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Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit

Quick & Easy Brow Shaping
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Formulated in Turkey , create brows that are fuller, thicker and more defined with the perfect natural Indian eyebrow shade.
Foundation: Done!
Blush: Done!
Eye makeup: Done!
Lipstick: Done!
But wait, did you check the eyebrows?

Eyebrows are the most neglected part of your face. While untamed eyebrows can be a turn-off, defined eyebrows make our face look a lot more sharp and enhanced. Just like you don’t forget to define your eyes with kajal, why not give them the beautiful frame of well-shaped eyebrows with Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit, the one stop solution for shaping and defining the brows. The kit comes with a colour pigment, to colour and define the arch and a tinted wax, to hold the colour and is available is a very competitive price point.

The kit components:

  • Colour pigment- Formulated to compliment the natural Indian eyebrow colour, helps to give shape and definition for the shape you desire, whether well arched or soft curve.
  • A tinted wax: Helps in setting the eyebrows and hold the colour pigment for a long time

The kit's helping tools

The Ultime Pro Brow Shaping kit comes with two helping tools to achieve the perfect brow:

  1. The doubled sided brush: The angled-side helps outline the brows while the sponge-side helps in filling the pigment. This duo provides lasting color definition for a naturally beautiful look
  2. Spoolie brush: This helps comb and set the eyebrows

How to use Get Into Shape Brow Kit:

  1. Outline your brows using the pigment with the angled brush
  2. Set and shade your brow with the wax for long hour hold with the help of the spoolie brush
  3. Fill your brows with pigment for a natural looking colour with the help of the sponge brush
  4. Finally, style and finish your brows into shape using the spoolie brush


Eye Brow Wax – Cera Microcristallina, Hydrogenated Polydecene, Octyldodecanol, Talc, Isononyl Isononanoate, Polyethylene, synthethic beeswax, Phenyl Trimethicone, Bis-diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Candellia Cera, Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, Propylparaben, Methylparaben, Alumina, BHT, Tocopherol, CI 77891, CI 19140, CI 42090
Powder – Talc, Zinc Stearate, Phenyl Trimethicone, Petrolatum, Isostearyl Neopentanoate, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Paraffinum Liquidum, Dimethicone, Tocopheryl Acetate, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, CI 77499, CI 77491, CI 77492

Product Info

Name & Address of Manufacturer: Atac Kozmetik Ve Kimya Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S Cihangir Mah.Senhit P.Onbasi Murat Sengoz Sok. No:334310 Avcilar - Istanbul, Turkey

Country of Origin: Turkey

Net Qty.: 4g

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Rabiya Riasat Aly

      Easily blend
      Afridable cost
      Naturl look
      Fev 😘😘

      Yehaswini kore
      Very good

      it's applicable is very good

      Dheeraj Sahu
      Very good

      it's application is very easy

      Akansha Asawa
      Brow shape kit

      Nice..... Natural look


      This product is very nice. It define eyebrows and gives natural dramatic look.

      What is Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit

      If you’re looking to give your brows the perfect shape, you may have heard of the Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit. This innovative product by Faces Canada eyebrow kit was developed to transform your arches into perfectly defined, natural-looking brows in less than ten minutes! But does it live up to its reputation? Let’s take a closer look at this product and see how it works its magic!

      How it works

      An eyebrow kit is designed to help you shape your eyebrows and can make it easier for you to give them a more prominent arch. Some kits simply consist of brushes, waxes, and powders, which can be used in combination or separately for grooming purposes.

      Others contain everything from pencils to stencils and make-up sponges. Kits with various shapes include a stencil or stencils on top of a wax paper backing so you can easily choose which one best fits your desired shape—an important aspect that some people overlook when shopping for an eyebrow kit.

      How to use it

      The shape of your brows is directly linked to how you feel about yourself. Make sure you're feeling good by using an eyebrow kit. It's quick and easy—especially if you follow these instructions:

      (1) Start with clean skin and make sure there are no stray hairs in your eyebrows,

      (2) Choose a shade that matches your hair color, or is slightly darker for a fuller look,

      (3) Gently fill in your brows following their natural shape—don't apply too much pressure or it will lead to unnatural-looking results,

      (4) Comb any powder that has settled between individual hairs with an eyebrow brush.

      (5) Allow time for it dry before heading out so you don't have shiny spots on your face.

