CC Cream


      Add that special radiance to your face with our skin-friendly, lightweight, all-day wear Color Correction creams. Scroll ahead to choose from the best CC creams to sort your makeup base with minimal products.

      CC Cream

      A lot of changes have been seen in the beauty industry. While still a few years back only cold creams & vanishing creams (which are not visible on the face) were available, now there are different kinds of creams available for different skin textures. People of different skin tones can meet their requirements with these creams. As the weather changes, our skin also shows that change. In winter, too much dryness starts appearing in oily skin and regular and dry skin becomes very dry & flaky, whose texture becomes very bad.

      That's why it is significant that we choose our cream according to our skin type and adjust our daily routine. These days creams are accessible in different ways for different functions. From cleansing and moisturizing to night nourishing creams, day creams, sunblock creams, anti-aging creams, under-eye creams, hair sun block creams, and conditioners, fairness creams, etc., are accessible in the beauty markets.

      At present, we are seeing creams alphabetically like BB, CC, DD creams, etc. have become very much used. These creams are used in place of makeup foundationbut they also have different functions. BB cream means anti-blemish or beauty balm cream. It is a light textured cream that has SPF. It helps in getting rid of freckles as it covers them. CC creams are faintly more specialized creams that also have SPF. It makes dull skin shiny & radiant. DD Cream means Daily Defense Cream which works to moisturize the skin with SPF and give some coverage to the skin.

      What is cc cream?

      If you like to do makeup but do not want to go to the beauty parlor, then CC cream is made for you which will give you glowing and fresh skin in minutes. Both these BB and CC creams are easily available in the market and both are capable of giving you a parlor-like look without much effort and expense. If you are a working woman and you are short of time, then you can make CC cream a part of your daily makeup.

      This cream helps to hide all the blemishes on your face and it is very easy to apply. If you want to get complete information about this cream, then you continue reading this article.

      In this article, we will give you complete information about all the things related to CC cream. Its use has advantages and disadvantages and different types of ingredients which are included in it. So let's get started.

      So first of all know why it is named CC Cream.

      CC means color corrective or “color control as you can understand by the name” color control means it controls the color of your face and hides the hidden dead skin and dark spots in it. There are many features of this cream, which we have told about in this article. This cream is also beneficial in protecting our skin from the dangerous rays of the sun as it contains SPF.

      All of the good quality makeup looks have one thing in regular use: an ideal base. There are many products you can use to achieve smooth, flawless skin. But, you may get a little confused by different options. 

      There are seemingly infinite formulations when it comes to base makeup. There are CC creams, BB creams, foundations, & tinted moisturizers. These products also range in coverage, & you have to choose a skin-flattering finish and shade. 

      CC cream is also recognized as color-correcting cream and complexion care cream. Its utility is to correct the complexion of the skin. This is the motive why it is also recognized as a color control and complexion corrector cream. It is used to even out the uneven skin of the face in addition to hiding the blemishes. Companies making CC creams claim that it can act as sunscreen, foundation & moisturizer.

      Nowadays, there are different kinds of beauty products on the market to get better your skin tone and avoid other skin-related problems. One of those products is CC Cream. The cream is presented in the market under the name CC cream. The full name of this cream is recognized as color correcting or color complexion care. As the name indicates, this cream works on the complexion of the skin & evens out the complexion of the face. CC creams cannot be used by people with every skin tone. This cream evens out the rough complexion of the face. In today's piece of writing, we will know for whom this cream is helpful. Along with this, you will also know what the disadvantages of using this cream are.

      What does CC cream do for your skin?

      Let’s know about how cc cream can help your skin look better and young. Below we have mentioned several things to make you better understand this CC cream or you can also say that color correcting cream.

      Improves dark circles

      Dark circles under your eyes are the anxiety downfall of a fresh face, otherwise, glow; CC creams with a yellow tint will assist "cancel" out the bluish-purple skin tones usual of under-eye circles.

      Simply look at a color wheel, and use a shade directly opposite of the problem color. As CC creams are lighter & shorter than normal concealersthere’s less chance you’ll suffer the dreaded reverse-raccoon eyes.

      Reduces redness and other discoloration

      Using that similar color wheel trick, CC creams that have a greenish undertone can help offset redness. It might look a little grisly straight out of the container, but it works as an attraction to offset pink tones.

      The top CC creams often do more than just color correct. A soothing component like hyaluronic acid hydrates & smooths out the skin, while de rigeur SPFs offer crucial sun protection and additional benefits without cake-ifying your face.

      Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles

      Though not precisely a color issue, the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation on your face is a different target for CC creams, which usually include extra anti-aging elements. 

      Ingredients like skin-loving vitamins C & E help fight dry skin, improve flexibility, and help boost collagen. And because CC cream is so much lighter than usual foundation, it's less likely to settle into lines and wrinkles and look spackling.

      How to choose CC cream according to skin type and tone?

      While purchasing a CC cream, one should remember both the skin and tone type. Read a piece of writing to know which type of skin type people must purchase which CC cream.

      Those with dry skin must choose a cream with a more moisturizing effect. This can defend the skin from dryness.

      Those with oily skin must opt for a BB cream made from an oil-free method. By doing this the skin will be saved from stickiness.

      If someone has responsive skin, then he/she should do a patch test before choosing a BB cream.

      While buying CC cream online, certainly read its review and information given by the corporation. This will provide an idea about the ingredients used in the cream & its effect on the face.

      How does BB or CC cream work?

