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      We have everything you need to nail with our curated nail product combos. Get everything your nails need from nail enamel shades to nail enamel and remover combos for beautiful nails always!

      Types of nail paints


      When you’re looking to add the perfect touch of color and shine to your nails, it can be hard to find the right shade or style—one that suits your style while still looking professional enough for the office or special occasion. With so many different types of nail polish and nail enamel combos on the market, it can be hard to figure out what goes best with what and which brands are the best quality. For help choosing the best nail combo and nail enamel combinations, check out this list of our top ten favorite nail polish combos!


      For a super-opaque nail polish combo, try using a two-step base coat (primer) and topcoat combo that is designed to hide any marks or dents on your nails. This combo will give you a manicure that lasts longer than normal polish and it's available in all faces Canada nail polish price ranges. My favorite is Faces Canada Instantly Wet ($5), which dries instantly so you don’t have to waste time sitting around waiting for your nails to dry!


      A frosted finish on nails is a chic look that can be accomplished with matte nail paints. The sheen on matte combo nail polish paints helps to give your nails more of a natural look, so you don’t have to worry about that glossy shine typically associated with faces Canada nail enamel. To achieve a matte finish, apply two coats of nail paint and then add another coat of your chosen top coat.

      Make sure to let each layer dry before applying another one. If you’re in a rush or impatient, opt for powder-based matting agents rather than waiting for your enamel to dry naturally. Powder-based matting agents are good at mattifying both wet and dry paint; just make sure to shake them thoroughly before application!


      Nails need to sparkle to be noticed, says nail polish combination artist Sandy Linter. There are so many colors to choose from that you can easily mix and match and have a different face's Canada nail polish set of 4 nails every day if you wanted. The thing about glitter is it's surprisingly simple; when applied with a gel-polish base, it will last for about 10 days.

      Hi-Shine enamel

      This type of nail polish combo under 200 is good for all types of occasions and provides a high-gloss finish. It stays on longer than other enamels but doesn’t last as long as gel nail polish. A base coat, 2 to 3 coats of color, and a topcoat should be applied to get an opaque look with faces Canada hi-shine nail enamel.

      It's important to note that polish only lasts as long as nails grow—about three weeks. Remember: base coat will help strengthen nails while also helping prevent staining. Topcoats protect what you've already painted by sealing it in, which prevents chips and other damage from affecting your design. A shiny topcoat gives nails a mirror-like effect.

      Matte polishes

      Mattes are all about structure and minimizing distractions. The un-shiny finish doesn’t do anything to highlight ridges, bumps, or nicks in your nails, which can be problematic if you’re trying to make a statement with color.

      They take longer to dry, so they might smudge if you don't wait long enough between coats. Mattes tend to peel off more easily than shimmers too. That said, mattes have their following, and some nail polish combination art techniques look best with a flat finish on top. If you want your mani to be matte from start to finish or if you want something ultra-natural looking—think: french manicure—then these polishes are for you.

      Shimmery colors

      Ladies who want to up their nail game should try shimmery nail polish combination. These vibrant colors don't need lots of details to look good, but instead can be worn on any occasion. Paired with coordinating nail polish combination, it can add even more flair.

      If you choose to wear your nails down, use clear or white polish as your base. Add a thin coat of color and top it off with clear lacquer; you’ll get that same look without having to switch out your base color regularly. Consider adding strips and designs for an edgier look or keep it simple with just one color/design combination. Experimentation is key when deciding what looks best for you!

      Lip colors and nail colors together in a gift box set

      Lip colors and nail colors are a win-win gift. Pick out a gift box set that includes both, and your friend or family member will have an instant pampering session.

      These nail paint combination provide you with great product selections, making it easy to add a little joy to someone’s life in no time at all. Best of all, they often come with a faces Canada nail paint gift box like you see here. Just make sure you aren’t choosing your favorite shades before handing them over!

      All different colors but with the same theme/name in a gift box set

      I got a nail paint gift box, faces Canada nail polish set in the past, which was highly appreciated. Though I do not use those colors for my nails they are great for gifting purposes. My nail polish combo set had different types of nail paints combination in different colors. The theme of each color combination was the same but all with different names.

      Just imagine you can gift ten types of nail polish combinations under 100 with the same theme in a single package! If you are looking for something like that, here is the faces Canada nail polish combination. The exact price and availability may vary according to your country and store

      Different shades of the same color family (e.g., reds, pinks, mauves, violets, etc.) in a faces Canada pack of 4 nail paint gift box combo  set

      You might have a slight preference between light pinks and deep purples, but a color family is a safe option for any recipient. This set includes a nail paint combination and topcoat in ten different shades of red—all with varying finishes that add extra shine to the nails (which means your manicure will last longer).

      If you know someone who’s into fashion and the beauty industry, chances are she has heard of Butter London—the brand’s polishes are designed to be multi-functional on top of making nails look pretty. At $30 it’s not the cheapest gift box set on the market but having the same thing over ten different shades means it's certainly a good value.


      What are gel nail paint combo? If you want to achieve the neat look of salon gel nails, but don't want to spend the money or shell out the time to go to the salon, you may consider buying some gel nail polish combination that are meant to be applied in your own home. But which brands make the best gel paints? In this article, we will explore some of the most popular and highest-rated brands on the market today and compare their prices so that you can choose what is right for you without breaking your budget.

      Gel Nail Polishes

      Have you ever wondered how nail paint combo can get to be so strong, hard, and shiny? No, we’re not just talking about your run-of-the-mill fingernail polish here. We’re talking about gel nail polishes, which are different in both application and function from your usual bottle of Faces Canada. They are two different things altogether; while nail polish coats nails like a protective layer, gel penetrates nails so that it is part of them—it gels with your natural nail matrix. It's also important to note that there are two different types: cured and uncured.

