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Hi Shine Nail Enamel

intense gloss nail enamel
All multipinks & purplesgreysblues & greensreds
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These ultra glam nail lacquers with light reflecting pigments deliver intense, long-lasting color to provide super shiny nails with that extra edge.

Product Info

Name & Address of Manufacturer: Fiabila India Pvt Ltd v -16 & 17, MIDC, Taloja- 410208

Country of Origin: India

Net Qty.: 9ml

Ingredient List

Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Adipic Acid, Neopentyl Glycol, Trimelletic Anhydride Copolymer, Acetyl Tributyl Citrate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Stearalkonium Bentonite, Acrylates Copolymer, Mica Coated Titanium Dioxide, Styrene / Acruylates Copolymer, N-Butyl Alcohol, Diacetone Alcohol, Silica, Benzophenone-1, Titanium Dioxide, Ferric AmmoniumFerrocyanide, Red 6 Lake, Red 7 Lake, Yellow 5 Lake, Black Iron Oxide

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 29 reviews
      The Happy Buyer!🤩

      Just wow!!!! Iam in love with the colours and the shine after applying it💯perfect. Iam not exaggerating!!

      Maria Alex


      Yukti Rustagi

      Hi Shine Nail Enamel

      Chinmaya Ranjan
      Review for my last purchase

      Both nail paints are awesome. Amazing colours. Powder blue and moon blue shades I've ordered. Most amazing thing is that the durability of the nail paints.

      pritha kayal
      Best quality

      I always loved faces nail polish

      About Faces Canada Hi-Shine nail enamel

      For busy women, finding the time to go to the salon for a manicure and pedicure can be difficult, but it's even harder to find the time to do them yourself. If you're looking for the perfect in-between solution that will give your nails an extra boost of shine, look no further than Faces Canada Hi-Shine nail enamel.

      Faces Canada Hi-Shine nail enamel features a bold color selection with fun names like Pink Obsession and Minted Over, while also providing long-lasting wear and beautiful shine that will last through every workday and weekend adventure.

      Do you like when a little bit of glitter is added to your nails?

      I love nail polish design glitter on my nails! It's that little bit of glamour that every girl likes to add to her look. I'm also really into all different types of nail art, especially these days when there is so many fun, new designs to try.

      But one thing I just can't stand is when my polish starts looking dull or dried out after just a day or two. Especially nail polish colors now during winter, when it seems like I spend more time in gloves than not, my manicure tends to start looking bad way too fast... which is why I was SO excited to learn about Faces Canada Hi-Shine nail enamel!

      Think about why you love using this product

      Take some time to think about why you love using it. What kind of appeal does it have? Is it convenient? Is it quick? It might be worth thinking about what other products are out there and how they can be better than yours.

      Think of how you would gel nail polish design and market those other products so that they’re like yours, but more appealing. What features do they offer that your product doesn’t? How do you fix that problem? How do you convince people to try it out anyway?

      How do you feel about it at the end of the day?

      The first thing you notice when you open one of these bottles is how shiny it is. The bottle reflects light well, which should be pretty clear from its name.

      That being said, it’s not so glossy that I think it looks fake or out of place on my fingers, so I like that about it. What I don’t like is that within two or three hours of applying these nail polish gels, they start to chip off and become tacky to touch even before they fully wear off.

      What was it that made you pick up this polish in the first place?

      Your face has been craving something fun and feminine, and you’ve noticed that all your other black nail polish is starting to look blah. It's time for a change, but you don't have to wait around for inspiration.

      These days, you can get nail polish in any color or pattern imaginable – even if you just want something fun and trendy. This week, why not try out one of Faces Canada's new lacquers? They offer tons of classic colors along with some truly unique colors that are sure to stand out. All their polishes come in various shades of pink, purple and red – but there are also options like green and blue that add some serious edge to any look.

      What else would you look for in ideal nail polish?

      Some people want their nail polish to dry quickly, others want it to last without chipping. Some want it to match their personality, while others are looking for nail polish that reflects something about them.

      The truth is, ideal white nail polish should offer a combination of all these qualities and more. One of my favorite nail polishes on earth does just that: Hi-Shine from Canadian company Faces Canada. Hi, Shine doesn't only give you super-smooth, long-lasting results but also includes vitamin E and aloe vera extracts so that your hands look as beautiful as they feel.

