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      Why is nail care important?

      Nowadays, when girls are all set for a party, they pay a lot of attention to the beautification of their nails. Applying nail polish to match the dress & giving a fresh look to the nails with nail art has become quite common. But it is very significant to know that any decoration on the nail looks excellent only when they Frequently people use different types of beauty products to retain the beauty of their face & hair and when it comes to taking care of nails, people habitually ignore it. But you must know that along with taking care of face and hair, it is equally significant to take care of nails. Nails not only work to enhance the beauty of hands but also identifies your excellent health. Dirty nails can also cause embarrassment & poor health. Even in school at some point in time, you should have been scolded for dirty nails and elders also teach that nails must always be kept clean, which is only for our good. Along with this, we all also know that nails add more attractiveness to the beauty of the hands of girls. But to get long, good-looking, and shiny nails, it is very significant for you to take good nail care. Your slightest carelessness can lead to breakage of your nails & loss of shine. If your nails often break or have turned yellow, then you need to take good care of your nails. So that your nails stay strong, white, and beautiful in such a situation, today we are going to tell you how to make nails good-looking and home remedies to take care of nails. With the help of these, you can take good care of your nails at your home and without going to the parlor, you can give your nails the preferred shape very easily at your home.

      What are the tips?

      Adopt the first step that does not leave the nail polish on the nails for more than a week. If nail polish stays on the nail for a long time, then it plunders the surface of the nail. Besides this, the nails become discolored and unhealthy. Keep the cuticles clean- Cuticles are on both sides of the nails in which the dirt goes. They are so helpful that due to this the nails also rot. It would be excellent if you keep cutting the cuticles from time to time. To make your nails shiny and healthy, constantly massage them with coconut and castor oil. One of the reasons for curly nails is that they are not cut from time to time. In the outside atmosphere, our hands are the first to come forward and get dirty rapidly, so not only the nail must be cleaned from above but also from inside. For this, you need to dip the stick in a solution of hot water & soap, and then scrubbing it will clean the hands. 

      How to make nails grow longer naturally

      There is something else about the colorful nail polish on the long nails and cute nails of the hands. Yes, even after the efforts of a number of women, the nails are not long. In such a state, seeing the long, strong, and good-looking nails of other women, they wish that! They too would have nails like them. For this, she also tries new measures, but the nails break as soon as they grow a little longer. If this is the case with you too, then read this article. Here we have talked about the reasons for not growing and breaking nails. Along with this, some home remedies for increasing nails have also been told.

      Reasons, why your nails, are Not Growing?

      Before knowing how to grow nails, let's take a look at a number of common but key reasons for not growing nails below.

      Lack of Biotin – One of the reasons why nails do not grow correctly is also a lack of nutrients. If a person is deficient in biotin i.e. vitamins B7 and H, then the speed of their nail growth may slow down.

      Due to diseases – Diseases can also be the cause for not growing nails. If somebody has diseases like kidney, liver, thyroid, depression, and psoriasis, then it can also affect the growth of nails.

      Injury – An injury to the nail part can stop or slow down the expansion of the nail.

      Medicines – Some antibiotics & chemotherapy drugs can affect the course of nail growth.

      Fungal nail infection – This trouble can cause the nails to become loose and weak, making the nails prone to breakage. In addition, the shape of the nail might also deteriorate.

      Biting Nails with Teeth- If you are used to biting your nails regularly now is the time to stop it. This hinders the development of nails.

      Do not apply a base coat on nails- Whenever using nail polish, do not forget to apply a base coat. It acts as a protective layer between the nails & the nail polish. Failure to do so might weaken the nails.

      Scraping off the nail polish- Many women have a habit that in its place of removing the nail polish with nail remover they start scraping it with their fingers. By doing this, the nails will not only break again & again but will also start losing luster by becoming weak and fragile.

      Use of Gel and Acrylics - If you go to the beauty parlor & apply gel or acrylic (a kind of paint) frequently on the nails, then it does not give the nails a chance to grow strong & grow.

      Natural remedies to get strong and white nails

      Every woman likes to show her long & neatly cut nails in front of everybody. When you have not applied nail polish on the nail, then you feel that your nails look naturally white. It is not possible to get a manicure done every day. If you want to whiten your nails naturally, then you can adopt some remedies for this. For white nails, mix the baking powder in hot water & put your hands in it. Do this only once a week. You can also get white nails by using toothpaste. Apply toothpaste on the nail for 4-8 minutes & wash it with warm water.

      ·  Rub lemon & salt on the nails. This will make the nails shiny & strong.

      ·  Lemon is a natural manicure. Just rub your nails with lemon and in no time you will have glossy white nails sitting at home. Lemon makes the skin dry, so do not forget to apply body lotion on the nails. This makes the nails shiny.

      Olive Oil –

      If we talk about olive oil, then this oil is considered to be a useful remedy. In fact, olive oil is also called a nail nutrient and the folic acid & vitamin E present in it defend against yellow nail syndrome and fungal infections. Let us tell you that in yellow nail syndrome, the nails turn yellow & in fungal infection the nails begin breaking and their shape gets spoiled. Because of this, use olive oil for a long time for good results. Let us tell you how to apply it.

      Method of use-

      You need to take a bowl of olive oil. Now heat it lightly on the gas or in the microwave. Now after this, massage your nails & cuticles with this hot oil before sleeping at night. After this, go to sleep wearing gloves in your hands and the oil applied to the hands overnight will assist in healing your nails. Apart from this, you can also dip your fingers in warm olive oil for 15 to 20 minutes.