      Shellac Nail Polishes

      Shellac is a gel manicure that lasts for two weeks without chipping or smudging. It's great for women who do not have much time to pamper themselves and would rather focus on more important things in life. The main ingredient in Shellac is Ethyl Acetate, an organic compound derived from petroleum. In addition to being alcohol-based, it's known to cause side effects such as skin rashes and allergic reactions among others. If you are looking for safer alternatives, try Faces Canada Longwear Nail Polish or Faces Canada Nail Polishes instead. Both contain non-toxic ingredients like cottonseed oil and vitamin E which make them safe for long-term use.

      Gelato Nail Polishes

      It can be a bit challenging to find Gelato nail polishes, especially outside Canada. Nail combo Polishes made by Faces Canada are loved by nail professionals and women alike. This is one more reason why there's a dearth of Gelato colors in some markets; each country has its restrictions on what is allowed to be sold in stores. If you see them online (for example on eBay), then it's safe to assume they are fake ones from China which may have caused reactions on some women's nails.

      LED/UV LED Nail Paints

      Make your nails glow in a matter of minutes with these quick-drying LED/UV faces Canada nail paint. They last much longer than traditional nail paint combo because they dry under UV or LED lights instead of at room temperature. The only other thing you need is a top coat to seal in that amazing color. The best part? There are so many different colors and design choices to choose from, that your fingernails will always be perfect! LED/UV LED Nail Paints combination is available in lots of different stores across Canada. If you’re having trouble finding them, try looking online or ask a sales associate if they carry them in stock. You can also order them off Amazon and have them delivered right to your front door! 

      Solar Nail Polish

      Don’t underestimate solar nail paint combination. It's a great alternative to regular nail polish and even gel manicures, especially for people with short nails or weak nails who are looking for something less harsh on their hands. Solar polish is more than just glitter in a bottle—you can find it in high gloss and matte options, too. If you haven't yet given solar nail polish a try, we highly recommend that you do.

      It's a great time to get out there and stand up to winter cold! Here at Faces Canada, we have many kinds of beautiful nail paint like Solar Nail Polish combination which gives intense shine to your natural beauty. We bring you glamorous colors and effects so that you don't have an excuse not to dress up anymore.


      Have you ever applied acrylic paints to your nails? Acrylic paint, also called artist's paint, comes in tube form and can be purchased at any art supply store or online. You can apply these acrylic paints on your fingernails or toenails to make them look professionally painted as if you've just stepped out of the salon. Acrylic paints are very durable, making them ideal for people who work with their hands in manual labor jobs or do other activities that require tough fingernails.

      Tools you need

      We need nail paints, faces Canada nail polish remover, acetone, and a board for soaking nails. It is better if you use a transparent polish before applying acrylic paints as it will help you check your design. For good results, apply an anti-fungal cream at night before going to bed. In case of sensitive skin use a moisturizer after doing your nails. Check out the designs available in the acrylic paints section of various faces Canada nail paint combinations.

      Prep your nails

      Before you start painting, it’s important to prepare your nails. You want them as smooth and even as possible. Start by soaking your nails in warm water for a few minutes (you can add baking soda or salt to help soften them).

       Then use an emery board or nail file to gently remove any ridges. Dry your nails completely before applying any polish. When using powder-based paint, also make sure your nail combo plate is well-hydrated: try putting petroleum jelly over each nail and then let it sit for about 15 minutes before painting. Once you're ready, follow these instructions for a perfect application of acrylic paints

      Prep your hands

      The first step is to prep your hands. Because acrylic paints are made of pigment and an adhesive, they won’t stick to your nails as well if your natural oils haven’t been removed. That’s why it’s a good idea to apply a base coat (usually a clear polish with no color) just before applying paint.

      Your nails need time after that initial layer dries before you can paint over them again, so prepare for a longer-than-usual application process. Give your nails at least 20 minutes after each coat dries before adding another layer; wear gloves if you want more time in between layers or if any coats are taking longer than usual to dry.

      Painting your nails

      One of the best things about painting your nails is that it's easy, fun, and cheap! All you need is a little practice. But first, be sure to do a test run before applying acrylic paints to your nails. Paint a piece of cardboard or paper so you can get comfortable with your tools and what looks good.

      You'll also want to make sure your acrylic paints are mixed correctly and dry quickly enough for you (especially if you're in a rush). In addition, use your favorite base coat to keep your nails healthy while they're being painted. And don't forget some top coat too!

      Clean up and dry off

      When you finish a coat of acrylic paint, it's important to clean up and dry off your work area. For best results, clean with water-based cleaners—these are less likely to ruin your work than alcohol-based ones. And make sure you dry things off completely; even a little bit of moisture will allow acrylic paint layers to separate and peel away from one another.

      No matter what kind of paint you're using, if one layer is still wet when you start another, they'll mix and probably ruin both coats.

      Adding some extra sparkle

      The sparkle of a glitter nail paint combo is hard to deny, but it can also be hard to remove. If you're going for something with just a touch of extra sparkle, you should follow some basic principles. Before using your acrylic paints and applying them to your nails, make sure that your nails are clean and that they have been filed down properly.


      So, you’ve heard about the dangers of regular nail paint combos and how they contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to your health? You can’t believe that it’s true, because you have spent hours going through all those gorgeous nail paint combo collections online and have made your mind up that you want some of them on your nails right now! Relax!

