Nail Enamel

      Paint your nails the colors of rainbow with these awesome hi-shine, matte, and glossy nail enamels. We have colors for all your moods. Spoil yourself with choices with hundreds of nail paint shades to choose from!

      The origin for most cosmetic & makeup products dates back to royalty, as is the case for Nail Enamel. Did you know in its initial days in around 3000 BCE, Nail polish, nail paint or nail enamel was made with beeswax, vegetable dyes, egg whites, and so on. From being limited to metallic nail paint colour like silver and gold, turning to red and black, today the formula for nail enamels has evolved drastically. Starting with the Chinese royalty, to becoming a product of regular use, at the end of the day, it’s all about enhancing and decorating our nail beds. 

      Before we jump into the intricacies of working nail paint, let us first discover the several types of nail enamels you’ll find in the market.

      The 10 Types of Nail Polishes and Which to Choose

        • Basic: This is the most common type you’ve encountered even before you entered the world of makeup properly. It can be of any finish ranging from glossy, natural to matte. While the basic nail enamel price is probably lower than any of the below-mentioned types, it still does the job fairly well. However, it won’t last you too long, maybe a week or so. 
        • Gel: Gel polishes are an immediate winner if we compare them to regular nail polish, in terms of lasting and nail protection. These are popularly used by trained manicurists to keep your nails from chipping or cracking. However you too with the training, can use it at home. They can also help elongate your nails giving them a desirable shape. 
        • Acrylic: Acrylic nail enamel use is also commonly for professional nail care purposes, usually aimed at extending your nails. This product is a combination of powder and a liquid that is applied over your nails to give them a desirable shape and colour. 
        • Breathable: While nail polish offers its protective benefits for your nails, wearing them all the time can cause adverse effects. Your nails need to be directed to sunlight and oxygen to keep them from decaying. If you are someone who enjoys their nails being covered or painted all the time, try a breathable polish that keeps your nails painted and at the same time lets your nails reap nature’s benefits. 
      • Polygel: Taking the best of both worlds, nail gel, and acrylic, polygel nail varnishes are some of the longest-lasting nail enamels. These last you up to three weeks and have a gel-like consistency which is put over your nails with an acrylic brush which then hardens off into gorgeous nail shapes and colours. 
        • Dip powder: Another popular option used by expert manicurists, Dip powder is another champion that can even last up to a month. Here a polish is applied as an undercoat upon which a pigmented powder is put. Then the excessive powder is rid of and another coat gets reapplied. This process is repeated until your nail paint design is complete. 
        • Shellac: Although Shellac varnishes are long-lasting these cannot extend the shape and size of your nails. These are applied on bare nails and once applied, it's cured under UV light. Like polygel, Shellac is a blend of basic nail varnish and gel. 
      • Matte: Matte has become quite popular lately, whether it's in polishes or lipsticks. This nail varnish doesn’t have the longest durability but gives your nails a gorgeous smooth and filling finish. Skip the gloss and go for a more high-fashion editorial look with beautiful matte enamel nail polish. 
      • Glitter: Nothing screams party and festivities better than a bold glitter polish. These last longer than matte polishes, and with these, you can choose the look you want. While you can opt for a light glittery shine, you can also go for a completely opaque colour, whichever nail designs you find preferable. 
      • Chrome: These too give your nails a long-lasting metallic finish which is great for a night out or a party. Stir up your look and many eyes at events with your regal chrome nails. 

      Which Nail Colour Best Suits Your Skin Tone - A Guide

      Although there are no limits as to what colors or designs you should go for with a certain skin tone. Here’s a list of nail trend nail polish that can only help enhance your complexion and appeal.

      For Fair and Light Skin Tones

      There aren’t a lot of nos when it comes to nail enamels for fair-skinned individuals. However, the right set of nudes can help you attain a sophisticated look. While you can opt for brighter colours, reds, oranges, and violets can seem a little too much and overshadow your look for the day, dulling your skin tone. 

      For Dusky and Tanned Skin Tones

      For you, bright nail paint colour is highly suggested. Bright blues, reds, purples, and pinks can uplift your complexion and appeal. Yellow undertone polishes are also something you’ll feel glamorous in. However, on the other hand, gold or other yellow metallic polishes won’t complement your look as much. 