      The use of garlic is an easy way to grow nails. Cut garlic into two pieces & rub it on your nails for 10 minutes. By doing this your nails will grow in a few days.

      Orange juice

      Apply orange juice on your nails for 10 minutes then wash your hands with lukewarm water. By doing this for a few days, your nails will grow swiftly and will also be beautiful.

      How to heal brittle nails

      Do your nails break frequently in the middle? So you need to take some particular care of your nails. The shape of layers on the nails or breaking from the middle indicates the deficiency inside your body, but there is no need to fright. You can effortlessly fix it with several simple steps.Beautiful and pink nails look good and they improve the beauty of hands. On the other hand, yellow and lifeless nails do not look beautiful at all. The effect of lack of nutrients in the body is first seen in the hair & nails. Fragile and cracked nails are a mirror of your meager health. Also, the amount of nail polish you apply on these yellow nails... does not give an excellent look. It's just like the thing doesn't have the glow and how can the thing look good-looking with the top makeup. So what to do?If you are also concerned due to this problem, then today we are telling several easy ways to strengthen nails-


      Massaging the nails makes them stronger. To adopt this medication, massage your nails with glycerin for about five minutes. After that leave it for about ten to fifteen minutes lastly, wash hands with the help of water. If you follow this remedy each day, then the cracking of nails stops in a few days. By the way, you can also use vitamin E oil or coconut oil for massage.

      Olive oil

      As mentioned earlier Olive oil also strengthens the nails. For this, take olive oil in a bowl & dip your nails in it for about fifteen minutes. Follow this therapy daily.

      Coconut Oil| Coconut oil for Brittle Nails

      Coconut oil is one of the most excellent and simplest home remedies to strengthen weak nails. Coconut oil is extremely nourishing for weak and damaged nails. Coconut oil contains saturated fat which acts as an excellent moisturizer.

      Heat coconut oil & apply it to each nail and massage it softly for five minutes. This will improve blood circulation and moisturize the nails. Do this therapy two to three times a day. Use these remedies for several weeks until your nails are fit and strong.

      Apple vinegar for Brittle Nails

      Apple cider vinegar is a good remedy for bad nails. Apple cider vinegar is loaded with nutrients that are healthy for your nails, such as vitamins, potassium, magnesium, calcium, & iron. In addition, it contains malic acid and acetic acid that stop nail infections. Mix equal amounts of apple cider vinegar & water in a small bowl. Soak your nails in this mixture for some time. Do this process once a day. By doing this slowly your nails will become strong.

      Lemon juice

      Lemon juice also removes the trouble of weak nails. For this, extract lemon juice in a bowl and then massage the nails with this juice. Now leave it like this for five minutes & then clean it with water. You can adopt this medicine except for one day.

      Keep this in mind too

      To make nails stronger naturally, it is required to pay special attention to some things. For example, drink plenty of water. Due to lack of water in the body, the natural moisture is lost, due to which the nails become weak and smash. Along with water, focus on nutritious food as well.

      Use good nail polish & removers

      If you are fond of applying nail polish, then use good quality nail polish. Because chemicals also damage the nails Also, do not use nail polish again & again.

      How to file your nails properly

      If you get regular manicures or you normally use nail clippers in their place of a file, you may never have learned how to securely file your nails. Filing keeps nails strong and fits while also giving them your preferred shape. It’s possible to file wrongly and actually make your nails weaker & jagged. Let’s cover how to file nails carefully so they don’t peel, crack, or smash.

      Choosing the right tools

      Having the right tools for filing your nails is useful to keep your nails strong and strong. Here are the tools you’ll require before you get started:

      ·         Fingernail clippers. These are useful for trimming long nails before filing.

      ·         A nail file. This can be a typical emery board, though glass files are frequently suggested because they’re gentle on the nails & easier to clean. Nail files should be cleaned to stop the spread of bacteria.

      ·         A nail oil and cuticle oil. These can help repair frayed nails and stop future breakage.

      Choosing a nail shape

      Your nails have a normal shape that’s mainly genetic, and it’s naturally either round or square. The shape of your cuticle and nail bed generally determines the natural shape of your nail. It can be most pleasing and simple to maintain if you work with your usual shape. When trying a new nail style, it’s best to leave the shaping to a specialized nail technician. It’s not suggested that you remove the cuticle on toenails or fingernails.

      Below are several popular nail shapes:


      Almond nails look like, you guessed it, almonds, with tapered sides that meet at a curved peak.


      Round nails look like the tip of the fingernail and are an ordinary natural shape. Typically, the sides are filed straight then lead into an arc tip.


      Square nails are flat across the top with straight, sharp corners. These work best on shorter nails or nails that are logically square or rectangular.


      Squoval (squared oval) nails are similar to square nails, except the edges are faintly rounded to create a softer, more elliptical shape.

      How to file long nails

      ·         If you have long nails, the procedure of filing them is somewhat different than how you would file shorter nails. If you desire to get rid of additional length, cut the nail before filing.

      ·         Think of the nail in two sections: the right & the left.

      ·         Hold your fingers toward your face. You can do this by making a half-fist, with the base of your wrist facing up and nails bent toward your face.

      ·         Start from one of the outside corners & file toward the center. Don’t file back and forth across the whole nail tip because it can break the nail.

      ·         When you get the preferred length and shape on one side, file from the opposite corner toward the center.

      ·         Go gradually. If you file too fast, you’ll take off too many nails too promptly, which makes it hard to attain the desired shape.

