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Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal Black

24-hour longstay, super creamy kajal
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  • One swipe application

  • Super creamy and soft

  • Waterproof, Long lasting coverage

  • Intense black finish

  • Cruelty-free

  • Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested

  • Bonus: Comes with a free sharpener!

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    Name & Address of Manufacturer: Schwan Cosmetics International GmbH, Schwanweg 1, 90562 Heroldsberg, Germany

    Country of Origin: Germany

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        Faces Canada’s gel kajals are absolutely waterproof, lasting all day. It is made with a special smudge-proof and waterproof formula that makes gel kajals last upto 24 hours.
        While Faces Canada Gel Kajals are made using a special formula so that it stays on for a longtime, a small application of compact or loose powder on the eyelids makes gel kajal last even longer.
        While most gel based kajals do dry out faster, Faces Canada’s Gel kajals like Faces Canada gel kajal, Faces Canada ultime pro kajal and Faces Canada ultime pro intense gel kajal are made using special oils that delay them from drying out too soon. The Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal Black has Candella Plant based wax that makes it super smooth and long lasting. Other than that once you are done using the product, make sure to close the lid properly to extend its shelf life.
        Using a good quality makeup remover would come in handy here. Faces Canada’s Hydro Makeup Remover removes eye and face makeup effectively. It is rich in antioxidants so it protects your skin from free radicals. It actively cleans your face, improves tone and leaves your facial skin with a rejuvenated feel. It provides gentle cleansing without harming the skin.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 219 reviews

        Very Good and satisfactory

        Intensely soft and smooth to use.

        This is one beauty gel Kajal easy to use, intense black& user friendly.
        Good for beginners to use as eyeliner also . comes with a sharpener to have a presided definition to your eye liner YouTube video placeholder
        Sheetal Rajput
        Loving this

        This is perfect for me for every woman it feels attitude

        Seema Seema

        Bestest it..

        Sutapa Shill
        Ossam kajal

        That's gd product.. and totaly water proof.. ..

        Relax and let your eyes do the talking while you relax and relax in this Faces Canada intense gel Kajal. The Faces Canada Ultime Professional gel kajal was specifically created for a creamy application and provided a dark black look. It is the Faces Canada eye gel Kajal that has intense pigments that let you create your look with no issues. Its Ultime Pro gel kajal can be applied on the lash lines or extended to create a stunning wing. The Ultime Pro gel Kajal is waterproof and effortlessly glides across your eyes, and provides the most intense, long-lasting coverage and dramatic look.

        With a Canadian heritage that spans more than 40 years, Faces Canada offers an exclusive collection of high-end cosmetics and skincare products. Our products are designed to meet the needs of every ethnicity, complexion, type, or texture, as well as complexion. This natural eye Kajal offers the most creamy and smooth application. The vibrant pigments enable you to create beautiful kajal eyes and provide you with long-lasting coverage.

        It is extremely pigmented and has a smooth application. It glides smoothly on the waterline and creates no irritation. This Kajal is equipped with a complimentary sharpener. If you're in search of the ultimate jet-black, smooth Kajal, this is a must-have!

        The Faces Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal is packaged in a black cardboard case with all the information printed on it. It's exactly like a kajal pencil, but with a smudger sponge on end. Both ends are covered by transparent caps. It's not a retractable pencil for the eye. It must be sharpened in order to use it. It is equipped with a sharpener.

        The texture of Faces Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal is extremely creamy. It glides over the eyelids with ease and effortlessly, which makes the application smooth and uniform. Even with this cold winter weather, it isn't dry. The finish is certainly not important. It provides a semi-matte or the finish, which is glossy.

        The coloration of Faces Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal is incredible! It has a vibrant black shade that is perfect, especially for formal occasions. I've not used any Kajal made by an Indian brand that comes with this dark black color.

        The durability that comes with the Faces Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal is pretty average. It's very smooth and soft to apply; however, it doesn't last for long. For my eyes, it took about 2 hours over a period of time. It's more frequent at the top of my lash line as compared to that of the lower one.

        Benefits of Faces Canada Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal

        Here are the top benefits of Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal:

        • It offers one swipe application
        • It is cruelty-free
        • It is super creamy and soft
        • It gives intense black finish
        • It is waterproof and stays for a long time
        • It is ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested

        How Do You Apply Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal For Those Who Are New To The Product?

        Kajal designs can alter your appearance with just a single swipe. They're the primary makeup product that should be in every woman's makeup kit, even the ones who prefer to stick to a simple one.