      For Medium or Olive Skin Tones

      You can extend your range into a variety of nail paint colour. Golden, peach, and almost any nail varnish with a yellow undertone will enhance your appeal admirably. You can also opt for cooler metallic shades like blue or silver. However darker shades of red, blue, or purple aren’t as advisable. 

      For Dark Skin Tones 

      Mochas, chocolate browns, burgundy, maroons, or darker reds and greens can give you that glorious showgirl look. Try as many colour nail paints as you want, but make sure you don’t opt for nail paint shades that’ll diminish your glow and make your skin appear bland and not fresh. For which it is suggested that you avoid the brighter spectrum of greens, silver, neons, and oranges. 

      Don’t refrain from experimenting. Nail colours don’t just depend on your complexion, but can also depend on your undertones, your eye or hair colour, or maybe just your outfit. Try from the generous range of Faces Canada nail polish shades, for you never know which might just be your colour. 

      The Common Types of Manicures & Pedicures

      While at home we can have healthy nail habits and maintain our nails as far as possible, it wouldn’t match up to a professional service. And once in a while, we all enjoy getting our nails done in a spa or a salon. But when you do visit one, you’ll usually be offered options of treatments, among which the common ones are mentioned below. 

      • Basic: Here the nails are made softer and the skin smoother by soaking them in warm soapy water. Dead skin is then exfoliated and removed from the feet, and then moisturised. The nails are then clipped and shaped into a desirable form. After all this is over, the nails are painted with a nail enamel nail polish. 
      • French: Here, similar to the basic type, the nails are soaked first and then shaped into a square-like form. Then a base coat of a light pink or translucent varnish is applied only to the base portion of the nail. The rest is left white. This gives your nail a natural-looking healthier look which is why french mani-pedis are quite popular. 
      • American: This is again similar to a french manicure where with a nail enamel remover, any pertaining paint is cleared out, after which they are soaked and then shaped and filed. But here the colour nail paint used is usually ivory nail polish shades and gives a more neutral and elegant look. The colour is applied with a brush applicator or simply airbrushed. Another difference is that the nails are left a little rounder. 
      • Spa: Once in a while when you feel like indulging in luxury, try a Spa manicure and pedicure. This essentially includes the soaking, shaping, and painting of nails. But it can also include additional services like hot stone massages, salt scrubs, and so on. 
      • Paraffin: Here the nails are soaked in an alkaline-based solution that consists of therapeutic ingredients. This helps nourish and hydrate your skin and nails, after which the regular shaping, filing, and polishing of nails follow. You can also lookup nail art designs if you prefer any, and ask your professional manicurist to decorate your nails as you’d want them. 

      How to Properly Apply Nail Paint

      Once you buy nail polish online, your concerns don’t end there. A lot goes into a properly shaped and painted nail. While trained hands would have no trouble in neatly painting your nails, it is not always possible to regularly get professional treatment. So here’s a guide that can help you get the luxurious nail look you want, right at home.

      Step 1: You can use a Faces Canada nail polish remover to make sure your nails and cuticles don’t dry out as much, and to effectively clean up any remaining paint or dirt. 

      Step 2: Clip your nails and then file them into desired nail shapes - round, square, or a bit of both. After this, you can use a buffer to even out your nail surfaces. 

      Step 3: Soak your hands in warm and soapy water for at least a few minutes. You can exfoliate your hands before to help nourish your skin. 

      Step 4: Once your cuticles have softened up gently push them back towards your nail bed. Do not use a cuticle cutter as cutting them only leaves your fingers vulnerable to infection and bleeding. Cuticles are meant to protect your nails. 

      Step 5: If you did exfoliate your hands, this is when you apply hand cream or lotion to moisturise your skin. You can also apply some specialised cuticle oil or just plain almond oil which deals with any remaining dead skin, and also enrichens your cuticles. Make sure to keep your nails away from the lotion and if there is any, use rubbing alcohol to clean them up.

      Step 6: Apply a layer of petroleum jelly or glue crisply around your nails so that you can form clear polish lines without getting any stubborn remnants on your skin. 