      How to take care of your cuticles

      Cuticles are the part of the skin on the side of our nails. When it starts to crumble or starts peeling, then you feel that whatever you do, it must be removed as soon as possible. But keep in mind, if by mistake you have removed the skin there, then how awful it is. If you've been thinking about cutting cuticles while doing an at-home manicure, just wait. Trimming or cutting cuticles is not right in any way. If you do this then it can cause you various other problems along with pain. Yes, because cuticles are the tissue at the base of our nails. These cuticles are very essential to protect the roots of the nails. Biting cuticles increases the probability of infection or injury to the nails. So, never cut the cuticles of nails with the help of clippers.

      What if you cut cuticles?

      If you cut the cuticles & remove them again, the skin there congeal, and the chances of it cracking and peeling increase. Nails can break effortlessly in the middle, become crooked, will not grow correctly, and will feel very excruciatingly around the nails. Cuticles should constantly be left as is. You can soften it & press it into the skin, but it must never be cut, as this can cause severe damage to the nail. The cuticles act to protect the area between the dead cells on the nail and the nail root underneath it, so they are just as imperative as the nails and prevent dirt and bacteria from entering.

      Before we tell you the remedy, we should know the causes of chipping.

      ·         Dry skin

      ·         Eczema

      ·         Sunburn

      ·         Psoriasis

      ·         Cold and dry weather

      ·         Lack of sufficient moisture

      ·         Frequent use of sanitizer

      ·         Frequent hand washing

      ·         Vitamin deficiency

      ·         Allergies

      How to take care of your cuticles

      Apply hand moisturizer at least two times a day to take care of cuticles. If there is a lot of sun exposure, use a moisturizer with sunscreen. Use cuticle remover to take away cuticles. These normally contain triethanolamine, along with coconut oil, potassium phosphate, potassium hydroxide & water, which only work by softening rough cuticles & pressing them into the skin. If your cuticles are incredibly dry and itch, you can put petroleum jelly on them and sleep with gloves on at night.


      Milk acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin. It is rich in vitamin D, calcium, & alpha-hydroxy acids, which nourish the skin. It increases blood circulation and cleanses the skin.

      Method of uses-

      ·         Mix 2 tsp milk & 1 tsp honey.

      ·         Massage the mixture by applying it to your nails & cuticles.

      ·         Leave it for about 30 minutes after that Wash your hands.


      ·         Oats exfoliate the skin without drying it out. It moisturizes & cleanses the skin.

      ·         Method of uses-

      ·         Take some hot water in a bowl & mix oats in it.

      ·         Soak your hands in the mixture for 10-15 minutes.

      ·         Wash & dry your hands.

      ·         Apply a little moisturizer afterward.


      Cucumber acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin. It contains vitamin C and caffeic acid which helps in removing the troubles related to skin irritation. It is also loaded with potassium, sulfate & vitamin C. It has anti-inflammatory properties and works to protect your skin from sunburns.

      Method of uses-

      ·         Finely grate the cucumber.

      ·         Apply it on your nails and cuticles.

      ·         Leave for about 30 minutes.

      ·         Wash your hands with lukewarm water. 

      How often to get manicures

      Girls love getting manicures done and it is also required. The manicure is a method to detox your hands, by which the dirt of your nails & hands gets cleaned and their dead cells are removed. This is a type of cosmetic treatment that you can do yourself at the house & also get done in the salon. Throughout this, the depth of your hands & every corner gets cleaned. During this, the cuticles in the nail are also cleaned and your nails are provided a new looking. Do this at least once a week. If you require more then you can use 2 times a week also.

      This easy treatment helps protect your nails & cuticles and also prevents cracks and yellowing. Also, soaking and buffing your hands for a while will provide you with the break you need from time to time.

      Types of Manicure

      This can be done in many ways. It depends on the type of skin on your hands or what type of relaxation your hands desire. Know about the types of manicures.

      Basic Manicure

      If you are thinking of doing a manicure for the first time, then you can begin with a basic manicure. In basic manicure, by applying lotion, oil, or cream on the cuticles, dipping the hands in warm water for a while and after taking it out, clean the cuticles and clean the hands carefully. After this provide a good shape to the nails & apply a base coat, major coat & top coat of nail paint.

      Paraffin Manicure

      It can be excellent for dry hands (less moisture), as the hands are made soft in this manicure. In this, the hands are also massaged very well. This is done with the help of paraffin wax. Just as foot massage is relaxing for the body, paraffin manicure helps in maintaining the attractiveness of the hands besides relaxing the hands.

      French Manicure

      It provides a classy look to the nails, so it is very much in trend these days. In this, nude or beige nail polish is applied to the nails & white nail paint is applied on the tip. Well, French manicure has constantly been a favorite of ladies and it has the benefit that you can wear any type of outfit and any color. French manicure is considered to be the most excellent option for all occasions as well as for working women to keep nails good-looking.

      Gel Manicure

      It provides a glossy look to the nails and is also very long-lasting. The steps to do this are related to basic manicures. Gel manicure is the most excellent option to keep the nails good-looking for those women who lack time and also the accountability of household chores. It keeps your nails attractive for a long time.

      American Manicure

      It provides natural beauty to the hands. In an American manicure, the shape of the tip of the nail is kept round. In this, the nails are painted with clear or off-white colors. It looks very eye-catching.

