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Ultime Pro Heavenly Lashes Mascara

Nourishing ultra-black mascara
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Inner beauty is great, but a little mascara never hurts. Introducing FACES Canada Ultime Pro Heavenly Lash Mascara, first time in India a mascara with goodness of Argan oil, which helps glide the special silicon brush easily through each hair strand! And not only that, the magical Argan oil makes lashes stronger from roots and help new ones grow overtime so you have healthy and fuller lashes naturally! A long-wearing formula holds its own against flaking, smudging, sweat and humidity, giving your eyelashes a dramatically thicker and volumized look. A rich carbon black finish and special silicon brush that combs through each lash individually giving them a fanned look!. Beautiful long lashes are every girl's dream. Faces Canada Ultime Pro Heavenly Lashes Mascara is the magic wand to that rich and dramatic volume without clumps. So grab Faces Canada Ultime Pro Heavenly Lash Mascara now and you'll have perfectly-defined eyes in no time. Features : 1. Gives thicker and fuller lashes instantly. 2. Smudge-proof and Sweat-proof formula. 3. Extremely volumizing formula that gives bold, dramatic lashes. 4. Coats and defines lashes without any clumps. 5. Enriched with the goodness of Argan Oil.


1 Extreme Black, Carbon Black Finish
2 Rich & Dramatic Volume
3 Argan Oil helps strengthening eye lashes
4 Soft & Creamy application
5 Extreme Long Wear
6 Special Silicon Brush


Aqua,Glyceryl Stearate, Cera Microcristallina, Ricinus Commonis Seed Oil, Copernicia Ceerifera Cera, plolypylene Glyco9l, Triethanolamine, Palmitic Acid, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Sodium Dehydrocetrate, Tocopherol, stearic Acid, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Lecithin, Butylparaben, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Citric Acid, Stearic Acid, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Lecithin, butylparaben, Ascorbylk Palmitate, Citric Acid, Ci 77499.

Product Info

Name & Address of Manufacturer:Atac Kozmetik Ve Kimya Sanayi A.S S.M Sengoz Sok No. 3 Avcilar ,Istanbul-34310,Turkey Imported and Marketed by Faces Cosmetics India pvt. Ltd .,1004, Tower A, 10th floor, Park Centra, sector 30, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Country of Origin:Turkey

Net Qty. (g/ml):12

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 16 reviews
      Megha Kanojia
      Awesome product

      It's so NYC n very light weighted 😍

      Nazia AK
      Ultime Pro Heavenly Lashes Mascara

      Just wow


      Its superb mascara.lot of mascara I used but this is one of the best..

      Ananya Jain

      Nice mascara

      Ananya Varambally

      Excellent mascara.

      Ultime Pro Heavenly Lashes Mascara

      Mascara is a cosmetic product that is widely used to enhance the upper and lower lashes. It has the potential to darken, thicken, lengthen, and/or define the eyelashes. It's commonly packaged as a liquid cosmetic in a tube that's applied using a wand. The current mascara product comes in one of 3 forms: powder, liquid or cream. The formulae vary, but most contain the same fundamental components of pigments, oils, waxes, and preservatives. Mascara in a tube with an application brush is the most frequent type. They are used to darken the eyebrows and moustaches without greasing them or making them stand out. Mascara improves the eyes in a variety of ways. It not only darkens but also lengthens and volumizes lashes for brighter, bigger-looking eyes. Fuller-looking lashes can assist to give the eye region a more youthful appearance.

      Mascara is made up of a basic mixture of pigments, waxes, and oils, as well as several supporting ingredients.

      What is Ultime Pro Heavenly Lashes Mascara?

      FACES CANADA Ultime Pro Heavenly Lashes Mascara, the best lengthening mascara is our revolutionizing formula with an effect like no other. We claim it to be the best mascara in the market that you can get your hands on. It is the best mascara for both length and volume so that you never have to worry about your makeup again.

      How to use Ultime Pro Heavenly Lashes Mascara?

      It may seem little, but the manner in which you remove the mascara wand from the container can have an impact on your application. Twist the wand out of the tube and wipe away any excess product on the tube's edge. This will assist you in avoiding clumpy, overly-heavy lashes. Also, avoid wanding in and out of the tube. This might cause the recipe to dry out.

