Liquid Lipstick

      Here is your collection of long lasting liquid lipsticks for any occasion, style, or mood. No matter what your liquid lipstick preferences, we have something for everyone. Go ahead, take your pick!

      Over the last few years, liquid lipstick has become increasingly popular, and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon due to their numerous benefits. However, traditional lipstick still has some good attributes and is a good choice in some aspects. Check out the liquid and traditional bullet lipsticks and their pros and cons. In the makeup world, liquid lipstick with a price affordable enough, is gaining popularity by the day. The following information will help you to better understand the power of these pigments.

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      What Is A Liquid Lipstick?

      In terms of cosmetics, liquid lipstick enhances and adds color to the lips. Instead of tube lipstick, which comes in a twist-up tube, these lipsticks are dispensed from a squeeze tube, with a wand, or from a fingertip. One over the other has no real difference in most cases; it comes down to personal preference, and both have a number of variations. Tube lipstick usually has less gloss than a liquid lipstick. The latter usually has a higher gloss level. Most liquid lipsticks do not come in matte versions, but liquid matte lipsticks are indeed available. By nature, glossiest lipsticks are shinier and glossier than tube lipsticks and often fall midway between a lipstick and a gloss. However, a matte finish offers more color and lasts much longer than a gloss. Also, lip glosses tend to be softer and lighter on the lips than lipsticks, and for some people, applying lipstick from a tube is easier with a brush or wand. Liquid lippies with a long wear time are normally called long-wearing lipstick. In the tube type, either the color is on one end and a clear gloss on the other, or the two tubes are separate, with one having a color and one having a gloss. Applied to the lips for a few minutes, lipstick usually leaves a slight stain on the lips to extend the wear on the color. After applying the clear gloss to the lipstick, it will be shiny. Although you may reapply gloss throughout the day, lip color should theoretically last all day long with the long lasting waterproof lipstick.

      Things to know about Liquid Lipstick?

      Lips are a very delicate area of our body and we often tend to ingest lipsticks. It is thus quite natural to be curious about what we're putting on there. Some of the most common ingredients found in most lipsticks can be divided in a few categories.

      • The colorant or pigment-

      The colorant of a lipstick are the various colors that mix together to form the final product color visible in the tube. These individual colors are various chemical and organic dyes that are available as base ingredients for beauty products. Most of these colorants are well tested and regilated to ensure that they are safe. The dyes include compounds such as mica, iron oxides, titanium dioxide, crushed insects, flower pigments, etc. Obviously they are extracted from various natural sources or are man made to provide the color. Each of these dyes are numbered named and the unique mixing of various colorants in different amounts gives rise to the color.

      • Anti microbial/bacterial- Beauty products have to contain a product that will prevent the growth of bacteria or any microorganism like fungi, virus, etc. This ingredient is called the antibacterial or antimicrobial. The most common antibacterial is a safe version of the compound alcohol but there are many other chemical and natural extracts available that are also often used on the product. This ingredient is always explicitly mentioned on the ingredients list and people need to check this listing in case they are allergic to any chemical or natural oil.

      • Emulsifying ingredient - Every beauty product is a huge amalgamation of various different compounds and ingredients. It can be often found that a lot of them don't tend to mid with each other. Liquid lipsticks especially contains both oil and water and elements that mix in either. An emulsifying compound helps with the mixture of these stubborn ingredients. If it wasn't for this compound, your products would separate into water and oil.

      • Perfuming- Every beauty product also contains a smell, especially products made for the lips. A perfuming ingredient are the products used to add a pleasant smell to the product so that is appealing. Just like the colorant, perfuming products might be chemical or natural but recently more natural products are being used since they tend to be better for the skin.

      • Preservative- Many people tend to be scared of this ingredient because it might be unsafe. However it is very important in cosmetics since it saves the product from going bad in a week like food does. Without these products it would be impossible to create and store any product. Moreover they are used in extremely small amounts and the quantity is overseen and minutely managed. This makes the product completely safe to use.

      • Antioxidant- Beauty products also often contain helpful ingredients that convinces customers to engage into theid products more. This ingredient is called the antioxidants. They are good and mostly natural chemicals that help skin conditions like irritation, redness, and collagen damage. Even though they ate rare their use have been increasing recently.

      • Other products include the ingredients that maintain consistency. The viscosity and smoothness is maintained by solvents and viscosity controllinf elements. There are also often ingredients that help the skin feel and look better like moisturizers , soothing elements, essential oils, etc.

      These are some of the main ingredients found in liquid lipstick. Always check the ingredients list before buying to make sure you aren't allergic to any chemicals. Also try to make sure that extremely harmful elements like parabens, coals dyes, etc. aren't present in the formula either.

      Types of Liquid lipstick

      Since ancient civilizations, men and women have been using lipsticks and lip decorations since the use of crushed gemstones and the extraction of color from flowers and vegetables. We can now choose between thousands of different long lasting liquid lipstick shades, formulas, and textures because lipstick makeup has evolved over time. The wide variety of lipsticks available sure ensures that everyone can find a lipstick that suits them. Here is an overview of the three types of liquid lipsticks and how you can decide which is right for you.

      Liquid crème lipstick

      Lipstick makeup with a creamy texture lies between satin and matte.Cream lipsticks generally contain a higher amount of wax in comparison to the pigment. This offers a smooth finish that is moisturizing. Since liquid lipsticks don't contain the wax, crème liquid lipsticks need to have a higher emulsifying oil content. Unlike Liquid lipstick matte, liquid crème lipsticks are hydrating as well as matte in appearance. Lipsticks with this formula glide smoothly onto the lips with a velvety texture and provide more coverage than lipsticks with sheer or satin finishes. Liquid lipsticks are known for their pigment content amd creme lipsticks are the same dense lipstick that can stay for a longer period of time. They are ideal when you want to wear color and nourish the lips at the same time. Creme liquid lipsticks are better for people with drier lips who want a lipstick that stays on all day. If your lips have a tendency to chap, you might want a creme liquid lipstick over a matte one for everyday use. With this lipstick makeup, you get vibrant lip color with a shea-butter infused formula that keeps lips moisturized throughout the day.