      3D Manicure

      3D manicure provides a different look to your nails. Let's start by placing it on fake nails made of acrylic and then painting them with the colors of your preference. You then stick them on your natural nails & apply several things to create a stunning design. In this beads or petals or flowers are made on your nails. So, if you have never done a manicure, then you must try it, it will improve the beauty of your hands Also it will provide a perfect look to your nails.

      How to do a manicure at home

      Several people pay particular attention to the care of their face & skin. To keep away from pimples or blemishes on the face, we use home remedies, attention to food & various kinds of beauty products. In the midst of all this, he forgets that when he meets somebody, the first thing he does is shake hands & the touch of hands says a lot about the skin of the hands. So, hand care is also necessary and manicure is the most excellent way for this. There is no doubt that everybody goes to the parlor for a manicure, but after reading this piece of writing, you will not need to go to the parlor for a manicure. We will tell you what a manicure is in addition to how to do a manicure at home.

      For the beauty of hands, you will frequently go to the beauty parlor and spend a lot due to costly nail polish, expensive techniques. The occasional expense is comprehensible now, but why spend money for a basic manicure over and over again? Why don't you try it at the house? All you need is basic tools and your favorite nail polish, and in just a few simple steps, you'll be capable to do the manicure. Let's know how you can do manicure at home in easy steps-

      Gather All the Tools

      Before starting a manicure, gather all the necessary manicure tools. The things you will need are-

      ·         Nail polish remover

      ·         Nail filer and cutter

      ·         Cotton pads

      ·         Cuticle cream

      ·         Cuticle Pusher and Nipper

      ·         Clear nail polish

      ·         Colored nail polish

      First, remove the nail polish with your fingers. Clean the nail polish carefully with the aid of non-acetone remover and cotton. Acetone-based nail polish removers work very quickly, but they can damage your nails.

      Cut and File Nails

      The next step is to trim your nails a little bit. After that shape them with the filer. Do not use too much force while filing your nails. Remember that with this you have to shape the nails and make softer their rough edges.

      Dip Nails in Hot Water

      Take a big bowl and fill it halfway with hot water. Add some shampoo and mix it & keep your hands soaked in it for 3-4 minutes. This will soften your cuticles and take out the dirt trapped in the nails. Clean nails and cuticles with a soft brush.

      Apply cuticle cream

      Wipe your hands with a towel & then massage them by applying cream to the cuticles. Quietly push down the cuticles with a cuticle pusher. Take care not to make pressure while doing this. After the cuticles are clean, remove the surplus cream.

      Moisturize your hands

      Moisturize your hands carefully and after a few minutes of moisturizing, clean your nails one more time with a cotton pad. Nail polish will not fix the nails due to the presence of moisturizer.

      Apply Clear Nail Polish

      Apply a base coat with clear nail polish. You can also use white nail polish for the base coat. This will make your nail color explode. Nail polish lasts longer by applying a base coat.

      Base Coat - First apply a base coat on the nails. It guards the nail against staining & the nail polish from chipping. Besides this, it prepares an even base for your nail polish. One coat is enough. Nail Color – Apply the best nail color after the base coat dries. After the primary coat dries, apply a second coat and let it dry.

       Top Coat – Now apply a topcoat for shine & finish and viola! Done! If the nail polish has come off, wipe it off by applying nail paint remover to a Q-tip. Apply a top coat once every few days to keep the manicure fresh and constantly get manicured nails. If you're doing this routine at night, reapply moisturizer and go to sleep wearing gloves. And get soft and good-looking hands in the morning.

      Manicure types

      The attractiveness of the body is not only from the face but also from the good looks & cleanliness of each part of the body. For this, women spend several hours in the parlor. Particularly women pay attention to manicures to increase the good looks of hands. It cleans the dirt off your hands in addition to eliminating the tone. A manicure can be done in several ways to enhance the beauty of hands. Nowadays we are going to tell you different ways to do manicures that will enhance the good looks of your hands.

      To make your hands stunning and attractive, you will also have to get a manicure done and for this, you will have to pay loads of money in the parlor. For good care of hands, it is essential to keep getting manicures done from time to time. In a manicure, the hands & nails are first massaged carefully with a scrub, and then the nails are specified an oval shape with a filer. The dry skin around the nails is also removed by doing a manicure. Getting a manicure takes appropriate care of the hands and tightens the skin and makes them look stunning. You only go to the parlor to get a manicure done, it is not essential. If you want, you can do a manicure at home to make your hands & nails gorgeous.

      Basic In this, along with giving rest to the hands, the nails are specified in the right shape. A basic manicure involves applying cream to the hands & then soaking them in a tub of warm water. Then cleaning of hands, trimming & shaping of nails is given. After all, nail paint is applied to massage.

      Trimming & filing of nails is done after first dipping your hands in warm water & then removing the cuticles present in the hands. After this, the cream is massaged on the hands and nails & nail paint is used. A regular manicure is an ordinary type of manicure.


      This is the top nail manicure that is quite trendy. This is an easy manicure that can be helpful for any festival. By getting this done, your nails will become totally white, like pearls. For this, nails can be cut in some round or square shape. This is the best manicure for girls with jaws.

      While doing a French manicure, one thing is constantly kept in mind the upper part of the nails should be white-colored polish. Now without touching the base, apply nail paint with white shadow only on the upper part of the nail. To finish the nails, lastly apply just one coat of transparent nail polish all over the nail. This makes your nails look sleek. French manicure differs from a standard manicure in that it uses a different method of applying nail paint. Clear or sheer pink nail polish is applied to the nail base, followed by white nail paint on the ends of the nails.