      How effective it is

      When I got a chance to try out Faces Canada's new eyebrow products, I was excited. And not just because having fuller eyebrows is more flattering than sparse, patchy brows. So much so that I started doing my makeup for work in half an hour instead of one hour (yeah, yeah, shameless brag) and found myself looking forward to filling in my brows every day.

      Faces Canada's new Infallible Pro-Brow products are incredibly easy to use—if you can fill in your eyebrows like you do your lipstick or eyeliner it won't take long at all—and they make a noticeable difference even with light daily usage.

      Is it worth it?

      We've all seen fake eyebrows in action and trust us, you don't want that. The good news is, getting your eyebrow definer on fleek doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. The Faces Canada pro-toolkit works wonders on its own but if you're looking for an extra boost, you can check out some of our favorite tools and tricks below. We guarantee these will make your life easier and more beautiful at a fraction of the cost of salon services.

      When should you get one?

      It is best to use a brow kit to get that full and lush look. If you are in a hurry, and you don't have time for shaping your eyebrow, it's best not to spend money on one of these kits. However, if you want that beautiful doe-eyed look, then using one of these kits is great because it will help you achieve that.

      That way, if you are going out with friends or even on a date, then it will seem like your eyes are bigger than normal because of how defined your eyebrows are thanks to getting a kit like that. There are several things you should know about these kits before buying them though.

      Where can you buy it?

      This particular eyebrow shaping kit can be purchased through major retailers and online. This is one of those products that comes in many different packages with various price points depending on what you need. However, if you only need a couple of pieces (such as just one brush) then they do sell it separately on their website and other places as well. All pricing will vary depending on where consumers buy it from though.

      Why use Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit

      There are many eyebrow shaping kits on the market, but only one that combines the results of all three steps of the process into one kit. If you’re looking to save time and money, and get perfect brows in a flash, look no further than the Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit .Here are three reasons to use this amazing product!

      It’s Easy

      Using an eyebrow definer kit is easy! Simply comb and trim your brows with these brow grooming tools from Faces Canada. By taking a few minutes each day, you can ensure your eyebrows are always looking their best.

      Nothing is worse than having unkempt eyebrows that don’t match your face shape or hair color. So make sure you have that winning brow look by using a professional-level makeup product like Faces Canada Ultime Pro Brow Faces Canada eyebrow kit, which features two stencils for different eyebrow definer palette styles. This will also help you avoid costly mistakes in your eyebrows, which are one of the first things people notice when they look at you!

      It Works

      Users rave about how well their brows look after using it. One user writes, It tames my unruly brows and gives them shape. The hairs are long-lasting and haven't smudged or faded. The kit's tip is also helpful in applying color. It's angled to fit over your entire eyebrow, making it easier for you to create a natural-looking arch.

      This tip also keeps your hands clean so you can apply makeup more easily while keeping bacteria out of your eyebrows. One customer even commented that her allergies were getting better because she was wearing less makeup on her face because of how well her eyebrows looked! Give it a try! You won't be disappointed.

      It Lasts All Day

      Whether you're making big plans for a night out or powering through a long day at work, you'll want your brows to look good from morning to night. With its long-lasting hold, our kit will help keep that eyebrow in place—even through heavy sweating and high humidity! Just remember to use an eyebrow-setting spray before heading out.

      What Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit does

      With so many products promising beautiful, full brows, it can be hard to know which one to trust. Fortunately, the Ultime Pro Eyebrow Shaping Kit from Faces Canada might just be the solution you've been looking for. This kit can help you achieve beautifully groomed brows that are sure to have everyone envying your youthful beauty! Here's how the process works and what this kit can do to help you make the most of your eyebrows.

      Step 1: Use The Straightener

      An eyebrow definer brush straightener will help you get a nice, smooth base for your brows. It can also keep your brows looking neat and groomed throughout each day. Some straighteners come with a brush and mirror, which is all you need to keep your eyebrows looking great. You’ll just brush through them after applying makeup and hairspray, and you’re ready to go!

      The brush isn’t necessary but recommended so that you don’t damage any of your hair in case it gets caught between the bristles of your straightener. The mirror helps make sure that all of your hair is even on both sides. One trick for using an eyebrow straightener: always hold it at an angle rather than perpendicular.