      Look up, placing the wand at the base of your upper lashes, and wiggle it back and forth to coat the base of your lashes. Then, carefully move the wand upward towards the tip of your eyelashes, being sure to coat every portion of your lashes as you go to avoid clumping. Apply more coats of mascara until you get the desired thickness and appearance, being careful not to let the product dry in between applications. This might cause your eyelashes to become brittle and fragile.

      When it comes to your bottom lashes, you'll want to avoid clumping by not applying too much product. Because your lower lashes are more fragile than your top lashes, any clumpy parts will stand out much more. To avoid this, apply mascara just to the roots of the lashes with the tip of the wand, moving the bristles back and forth to provide a uniform coverage.

      We all use mascara to make our lashes seem fuller and more attractive. It's an important aspect of the entire eye makeup routine. Two or three strokes of mascara may thicken, lengthen, curl, volumize, darken, and enhance your lashes, giving them a dramatic and gorgeous appearance. However, most of the time, we are unable to fully utilize the mascara and it dries. Furthermore, we Indians are accustomed to utilizing a single product for many purposes, so having to discard mascara without fully using it hurts a lot. Thankfully, there are a few additional uses for mascara that you may not be aware of.

      Mascara as an eyeliner- 

      Yes, you read that correctly. If you prefer to apply gel liner with a brush, you may also use your mascara as an eyeliner. Simply take your eyeliner brush and softly sweep it over the mascara to begin sketching the upper and lower lash lines.

      Hide gray hair- 

      You need to get to a party quickly but don't have time to color your gray hair? Don't worry, there's a simple fix for not just setting your baby hair but also hiding the gray hair that's ruining your flawless appearance. Make the most of the mascara's strength by sweeping the strands of the brush through your gray hair to blend them in with the rest of your hair.

      Set your brows- 

      Many women blame their brows for ruining their overall appearance. You don't have to accept this any longer. Simply take your mascara wand, shape your brows, and make them seem incredibly voguish with a few precise strokes. To define and shape the eyebrow hairs, just comb the brush through them in an upward motion.

      Fix baby hair- 

      Baby hair is quite inconvenient when you need to create a certain hairdo and they prevent you from doing so. No matter how much hair spray you apply, obstinate baby hairs appear out of nowhere. You will no longer have to deal with this issue since you may regulate them by covering the little strands with mascara.

      Nail art- 

      If you want to try out some fresh and creative nail decorations, a mascara wand is an excellent choice.

      These are some of the several applications for mascara. I hope you like the advice and will put it to use.

      What difference does Ultime Pro Heavenly Lashes Mascara make?

      This is the best lengthening mascara, infused with Argan oil, which aids in the easy glide of the unique silicon brush through each hair strand! Not only that, but the mystical Argan oil strengthens lashes from the roots and helps new ones grow over time, giving you naturally healthier and fuller lashes! A long-lasting solution resists flaking, smearing, perspiration, and humidity, giving your lashes a substantially fuller and volumized appearance. A deep carbon black finish and a unique silicon brush that combs over each lash separately to give them a fanned appearance!

      In short, using Faces Canada Ultime Pro Heavenly Lashes Mascara will give you the upper hand due to its-

      1. Rich and full volume
      2. Argan Oil strengthening eyelashes
      3. Soft and textured smooth gradient
      4. Carbon Black finish
      5. Longevity
      6. Tactfully designed silicon brush

      How to prevent Ultime Pro Heavenly Lashes Mascara from clumping?

      Clumpy mascara is the enemy of a beautiful cosmetic look, and it happens to everyone at some time. It's really infuriating to have properly blended a statement eyeshadow look just to have it ruined by clumpy mascara. Most days, starting afresh is out of the question. Learn what causes mascara to clump and how to avoid it so that your lashes compliment rather than detract from your image. Believe it or not, the cause of clumpy mascara is not as easy as it appears. There are several things that might contribute to this cosmetic blunder. Continue reading to learn about the most prevalent causes of mascara clumping and how to avoid them.

