10 Festive Nail Art Designs So You Shine from Head to Toe

10 Festive Nail Art Designs So You Shine from Head to Toe

Time for some Festive Nail Art Designs! Festive season is all about color, sparkle, and happiness. And what better way to embrace these than wear these as nail art designs! But we know, you’re all caught up with selecting the outfits, matching footwear, and of course, the makeup!

So, we’re here with some simple nail art designs that you can wear on your nails for the festive season. All you have to do is choose the one matching your festive outfit and start painting!

#1 Red & Gold for the Sparkly Diwali Nails

#2 Easy Nail Art with Magenta & Baby Pink

#3 Floral Red Nail Art — Roses for the Pretty You!

#4 Simple Nail Art for Red Manicure Lovers

#5 Easy Marble Nail Art in Amazing Blue & Silver

#6 DIY Pink Marble Nail Art Idea

#7 Pretty Peach Studded Nail Art Design

#8 Perfect Combination of Glossy, Matte, and Shimmer Nails

#9 Red & Silver Christmas Nail Art

#10 Shimmery Pink Embellished Nails

Now that we have gathered these beautiful yet easy nail art designs for you, which one would you like to choose for this festive season? If you know more such simple nail art ideas, do let us know in the comments!