        Finding the perfect wings or highlighting your beautiful eyes with kajal is a difficult task. Naturally, professionals have the ability to succeed every time. If you're only getting started with the art of drawing, then you could need to practice until you reach the degree of accuracy. We're here to help you with easy-to-follow instructions for using kajal with precision.

      • Prepare Your Eyes

      • It is a vital aspect that is often neglected and is, in fact, the most crucial thing to do to take care of. After cleansing your face, apply a moisturizing oil product to your face, and then apply an eye cream onto your eyes. The eye cream assists in reducing wrinkles resulting from age and helps to smooth out any redness or discoloration that might be visible around your eyes.

      • Keep the Base Clean

      • To get an even and smooth base, make sure you apply a small amount of primer on the lids of your eyes below the eyes and within the eye area in the eye area, where any type of makeup may be. The primary goal of this primer is smoothing out the skin, which makes it easy for you to put on makeup. It will give you a refined look and can help to hold your makeup in place for longer. Apply a concealer on the top of your eyes as well as underneath. Apply the concealer evenly and ensure that you use the concealer to set your eyes.

      • Line Away

      • The next step, which is crucial, is the application of the kajal . You can apply the kajal brush that comes with it or purchase one. Begin with drawing lines along your eyelashes. Be sure to use tiny strokes and lines. It is best to complete the work in a short amount of time. If you try to lengthen it, this will cause an issue. So, make your strokes as short as possible. When you're confident in one, you may experiment with the opposite. Be sure to make sure that your eye is as straight as you can.

      • The Wings

      • I'm never satisfied with the kajal I apply to my lid. I believe I'm prone to the desire to apply it in a hurry or in another method. That is a way to finish my look in some way. Let's now look at how to get this appearance. The key to determining the ideal angles is to follow the lines that naturally appear in your lower line. If you see an extension of your line that extends to the lower end of the lash line, this is the place where the liner must expand out. Draw the line and fill it in slowly. Take your time as you're only getting started. If you do make a mistake and do not follow through, you'll need to start over with new beginnings.

      • Finish it up

      • Once you've finished pulling away from the pencil (congratulations are appropriate!) The next step is drawing lines along the lower line of lashes (only on the outside) using an eraser pencil. Then, smooth the lines out. Apply mascara, and you're finished!

        Different Methods for Applying Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal?

        Even if you're not looking for more refined kajal designs, kajal can be essential for most those who want an everyday routine for their makeup. When applied correctly, it will rejuvenate your eyes as well as draw the attention of your eyes.

        It's even better that there's an endless number of lines you could draw, such as winged, cat-eye, and even the most popular reverse cat-eye. Kajal is a versatile yet vital cosmetic item that is a must for each makeup kit.

        If you're unsure about the best method to draw a cat's eye line or to create the perfect winged eye for eyelids that are hooded and hooded eyes, then you'll be able to learn from this simple tutorial which will teach you how to apply kajal isn't a requirement for an undergraduate degree in physics or an advanced class with an influencer on YouTube. If you're looking for inspiration to learn more, take a look at our top kajals that are sleek and simple to apply.

      • For The Classic Line

      • Before you begin to master the more advanced techniques of kajal , it is essential to learn the basics of line. That is drawing your lash line from both your outer and inner corners regardless of whether you're at the top or lower portion of your eyelid. The classic lines can be drawn with liquid, pencils, or gel liner. The trick is to learn ways to draw your lids effortlessly without pulling the lids off.

        If you're struggling to figure out how to draw the classic line using a pencil gel or liquid liner, start by drawing small lines along the contour of your lid closest to the bottom of your lashes as you can. Then, you can go back and add more lines, but ensure that you keep the exact size you began with.

      • For the Cat-Eye

      • The cat-eye is a traditional liner that helps your eyes appear to be elevated. It's a variation of the traditional kajal style using an upwardly sloping stroke towards the outer corner of the eyes. It is possible to achieve this look by making a smooth line across your eyes.

        If your line doesn't align properly or lacks that distinct thin and thick look, consider creating your lines in two steps.

        Start by drawing the central line, which runs from the inner corner to the outside corner. You must finish at the outside corner. From there, you can work inwards. Be sure to know the exact moment at which you want your work to come to an end.

        Draw downwards until you're linked to the bottom of the line that you traced into the outer corner. Following that, by using small strokes, draw the eye region exactly where you're looking for by making sure you draw the depth and thickness you'd like.

