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Splash it! 5 in 1 Combo

5 Splashin' Brilliant Shades
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Here’s something your nails are going to love! A splash of 5 brilliant shades of nail polish for any mood and occasion. Paint your nails in your favorite red shade for that classic ravishing look, or mix it up and go for multicolor nails for the pool party!

Reasons To Buy

  • 5 stunning nail polish shades: Watermelon 52, Sunny Side Up 51, Linty 45, Blush 105, Viola 41
  • High performing nail enamels
  • Quick-drying, long-lasting finish
  • Chip defiant formula
  • 100% original, cruelty-free products

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Name & Address of Manufacturer: Viva Cosmetics, C1/1-6, Radheshyam Indl. Complex, Asangaon, Thane - 421601

Country of Origin: India

Net Qty.: 8ml

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 14 reviews

      Superb quality

      Kirti Rajoriya
      Value of money

      Product is definitely worth buying

      Amita Soni
      Nice product

      Loved it

      Very nice

      All colours are very nice I love all colours in combo

      Bandana Singla
      Amazing 😍

      All the five colours are actually nice and quality is good though .

      What is Splash it! 5 in 1 Combo

      Splash it! 5 in 1 Combo nail polish makeup will be a perfect option to choose if you are looking for how to do makeup easily, then you will surely not be disappointed with this item which comes with five different products in just one pack.

      The best thing about this product is that you don't need to use several cosmetic items anymore because all these products are already included in the Splash it! 5 in 1 Combo makeup. Moreover, all these products have been provided by FACES CANADA nail polish design cosmetics which is known as one of the most trusted brands in the world of cosmetics and skincare products.

      Why should you use Splash It!?

      If you want to try out a new nail polish color product but are hesitant because of all the promises made, be careful. Don't use anyone else as your guinea pig. If you do, as these people did, they will tell you to beware of all companies that promise too much and seem too good to be true. It's important not to fall into their trap and watch out for any company that tells you that their product can do more than one thing without any proof behind them.

      Most likely they will only end up giving you an inferior product. While we don’t know exactly what went on with Splash It!, we advise caution if considering purchasing their products just yet until they have shown themselves to be reputable and ready for business again.

      What does the world's only all-in-one combo makeup look like?

      The gel nail polish product consists of five individual elements that include a skin primer, concealer, foundation, lipstick, and lip gloss. When combined they allow users to create an array of looks while also including skincare benefits.

      The lip gloss contains SPF 15, while both the foundation and concealer have anti-aging properties. According to its creators at Silverscreen Beauty Studios Inc., Splash it!’s breakthrough formula provides lightweight coverage with a skin-perfecting effect on uneven texture or tone issues. Even better? This new makeup can also be used to tint one’s eyebrows. So you don’t even need separate eyebrow pencils or powders anymore when using these products.

      Why we love the range

      It has a range of colors to suit every skin tone, which we love. It's also sweatproof, which means it won't come off when you're working out or running around at recess. And being water-resistant, it can easily last an entire day on your face without any touch-ups—which is great if you don't want to carry your Faces Canada nail polish set makeup bag around with you all day.

      Where can you find out more?

      If you want to learn more about Splash it! 5 in 1 Combo Makeup, then you can contact people who already bought their kit. On their website, they will provide different ways of contact. You can also find many other reviews online of people who have tried it before making your decision to buy one yourself.

      However, if you are going to try out using Faces Canada nail polish shades splash it 5 in 1 combo makeup for beginners, then there are some things that you should know and be careful with so that you don’t end up looking weird or doing something wrong. For example, if you accidentally spill any ink on your face or your clothes, then please remove them immediately because otherwise, the stain may get worse.

      Our experience with FACES CANADA Splashes it!

      My daughter has used FACES CANADA Splash-it for a few months now. She has very sensitive skin, and I was worried that there were too many chemicals inside some of her favorite brands. So far, we have had zero problems with her skin breaking out from using Splash-it.

      She loves all 5 Faces Canada splash nail enamel products. We apply it to my daughter's face before school and also when she gets home from school. I can't say enough about how much I love these products. They are safe for my daughter's skin and easy to use.