      Why did this polish stand out from all the others?

      Hi, Shine nail enamel is unique from other pink nail polish in that it provides a smooth texture and fast drying time. It goes on very thinly and evenly, so you'll have no problem applying it to each finger. Hi, Shine has a special formulation that resists smudges and imperfections for a clean, neat look that lasts all day long.

      The red nail polish works especially well if you have tiny cracks on your fingers (or ridges), as it helps hide these imperfections. Hi-Shine also features an easy cleanup process—just use warm water and soap to remove excess product from your hands or nails, making it an ideal choice for people who are always on the go! Hi, Shine comes in 8 different shades to choose from.

      Are there any other ways in which this product could be improved?

      The nail polish nude color selection is pretty limited, especially for darker skin tones. Other than that, it's a pretty solid product. The scent is pleasant, and I like that you can apply multiple coats without any chipping issues. It also dries quickly and doesn't leave my nails feeling brittle or flaky afterward—which is important because I need to be able to type all day!

      Gorgeous shiny shades of Hi-Shine nail enamel

      Shiny Hi-Shine green nail polish, when applied correctly, can create some of the most gorgeous nails you’ve ever seen. When done incorrectly, though, your nails will look nothing like what you expected them to be, and you might be wondering why your manicure didn’t turn out as well as you had hoped it would.

      With the right yellow nail polish knowledge and information, though, you'll never have trouble getting your nail polish to turn out beautifully again! Check out these ten gorgeous shiny shades of Hi-Shine nail enamel to see just how fantastic they can look when applied correctly!

      1) Pearlescent Pink

      If you are looking for a vibrant and youthful nail polish best brand shade to highlight your hands, look no further than Pearlescent Pink. No, not just any pink will do! This pink is all about how it shines. The pearly sheen makes those fingers pop!

      Pearlescent Pink has excellent coverage and an even finish that dries fast. Apply the best nail polish brands two coats for that extra shine or flash! And one more thing...your manicure will look as good tomorrow as it does today. So don’t forget to bring some along on your vacation trip—or any other trip, for that matter. With such great color pay-off and longevity, you can be sure to have great nails at all times!

      2) Silver Frost

      Silver Frost is a beautiful, durable, and long-lasting silver nail polish for dark skin shades that can be easily layered over other colors for added sparkle. Because it’s clear, you can paint your nails from root to tip with Silver Frost and keep every inch of your fingernails looking as though they’re covered in glittery flecks.

      Silver Frost is best for winter months when you want an icy look that keeps your nails warm. This color also makes for a great accent on toes!

      To add dimension to your tips, try layering Silver Frost over pastel pink or mint green polish on the toes. On fingers, top Silver Frost with iridescent white gel nail polish or Top Coat to give it added shine and protection against chipping.

      3) Sparkling Blue

      The nail polish light pink color Sparkling Blue is a blue that many people feel isn’t too bright. It also works for other skin tones, making it easy to match anyone and everyone. This color is perfect if you want something that isn't too popular but still looks fantastic on your nails! So try out Sparkling Blue if you want to stand out in a crowd!

      4) Berrylicious Red

      I love to wear bright colors nail polish bottles during winter, it just makes me feel more energized and somehow in sync with the seasons. I’m not afraid to use colors that may seem a bit out there for colder months because I know my toes are protected from freezing temps.

      This season's newest collection from FACES CANADA is made up of ten super-rich and beautiful colors called Style Hunter Collection 2012. The vibrant colors include Viva Las Vegas, a bright pink that’s sure to get noticed; Magnetic Appeal, a color that shifts between red and orange; Cool Cashmere, an understated blue-gray; and Retro Remix, a candy-colored pink, teal, and coral combo.

      5) Demure Ivory

      In our opinion, light blue nail polish Demure Ivory is perhaps one of our best high shine colors. The polish glides on easily without any fuss. Many users love to pair it with a black or dark-colored outfit for a sophisticated look.

      If you’re more daring, try pairing it with a vibrant pink or lime green color for a pop that’s sure to get attention. Demure Ivory will work well for any situation; whether you’re looking to impress at an important business event or simply want some new colors for your night out! This highly polished nail color will make you feel like royalty when used with our other products from Simple Beauty.

