Eye Pencil


      Smooth glides, colorful lines, and oh-so-pretty eyes! What else would an eye makeup lover want? Explore our range of eye pencils and turn any look into a head-turner with those beautiful eyes.

      The application of eye pencil is undoubtedly the most difficult step in any makeup regimen. After all, if you botch up your eye pencil, you may as well mess up your eyeshadow and under-eye concealer, which can be incredibly embarrassing.

      In the event that you have a shaky hand but still want the definition that this critical phase may bring, an eye pencil is the finest option for you. In this article, we'll go over when to use an eye pencil, how to apply it, and even some helpful hints and recommendations.

      You may use eye pencils, as a starting point if you're new to wearing makeup or don't usually go beyond a sweep of mascara while applying eye makeup. This sort of liner is a solid composition that's commonly composed of a combination of waxes, silicones, and oils, among other ingredients.

      They're considerably simpler to manage than something like liquid eye pencil, and they produce a crisp, natural-looking line when applied correctly. It's also quite easy to smudge pencil liners (many of them even come with a built-in smudging tool), which makes it simple to get a smoky, smoldering effect with them.

      These eye pencils, on the other hand, aren't just for beginners. A softer effect may be achieved using a pencil liner, which is ideal for those occasions when you want your eyes to stand out without it being apparent that you're wearing liner. Tightlining, which is the technique of putting eye pencil kajal along the waterline for all-over eye definition, and smudged cat-eyes are both wonderful uses for this product.

      History of the eye pencil 

      The area of our face that is most vulnerable to cosmetic modifications is the area around our eyes. Even the tiniest alteration in color or form may have a significant impact on our image and confidence. In order to do this, both ancient and contemporary chemists and cosmetologists searched for the most straightforward method of accomplishing their goals. Similar to many other cosmetic items, the first instances of eyeliners may be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, from whence this fashion trend spread to the four corners of the globe, eventually becoming a vital element of the contemporary girl's cosmetic arsenal.

      Eye pencil originally arose in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia in the early 10.000 BC, more than 12 thousand years ago, early 10.000 BC. In that setting, both boys and females of high social standing wore eye pencils to better define their eyes and protect them from wrinkles that might emerge as a result of prolonged exposure to desert wind and sun as well as heat. 

      They were used by both the elite and the lower classes until Egypt was conquered by the Roman Empire in the early first millennium AD. Even though eye pencils were just one of many cosmetic items that they used, they never went out of style. 

      Eye pencils, like every other cosmetic product in the country, served not only as a fashion item but also as a symbol of devotion to their faith and gods. Despite the passage of time and the evolution of buildings, the vogue for eye pencils remained consistent, demonstrating that Egyptians worshipped their faith with a dedication that lasted for millennia.

      Eye pencils were used sparingly or moderately throughout the rule of the Greek and Roman empires, but unfortunately, they went out of popularity in Europe with the fall of Egypt. Although eye pencils were still in use in Asia, they were unable to have an impact on European design when the continent transitioned from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance and the modern era.

      During the 1920s, when many women were already abandoning the fashion of the Victorian period and embracing new fashion, which was propelled by ballet, stage performers, Hollywood, musicians, and photographers, the invention of eye pencils was the catalyst for the era of eye pencils liner

      After worldwide cosmetic businesses gradually realized how many jobs this sector might generate, they realized there was no turning back. In this environment, marketing expenditures surged, new innovations arrived on a regular basis, and the female populace was ready and prepared to try anything that would make them seem as glamorous as their favorite Hollywood star. 

      Howard Carter and George Herbert made a startling archaeological find in 1922, which coincided with the introduction of eye pencils into popular culture. They were the first to use eye pencils. They discovered the tomb of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun, hidden deep under the famous pyramids of Giza, complete with all of his treasures and artifacts intact. Ancient Egyptian eye pencil was introduced to the western world via worldwide coverage of this event, and it was immediately adopted.

      Following a period of mild eye pencil usage between the 1920s and 1960s, the 1970s gave rise to a slew of new fashion types who experimented with eye pencils in novel ways. Punk and Gothic fashion focused on dramatic eye effects, and eye pencils, eye shadow, and mascara were among the cosmetic tools that were most often utilized by both fashion movements. In the late twentieth century, the Emo subculture gained popularity among the general public, including the male population.

      Since the introduction of eye pencil into contemporary fashion, it has gained widespread acceptance among the female population, which has embraced it and refused to let it go.

      Different colors of eye pencil 

      Eye pencil color may instantly brighten your eyes and make them seem larger. If you are wary of using the same old black eye pencil every day, we recommend that you begin experimenting with colorful eye pencils. Try the most popular colors, such as gold and blue eye pencil, as well as the more daring colors, such as yellow and green eye pencils. These styles are worth exploring, whether you use them as single strokes or as full eye pencil makeup sans eyeshadow.

      The Best Way To Choose the Right eye pencil Color for Your Eyes

      Similar to how the color of your eyes influences your eye makeup, selecting colored eye pencils that complement your natural eye color becomes vital. While black is the global eye pencil color kajal, there are certain fundamental criteria to follow when experimenting with other colored eye pencils.

      • Colored eye pencil for brown eyes in the following shades: gold, pink, violet, purple, lavender, turquoise, aqua, and cobalt blue.
      • Blue eyes are best complemented with colored eye pencil hues that are mostly in the orange family. These include colors such as rusted bronze, peach, and copper. Make use of a navy blue colored eye pencil to create contrast.
      • Shades of colored eye pencil for green eyes include bronze, amethyst, rust, and mahogany.
      • Make use of deeper tones of pink and brown eye pencils for black eyes, such as mauve and coffee, while applying colored eye pencils. Make a statement with bright yellow and electric blue liquid eye pencils.
      1. Green 

      If you're curious about what the experts use, celebrity makeup artist shares a little secret. Whether it's a crisp cat-eye or a more artistic look, bright green with a super-saturated hue doesn't need you to keep layering in order to see it.

      1. Oranges

      If you took the classic eye pencil design and gave it a fun, colorful color (like this bright orangey-red), you'd get these colored eye pencils. Maintain a sharp tip for precise lines, or smooth out the creamy substance for a smeared appearance using your fingers.