      How to choose nail color according to your skin type

      Is your skin too fair to wear green nail polish? Does it look best with the dark red shade? Is there any color that will not suit you in any way? It can be difficult to choose the right color of nail polish if you don't know what suits you the best. To help you, we have prepared this short guide on how to choose nail color according to your skin type so that you will never make the wrong choice again.

      1) Whites

      If you have fair or light-colored skin, wear whites and pale creams. Skin colors like gold and peach should also work for your complexion.

      If you have dark undertones to your skin, avoid wearing reds on your nails. Sticking with neutral colors (white, grey) will make all of them look gorgeous and natural!

      2) Pinks

      As a pale or fair-skinned person, you can wear any shade of pink without looking washed out. These colors tend to be feminine and youthful, so they’re especially flattering on young women (and aging rock stars).

      They are also good for people with a cool undertone and those with rosacea. Pink is a safe choice that will always work. Choose white nail polish in darker shades if you want something with more punch.

      3) Reds

      Red Nail Polish never goes out of style. Whether it's a classic red or a bold maroon, everyone can agree that red looks great on any skin tone. If you have an apple-shaped face, I recommend taking one shade lighter than your natural lip color and using it as a brightener for areas like your cheeks and forehead.

      Avoid using dark orangey-red nail polish nude colors—especially if you're light-skinned—because it will make you look washed out! It is best to wear warm shades of pink in summer and cooler tones in winter. So basically wear whatever color you want :) but know what works with your body shape! Don't ever settle for less just because that's all there is on offer!

      4) Light Browns

      Beige, Champagne, Nude and Soft Peach are all considered soft pinks that look great on any skin tone. Although they’re not as vibrant as their darker counterparts, light browns are a nice alternative for those of us who don’t want anything too harsh. These green nail polish shades will blend in nicely with many different outfits, whether you like to wear jeans or want something more formal. Lighter browns are especially flattering if you have cool undertones in your skin because they will warm them up a bit.

      5) Dark Browns

      Because of their rich hues, browns can instantly make you look as if you’ve been lounging on a beach in Bali for a week. (Here’s looking at you, Carrie.) And because there are so many different shades of brown, from taupe to chocolate, there’s sure to be one that works with your skin tone. Perfect purple nail polish if you have dry or fair skin and want a statement color that still has depth.

      Of course, just like most dark colors, they may require an initial investment in time -- longer drying times are needed than with lighter shades -- but they’re worth it! These can last several days without chipping and require only one top coat instead of two.

      6) Lilacs

      Are you pale but warm-toned? Try a cool violet or lavender like Makeup For Ever's Lilac Gray. The dark purple tone will complement olive, brown, and hazel eyes. If you have blue eyes, though, it may appear washed out.

      No matter what your eye color is, Lilac Gray will make your nails look polished and delicate without being too harsh. The perfect yellow nail polish shade for office jobs where hands need to be kept in check! This also makes for a great color choice if you're going for a French manicure look—the lilac undertones give off an elegant vibe that complements minimalist styles.

      7) Purples

      Purple nail polish's best brand shades are for ladies with fair to the light-medium complexion. Ladies with darker skin tones should be careful when using purple shades; it may make their complexions look washed out and paler than they are. As far as the application is concerned, thin coats of purple should be applied to keep nails looking natural.

      A good rule of thumb would be to apply one thin coat first before applying a second coat. Purple shades can be paired with black or grey manicures—but typically when wearing purple fingernails, you'll want to wear either a dark gray or black polish on your other nails. That said, keep in mind that pairing too many dark colors will leave you looking tired!

      8) Greens

      Green best nail polish brands nail polish is great for fair, cooler-toned complexions. Green nails look both refreshing and rich at once. Greens have a way of brightening up a face by making you feel like you're wearing something special—even when you're not. (Wear a green top? Wear green earrings? Even just wear green eyeshadow?)

      If you have cool undertones, it can seem as though there are no greens that work on you but luckily our brains aren’t trained to differentiate colors perfectly, meaning that we do see colors differently based on what colors we surround ourselves with every day.