      Step 2: Get The Right Angles

      Find a pair of tweezers that's comfortable in your hand. You can opt for straight tweezers or angled ones—both work, just pick whatever feels most natural to you. You'll also want them to be sharp so they're easier to work with.

      While shaping your eyebrow, turn your head towards a mirror and gently hold each brow up at a 45-degree angle using one hand while you pluck with your other hand. Remember, try not to wiggle or pull hairs too hard—they should come out quickly and easily. To find exactly where each eyebrow should begin and end, hold up your pencil vertically above your nose between both eyes until it lines up directly above where you're holding up each brow.

      Step 3: Understand Where To Fill In

      You may have heard that everyone’s brows are a little different. You might have thick, thin, long, short—it doesn’t matter. There’s a simple way to fill in your brows so they’re perfectly matched every time. The rule is you should always try to maintain an equal distance between your eyebrow and where it starts on each side of your nose. Use a ruler or tape measure if you need some extra guidance. If you don’t use any tools at all, just look in front of your mirror and follow those steps above! Easy as 1-2-3!

      Step 4: Fill in The Missing Pieces

      If you have gaps in your eyebrow or bald spots at one end, fill them in by brushing some powder onto a clean mascara wand. Dip it into a bit of setting gel and comb through your brows.. Plus, wands are usually small enough to control easily without getting messy. However, if you don't have an old mascara on hand, try using tweezers or an eyeshadow brush instead. Be careful when doing so, though!

      How to use Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit

      Have you ever wanted to try getting the perfect eyebrow, but were afraid that you wouldn’t be able to achieve them? We’re here to let you know that there are many ways to create the perfect brows, and even if you’ve never done it before, using our Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit will make you look like you’ve been doing it for years! Here’s how

      Step 1: Start with Faces Canada Tinted Brow Gel

      Using your applicator brush, apply Tinted Brow Gel to fill in any gaps and blend for even coverage. This will give you natural-looking hair strokes. We recommend using a comb to start and finish so that you don't get too much product on the skin above your eyebrows.

      Step 2: Use The Eyebrow Pencil To Draw Precise Brows

      Start by using your colorless eyebrow definer pencil to draw in your arch and fill in any areas where you don't have enough eyebrow hair. Use short strokes and make sure you can see what you're doing. If you need more definitions, go over them again with a layer of powder. The clear, spoolie brush will make sure that all pencil marks are smooth before applying mascara.

      Next, dip into Amber/Brunette or Soft Brown/Light Brown shade of gel formula. Apply from the middle of the eyebrow upward toward the natural arch and end at the outermost corner of the eyebrow. Gently blend with the sponge tip applicator provided with the kit if needed, or do so after applying mascara for an even look!

      Step 3: Use The Spoolie Brush To Brush Away Strays

      Applying the cream will set and define your freshly shaped eyebrows. The moisturizing formula is also ideal for any skin type, as it leaves you with velvety smooth brows.

      When applying, apply small amounts at a time, and be sure to cover all of your eyebrows without going outside of your line. We found that applying thin layers allowed us to build up coverage if we didn't have enough pigment at first while still building up an even coat.

      Try using spoolies or an eyebrow brush after application, as they will ensure that you don’t miss any spots or are left with uneven coverage. If desired, you can also apply more after about 20 minutes so that you can fully set and define them!

      Step 4: Apply The Cream To Set And Define Brows

      Once you’ve applied all of your desired products, it's time to start shaping your eyebrows. Simply use a spoolie brush (provided) and blend any harsh lines so that your eyebrows look natural. The cream should dry fairly quickly, but you can allow it to sit even longer by placing an un-breathable covering over your face and setting it with an iron or blow dryer if you wish.

      Be careful not to burn yourself! Once complete, take off your makeup cap and begin shaping your eyebrows again if needed. Once everything is in place, set it with hairspray or another method of setting products – we prefer hairspray because of its longevity (once dried there is little chance of accidentally smudging).

      Why is shaping brows important?

      What are brows? Eyebrows are just like any other hair on your body, except they grow above your eyes, rather than on your head! And yet, eyebrows can make or break the entire look of your face. Your brows add shape and definition to your eyes, acting as the framing to let everyone know what you're thinking without you ever having to say a word! Now that you know what eyebrows are, let's get down to the reason why shaping them is so important in the first place...

      What are eyebrows?