      • For the Wing-Tip

      • Winged liner is used as cat kajal and is compatible with all other kajal products. The primary differentiator is that wings tend to be more striking and can be accentuated in height and length, depending on the style you prefer. Follow the steps above with the addition of a little substance and vigor.

        However, those with no hood or monolids are the sharpest learners and especially those with wings and cat eyes. The shape of your eye can cause the wings to fade in the folds of your eyelid.

        The most common method to draw wings is to turn your head toward the side while keeping your eyes shut while looking at your mirror to make wings. But, those who have lids that are hooded or monolid should not do this. Instead, they should look forward. The outline is traced in order to draw the lines you draw, and then you can add lines.

      • For Smoky Liner

      • Smoky kajal simply means that you're smudging your liner, mostly on the under-eye area and the outer corners. For this effect, it is possible that you'll need various brand names of kajal or eyeshadows, depending on your personal preferences. The application process is similar to applying kajal , but you'll also be covering the eye area below the eyes.

        For instance, you can apply kajal made of liquid to make the upper eyelid. But you can then use your pencil or shadow liner to create the under-eye line, as well as an eye flick. After applying the liner, you can smudge the lower line as well as the flick and give it a smokey appearance.

      • For Under-eye

      • Based on your own personal tastes and overall makeup goals, you may decide that an under-eye line does not require being there. (Obviously if you're trying to create smokey eyes it's the line below the eye is crucial.) But, in many cases, you can skip it.

        It's an ideal guideline for liquid lines that they aren't the ideal choice for this line as liquids are likely to get into your eyes prior to it being dried and set.

        Most of the time, gels, pencils, as well as eyeshadows are excellent options for this kind of look. Similar to the classic kajal style, it is important to adhere to the form of your eyes as close to the lash line as feasible.

        How Do You Create A Smokey Eye Using Ultime Pro's Intense Gel?

        Smoky kajal simply means that you've smudged your liner, particularly around the eye's under and outer corners. For this effect, it is possible that you need different eyeshadow brands or brands depending on your personal preferences. The method of applying it will likely be similar to applying kajal , but you'll also be filling in the area under your eyes.

        You could, for instance, apply liquid liner to create the upper eyelid. However, you could use a kajal pencil shadow, gel, or pencil liner to create the lower eye line, as well as your cat-eye flick. After applying, smudge the lower line as well as the flick to create a smokey appearance.

        How Do You Do Reverse Cat Eye Using Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal?

        A reverse-cat-eye liner is an ancient liner that helps your eyes appear to be elevated. It's a variation of the classic kajal method by applying an upwardly sloping stroke towards the outer corner of the eyes. This style could be achieved with a single smooth stroke across your eyes.

        If your line isn't aligned correctly or lacks that distinct thin and thick style, think about creating your lines in two steps.

        Begin by drawing the core line that runs from the inside corner until the outer corner. Be sure to finish at the outside corner. From there, work towards the inside. Be sure to know when you want your project to be completed.

        Draw downwards until you're linked to the bottom of the line that you created in your outside corner. Following that, with small strokes, create the eye area you'll need to add the depth and thickness you'd like.

        Ultime Pro Intense Gel Tips and Tricks for Newbies

        Applying kajal can be a hassle! Particularly if you're unfamiliar with the most effective kajal methods and tricks and tricks, you're in a state of blindness. kajal can change your appearance by changing it from normal to stunning in a flash.

        You can put on the basic liner look for work and add a wing to make you appear more sophisticated for your night. It's a great way to add some flair to a simple shirt and jeans outfit and add a stylish finish to a stylish evening dress.

        If you love a kajal look but aren't sure how best to achieve it, we have some kajal tricks for newbies that you must be aware of!

      • Use Pencil Kajal First

      • Instead of beginning by applying the liquid liner instead, try using pencil kajal first to draw the design you'd like to create. Then, you can line it using liquid kajal . It will be much simpler, and you can apply it easily! Once you've established the shape of your eyes with the pencil liner, you are able to apply liquid liner to achieve the desired appearance!

      • Follow the Dotting Method

      • Small dots along the top of the line with the pencil you prefer. Join them slowly with liquid liner, making it appear as one beautiful line of kajal . Make sure you blend them in a smooth manner so that there's nothing left of dots.

      • A Magnifying Mirror Can Help a Lot

      • A magnifying mirror will assist you in achieving the perfect kajal look. It can provide you with more clarity when applying your kajal . It also assists in applying the look with any difficulty!