      9) Blues

      Light nail polish for dark skin colors is good for people with pale, blue, or greenish skin. Cool shades of blue can make their eyes pop and keep them looking fresh. For those with pale yellow undertones in their skin, colors like lavender and purple will help them look vibrant.

      Purple is particularly good at hiding imperfections in pale-skinned people. Darker versions of colors such as blue are also great if you have a warm complexion – they’ll act as an eye-catching contrast against your natural tan, drawing attention away from any imperfections on your face and towards your eyes instead.

      10) Stains

      While most people associate a bold manicure with dark, vampy shades, there’s nothing wrong with a bright nail polish light pink color. It’s all about color matching, which can make or break your look.

      First things first: you need to figure out if you have fair, medium, or olive-toned skin. Here's how to do it: Place one hand on your face and hold it up toward you (so that you can see it). Next, take two fingers from your other hand and place them on either side of each cheekbone; then match these with different shades of polish.

      Things you didn’t know about nail paints

      If you nail polish bottle love painting your nails, you know that this can be an expensive hobby. Not only do the products cost money, but some of them are hard to find and might not be available in your area. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to save money on nail paints and related accessories.

      These light blue nail polish days, there are even many different types of nail paints, making it even easier to make your manicure exactly what you want it to be! To discover 10 things you didn’t know about nail paints, continue reading the following list below.

      1) The polish on your nails is made from crushed up seashells

      Did you know that nail polish online contains tiny bits of seashells? The color pigment in most modern polishes comes from a chemical called pigment, which is often produced from several ingredients. One of those ingredients is crushed-up pieces of seashells. Although modern brands can skip on the use of real seashells, many still do—and that means it's not uncommon to find minuscule shells in your favorite shade. Next time you apply your nail polish, pay attention—you may just find one!

      2) If it chips for less than 7 days, return it

      To save yourself from wasting money on pricey nail polish, buy a nail polish enamel bottle that’s labeled chip-resistant. A new study found that after four days of wear, 80% of nail polishes were only about half as glossy as they were when first applied.

      That Faces Canada nail polish swatches might not sound like much, but trust us: When you’re staring at your nails day in and day out, that difference is glaringly obvious. To avoid an early chip-up (and subsequent disappointment), avoid any lacquer labeled with these buzzwords: soft shine or quick dry. These terms may be used to hide a sticky formula that can cause chipping within just one day of application.

      3) Polish can be applied with a top coat for 24 hours without chipping

      That's right, ladies—this Faces Canada splash nail enamel swatches will not only protect your mani and Pedi but also gives it some serious staying power. It may take a while to get completely dry, but if you want to apply polish and go about your business without worrying about smudges or chips, a topcoat is going to be your best friend. If you do opt for a topcoat, there are plenty of choices available when it comes to price and design; one of our favorites is FACES CANADA Nail Polish Green Colour Addict Lacquer ($25).

      4) A new wave of gel polishes are shatterproof and last weeks without chipping

      Women have always loved nail polish. But nail polish quick dry hasn’t necessarily loved women. There are plenty of ways a manicure can go wrong: chipping, smudging, sticking to cuticles.

      Fortunately, several brands offer new styles of gel polishes that fix these problems by being both flexible and shatterproof. Wear them for three weeks without chipping or smudging and you'll likely forget you're wearing nail polish at all—that is until people start complimenting your perfect manicure!

      5) Stay away from glittery polishes if you have short nails

      Unless you’re going for a very specific and eccentric look, shiny and glittery nail polishes don’t have much use. Instead of making your nails pop, they make them appear smaller than they are. If you can’t stand how bland matte nails look, opt for designs in matte polish instead.

      Longer Faces Canada nail enamel will accommodate both looks, but if your hands are short or you want to give yourself some style variety when getting manicures, steer clear of these polishes!

      6) Paint your nails while they are wet to prevent smudging

      It is a myth that you should wait for your nails to dry before painting them. While paint adheres better to wet nails, it also dries faster, making it harder to get a clean coat without any smudges. Paint your nails while they are wet and then immediately seal with a topcoat.