      Step 7: Opt for a base coat, especially if your nails are prone to chipping or peeling. The base coat essentially helps protect your nails, strengthening them. 

      Step 8: Apply a thin first coat in exactly three strokes, starting from the base of your nail and finishing at the top. Faces Canada nail polish online swatches are usually of good consistency. However, if you invest in other nail paint online, where the first layer seems tricky or thick, you can use nail paint thinners to do the trick. Once your first coat is done, repeat only after its completely dry. 

      Step 9: Once you get the consistency you desire, use a top coat to protect your nail enamel and then let it dry. 

      Step 10: You can soak your fingers in ice water to help the paint heal faster. Carefully remove any remaining nail paint from your skin, with a cotton swab and nail paint remover. 

      How to Remove Nail Paint

      Now that we’ve covered the intricacies of nail enamel how to use it, let’s go into the process of properly removing it. Easily available nail enamel nail polish removers can be harsh on your skin, so make sure to get non-acetone removers. However, there are other ways you can remove nail paint. Let’s first start with the basics:

      With Nail Polish Remover: Soak a cotton ball in the nail enamel remover in a properly aired room. Then dab the cotton ball on your nails for a while and then rub the paint off. With non-acetone removers, the process may take a bit longer but is also more gentle on your nails. Make sure to apply lotion after you use the remover. Too much frequent use will lead to the decaying of your nails. 

      Rubbing Alcohol: You can also use rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer instead of a store-bought nail enamel remover. Alcohol-based perfumes too work similarly but can take a bit longer. Make sure to use lotion after as each of the processes will leave your skin and cuticles dehydrated. 

      Top Coat: If you do invest in a topcoat, you can also use the same to remove your nail polish. How? Simply apply a layer of the topcoat to your nails. Take a cotton ball and press it over the topcoat and clean the remaining paint off your nails. 

      Vinegar and Orange Juice: This is more of a homemade solution where you mix natural orange juice and plain white vinegar in equal consistency. You can then dab the cotton ball in the solution and perform the same action as you would with a plain remover.

      You can also make by with other DIY products like lemon or hairspray but these may not be as effective. Whichever you opt for, make sure to use a lotion, oil, or hand cream to rehydrate your hands. 
      Although we all love having our hands look prettily shaped and painted, frequent use of varnishes and removers isn’t advisable. There are quality Faces Canada splash nail polish online sets that you can invest in, and which are gentler on your nails with nourishing ingredients, unlike your regular market products. Whichever product you do opt for, make sure to take a breather between manicures, as your nails need some fresh air. And if you do have a frequent need for using nail enamel nail polish, make sure to carefully research your products before use. And remember, your nail maintenance doesn’t just end with periodical manicures. Regularly moisturize, don’t mess with your cuticles too much, don’t let your nails dry out too much or too often, and finally be careful and gentle when working with your nails.

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        Do Nail Enamels Also Strengthen Nails?

        There are specific types of nail enamel nail polish that can help keep your nails strong for instance, breathable varnish. However using nail enamel nail polish too frequently, especially the ones that consist of toxic chemicals will weaken your nails. Buy Faces Canada nail polish online that uses a non-toxic formula that isn’t harsh on your nails and also keeps them beautiful and healthy. Similarly, nail paint removers consisting of acetone can harm your nails. 

        How Do I Prevent Nail Paint From Chipping?

        There are certain practices and habits that you can maintain to keep your nail paint from chipping. For instance, don't use the shower straight before or after using the nail varnish. The second piece of advice is to seal the paint, by using the paint horizontally once at the edge of the nail, sealing off the vertically applied complete coat. The third piece of advice is to do it in four layers. Instead of applying a thick coat of the Faces Canada nail paint online, use it in thin layers and let each layer dry off completely. Repeat till you achieve a desirable opacity. 

        Should I Apply a Top Coat After Applying Nail Polish?

        A topcoat is essential after applying nail polish as it not only adds a gorgeous and healthy shine to the manicure but also increases the durability of the nail paint. If you want the varnish to stay longer, you can use the top coat regularly to extend longevity. 

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