      There's no need to panic or throw away those beautiful bottles of polish because they are not as harmful as they might seem. Here are the 5 best breathable nail paints that are good for you and will make your nails look equally beautiful!

      1) What are the Paints

      Different kinds of nail paint combination can contain several chemicals, many of which can affect the body over the long term. The most common culprits are phthalates, parabens, and toluene.

      These ingredients can result in several short-term symptoms such as nausea, rashes, or difficulty breathing. It is possible that exposure to these paints can cause some types of cancer in the long run, but not enough research has been done yet to conclusively prove whether or not they're safe for human consumption. It's probably safest to stick with organic paints if you have any doubt about the safety of your current product line.

      2) Which brand is the best

      Every nail polish combination is made with different ingredients, so what may be great for your skin may not be best for mine. The Face Canada we recommend all utilize safe and easy-to-remove formulas. With breathable paints on hand, painting your nails will be a breeze.

      3) Why Should I use them?

      These products are breathable, which is a unique trait to them. They don’t trap moisture and they allow your nail paint combination to breathe so that you don’t end up with any kind of fungal issues down below. This can happen because painted nails get moist and tend to trap water in them while they’re covered up.

      They also don't use plasticizers, which are ingredients that harden your nails over time as you use them. What happens is that these harden your skin and can eventually cause it to crack or peel off, revealing sensitive new layers of skin underneath it all. These plasticizers have been linked to cancers as well.

      4) How are they different from regular nail polishes?

      Breathable nail paints, as their name suggests, are different from regular nail polishes. Unlike regular nail paints that can be toxic and cause skin allergies, breathable nail paints are made of safe and non-toxic ingredients.

      They are also more hygienic than regular nail paint combo paints since they do not cause any skin infections even if you touch them. The best part about breathable nail polishes is that they allow air to enter your nails thus keeping them healthy and strong at all times. It is due to these properties that many people prefer using breathable nail polishes over conventional ones these days.

      5) Where can I buy them?

      Almost every major nail polish brand has breathable nail paint combo options. Faces Canada is one of them. These types of nail paints are more expensive than traditional ones—usually around $8–$10 per bottle—but a little bit goes a long way.


      Polygel nail paints combo, also called sculptured nails, are similar to acrylic nails and gel nails in that they are artificial extensions of your nails. However, they are much more versatile than either of those options, because you can paint them any color and use them to create artwork on your nails, such as patterns or pictures that resemble painted-on tattoos. Polygel nail paint combination come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find the perfect products for your lifestyle and the type of art you want to make on your nails.

      Colorful nails are here to stay

      Colorful nails have been around for quite some time, with teenagers having been rocking some insane rainbow looks for years. Even so, it was recently considered a bit of a faux pas for adults to wear anything other than neutrals and creams on their nails.

      But that is changing quickly as celebrities like Alexa Chung, Jessica Alba and Rihanna sport bright-hued manicures at award shows and red carpets; and fashion magazines like French Elle are sporting bold colors on their covers. The simple truth is that colorful nails are here to stay and they don’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

      1) Pick the right shade for your skin tone

      The problem with certain shades of nail paint combination is that they can look completely different on one person than they do on another. Since you’re going for a bright, flashy look, it’s important to choose a shade that will complement your skin tone rather than clash with it. If you're going for something in particular—pink for your daughter's wedding, say—ask the experts at the nail salon for their advice. Whatever shade you pick, just make sure it makes a statement; the great thing about these styles is how eye-catching they are even from afar.

      2) Layer lighter colors on top of darker ones

      A lot of dark colors tend to look too heavy and slightly intimidating. Layer lighter colors on top of darker ones and you’ll find that you can wear a color like red or navy in a very fun way. To get started, simply add a coat of a light shade on top of your dark color; I used an iridescent white polish on top of my deep teal, but others will work just as well. Next, grab your darkest color and paint an even smaller design using two-to-three strokes per nail. Using darker colors helps make your lighter shade stand out! Finally, add one last coat of lighter nail paint combo over your nails—again, my base is iridescent white—and you’re done!

      3) Use the poly gel as a base coat

      While poly gel does create a durable base for your polish, it’s important to note that it doesn’t include any type of bonding agent. In other words, if you want your poly gel polish to stay in place, you have to use a bonding agent (like Faces Canada Natural) as well. Polyols without an accompanying base coat can easily flake off during the application or after a few days of wear. These tend not to be long-lasting products—which is fine considering how easy they are! All you need is some nail glue and you can make them last longer than usual.

      4) Play with texture

      In addition to making sure that you're wearing two coats of poly-based nail polish and a topcoat, add some extra texture with some decals. You can get these at most beauty supply stores. They're easy to apply—just peel and stick over your fresh manicure.

      Or, add more dimension by using a nail polish comboination stamping kit (available at drugstores) and create a new pattern with each use. And don’t forget that adding color will give your nails a fashion-forward look; try an ombré or metallic paint. For something bolder, try glitter! The right shade of glittery gold will make everyone say oooh when they see your latest mani look!

      Dip powder

      Dip powder nails have been rising in popularity, and they are now as popular as regular manicures! What is dip powder? Dip powder nail paints are nail paints that don't need to be dried under UV light, unlike the usual gels and acrylics. The great thing about dip powder nails is that you can paint your nails at home and then go out straight away – no need to wait for them to dry! These types of nail paints have become popular because of the wide range of beautiful colors available as well as their long-lasting nature.

      The types

      Different types of nail combo paints give off different vibes. Therefore, when it comes to dipping your nails into the paint, you must consider what each type of nail polish says about you and your attitude toward life.