      Letting the nail polish under 100 dries naturally will still give you better results than if you painted on dry polish with smudged tips.

      7) Use a toothpick dipped in polish remover instead of cotton buds to clean cuticles

      A nail enamel trick your manicurist wishes you knew. We all use cotton buds to clean our cuticles, but these are pretty hard on your nails and make them even more prone to breakage.

      Instead, try using a toothpick dipped in some polish remover - it will also remove excess polish as well as any dead skin you may have accumulated. This simple tip can help keep your nails long and strong!

      8) Avoid painting your fingernails matte colors if you want them to grow fast. Choose shiny glossy shades instead.

      Keep your nail enamel polish healthy by giving them time to grow. Matte nails can make it hard for your nail bed to get any sun and hurt its ability to stay strong and healthy. If you want fast-growing, healthy nails, paint them a shiny glossy color instead.

      Shiny nail polishes have better top coats, which protect your nails from breaking. Shiny nail polish is also easier on your cuticles and fingertips because it’s not as rough or drying as matte paint tends to be. It’s much easier to maintain an attractive manicure without having to file down several layers of chipped paint every week.

      9) Do not sleep with your nails painted on unless they are made with chip-resistant ingredients.

      Get your nails done at a salon and use splash nail enamel if you can. Many brands of polish contain ingredients that increase the peeling, brittleness, flaking, splitting, and cracking of nails. And sleeping with these chemicals on your nails will only further worsen nail conditions. There are so many options for at-home treatments as well as professional care products to help strengthen and make it easier to grow longer and healthier nails that don't break!

      One such top-rated product is Dr. Christi's Miracle II Shampoo because it naturally strengthens weak brittle hair or nail cuticles. Be sure to ask about added ingredients when getting a manicure or pedicure for avoiding damage caused by dryness, chipping, and brittle and peeling nails.

      10) You can use nail polish as an eye shadow base and as an eyeliner too.

      Applying a light coat of eye shadow or dark eyeliner over your nails is a great way to make them appear clean and classy, without looking over-done. This way, your eye makeup will go on smooth and last longer. But if you’re going for a daytime look, choose colors that are similar to your skin tone (if there are any).

      If you’re not sure what color suits you best, take along some samples with you when visiting a Faces Canada Splash Nail Enamel cosmetics store. One thing to remember: your fingernails will be out in public so it's best to keep them short and neat. Plus the length of fingernails can cause people's attention to focus more on how long they are than what you're saying – something nobody likes at work!

      DIY nail art

      Nail art has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and it's easy to see why – it can instantly transform your nails from simple to stunning!

      Whether you're looking to create a cute manicure, an elegant one, or just an everyday natural look, these 10 DIY nail art tutorials will show you how to make your custom designs without spending too much money on salon services or kits.

      You’ll be able to try out different styles, experiment with colors, and play around with accessories like stencils, decals, and rhinestones until you find something that suits your style.

      1) Glitter Nails

      If you are looking for a simple, yet fun way to jazz up your nails at home, try glitter. It adds a very nice amount of sparkle and shine, and can even make your nails appear longer.

      You can simply apply an opaque coat of color as your base coat, and then finish with glitter over top; make sure it is applied to all of your nails evenly.

      If you prefer more color than just a single shade on top of clear polish, consider using two different colors for each finger; for example pink on the thumb, ring finger, and middle finger and blue on the pointer finger and middle finger. Alternatively, you could use three different colors – whatever works best for you!

      2) Neon Nails

      When it comes to colors, neon nails are one of our favorites. This style is colorful, fun, and bright! Whether you like a whole manicure that's neon or just wants to add an accent color, there are tons of great ideas out there.

      Here are some fabulous DIY tutorials on how to make your neon manicure at home. Not only will these fabulous colors get you noticed and make for awesome photos, but they’re sure to leave people with a lasting impression of your unique personality.

      3) Black Nails

      If you like darker colored nails, but don't have time to go to a salon, grab a bottle of black nail polish and follow these simple steps. First, apply a base coat. Paint your nails with two coats of black polish. The last coat should dry completely before doing anything else.