      Reverse French

      The technique of doing this manicure is similar to the complete French manicure, except that the cuticles are painted on the nails with a light-colored net paint.


      Paraffin wax is used in this type of manicure. Such a manicure is more effective for dehydrated hands or people whose hands turn out to be dirty due to overwork. Warm paraffin wax is massaged onto your nails or your hands are dipped in warm wax. This makes hands soft and fresh.

      No type of nail art is done in this. Hot wax is applied to the hands & nails, which makes the hands soft & clean. The yellowness on the nails also disappears.


      It's similar to a French manicure, but with a small difference. This is a more natural procedure than the French manicure. Pink undertone nail paint is used in a French manicure, whereas it uses only one undertone. In this, the shape of the nails is also specified in a different way. This provides your nails with a more blended and natural look. At the same time, this manicure gives a special shape to your nails. It can be excellent for those ladies who like a totally neutral look in luxury style.


      Gel manicure lasts a long time. If you want to provide a stylish look to your nails at a low cost, then this manicure is excellent for you. All you need for this is a good gel nail polish & no need to visit the parlor again and again for manicure sessions. The only difference in this compared to other manicures is that more gel is used in this manicure.


      You should have seen some women on social media with stunning metallic nail paints. This is called mirror manicure. This trend has been in a tendency for quite some time now. If you love glitter, then you can try this manicure. In this, fundamental manicure steps are followed first & then a mirror look is given.


      Before getting acrylic nails done, it is very significant to prepare your nails for it. You cannot use acrylic nails on weak or delicate nails. Not only will this affect the health of your inventive nails, but you will also find it difficult to apply fake nails. So first focus on the health of your nails. Ensure your nails are strong & healthy enough to handle nail extensions.

      If you have used acrylic nails, you will also need to take high-quality care of them. If you are careless towards them, then it causes a lot of damage not only to your false nails but also to real nails. Use gloves on your hands before using cleaning products. Also, keep your nails dry. Humidity can cause fungus in it.

      Nail shape types

      In today's time, women pay attention not just to their skin but also to their nails. It is an essential part of her good looks. Usually, women like to do a manicure to make their nails better-looking. But, it is very significant to shape the nails before getting a manicure. By doing this, the attractiveness of your nails increases manifold. By the way, you too should be giving shape to your nails regularly. But do you know that nails can be shaped not in one but several ways and each type of shape give a different look to your nails? So if you have been shaping your nails in only one means so far, then positively read this piece of writing once, because after reading this article you will be able to give your nails not one, but various other shapes easily-

      Here are the different types of Nail Shapes

      Round shaped nails

      Round nail shapes are extremely simple nail shapes. This kind of nail round is a semi-circle. This type of nail shape does not need a lot of maintenance. If you like to keep your nails short, then this nail shape will be for you to select.

      The rounded shape has the slightest chance of nail breakage, which makes it perfect for those who don't want to test too much on their hands. Light-colored nail polish looks cool on round shape nails. Such nails are the ideal option for every occasion.

      Square shaped nails 

      If you have tiny nails and do not want to keep your nails plain, then you can provide a square shape to your nails. While shaping the nails in this way, the nails are given a flat look on the upper side. If you want to provide a different look to your nails, then focus on this nail shape. The square shape makes nails look wider. Looks great on short nails as it is trim and stylish. Light-colored nail polish looks very stunning on these.

      Rounded square-shaped nails

      This is such a nail shape, which girls like very much. The specialty of this nail shape is that it is neither totally square nor totally oval. Furthermore, this nail shape looks excellent on all types of hands, from small nails to big nails & little fingers to big fingers. (White nail art) The nails are specified a square shape, giving the nails a square shape, but given a round shape from the corners.

      Oval shaped nails

      This shape looks excellent on long nails. Short fingers seem longer than this. It is excellent for both wide and narrow nail beds. Keeps it easy, using a French manicure or clear nail polish? The oval shape is everyone's all-time favorite. It can be created on both long & short nails. In this, the shape of the tip and base is similar round.

      Squoval shaped nails

      The mix of oval & square: This nail shape is extremely much liked and it suits all the nails. Apply the trend color of the period on nails of this shape. Scroovel nails are generally flattering nail shapes. It has the neatness of square shape nails & also the softness of oval shape. In this shape, the form of the nails are round at the edges and square in the middle. For this shape, you have to shape the edges first & then the tip.

      Coffin nails

      If you have naturally long, strong nails & have the advice to try something unconventional, ask for this comprehensive, tapered shape with a flat squared-off tip.

      Almond-shaped nails

      Almond nail shapes are somewhat tapered from the sides. It gives a very alluring look. The name of the nail shape is almond because the entire nail looks like an almond. It is longer than the tip & has a round base. Almond nail shape looks grand on medium to long nails.

      In this shape, the nails & are long and round from the tip. Truly, their shape is like almonds, due to which they got this name. This shape is excellent because there is no fear of breaking the nails in it. Almond nails can be shaped only if the nails are long. When the nails grow, you can provide them with a similar shape by shortening them.

      Stiletto shaped nails

      If you have long fingers, then you can make them look longer by adopting this style. This is for long nails. Give a new style by applying crystals to the stiletto nail shape. Stiletto nail shapes look extremely nice, but to provide this shape to the nails, it is very significant for your nails to belong. This is a statement nail shape that needs a lot of maintenance. Stiletto nail shapes have very tapered sides & pointed centers. These types of nails can break simply, so they need more attention.

