it in such a manner that the curved side faces out, any excess mascara use that you may get on your skin during the application process will instead end up on the back of the spoon.

      • Gain a full look with some baby powder.

      You may get a fuller-looking set of lashes by using translucent powder or baby powder. After you have applied the first coat of your favorite mascara brand to your eyelashes, sprinkle some baby powder over them. This will give your eyelashes the appearance of having more volume. When you apply the second layer, your eyelashes will have the appearance of being fuller and more voluminous.

      • The flaky mascara should have a few drops of saline solution added to it.

      If the formula of your Volume Perfect Mascara has become dry and flaky, then you could try using saline solution instead. A formula that is smooth and devoid of flakes may be obtained by adding a few drops of liquid into the Volume Perfect Mascara tube. After you have added the saline solution, you will find that it is much simpler to apply it to your lashes.

      • Move the wand of your Volume Perfect Mascara over your eyebrows.

      You may acquire more defined brows by using the best mascara. First, take the Volume Perfect Mascara wand and remove any leftover product from it by wiping it with a piece of tissue paper. Next, fill in your eyebrows by sweeping the brush in an upward and outward motion as you apply the product to get the appearance of fuller brows.

      • While you are curling your lashes, add Volume Perfect Mascara to them at the same time.

      Mascara applied at the same time as curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler can help your eyelashes maintain their curled appearance for a longer period of time if you follow the steps outlined in this hack. 

      To ensure that your eyelashes retain their curled appearance for as long as possible, place the clamp of the eyelash curler at the root of your eyelashes before applying the first coat of Volume Perfect Mascara. You may make curling your lashes easier by preheating them with a blow dryer for a few seconds before you begin. This will allow your lashes to bend more readily.

      How to take care of your lashes

      Eyelashes, despite their diminutive size, are crucial facial characteristics because they serve as protective curtains, preventing micro debris, perspiration, and dirt from entering the eyes. Eyelashes also help frame the eye socket. Other than that, it is also an influential aspect of a woman's personality. This is probably why, over the years, women have experimented with various techniques to doll them up, such as mascara for lower lashes, lash lift, tinting, and, more recently, eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years.

      When washing your face, make sure to wash your eyes very gently using items that won't irritate them or give them a burning feeling. It is possible to remove eye makeup and clean the region around the eyes using mild cleansers such as baby shampoo.

      Scrubbing and rubbing your eyes excessively both cause damage to the eyes and the skin that surrounds the lashes, so you should try to avoid doing either of these things as much as possible. Another no-no is sleeping in makeup or repeatedly scrubbing or rubbing your eyes.

      Make use of oil, as this will not only help to gently remove eye makeup but will also hydrate your lashes.

      Brushing your eyelashes twice a day can help your eyelashes get stronger while also dispersing the natural oils that are produced throughout the length of your eyelashes.

      If you curl mascara eyelashes too much or squeeze them too tight, you will further damage them, which will cause them to get weaker and eventually cause them to fall out. Eyelash curlers should always be used with sanitizers to prevent the spread of germs.

      Volume Perfect Mascara tips for beginners

      • The Front and the Back

      When you have finished coating the front side of your lashes as you normally would, look down and apply Volume Perfect Mascara to the backside of your lashes in a careful manner. As you get closer to the ends, give your wrist a quick flick upward to create an additional curl.

      • In Between Coats

      In between coats of Volume Perfect Mascara, dust your lashes with a translucent powder using a small shadow brush. This will assist your mascara bottle in adhering to your lashes, which will ultimately result in your lashes seeming to be fuller.

      • Add Heat

      When the formula of your go-to Volume Perfect Mascara begins to thicken and clump, applying a little amount of heat to the container for a few seconds may bring it back to the proper consistency. After ensuring that the cap is placed firmly, place the tube in a glass of hot water and allow it to rest there for a few minutes.

      • Put Everything on the Line

      Move the wand around near to your lid to give the impression that you are wearing eyeliner and to make your lashes seem to be even fuller. You can also add even more definition by dipping an angled eyeliner brush into your tube of mascara dry and applying it to your lashes.

      • Use a (Clean) Toothbrush to Remove the Clumps

      Use a fresh new toothbrush to comb through your lashes and combat spider eyes if your Volume Perfect Mascara went on a bit (or a lot) clumpier than you first expected. This will save you from having to fully redo your mascara voluminous application.

      • Spin, but don't pump the air

      It may seem like a normal part of your routine to pump the wand of your Volume Perfect mascara and kajal, but this harmful practice actually introduces air into the product, which makes it much simpler for germs to reproduce and spread. Instead, bring the wand up to your shoulder and gently swirl it so that the substance is spread out evenly.

      • Mix up a refreshing drink.

      Don't be hesitant to combine different formulae in your cooking. To get the desired appearance, it may be necessary to use more than one wand. Try applying a waterproof Volume Perfect Mascara over your preferred lengthening Volume Perfect Mascara in order to make the lengthening mascara and eyeliner set last longer and remain in place.

      • It Is Very Important to Consider the Angles

      You can personalize the appearance of your lashes by adjusting the angle at which the wand is held: Hold the wand vertically to coat each lash for a more natural look, horizontally to get fuller lashes, and wiggle it from the lash line all the way out to the ends to help the curl last longer.

      Volume Perfect Mascara hacks

      One thing that is always present in the vanity and is the one item that may instantly make or ruin your appearance is mascara for volume and length. Volume Perfect Mascara may often be all that is required to bring out the best in an outfit, whether it be to draw attention to your eyes or to add some glitz to an otherwise boring appearance. Here is a rundown of six simple and practical tips that every woman should be aware of when it comes to applying Volume Perfect Mascara.