      It does the job of hiding the black spot on the face very well. Beauty specialist Nikita says that BB cream benefits the skin in several ways. It not only makes your skin soft but also protects your skin from sunshine while retaining the moisturizer & shine of the skin. BB cream has both the advantages of a moisturizer and a foundation. When you do makeup by using it, it not only shines on the face, but this makeup also stays on the face for an extended time. She says that this cream works as a primer, moisturizer, foundation, skin treatment, concealed & sunscreen. CC creams have silicones and silica, which keep your skin soft and spot-free. If you wish your cream to last longer, apply a setting powder. Yes, if you have pimples on your skin or you have oily skin, then do not use BB cream.

      According to the research, BB cream works as anti-aging with vitamins C, E, A & peptides. It contains various nutrients, due to which your skin gets various benefits.

      Benefits of applying CC cream

      The companies that make it claim various benefits of CC cream. Also, the consumers who use these products agree with the several benefits of CC cream. What are the benefits of these CC creams, read further?

      Protect yourself from the sun

      The skin of the face becomes spotless by applying CC cream. It defends the face from damage caused by the sun's rays. This cream is light, so it gets absorbed promptly into the skin. The complexion of the face is clear. We know that using cream makes the face clean. BB creams do a similar thing.

      Enhance the complexion

      The major function of CC cream is to make the skin tone even. A number of parts of the skin are light & some parts are dark. In this case, the whole skin tone can be made standardized by using CC cream. This cream can blend on the skin and make the whole complexion one.

      Hide acne and dark spots

      As we have mentioned above CC cream can provide essence to the skin. During this, this cream covers the black, brown & red spots appearing on the face. Besides this, the pimple & its marks are also not visible much on the face. Just know that CC creams have a light exposure. You can apply for two coats for more coverage. By doing this, deep scars & acne can be concealed well.

      Glowing Skin

      By applying CC cream, the complexion of the face is clean and it also gives an immediate glow. So if you are going somewhere & do not have lots of time for makeup, then by applying this cream, the face can be made glowing. It blends effortlessly on the skin, so the face gets a shine.

      Side Effects of CC Cream

      By the way, there are no particular disadvantages of CC cream. Nevertheless, we are telling several disadvantages of CC cream as a provision, which can be something like this.

      If the maker has used more chemicals in the CC cream, then there might be skin damage.

      CC cream does not eliminate facial imperfections like dark spots and uneven complexion. This can only hide these troubles.

      Those with very dry skin may feel dryness even after using it, so apply CC cream only after using moisturizer.

      You should have understood the benefits of CC cream. In today's time, every cream maker company has brought CC cream into the marketplace. Each brand's CC cream is different. All you need is to select it according to your skin and tone. We have shared some tips and safety measures related to its selection in the piece of writing. You can buy the best CC cream for yourself by using these tips.

      Diff between cc cream and bb cream

      Several girls apply both the creams together while CC cream keeps the skin half matte and BB cream keeps the face moist with a dull look. At the same time, the feel of BB cream is somewhat heavier than that of CC.

      To retain the beauty of the skin, it happens many times that we start using various products at once. In this affair, we make mistakes & our skin also has to bear the brunt of it. Now the truth is also that there are so many beauty products presented in the market that it is hard for you to decide which is right and which is not. In such a state, we choose the wrong products due to a lack of appropriate knowledge of even the basic products used in beauty goods.

      Girls generally have the same uncertainty about BB cream and CC cream. Somebody thinks that both are the same; somebody understands that if one of the two is used then the work will be done, while some people use both of them incorrectly. To get rid of all your doubts, we are here to make you aware of each little thing associated with BB and CC cream.

      Frequently girls sit using CC cream in the place of BB cream, so it is very vital to know the difference between these two creams. In fact, both are not the same but different from each other. While CC cream makes your skin half matte and good-looking, BB cream along with matte helps to provide your face a moisturized & glowing look. While the texture of CC cream is lighter as compared to BB cream, BB cream acts as an excellent base. If you wish to use BB cream daily then there is no difficulty with it. Every day's use of BB cream makes the face more stunning.

      CC creams are for those people who have more problems with blush or rough complexion in their skin. In such a state, whenever you go to purchase BB or CC cream, keep these things in mind so that there is no disorientation of any kind. If you have full knowledge regarding your skin, then you will be able to pick it properly facial hair removal cream

      How to know whether you should use CC cream or BB cream

      Now that you have understood that there is a difference between BB cream and CC cream & both are used for different things, then it is also significant to know which BB cream accessible in the marketplace will be the most excellent. For this, it is first essential that you understand your skin well, what type of skin it is and what its need is. If you want to correct the rough complexion of your face before makeup, then use CC cream and if you want to provide a matte look then use BB cream.

      There are various types of BB and CC creams available in the marketplace. Before purchasing any brand of cream, use its tester. It is generally available in tubes. Take out the cream from the tester & apply it to the upper part of your palms & see if you feel any difference or not. Only then it will be good to pick it.

      When, how much, how to use?

      BB and CC cream is extremely easy to use. Several people do it with their hands & many people also use a brush for this. Before using this cream, take particular care of some things. Clean your face & wipe it with a muslin cloth. After that moisturize the face. Then apply the cream with your fingers, by spreading it equally all over your face & neck.

       While CC cream leaves your skin semi-matte & shining, BB cream leaves you matte, moisturized & shining. BB cream works as an excellent base and enhances your daily look. CC cream is for those who have redness or rough skin tone. Both BB & CC creams blend well with your skin and provide your face with an even, supple, and glowing complexion. That's all; you have to decide when to choose which cream according to your requirements.