      Liquid glossy lipstick

      You would be thrilled to know that lip glosses have come a long way since the thick and sticky stuff you wore in middle school. This is the perfect lipstick makeup if you want a glassy then apply glossy liquid lipstick or wet finish on your lips. There is a limited staying power in glossy liquid lipsticks and their opacity is light to medium. What's even better is that they keep your lips well hydrated throughout the day. Glossy liquid lipsticks differ from lip glosses since the lipsticks contains solid pigment whereas glosses are transparent or translucent. Glossy liquid lipsticks provide that same dewy finish while also having a dense color to them. They might contain glitter or iridescent particles but you can also find plain colors as well. Even lip glosses can be used as a top layer over other types of lipsticks in order to add some depth and shine. If you are using glossy liquid lipsticks, it's better if you can carry them with you since they are more prone to transfer. However the sultry and ethereal look they provide are well worth it.

      Liquid Matte

      Liquid lipsticks Matte have high pigmentation and maximum staying power, so getting one is definitely worth every penny. These lipsticks give your lips a flat matte finish which leaves your lips way too saturated. When we say matte finish we mean that these lipsticks reflect next to no light from the lip surface, providing a dry and tight look. In addition, since this type of lipstick does not contain much oil, you should prepare your lips appropriately before using it. It's important to keep your mouth moisturized everyday so that you have hydrated lips before applucation. This is quite important since a matte lipstick will stick to the lip surface completely. Every line and flaky skin is visible with a matte lipstick as the color settles on them. The really good things about these lipsticks are that they have a brilliant color payoff, they are long lasting matte lipstick , and they are very lightweight and don't dry your lips out. These lipsticks can stay on the whole day and if you're looking for a lipstick that wouldn't smudge and you will not need to reapply, a liquid matte is your safest bet.

      Choose the Correct Liquid Lipstick for You

      If you are just starting to develop interest in lipstick that's great for you. But as a lipstick beginner, there are a few things you need to know that the pros have learned with time. The primary thing you must know is how to choose a liquid lip color, which is especially important for liquid lipstick because of its amazing color payoff. You cannot just wear a color because if you like it in the tube. More times than not, lipstick colors will not look good on you- sometimes they seem to be too dark or too light. A few things need to be considered while choosing a liquid lipstick shades but once you have the basics down, choosing becomes easier.

      • Undertone-

      The first thing you need to consider for choosing the correct lip color is the undertone of your skin. The skin's undertone is often described as the temperature of the skin. Simply, it is the hue which is visible from right underneath the skin surface. There are three broad categories under which the different skin undertones might fall- cool, neutral, and warm. It is not too difficult to determine the undertone. The best way is to look at the veins visible on your inner wrist. If your veins appear blue or purple, you have a cooler undertone in your skin. If you have a cooler undertone, your veins will appear blue or purple. With warm undertoned skin, the veins appear green. A mixture of both is visible through neutral skin. This tone matters to match lipsticks since lipsticks too have undertones or the primary colors which were used to make them. If you have cooler skin, you might want to go with warmer liquid lipstick shades or vice versa. With neutral skin, too warm or too cool will not suit well. The undertone is quite different from the skin tone of an individual. Many think but people with darker skin are warm tones and lighter skin features cooler tones but that's a wrong notion. People with dark skin tone can also have cool undertones and the opposite is equally true.

      • Skintone-

      Once you have understood your undertone then you need to know your skin tone. Your skin tone is determined by the amount or depth of melanin present in your skin. You obviously don't have to "find" your skin tone since it's visible to you. You just have to know which lipstick color looks good with your skin. With lighter skin tones, your everyday looks should include lighter colors too like pink, peach, salmon, beige nudes, etc. If you want to create bolder looks, choose cherry red lipstick, purple based pinks, lighter maroons or light brownish colors. If you have tan skin tone, you will need to go with a little warmer colors. Pinks with warm undertones, corals, reddish oranges, darker reds, reddish browns are the general tones any tan person should stick to for their liquid matte lipstick.

      • Understand the colors-

      To choose the perfect color, you'll need to know the primary categories of lipstick colors. Long lasting liquid lipstick shades is generally categorised into- beiges, pinks, reds, browns, and miscellaneous. A lot of different long lasting liquid lipstick shades and tones of lipsticks fall under each category and there can also obviously be colors between each. It can be easier to find the shade you need by knowing the broad category. For instance if you want a salmon color, you'd look among pinks and if you need a coral you'd look among lighter reds. For maroons you might find the correct color you'd need among reds or browns. These categories should be known if you're looking for liquid lipstick shades online since all shades are present sorted in these categories. The miscellaneous category includes all the obscure and uncommon colors like blue, green, black, metallics, etc.

      • The finish

      Once you've determined which colors of liquid lipstick you want you need to choose the finish. You can get matte, creme, or glossy finishes in liquid lipsticks. The choice of finish would depend on your use. If you have oily skin and want a lipstick that stays on for the whole day, you'd need to go with long-lasting liquid lipstick matte. With dry lips you should choose a creme lipstick for daily use. If you want lip colors that you want to use for special occasions like dates or photoshoots or something subtle which will look good with a dewy makeup look, choose glossy finishes or glossy liquid lipstick. You can also find sheen finished which have small iridescent particles that are shiny in light or even metallic colors. Make sure you check the finish mentioned on the packaging or website since it is not always apparent from the tube. If nothing is explicitly mentioned the chances are the liquid lipstick is matte finish since that's the most common finish.