      • It Is Important That You Focus On The Wand

      It is essential that you give careful consideration to the wand that you choose. What type of appearance are you going for? That will affect everything. Choose a traditional comb if you're looking for something to wear to work. You have the option of having fun at a party with either a curved wand or a thick fiber brush. Either one is a good choice. Additionally, we recommend that you retain a traditional comb wand that you do not dip into the Volume Perfect Mascara dye and that you can use to de-clump and remove any additional goops of mascara good brand that adheres to your lashes. You can get this wand at most drugstores or beauty supply stores 

      • Mineral Oil Paraffin

      You may choose to use petroleum jelly instead of color if you like to limit the amount of product you put on your lashes while also nourishing them at the same time. Simply place the wand into the container of petroleum jelly, and then apply the product to your lashes in the same manner as you would with Volume Perfect Mascara. This not only gives you lashes that ideal dewy sheen but also decreases the number of chemicals that are used on them.

      • The Bristles Should Be Heated

      Warming the bristles of the Volume Perfect Mascara brush before applying it to one's eyelashes is a trick that isn't very popular among beauty enthusiasts. A clump-free and even-textured application may be achieved with this simple method.

      • Open Your Eyes

      There's a good reason why there are so many jokes about the way a woman applies Volume Perfect Mascara: it's an easy target. In order to guarantee that your eyes are open very wide, you need also to widen your lips a little bit and make sure that your eyes are open very wide. It will be much simpler to apply and follow faces canada mascara review to your eyelashes if you can keep your eyes open while doing so.

      • Put Some Powder On It

      Are you fixated on the idea of getting thicker lashes naturally, without having to resort to using false ones? After that, apply one coat of Volume Perfect Mascara, dip the wand into some baby powder, and dab it all over your lashes. After that, apply another coat of Volume Perfect Mascara. It's your one and only opportunity at getting the ideal dramatic eyes you've always wanted.

      Volume Perfect Mascara tips and tricks

      • Before applying Volume Perfect Mascara to your eyelashes, it is important to remember to always use an eyelash primer for at least a few minutes.
      • Make sure that your faces canada mascara doesn't get ruined by sweat or water by using an eyelid primer.
      • One helpful tip that we usually provide our customers is to use concealer on the top lid of their eyelashes and dab it on before and after they apply their Volume, Perfect Mascara. 

      How to remove Volume Perfect Mascara without hurting your lashes

      There are so many treatments, products, and tricks for volumizing, lengthening, and curling your lashes that sometimes we think we forget to preserve the ones that we already have, even sacrificing them as we strive to navigate ways to remove Volume Perfect Mascara without removing eyelashes. 

      There are so many treatments, products, and tricks for volumizing, lengthening, and curling your lashes that sometimes we forget about preserving the ones that we already have. Even if you avoid using lash curlers and extensions, removing faces canada mascara is one of the simplest and most frequent ways that we lose our eyelashes. It is also one of the most noticeable ways that we do so.

      In order to protect the eyelashes that you do have and to be kinder to your eyes while removing makeup, we have compiled a list of seven methods that will assist you in removing Volume Perfect Mascara without stinging, straining, or pulling at your eyes.

      • Steer Clear of Volume Perfect Mascara Formulations That Are Waterproof

      If there's one thing you can do to stop giving your eyelashes such a hard time during the removal process, it would be to steer clear of waterproof formulations of Volume Perfect Mascara. If you want to be kind to your eyes and keep your eyelashes intact, it's better to steer clear of products that include heavy-duty ingredients (except for special, dance-all-night occasions).

      • Do the last rinsing with water.

      When you are ready to remove your makeup, the first step is to give your face a little rinse with a small amount of water. In most cases, the goods will begin their own decomposition as soon as the water comes into contact with them. When you do get around to using real eliminating agents, you'll find that the procedure is both simpler and much gentler than before.

      • After that, use the remover.

      After rinsing your face with water, remove your makeup using a makeup removing wipe or a liquid makeup remover applied to a cotton pad. Makeup such as faces canada mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow, along with anything else that may be around your eyes, maybe removed with the cotton pad by moving it in a downward manner. 

      The Volume Perfect Mascara, as you can see, does not come off entirely, but the remover ought to break down the substance just enough so that you may have a cleanse with water afterward to totally wipe out any product that is still there. It's possible that for a split second, you'll appear like a panda bear, but just think of it as a chance to take the ideal Snapchat.

      • Opt For Cheaper, Better Removers

      Remover for makeup may be rather expensive, which can put a significant strain on a budget. It's a good thing there are beauty products on the market that don't necessarily advertise themselves as removers, but they can still accomplish the job effectively. Baby oil is one of my go-to products since it softens even the most stubborn formulations and makes it simple to remove faces canada mascara without causing any irritation. 

      You don't need to purchase separate items to remove your makeup since even cleansers have the necessary ingredients. Make sure that when you are removing your Volume Perfect Mascara that you do it in a downward manner. This will prevent your eyelashes from being damaged or irritated as a result of the strain.

      • Dab Your Face With a Paper Towel

      After you have removed your makeup with the appropriate removers and washed your face, take a towel. Pat your skin dry with the towel rather than rubbing it to get rid of excess moisture. By doing this, you will prevent yourself from pulling unconsciously at your eyelashes or skin.


      How many layers of mascara should one apply?

      Never be scared to layer; just watch out for flaking if you apply too many layers. For long-lasting, natural, or dramatic lashes, two to three applications are sufficient.

      Is it safe for pregnant women?

      Yes, Volume Perfect Mascara is safe for pregnant women. 

      Can I use this on fake lashes?

      Even with eyelash extensions, you can still use mascara. However, you should only use mascara if you have traditional eyelash extensions and not if you have volume lashes. Volume lashes should not be worn with mascara.

      Is it smudge-proof?

      Yes, it is smudge-proof. 

      Read more