      Difference between cc cream and foundation

      What is Foundation?

      A most recognized makeup base that has existed for ages & has only gotten better with time. Foundation is for the times when you are all set to get dressed for a gala time; be it a wedding or a festive eve. It makes for an extraordinary base when you are planning to wear more layers like a highlighter & contour. The new formulations are much smoother & less cakey than the old ones. Foundation is perfect for times you have a little more time in hand to attain your best look. 

      Skin Type: People with oily skin can go for powder foundation, while those with dry skin can go with soft ones.

      It is very significant to be conscious of what a makeup base must be for your skin tone. In such a situation, several women do not know what to purchase for makeup base - foundation, BB cream, or CC cream. We have brought the solution to your difficulty. In this piece of writing, we are telling you the difference between these three, so that not only will you save time while purchasing the product, but you will also be able to purchase the right base for yourself.

      Foundation -

      The foundation is somewhat thicker than BB and CC creams and hides all the imperfections on the skin with perfection. Also, your skin tone also starts looking the same. The major advantage of the foundation is that it is accessible in many shades for all skin tones. Separately from this, you can also purchase it according to the skin type (sensitive, standard, dry, oily skin), which you will not see in other products.

      While doing makeup, a high-quality foundation is first applied on the face i.e. it is the base of makeup. Our Indian skin tone is usual, dry, oily, mixed, dark, and light. Foundation shades are also made keeping these skin tones in mind. There are several options for those with normal skin. In this, tinted moisturizer to the mineral base can also be used. Whereas oil-free, water-based & matte formula foundations are top for those with oily skin. Purchase only foundation with a moisture base for dry skin.

      How to choose your cc cream

      A new study by dermatologist skin care professionals revealed that 88 percent of women do not know which product is right for their skin. They purchase any cream & start using it.

      A new cream came in the marketplace and you bought it, only because after reading the things written in it, you felt that it is also right for your skin. If you have been doing this, then it is wrong because, in its place of enhancing the beauty of your skin, that cream can damage your skin. In a recent study, it has been found that 88 percent of women do not recognize which cream is right for their skin. Several people do not even know which better BB cream is or CC cream.

      This next-generation cream helps you in several ways, as it acts as a foundation, primer, and brightener for the face protects the face from the damaging rays of the sun & protects the skin from problems like anti-aging. Lightweight in texture and color control that absorbs rapidly into the skin, i.e. CC cream gives superior coverage to BB cream. The additional moisturizing texture of BB cream can occasionally clog the skin pores but the moisture in CC cream is a bit less, due to which your skin can inhale well. CC cream is extremely good for women with oily skin. CC cream contains Vitamin C & Vitamin E which act as a tonic for your skin. CC cream is ideal for women above 40 years of age who have redness, freckles, discoloration, or blemishes on their skin.

      Some more tips and safety measures for the CC cream

      We are talking further in the piece of writing about the precautions to be taken while using and purchasing CC cream and a number of tips related to it. It is very significant to know these things, only then you will get your desired look correctly.

      Do not use too much CC cream? It must be used as much as a grain of peas.

      First of all, remove CC cream as much as a pea grain in your hand & then apply it on the face by dot-dot. By doing this, the risk of over-exfoliation of the cream is reduced.

      If light coverage of the face is required, then it can also be used as an option for the foundation.

      It is believed that CC cream on the skin blends well with a beauty blender. So, if possible, use a blender instead of a makeup brush.

      Never use a beauty blender dry. After soaking it in water, press it only using a moistened blender.

      Purchase only CC creams with SPF (Sun Protection Factor). If CC cream does not have SPF, then certainly apply sunscreen before applying CC cream.

      To select the best CC cream, read the customer reviews of all the brands of CC creams.

      When buying a cream, be sure to check the seal of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). By doing this you can avoid purchasing fake and poor products.

      Always purchase your preferred brand from a trusted seller to get the most excellent CC Cream.

      If you are buying a brand's CC cream for the first time, then try to purchase as small a pack of it as possible. This will provide you with time to understand whether the cream is giving you the results you want or not. Then if you like this cream, then purchase as big a pack as you want.

       Applying the right foundation shade through proper techniques is the perfect way to make your skin look perfect. So, it becomes very important to know how to find your foundation shade so that you aren’t left confused by the daunting range of products accessible on the market. Foundations come in many shades, & each shade caters to a different skin tone. While the foundation can make you perfect if applied correctly, it can also totally mess up your makeup when applied wrongly. So, applying the wrong shade of foundation can make you look caked or painted. Understanding your skin is the initial step to choosing the right foundation shade. So, let us start from there. Below, you will find tips to help you find the right foundation according to your skin tone.

      Know Your Skin Type

       This is perhaps the essential step to help you select the ideal foundation formula. You must understand your skin’s needs and concerns to choose a formula that will work best for you.

      Oily Skin

      If you have oily or dull skin, you can also use powder foundation or oil-free liquid on your skin. It helps to prevent excess oil from coming on your face. These contain powders that absorb oil, leaving you with a soft, matte finish. Mineral foundations also work well on oily skin, as the dry particles tend to absorb moisture and also avoid shine.

      Dry Skin

      If you’re somebody with dry skin, pick a hydrating powder foundation, a liquid, or a stick one. These have a creamy consistency that delivers moisture to the skin & offers good coverage.