      How it works

      Dip powders work just like regular nail paint combination, except that it’s available in a range of solid colors. You start with a base coat of clear polish and follow up with your color choice. The first step is curing, which is what happens when you shine your UV light on top of each layer as they dry.

      After it's cured (all layers are completely dry), then you remove your nails from underneath and add a topcoat for shine and protection. This kind of mani generally lasts between two and four weeks, depending on how well you take care of them—some colors last longer than others due to their pigment content.

      Why choose this technique

      Dip powder is an excellent choice for beginners who are looking for a more polished look. It's also great for those who have trouble with nail paint combo chipping since it can last up to two weeks without any touchups needed.

      For instance, if your job involves manual labor, DIY projects, or tasks that involve a lot of washing dishes, this type of polish is ideal because it's stronger than most traditional nail polishes and requires less upkeep. Dip powder also offers more variety than traditional nail polishes when it comes to colors and designs. You can usually get away with painting only one coat of polish because there isn’t as much room for error with this technique.


      It's an extremely easy product to apply. The only preparatory step is removing your old polish and cleaning your nails before putting on a new coat of dip. But there are a few tips that can make application easier:  Soak your nails in warm water for five minutes, then gently push back cuticles with an orange stick.

      Application process

      If you’re not used to applying nail paint combo, dipping your fingers in a small bowl of powder can seem like a daunting process. But it doesn’t have to be that way—the application process is simple. You just have to make sure that your hands are clean and dry and then place each finger into a plastic bag filled with powdered paint. (Don’t worry; as long as they are sealed, you won’t spill any on your clothing.)

      Then leave them in there for 60 seconds—the amount of time recommended by OPI—to let them dissolve and form an adhesive layer around each nail. Before removing each hand from its bag, take a damp cotton ball or paper towel and wipe off any excess pigment.

      Color selection

      The color selection in nail polish is especially important because of its sheer visibility. When dealing with dip powder, though, it's even more vital since they don't contain any pigments or dyes. This means that if you choose a base and topcoat that don't perfectly match your own, people will notice immediately. Also, note that these are marketed as a set—it doesn't work if only one is applied. Instead, use both products every time for perfect results.


      Shellac has been on the market for about 4 years now and it’s still as popular as ever. People love it because of how long it lasts and how good your nails look when they are done with Shellac nail polish combination on them. If you want to get great-looking nails and have time to focus on other things, Shellac nail paints combo are the way to go because you can do more with your nails in the long run.

      Things to know about shellac

      Shellac is just a polish, nothing more. There's no danger in accidentally removing your nail. It's similar to gel manicures. A treatment is applied to your nails before you get it done, so there's no damage to them and they don't need filing afterward.

      Shellac polish can last up to two weeks and you can remove it at home without going to a salon as well. Since it grows out with your nails and it's strong, it doesn't chip as easily as other polishes and lasts twice as long! You should always use a good base coat for longer-lasting results when applying shellac, though.

      Know your shellac manicurist

      To receive shellac nails, you will have to find a manicurist that has been trained and certified by Incoco. Many salons still do not offer shellac or do not understand what it is.

      To avoid any misunderstandings, ask if they are experienced in doing shellac nails or just nail art. Also, make sure you know how much your shellac manicure will cost. It may cost slightly more than your normal manicure but it's usually worth it in terms of durability and the look of your nail polish combination.

      Application process

      It’s very easy to apply and is a fantastic choice for nails that are in bad shape. There’s no need to deal with nail forms, or applying nail polish off of a brush, making it much easier than traditional manicures.

      Shellac can be removed at any time, without having to do damage to your natural nails as you would have if you were using ordinary nail paint combination. If you're concerned about damaging your nails by removing them, then Shellac is a great option that will make it an easy process.


      This is one of my favorite things about Shellac. With regular nail polish, your manicure doesn't last forever, and there's a chance that chips can form in between your nail polish changes—which means a trip to get them redone every 2 weeks. With Shellac, you only have to do touch-ups once or twice a month! It's hard to say goodbye to waiting a week for my nails to dry after I paint them.

      Removal process

      Shellac is easy to remove in as little as 15 minutes. After your manicure, you'll simply soak off your Shellac with a professional file and then use a professional polish remover to scrub away any residue. When you're done, your nails will be perfectly clean and ready for another fresh coat of color! This is a process that takes longer than gel polish removal but much less time than the regular polish remover. Shellac manicures can last up to 2 weeks without any chipping or peeling. 


      When you think of nail paint combo, the first thing that comes to your mind would be the regular nail paints combo that we have been using for years and years. However, with time and changing trends, things have changed from being conventional to something more out of the box.

      With the present-day trends now shifting towards the classy nudes, metallic shades and dark hues in shades of grey, black, and brown matte nail paints are also making their way into the market in all their glory. So if you are looking for those perfect matte nail paints to go with your perfect nail look then here's where you can find them!

      Does matte nail polish need a topcoat?

      The word matte makes you think of flat, boring colors, but nothing could be further from reality. Faces Canada matte nail polish is a great choice if you want your nails to shine. However, matte polishes do not need a top coat because it dulls the color. Adding a top coat on matte polish gives it more shine and gloss!

      Benefits Of Matte Nail Paints

      It stays longer. Matte nail paint combo dry fast and once it has dried, you are good to go for a day or two. Matte paints have a shinier look compared to regular nail paints. Even though they have shine, it does not compromise their matte look.

      Matte nails appear like you just had your nails done, but not for long! It is great for girls on their toes all day long as it can take in more wear and tear than normal nail paint combination that has a glossy finish. No streaks!

      When To Use A Matte Nail Paint

      Matte nail combo paints work best with wet nails, and you should use them before other nail colors. Matte polish makes your nails look shiny, so it is ideal for improving any other manicure colors you choose to apply. As a result, matte polish is used by both men and women in a wide range of situations.