      1. Have a clean face- Make certain that no traces of your makeup from the day before remain. Any remaining or flaky product will cause buildup, preventing a smooth application.
      2. Keep it wiggling- Wiggling your mascara wand lightly as you apply it can give you more equal coats with no clumps. Wiggle the brush back and forth from the base of your lashes to the tip of your lashes.
      3. It’s not supposed to be pumped- Don't wiggle your mascara wand in and out of the tube. This introduces air into the substance, hastening the drying process and resulting in clumps. Twist the wand as you take it out to achieve an even amount of mascara on the applicator.
      4. Don’t be stingy- The shelf life of mascara begins when you open it, and after roughly three months, it's advisable to dump the old tube and get a new one.
      5. Never too much- Coming to coats, a typical rule of thumb is two. Anything more may cause your lashes to droop and give you a spidery appearance. Allow at least 30 seconds for the first coat to dry before adding another.
      6. Better off without water- If your mascara is drying out and it hasn't expired, try soaking the tube in a cup of warm water. This will soften the recipe and make it less clumpy, but it will not dilute it, allowing you to use every last drop.

      How to properly apply Ultime Pro Heavenly Lashes Mascara for beginners?

      Thick eyelashes give your eyes drama and intensity. You can get that look with ease if you know how to apply mascara. Makeup aficionados and professionals know that a swipe or two of the best mascara for volume may transform your look. However, novices require assistance with the application procedure, and we are here to assist. Mascara application may be scary, especially with the strange-looking applicators. However, the pointed tip and strong bristles of the mascara wand can assist you in reaching every eyelash to give them a broader appearance and make your eyes appear larger. However, improper application techniques might smudge the mascara and cause your lashes to clump. Follow these steps to apply your mascara perfectly-

      1. Cleaning your eyes and your lashes is a must- Make sure there is no makeup on the lashes. A clean base is of course better than clumping.
      2. Curl your eyelashes- Hold the lash curler near the root of your eyelashes, but not too close. Look down and softly push the eyelashes together. Do it three times as you work your way up to the tip of your lashes. Another method is to place your index finger at the base of your lashes, look downwards, and hold it for 6 seconds. If you are hesitant to use eyelash curlers, try this method.
      3. Start from the middle- Remove the applicator from the mascara tube and wipe clean away any excess product. Place the applicator at the base of your lashes while looking directly in the mirror. Coat your eyelashes from the base to the tip using the applicator. You may wiggle the applicator to ensure that the eyelashes are evenly coated.
      4. Now the corners- The tough step is to coat the corners of your eyes. Cover the corner eyelashes using the applicator tip. Coat them evenly from the bottom to the tip. This will keep your mascara from smudging or transferring.
      5. Use a Spoolie Brush- To avoid clumping, use a spoolie brush or lash comb to comb your lashes down and then up. Apply it before the first coat of mascara has completely dried.
      6. A second coat next- Apply a second layer of mascara using the same method as you used above.

      And that will be all. Enjoy the long and thick lashes that give the appearance of fake lashes!

      Ultime Pro Heavenly Lashes Mascara hacks

      The technique is just as crucial as equipment when it comes to mascara. Try these tips from masters across the world to make your wand magical, and get ready for the ultimate complete flutter.

      • Lash Primer- 

      Prep your lashes with a lash primer to extend the life of your mascara. This preconditioning solution prolongs the life of any mascara, prepares lashes to avoid flaking and smearing, volumizes and lengthens lashes before applying mascara or touching up lashes during the day, amplifying your appearance for maximum pay-off.

      • Have neat wands- 

      For separating and avoiding splodges, pros swear by lash combs, but we find them cumbersome and time-consuming. Wipe the wand with a tissue to remove excess mascara and prevent blobbiness before you begin.

      • Look out for moisture- 

      I always use an eyelid primer to prevent mascara transfer. This reduces the amount of moisture on your eyelids and under eye region. Also, many cosmetic artists recommend setting your concealer with powder to keep the area beneath the eye dry and free of smudges.

      • Learn to wiggle- 

      To create volume, wriggle the wand at the base of your lashes, then spin the brush as you move it towards the tips. The bristles will capture all of the lashes, both long and short, creating a complete, fanned-out flutter.

      • Know your brush angles- 

      When applying mascara, the manner you hold the brush may make a big impact. Holding the brush horizontally and moving it back and forth creates voluminous lashes, whilst holding it vertically and sliding the tip of the brush along the length of your lashes creates a longer, more natural effect.

      • Change your lash look midday-

      Changing a lash look during a picture session is time-consuming and untidy. With a few strokes of this best mascara for volume, you can go from sultry and elegant to knockout sex kitten without any gunking or flaking.