      • Restore Your Eyes by Using Mascara

      • Did your kajal go dry when you attended an event? There's no need to fret about it. You can use it instead! Make use of an kajal tool with an angle to apply your makeup as a liquid liner. It's just as effective and looks great!

      • Harder Eye First

      • It's the one harder to determine, isn’t it? Begin with the eye that you are using so that it's simple to come up with the right match. Otherwise, you'll spend all day trying to align your harder eye with kajal.

      • Use Gel Kajal

      • Are you finding that a liquid liner is difficult to apply? Try applying the Gel kajal and a stiff brush for an effortless application. The gel doesn't move as quickly as liquid, which makes it simpler to get it perfect. If the liner for liquid is becoming difficult to the line, this method will be a great help!

      • Want a Perfect Wing? Use Concealer

      • If you make mistakes in makeup, concealer acts as a perfect correction. One of the biggest mistakes you can commit is to apply removal products for makeup or to rid yourself of streaks of black. Make use of concealer with an angled makeup brush and apply the brush to remove any mistakes made by your liner!

        Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal Eye Hacks

        Are you ever the happiest at the moment? The liner styles are flawless!

        Eye makeup is easy. Yet, we rarely pay our eyes the level of time they need to appear and feel at their best. Particularly for those who don't have makeup expertise. The distinction between "just wing it" and actually winging it is totally different.

        Do not worry about smokey eye makeup as well as loose or sloppy kajal . Sometimes it can be difficult to draw a straight line across your eyes. For those days, or for those who have shaky hands, or for those just starting out, here are some tips for applying eye makeup. Check them out!

      • Learn What Kajal you're using

      • Are you using a kajal , kajal eye pencil, liquid, gel kajal , or even a pen? Although it might not seem like much, the style of kajal you use can have a significant impact. It's much more precise when you apply liquid kajal . Pencils and pens may be simpler to apply. If you want deep, dark with smooth lines, the long-lasting, colored liquid is the most effective choice.

      • Hold Your Kajal Perfectly

      • It isn't easy to keep your hand in a steady position. But, there are methods to overcome it. This strategy is sure to succeed, I swear!

        Change the way the liner is held. Instead of hanging it on the ground, put your pinky finger to your cheekbone to ensure security. This method is sure to be successful.

      • Use Dots to Make Perfect Lines

      • It's not necessary to draw lines as effectively as a professional. It's possible to start by drawing dots along the line. Then you can fill it in by drawing a straight line. As you continue to practice, you'll begin drawing straight lines that aren't covered with dots!

        Have a Q-tip handy in your bag to make any corrections.

      • No Pulling of the Skin

      • It's not uncommon for those who are not familiar with the practice to pull their face back when applying kajal shades. It definitely makes the task much easier. But after you release it, the liner will eventually return to your skin, which makes the appearance rough. The most effective way to do this is to apply the resting pinkie fingers method and try to give it the best effort you can.

      • Don't Smudge

      • In the end, when you start scratching at your kajal, there's not something to worry about. It's possible to apply concealer in small amounts to get rid of the issue. Use Q-tips for the most effective results.

        If you're not planning to conceal your skin, then you can opt for petroleum jelly. You'll be amazed by the results!

      • Try Smokey

      • Naturally, there's kajal to be used! Sometimes, it's impossible to get it done. If your kajal is getting smudgy and you're unable to clear off the mess, you can try the smokey look. It's possible to apply the extremely pigmented Kajal eyeliner sticks to create an eyeshadow that is smokey.

      • Outline Your Waterline

      • Are you unsure of the best way to use it or don't want to make a too strong outline? Make use of the liner pencil beneath the lash line and above your waterline. It's a great way to make hooded eyelashes.

        It could also create your normal smoky eyes appear dramatic or let your lashes appear longer using only eyeshadow.

        How Do I Remove Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal In A Proper Way?

        Imagine you're taking your eye makeup off at evening's end or being a victim of an unintentional line when applying kajal . If that's the case, you're probably thinking about what alternatives you have to take off your beloved eye makeup.

        It's a good thing that there's more than one way to get rid of makeup. You can use a variety of methods to remove unnecessary kajal . We've come up with three ways to eliminate kajal with ease, meaning there's no reason to fret about a sloppy makeup look or the seemingly impossible cat-eye. Interested? Let's go!