      Matte Colour Options In The Market

      Matte nail polishes are a must-have if you're looking for a less glitzy look. The great thing about matte nail paint combo colors is that they will always remain timeless. So, instead of stocking up on colors that you'll end up not wearing in a few months, get your hands on some matte options and you'll be good to go for as long as possible. Check out our list of matte nail polish options to discover which one is best suited for your needs.

      Choosing The Right Polish Base Coat

      The nail combo polish base coat acts as a foundation for your polish and can affect how it looks. You can choose from standard, natural or colored base coats. While standard bases are typically neutral shades, you may want to consider using a colored one if you're going for a design that uses multiple colors.


      Glitter nail combo paints are amongst the most popular choices in the market, and understandably so – who doesn’t love glitter? When choosing which glitter nail paints to buy, you need to know what you’re looking for as there are many different types of glitter nail paints combo on the market today. If you aren't too picky about what brand or type of glitter you want, you should try out one of the popular brands like Faces Canada glitter nail paints combination! You won’t regret it!

      What are glitter nail paints?

      The glitter nail combo paints are a good way to add more sparkle and shine to your nails. The fact that these nail paints come in a variety of colors, you can easily match them with different outfits and party wears. Also, they are an easy and quick way to decorate your nails, especially when you are in a hurry or you have very less time for yourself to get ready.

      All these glitter nail paints make your fingers look pretty, shinny, trendy, and modern too which makes them an all-time favorite among women worldwide! So here's a list of 5 popular glitter nail paints that you should try out at least once in your lifetime.

      Which colors are trending in glitter polish colors?

      The answer to that question, unfortunately, is: it depends. Since glitter nail paint combo first became a mainstream staple in salons and at-home manicure stations, it has been one of those elusive products that seem to have no rhyme or reason for coming into or going out of style. However, current trends show an interesting pattern: Colors like gold, silver, and bronze are trending in glitter polish colors right now—but they don't glitter colors. Instead, these metallic hues are meant to complement your natural skin tone (for instance, silver will look best on warmer skin tones; try gold if you have cool undertones). Choose a solid color as your base coat and add some shimmer with a topcoat or two.


      Chrome nail paints come in different colors, though they are all made up of tiny flakes of metal. These paints have a somewhat rough texture, meaning that it is sometimes best to prime your nails with a base coat before applying them. This will help them stick to your nails better and avoid flaking or getting caught on fabrics like sweaters. Some chrome polishes are specially formulated for use with UV lights, meaning that you can go out at night and shine light directly onto your nails to get an extra-glossy look!

      What are Chrome nail paints?

      Chrome nail combo paints are essentially shimmery, sparkling nail polishes that come in a vast array of colors. Some Chrome nail paints even include glitter particles inside. It’s certainly one of those trends that don't show any signs of slowing down. However, Chrome nail paints do present some maintenance issues and it isn't something you can use daily. If you want to know more about chrome nails, then have a look at our guide to Chrome nail paints combination here

      What do Chrome nail polishes look like?

      Chrome nail polishes are a recent trend that has already become very popular among women with daring tastes. Unlike ordinary nail polishes, Chrome nail combo polishes look like you have your nails covered in beautiful diamond jewelry. These nail polishes are best used during special occasions when you want to look your best and go all out!

       It's not just about making your nails look more beautiful, but it's also about adding some extra sparkle to your life. Chrome nail polish will make you stand out from other ladies who don't use these fancy nail paints, and of course, in a good way!

      How to do nail art

      Although you can find plenty of stores that sell fancy, store-bought nail art, sometimes it's nice to be able to create a nail art combo yourself without having to leave the house. For example, you may want to save money and not spend your hard-earned cash on something like that new nail polish color you've been eyeing or you might just want the freedom to choose your design at any time of day instead of following someone else's strict schedule of store hours. You can easily create simple nail art at home, as this article will explain.

      Choosing a base color

      When it comes to choosing a base color, choose something you won’t mind having on your nails for a couple of days. There are many shades of polish that can work, but darker shades tend to last longer before fading or chipping. Choosing a base color is all about what you like and prefer!

      Choose your topcoat

      The topcoat helps protect your design and gives your nails a professional-looking shine. If you don't want extra shine, use a matte topcoat, but if you prefer your nail combo art to be glossy and last as long as possible, choose a high-shine topcoat.

      Some people like gel because it is shinier than regular polish; however, gel takes more time and effort to apply. Once it dries, removing gel can be very difficult or damaging—depending on what brand you buy.

      Add polish designs

      If you’re looking for a simple yet chic way to customize your nails, adding designs is an easy way to do it. Simply take a toothpick and paint it with nail polish and carefully draw on your nails.

      You can make hearts, smiley faces, or any other design you like! If you have time, sit down with a blank sheet of paper or notebook and practice drawing out different designs—you might even be surprised by what you come up with!

      Adding crystals or jewels

      You can add a little pizzazz to your nails by applying faux crystals or jewels. Apply a base coat and wait for it to dry completely. Using tweezers, pick up one crystal or jewel and place it on top of each nail polish combo offer. If you want a more professional look, use nail glue instead of double-sided tape.

      Varnish it up

      The easiest way to add some pizzazz to your mani is by adding a coat of varnish. Choose a shade that complements your outfit or anything else you’re wearing.

      Your manicure will last longer and it will be easier to clean up any messes or spills that happen along your night out on the town. Some people also prefer it if they want to give off an air of elegance, while others like how shiny it looks, particularly under lights in clubs and bars.