      If you follow these steps, choosing a liquid lipstick color can become very easy, even for beginners.

      How to apply liquid lipstick

      Make sure you apply the product to your bottom lip before going to your top lip for precise application. Kayleen McAdams, the makeup artist, advises applying the color to your bottom lip first by pressing your lips together, then using a lip brush or the product's applicator to fill in your Cupid's bow carefully. Using a lip liner that matches your glossy liquid lipstick shades exactly will help you perfect your Cupid's bow. The best way is to line the upper lip so that the shape of your lips are mimicked perfectly. These formulas are extremely long lasting and pigmented. Once you apply them, you have a very limited amount of time to conceal any mistakes. Removing long lasting liquid lipsticks shades can be quite challenging and when rubbed, it can leave a stain on your skin. If you make mistakes, it obviously is not the end of the world. You can take a q-tip and dip it in micellar water, petroleum jelly, or your makeup remover and remove the mistakes with soft strokes. If you don't have time to correct the mistakes precisely you can also dip a cotton swab into a cold cream, such as Pond's, and line the skin surrounding the lip before painting the lip line. This will make the formula easier to remove and it can wear off eventually if there are a few common mistakes that you make when using it. If you are applying long lasting liquid lipstick shades, don't layer too thickly with repeated application once the lipstick is dry. Lipsticks with liquid formulas have a highly pigmented formula so that one layer is sufficient to coat the lips completely. If you are not happy with the color depth or coverage, the maximum you can apply with long lasting liquid lipsticks shades is two layers. If you apply more, chances are it will look more cakey and artificial which is not a pleasing look for your lips. Make sure you take enough pigment on the applicator and cover the bottom lip fully. Dip it in the lipstick again and repeat the process with your upper lip. This ensures even and completely opaque coverage throughout your lips.

      Why is lip liner important?

      You want a flawless application and no smudged lines when you find the perfect lip shade for you! The question of whether to use lip liners is a common one, as well as why. You should embrace your lip liner's friendship! You'll look fuller, your liquid lipstick will last longer, and the color won't wander off. Lip liner can give the appearance of full, even lips depending on how you apply it! In this technique, you are using your lip liner to contour or overline your lips. The trick to contouring your lips is to choose a slightly darker shade of lipstick to create the illusion of shadow on your lips. Lip liners provide a super-saturated, long-lasting finish. Your lipstick adheres to your lips when you apply lip liner. You can also use the lip liner to fill in your lips fully. Make sure the lip liner shade matches your glossy long lasting liquid lipstick shades. Apply the liquid lipstick over the lip-liner filling. This prevents the color from fading since the lipstick sticks well to the powdery formula of the liner. The color pay off is also better with this technique and should be used when creating a bold look with a darker shade of lipstick.

      How to line your lips

      We have provided a guide for beginners and noobs who need a little help applying a lip liner. Applying lip liner is very important and we can assist you in achieving the luscious lip you've always wanted.

      Take care of your lips by exfoliating

      Chapped and flaky lips are not only unsightly, but also ruin lipstick looks. Before applying lip liner, scrub your lips thoroughly but gently . You can use any lip scrub that is easily available in the market or online. Make sure that they are natural and there are no coarse exfoliating particles or harsh chemicals present in the lipstick. You can also easily make your own DIY lip scrub at home with equal parts brown sugar and honey. For added hydration you can add coconut oil and for pleasant smells essential oils can be used. But make sure that the lip scrup is powdery enough. Do not add so much liquid that it turns into a paste and if it does, just add a little more brown sugar until the necessary consistency is achieved. Applying lipstick and lining will be much easier now that all the dead and chapped skin is gone and the lips are smooth.


      Before applying lip color or lining, this step is crucial. Lip balm can hydrate and define your lips, as well as give them a smooth and moisturized feel. Once the lip color is applied, it will also prevent cracks and creases. Choose a lip balm that is organic and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals. The lips are the softest part of the body and might damage easily. Moisturising everyday is very necessary and you should also carry this balm with you wherever you go. Moisturising also makes sure your lips are very smooth and even so that your lip liner and liquid lipstick can be applied smoothly and there are no streaks or patches.

      Make your choice of color

      In general, you may want to use a lip liner a shade darker than the color of your lip. The lip liner and lip color can be the same if you want more depth and intensity. Choose a color that is as close to your original lip color as possible. Pink and neutral tones are the perfect shades for a long-lasting liquid lipstick to make your face pop without overwhelming it. If you wear heavy eye makeup, they're also suitable for a daytime look.

      On the bow of the cupid, mark an 'X'

      Choose your color and sharpen your lip liner to get a sharp line once you have chosen it. You then need to draw an 'X' on the peak of your upper lip, known as your Cupid's bow. By doing so, your upper lip will appear more dimensional. When you're applying the lipstick, first rub your wand over this x and fill in the middle. After you can go towards the corners starting from the middle and going to the edge. This mates sure the peak of your lip has the correct shape since most people fumble or fail here.

      Follow the natural lip line

      For a rounder lip, line it towards the corners starting at the center and lining it out. Then, join the lower and upper lines drawn on the lips at the corner and use the liner one more time to darken the line. The Cupid's bow and bottom lips can be outdrawn slightly to create a fuller pout, being careful not to draw on the sides of the lips. Ensure that the line is smooth and even. Wipe off any smears. If you are overlining make sure the lines follow the actual curves or shape of the lips completely so that it doesn't look fake. If you want more dynamic lips, choose a lip liner which is darker than the liquid lipstick shades you're going to wear. However, for everyday use choose similar colored lip liners.