      Lipstick shaped nails

      This shape looks excellent on thin skinny fingers. Try acrylic nails with this shape. Or French manicure with color on the tip.

      Types Of Nail Polish You Should Know

      Whether you’re going to the salon or giving yourself an at-home manicure, you might come to notice that there’s more than one kind of nail polish to pick from. Yup aside from the usual formula you’ve been using as you were a child, there are essentially six types of nail polish worth knowing. Several, like gel polish, you might be familiar with while others, like shellac, may be thoroughly new territory. Whatever the case, you can consider this your guide to the different types of nail polish you must know.

      1.  Basic

      Let’s begin with the basics no pun intended. Your basic nail polish is what you’ve been using since your childhood. It’s presented in a variety of finishes from normal to matte to holographic. This kind of nail polish isn’t the most long-lasting you can expect to make it throughout a week (sometimes less) without becoming victim to a chipped nail.

      1.  Gel

      One more popular type is gel polish. This is a solid gel that your nail technician will apply over the top of your bare nail. Gel polish is used in combination with a UV light to cure it. It can be used to expand your nail shape & provide you a longer length, like acrylics.

      1. Acrylic

      Talking about acrylic nails, this is another ordinary polish type. Acrylic polish is made from a mixture of liquid and powder. This mixture is applied to your nude nail. As it dries, acrylic nail polish hardens and can be filed to your preferred shape. It can also be used to expand the length of your natural nail. Acrylics also last about two weeks.

      1. Breathable

      If you’re thinking about what type of nail polish is good for your nails, allow us to point you in the way of breathable polish. In short, breathable nail polish let oxygen and water pass through your polish and to your nails, rather than creating a barrier between your nails & the elements. This water-permeable polish will provide your nails a prospect to, well, breath, which is of utmost significance if you find you can’t go without having an absolutely painted mani. 

      1. PolyGel

      Think of a fusion between acrylic & gel nail polish and you have PolyGel. Basically, this polish was intended for nail technicians to use to give a perfect manicure. It has a gel-like stability that’s applied on top of your nails with the help of acrylic brush. Then, it can be formed to your liking & cured with an LED or UV light. PolyGel nail polish is one of the longest-lasting polish alternatives. It can last up to 21 days with good maintenance.

      How to properly apply nail polish

      It seems that applying nail paint is not a hard task, but it is not that simple, mainly when you have to apply nail paint from left hand to right hand, but you can apply a little patience and with the help of several useful tips you can master in applying nail polish.

      To look gorgeous, girls pay attention to the attractiveness of the hands and feet from the face. Along with the face, women get manicure pedicures done to sustain the loveliness of their hands and feet. Doing your own manicure and nail art at the house does not provide a smooth finish. Bubbles or cracks are seen while applying nail polish. Because of this, the nails do not look gorgeous. This happens because women do not know how to apply nail polish. Due to the fault made while applying nail polish, instead of looking good-looking, nails become horrible. Let us know what to do while applying nail polish.

      Clean the nail first with nail polish

      You must clean your nails before applying nail polish. Thinner can be used to clean the nails. Wash your hands with soap after cleaning the nails with thinner. After that, you apply nail polish.

      Apply base coat before nail polish

      Before applying nail polish to your nails, apply a base coat of nails. After applying the base to the nail, apply one more coat of nail polish. This will provide you with a wonderful nail polish look.

      Nail Polish 

      Before applying nail polish, test it. By testing the nail polish, you can get whether your nail polish is right or not. If there is a thick and sticky layer of nail polish, then the nail polish is terrible. Do not use such nail polish. A thin coat must be applied while applying thin coat nail polish. While applying nail polish, take less nail polish in the brush. By using too much nail polish, it takes lots of time for the nail polish to dry, due to which there is a fear of spoiling the nail polish.

      Dip your fingers in cold water to dry nail polish quicker; dip your nails in a bowl of ice-cold water after you apply the nail polish. Allow your nails to sit in the water for 1 minute. Keep your hands away from hot water for at least 2 hours after applying nail polish.

      How to prevent nail polish from chipping

      Beauty is not restricted to skin and face only. Taking care of your nails is also very significant for beauty and cleanliness. We all also buy nail polish from the marketplace and bring them as well. But very few people can apply nail polish plainly. Sometimes the coat looks so light that it comes off rapidly, & sometimes it looks so dark that it looks bad. A number of women even cost the nail polish coat on their nails in such a means that it gets directly from their nails on their skin. There is also a step-by-step process of applying nail polish, following which you can apply nail polish austerely.

      It happens with all of us. Our good-looking manicure tends to crush even after spending a lot of time applying nail polish or paying funds in the salon. It is natural to get angry seeing cash and hard work wasted. In such circumstances, with a simple trick, you can save your manicure and stop nail polish from peeling off.

      Start with clean nails

      If you get nail polish applied by an expert, then they clean your nails first. Even if you have not applied some nail polish, they still apply nail polish remover. So, always clean your nails with a high-quality nail polish remover prior to applying nail polish.

      Apply base coat

      After cleaning your nails, organize your nails with the help of a base coat.

      Apply thin coats

      You will feel odd knowing but thin coats tend to disintegrate late. So apply three thin coats rather than two thick coats. This will also decrease the drying time between coats and reduce the probability of bubbles forming while applying the nail polish. Yes, nail polish must be excellent.

      Polish tips

      Whenever you apply nail polish, do not forget to polish the tips. This will also decrease the peeling of nail polish. If you are using shimmer then certainly sprinkle little sparkles on the tips.