      6) Turquoise Green

      Is one of my favorite colors to wear in spring and summer. It’s a gorgeous nail polish color that brings out my hazel eyes, but it can also be worn by ladies with different colored eyes. The color Turquoise Green is a light-medium blue color that complements many skin tones.

      This is such a fun color because you can wear it casually, or you can make it a bit more formal with black clothing and jewelry like I did for Easter. This is an appropriate color for all ages as well. Here are some ways to wear your Turquoise Green.

      7) Polished Purple

      This nail polish enamel shade is a purple-tinged tone that's professional and gorgeous. It has a very shiny finish and lasts for up to 10 days without chipping. It's a good choice for formal occasions, but it works well with jeans and t-shirts too! Wear it on its own or over other colors - you can't go wrong with polished purple!

      8) Melon Yellow

      Melon yellow is a bright and happy shade that instantly makes you feel happy and light. It's perfect for summer as it gives you an instant glow, but could also work year-round in a professional setting as long as your attire didn't clash with it.

      This nail polish green color looks great on most skin tones, including darker ones. However, it doesn't look quite right on very pale skin, so it might be better to go with something more neutral or sheer if you have very fair skin. Choose a warm-toned shimmering or matte finish for the best results. Also remember that, if done correctly, melon can look professional yet trendy at the same time.

      9) Glamorous Grey

      You can never go wrong with a classic grey, but we love it most when it's paired with bright colors like pink. The contrast makes your nails look even shinier than they are. Consider using a lighter shade at your tips and an accent color on your thumbs and ring fingers.

      For a playful touch, get tiny gold studs to line your nails—they make any manicure instantly chic! To add some sparkle to your life, click here for more info about Funky Fingers products. Get ready for compliments all day long! No need to thank us—it’s our pleasure!

      10) Shiny Pearl White

      This isn’t your grandma’s white nail polish quick dry. It’s a gorgeous shade that adds just enough brightness to your nails to make you stand out. With Hi-Shine, Pearl White has a lovely high gloss finish that will last all day with minimal chipping and peeling.

      A little bit goes a long way, so you can use one coat on each finger and then apply a clear topcoat for added shine. Just make sure not to overuse it; while pearl white is stunning, it can easily become too much if worn on its own or with other colored polish. If you want something different from traditional whites, try wearing it on just one hand for an artistic look!

      Incredible benefits of Hi-Shine nail enamel

      Hi-Shine nail enamel offers many incredible benefits to those who use it. First, the product creates healthy nails that are stronger and less prone to breakage. Second, Hi-Shine ensures that you will never have to worry about your nails chipping or cracking ever again because the enamel protects them against external damage.

      Third, this product keeps your nails looking clean and polished all day long, even if you’re in the middle of household chores or work-related tasks that make it difficult to access nail polish regularly.

      1) A strong base coat protects your nails

      Most people don’t realize how important their nails are. Protecting your nails is about more than looking good—it’s about healthy skin and overall health, too.

      Remember that as you scratch an itch or pick at a cuticle. Your nails are pretty porous and absorb a lot of whatever you put on them—even if it's only for a second or two. To keep your nails healthy, you should use a base coat every time you paint your nails with any kind of color polish.

      2) The flawless coverage lasts at least a week

      Hi-Shine is more like a gel than traditional nail polish. The difference is that regular nail polish is designed to chip away. This means they can only be used once before they have to be reapplied. With Hi-Shine, you don't have to worry about that at all; they last a full week before you need to reapply. (And even then, it's usually just one or two nails that need redoing).

      To put that in perspective, most women will apply their regular polish about three times per week on average—and for less than half as long! So if you're serious about saving time and money when it comes to your beauty regimen, look no further than Hi-Shine.

      3) Long-lasting color

      Traditional nail enamel polish chips in minutes, which can wreak havoc on your manicure. With Forever Strong Nail Enamel from Hi-Shine, however, your nails stay chip-free for up to 10 days. This time-tested formula is safe for children and adults alike.

      Thanks to its unique polymer structure, it’s also more flexible than normal polishes, making it less prone to chipping. Whether you’re painting a giant mural or just want a fun way to spice up an office building, give your paint job some long-lasting strength with Forever Strong!