      How to do manicures at home

      Follow these simple steps to do nail paint and lipstick combo art at home. One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to bring out your inner artist is by doing nail art at home. While it may seem like something complicated, making your designs from scratch is not as difficult as you might think.

      The first step in doing nail art at home is to get everything you need; a pair of nail clippers, cotton balls, q-tips, and polish is an absolute must for any manicure enthusiast. Once you've gathered all of your materials, break out a good book or browse your favorite blogs—because you’re going to need some time.

      Next up is choosing a color; black and white are perfect because they can be used together in many different ways. 

      Different Types Of Manicures

      Manicures are quite popular among women, especially during the spring and summer seasons. There are different types of manicures to choose from and each has its benefits and drawbacks. Whether you get one professionally done at a salon or do it yourself at home, these manicure tips will help you create the look you want without causing damage to your nails or other problems.

      1) Basic mani

      A classic manicure involves a base coat, two to three coats of color, and a topcoat. The most common type is probably pink and white because they go with any outfit but you can get creative with other colors, too.

       Just keep in mind that if you’re going to use special color combinations or designs for your nails, it might be best to invest in acrylics because regular polish may not be strong enough to withstand them. You can also add glitter polish if you’re looking for something sparkly. Or, choose a beautiful shade like hot pink or bright yellow (or both!) and have fun making zebra stripes!

      2) French manicure

      The French manicure is about as classic as you can get: it looks great on every color and skin tone and is appropriate for work, play, and everything in between.

      With a top coat and two coats of polish (no need to do your nails at home—just ask your manicurist to give you one), you'll be ready for anything that comes your way. The best part? It only takes five minutes! If you're having trouble getting an even paint job or want some extra shine, a topcoat is an easy solution.

      3) Reverse french manicure

      The reverse french manicure is a variation on your classic french manicure. Instead of painting your nail tips with a French manicure (white), you paint them in a different color than your nail art combo kit.

      Reverse french tips are perfect for any time you want to spice up your regular, plain nails. Just choose any color and apply it to your nail tips using nail polish or even glitter polish!

      4) Gel Nail Polish

      Gel polish requires UV lamps. You can get a manicure done with gel polish at a salon or you can purchase gel nail combo kits that have all of the necessary components for you to do your nails at home.

      Gel polish lasts for about 3 weeks and there's no dry time, meaning you don't have to wait several hours before being able to use your hands again after getting a manicure. If you want long-lasting nails, then a gel is an excellent choice, but if you want flexibility in changing up your look regularly, then traditional nail polish might be more up your alley.

      5) Mirror nails

      This manicure style requires a bit more skill than others. With all types of nails, you want to make sure you're getting all your cuticles pushed down and trimmed off, but with mirror nails, it's even more important because you don't want any skin showing around your nail.

      You can use an orange stick for pushing back cuticles and some people like to use a small file on their cuticles too. When looking at pictures of mirror nails, be sure to note that your natural nail combo should not show under your tips. The only thing showing should be tip color and clear polish on top. It takes time and patience to get these perfectly polished without any skin showing so definitely save them for when you have time to spare!

      6) Acrylic nails

      Acrylic nails are a type of fake nail that uses an acrylic monomer and polymer powder to create long-lasting artificial nails. The acrylic powder sets when exposed to ultraviolet light, forming a hard plastic coating around each finger or toenail.

      Acrylic nails last longer than regular polish and need less frequent replacement. However, they’re not without their disadvantages: because they are artificial, they can chip and break easily, especially if you use your hands frequently in everyday life. You may also experience discomfort while getting acrylic nails applied (though painless techniques exist). If you have time on your hands and don’t mind spending money to have them redone every few weeks, then you should go for it!

      Cuticle care

      Your cuticles are the thin skin-like layers of tissue that surround your nails at the tips of your fingers and toes. It's very important to take care of them because they can quickly become cracked, damaged, and infected if you don't take proper care of them regularly. In this article, we will explore what exactly is cuticle care and why it's so important to take good care of these sensitive skin areas around your nails.

      Why is cuticle care important

      Keeping cuticles in good shape isn't just about aesthetics. They're an important component of your overall health. Like nails, cuticles protect your hands from bacteria, deter moisture loss, keep your skin flexible, allow for blood flow to reach your fingertips, and even help you pick up small objects. Cuticle care is important to take part in regularly. Take a few minutes once or twice per week to check in with your cuticles.

      The Easy Way to Take Care of your Cuticles at Home

      Cuticles are an essential part of taking care of your nails at home, but they’re also one of those things that we just kind of forget about. The thing to keep in mind is that your cuticles are extremely delicate, and very easily damaged. Your nails need a lot of moisture to grow long and strong, but your cuticles won’t soak up anything if they aren’t being taken care of.

      By keeping your hands out of water for as long as possible, you can allow them to retain their natural oils so that they stay hydrated throughout each day. Use cuticle cream every time you bathe or shower to protect against drying effects from water.

      The 3 Step Treatments

      Regardless of your nail combo type, there are three steps in a basic cuticle care routine: Exfoliate – gently remove surface layers with an orange stick or a rasp. Hydrate – massage cuticles with lotion to soften them. Maintain – continue to remove dead skin cells regularly. The more manicured you keep your cuticles, the better they’ll look—and they’ll feel much healthier as well. But if you follow these simple steps, you can achieve healthy-looking nails without going to a professional every two weeks!

      How to deal with brittle nails

      Brittle nails are an issue for many people, but there are a few steps you can take to restore your brittle nails. Firstly, make sure you're eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Secondly, use good hand cream at least once daily to moisturize your nails from within. Finally, take biotin supplements regularly – these will strengthen your hair from within.