      • Micellar Water

      • Micellar water has been one of our most beloved and tested methods for removing makeup such as kajal. Micelle-based molecules form a cluster that removes makeup and dirt. There is no need to scrub or rinse your face. It's a fantastic option for those who have wandered a bit too far or would like to remove the line drawn without damaging the rest of the makeup.

        Simply dip your cotton swabs inside the formulation liquid and then use it to clean away the liner smudge you want to remove. There is no need to rinse, and there's no need to worry about cleaning off your entire appearance in the process! Do you want to use it to get rid of the eye completely? Make sure you saturate your cotton pad and then keep it close to your eyes for several minutes, and then you can clean it gently.

      • Eye Makeup Remover

      • Of course, using makeup removers could seem like an obvious solution, but it's a viable option that deserves nothing. Contrary to conventional makeup removers, these eye makeup removers are specifically developed as well as tested by an eye doctor to be used with eyes. If you're trying to wash your eye lines, you should think about using it as a safe alternative!

      • Makeup Wipes

      • Don't forget the makeup wipes are not on the list! They're a fantastic option to travel with because you can carry a bag around in your backpack or purse to wash off makeup while traveling. It's perfect for evenings where you're not able to wait until your return home to clean off any makeup. Remove the lines that appear on your commute!

        How to Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger With Kajal?

        Kajal is a great aid in figuring out how to make smaller eyes appear bigger. Through the use of different kinds of kajal (such as gel liners, liquid liners, or pencil lines) and colors, you can create various kajal designs that will keep the look of your eyes to date. That is how you use kajal for smaller eyes:

      • Use Flesh-toned Kajal

      • Kajal that is black can alter the appearance of your eyes because it draws attention. Since your upper laskajal s constitute the upper portion of the lash line, the waterline kohl can enhance the look regardless of whether you use liner on your eyes or not. The kohl encloses your eyes to the fullest extent, and it makes your face appear slimmer.

        If you apply black kajal to the lower part of the lashes and then apply kajal that is flesh-toned or white to the kajal, this will widen the eyes and give an illusion of having larger eyes.

        A lot of people believe that the white liner can be harsh, which is why it is recommended to apply kajal with a flesh tone. It can reduce the irritation around your eyes and make them appear bigger.

      • Use Dark Kajal but Don't Use It on Inner Corners

      • If you have a smaller one, you should start applying kajal in a slight way away from the corners of your eyes.

        If you apply the dark kajal starting from the inside corner and put it in the outside corner, it will outline the shape of the eyes and leave no room to create the illusion of bigger eyes.

        However, if you keep your inner corners unoccupied, and apply the kajal , then you can apply a shiny beige eyeshadow or liner to the eye corners. It will draw attention to your eyes and make them look larger.

        For a more youthful look, make sure you apply the same sparkling liner or eyeshadow underneath your lower eyelash line, too. Also called the Ulzzang appearance in South Korea, this kajal method opens your eyes instantly.

      • Define the Upper Lash Using the Right Shade

      • Based on the color of your skin based on the tone of your skin, you should select kajal that frames your eyes. For people with lighter skin tones, black is not a natural color that defines eyes. A medium brown or blue kajal shade may be more appropriate than black.

        The darker color of eyelids could cause your eyes to recede and appear larger than they really appear to be. Medium brown or blue shade that's smudged using brushes to softly define your eyes is more efficient. It draws attention to your eyes but doesn't make your eyes appear harsh.

        The overall look appears more natural. For those with darker skin tones, you can choose to wear dark brown or black shades as they're not likely to draw many eyes, and they perfectly complement your skin's tone.

      • The Kajal Wing Should Point in the Right Direction

      • If you apply kajal, it must be essential to put it in the correct place to make your eyes appear bigger. If you don't intend to put kajal on the lower part of your eyelash line, you shouldn't extend your kajal any further than the outer edge of your eye.

        Complete the kajal’s wing in the direction where it's exactly at the exact angle as the imaginary straight line that flows from your waterline to the end of the line where your eyebrow is.

        It will give a more like a cat's eye (that is known as eyelashes) and can make eyes appear younger and bigger. In the event that you trace the lines of your eyes just below the level of your eyes, this could cause your eyes to appear tired and look droopy.

        How to Make Your Eyes Appear Smaller With Kajal?

        If you have big eyelids with bulging eyes, you might be interested in techniques to shade your eyes and also visually reduce your eye size.