      1.  Yellow 

      When applying eye pencil "you don't want anything that will skip or tug while you're doing it, For good reason, this pencil is an obvious favorite due to the color variety and overall quality of the product.

      1. Brown 

      Put a couple of different hues of these lovelies in your shopping basket since. Despite the fact that the color palette is a tad on the classic side of things, you won't find any drab eye pencils. This deep plum seems like a brown liner at first sight, but the more you look at it, the more purple it becomes. You may expect shimmers and mattes in hues such as this.

      1. Dark green 

      If you believe that drugstore eye pencils makeup lacks the pigmentation necessary to make a colorful eye pencil stand out, think again. If your brown smoky eye is starting to appear a bit stale, try switching it up with this vibrant green.

      1. Purple 

      In order to appreciate the beauty of these metallic, matte, shimmer, and glitter-colored eye pencils in person, you should make your way and have a look at their full range of finishes of purple. 

      1. Peacock Blue 

      It's safe to say that this turquoise eye pencil is the embodiment of summer. It's bright, that it's glittery in a subtle iridescent sense, and it lasts for hours on end. 

      1. Magenta 

      When applied to the lids, the colors of these highly praised pencils appear just as they do on the packaging, and the long-wear composition ensures that it stays there without slipping or flaking until you wipe them off. This one-of-a-kind magenta hue that's the ideal combination of purple and pink and isn't available from many other companies.

      Waterproof eye pencils 

      While you're applying mascara and eye pencil, you're probably not thinking about the potentially negative consequences that some of your favorite cosmetic products may have on your skin and health. However, hazardous germs and fungi may be found inside the pencils and wands you use every day. So, let’s have a look at a few things that need to be kept in mind for waterproof eye pencils. 

      1. Eye makeup should be thrown away after three months.

      It's easy to lose track of how long you've had a certain eye shadow color in your collection, but cosmetics do have a shelf life - some for a longer period than others. If the mascara or eye pencil liner is outdated, it increases the likelihood that bacteria or fungus has contaminated it. 

      Do you know one incredibly easy approach to keep yourself reminded to throw out your outdated cosmetics? You should date them with a permanent marker or a sticker label if you want to save them; otherwise, you should toss them.

      2. Read labels carefully and avoid dangerous items.

      It's important to read the ingredient list on your cosmetics before applying them. Examples include kohl, a substance that is often used to enhance eye makeup in other nations but has been related to lead poisoning in youngsters. Some of these ingredients serve as preservatives, stabilizers, or anti-caking agents, but they can also cause skin irritation and are linked to an increased risk of cancer when consumed in large quantities.

      3. Don't put any makeup on your lashes inside the lash line.

      Do you like eye pencils use on the interior of your upper and lower eyelids? If you're a fan of this method (which is also known as "water lining"), you should be aware that it prevents the oil glands from secreting oils that protect your cornea from being blocked. Additionally, it has the potential to transfer microorganisms straight into the eye.

      Even though the particles were swept away by the eye within a couple of hours when this occurred, the researchers determined that it might pose issues for contact lens users, as well as, persons who suffer from dry eye syndrome or sensitive eyes.

      4. Do not use glitter in any way.

      It is true that applying glitter to your eyes may make them dazzle. But, the glitter can also flake off and cause sparkles to appear in your eyes, which can cause redness and discomfort. Glittery eye makeup may aggravate chronically dry eyes, and it is a frequent source of corneal irritation and infection. 

      5. Cosmetics for sensitive eyes should be hypoallergenic.

      If you have a history of allergies or have very sensitive eyes, apply hypoallergenic eye makeup to protect your eyes. Look attentively at the labels of goods to locate those that are made for sensitive eyes, since they are less likely to irritate the eyes. Cosmetics that are completely natural and devoid of allergens may be found at major pharmacies and department shops.

      If you find yourself with makeup in your eyes, follow these instructions.

      • Wash your eyes vigorously with clean tap water or an eye-wash solution until you have removed all mascara, eye in pencil, and other makeup flakes from your eyes. The contact lenses should be removed before flushing out your eyes (if you are using contact lenses).
      • After removing makeup from the afflicted eye, apply moisturizing eye drops to the area.
      • If you use contacts, use your cleaning solution to gently wipe the lenses on your eyes.
      • If your eye is still inflamed, you should refrain from re-inserting your contacts.

      Long-Lasting eye pencil 

      Do you despise the sight of your perfectly applied wing eye pencil kajal gently smearing from the corners of your eyes after a few minutes? We put forth a lot of work and use a variety of techniques to get the ideal wing, yet it all comes to nothing. To be quite honest, drawing the ideal liner is difficult, and when it goes wrong, it hurts much more.

      So, if you are a fan of eye pencil and want to ensure that it lasts all day, we have a few tips and tactics for you that you should keep in mind.

      1. Avoid applying moisturizer around the eyelids.

      It's possible that anything creamy you use near your eyes can cause your eye pencil to dissolve. Makeup should not be applied around your eyelids if you are using a cream or a moisturizerThe use of this technique will keep your eye pencil from smearing throughout the day.

      1. Always use a water-resistant eye pencil 

      If you want your eye pencil to last all day, it is critical that you choose the appropriate one. Choose an eye pencil that is both water- and sweat-resistant. If possible, go for a liquid or gel composition since these are said to stay far longer than traditional pencil or pen-eye pencils.

      1. Make use of an eye primer

      Your eyes, like the rest of your face, need some preparation. Eye primer is beneficial in that it helps to keep your eye pencil in place. Eye primer is more of a cream that should be applied to your eyelids before applying any other cosmetic products. Make certain that you do not use too much primer.

      1. To ensure that the eye pencil lasts as long as possible, use Translucent Powder tips.

      To guarantee that your eye pencil color does not budge, use a translucent powder over it before applying it. Translucent or loose powder will remove any shine from the eye pencil and ensure that it remains in place all day long.