      Apply clear topcoat

      Topcoat constantly prolongs the life of your manicure. You can utilize the base coat as the topcoat. Don't forget to brush the topcoat on & around the edges of the nails.

      Let dry well

      It takes 45 minutes for the nails to dry carefully. You can then attach the key or tie a shoelace. Once the nail polish dries well, dip the nails in chilly water and apply lotion. This will make the nail polish even.

      Special Tip – 

      If you desire to extend the life of the manicure, then apply a topcoat each day.

      Three strokes

      How many strokes of nail polish you apply to your nails is also significant. Some apply only once/stroke on their nails with nail brush while a number of women apply 2 strokes. But to apply the right nail polish, you must apply 3 strokes on your nails so that you can fill your whole nail with nail color.

      Do not dry instantly

      You will find several types of nail polishes in the marketplace. Some nail polishes take a long time to dry, some dry rapidly. But the most significant thing is that you must apply that nail polish which does not dry instantly. Quick-drying nail polish is thin and it is worse than other nail polishes that take longer and can even harm your nails. This leaves a dull & weak coat on your nails which come off effortlessly.

      Implement the color associated with the mood

      You must go for the color which matches your mood. Because with this color you get contentment if you feel that your nails are big and that's why you must apply dark color then you must do the same. For the dark color, you can select from red, dark blue, purple & other colors.

      How to remove nail polish properly

      Frequently women apply nail polish to improve the beauty of their hands and feet. At the same time, several women are fond of applying nail polish by changing it every day. Helps them by using nail polish remover which easily removes the nail pants

      We all make lots of efforts to decorate our hands & make them look gorgeous. They apply colorful nail paints and are extremely happy to see the hands with nail paints. Separately from this, to stay in trend, choose the trendiest colors of the season. Due to fashion trends, it becomes hard to apply nail paint according to the dress every day. When old nail paint has to be removed & that too when you do not have nail remover, then you must adopt some simple measures.

      Many times it occurs that you have to go on a particular occasion and the color of the nail paint does not match with your dress and at that time you do not have remover, then you are wondering how to remove old nail paint. After applying your preferred nail paint, in such circumstances, clean the nail paint with these measures.

      If you have run out of remover in your home, then no problem, you have several other ways to get rid of it. With which you can effortlessly remove old nail paint. It is not essential that you adopt these measures. But if these methods are recognized, then your work will not stop in the absence of nail polish remover.

      This is the simplest way to get rid of nail polish, take warm water in a bowl & keep your nails immersed in it for 10 minutes. After that rub, with cotton, the old nail polish will come off.

      If you have alcohol in your home, then you can get rid of nail polish with its help. Dip a cotton ball in alcohol and rub it softly on the nail. By doing this the nail paint will come off.

      Hand sanitizer can be used to eliminate sanitizer nail paint. Rubbing alcohol is found in the sanitizer, which is incredibly helpful in cleaning the nails. To remove the nail polish from the sanitizer, first, take a cotton ball, apply the sanitizer on it, apply it on the nail & rub it. Do this 3 to 4 times. The nail paint will be removed from your nails.

      You can also take out nail polish with the help of vinegar. Apply this on the nails with the help of a cotton ball. If you desire better results, then take vinegar in a bowl & mix a few drops of lemon juice in it. Nail polish can be cleaned with this solution.

      Toothpaste might have been used only to clean teeth till now, but now you can also clean nail paint with it. This is a very effective solution. Take a little toothpaste & apply it to the nails. Now rub it quietly with the help of cotton. The nails will be clean in no time.

      Did you know that all nail polish has remover properties? If you don't have nail polish remover, you can wipe it off instantly by applying different nail polish on the old nail polish. Doing this will remove the old polish.

      Nail color to apply for

      Date Night 

      Every girl should go with makeup on the first date, but it is very significant to keep the makeup natural. If you do loud make-up, then your heart will not reach your partner as the face of make-up will keep distracting your partner. One thing should be kept in mind, if you are going on a first date, then you must definitely get a manicure, hands must be soft & nail polish should also be well applied, the splendor of your hands is very significant on the first date. You can decorate your nails with white & pink color nail paints. For this, you can select pink & white color. If you are going on a dinner date, then you must also try this type of nail art. For this, you have to apply red nail paint on the tip of your nails in a trendy way.


      If you are going to get married soon, then, of course, you will be totally busy preparing for it. From your bridal lehenga to Mehendi & Haldi, you should have also thought about your look. Your jewelry will also be prepared and how will the makeup be planned.

      But have you thought about the shades of nail paint for each and all functions of your wedding? Certainly, we would not have thought, in fact, we frequently do that to enhance our beauty, we use several types of makeup products and also take different magnificence treatments, but do not select the right nail paint for the beauty of our hands. If you too are going to get married soon and you are wondering which nail paint shades will make your nails good-looking on a bridal look, then you can take an idea from here.

      Gold or golden color is such that it can match with any dress. If you are wearing ethnic in your Mehndi or Haldi & there is a golden color in it, then this nail paint will match with your dress & improve the beauty of your nails.

      These days rich, deep and standard colors are very much in vogue at weddings. Be it your usual or vintage bridal wear or any other usual look, oxblood red nail color shows a unique twist and energizes the bride.