      Sensitive Skin

      How to get the right foundation shade if you struggle with acne-prone and responsive skin. It’s best to evade certain ingredients that can irritate your skin like alcohol & fragrance. Also, mineral oil & talc is a big no-no.

      Which shade to pick which suits your skin tone? 

      Boys frequently seem to say that girls spend lots of time in makeup. If you desire to go somewhere, it takes hours for them to get ready. But it was in the past, it is not so now. And the credit goes to BB and CC creams. As soon as it is applied, there is a glow on the face & the skin comes in an even tone. Foundation is something that must be used in makeup. It is the base of makeup, by applying which facial spots, uneven tone, dark circles, pimples, and such unnecessary things are covered. But it takes time to set up and fix. Use a BB or CC cream if the time is short. 

      When it comes to beauty, several types of beauty goods start appearing in front of every girl's eyes. But with time the whole thing seems to change. Everybody will be familiar with this. In this changing era, today's girl does not mind using something in the name of beauty. Now they are seeking some different, simple, and more helpful beauty products in less time. Because no one has the time to apply different kinds of creams, lotions, and moisturizers to enhance their beauty. In such a state, there is a need for a particular cream that gives complete protection in a short time. To fulfill this need, now BB & CC types of creams are being seen in the marketplace. 

      Which is best for everyone?

      Coastal countries like India get strong sunlight for most days of the year. Due to strong sunlight and UV-A, and UV-B rays, several types of problems start arising in the skin. BB cream is a truly easy way to get rid of all these problems.

      For those who have oily skin, CC cream is best. Though people with normal and combination skin can also use a CC cream, oily skin people get more advantages from it.

      Before applying the CC cream, wash the face with clean water & moisturize it. Currently, wherever your skin is uneven or there are spots, put dots on your face there. Use a blender or fingers to apply the dots. Now blend it well in one motion. The quantity of CC cream you use depends on the treatment you need.

      How to use cc cream

      Along the lines of BB cream, CC cream was invented in Korea. It is the short name for colors control/correcting cream. It has about all that BB cream but it is based on a lighter formula than that. Plus, it gives more sun safety than a BB cream.

      How does it work?

      CC cream provides a smooth effect. It helps in repairing the uneven complexion of the skin. It effortlessly blends into the skin. After applying it, it is not felt that some cream has been applied to the face. The ingredients present in it get absorbed effortlessly into the skin. Due to this the skin looks even and glowing. As it does not have any kind of stickiness, this cream is ideal for oily/greasy skin. It also removes acne scars and tanning. It is also accessible in different shades. It can be used according to your skin tone.

      How to use

      Take some cream on your fingers & make dots on the face and neckline Apply it all over the face by moving the fingers lightly. If you desire, you can also put it in the palm. Blend well. If required, you can apply again throughout the day.

      If you desire heavier coverage, apply a thick layer of CC cream. This cream can be applied to your skin just like foundation. Take little dollops from the tube & apply them to your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. Apply more cream to the areas you desire to color correct, such as under your eyes, upper lip, and lower lip. Use a foundation brush to mix the cream.

      When to use CC Cream?

      CC creams are best used for parties or concerts where you recognize you will be around people all night. If you desire some color balance & want to cut short your makeup routine, then this cream comes in handy. The cream offers long-lasting coverage, which gives it an edge over BB creams & tinted moisturizers.

      The best CC creams may contain:

      ·        Mineral-based sun protection: you can find mineral-based sun protection in these creams and Titanium dioxide & zinc oxide are examples of mineral-based sun protection.

      · Skin protections: These can comprise vitamins & antioxidants.

      ·        Brighteners: Natural skin brighteners include licorice root and niacin amide.

      ·        Skin-firming agents: effectual skin-firming agents include hydrolyzed collagen & peptides.

      ·        Soothing agents: Some normal skin-soothing agents are soy, shea butter, & green tea.

      · Oil-control agents: Oily skin can help from ingredients such as charcoal, silica, & colloidal clay.

      · Acne-control agents: Natural acne-fighting ingredients include colloidal clay, salicylic acid, and tea tree extract.

      · Moisturizing ingredients: Dry skin can benefit from ingredients such as glycerin, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides.

      CC cream tips and hacks

      CC cream is the newest craze coming out of the Korean beauty industry. as a result, if you’re in search of a product that supports your skin while making it look softer, brighter, and more even, CC cream might be closely what you need – & you don’t need to go to Korea for it!

      CC creams are presented at all levels from mass-market through the local market and up to some authentically luxurious products. There are CC creams to suit all skin & tones. CC creams boost your natural skin tone instead of covering it up, so it doesn’t need to match as correctly as the foundation does. Most companies offer a range of five or six shades.

      Select the Best Product for You

      You are certainly aware that there is a whole alphabet of beauty creams out there, and you want to make sure that you’re using the right one for your skin and your requirements.

      · BB (beauty balm) cream: BB cream moisturizes, soothes, and tones down redness. It is appropriate for all skin types, but several may be too heavy for oily skin.

      · CC (color control) cream: CC cream brightens pale skin, tones redness, and recovers skin texture. It is suitable for all skin.

      Cleanse Your Face

      CC creams are most effective when they are applied to recently washed and dried skin. We’ve all been washing our faces since we were toddlers, of course, but let’s go over a number of recommendations from the American Academy of Dermatology.

      First, don’t wash your face frequently. Morning and night must be enough for most people, and washing frequently can bother your skin and dry it out. But, if you have been sweating heavily, particularly if you have been wearing a helmet or hat and sweating, you must wash the sweat off your face even outside of the morning-and-night routine.