      Following the application of your eye pencil, take some translucent powder and spread it all over your eyelids with a fluffy brush. Make certain that there are no obvious lines on the eyelids once you have blended it in completely.

      1. Use the inner corners of your eyes to blend your makeup

      If you use eye pencil regularly, you've probably observed that our eye pencil begins to wear away from the inner corners of our eyes rather often. Hence, faces canada gel eyeliner is also an option. We don't usually pay much attention to the inner corners of our eyes, which results in a smudged eye pencil appearance. To prevent it from melting, apply some powder to a flat brush and mix it into the inner corners of the eyes.

      1. Apply some eyeshadow to the upper lash line

      Once your eye pencil is applied, put some eyeshadow onto a flat brush and dab it onto the eye pencil to blend it in. This technique will keep your eyeshadow from smearing.

      1. Make Use of Multiple Layers

      Even if you are an expert at drawing the wing liner in a single motion, give yourself some more time to complete it. How? Follow up with another coat of eye pencil when you've finished with the first one. Make use of fine lines to avoid ruining the whole effect. You'll be able to keep your flick functioning properly throughout the day.

      1. Make the Best Mascara Selection.

      Yes, when it comes to the longevity of your eye pencil, mascara is really important to have on hand. The kind of mascara you apply to your eyelashes has a significant impact on the length of time your eye pencil will last. Avoid using non-waterproof mascara since it might cause your eyes to melt and your eye pencil color to get smudged. Always choose a mascara that has a waterproof and long-lasting consistency to ensure that your lashes are protected.

      How to apply pencil-like pros

      Makeup hacks are nothing more than expert tips and techniques that will assist you in learning the art of makeup as soon as possible and gaining a firm grasp on it. the eye pencil is the most fundamental cosmetic application we do every day. Various celebs have been photographed sporting a variety of wing and cat-eye eye pencil designs, reflecting the greatest eye pencil fashion trends

       It should go without saying how popular it has become and how simple it is to use. We must learn how to apply it correctly to avoid having uneven lines and a messed-up appearance after applying it. Scroll down to get a tutorial on how to apply eye pencil like a pro in the blink of an eye.

      Important Reminder:

      Keeping your elbow on a solid surface and placing your pinky finger on top of the cheekbone right below the eye region can help you draw the lines more accurately. This will prevent your hands from shaking while you're drawing the lines and will also guarantee that you get the ideal strokes.

      Methodology (Step by Step Procedure):

      • Apply a primer and color corrector if you have dark circles under your eyes, followed by the concealer, and finish with a loose translucent powder to set everything in place. 
      • Apply kajal to the top and lower waterlines on both sides of the face. This step is necessary since we often apply eye pencils along the lash line, and the naked waterline seems smudged and unprofessional. Apply a thick coating of kajal on your eyes to give them a uniform and professional appearance.
      • This is the best eye pencil makeup trick that every expert uses and recommends to their clients. A business card or scotch tape may be used to guide the lower lash towards the end of the forehead, as seen below. Using this procedure, you may get the precise line for your wing or cat liner.
      • A little line should be drawn in the corner, pointing towards the end of the brow. The length of the line should be determined by the kind of wing you want. If you want a more dramatic effect, you may draw a longer line, or you can make a shorter line for a more traditional eye pencil look.
      • To begin, make a mark on the lower two-thirds of the upper eyelid. When drawing a thick line, start with a dot in the center of the eyelid and work your way out.
      • Connect the tip of the wing to the base of the lash line, where we made the mark before, and you're done. This should resemble an obtuse triangle with a 120-degree angle on one side.
      • Next, draw a line from the inner corner of your eye to the tear duct region, following the contour of your eye. To get a natural appearance, just follow the arch. To get the thickness you want, make the appropriate modifications on the fly.
      • Following the completion of all the outlining, just fill in the gaps with the liner and set it with a matte black eyeshadow to allow the liner to dry fast when you are in a rush. This also helps to ensure that the eye pencil blue lasts throughout the whole day.
      • Finish the look by filling in the brows with a gray/brown pencil, highlighting the brow bone with a sparkly beige pencil, and applying 2-3 coats of mascara to the eyelashes to lengthen and volumize them.

      Best color for the eye pencil 

      While black eye pencil is unquestionably a must-have for any woman's makeup collection, it is not the only color you should be incorporating into your look. Although the deep inky hue is ideal for outlining eyes and producing a killer feline flick, it lacks the depth and glitter that colored eye pencils may provide. 

      The use of eye pencils in colors like as green, blue, purple, grey, and brown may seem a little frightening at first, but they can alter your eyes much beyond a dull black rim. Certain hues may enhance, brighten, define, or even alter the look of your natural eye color by intensifying, brightening, defining, or changing its appearance. To make your eyes sparkle with fresh vitality, all you have to do is choose the appropriate color for them.

      • Eye pencil on Brown Eyes

      Brown eyes are fortunate in that they look fantastic with almost all colors of eye pencil, however, brown is the most straightforward color to match them. If you want a delicate and subtle beautiful appearance, go for "earthy" brown colors that complement your eye color. 

      Instead of using black to line your waterline, try using these for a softer touch and better contour definition. A golden glow will be created on your face by wearing warm amber shades on your eyes as well as on your skin.

      While browns will make your eye color look deeper, opposing hues will make it appear lighter and brighter, as seen in the example below. Nighttime blues, cobalt, intense purples, and emerald greens, as well as shades of grey and cold charcoal, will draw attention to the lighter brown and golden flecks in your eyes. 

      The use of a contrasting hue will truly draw attention to your eyes. If you're a little hesitant about wearing these more vibrant hues, consider lining just the waterlines of your eyes for a more subtle appearance instead. Using dark blue hues to generate the same definition as a black eye pencil, but more gently, will achieve the same results. To give your normal cat-eye appearance a unique twist, use a navy blue pencil instead of the traditional black to give it an unexpected pop of color.

      • Eye pencil for Hazel Eyes

      Because hazel eyes are a blend of brown and green tones, various eye pencil hues will alter their natural look in varying degrees. It is possible to pick which color of eye pencil to use based on whatever color you want to emphasize in your eyes. 