      • An evening coat- 

      Pour a few drops of liquid makeup remover onto a mascara testing brush, or an old clean mascara brush from a dried-up tube, until the brush is completely moist. After that, gently comb the brush across your lashes to thin out any remaining mascara and release any clumps or possible flakes. After that, add your nighttime application of mascara as usual. It will slide effortlessly between your lashes, adding volume, shape, and length.

      • Choose a buildable volume formula- 

      Simply invest in our Ultime Pro Heavenly Lashes, which is all about buildable volume and lift, to avoid the risk and faff of putting additional coats of mascara at night. Simply repeat your application until you achieve the volume that's suitable for you, with no flaking or smudging.

      • Relinquish your brush- 

      Mascara brushes, according to beauty experts, may be reused. If you really like a brush, wash it completely and save it to use with a different mascara mixture. Unlike the brush that comes with the mascara, you're likely to love the finish you obtain.

      • Layer light- 

      Mascara follows the same principles as other cosmetics. Several thin layers last longer and look nicer than a single thick coating. Thin coatings of your favourite mascara will lift, lengthen, and volumize your lashes without being sticky or clogged. No matter how many layers you apply, a lash primer will eliminate any possibility of clogging.

      How to get voluminous lashes?

      When the best mascara for volume is applied correctly, big, bold eyelashes can really make your eyes pop. If you don't take the time to properly prepare your lashes and apply your favorite mascara, you'll wind up with clumps, which might indicate that your mascara is crusty, old, and ready to be tossed. It doesn't require a lot of money or the help of a stylist to acquire the insane fantastic eyelashes that are usually reserved for the most famous people.

      1. Clamp an eyelash curler to the base of your lashes, as near to your lids as you can without pinching them. Hold the curler in position for three to four seconds by pressing down on it. Press down on the eyelash curler for one or two seconds as you move it toward the tip of your lashes.
      2. Remove the eyelash wand from the mascara tube. With a paper towel or tissue, wipe any excess or clumps from the wand. Instead of moving the wand straight, start at the base of your lashes and work your way to the tips with a back and forth motion. Using a zig-zag motion to separate the lashes can help you generate greater volume.
      3. Allow two minutes for the first application of mascara to dry. Apply a second layer in the same manner as the first and wait two to three minutes for it to dry. Allow two minutes for the mascara to dry after the third and final coat. From root to tip, comb your lashes using an eyelash comb. The comb separates your lashes and removes clumps, giving them a fuller appearance.
      4. Curl your lashes, add mascara, and separate your lashes on the opposite eye.

      How to apply Ultime Pro Heavenly Lashes Mascara on the lower lash line?

      Mascara is right up there with kajal and eyeliner when it comes to vital eye makeup essentials. No eye makeup look is ever complete without a sweep of mascara, whether it's a simple everyday look with just a trace of eyeliner or a full-blown smoky eye.

      However, most of us simply use mascara on our top lashes, disregarding our bottom lashes entirely. This not only makes your eyes appear smaller and beadier, but it also makes your eye makeup look unfinished, especially if you're wearing kajal. So don't worry if you've been putting off applying mascara to your lower lash line because you're afraid of making a mess. We've got some great advice on how to properly apply mascara to the bottom lashes.

      • Keep it waterproof- 

      Even if you don't have watery eyes, using our waterproof mascara on your bottom lashes is an excellent precaution. Especially if your bottom lashes are lengthy. Why? Well, there's a good risk your mascara may scratch your under-eye skin and mingle with your concealer or foundation, resulting in a disaster. Using a waterproof solution will keep the product in place, reducing the risk of a cosmetic mishap.

      • Side to side- 

      Don't use an up-and-down motion while applying mascara. It will merely smear and transfer if you do this. Instead, apply your mascara in a wriggling motion from side to side. This will wonderfully cover all of your lashes, open up your peppers, and prevent product transfer. No mess. No worries.

      • Technique- 

      The difference between a rookie and a pro is technique. So pay attention. When applying mascara to your bottom lashes, simply use the tip of your wand. To avoid clumping, apply the cream solely to the root of your lashes. Try angling your wand vertically for the inner and outer lashes. This ensures that each lash is adequately covered.

      • Lash comb again- 

      Isn't it true that no one likes clumpy lashes? However, there's a good possibility your mascara may clump on your lashes, especially if you use the wrong wand or pick up too much product. Brushing your lashes before applying mascara is an easy technique to avoid this issue. Combining your lashes not only separates each lash and prevents clumps, but it also makes them seem fuller. Try it.