      Eyebrows frame our faces and provide shade over our eyes. They help us convey emotion and also signal mood. A strong pair of eyebrows can change a person's appearance entirely, but only if they're well-shaped.

      Eyebrow threading or waxing can be painful; threading, in particular, makes some people anxious because it involves putting the hair under tension and then ripping it out from below—it hurts more than plucking. That's why eyebrow shaping is so appealing: It lets us remove hair without pain or fear of ingrown hairs. And there are lots of techniques for how to shape your eyebrows if you choose that method instead.

      The health of your brows

      A healthy set of eyebrows can significantly improve your facial structure and how you feel about yourself. It's a common misconception that perfectly shaped eyebrows are only relevant for those with light hair. In reality, it's quite difficult to define and shape dark brows (which, admittedly, look gorgeous on many people). To maintain natural-looking eyebrows in any color, shape them properly – we have some tips below.

      How to shape your eyebrows

      After plucking and trimming, how do you shape your eyebrows for a perfectly shaped face? Whether we like it or not, eyebrows are crucial for framing our face. Overly unkempt brows can distract from other facial features; well-groomed eyebrows balance out a strong jawline or highlight expressive eyes. The goal is to emphasize your best feature while softening any that may detract from your natural beauty.

      Plucking techniques

      First, do not pluck them. You want your eyebrows to be as long as possible because it makes for a better overall shape when you finally decide on how short or long you want them. Second, trim them occasionally. One of the most common mistakes people make with their eyebrows is leaving too much hair at their ends.

      Trim your eyebrows back by approximately 1/2-1 inch after they have grown out enough so that you can properly see their natural arch. Also, if there are split ends in your eyebrows use small scissors and trim those off right away before they grow back in.

      What eyebrow shapes are there

      Did you know that your eyebrows play a crucial role in communication and influencing how people react to your presence? A study on perceptions of attractiveness, for example, found that folks with thick, full arches were considered more likable than those with thinner ones. What's more, women with fuller, natural-looking brows also had an easier time securing employment.

      Your eyebrows do make a difference in so many ways. If yours are starting to look a little sparse or unkempt, don't be afraid to get them shaped professionally.

      Tips on growing out your eyebrows

      Depending on your hair growth rate, it can take a couple of months for new eyebrows to be noticeable. In between touch-ups, draw on your eyebrows and set them with a strong holding gel or powder. Avoid tweezing out individual strays. It’s better to shape them using a brow definer pencil, starting from an inner corner, tracing over your natural arch, and gently tapering off at an outer corner. For sparse areas, use mascara for added volume instead of drawing on hair that isn't there yet.

      How to choose your brow shape

      Your eyebrows are important to your facial expression and overall look, so it's important to choose the shape that best suits your face and your style. A glance in the mirror will show you how you want your brows to look, but you can use these five simple steps to help guide you as you search for the perfect brow shape.

      The Best Eyebrow Shapes For Your Face

      The perfect eyebrows shape suits your face and facial features. Here are some of our favorite eyebrow shapes, and how they look on different face shapes. The key to remember is that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to eyebrows. While these illustrations will help you understand how a brow can complement your face, you should also consider how you feel about your brows - if they make you feel confident then they’re a perfect fit!

      The 7 different eyebrow shapes

      Let’s start by looking at eyebrows shapes. There are seven types of eyebrow shapes and each type comes with its challenges and opportunities. Use these guides to help you decide which shape is best for your face. Once you've picked a shape, it's time to figure out how thick your eyebrows should be.

      – Straight Brows

      Straight eyebrows are very thick and expressive. Some prefer them because they make you look confident and they frame your face perfectly, while others don't like them because they think that it makes their eyes look smaller than they are. It all depends on what kind of an impression you want to give people.

      Straight brows are best for round or heart-shaped faces because it adds a little bit of length as well as sharpness to your face. If you have an oval face shape, straight brows will look very good on you as well but if you have a triangular or square face shape, we advise using one of our other suggestions from our list.

      – Angled Eyebrows

      Very angled eyebrows were big in 2017, but they’re expected to be bigger in 2018. These brows are easy to draw on using a slanted eyebrow pencil, and look best when your arch is more than half an inch wide.