      Fill in

      Filling your lips with the liner will prolong the longevity of your lip color. This step is optional, but it will do the trick if you want your lip color to last longer with a long lasting liquid lipstick shades. If you fill in your whole lip with lip liner you'll always have the same lip color everytime you wear a lipstick shade. Do make sure that the lip liner is the same color as the lipstick if you are filling in so that your lipstick pigment doesn’t change.

      Put the lip color on

      As soon as your lips are completely filled in, take a lip gloss of the same color or a lighter shade to highlight the outline. Then, use a brush to blend the color outward with the help of the middle of the lips. Don't forget to blend it well between the lines.

      Apply concealer to finish

      Make your lips look edgy and professional by using this trick, which is a hit among beauty gurus. It is important to use a concealer to cover any lines or smears on your lips to make them appear more framed and defined. Make sure you apply a concealer that matches the color of your skin with an angled brush. Take the product on the brush very lightly and line your lips from the outside. Make sure your brush goes as close to the edge as possible but be very careful to not touch your lips. Then blend out the concealer and apply a setting powder, avoiding the lips. Afterward, moisten a brush with water to get rid of any harsh lines. This creates a sharp distinction between the skin and the lip color which looks extremely crisp and clean. You will achieve expert level looting with this simple hack.

      Reapply if Mistakes Occur

      If you’ve had an issue or have made a mistake, do not try to do patch work. Liquid lipstick does not mix seamlessly when wet product is applied on the dried product. If you have missed a spot or have streaks or lines created due to uneven application it is better to start over completely. Trying to reapply to solve the issue will only aggravate it further and take more time. It is thus best that you completely remove and carefully reapply the lipstick when mistakes occur.

      Liquid lipstick as a cheek tint

      Cream blushes can be made from lipsticks. Oily skin will benefit from these products as they sink into the skin and remain there for a long period of time. Any skin type can benefit from them. The beauty industry has some beauty products that can serve more than one purpose, or rather we should say, liquid lipsticks. For the go-getter ladies who are always on the go, lip and cheek tints are the epitome of convenience. In a single makeup item, you can have both a lipstick and a blush. Best of all, you can easily carry these lipsticks in your handbag and this liquid lipstick price under 100 being affordable is what makes it popular as well. There are a few different ways of making a cheek tint with liquid lipstick.

      The first way is by making a completely different product. First you need to choose a color that will suit your face. If you are light skinned you might want to choose a salmon or peach color, with medium tones pink or corals will be best and for dark skins you might want to go with warm pinks and reds. You can apply the lipstick on your wrist to determine how the colour looks on your skin because chances are it will look different than it does in the bottle or on your lips. Once you've chosen the color, you need to put a few drops of the liquid lipstick in a clean small container. Mix the lipstick with your everyday foundation. Start with a small amount and mix more foundation until you have the color you want. Take the color on your fingers or a foundation brush and apply on the apple of your cheeks and blend well until absorbed.

      If you don't have so much time, the easier way is to take a little bit of lipstick on your fingers or brush directly and apply and blend properly on your cheeks. Even though it is faster, you will have lesser control on the tone which might give you a bolder look than you wanted. If it is too bright, you can apply some setting powder over the pigment which will tone it down. This is a very easy and quick hack if you need to introduce some color in your face while on the go.

      Liquid lipstick as a contour

      You certainly have lipstick in your makeup bag, regardless of whether you're just getting started or a seasoned pro. The ubiquitous use of lipstick is seen around the world by people of all ages. Today, the market is flooded with lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, different colors, like a liquid red lipstick , liquid pink lipstick or textures, and formulas which is no wonder people want more out of this simple product. Make your cheekbones more prominent, define your temples, and camouflage that double chin by using a liquid lipstick to shape your face. If you do not own a contour palette, you can wear a soft brown lipstick two shades darker than your skin tone. You will need a matte brownish nude lipstick to make this a success. Apply a light, thin line of lipstick under your cheekbones, jaw bone, tightly around your hairline, and on the two sides of your nose and blend properly with a brush. If you want to have more time to blend properly, do each part or area at a time. It is quite easy for beginners to blend creamy liquid lipsticks. Since this kind of lipstick dries quickly, you'd need to blend it as soon as possible before it dries on your face and leaves you with a visible brown streak. If you're going for a bold look, contour after foundation but is this a softer look for the day time or office wear, it's best to contour before foundation. Non-transfer matte lipstick works very well as contour for people who sweat from their face and find their makeup melts easily. The reduced light reflection from a matte lipstick helps achieve an angular and sharp look.

      Liquid lipstick as eyeshadow

      If you have an extensive collection of lipsticks, you will have no trouble finding a liquid lipstick combo or a liquid lipstick set. You might find It difficult to apply a matte lipstick as an eyeshadow that dries up quickly but you can do it if you know how. With liquid lipstick as eyeshadow you have to prime your eyelids like you do with normal eyeshadow before applying the matte lipstick. The primer fills up any pores or blemishes, providing a smooth surface for the color to work. You will avoid your eye makeup being ruined by oils and sweat from your lids with the primer. The right primer should give you a matte finish.Many people also like to wear concealer or foundation before applying color on the eyelip to match the skin color nearby. Take a small amount of the lipstick and put it on your fingertip or flat brush after applying the base makeup such as the crease and base colors. Tap the brush or finger on the eyelid to transfer to color. Once the color is on, blend with the crease and base colors so that the color mixes seamlessly. People like using lipstick as eyeshadow since the pigment for lipstick is much denser and intense than any eyeshadow. Adding a little more product to your eye makeup will give it a bolder appearance. You can create a monochrome look by wearing the same lipstick on your lips. You can also use liquid lipstick as eyeliner by putting a little bit of product on an angled brush and creating a wing. Since colorful eyeliners like red, pink, or brown are very rare in the market, thi hack will make your makeup look quite unique. Since liquid lipsticks are long lasting, the risk of your eye makeup smudging or fading is quite low. Wearing a bold eye is thus made easier due to the substitution with the liquid matte lipstick.