      • Your under eye skin- 

      Mascara has a significant likelihood of transferring to the skin. Place an old visiting card or a spoon just between your eyelashes to thoroughly hide the skin underneath. Isn't it simple?

      Ultime Pro Heavenly Lashes Mascara tips and tricks for beginners

      Mascara is one of those things that we do the same way every day, for better or worse. We probably apply it the same manner we did five, ten, fifty years ago when we first started wearing mascara. When we were younger and too young to use mascara, we probably watched our mother apply it in the mirror.

      We've found a series of game-changing mascara recommendations that will help your lashes achieve the trifecta of length, volume, and curl after years and years of testing. These are the perfect thing to send any Southern woman aflutter with the most insanely long, volume-packed lashes ever, including everything from application instructions to formula cheats

      • Use fresh mascara- 

      Your first-class ticket to getting clumped up, stale mascara. The time starts ticking the moment you open a new tube. Replacing your mascara every two to three months is a decent rule of thumb.

      In a hurry? Warm your tube in a glass of hot water to thin the formula out, or dilute it with a few drops of Visine. These should only be used as a last option. Get a new tube right now!

      • Keep wiggling- 

      Make your way to traffic stopping lashes by grinding. To achieve the finest results, apply the majority of the substance to the base of your lashes. Once you've done that, adding length is a breeze.

      Only wiggle the brush back and forth swiftly on your lashes' base or roots! Then, in one giant slow motion, swipe up. This ensures that the substance is dispersed uniformly and that there are no clumps. It might be dangerous to wiggle the entire swipe.

      • Back your wand- 

      Want the thickest, darkest lashes you've ever had? With a one-two punch, surprise your lashes. Begin by swiping consistently, then approach it from a different angle: the rear. Coat the rear of your lashes, the area that presses up against your eyelid, with your wand. You're taking advantage of previously untapped resources, and you'll see the change right away.

      Keep an eye out for smearing! To prevent product from migrating to your eyelid while swiping, cover your lid with a business card or plastic spoon.

      • Look out for the tips-

       You've increased the volume; now it's time for the ultimate blow. Hold your mascara brush bristles directly over the tips of your now-coated lashes. Apply additional product to the very tips of your lashes with rapid, small swipes. This is the ultimate length enhancer.

      Remove any extra mascara with the pointed end of your mascara brush and work vertically at the tips.

      • Improve your curl- 

      There are several methods for mastering the lash curler. First and foremost, we're all guilty of skipping this seemingly unnecessary procedure. Then there's this: That curl will become floppy and quick if you don't hold it for at least 8 to 10 seconds. Take a breather and give it a few more seconds. You require it.

      Second, if you have a long night ahead of you, use your hair dryer to warm up your lash curler for 10 to 20 seconds, depending on your heat setting. Singed lashes are not what we desire. We're looking for a crazy curl that lasts all night.

      • Baby powder- 

      This is one of your mother's old tricks. Using a Q-Tip, sprinkle baby powder or translucent face powder into both sides of your lashes after applying one coat of mascara. You're probably freaked out now since it appears to be very white and chalky. Don't be concerned. Apply a second layer of this best mascara for length and volume for the thickest, most volumized lashes you've ever seen. They're raven black, and they're eager to take names.

      • Bend your wand- 

      There's no shame in needing greater control when applying mascara using this technique. If you can bend your wand in the right manner then it can give you the perfect smudge proof look you need.

      • Perfect your layering-

       It was life changing the day we discovered the power of applying two distinct mascara formulations at the same time. Nothing will personalize your flutter like finding the exact two formulations to apply on your lashes. We're not suggesting it has to be done every day.

      Begin by using a mascara with a tiny brush for lash separation and base length. It's the time to go big. Choose a volumizing mascara that will add volume to your lashes that are already split and clump-free. Your lashes will be eternally thankful if you can find your power pair.

      • Now the Primer-

       If you're afraid to use baby powder, go for the easier option. Mascara primers are available that are meant to give your lashes length and volume before you apply your mascara.

      To significantly improve your lash game, use these mascara tips and techniques. Isn't more always better?

      How to remove Ultime Pro Heavenly Lashes Mascara properly?

      Is there anything better for adding volume to your lashes and making your eyes the focal point of your face than a couple applications of the blackest, glossiest mascara? We don't believe so.