      How to remove nail paint properly

      Nail polish can look great when you first apply it, but removing the substance from your nails can become an unwanted hassle if you’re not using the right technique. Even after soaking in acetone or applying remover to your nails, you may find that some of the nail polish remains on your skin, which looks unsightly and can even cause adverse skin reactions in some people. By following these simple steps, you’ll have beautifully-manicured nails that are free of residue and ready to be decorated with a new coat of nail polish!

      Clean The Area

      Making sure you have clean nails is key to avoiding infection and preventing unwanted damage from taking place. The first step in removing nail combo polish, therefore, is making sure your nails are properly cleaned. Use a damp cloth or cotton ball with some warm water to gently remove dirt and residue from your fingers, removing any traces of hand lotion or moisturizer along with it.

      Always remember that water, soap, and other cleaning agents can all damage natural nail beds; be very gentle when cleaning your hands before you remove your polish. It will be worth it when all traces of grease and grime are gone!

      Wait For Ten Minutes

      You must wait for at least ten minutes before washing your hands, so you don't accidentally smear it all over yourself. You can read a book or magazine, check your social media, or have some water. If you wash immediately after painting your nails, you risk smearing them.

      Even if it does take a little bit of time for it to dry completely (which doesn’t happen for everyone), waiting gives you enough time and peace of mind knowing that you will not get polish all over yourself. However, if it is not completely dry by then and has smeared everywhere anyway; fear not as there are ways to fix them!

      Remove First Layer

      The first thing you need to do is figure out if you have a base coat or color on your nails. Use your nail combo polish remover without acetone and apply it to a cotton ball. If you don't see any color come off on that cotton ball, you'll want to start with a base coat and follow these steps in reverse.

      If there is color coming off on that cotton ball, continue with step two: soak cotton swabs in rubbing alcohol and use them (damp) around your cuticles while they're still wet with acetone. This will act as an abrasive surface, quickly removing all of your polish without damaging your nails' integrity.

      Use Acetone

      Be sure to use acetone, and not some other solvent, when removing nail polish. Acetone is non-toxic and dissolves nail combo polish while leaving your nails intact. If you're using a commercial product like Nail-Off or Preps Off, be sure it specifically says it is acetone-based before using. These products are formulated especially for nail polish removal; so do not substitute another solvent without reading its label first. Safety first!

      Repeat Steps One Through Four

      After you’ve gotten your nails fully wet and let them soak for at least a minute, repeat Steps One Through Four. Most nail combo polishes are water-soluble, so it shouldn’t take more than a few rounds of soaking and scraping (you can use an orange stick or similar as a scraper) before you’re down to nothing but some stubborn color. Once your nails are polish-free, pat them dry with a towel and apply an exfoliating hand scrub for instant smoothness. Then apply hand lotion for good measure!

      Moisturize Hands After Removal

      After painting your nails, it's best to moisturize your hands (and cuticles) with good hand cream. This helps keep them soft and promotes healthy nail growth. If you find that you're having trouble getting all of your polish off, try soaking cotton pads in acetone nail combo polish remover and placing them on your fingers for several minutes at a time.

      The nail polish should loosen up, making it easier to scrub off completely. After you've removed all of your polish, use cuticle oil or lotion immediately as described above. Also, consider using a metal buffer file every other day or so while wearing artificial nails; they tend to become ragged over time from daily wear and tear and too much lacquer buildup!

      How to prevent nail paint from chipping

      It’s happened to the best of us—you spend hours painting your nails with your favorite color, and then a few days later the paint starts to chip off and you’re left with ugly bare nails. It can be extremely frustrating, especially if you paid good money for that polish! Preventing nail combo polish from chipping isn’t as hard as it seems, so follow these tips and soon you’ll be able to proudly show off your beautiful manicure without worrying about it coming off.

      1) Use Base Coat

      To keep your manicure looking fresh and fabulous all week long, use a base coat. These thin layers of color-free polish help prime your nails before you apply color to them, which creates a more even surface to work with as well as helps prevent chips and peeling.

      The first step in making sure your manicure lasts longer is to protect it with a base coat before you apply any color; that way, you’ll have a smoother canvas to work with when painting each finger, which should lead to less noticeable damage.

      2) Apply 1-2 coats of Color

      Two coats of base coat or clear polish can go a long way toward minimizing chips and wear, so don’t skimp. Apply 1-2 coats of Color: The most important thing you can do is to choose a color that you love. If you like it now, chances are good that you'll still like it in 2 weeks.

      If there's anything more annoying than having your manicure start to chip, it's realizing that it was never actually your favorite color in the first place!

      3) Apply Top Coat

      After your nails are dry, apply a coat of clear polish. This is optional, but it does help keep your manicure looking great longer. Make sure to get every last piece of your fingernail so you don't accidentally smudge later. Again, though, if you're not willing to commit and reapply, go for another color instead—it'll be more fun anyway! If you want to give the clear polish a try (or just avoid using colored polish at all), remember that topcoats come in different forms and nail combo colors that may look better on your nails than plain old clear. Glittery topcoats can make long-lasting nail color feel more exciting.

      4) Use Wet Nail Polish Remover

      While it’s best to start with a fresh coat of paint when painting your nails, there are ways to help extend that manicure. Use wet nail combo polish remover to clean up around your cuticles and on your nails before allowing them to dry completely.

      Don’t put any gloves or socks on while they dry. When done, let them sit until they are completely dry before you place anything on top of them, because moisture will cause peeling and cracking. If you follow these tips and still have problems with chips, try switching brands—you may need a new formula (but be sure not to use one that is too think!). Dry skin can also cause wear and tear around nails so keep yours moisturized!