      Use a mild, non-abrasive, alcohol-free skin cleanserWet your face with tepid water; hot water will dilate blood vessels, and damaged tissue & strip away your skin’s very important oils. (If you think that’s an excellent thing because your skin is oily, it’s not. in its place, your skin will ramp up oil production to make up for what was stripped away.)

      Apply cleanser softly with your fingertips. Scrub or using a washcloth can bother the skin. In its place, rinse with lukewarm water and softly pat your face dry with a clean, soft towel. If you have oily skin, you can apply toner with a spongy cotton ball.

      Check and Correct

      Most CC creams are designed to offer light coverage. If you desire heavier coverage in certain areas, you can apply the next coat of CC cream to those areas. Applying a second thin coat gives superior coverage to applying one heavy coat. Use the similar techniques described above, and be certain to blend carefully.

      When pleased with the amount of coverage, buff your face with a big, fluffy, round makeup brush. This brush must be clean, which means that if you used a brush to apply the CC cream, you need to use a different brush to buff your face. Make small, soft circles with the brush. Start at your brow & work your way down to your chin. Pay particular attention to the hairline and the jaw line to ensure that there are no separation lines.

      Apply Powder and Makeup, If preferred

      Several people find that CC cream alone provides them a look that they want, and that’s great! But, if you are one of those people, you might still want to brush on a bit of powder (yes, another clean brush) to set the cream. People whose skin tends to be oily will find this particularly helpful.

      If you desire more coverage or want to play with more color, you can apply your favorite makeup as you generally would. For instance, you can use foundation on top of CC cream if you desire to. CC cream is an outstanding primer, and your normal makeup is going to look even superior on top of this color-correcting base. You would use similar shades of foundation & other cosmetics that you generally do; CC cream makes your skin look better & brighter but does not change the color.

      CC cream is a grand option for daily light makeup. It makes the skin fit and hides blemishes from the face. Nowadays everybody likes to adorn, but now women do not like to use something in the name of makeup. Today's women are in search of products that provide more benefits in less time and favor doing light makeup every day. Earlier, where the heavy foundation was used for makeup, now CC cream is being used a lot for an immediate glow.

      When it comes to makeup, we frequently talk about either selecting the colors or applying them correctly. But before that, it is important to select the right product. How can you get a perfect look if your product selection is incorrect? For instance, women usually apply foundation as a makeup base, but if makeup is to be done in winter, it is better to use CC cream in its place of foundation. It is not just a foundation for the face but also acts as a primer & brightener.

      Besides this, you can also protect the face from the damaging rays of the sun by using it. That's why it is significant that you take care of your skin in addition to the weather and select your makeup product accordingly. So now we are telling you about three such reasons, after knowing which you will certainly want to include CC cream in your winter makeup kit-

      Moisturize the skin

      The skin becomes extremely dry in the cold season. Even if your skin is oily or regular. Actually, cold winds grab away the moisture from the face. In such a state, you must use such products throughout makeup, which maintain the moisture of the skin. In this sense, CC cream is certainly very helpful for you, because it has a creamy texture, which works to moisturize your skin. It hydrates your skin and makes it even. Women of any skin kind must use it in winters.

      Lightweight Formula

      The heavy-duty foundation is hard to blend on the skin in cold weather. In this case, you select CC cream. CC creams are extremely lightweight and hence they spread effortlessly on the skin. Not only this but due to being lightweight, using CC cream in winter does not cause dry patches on your face. An added benefit of this is that it has SPF, due to which it protects the skin from the damaging rays of the sun. Usually, women do not apply sunscreen in winter, so CC cream is adequate for your skin.

      Hide Redness and Dullness

      You might not know, but CC cream also works as a colored moisturizer. This means that it is useful in giving your skin an even tone to some extent. Anyhow, redness and dullness are frequently seen on the skin during the winter season, but if you use CC cream throughout makeup, then you can manage both these skin problems very effortlessly. So, if you desire to add a product to your winter makeup kit that moisturizes the skin, hides blemishes & manages other winter-related skin problems, you must certainly try a CC cream.

      CC cream coverage

      CC Creams (Color Correcting) are mainly the same as BB Creams, but with ingredients to help treat some causes of discoloration such as blush for sallow skin. The coverage is generally a bit lighter than with BB Cream.

      Note that every brand does its own things with BB and CC creams. The differences vary by company and they’re not constant sometimes even within brands. Just think of them as moisturizers with lots of active ingredients and changeable amounts of coverage.

      Sometimes you find that the time and effort to apply makeup is one of the major struggles when you’re feeling lazy. But you know there’s no escape from covering and concealing those unnecessary blemishes and that uneven skin tone. Well, we have excellent news for you. A CC cream might come to help you when you don’t feel like going big on makeup but still desire to look perfect.

      CC cream is the ultimate multitask of the beauty globe. It is a color corrector, concealed, SPF, and foundation all in one. Safe to say it lets you skip on numerous products & get the job done pretty well.

      It can be mixed for quick makeup and additional skin benefits. You can mix your CC cream with your regular moisturizing cream if you have dry skin or a primer before using a foundation for even coverage. 

      It doesn’t need your whole dedication and the best beauty blender to absorb in your skin. Most CC creams are lightweight & formulated to look on point without giving in much try. Takes the least effort and time!