      As well as plum, aubergine, and steely grey colors, green eye pencils in hues such as emerald and olive will bring out the green tones in hazel eyes, as would emerald and olive green eye pencils. Brown eye pencils, such as chocolate, on the other hand, will draw attention to the natural brown tone of hazel eyes. 

      Warm browns and golden metallic eye pencils, such as bronze and copper eye pencils, will help bring out the brown tone of hazel eyes while also generating a yellow-gold glow around the eye area.

      Line the upper and lower lids of your hazel eyes with either a green or a deep brown eye pencil for a stunning midnight effect. Layering gold eye pencil in the corners of your eyes and the middle of your lids will give your eyes a radiant shine that will last all day. 

      Alternatively, use a gold liquid liner on your upper lash line and a cappuccino brown kohl pencil to line your waterline. Your eyes will glitter as a result of this combination, which will also accentuate their attractive multi-colored appearance.

      • Eye pencil for Blue-Eyed People

      When lined with complimentary rich, warm hues, blue eyes stand out even more. Colors with orange undertones, such as copper and gold, will make blue eyes look even more brilliant as a result of the contrast between them. 

      Warm metallic tones catch up on gold flashes in the iris of blue eyes, bringing them to life and bringing them to life even more. Dot the inner corners of the eyes with the pencil and keep the liner near the lash line if you want to line blue eyes with shiny colors. 

      Besides champagne (which will brighten blue eyes), terracotta, and warm brown, other warm hues that complement blue eyes include burgundy and terracotta.

      To have a more dramatic impression with warm colors on your eyes, apply them in the inner corners of your eyes and then line your upper and lower lids with a black liner, as seen above. Cool hues and jewel tones, such as navy blue and emerald, will, on the other hand, have a dramatic effect on blue eyes. Use navy if you want your blue eyes to look a darker tone, and emerald if you want to draw attention to any golden specks that may be present in them.

      • For Green Eyes

      Green and red are opposed to one another on the color wheel, making them complementary hues that complement one another effectively. According to this color theory, when green eyes are coupled with a complementary red-based eye pencil, the eyes become more bright and noticeable. In that manner faces canada long wear eye pencil is optimal for use. 

      Make use of a reddish bronze or brown liner to bring out the most in your green eyes. For ladies with green eyes, burgundy and mahogany are particularly good brown-hued eye pencils to use on their lids. When you line your eyes with bright hues like these, you will create a more defined look while avoiding the flattening effect that black eye pencil may have on light eyes.

      To avoid having red-based colors make your eyes seem reddish and fatigued, line the inside of your lids with black first before applying the color to your lash line.

      Purple-based colors are also a good option for green eyes, but they are less common than red-based colors. If you have green eyes, a purple eye pencil in shades such as amethyst, aubergine, plum, or violet would look the best on you. Its earthy green tone will be highlighted by the distinctive clash of hues, which will give it a feminine and lovely appearance.

      • Eye pencil for Grey Eyes

      If you're one of the lucky few who have grey eyes, you can bring out their unique hue with the use of eye pencil and mascara. Cool grey eyes, like blue eyes, look fantastic when coupled with rich, warm shades of eye pencil blue, as do blue eyes. When applied to the lash and water lines of grey eyes, warm browns and vibrant burgundy tones will have a particularly attractive appeal. 

      These kinds of shades bring out the warmth in your eyes, making them look deeper in color than they would otherwise appear. If you want to accentuate rather than replace your smoky eyes, a pearly white or silver liner may be the best choice. These liners will draw attention to your eye color while also making your eyes look brighter grey than usual.

      Pencil color blending to skin tone 

      Using colored pencils to create realistic human skin tones might be one of the most frightening things to tackle. Skin, and the multitude of hues that it comes in, maybe particularly difficult to work with. If you're drawing a face or body with colored pencils and trying to create skin tones, this article will provide you with some pointers on how to be more comfortable while doing so.

      • Using several layers and blending

      To create beautiful pictures with pencils, it is essential to understand the basics of layering and blending. Using a combination of these ways of applying colored pencils will avoid your artwork from seeming flat or one-dimensional, as seen below.

      It is essential to build up a painting with numerous layers of gentle pencil strokes to get the greatest results. Four to six levels of soft shading should be used to apply all of your colors (highlights, mid-tones, and shadows).

       When you are getting near to the appearance you want, add one more layer of colored pencil, but this time push down firmly on it to cement the colors and blend all of the layers underneath it together. The key to achieving a smooth appearance is to use this technique.

      • Lines are drawn with a pencil

      There's something to be said about the use of strokes and the way they help to mix colors. When applying your initial soft layers, you should utilize a mix of varied directional strokes to get the best results (overlapping diagonal, horizontal, and vertical strokes on top of each other). Around layers three through six, you may begin painting in a circular motion to cover any sharp lines that were visible in the levels before them.

      • Color tones for a variety of hues

      The colors listed above are some of the ones that come in useful the most while coloring skin with colored pencils. 

      The colors you choose for your drawing are heavily influenced by the skin tone of the person you are depicting. Not only do you have to evaluate if they have light, medium, or dark complexion, but you also have to pay great attention to the undertone of their skin.

       The undertones of some may be pinker, while others may have an olive color to them. Paying careful attention to these features will assist you in narrowing down the palette of colors you will need when applying faces canada gel eyeliner.

      • Skin tone enhancement with advanced accents

      The use of "unconventional" hues like blues, purples, and greens to give the skin depth may be appropriate if you are more accomplished and have previous expertise in layering and mixing colors. If you haven't done this previously, you may skip this step until you are more comfortable applying these colors to your skin.

      • Colors are being applied

      No matter what skin tone you are looking for, following this guideline for your set of colors should assist you in selecting the faces canada eyeliner pencil you will need to get your desired result. Lightest colors will be used for highlights, darkest colors will be used for shadows, and the colors in between will be used for mid-tones. The colors you choose for highlights will be the same colors you use for shadows. If you choose the advanced option, you can also choose some accent colors to make your design stand out.