      Keep your angle between 20-30 degrees so you don’t go overboard. If you like thicker brows, try filling them in with a slightly dark eyebrow pencil and then going over it with clear gloss; it will look natural but won’t make them appear too fake or drawn on. Highlight your bone structure by highlighting underneath your arch; use shimmering colors rather than matte shades for maximum impact.

      – Almond Shaped Brows

      Straight across, with a slight curve up at each end. Looks natural, as though you have full brows already. Suitable for round and square face shapes, especially if you have narrow eyes. Make sure they’re evenly shaped – over-plucking can make them appear even more almond-shaped! If your eyebrows are naturally dark and/or thick, avoid light or blonde shades on your brows to maintain a natural look.

      Try using soft browns or red-brown shades instead. If your hair is light and has no tint of red or brown in it, it’s best not to match your brows with your locks – keep them more neutral so that they sit atop a variety of hair colors (rather than blending in).

      – Round Brows

      Round eyebrows look cute on people with round faces and are more youthful than other shapes. They work for most hairstyles and brighten up your face. If you have round eyebrows, stick with them! Plucking them into any other shape will change their appearance and make your face look weird.

      With round eyebrows, you’re in luck—no matter what style you choose, they’ll always look good. Longer styles are great for framing a round face and adding a sophisticated touch; shorter ones work great for girls who want to keep things fun or go for a slightly more mature look. Don’t overthink it—if you have naturally rounded brows (or are blessed with ones that fill in nicely), stick with what works!

      – Uneven eyebrows

      If you have uneven eyebrows, it's often best to opt for a slightly more angular shape. Make sure your brows are equal in length and that you're starting your plucking from high up in your eyebrow. This ensures that you aren't taking out too much hair from either end of your brow, which can make them appear uneven.

      This even-ness is important if you’re going for a bolder shape. Pluck from both sides of your arch so that there’s not a big difference between how thick each side of your brow is. Be careful about overdoing it though—you don’t want thicker eyebrows on one side than on another as it will throw off symmetry and look silly.

      – Thick Brows

      If you have thin eyebrows, you can make them appear thicker with good eyebrow grooming and color. Start by combing through your eyebrows with a spoolie brush, and trimming any strays with small scissors. Fill in brows using a soft eyebrow pencil to fill in any spaces or gaps that may be present. Use light strokes for natural-looking results, then go over your pencil work lightly with an angled brow brush.

      Brush your eyebrows upwards towards your hairline, then out towards their tip. Go easy on adding too much pigment near your arch—you want it to look natural but well-groomed at all times! To finish off your eyebrows, run a tinted brow gel or clear mascara through them for some added definition and hold throughout the day.

      – Thin Brows

      Sometimes thin eyebrows are a sign of hair loss, but in many cases, they're just part of someone's natural facial structure. If you want your brows to look thicker, fill them in with an eyebrow pencil that matches your natural brow color. If you have naturally blonde hair and darker brows, match your hair color (instead of trying for a closer match in eye color).

      For additional thickness and volume, try Faces Canada products. It's pricey but one tube lasts forever and it does a good job making even thin eyebrows look fuller and more arched. Bonus: it won't smudge or fade throughout the day.

      How to fill your brows properly

      To many, eyebrows are the frame of the face; when shaped well, they can accentuate your features and make you look younger. To others, they are simply there to stop hair from falling into your eyes – let’s be honest, we’ve all been there!

       Regardless of how you view your brows though, one thing we can all agree on is that it’s worth taking the time to get them looking just right. A great starting point when filling in your brows is to identify what shape would suit you best; this article explains the different eyebrow shapes and how to fill yours accordingly.

      Step 1: measure where you need to fill

      Use a pencil or thin brush and lightly trace along your natural eyebrow arch from corner to corner. You want to make sure that you aren’t too thick or that it doesn’t make a sharp angle, so take a moment and use an eraser if necessary. Next, take a thin eyeshadow brush and blend out your lines. Repeat these steps in case you want more than one layer.

      Step 2: clean up edges

      Once you’ve applied all of your pigment, you’ll want to take a spoolie brush and gently clean up any excess product. Use short strokes along your natural arch, working in small sections at a time. This will help remove any color that strays outside of your actual brow shape.

      Step 3: define the shape with an angled brush

      Use an angled brush with an eyebrow definer gel or powder product. Then, trace along your natural arch, connecting it to where you want to end. This will help you determine what shape and length you need for them not to look drawn on.