      It does a good job at covering pesky marks, bad skin spots, redness, and pigmentation. Who’s got time for touch-ups right? CC cream is a great touch of makeup that doesn’t make you appear like a caked-up doll. It doesn’t stain, smear or transfer and settles fairly well so you don’t need touch-ups all day.

      Keep these things in mind while purchasing CC Cream

      • While buying a CC, remember that it should have SPF.
      • Purchase CC cream only from an excellent brand.
      • If purchasing for the first time, then purchase a small packet.
      • Read about the review of the cream, and then use it.
      • If you have sensitive skin, then apply CC cream on the recommendation of a doctor.
      • Apply the CC cream dot by dot on the face.

      New skin products are coming on the market each day. Some claim to brighten the complexion, while some claim to provide it with moisture. Be it women or men, we all use different creams in our daily life. Often when we go to the market and purchase some beauty products, we often think that costly creams are good for the skin, but it is not so at all. Frequently the dishes in the big shop are also pale. That's why it is significant that you keep some particular things in mind while purchasing the cream.

      You can get to see sulfate in some creams present in the market these days. Which is very harmful to our skin? But despite this, big companies used to mix it in their beauty products. Let us know why sulfate is so important

      Along with beauty products, sulfates are also used in other products such as shampoos, deo, lipsticksscrubs, and lotions. Sulfate acts as a foaming agent in products, but it lowers the level of protein in the skin which causes major damage to the cells of the body. In such a state, sulfate-free products are an excellent option not only for the skin but also for other products. Although its price is higher than common beauty products but proves to be very helpful for your skin.

      The effect of products containing sulfate on the skin of the face

      Even though you use beauty products to provide glow to the skin, but due to these products containing sulfate, your skin starts complaining of aridness and itching. Because sulfate-rich products eliminate the oily condition present in the pores of your soft skin. Besides this, coarse grains, pimples, & wrinkles are produced on the face. In this, the difficulty of changing the skin of the face also starts to arise. Using sulfated products can make your skin rough and lose its attractiveness.

      CC cream benefits

      The companies that make it claim several benefits of CC cream. Also, the clients who use these products also agree with the various benefits of CC cream. What are the benefits of these CC creams, read further?

      1. Brighten the complexion

      The major function of CC cream is to make the skin tone even. Several parts of the skin are light and various parts are dark. In this case, the whole skin tone can be made uniform by using CC cream. This cream can merge on the skin and make the whole complexion one.

      2. Hide acne and dark spots

      Like we have said above CC cream can provide essence to the skin. Throughout this, this cream covers the black, brown & red spots appearing on the face. Along with this, the blemish and its marks are also not evident much on the face. Just know that CC creams have light coverage. You can apply for two coats for additional coverage. By doing this, deep scars and acne can be veiled well.

      3. Sun Damage

      By applying CC cream, the skin can be secluded from the damage made by UV rays. In fact, it contains SPF. For this reason, it is said that the damage caused by sunlight can be evaded with CC cream. Each brand of CC cream has a different SPF i.e. Sun Protection Factor. A number of creams have SPF 20 & some have SPF 30 or 50. Just note that the sun protection factor available in the CC cream will only protect you from the sun for some time. To keep away from this for the entire day, it may have to be applied two to three times a day.

      4. Glowing Skin

      It is said that after applying CC cream, an immediate glow can be seen on the face. It blends effortlessly on the skin and is measured as helpful in making the face glowing and brightening. Users who use it also believe that CC cream can provide glow to the skin.

      It is significant to use every skin-related product correctly. By not doing this, instead of enhancing the skin tone and beauty, the face can look strange & awkward. This is the motive why we are telling below how to use CC cream next.

      • First of all, wash your face carefully with a mild face wash and wipe it dry by patting the face.
      • Now apply an excellent toner to the skin.
      • After that apply a number of excellent moisturizers on the face.
      • Then apply some best CC cream of your choice dot-dot all over the face.
      • After this, soak the blender in water & squeeze it well.
      • Now, patting the blender with moisture, blend the whole cream on the face.
      • Throughout this, keep checking in the mirror to see if the cream is consistently spread all over the face.
      • After the cream has spread, continue to pat the skin with the blender for a little time. By doing this, the BB cream will mix well on the face and stains will not be noticeable.
      • If you desire, you can also utilize a makeup brush or fingers.
      • Lastly, set this cream by applying a number of the best face powder on the face.
      • Now make up your eyes & lips to get the look you desire.

      Does it protect from the sun?

      When it comes to makeup, the simple thing we wish for is a perfect base - that covers all our blemishes, and discoloration and gives us an even tone throughout. But in a globe full of foundations, BB creams & CC creams, you are bound to be left baffled and spoilt for choice.

      As we are firm believers in the fact that one must know a little bit more about what they decide to put on their faces, we have determined to assist you to decode one of the newest makeup formulas that are becoming necessary for all ladies - CC creams. Read on to know the whole thing about this cream and if it’s really useful for your skin.

      One of the major flex CC creams over BB creams and foundations is the easy fact that they protect your skin from sun damage and damaging UV rays that can lead to photo-aging. While a number of foundations and BB creams have now introduced SPF in their formulas, usually, these two aren’t recognized to keep your skin sun-safe. Your CC creams, on the other hand, more frequently than not, come with a good SPF content that helps against sun damage.

      CC creams are lighter & airier in feel as compared to the other two. This means they are less likely to clog your pores and trigger a breakout, making them an ideal choice for people with oily skin.