      People tend to use a highlight color on one side of the face and a shadow color on the other, and then mix the two colors in the center. There's nothing wrong with adopting that method, however, I recommend adding a saturated hue in the center of the painting to give it more brightness instead. Follow the steps in the example below to have a better understanding of this strategy.

      Steps to use colored pencils

      Precautions must be taken while painting skin since the light source and its effect on the skin's texture are very significant factors to consider when painting skin. 

      Step 1 – Start with one of your highlight colors and work your way down. Begin by coloring the whole surface of the skin using faces canada kajal pencil, except the lightest region immediately where the light strikes the body, to serve as a basis.

      Step 2 – Second, using your mid-tone colors, paint the in-between portion, ensuring that it has a little saturation. In this scenario, we're utilizing some pinks to create a pink undertone on the skin.

      Step 3 – Paint the darkest sections of the canvas using a dark shadow color. To finish, take one of the midtones you used in step two and overlay it over a piece of the darkest region where the midtones meet it, blending the colors. Color in circular movements to prevent the appearance of lines and streaks on the paper.

      Step 4 – Fourth, using another highlight color, this time a light yellow, paint around the lightest portion of the body where the light is reflected off the skin.

      Step 5 – Using your highlight and mid-tone colors, continue to layer them over the areas that have previously been colored in. Increase the amount of pressure you apply to the pencils as you paint, and color in circular motions to blend everything.

      Liquid Liner vs Eye pencil

      Liquid liner 

      The smooth application of classic liquid eye pencil or faces canada gel eyeliner (applied with a pot and brush) will not present the difficulties that newcomers to the beauty industry encounter.

      A steady, trained hand is required while applying liquid eye pencil since it is less forgiving when making a mistake.

      The only way to reach perfection is via practice, and you can't top the sleek intensity that liquid eye pencil helps you acquire. Especially when it comes to a winged style! It's well worth your time to put in the effort.

      Liquid liner is best for 


      Because of the dramatic color payoff they provide as some faces canada eye pencil review says, liquid formulations are the preferred choice for creating authentic cat eyes. Using a piece of tape at the outer corner of your eyes before applying your liquid liner is an expert technique that we like. Using the tape as a stencil, you may make two equal flicks with the brush.


      The use of liquid eye pencil waterproof may produce very crisp lines when applied with a steady hand by someone skilled in the technique. Even the sharpest pencil can't match the accuracy that liquid can achieve on its own.

      The waterproof liquid of faces canada Ultime pro eye pencil also boasts a budge-proof staying power that is unbeatable by a traditional pencil.

      Resting your elbows on a level and sturdy surface while applying liquid eye pencil will ensure exact perfection every time. This provides you with a high degree of control over your hand motions, resulting in lines that are free of wobbling.

      • Increasing the drama

      It is almost always the case that a liquid eye pencil is deeper and more intensely colored than an eye pencil.

      As a result, a single stroke of eye pencil results in dramatic, "look at me" lines. Ideal for creating dramatic appearances.

      Combine a liquid eye pencil with an eye pencil to intensify the look of a smoky eye. To begin, line the inside of your eyes with your eye pencil waterproof, and then put on your eye shadow.

      Keep the color the deepest at the lash line and blend it outwards. To truly bring the smokey eye to life, apply liquid liner very near to the lash line to give it a more intense look.

      Eye pencil 

      An eye pencil is a great choice if you're new to the world of eye pencils or just prefer a hassle-free application method. Swiping a thick, inky line over your eyelashes is much less scary to deal with. Perfectly.

      The eye pencil is best for –

      • Eyes that are simple and natural

      We like eye pencils for creating a natural look that can be applied in under a minute on a hectic morning.

      Using pencils is a no-fuss way to get a more natural appearance for everyday use. They are also less prone to smudging and smearing than other makeup products.

      Applying small dots to your eye pencil eyeliner, make a dotted line as near to your top lashes as you can with your pencil. Begin at the innermost corner and work your way out to the outermost corner. Then, using care, join the dots together to form a complete line.

      With a few coats of mascara, you'll be appearing more attractive daily in no time.

      • Using the inner of your eyes as a liner

      Tightlining, also known as waterline lining, may transform your eyes from natural to bombshell in a matter of seconds. It's preferable to use a waterproof pencil for this task.

      • Using liquid eye pencil in conjunction with mascara for the ultimate wing

      The combination of a pencil and liquid eye pencil is unrivaled when it comes to producing the ideal cat-eye.

      If you like the color of liquid liner but find it difficult to get a perfectly straight line, consider using a combination of tools.

      Begin by drawing the contour of your eye and wing shapes using a pencil. When you're satisfied with the result, trace the form with a thin liquid liner to make it stand out even more.

      • Worries about wrinkles

      If you have a few more creases and wrinkles than you'd like around your eyes, a pencil with a softer, broader line will look more attractive on you! Applying a liquid eye pencil with a sharper tip might be a touch harsh on the eyes. You'll also need a pencil that lasts a long time.

      The strength of the liquid and the control of the pencil

      But your ability to apply liquid liner is more like that of a shaky hands novice than that of an accomplished makeup artist. The issue has been resolved.

      There's a solid reason for our modesty when it comes to this liquid jewel. With it, you can get the intense color of a classic pot liquid liner while maintaining the steady control of a pencil.

      Lines that are effortless and smudge-proof without a worry! The water-resistant and simple-to-apply product dries quickly and doesn't run, making it suitable for both, beginners and professionals looking to create stunning wing effects or a subtle daily appearance.

      Ways of using an eye pencil 

      Your eye pencil may be applied to either the bottom or upper lash line. Although black and brown eye pencils are among the most popular, the cosmetic product is also available in blue, pink, white, and other colors. An eye pencil, unlike other liquid and gel liners, has a matte texture.