      5) Wear Gloves When Doing Chores

      Painting your nails is a relatively low-key, inexpensive way to get glam, but there’s nothing glamorous about ruined polish. To make sure that never happens, take precautions: Wear rubber gloves when doing housework or other chores that can chip your color. A good pair of latex gloves (like these at Amazon) will keep your hands clean and dry—and your nails chip-free.

      If you're going all out with an intricate design (like gradients), you'll also want to protect your cuticles and skin surrounding your nails with acetone-based polish remover and tissues (like these at Amazon). This removes any oils left behind after cleaning so that more time doesn't tick by before you seal in those beautiful hues.

      6) Do Not Overdo It With Gel Polish

      More is not always more. With gel polishes, you can get away with just one coat. When you apply too many coats, though, it causes your natural nails to become flimsy and weak due to all of that extra moisture and buildup. The same goes for regular nail combo polish.

      If you’re wearing a dark color, it's important not to paint over your entire finger in one swipe—you need to give each layer time to dry first, or else you risk smudging your work and making things worse!

      7) Use Matte Top Coat

      When you're ready to apply a topcoat, opt for one that's made to be matte. This will give your nails a smooth finish and can help prevent them from becoming too shiny, which means they won't chip as quickly.

      Also, make sure your base coat is matte so that it doesn't become slippery when you apply the topcoat. (Just ask how I know!) Chipped nails are embarrassing and ugly, but if you learn how to prevent nail combo polish from chipping, they won't happen as often.

      8) Paint Regularly Rather Than In One Sitting

      Nail combo polish can dry and crack if you wait too long between applications. A good rule of thumb is to always give your nails at least 48 hours to recover before painting them again, but ideally, you'll want to set aside some time every week to paint them (ideally on a Friday or Saturday evening when you have more time to yourself). Painting your nails more regularly will also help prevent chipping because it means you're consistently adding a fresh topcoat.

      If you only paint during one sitting, there's a greater chance that a blemish is lurking underneath your fresh layer of color and will start showing through later in the week or month. You might still see chips if you don't paint as often, but they'll be significantly fewer than someone who paints just once every few weeks.

      9) Let The Nail Dry Properly Before Applying Another Layer Of Polish

      This is a good rule of thumb anytime you paint your nails, but it’s especially important if you have time constraints or are headed out right after applying your polish. Even if you plan to keep your hands away from water and dirt, make sure you give yourself some extra time just in case.

      When possible, I always try to apply my polish at night before bed so that I don't have to worry about messing up any manicures by washing dishes or even touching my face! If we want our nails to look good, sometimes we need to push other things aside.

      10) Don’t Touch Your Nails For At Least 30 Minutes After Applying Polish

      Allowing your nails to air dry for about 30 minutes will greatly reduce (if not eliminate) chipping due to accidental knocks. When you're in a rush, there's always an increased chance of smudging your manicure, which means there are two ways in which you could be losing that perfect mani.

      Since water is one of your biggest enemies when it comes to achieving a chip-free look, you mustn't touch your wet nails at all until they are dry. Additionally, try not to remove any bubbles or blotches with a cloth—they may be gone by the time you finish doing so!


      Does nail paint also strengthen nails?

      Some do claim to strengthen nails, but many have also reported that nail paint does not strengthen nails at all. Nevertheless, we recommend you invest in a good nail conditioner to keep your nails healthy. You can use it on both natural and artificial nails to help keep them strong. Just apply a little conditioner on each nail after applying nail combo paint.

      How to make nail polish last longer: The main trick is making sure you don't chip or scratch your nails before they've dried. So, as soon as you're done painting your nails, don't touch anything with those hands until they are completely dry. Also, try buffing out any bumps or ridges on your nails before painting them with new color; these will cause imperfections once they dry and lead to chips sooner than later.

      How many coats of nail paint should I apply?

      It depends on what type of nail combo paint you're using. Most manicurists recommend 2-3 coats, but it depends on your personal preference and nails paint brand. If you have time to apply 4 or 5 coats, that will produce an extra-durable manicure, but if you're rushed in the morning (and who isn't?) two will be just fine. However many coats you apply, remember that even a beautiful gel manicure can chip so avoid any strenuous activities until your mani is completely dry!

      What is a cuticle?

      The cuticle is a layer of dead cells that surround and protect your nails. It's important to take care of it since an unhealthy cuticle can cause your nails to weaken and become brittle. Look at your cuticles every day – do they look healthy? Are they peeling? Are they red or inflamed? If so, give them some extra attention by applying a mild moisturizer or cuticle oil. This will help keep them supple and healthy, which in turn will give you strong nails free of breaks and chips.

      The cuticle is the most delicate part of your nail, and cutting it too much can weaken the structure of your nails. When you cut the cuticle, you create a larger opening through which water, bacteria, and other substances can enter. This increases the likelihood that you'll develop an infection at the base of your nails, which could lead to permanent damage if not treated early.

      If you're getting regular manicures or pedicures and get frequent infections or your nails are weakened by over-manicuring, ask your cosmetologist to refrain from cutting your cuticles during treatments. However, be aware that some people feel stronger after having their cuticles cut; if cutting them helps relax you (and doesn't cause you any problems), go ahead!

      Does nail paint come off easily?

      The answer, of course, is yes and no. When it comes to nail combo polishes that are more natural and do not contain any chemicals that may harm your nails or health in general, they will tend to come off easier than artificial polishes. Artificial polishes often contain harmful chemicals that help them stay on longer. However, there are ways to make even these stubborn nail paints come off easily when you want them to come off

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