      4) Not too shiny, but just right

      Shiny nails are in style, but they can often look a little unnatural. If you’re looking for a splash nail enamel high-shine effect, it's best to use an iridescent polish that sparkles subtly in any light; subtle tones will still get noticed without a screaming look at me!

      Don’t be afraid to go bold with colors, either. From neon to bright reds and deep purples, there are plenty of nail polish shades to choose from. Take your time when painting your nails—allowing each coat time to dry will ensure that your manicure lasts for weeks on end.

      5) No chipping or flaking

      A good quality polish won't chip or flake after a day, which means your nails will still look great without having to fix them. While there are plenty of options out there, a favorite among ladies everywhere is by Faces Canada splash nail enamel, called Hi-Shine.

      The top coat shines like glass and is perfect for a night out; it dries quickly and doesn't smudge. If you want to make sure your mani will last as long as possible use two coats: let each coat dry completely before adding another.

      6) Tried & true favorite among professionals

      If you're looking for a highly-rated brand of nail polish with hundreds of customer reviews, look no further than FACES CANADA Hi-Shine line. This top-selling brand has 10 different colors to choose from ranging from clear and natural to dark blues and reds.

      And, according to consumers, it doesn’t chip or flake on them like some other brands. The wide range of colors also means that you can pair it with any outfit—from casual weekend wear to office attire. One user wrote: I love Sally Hansen products; they've never let me down!

      7) Works well with gel polish manicures

      Gel polish manicures usually last longer than traditional acrylic manicures. High-shine nail enamel is a good way to extend their life even further. Gel polish lasts much longer on nails without any chipping, but they do tend to fade over time and lose some of their shine. Applying high-shine nail enamel over your shiny manicure will seal in its color and restore lost shine.

      Plus, it’s easy for at-home manicurists—just use an angled brush to paint a thick coat of high-shine gel polish remover over your nails, wait 20 seconds or so, then apply two coats of your favorite high-shine topcoat. You’ll be surprised how long your fresh gel nails will stay in tip-top shape!

      8) Protects against UV damage to your nails

      If you leave your face's Canada nail enamel exposed to UV rays, they can become discolored and brittle. Research has shown that products with sunscreen included in their ingredients can protect against such damage.

      Luckily, many Hi-Shine formulas contain a special ingredient known as oxybenzone, which blocks UVA and UVB rays from entering your nails. However, it's not enough to just dab some paint on your nails; you need to do it right. It's always a good idea to apply two coats of Hi-Shine polish to be sure you have complete coverage and keep in mind that gel-based polishes will offer greater protection than traditional ones.

      9) Long-lasting protection from yellowing

      Most Faces Canada nail polish swatches products lose their shine long before they’re supposed to. That’s because it’s caused by a chemical reaction known as oxidation, which slowly changes the surface pigment of your nails over time.

      This happens when oxygen reacts with the melanin in your nails and forms quinones—so to slow down that process, you need something that can prevent or minimize contact between oxygen and melanin (aka, your polish). Enter: Incoco’s patent-pending e-coating formula! Our special layer acts as a barrier between oxygen and melanin, keeping it looking fresh for up to 10 days... assuming you don't chip it first.

      10) Doesn’t yellow as you grow older

      Whether you’re young or old, you can find a benefit in using Hi-Shine Nail Enamel. If you’re a growing teen, for example, you want to take care to prevent any skin damage as you grow older and if your nails are painted with high-shine polish now, that means fewer yellow stains on your fingers.

      If you're an older person who is starting to see discoloration and yellowing on their fingers due to aging, wearing a coating of clear polish over them can help preserve your hands from stains caused by daily activities like typing at work or grabbing coffee. No matter what kind of age group you fall into, wearing a top coat will help keep your nails looking new for longer.

      Choose Hi-Shine nail enamel according to your skin color

      There are so many colors of nail polish on the market that it can be difficult to choose just one. If you're unsure of which color to pick, consider the tone of your skin and what the rest of your outfit looks like.

      This will help narrow down your choices and eliminate options that don't fit with your appearance or mood, which can make nail painting much easier overall. Keep reading to find out how to choose the perfect nail color according to your skin tone!

      Fair skin

      If you have fair skin, then reds and pinks are usually your best bet. Try a deep purple or blue if you’re feeling really brave. If you're working with a limited budget, stick with nude tones; they look great on everyone and they're easy to apply without messing up your nails.