      Mascara is one of our favorite items, but removing it may be difficult if you have a superb formula. You wake up with rings under your eyes from the residual product that was just not eliminated, just when you thought it was entirely gone.

      Here's how to remove mascara without causing damage to your lashes or losing patience.

      We've got three terrific techniques for you to remove your mascara, but first, let's go over some ground rules that you should follow regardless of the method you use-

      • Work in the right direction- 

      You'll probably remove your mascara with a cotton pad. Wipe your cotton pad downward in the direction of your lashes, not upward and against the growth of your lashes. Wiping upward might damage and tear out your lashes.

      • Soft and smooth- 

      The skin around your eyes is exceedingly fragile and thin, as are your lashes. Even though mascara might be difficult to remove, be careful when working on this region of your skin. Rub, pull, and scrubbing should be avoided. It is unnecessary and will only create harm. At the absolute least, it can produce redness and dryness in the eye region.

      • Don’t open your eyes- 

      Some mascaras contain elements that are detrimental to your eyes, which makes little sense for an eye product. Faces Canada volumizing mascaras have natural components that are safe for your eyes, but it is still preferable to remove your makeup with your eyes closed. Even the cleanest cosmetics might irritate and irritate your eyes, so keep each eye closed when removing your mascara.

      Let's get down to business now that you've covered the fundamentals. Here are the three most effective methods for removing mascara.

      • Makeup Remover Wipes-

       We all appreciate a good makeup remover wipe to help us remove our makeup fast at the end of a hard day, and they're also wonderful for removing mascara. However, some of the substances in makeup wipes might be harmful to your skin.Many cosmetic wipes include water, which necessitates the use of preservatives to keep them shelf stable. Some preservatives have the ability to emit formaldehyde, a recognised carcinogen.The presence of water in a makeup removal wipe implies the presence of an emulsifier to ensure that the oil cleanser and water do not separate. Emulsifiers may also be unpleasant and irritating to the skin. Wipes can be used dry or wet like a standard wipe. In either case, these wipes will remove mascara without hurting your lashes, irritating your skin, or exposing you to dangerous chemicals.

      • Cotton pads and raw coconut cream- 

      There isn't a better makeup remover or cleanser than pure coconut oil. Coconut oil, which is high in skin-friendly fats, acids, and nutrients, is a natural solvent that will not irritate or expose your skin to harsh chemicals. One of our favorite methods to remove mascara is using raw coconut cream. In fact, it is by far the greatest solution for eliminating waterproof formulations naturally and without the use of unpleasant chemicals. Even the most difficult recipes may be dissolved by raw coconut cream. You may use raw coconut cream to remove makeup off your eyelids and brows, as well as everywhere else.

      • Cleansing Oil- 

      Using a cleaning oil to remove makeup is an excellent solution, especially if the area around your eyes lacks moisture more than the rest of your skin, which is common. Cleansing oils operate similarly to coconut oil in that they remove mascara from the lashes. There is a critical caveat here. Make certain that the oil you select does not include mineral oil. Mineral oil is a petroleum-derived substance, making it unsuitable for your skin.


      This is all you require. Everything you need to know about our product is there in front of you, and I hope you've been paying attention. Makeover your look in whatever way you choose and live your best life. Whether it's a date, a business meeting, a get-together, or any other event when you want to be the boss, our collection has you covered. Purchase our Ultime Pro Heavenly Lashes Mascara and put an end to any regrets you may have had about eyeliner purchases in the past. Its long life and high quality will serve you well all day. Start living a better life by shopping online at Faces Canada.


      Is it safe for teenage girls?

      Our Ultime Pro Heavenly Lashes Mascara, the best mascara for length and volume is completely safe to use for all our customers. It is made up of natural ingredients and is tested to be completely safe on all skin types and for all ages.

      Is it long lasting?

      The best mascara for volume, the Ultime Pro Heavenly Lashes Mascara is built to last all day long and you do not need to worry about it wearing off in the middle of your party.

      How many layers of mascara are ideal?

      Don't be scared to layer, just be cautious not to apply too many layers or it may flake. For natural or dramatic lashes that last all day, one to three coatings are sufficient.

      Is it safe for pregnant women?

      As said multiple times earlier, our mascara is tested to be safe on all our customers. So there is nothing to worry about even if you are pregnant. Our product is completely safe for you.


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