      How to make liquid lipstick last longer

      Lipsticks, with their full-coverage liquid lipstick shades, are not only a much better choice than traditional lipstick, but they are long lasting liquid lipsticks shades as well, so you can wear them regardless of how your day goes: from putting on and taking off your mask, eating, drinking, working out, and yes, kissing. One negative aspect? The formula sometimes feels drying, so make sure there are moisturizing ingredients in them. How to fix dried liquid lipstick use such as avocado oil, beeswax, vitamin E, jojoba oil, or shea butter. During the winter months, when your lips get dehydrated and dry, it is usually a good idea to prepare your lips with a hydrating lip balm or a DIY lip scrub. A liquid lipstick is meant to stay on for the day- that's their main selling point. The main transfer or smudge occurs when they come in contact with watery substances. So while eating, make sure the food is not coming in contact with your lips directly. The simple way to do that is by opening your mouth a little wider so that you can put your spoon directly on the tongue instead of pulling the food in with your lips. This might feel awkward in the beginning but it is not too problematic once you figure out the most comfortable way for you. Instead of sipping, try to use straws so the liquid doesn't make the lipstick soluble. Apart from eating, another very common cause of fading of liquid lipstick is through sweating. Our face sweat drips down onto our lips which melts the formula of the lipstick. To prevent this always keep a cotton handkerchief or wet wipe nearby and lightly dab your face with them. Do not rub or be rough since that will not be of any help. These will generally help your lipstick to stay longer but if you are still worried, always carry the lip color with you since freshening up the lipstick after lunch or dinner isn't too difficult.

      How to make liquid lipstick last longer

      Liquid lipsticks are loved and are as popular because of their dry and matte look. This matte look is often said to be sophisticated and classy. However, you might miss the ethereal and soft look that lip glosses tend to provide. Yet you cannot use glosses because they make the lipsticks more prone to rubbing off and you need a lipstick that stays on all day. So you give up hope and continue with the same dry and dull look. Well fortunately for you, now there is a solution. Professional makeup artists have now figured out a way to make matte liquid lipsticks glowy while they stay on throughout day, all you need is a highlighter !

      It is very easy to do this hack and quite effortless too. You will want to start with your normal lipstick wearing procedure. Moisturise properly and line your lips following the shape of your lips. Once done, you will need to properly apply the lipstick throughout the lips. Make sure that the lipstick is completely opaque and is covering the whole lip properly.

      Now comes the shine for which you will need any face highlighter. The tone of the highlighter would depend on the color of the lipstick. If you are using lighter lipstick colors like nudes and pinks, you’d need a silver-toned highlighter. If the lipsticks are of orange or red shades or rather shades that are usually warm, you’d need a highlighter of golden hue. If the long-lasting liquid lipstick shades are in darker colors like browns, purples or dark reds you’d need a rose gold highlighter. If you are unsure of the particular shade of lipstick since they do not fall strictly into these categories, any silver or neutral highlighter will do the trick.

      You need to apply the highlighter in the middle of the lips. Take a little bit of highlighter on your finger and lightly tap the product on towards the water line about two inches in the middle. You’ll need to do the same on both the upper and lower lips. Make sure that the highlighter doesn’t completely reach the edges of the lips and neither the corners. Do not apply too much product and tap it on until it mixes in with the lipstick, leaving behind a soft shine.

      This is a great way to reflect light off of your lips while also maintaining the makeup look for the whole day. You can easily use any type of highlighter for this hack but using a liquid highlighter will yield the best results.

      How to remove liquid lipstick

      You can end up with chapped and dry lips after removing stubborn long-lasting liquid lipstick with a makeup wipe. Our formula can be removed with makeup wipes, but you will have to scrub a little bit and it may feel uncomfortable on your lips. Take a little oil from your kitchen, such as olive oil, coconut oil, or even baby oil. Apply the oil to your lips with a cotton round and watch the lipstick melt away. The oil will also make your lips feel moisturized and healthy. You can also remove it with any petroleum jelly like Vaseline. Apply a little vaseline on your lips or on a cotton pad. Then wipe it with a cotton tissue after it's sat for a minute. Vaseline will remove the color completely and easily and the lips will also stay soft. You can also use miscellar water or any such type of product meant for removing makeup. Take a little product on votton or the wet wipe itself and wipe with gentle stroke until the lipstick has come off completely. Your lips will still feel hydrated after using micellar water instead of makeup wipes. Makeup removal shpuld be done before using face wash and after using any of these products you should definitely wash your face with a gentle face wash and then do your normal skin care routine. Make sure to include a lip serum and balm after removing the liquid lipstick.