      Step-by-step instructions for applying eye pencil makeup with a pencil

      Learn how to apply eye pencil with the help of this beauty tutorial:

      • Make sure your eyes are ready. To extend the life of your pencil liner, apply a cosmetic primer to your eyelids first.
      • Draw a line across the top of your eyes using an eye pencil. Pull your upper eyelid to the side and hold it there for a few seconds. 
      • A fine line should be drawn from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye, keeping the tip of the eye pencil as near to the lash line as feasible. The thicker the line, the more times you should do this.
      • Apply eye pencil to the bottom lash line. A fine line should be drawn from the furthest corner of your eye inwards using an eye pencil with a tip as near to the lash line as feasible. 
      • Just two-thirds of your lower lids should be lined with a straight line to amplify your eyes; otherwise, your eyes will seem smaller.
      • Make the connections. The outer corner of the eye should be lined up with the eye pencil.
      • Draw a wing of eye pencil on your eyelids. To create a cat-eye or a winged liner, use your lower lash line as a guide to drawing an upward slanting line from the outer corner of your eye. Create a cat-eye effect by filling in the line more strongly.
      • Make sure your eye pencil is set. Use an eye pencil brush or an eyeshadow brush to apply eyeshadow in the same color as your eye pencil for a longer-lasting eye pencil.

      Checklist for buying an eye pencil 

      The eyes of a woman are the source of her attractiveness. Makeup for your eyes should be done with care if you want to seem even more gorgeous. You may use various eye makeup for different occasions, such as for a day at the office, a party, or a professional job. Eye pencils and faces canada kajal pencil are essential in the application of eye makeup. When purchasing eye pencils and kajal, there are several factors to consider. It is possible to suffer from the consequences of choosing the incorrect cosmetic.

      If you don't know what to look for while selecting eye makeup, especially when it comes to eye pencils and kajal, this article will provide you with some pointers to consider.

      • Organic cosmetics

      Organic cosmetics are the only ones you should use since they include only natural components, and you should only use them. These are less damaging to the eyes, skin, and hair than traditional pesticides. Kajals and eye pencil black made from organic ingredients are available from a variety of vendors like faces canada eye pencil review. As a result, look for the greatest brand online and make your purchase appropriately.

      • Authentic products

      It is essential to always purchase authentic things. Whether you shop in person or online, you can find the best-quality companies that offer high-quality kajal and eye pencils. However, you must pick your eye makeup in such a manner that it is appropriate for your skin type. You may seek guidance on eye makeup from a reputable beauty goods dealer or beauty salon, as they will be able to provide items that are appropriate for your skin type.

      • Allergy testing 

      It is vital to try out any eye makeup before purchasing it for the first time. The easy techniques outlined here will allow you to test any kajal or eye pencil you may have. After that, take a tiny amount of the lotion and gently apply it over your forearm, leaving it on for an hour.

      If there is any evidence of color change, wash it off with water and examine it again. If you are allergic to a certain cosmetic item, you may experience slight itching or redness in the region where the makeup has been applied. When purchasing an eye makeup product, try it in this manner to ensure that it is the best option for your appearance and skin type

      How to remove eye pencil?

      For the majority of makeup enthusiasts, eye pencil is a must-have for everyday use. eye pencils give a splash of color and excitement to any look, whether you want to go big and dramatic or just add a little definition for a more natural appearance. However, taking it off before going to bed is not the most enjoyable part of the experience.

      You are well aware of the significance of removing all of your makeup at the end of each day. It's important to understand that sleeping with makeup on may cause a variety of skin problems, including eye discomfort and unsightly breakouts.) So, although it may be tempting to skip out on it, it is very necessary – if only for the health of your skin.

      1. Use Micellar Water 

      The most effective method of removing an eye pencil is to dissolve it with either micellar water or oil. She suggests that micellar water be used on a non-waterproof liner to get rid of the odor. Due to the fact that it is a very mild remover, it is particularly beneficial for individuals who have sensitive eyes.

      It's a rather straightforward application to use. To remove makeup from the lash line, she suggests wrapping a makeup-removing micellar water wipe over a cotton swab and gently sliding it down the lash line. After that, you may detach the wipe from the cotton swab and use it to clean off any remaining residue on the surface.

      1. Look for an oil-based makeup remover

      When it comes to removing waterproof eye pencils, oil is the way to go. It will break down the quickest if you use oil instead of water, and it will reduce the amount of scrubbing or repeated applications you will have to perform. 

      To remove eye makeup, she prefers to soak a cotton bud or cotton pad in remover and gently place it over the eye for 20-30 seconds. The oil will have ample time to dissolve the product, enabling you to wipe it away with just one or two swipes, according to her. After that, she suggests using micellar water to remove any greasy residue that may have remained.

      1. Avoid using excessive force while scrubbing.

      In general, you should avoid exfoliating your skin too vigorously. Scrubbing, on the other hand, is something you should avoid doing around the eyes. Clark warns that cleaning the eye too vigorously may harm the skin and cause the eyelashes to fall out if done too often.

      1. Don't go overboard with the product.

      Although it may seem apparent, one of the most effective techniques to make eye pencil easier to remove is to apply just a little amount of it. If you truly want to make your eye pencil stand out, use hues that are very pigmented and dramatic. 

      Organic eye pencil 

      Those who follow cosmetics trends will note that organic products are becoming more popular in the industry. If you don't want to commit to a completely organic cosmetics collection right away, you may start by changing out your standard pencils with organic faces canada eye pencil versions and seeing how you like them.

      Organic eye pencil Pros:

      1. After procedures, organic options are considered to be safe to wear

      You may be considering a cosmetic treatment such as microdermabrasion, a facial, or plastic surgery shortly. It is sometimes advised or prohibited to apply conventional cosmetics for a period of time after surgery afterward. A large number of specialists from a wide range of specialties seem to concur that they are not averse to the use of organic cosmetics. Even throughout the healing process, eye pencils should be rather simple to apply.

      2. Obtaining Organic Options Should Not Be Difficult

      If you're looking to add organic eye pencils into your beauty regimen, you shouldn't have any difficulties doing so. Organic cosmetics are now accessible at a variety of price points, including high-end and low-cost options. Whatever your financial situation, you will not be prevented from experimenting with organic cosmetics.

      3. Natural and Organic Alternatives

      It is not permitted to use endocrine-disrupting chemicals. The traditional cosmetics recipes include harmful substances that should be avoided. Endocrine disruptors are a kind of substance that has been identified. The endocrine system is responsible for the production and distribution of hormones in our bodies.