      Once dry, paint another layer of clear polish on top to help protect your nails and also create a glossy finish to them. Don't forget to wipe off any excess polish with a lint-free cloth before it dries! Finally, buff out your nails gently with fine-grit sandpaper or an emery board; giving them an all-over shine and smoothness.

      4) Gold Nails

      Gold accents can look super classy and elegant—just take a look at these nails! Making gold nails is an easy DIY project. First, you’ll need to cover your nails with a base coat, then paint them with gold polish. To finish it off, apply a top coat and have fun customizing your manicure by adding rhinestones or confetti gems.

      5) Rainbow Nails

      Incorporating a bit of glitter and sparkle in your nails can brighten up your look instantly. To achieve colorful and glitzy nails, mix some nail polish, with translucent powder and apply them to your nails. You can also use crumbled-up colored tights/nylons on your fingers. This is a great way to have fun with your friends or wear them for an upcoming occasion.

      However you decide to rock these colorful nails, make sure you let all those around you know how much it took to create! Don’t be surprised if some people want to take pictures of your manicure. Whether for a school project or just for fun, here are some easy steps that will help achieve these bright rainbows on your fingernails

      6) Cute Little Flowers on Your Fingers

      Manicures aren’t just for women! Since your hands are often in plain sight, why not liven them up with a few artistic touches? Here’s a step-by-step guide to decorating your nails with everything from flowers to geometric patterns. Get out your polish and start painting!

      7) Matte White and Color Dots

      This is a simple manicure, but it’s a nice base for adding other colorful decorations. Use a plain white polish and an angled brush to create lines of dots around your nails. Then fill in with some pops of color—bright blue, bright green, or bright red are good options. Finish up with a matte topcoat to complete your look.

      8) Cute Little Polka Dots in Different Colors

      Using a toothpick and base coat, create a dot on your fingernail in various colors. The toothpick should be small enough to create dots that are equal in size and easily distinguished from one another. Apply two to three coats of polish over top of each other, making sure each coat is dry before adding more. Allow all polish to dry before applying a topcoat, as it will prevent smudging.

      9) Funky Blue Manicure with Flowers

      Sometimes a manicure just doesn’t cut it. Why not jazz up your nails with a funky blue design? This super easy and fun manicure is perfect for any occasion.

      Start by painting your nails baby blue or any other funky shade that suits you best, then apply strips of tape to your nails, cutting off as much as necessary so that you have enough tape to cover each finger twice.

      Paint over each strip with a lighter shade of blue, remove all but one strip from each finger, and voila! You have yourself some colorful accents on those small but mighty hands. This awesome design can be used for any purpose and comes in handy for many occasions including concerts, parties, or even special events such as birthdays!

      10) Funky Green Manicure with Flowers

      If you want a funky green manicure that will stand out in a crowd, try pairing bright lime with hot pink. Cover your nails in bright green polish and then use a small dotting tool to paint on small pink dots along with your nails.

      Finish up by spritzing on some floral-scented nail polish to complete your look. You'll be sure to grab everyone's attention when you show up for work wearing these creative, custom nails!

      Types of manicures & pedicures

      Pampering yourself with beautiful nails can be very relaxing, yet time-consuming, especially if you have to go to the salon to get it done.

      While manicures and pedicures in salons are still popular, there are plenty of other ways you can pamper yourself at home or on the go with nail polish and nail art. This guide will take you through 8 types of manicures and pedicures, from simple nail art that takes no more than 20 minutes to intricate designs that will take up to 4 hours to complete.

      1) Classic manicure

      A classic manicure includes cuticle work, a hand massage, nail shaping, and buffing. This is all performed by your nail technician at a salon or spa.

      The result should be clear and evenly shaped nails without any evidence of cuts or ridges. The cost for a classic manicure can vary depending on where you get it done and what else comes with it, but expect to pay between $20 and $30 for an hour-long session.

      2) Shellac manicure

      Shellac nail polish is a popular alternative to traditional nail polish. Shellac is applied in three steps: First, shellac polish is mixed with a small amount of remover and applied directly to your nails; then, each layer is cured in a UV light.