        The primary thing to keep in mind while trying to make eyes that are large seem smaller and smaller is to minimize your eye's eyeball and lid. You'll hear the phrase "visually" mentioned several times in the next five steps. Learn how to use shading techniques to trick the eye into believing the eyes are smaller in size than they are.

        Visualize this reduction having the same effect as if you were wearing a classy outfit in white and black instead of the white peasant dress with pleats. The black dress isn't reflective of light and may visually decrease your body's dimensions. That is why so many people like to wear black! The white shade of a dress could cause your figure to appear larger and more substantial. The same rules apply to eye shadows that could reduce the size of your eyes, resulting in a slimmer appearance.

      • Use Eye Shadow & Cream Primer

      • If you have dry skin, apply the primer for cream. Skin types with oily complexions will achieve better results using this primer. Apply the primer using your fingertips or a tiny brush immediately before applying makeup products and kajal.

      • Tightline the Eyes

      • Use a waterproof kajal pencil and gel liner brush to line your eyes' lower and upper rims. The most effective colors to use are dark brown or black, as and navy blue. If you are looking for your eyes to appear more slender, stay clear of lighter hues like white, ivory, and pastels.

      • Use Dark Shades on Outer Lids

      • Choose a dark shade of eye shadow. Make use of the brush to sweep it across the outer edges of the lids before blending it in the middle. Apply any shade as long as it falls within the dark or deep range. Earth tones are ideal for specific skin tones, while jewel tones can be used when mixed with others. For a more uniform look during the day, try the shimmering brown or plum colors. In the evening, a navy blue as well as gunmetal gray or smokey black create a striking fashion.

      • Use Winged Kajal

      • It's not a requirement, and you'll be grateful for those who have almond-shaped or down-turned "sleepy" eyes. Nothing makes one look tired or bored more than eyes that end by sloping upwards.

        Apply liquid winged kajal pencil (or liner brush cream or gel liner). Apply it on your lower lash line, spreading it around 1/4 inch away from which your eyelids stop. It's incredibly difficult to describe the proper application procedure for a winged liner using terms. Take a look at the video above for basic instructions.

        Take note of how the curved line makes the eyes appear bigger and slimmer than round and oval?

      • Use Mascara and Curl Lashes

      • Make sure your lashes are in the curler for approximately 10 seconds. Then, apply the mascara of your choice. Pay particular attention to the outer and the center eyelashes.

        Reasons Why You Wear Kajal on the Bottom of the Eye

        Applying kajal to the lower part of the eye can make the eye appear more luminous or create a smoky appearance that is full of sexy glamor with drama or provide the appearance of lightness. If it is overdone, the same style can create a bulky and sagging look.

      • To bring brightness to the eyes

      • Pick a light or white peach liner, and draw it beneath the lashes, or depending on your comfort with it, the waterline of your eyes to create the illusion that the eyes are larger and whiter. Eyes are more prominent. It makes you appear more alert and awake. If you're planning to line the waterline, ensure you select the right formula for the location. Don't use a liquid liner or regular pencil liners. It might be too rough. Try a kohl or gel liner.

      • For sex appeal and drama

      • To create a smokey dark eye kajal makeup look, using liner, draw lines on the outer third or two-thirds from the lower part of your lash line using the kohl liner, and then smudge them with the darkest shadow shade that you have used on your upper lid. To create a more subtle, smudgy look, apply the middle shade to blend the edges of the dark shadow out.

      • For light definition

      • Utilize a medium pencil to just cover the lower lash line, about two-thirds of the way. Be sure that the line doesn't get too sharp by smudging it with your fingers or a cotton swab. To create drama without appearing too obvious, draw the waterline with navy, black, or plum, and then carefully smudge the line downwards into the lashes. The dark hue will stand out against eyelashes' whites to create the effect of brightening.


        Is This Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal Waterproof?

        Yes, it is. Our view is that every kajal product must be waterproof. What's the point of focusing on your cat eye, drawing out your lashes, or adding a splash of color using eye shadows if the definition will wash away before lunchtime?

        Is This Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal Smudge Proof?

        Yes, it is smudge-proof. We all know how frustrating it can be to work so hard to put on your makeup in the morning only to get it to smudge, smear and fade by afternoon. That is why Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal Smudge-Proof is here.

        Can People With Sensitive Eyes Apply Ultime Pro Intense Gel?

        Yes, you can use Ultime Pro Intense Gel even if your eyes are sensitive. It is totally safe to use.

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