      How to do ombre lips with liquid lipstick

      Ombre is the seamless transition of two colors, generally from a lighter to darker shade of the same color or vice versa. It is a very nig trend in the beauty industry and many people like experimenting with it. It's always a trend to wear ombre lips - not only are they beautiful, but they could also come in handy for those with a lighter shade of lipstick. Begin by making your lips white. You can do this by using a thin layer of your foundation. Keep your lips moisturized and prepared before applying the foundation though. You can shade in the corners using your darkest shade and outline the lips with it. A little overlining will not harm you if you want fuller lips. Apply the lighter shade of your long-lasting liquid lipstick shade to the center of your lips, avoiding the edges. Blend the lighter shade into the center of your lips if you lost a lot of it. Now use a brush or your finger to blend the two colors together seamlessly. The blending is done by gently patting your lips where the two colors are meeting. If you used your lip pencil to shade the corners of your lips, apply your darker lipstick there. Your lip brush will smooth everything out so that your lips don't look one color. Use a flat brush and concealer to clean the area around your lips. There are various kinds of ombre lips. You can have a lighter centre and darker corners which was explained here. You can also have darker outside and lighter inside where you thinly apply the darker color as you would a lip liner on the edges of both your top and bottom lips. The lighter color starts at the water line and out into the edge. Now you blend the two colors together. If you are doing this for a date or any such special occassion, you can also apply a thin layer of lip gloss over the ombre lips. This blends any streax or harsh lines between the colors. What happens next? Your ombre lip makeup will not look completely professional, as if done by an expert. Once you are practiced with making ombre from dark to light of the same color, you can start playing with different colors. Just make sure that the two colors look good together. Traditional pairings like black and red or green and blue are great places to start, just have fun with your trendy and colorful makeup look.

      How to Revive Dried Out liquid lipstick

      Liquid lipsticks are quite long-lasting, not only on the lips but also in their packaging tubes. If you are storing long-lasting liquid lipsticks the way they are meant to, the lipstick would rarely dry out within their expiry date. The one thing that is a must to keep a liquid lipstick shades intact is using it regularly. When the wand is dipped into the lipstick regularly, the pigments mix well with the emulsifiers and solvents, making sure that they do not separate and hence do not dry. The pigments also sometimes absorb the oil or the oil evaporates when the tube is not tightly shut. Lipsticks dry out when only the pigments are left behind, without the needed viscosity of the liquid components to mix into the pigment and be suitable for application. Whatever the reason may be, even if your favorite liquid lipstick has dried out, not all hope is lost. There are certain ways which can revive your old liquid lipstick shades. The elements you might need are mostly available around the house and it’s quite easy to make sure you use up the whole lipstick and get your money’s worth out of it. Let's discuss how to fix dried liquid lipstick.

      • Warm water-

      Before you start applying different products into your lipsticks to liquidate it more, you should first see if there is enough dried oil components inside the oil already. Checking this is very easy and you wouldn’t have to put into the effort of adding extra things when it’s not necessary.

      To check this, you would just need a bowl of warm water. Take a bowl full off water and microwave it for about 2-3 minutes. Take it out carefully and put the lipstick inside the bowl. Do make sure to take a bowl that is big enough that the portion of the tube containing the product can be completely submerged. Keep the lipstick inside the water until the water gets cold. Repeat this process for about 2-3 more times. The heat helps the dried-up oil that has been absorbed into the pigments melt as the pigment particles come loose and separate from each other. If this hack works, you will find a richer and more intense color coming out of your liquid lipstick. The thick liquid will not be easily appliable.

      If this hack doesn’t work and your lipstick is still dry, you would maybe want to read on to know how to fix dried liquid lipstick. 

      • Oil-

      Oil is a great way of to rehydrate your dried out lipsticks. Oils have natural moisturising properties that are great for your skin. However, you can only use those oils that are suitable for using on skin. These oils would normally include coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc. These oils are very easily available around the house but if you need to buy them, they are quite cheap.

      To use the oil for your lipstick all you need to do is put at least 7-8 drops of extra virgin or organic coconut oil or olive oil into the tube and mix it properly. You should shake the tube very well and mix it around with the lipstick wand as well. Now you should keep the lipstick aside for about 2-3 days in a cool and dry place so that the pigment can be properly absorbed into the oil. If you are worried about the smell of the oil or generally don’t like it, you can also add a few drops of essential oil like rose, lavender, sandalwood essences to improve the scent of the lipstick.

      Oil with its natural hydrating property will make your liquid lipstick shades even better for your lips whenever used.

      • Aloe vera-

      Aloe vera is an extremely hydrating and nourishing plant extract which is really great for the skin. You do not however have to take it out of the plant since there are aloe vera gels widely available in the market.

      You can scoop out about half a teaspoon of aloe vera gel and put it inside the lipstick. Shake it well and keep it aside for about 2 days. When you apply again, shake it again and mix it around with the applicator. You will find that the semi solid aloe vera has mixed with the dried pigments and made it liquid again so that it can be easily applied again. If you see that the liquid lipstick is a little thick, you can repeat the same process again till you find the consistency that you like.

      The lipstick you will add aloe vera to will be the best liquid lipstick to carry around in your purse. You will not need any nourishing product like a lip balm before applying this lipstick since the aloe vera will be moisturising enough. If you have problems with dry lips, especially with matte lipsticks, this little addition of aloe vera gel would solve it completely.

      • Petroleum jelly-

      Petroleum jelly is somehow a fix for a lot of things and dry lipsticks are one of them. Petroleum jelly are the most common product which is easily found in our homes and quite cheap at the store. You can add petroleum jelly to your dry liquid lipsticks and see how quickly it gets better.

      Scoop out about a full teaspoon of petroleum jelly and pour it inside the liquid lipstick tube. Shake it vigorously and make sure the petroleum jelly is coating the whole tube from the inside. Keep it aside for a few days and when you try to use the liquid, make sure you mix the product around with the wand.

      Take enough pigment on the applicator and apply it thoroughly. You will instantly notice that the dried and thick liquid has turned into a smooth liquid lipstick that can be put on very easily and without any issues.

      The addition of petroleum jelly will also help make the lips soft whenever the lipstick is applied. However, if you are adding it to a completely matte lipstick, there is a small chance that when the lipstick dries, it will not be as matte as it used to be. It will however still be as long lasting as is expected from a liquid lipstick.

      • Duraline-

      Duraline is a product by a company called Inglot which has recently become a popular favorite in the beauty community. The product is often described as a medium for mixing substances. It looks like a thick oil or serum and is completely colorless and odourless. It dries matte and is available in a small bottle it comes liquid lipstick price under 100. This product can be used to revive any beauty products that may dry out like eyeliner, mascara, brow pomade, pressed foundation powder, etc. This list also contains liquid lipstick.