      For example, a light pink polish will still give off that I-spent-hours-on-my-nails look but will take half as long to apply. Darker colors can also be great for special occasions like parties or weddings. Before choosing a color scheme, ask yourself how many times you'll wear nail polish—if it's infrequent (once or twice per year), then go bold!

      Wheatish skin

      First, choose a nail polish color with a slight off-white tinge. It should look nice when you apply it to your nails without being too flashy or bright. Avoid adding too much glitter or shimmer and make sure it doesn't appear too pinkish.

      Always remember that when you have wheatish skin, you shouldn't pick nail paint that has an extreme contrast with your skin tone. It might end up giving an off-white effect on your nails which looks less than decent! You can go in for light blue and green shades of nail paints if you want to play safe. Or if you want something brighter, opt for neutral colors like burgundy reds and deep browns.

      Olive skin

      If you're olive-skinned, warm, earthy shades are going to look best on you. Look for soft oranges, pinks, and yellows with hints of brown and gold. If a yellow seems too bright, orange is sure to flatter you! Olive skin often looks best in creams or subtle shimmers.

      Lightly colored nails will make your hands look longer, so play up their length by choosing sheer colors that let your base coat show through—darker Faces Canada hi-shine nail enamel swatches shades make fingers appear stubby. Shimmery oranges, peaches, and light greens are ideal for olive-skinned women looking to sparkle! For a more formal look, try a white polish; these neutral hues instantly give your nails a French manicure effect without any added effort.

      Pale skin      

      Natural colors are a great way to compliment lighter skin tones. The soft, warm shades bring out your complexion, giving you a healthy glow. Wear beige or ivory if you have light blonde hair and pale green eyes.

      Lighter skin tones can also pull off pinks, and orange and salmon-colored nail polish well. Keep it classic with reds that match your blush or purple that matches your hair color. To complement darker complexions, pick out dark blue, green, or black colors in neutral shades like grey or navy. The top coat should be clear while colored polish can be applied over the top of the top coat as long as there is no white base underneath it.

      Dusky skin

      If you have dusky skin, it’s wise to opt for colors that are rich but not overpowering. Opting for sheer nail polish or pairing your favorite neutral with a bright-colored lip can create a soft and elegant look. You can also try accent nails, painting one fingernail a bold shade and leaving your other nails in their natural color. The contrast will help make your dusky skin-pop!

      Amazing nail arts to try with Hi-Shine nail enamel

      Hi-Shine nail enamel by FACES CANADA comes in colors that are not only eye-catching but also elegant and chic. Hi-Shine nail enamel, as the name suggests, gives your nails the high-shine, high-gloss finish that makes your hands look beautiful and glamorous. The use of this nail enamel not only enhances the natural beauty of your nails but also makes them stronger. Let's take a look at 9 amazing nail arts that you can try with Hi-Shine nail enamel, which has been launched in India recently.

      1) Swirls Nail Art

      Keep it simple and sophisticated by creating circular swirls of color on your nails. This manicure is clean and classic, but it still packs a visual punch that will get noticed. To create this look, apply a coat of red nail polish to your ring finger and then dip a toothpick into the blue paint.

      Create a spiral shape with the toothpick around your red fingernail, letting bits of the blue show through as you go. Repeat until you have covered all five fingers in blue and then give them all two coats of clear polish for protection. You can also use other colors for a more dramatic effect! Red looks great with purple or even black for Halloween! As does yellow if you want something fun and summery!

      2) Fruit Mania Nail Art

      Apply base coat. Apply one coat of green polish. After you have applied your first coat, place a small piece of kiwi fruit skin on top of each nail.

      Press gently so that it adheres to your nail. Immediately apply a second coat of green nail polish, making sure that it completely covers up all parts of your nails as well as the skin on your nails. Follow up with a top coat and let dry for 15 minutes or until completely dry before use.

      3) Bling on the Tips Nail Art

      To create bling-on tips look, use any color of your choice and apply it all over your nails. Apply a top coat and sprinkle some glitter over it. You can use sequins or metallic flakes instead of glitter if you like. Let it dry before applying another coat of top coat.

      When your nails are shiny enough, use either a bobby pin or tweezers to stick on as many small as you want, where you want them. It's up to you whether you want to take inspiration from something pre-made or makeup something new that fits well with your outfit for any occasion. And there is no other way than dazzling!