      Summer Afternoon 

      To get a cool look in the summertime, people follow different trends. Along with dredge, shoes, makeup, the tendency of nail paint is also being seen a lot on social media these days. To conquer the heat of summer, girls prefer feminine vibrant colors instead of dark shades. Minty green & minty orange is in fashion, classy grey, white and pink are also in trend these days. 

      If you like some of these shades for yourself, then you will be considered in fashion. So this time when you go to the parlor for a manicure or select their color for online shopping, then do not hesitate in choosing these good-looking colors and be ready to provide a new look to your nails.

      If you want to provide a refreshing look to your nails in summers then you can try these fruit nail art designs.

      Vibrant Yellow

      This color is a statement color that provides a bright look to your personality. This color signifies happiness, hope, and enlightenment which can keep your mood totally energized. By wearing this you will stand out from the crowd.

      Coral red

      The red color comes in the elegant category which has been evergreen. If we talk about a particular shade, then coral red will give a heavy look to your style statement this summer. You can wear it from cocktail parties to beach parties as well. Coral red color provides you a classy in addition to the bold look and you can carry it on some occasion.

      Minty olive green

      Minty olive color is in the 2021 fashion trend. This color integrated into the pastel color category will provide you with a cool look in summer. The individual thing about this nail paint is that it goes very well on every skin tone & that is why people are incredibly fond of it.

      Winter Morning 

      If you desire to give a beautiful look to your nails in winter, then you can try these winter nail art designs. When the winter period comes, we change from our clothes to our foodstuff. Not only this, the way of skincare and makeup also changes with the change of season. But what about your nail art designs? To give a beautiful look to the nails, you will frequently make different style nail art designs. But when the seasons change, it is significant that you make nail art designs keeping that in mind. For instance, in summers, preference is specified to nail paints of more light and bride colors, but in winters, you can apply deep & warm shade nail paint to the nails. This provides a cozy look to your nails. While making winter nail art, you don't have to make nail art designs of snowfall, etc. every time. So nowadays in this article, we are telling you about some winter nail art designs, which you will certainly like too-

      If you desire to give a beautiful look to your nails in winter, then you can try these winter nail art designs.

      Party style nails art design

      If you are setting up to go to a party in winter, then you can make this nail art design. For this, you use glitter nail paint along with white. Separately from this, using beads while making nail art makes it look even more elegant.

      Matte style nail art

      In the winter season, if you want a stylish look in the nails, then you can make a matte color nail art design with a dark color on the nails. If you desire to keep the matte nail art simple, then apply a nail paint of the same color. Apart from this, if you desire you can also make designs from flowery to stars etc.

      How do I make my nails stronger? 

      Beauty is not only in the face but nails are also a very significant part of beauty. Many girls and women do not pay much attention to their nails & due to stable neglect, nails become weak & break. Due to this, the entire beauty of the hands becomes useless. But nowadays we are going to tell you some such tips, by using which your nails will become strong and gorgeous.

      Olive oil

      Frequently massage your nails with olive oil because olive oil i.e. olive oil moisturizes your nails, due to which nails grow faster. Separately from this, it also gives sufficient nutrition to the nails, which makes your nails strong.

      Use of garlic

      To increase nails with garlic, take a thick clove of garlic & peel it off. Now divide it into some parts and rub it on the nails every day. With this remedy, your nails will grow and turn out to be strong within a week.

      Coconut oil

      Coconut oil nourishes our whole body. It contains many vitamins and minerals as well as it keeps the skin moisturized.

      Use of lemon

      Lemon is considered an excellent source of vitamin C, so it is useful in the growth of nails. Apart from this, lemon is considered a normal cleanser, so it cleans the skin and nails carefully and makes them shiny and attractive.

      How to choose the perfect nail shape? 

      The shape of your nails depends on the size of your hand & fingers. Before shaping the nails, select the shape of your choice and type. Although there are several types of nail shapes, only a few are very popular. Among these, square, round, oval, almond coffins are the major ones.

      Is cuticle care necessary? 

      In today's time, ladies pay as much attention to their skin as they do to their nails. To make the nails good-looking, women frequently make different nail art designs. This might make your nails look good, but it doesn't truly make your nails healthy. For this, you have to pay further attention to your nails. In addition to manicures, you must also use cuticle oils to repair damage to your nails & make them healthy.

      How many coats of nail polish do I apply?

      To paint the nails, put a drop of nail paint on your nails & then apply it in three strokes. More than three strokes can make your nails dry. After applying the nail paint, let it dry well. After this, place your hands in ice-cold water for 30 seconds.

      What kind of nail file should I use? 

      Actually, these days, from glass nail files to wooden nail files are accessible in the market and women purchase any of these nail files without thinking. Whereas every type of nail file has a different effect on the nails. So now, we are telling you about a number of different types of nail files, after knowing which it will be extremely easy for you to purchase a perfect nail file-

      If you want to choose such a nail file, and then support you for a long time, then you can choose a glass nail file,

      Wooden nail files are accessible in a range of grits, so you can effortlessly choose the grade that suits you. However, you must also remember that wooden nail files are generally very rough, so using them for a manicure is not an excellent idea. It would be better if you use them for a pedicure.

      Electric nail file

      This is a contemporary nail file, which runs with the aid of electricity. Due to this, shaping and taking care of nails becomes simpler and quicker with their help. Although, using this kind of nail file requires practice to achieve an ideal one, once you get used to it, you can use it very effortlessly with no hassle.

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      High-quality nail paint formula which efficiently glides to give a good-looking and perfect finish. The collection has 8 exemplary shades matching with the eye-catching Belle de Luxe Lipstick.

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