      You would need not more than 1-2 drops of the product. Pour it into the liquid lipstick with the dropper provided in the bottle. You need to mix the product well and give it about half a day to work its magic. You can check the lipstick and if the consistency is too thick, apply about 1-2 drops more. This magical mixing agent would make your dry and old lipstick as good as new.

      It is better to use Duraline than any unnatural product like alcohol since it doesn’t ruin the formula of the lipstick. It is also completely safe and easily available online. This product is a great addition to be kept in the makeup bags of any makeup lover to make sure you use up all your beloved products to its last drop.

      Any one of these quick and easy hacks are enough to make sure your dry liquid lipstick is usable again. You can choose to use any one of these products to fix your problem or try them all to settle for the one you like the most for the future.

      The DO's and DON'Ts of Liquid Lipstick You Should Know

      People like using liquid lipsticks since they are pigmented and long lasting. But there are certain tricks and warnings experts recommend to be aware of while using liquid lipsticks. These are the main dos and don'ts for liquid lipsticks that will prevent beginners from making glaring mistakes that might be an eyesore.

      DO Lip Prepping-

      Lip prepping is very important when applying liquid lipstick

      The formula of a liquid lipstick is such that it sticks to the surface of the lips completely. This means every line or loose skin acquires the deep, rich pigment and is obviously visible. If you have dry and chapped lips, it will be very well highlighted through liquid lipsticks which isn't a flattering makeup look. Prepping the lipsticks includes two main processes- exfoliating and moisturising. You need to exfoliate your lips twice a week with a gentle lip exfoliator. Products which are organic with sugar scrub are the best but you can even make these at home easily. Exfoliate your lips the same days you exfoliate your face. This process gets rid of any dry and dead skin particles present on the lips and the smooth lip surface is highlighted which makes for a great canvas for a liquid lipstick. Moisturizing the lips is also just as easy. You can use any good lip balms or petroleum jelly twice a day, everyday. Many people also like using extra virgin coconut oil or butter. Use whatever works well for you to keep your skin from drying and flaking throughout the day. If it does, your lipstick will flake off with it, providing a patchy look. Hydrating lips is also necessary to maintain the general health of the lips. If you're applying products on your lips frequently, you also need to make sure they aren't responsible for any harmful after effects for which you would pay later in life. For instance, frequent users of lip products who do not take care of their lips often experience darkening of the natural lip color. The skin surface of the lip might become darkened and patchy with time due to over exposure of chemicals. Hydrated lips also provide a smooth surface where the lipstick can be applied smoothly and gently. Smooth lips means there will be no streaks or patches and one coat will provide an even and complete color coverage.

      DON'T apply lipstick directly on the lips.

      Applying lipstick on bare lips in not good for your lips. Even if you get liquid lipsticks from the bet companies, a solid base can help the lipsticka showcase their truest potentials. The lipstick stay on for the longest time without any smudge even with eating and drinking. A proper base for a liquid lipstick includes a primer. Lip primers are very easily available and helps you extract the truw worth of your money spent o n the liquid lipstick. A lip primer creates a transparent and thin layer over the lips which fills very crack, pore, and curve of the lips making it plain like paper. This makes sure that when you apply lipstick, it can be applied smoothly and in one coat. The primer also helps protect the lips from the chemicals and pigment of the lips. Since the pigmentation of liquid lipsticks are quite intense, lips can absorb some of the color into the inner layers even after removing. This tints the skin and even after continuous and prolonged use of these pigments the lips might become dark, especially with lighter toned lips. A primer will act as a protective layer for the lips and prevent the darkening of the lips, maintaining its natural beauty for a long time. You can also apply a very thin layer of foundation on your lips if you want the perfect colour payoff. Lips are darker than our skin color but this foundation creates a black canvas where your lipstick can work to its fullest potential in terms of colour and longevity. If you do apply foundation, make sure to line your lips so that the lipstick follows the correct shape of the lips.

      DO start slow

      Applying liquid lipstick requires a little bit of patience. While applying, make sure that you start very slowly. Take enough product on the applicator and take your time to fill in every area of the lip, starting from the middle and going to the edge. Try to do so in single, one-way strokes instead of rubbing the applicator to-and-fro continuously. It's important to begin with a thin yet covering layer and then work your way up. If you don't do so, your lipstick might get patchy and might ruin your look. Use the applicator flat on your lips, covering the largest area possible instead of creating thin lines with the tip while applying the product.

      DON'T create thick layers

      Layering tends to not be necessary with liquid lipstick but if you need to do so in case you want a more intense color, you have to know how. It is very important that you are not applying another layer while the lips are still wet. Liquid lipstick takes a little longer to dry and you should wait that duration before doing anything, especially apply another layer. If you try to put on another layer of wet lipstick over the semi-dry one, it sticks to the applicator and creates patches and streaks that are not pretty. If you are creating layers, make sure they aren't too thick. Anything over three layers looks a little much with a liquid lipstick. If you are going to create layers, start with thin layers by using lesser product each time. A full coating above another might look fake and weird. Thick, cakey layers are an eyesore and should be avoided at all costs.

      DO remove lightly

      Most people find removing liquid lipstick to be difficult. Even though that's true it is very important to be gentle while removing lipstick. Lips are one of the softest places of our bodies and being too harsh on them can cause long-term damage. The best way to remove a liquid lipstick is with makeup remover, cream, or miscellar water. Take your choice of product on a cotton pad or wet wipe and gently rub off the lipstick. If you have multiple layers you can also use the product to moisten the lips by applying it on the lips and keeping it for a few minutes. Take a cotton wipe and gently rub it off. Once the product has been removed, you can now wash your face as you normally do. Apply a hydrating lip balm before bed.