      Endocrine disruptors have an influence on hormone synthesis by either imitating hormones or by slowing down the normal pace of hormone production, among other things. This is not the case with organic alternatives. Eye pencils are placed close to mucous membranes, which are particularly susceptible to absorbing foreign objects. Faces canada long wear eye pencil, on the other hand, is a safer alternative.

      Organic cosmetics are more environmentally conscious than traditional cosmetics. Traditional cosmetics may contain and create more pollutants than organic cosmetics. Often, man-made substances may have a significant environmental impact. 


      1. Organic Alternatives Aren't Waterproof in the First Place

      Organic eye pencils, as well as other organic cosmetics, will not be waterproof due to the absence of synthetic ingredients in their formulation. The eye pencils may run if you sweat, swim, or are in a strong, hazy fog. Just a quick touch-up is all that is required to correct the situation.

      1. Organic Alternatives Preservatives are lacking

      Traditional solutions include strong compounds that have antibacterial capabilities and help to prevent contamination. Organic preservatives are not as effective as man-made preservatives, according to widespread consensus. This is because organic preservatives are less harsh. Because the eyes include mucous membranes, you'll want to choose products that are either conventional or organic to avoid irritation. Avoiding the sharing of eye pencils, keeping them clean, and changing them as required are all good safety precautions.

      1. Natural and Organic Alternatives 

      Organic eye pencils may seem to have a limited color selection because they do not include synthetic dyes or colorants. However, this is not the case. The trade-off for fewer colors is the use of non-toxic and natural substances that you can rely on to be effective.

      Even though organic options are natural, persons with allergies or very sensitive skin may still have a response to an organic eye pencil.

      Smudgeproof eye pencil 

      In case you've been wondering how to keep your eye pencil from blurring, we have the answer for you. In a matter of seconds, well-defined eyes may transform your appearance from drab to fantastic. All you need are a few useful tips and tricks to master your eye makeup. In this post, we will provide you with some special ideas that will assist you in avoiding smeared eye pencil problems. Up the sleeve!

      1. Make Use of a Quality eye pencil Formula

      Always make an investment in a high-quality eye pencil for your eye makeup. It will prove to be your greatest cosmetics companion in the long run. It is not necessary to purchase a costly eye pencil for it to be effective. If you are unable to buy high-end brands, it is preferable to go for more economical alternatives.

      1. Apply Concealer to the under-eye area of the face

      Utilize your preferred concealer and pat it into your under-eye region in patting strokes. By following these instructions, you will avoid your eye pencil from running. It also helps to prevent the product from soaking into the tiny wrinkles around the eyes. The velvety nature of the concealer evens out the complexion while also filling in all of the wrinkles. It creates a barrier between your skin and your eye pencil, allowing the formula to last longer and remain fresh.

      1. Experiment with the Layering Technique

      Don't we all experiment with different layers of lipstick to make it more bright and more long-lasting? The application process is straightforward: apply, blot, and reapply! The same technique may be used with your eye pencil as well. This easy tip can keep your eye pencil looking fresh throughout the day. Begin by applying your eye pencil and smudging it out with a pencil brush or a cotton swab to create a subtle smudge effect. After that, reapply your eye pencil one more time, and your eye pencil will last for an extremely long period. This product will not slip, smear, or slide off of your face.

      1. Apply a little layer of face powder

      Powdering your eyelids before applying eye pencil reduces creasing and sliding off of the eye pencil in the same way that setting your cream foundation with powder prevents wrinkling and slipping off of your cream foundation. This approach aids in keeping the eye pencil in place and undamaged for a longer period.

      1. Use Oil Absorbent Sheets to absorb excess oil

      This approach will be quite beneficial to those who have oily skin. You may have noticed on several occasions that within an hour of applying makeup, some shine and greasiness appear around your eyes and t-zone areas of your face. Make use of excellent oil-absorbent sheets and dab on the region to eliminate any oiliness that might cause rapid creasing and slippage of your eye pencil if not addressed.

      1. Make use of Primer

      The use of an eye primer will aid to set and deepen your eyeshadow. It also aids in the prevention of creases while applying eye pencil brown. Begin by using an eye primer and setting it with your favorite compact powder, and then apply your eye pencil to ensure that it lasts throughout the day and night.

      1. Use eye pencil sealers

      If you're still having trouble finding waterproof eye pencil recipes, consider eye pencil sealers, which are readily accessible nowadays. The sealer aids in keeping the eye pencil in place for extended periods. 

      Tips for using an eye pencil 

      We'll discuss several tips and tricks for making applying your eye pencil a little bit less difficult. Here are a few of our favorite liner tips & techniques, covering everything from how to get the perfect flick to outlining your eyes and making them seem larger.

      1. The technique with the invisible eye pencil

      Try the 'invisible eye pencil' approach, which is popular among make-up artists, to get thicker-looking lashes.

      1. Make sure your flick angle is correct.

      You're having trouble getting the angle of your liner flicks just right? Take a pencil or a long make-up brush and start writing. Hold it in a diagonal line from the corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye, so that it passes across the middle of your eye. If you want your liner to look its best, mark it with dots that you may write over later on.

      1. Make a rough sketch in pencil first.

      Making the curve of her eye pencil using an eye pencil first, says make-up artist since it's simpler to apply and fix, then painting over the line with liquid or gel liner is her method of choice.

      1. Make use of white liner to bring out the most in your eye shadow.

      If you apply your eyeshadow over a foundation of white eye pencil, you will be able to make the hue seem stronger since the color of your skin will be neutralized. This is a fantastic project to do with pastels.

      1. Experiment with making your stencils.

      If you're having trouble drawing eye pencil eyeliner wings, try using a stencil. Using precisely placed masking tape to create a straight line may be effective, and using the curved tip of a teaspoon to create the ideal cat-eye can also be very effective!

      1. Freeze pencils that are disintegrating.

      If your eye pencil is crumbling and lumpy, consider putting it in the freezer for 15 minutes to give it a chance to firm and become more permanent.