      Step 4: don’t overdo it, keep it light

      If you’re not used to penciling in your eyebrows, or if you have a very light hand, then it's best to start with short, light strokes. Your brow hairs will grow back quickly.

      There is no need for over-drawing; try lightly shading in small portions and going over them repeatedly until they are dark enough for you. Once you have mastered shorter strokes, start making slightly longer strokes. This will help in achieving a look that is natural but still filled in.

      How to blend Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit products for a natural look

      Most makeup artists have a secret to achieving that natural look, blending. Eyebrow shaping is a very important part of completing your look but can be tricky when it comes to coloring. For perfectly shaped and colored eyebrows you want to blend as well as possible for a natural look.

      If you are using Ultime Pro Eyebrows Shaping Kit, start by choosing two shades from dark to light starting with one shade lighter than your hair color then moving on to a darker shade that should match your hair color.

      How to use Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit brushes

      Working on both Eyebrows and eyeliner, a good set of brushes is key to getting a proper makeup application. As they say, the right tool for the right job— so if you're looking to get serious about your beauty routine and want to up your look game (or are trying to master Instagram-worthy contouring), invest in a good set of brushes is essential.

      Why do we love Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit brushes? For starters, their multi-functionality is ideal for shaping different areas. With an eye-brightening precision brush plus two different brush shapes with rounded tips for an even application or spoolie for grooming an already established shape, these three beauties cover it all!

      How to remove Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit properly

      Removing any makeup product properly is key to a clean, clear complexion. Improper removal can lead to clogged pores and breakouts, so learning how to remove Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit properly is important. Use a gentle cleanser and washcloth or facial sponge to wipe away makeup, rinsing well with water.

      Pat dry with a soft towel—gently rubbing may cause irritation or damage the skin's natural protective oils. Finally, apply toner (when possible) before bed or in place of face moisturizer for further nourishment. Using alcohol-based products like witch hazel may sting at first but help disinfect pores and eliminate bacteria.

      How can I clean my eyebrows without plucking them?

      So you have over plucked your eyebrows and they look thin? Don’t panic, there are some simple ways that you can clean them without plucking them. This will make them denser when they grow back!

      Use Faces Canada shade in Medium Brown with a small angled brush, like their double-ended contour brush, and gently rub it into your eyebrows. Rinse off with lukewarm water until clean. Voilà! You can also use a mixture of raw honey and coconut oil to keep them from drying out too much during cleansing.


      Which color should I use, brown or black?

      But not just any brown or black will do. Your color should complement, not clash with, your natural hair color. Darker colors suit brown and black hair, whereas lighter shades are better for redheads and blondes.

      What shade you use depends on whether you want a subtle or dramatic effect: Light-coloured hairs (blond, grey) should always opt for a shade that's as close to their natural color as possible to avoid looking fake. In contrast, darker hair colors look better if they're emphasized using darker coloring. However, it's all down to personal preference! Everyone can play around with different shades and learn which ones they like best!

      Is it smudge-proof?

      A good eyebrow pencil should be smudge-proof and stay put, so it doesn't matter if you wear it on bare skin or over powder. Some even have anti-microbial properties, which means they will fight bacteria for you (and keep acne at bay). Look for pencils that are creamy and glide on without being too soft. If a pencil is so soft that it breaks easily, it's not going to do much in terms of precision and definition. For fine hair like mine, I love hard pencils that deliver just enough color so my arches don't look like bare carbon paper.

      Is it waterproof?

      Eyebrows are waterproof and long-lasting, but it is still necessary to take care when using them. To ensure that you can use your brow pencil with no worries, make sure you read and follow all instructions before use.

      Some brands may contain ingredients that need more specific precautions than others. If you’re in doubt about whether or not a certain product is right for you, don’t be afraid to ask an associate at any makeup counter! They’ll be able to give you excellent advice on which products will work best for your needs, as well as how best to care for them after purchase.

      Is it easily blendable?

      Picking a product that's too thick can result in hair-like strokes instead of a subtle, natural-looking definition. If you have unruly brow hairs or a bold look in mind, go for it.

      But, if you’re more interested in creating an illusion than adding more actual hairs (most people are), then pick a pencil with a thinner tip. You want something that will create clean lines and easily blend into your existing features without looking drawn on.

      Read more