      4) Ice Cream Cone Nail Art

      This cute ice cream cone look only takes two steps and is a great way to try out one of our new shades. First, paint all your nails a base color. Then use white polish or tape to create an upside-down ice cream cone shape at your cuticle. Once you’re happy with how it looks, fill in each half with brown polish for added effect! The only thing left? Dabbing on some sprinkles for that finishing touch.

      5) Elegant Black Stripe Nail Art

      Start by applying a base coat of glossy black color nail paint. Once it is completely dry, take out your makeup sponge and dab a small amount of black-colored polish on it. Now place your finger on top of it and press gently to create neat stripes on all your nails.

      Paint two coats of high shine clear coat on all your nails, let them dry for five minutes and then use a thin striping brush to draw thin polka dots along each stripe in black polish as shown in the picture below. Apply a high shine top coat over entire nails once again so that they look shiny and beautiful! See how pretty these polka-dotted black stripes look on short rounded nails?

      6) Matte Tribal Print Nail Art

      Matte tribal print nails are very popular right now, and it's easy to see why. This dark matte design makes your fingernails stand out. The best part is you can use any color combination of black and white. Follow these simple steps for amazing results!

      7) Glittery Mustache Nail Art

      Who said you can’t wear a mustache on your nails? This nifty little manicure is sure to get some laughs and looks.

      To pull it off, you’ll need gold glitter, 2 coats of red polish, and a dotting tool. Use one coat of red polish for each nail, then dip your dotting tool in gold glitter. Dab it onto each ring finger—in a way that makes it look like hair growing out of your nails—and use a clear top coat to seal everything in place. Repeat on all fingers, making sure not to get any gold anywhere else on your hands!

      9) Blue Sky in My Hand Nail Art

      The blue skies in my hand is a fun and easy design for kids. Your son or daughter will love showing their creative side as they use clear polish and blues, teals, purples, or silver glitter on their nails. For an added touch, have them write out hello in bubble letters or paint it in varying shades of blue. It's a great project for rainy afternoons when you don't want your little one inside glued to screens.

      How to remove Hi-Shine nail enamel perfectly

      To get a smooth finish, you must be sure that your nails are dry and free of any moisture. If there is leftover moisture, your nail polish will not stick correctly, or could even remove it along with your last layer of skin.

      Do’s and don't of Hi-Shine nail enamel

      Apply a base coat of acrylic, gel, or UV-cured polish before using your high shine lacquer. This will help protect your nails from staining and prevent lifting if you have to peel off something that's stuck on your nails. It'll also help make sure that your manicure stays as long as possible since many high-shine polishes tend to chip quickly.


      How long does Hi-Shine nail enamel last?

      It lasts up to 5 days without chipping or fading. To get a more chip-resistant finish, apply two coats of color and finish with a thin layer of top coat.

      How long does Hi-Shine nail enamel take to dry?

      It depends on what you are doing. If you want to wear it under your clothes, it’s best to let it dry for at least an hour, though you can still be touch-and-go after 20 minutes or so.

      How long after painting nails with Hi-Shine nail enamel can I shower?

      It is advisable not to shower or bathe within 12 hours of using Hi-Shine nail enamel. However, it's important to avoid contact with water for as long as possible.

      How long should I wait between coats of Hi-Shine nail enamel?

      Hi-Shine nail enamel dries quickly and you will want to wait about one minute in between coats for best results. You'll know it's ready when it turns clear.

      Does Hi-Shine nail enamel need a top coat?

      Hi-Shine nail enamel is a shiny finish on its own. You can use a top coat if you'd like extra shine, but it's not needed.

      Does cold water dry Hi-Shine nail enamel faster?

      Cold water does not dry nail enamel faster. Most of us keep our nails and hands in cold water frequently without any problems.

      How many coats of Hi-Shine nail enamel is best?

      Depending on what effect you're going for, 2 coats of Hi-Shine nail enamel is best. For a polished and professional look, apply two thin coats of Hi-Shine. One thick coat will give you a lacquer finish.

      Is base coat necessary with Hi-Shine nail enamel?

      Blush is a vital piece of any makeup kit, but it's not always easy to find just the right shade.

      Read more