      DON'T rub your lips together

      Liquid lipstick is very malleable when wet. With creme lipsticks there is a general tendency to rub the upper and lower lip together to spread the pigment evenly all over. People tend to mimic this behavior with long lasting waterproof lipstick as well but it's wrong. Wet liquid lipstick can stick with each other and if the upper and lower lip come into contact, the pigment might shift. This may cause patches so that there is a thick layer somewhere and on the opposite side your bare lip is visible. So you have to keep in mind to not smack your lips together when applying Faces Canada liquid lipstick until it's dry. After it has dried it doesn't matter much since the pigment is stuck and will not go anywhere.

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      Whatever your preference, lipstick makeup is a simple and quick way to enhance your makeup and tie your whole look together, whether you prefer something subtle and everyday or dramatic and dramatic. Due to the abundance of lipstick choices today, it can easily become overwhelming to choose one. A number of fabulous beauty products have been released by the fashion industry in the contemporary era. Liquid lipstick is one such innovation. The traditional lipstick of the time was solid. In recent years, women have been using liquid lipstick for their glossy appearance. The many benefits that these lipsticks, like the Faces Canada liquid lipstick, offer with an affordable liquid lipstick price to its customers, have made it a global trend in the 20th century.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do you maintain liquid lipstick?

      It is not very difficult to maintain liquid lipsticks. A few things you can keep in mind regarding its storage. You should keep liquid lipstick in a room temperature place where it is reasonably dry. Do keep it away from direct sunlight since that might dry out the pigment. Tightly shut the tube every time you use the product to prevent it from drying as well. Before application, shake or mix well so that you get enough product and the pigments do not settle at the bottom.

      Does liquid lipstick dry lips?

      Many people have this notion that liquid lipstick dries lips but that is completely false. If one finds that your lips have become dry after applying liquid lipstick for a day, it generally means that your lips are originally dry. Creme lipsticks have moisturizing oils in them which is why this drying is not immediately observed with them. Since the formula of liquid matte lipstick doesn't contain any wax, the drying sensation is felt. The best way to combat that is by hydrating your lips properly with a balm, serum, or cream.

      How do you keep liquid lipstick from cracking?

      Lots of people find that their liquid lipstick is "cracking" or developing lines on the lips after a certain amount of time from where the bare lips are visible. There can be two reasons behind this cracking. The first and the most common is that the lipstick couldn't stick properly to your lips. Sometimes liquid lipsticks cause problems in latching on to the lip surface due to mistake in application or less preparation (like no primer). This can cause the lipstick to crack. Or maybe your lips were too dry and there were lines on the lips which separated the lipstick. The pigment might crack due to problems underneath the application. Another reason is when problems occur from over the application. When the lipstick has been on for a long time, it might get too dry and weathered due to various conditions. This might give rise to cracks. The best way to solve this is by applying a makeup setting spray well.

      Why does my liquid lipstick crumble?

      When you've had a tube of lipstick for a long time, you might find that the liquid has become dry and powdery. This powdery substance is generally present at the mouth of the tube or sometimes stuck to the applicator which makes the application difficult. This happens when the oils have dried out and only the powdery pigment remains. The best way to solve this is to add a couple drops of water and shake well and keep it for 2 to 3 days. After the period, shake well again and mix up the product inside the tube with the wand and apply it. This might make things better.

      Can you put liquid lipstick in the fridge?

      It is better to not put liquid lipstick matte in the fridge. Fridge is a colder place so the oils might start to solidify due to the temperature. This will cause liquid constituents to decrease and simultaneously solid constituents of the liquid lipstick to increase. The liquid lipstick will then become much drier and very difficult to apply.

      Can bacteria grow on liquid lipstick?

      Bacteria require very specific conditions to grow on surfaces. It needs moisture, air, nutrients, etc. Make sure that your applicator doesn't contain any saliva when you're putting it back inside the tube after application. To ensure this pat your lips dry before application, and swallow or throw out the accumulated saliva when applying near the waterline. You also have to make sure that you are closing the tube properly. Tightly shut or screw close the tube so that it's mostly air tight. If you are being generally hygienic with your liquid lipstick, chances of bacteria growing is slim to none.

      How long will a tube of liquid lipstick last?

      Even though every product has an expiry date at the back, how long a product will actually last you will vary on how often you're using it. If you are using the product every day, it should last one a little less than a year but it is improbable that you're wearing the same color everyday. So one tube of smudge proof lipstick should easily last between one and a half to two years.

      Does unused liquid lipstick expire?

      Every container of lipstick has a date of expiry mentioned on the packaging. Even if the product has not been used, the raw materials with which the product was made each have a shelf life. This means there is a specific amount of time for when this mixture of products is safe to use. Afterwards there might be reactions since some raw material might have gone bad. It is thus for the best that a product is not used after the recommended amount of time mentioned on the packaging, even if it hasn't been opened or used.

      How do you keep liquid lipstick from crumbling?

      Before applying liquid lipstick, you need to take time to prep in order to prevent crumbling. First off, exfoliate your lips to get rid of the dead skin cells and then apply a moisturising lip balm over them. This prevents the lips from being too dry and causing flaking after application. Do not layer on liquid lipstick, especially when you have Faces Canada’s one stroke application lipsticks range!

      What do you wear under lipstick?

      Apply a thin layer of lip balm onto your lips before you apply lipstick in order to keep them hydrated.

      Do you need a lip liner with liquid lipstick?

      Before applying liquid lipstick, you need to apply the right kind of lip liner to prevent your lipstick from bleeding and give a better definition to the lips.

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