      As we mentioned before, CC creams are good if you desire to wear them alone as they offer medium to full coverage and give you a natural look. But, they also double up as a primer which you can use under your foundation as well to defend your skin as well as get that ideal base.

      Besides giving it the right complexion, CC creams are believed to nourish your skin while protecting and clearing your skin’s texture and tone.

      What ingredients to look for in a cc cream

      By now you must have come to know how CC cream is helpful for us. But have you ever tried to know which ingredients you need to keep in mind while buying this cream? So let us tell you that at the time of buying CC cream, you have to make sure that it does not contain any kind of harmful ingredients. By the way, in these creams, Octinoxate is present which acts as a sunscreen. Titanium dioxide zinc oxide is also found. Niacinamide and Salicylic Acid are found in it for anti-acne. Ascorbyl and Glucoside are present as antioxidants.

      Good old water, aka H2O. The most ordinary skincare ingredient of all you can generally find right in the very first spot of the ingredient list, meaning it’s the major thing out of all the material that makes up the product. 

      It’s mostly a solvent for ingredients that do not like to dissolve in oils but rather in water. A super usually used 5 unit long, cyclic structured silicones that are water-thin & do not stay on the skin but evaporate from it (called volatile silicone)

      You might not be conscious that many of the makeup products you use contain sulfates, which only harm the skin. They are used in several shampoos, body washes, foundations, face washes, mouthwashes, and toothpaste. Separately from this, skin allergies can cause problems like acne on the face and chin. Know how sulfate products can damage your skin.

      Can also prove to be fatal

      Now, many small companies include more quantity of sulfate in splendor products, due to which they will do well while using it, but will do a lot of damage. If there is more foam in things like shampoo and face wash, then recognize that the amount of sulfate has been found in them. Due to the addition of sulfate, other things have to be mixed less, which decreases the charge of the product. 

      Besides sulfate, they add toxic ingredients to products, which can be unsafe for you to use. Actually, as soon as you use beauty products, they start working on your skin, in such a state, many times these products become incurable for you by getting inside the skin. Sulfate also makes the skin dry & dull.

      How to properly apply cream 

      Hope now you should have got complete information about CC Cream. But have you purchased any CC cream for yourself now and are looking for a good way to use it, then let us tell you that the cream is of any corporation, the technique of using it is the same. You just need to know the precise way. So let us tell you through a step by step guide how you can use CC cream

      CC Cream. The CC cream gives a usual finish to your skin and is extremely light and comfy on the skin, which means you can wear it all day long without any anxiety. So, today we are going to train you on how to use a CC cream to provide a dewy, even-toned look to your skin.

      Step 01: After cleansing & toning your face first, apply a great amount of day cream all over your face & neck. The lightweight oil-free texture of this moisturizer gives intense hydration & is suitable for all skin types.

      Step 02: Take some CC cream & apply it all over your face and neckline. Mix the CC cream into your skin using a moist makeup sponge using a dabbing movement. This must cover any uneven texture, redness, or pigmentation on your face.

      Step 03: If you require more coverage, go with a small amount of concealer & apply it only on the areas that require more coverage, such as the area under the eyes, around the mouth & nose, and some other visible spots or imperfections.

      Step 04: Apply a little amount of blush on the apples of your cheeks and mix well for a pinkish glow.

      Step 05: Finish off this fast & simple dewy makeup look by sweeping on the marker on the high points of your face such as the cheekbones, forehead, & bridge of your nose, Cupid’s bow & chin.

      If you’re seeking even more coverage (possibly for a wedding or an event where you know you’ll be photographed), you can also apply your CC cream as a color-correcting base layer under a foundation. We’d just suggest that you are sparing with your foundation in this situation, so you still sustain that natural-looking glow from your CC cream.

      Avoid using excessive amounts

      While purchasing BB and CC creams, it is significant to take particular care of some things. This cream also sometimes reacts to people, due to which the face starts burning. If after applying this cream some such problem is seen on your face, then clean the face right away with ice or cold water. Then remove the BB cream with face wash. Also, take care not to overuse it. Never apply it if there is dirt on the face, otherwise, there might be a problem with acne. Keep away from using it in large quantities.

      Special care for the complexion

      Several people fall prey to the misconception that foundation is just for fair complexioned people, while BB creams & CC creams are also goods for fair complexions, whereas this is not right. It can be used by people of all complexions. Just keep the tester in mind before purchasing them. Those with fair complexion will need it in small amounts & some people might need it in bigger amounts. So do check before purchasing.

      What are mistakes?

      Occasionally people do more makeup due to competition between themselves. Throughout this, they try to look better-looking than others by applying any type of makeup product on their skin in any amount.

      1- People think of BB and CC cream as foundation & start using it in a similar way, while it is totally wrong. BB cream and CC cream must be used more in those places where the skin of the face is uneven. However, avoid using it extremely.

      2- Do not apply these creams at all to touch up like face powder. These creams are not meant for touch-ups but are used simply for pre-makeup.

      3- Several fake products are also sold in the name of BB and CC creams. Never purchase such products. They can damage your skin. Constantly purchase it from the right place & trusted shop only.

      4- It is also worth remembering that if you are purchasing it for the first time, then take a little tube. Don't get a larger pack so that if it doesn't suit you, you don't waste your funds. Also, check the expiry date so that you do not get cheated. Always purchase with these things in mind.