      1. Make your eyes seem to be broader.

      When applied to the lower waterline, white and nude eye pencils may make tiny or weary eyes seem larger and more open.

      Get the best eye look using the correct eye pencil

      In the 90s, there is a good possibility that your first eye makeup product was a black kohl pencil, which you had to sharpen after every few uses if you wanted to produce thin, exact lines (oh, the memories! ). However, as time went on, we began to use liquid and gel eye pencils to draw attention to our eyes. If, on the other hand, you're still having trouble applying your eye pencil, it may be time to go back to the good ol' eye pencil days. Yes, this is true! They not only provide you with a lot more control, but they are also very cost-effective.

      And, if you have the right tips and tricks up your sleeve, it is possible to achieve the highly pigmented black color that is used to define your eyes. Examine what those suggestions are and how to appropriately apply eye pencil.

      1. Select the appropriate eye pencil

      Choosing the proper eye pencil color can assist you in achieving the appearance you want for your eyes. For example, if you want to produce a somewhat defined and dramatic appearance, a black pencil is the best choice. Brown eye pencils are the finest choice for a softer, daytime appearance. Even more adventurous and daring, try a colored eye pencil from the Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate The Gelato Collection, which comes in a variety of vibrant shades.

      1. Make use of dashes

      The most advantageous aspect of utilizing an eye pencil waterproof is the accuracy and control it affords the user. If you're having trouble drawing a straight line, just make little dashes along your lash line (keeping as near to it as possible) with your eye pencil, and then link the dashes together to form a smooth, tidy line with your eyeshadow pencil.

      1. Set it in place with a little eyeshadow

      If you find that eye pencils aren't as long-lasting as their liquid equivalents or that they begin to melt after a couple of hours, then you'll appreciate this advice. Simply apply an eyeshadow in the same color as your liner on top of the liner to prevent it from smearing and fading. Using this method, you may soak up any extra oil and keep it from traveling about the room, melting, or smearing.

      1. Heat it to bring out the pigment's color.

      If your eye pencil is dragging a little on your lid, or if you feel that it is not pigmented enough, just heat it for approximately 10 seconds over a candle flame. Allow it to cool down before applying it to your eyelids for a smooth and highly pigmented application that will last all day.

      Faces Canada Product

      Product Name 


      Ultime Pro Eye Pencil

      Rs. 499

      Ultime Pro Eye Pencil

      Are you bored of the same old black liners? Give your eyes a pop of color with these long-lasting faces canada eye pencils, which are available in a variety of seductively beautiful colors to choose from. They are delicate and highly mild, making them suitable for even the most sensitive eyes. Using these eye canada kajal pencil, you may either give your eyes a dramatic makeover or just brighten and open them. This pencil has a creamy texture that allows it to glide on effortlessly. This faces canada eye pencil eyeliner doesn't take long for it to dry out and become completely dry. It is unquestionably water-resistant and smudge-resistant.


      ●      Smudge

      ●      Water-resistant 

      ●      Intense color


      1. How do you make eye pencils last?

      ●      Setting powder should be used

      ●      Setting spray should be applied.

      ●      Avoid applying excessive amounts of makeup

      ●      Examine the expiry dates on your items

      ●      Exfoliate the skin on your face

      ●      Preparation begins with priming

      ●      Make use of an eye makeup primer that is specifically designed for this purpose.

      ●      Excess oil may be removed using blotting sheets.

      1. Can you sharpen your eye pencil?

      If you need to sharpen your cosmetics, do not use a conventional pencil sharpener. Sharpening utensils using a writing sharpener can destroy delicate kohl or gel eyeliner pencils. In contrast, cosmetic pencil sharpeners are designed exclusively for sharpening cosmetics pencils while maintaining the tip's integrity.

      1. How do you make eye pencils softer?

      Allow your eyeliner pen to rest in a cup of hot water for a few minutes with the cap tightly closed and the tip facing down. After that, take the liner from the water, give it a couple of good shakes, and try running the tip over the back of your hand to promote ink flow. You should see that the streaky mess has transformed into bold solid lines once again.

      1. How do you apply the eye pencil to the bottom lid? 

      Prepare yourself by having your freshly sharpened liner pencil ready, following these steps and advice, and you'll be mastering the ideal bottom eyeliner look in no time.

      1. Keep your lines as thin as possible.

       Maintain a thin and subtle line of eyeliner on the lower lid. The most apparent disadvantage of bottom eyeliner is that it may give the appearance of dark circles under your eyes, which is something that no one likes. Keep the line thin and delicate by using the side of the tip of your liner pencil rather than pushing down on it. This is essential for eliminating under-eye dark circles and bags.

      1. Concentrate on the outside three-quarters of the eye and avoid the inner corner.

      Using a black liner in the inner corner of the eye "closes" the eye and makes it seem smaller, which is the opposite of what you want.

      Choose a light hand to trace out a delicate line just below your bottom lashes, leaving enough waterline visible to keep the region appearing light. This will give your eyes the definition you want without altering their proportions.

      1. The inside rim should not be lined.

      The practice of lining the waterline with black to define the eyes has gained popularity in recent years, but we highly advise against it, particularly on the lower lash line, since it may cause irritation. The possible eye health ramifications (infection, itching, and general irritation) make it even less attractive. Not only will it make your eyes seem darker and smaller (are you finding a pattern here?) but it will also make you look older. Avoid, avoid, and more avoid.

      1. Blending Should Be Done With Caution

       When applying eyeliner, it is important to blend it into the lash line and at the borders so that it seems natural rather than harsh. However, blending too much might result in a greyish shadow around the region being highlighted, which can further accentuate the impression of dark circles. It's time to stop blending and start cleaning up when you see the liner beginning to make your eyes appear a touch boring. Blend upward and side to side.

      1. Always make a point of cleaning up after yourself. 

      Yes, all of the time. In addition to making you seem fatigued and dark, a smudged liner that goes too far down below the lash line can also make you appear less than bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Cleaning up the area with a tapered Q-tip soaked in makeup remover will ensure that your eyes are as noticeable as possible; as in, people will ask you how to get the look rather than if you've been up since the wee hours of the morning

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