      The process takes about 20 minutes per hand and up to 40 minutes for both hands. Like other forms of polish, it will wear off eventually—usually within a week or two—but can be reapplied over the existing color for multiple weeks. Alternatively, you can have shellac removed like traditional nail polish (i.e., acetone). The process typically costs between $35–$50 (though some salons charge more) and requires less time than getting gel nails done.

      3) Ombre nails

      Nails that look like they have ombre coloring, also known as a multi-colored gradient effect. This type of nail art is very simple to do and there are many different ways to achieve it. You can use multiple nail polish colors or you can create an ombre look with just one shade by painting your nails from darker to lighter in color.

      To make a subtle, yet chic statement, apply pink polish all over your fingernails except for on one side where you paint them red. Once you get used to painting nails, try creating some more intricate designs such as flowers or stripes. The possibilities are endless!

      4) Gel nails

      Gel nails are very popular for a variety of reasons. Because gel nails contain actual gel, which dries quickly, it's often a bit less expensive than other kinds of polish.

      Gel nails also last much longer than regular polish, lasting up to three weeks before you have to get them redone. However, if you make a mistake with your gel polish or want to change your nail color partway through a mani-pedi, they can be difficult to remove; sometimes multiple sessions at a salon are necessary.

      5) Nail stamping

      Nail stamping is an easy way to give your nails a fresh look in minutes. Using nail stamping plates, you can simply paint on polish, pick up a stamp and press it onto your nail, then file off any excess. The result? A crisp design that's just as beautiful as what you'd get at a salon—but without paying for those expensive services.

      6) Glitter nail polish

      If you love to sparkle, glitter nail polish is for you. Glitter nail polish often features different shapes and sizes of glitter and can be used in a variety of ways.

      On one hand, it’s great for when you want your nails to shine. On another, it’s great for when you want your nails to draw attention. You can use different colors or even multiple shades on each nail; it all depends on what look you want to achieve. As long as there are no mistakes with your application, then that means success!

      7) Nail wraps

      Nail wraps come in a variety of colors and can be shaped like anything from flowers to animals. If you’re tired of constantly painting your nails but don’t have time for a traditional manicure, nail wraps are a fun way to add fresh designs without having to sit still for too long. They go on in just seconds and will last up to two weeks with proper care.

      It’s also easy enough to take them off when you’re ready for a new look or when they start peeling at the edges. Most nail wrap brands sell starter kits that include multiple sheets and various tools, like cuticle pushers and files, which make it easier than ever before to create fun new looks at home.

      8) Solar nails

      Solar nails (aka sun nails) are a fun, summer-themed twist on a classic manicure. Rather than a polish color, you’ll see your nails have been dipped in different colors of nail polish. The idea behind solar nails is to make your nails look like they’ve been painted by sunlight.

      One way to accomplish that effect is with specialized blue and yellow nail art pens; another option is to use regular white and red acrylic paint for an underlay before applying colored nail polish on top. Solar nails are more about looks than durability—you can remove them in less than 10 minutes.

      Hands and feet nail care tips and hacks

      Making your hands and feet look great isn’t just about cosmetics. There are some very real medical benefits associated with keeping your nails in good shape and well taken care of.

      How to properly apply nail paint

      First, clean and prep your nails properly. After that, you can get started on applying your nail paint. First, apply a layer of base coat to protect your natural nails and prevent staining from nail polishes or stains.


      Do nail enamels also strengthen nails?

      This is a common misconception. The correct way to strengthen nails is through vitamins, however, nail enamels do not contain these nutrients. Be sure to include some vitamin-rich foods in your diet to achieve a strong set of nails.

      How do I prevent nail paint from chipping?

      Use a base coat before applying nail polish. This will prevent chipping and extend your manicure. If you don’t want to use a base coat, apply two thin coats of your polish instead of one thick coat.

      Should I apply a top coat after applying nail polish?

      If you would like your nail polish to last longer, it's a good idea to use a topcoat.

      Does nail paint come off easily?

      Yes, nail paint comes off very easily. It wears off with water and tends to rub off over time. However, you can also use a variety of products such as base coats and removers to extend its wear.

      Read more