      Products with price list in tabular format

      SPF 20 CC Cream

      Multi benefit tinted cream

      Correct & Care Cream - Primes: Conceals imperfections for an even skin tone & unforgettable radiance to make your skin look better than ever - Perfects: This non-oily formula gives an instant dewy finish. Made with organic ingredients, its unique anti-aging action ensures long term skin benefits –

      Protects: UVA/UVB protection & 12 hours of hydration, so you look fresh & feel confident all day long

      Ultime Pro Sun Defense CC Cream Luxe SPF 50

      High-performing CC cream

      A luxurious and high-performing CC cream Luxe with SPF 50, the Ultime Pro Sun Defence CC Cream is designed to meet the skincare needs of the millennials who love to look after their skin but just don't have the time for it. This light coverage cream covers fine lines and blemishes to leave your skin looking natural glowing. Choose from 3 spectacular shades, curated to match Indian skin tones. Packed in a travel-friendly premium bottle and enriched with SPF 50.


      Is cc cream easily bendable?

      Yes, both creams can easily blend. BB and CC Creams have come a long way as they were launched in the marketplace. Everybody loves them and why not? They are an ideal blend of foundation and regular creams and rightly fit our day-to-day makeup wear requirements. BB and CC Creams are also very admired among college-going girls. And, we have got different BB and CC Creams in the marketplace with different features and properties. Some of them provide sun protection whereas some are recognized to control oil and some are very long-lasting on your skin. So, the benefits are enormous.

      The CC Cream is very lightweight and perfect for daily usage on your skin. This is super bendable and thus can be used widely in the upcoming summers. It has sun protection of SPF 30 & the cream is hydrating on the skin.

      How long does it last?

      As you might already know that CC cream is very easy to use and is very light, it stays on the face for a long time. You just need to know how to apply it. Many working women take around 8 hours 2 days to do it. You can apply this CC cream and leave it on your face for 6 to 8 hours. After this, clean the face and apply moisturizer to it. CC cream is a skin makeup product meant to moisturize your skin, defend yourself from sun damage, and even out your complexion. CC cream is an excellent option for light coverage and SPF protection for people who don’t like intense makeup. But it won’t heal or change your skin’s appearance.

      Is cc cream harmful?

      Yes, If the CC Cream Contains Damaging Chemicals, Your Skin Can Be Damaged. Complexion Care Cream is unsafe for acne-prone skin. You might not see pimples the very next day, but this product can keep building up into the pores, so you could gradually start seeing more & more pimples with regular use.

      Frequently we see that most women shy away from applying makeup on an everyday basis. She believes that using foundation every day on her skin will clog her pores or lead to suffocation of the skin! And as we all know breathing is very significant for the skin.

      CC Cream side effects

      Though, there are no particular side effects of CC cream. However, we are mentioning some CC cream side effects as a precaution, which might be something like this. Lakme CC Cream side effects

      If the corporation has used more chemicals in the CC cream, then there can be harm to the skin.

      CC cream does not remove facial flaws like dark spots and uneven complexion. It can simply hide these problems.

      Those with very dry skin may feel dryness even after using it, so apply CC cream only after applying moisturizer.

      You should have understood the advantages of CC cream. Every business that makes beauty cream has brought CC cream into the market these days.

      Can I wear cc cream on its own?

      You can easily use CC cream without the help of an expert. You just need to know how to apply it correctly. Some beauty experts never forget to keep this cream in their makeup kit. Cookie or cream is considered perfect for an instant makeover. If you also want to get great makeup without any extra makeup products, then you do not need to buy a great CC cream. There are creams from many different companies in the market; you just have to choose the right cream according to your skin tone and color. Like CC cream for oily skin or CC cream for dry skin, now you have to decide which one is perfect for you.

      Can I layer makeup with cc cream?

      It depends on the way you do your makeup, and what kind of makeup you want to do. If you want to do makeup on a special occasion, then you can use a layer of makeup. By the way, CC cream does not require any additional makeup. With its help, you can do instant makeup without any additional makeup items. It is very effective in hiding small dark spots and pigmentation present on your face. But you also have to keep in mind that you have to sleep only after getting it off at night. Just like you do in other makeup, in the same way, you have to clean it well with makeup remover or normal water.

      Do I need to apply SPF with cc cream?

      No, it is not necessary because many creams present in the market come with the same SPF. In this case, you do not need to apply any separate SPF cream or product. All you have to keep in mind while buying CC cream is whether the cream you are choosing contains SPF or not. Generally, the job of SPF is to protect our skin from the dangerous rays of the sun. So if you do any such work in which you have to go out of the house again and again, then you should choose the cream containing SPF. It will be very beneficial for your skin.

      Is cc cream the replacement for the foundation?

      CC cream is the replacement for foundation or not because many people do dark makeup and some people like to do light makeup. For those who like to do light makeup, CC cream is the best option. But for those who do dark makeup, the foundation is the best.

      Opt for foundation, which works to get better skin tone while also camouflaging blemishes. Foundations of the past were recognized for being thick & cakey on the skin, but the application, comfort, & finish of today's formulas bear a striking variation. It's right that foundation is thicker in consistency than tinted moisturizers, and CC creams, but the magnificence of this base product is that it's accessible in a wide range of thicknesses, from light to medium to heavy. 

      Plus, they're more likely to appear in a slew of shades for all different skin tones, & can be used for both daily wear and particular occasions that call for heavier coverage.

      Makeup primer isn’t required under CC cream, and can truly keep the cream from absorbing and moisturizing your skin. Squeeze a little amount of product out of the tube. You can constantly add more but its better, to begin with too little than too much. Use your fingers to make dots over your face to apply the cream properly.

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