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The Only Basic Makeup Products You Need for a Flawless Base

Looking for step by step makeup? You’re in the right place. We are about to tell you the only base makeup products you need for a flawless base all day. Most of these products are suitable for a perfect base for dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin. But of course, do a patch test if you have sensitive skin.

Update Your Dresser: Top Makeup Trends of Spring 2024 Are Here!

Love those smokey eye shadows & statement lipsticks? Spring 2024 is almost here & of course, we want you to be updated with trending looks before everyone else! So, we are back with your go-to list of spring/summer makeup trends. Scroll to find everything from siren eyes to smokey eyes to blue eye makeup.

Valentine’s Day Memes for Singles Who Are Dating Makeup

Yes, we have singles memes on Valentine’s Day. But not for everyone! Here are the eligibility criteria:
- You must be single.
- You must not have a Valentine’s Day date (unless it’s with yourself)
- You must be able to laugh over being single on Valentine’s Day memes
- You are only dating your makeup

Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift with These 7 Ideas

Thinking of buying a Valentine’s Day Gift for your girlfriend or wife? Although it's assumed that buying gifts for women is easy since all they like is dresses & makeup, even those two are broad definitions with a lot of categories. We'll help you get the perfect gift for your girlfriend—& what to say to her (instead of just “Happy Valentine’s Day, baby”).

8 Brown Makeup Looks & Ideas for Chocolate Day

For everyone else, Chocolate Day must mean just chocolates, but for makeup lovers, it has a whole other meaning as well—chocolate-inspired makeup looks. Brown lipsticks, Brown smokey eye makeup, brown nail polishWe have 8 brown makeup looks & ideas for Chocolate Day.

7 Pretty Pink Makeup Looks for Rose Day

Rose Day is here! Be it pink eye looks or shades of pink in lipstick—pink is one of the prettiest colors to include in your makeup palette. So to make Valentine’s Week 2024 a little more rosy for you, we have curated a collection of pink makeup looks. Pick your favorites to start the Valentine’s week with Rose Day Makeup!

Trending Nail Art Ideas for Spring/Summer 2024

We have brought trending nail art ideas for spring summer 2024! Feb is here and it’s brought with it not just the beginning of the spring/summer 2024 with Basant Panchami, but also the season of love with the soon-to-start Valentine’s weekSo, here are 9 gorgeous nail art designs that any spring lover will surely fall in love with!

9 Bollywood Memes Makeup Lovers Will Find Hilarious!
Love Bollywood memes AND makeup? We've the perfect combination – Bollywood makeup memes. We have got for you 9 super funny Bollywood makeup memes that would make you laugh like crazy, especially because you will find them super relatable.
7 Lipstick Trends of 2024 Lipstick Lovers Must Try

2024 brought a lot of makeup trends, bolds, nudes, shimmers, and even goth. Lipstick trends have followed suit. Of course, trends like red lipstick, pastels, and nude lipstick shades have held their position. But a few new and unique lipstick trends have caught eye on ramps this year. Check out 2024's 7 upcoming lipstick trends.

Trending Makeup Ideas for Republic Day 2024

Republic Day is almost here—the day our constitution came into effect on 26 January 1950. Why not celebrate it with the beautiful tricolor? If you also want to shine this Republic Day in the 3 colors of the Indian flag, we've a few amazing makeup looks for you! Scroll down to find your eye look, lipstick, and nail art combo for Republic Day 2024!

From Office Siren to Espresso Makeup—2024’s Latest Makeup Trends

Let’s take a look at 2024’s latest makeup trends! Like everything else, makeup has been touched by GenZ vibes. So, to remove any confusion regarding the trending makeup looks, we've curated upcoming makeup trends of 2024. AND we've broken down these makeup looks so you don’t have to look for tutorial videos searching for things like “how to get siren eyes?

11 Latest Nail Art Trends That Are Gonna Rule 2024

‘Tis the season for new nail art trends! From classic bold nails to subtle nudes and pastel nails, nail art trends have taken a whole different turn in 2024. We've 11 upcoming nail trends including but not limited to peppy bolds like chocolate milk nails and sober nail art designs like sheer nails, so the remainder of winter 2024 isthe best of the season!

Slay with These Pongal, Lohri, & Makar Sankranti Makeup Looks

It’s festive makeup time again! January is the first festive season every year with Lohri, Makar Sankranti, and Pongal back to back. We know you’re super excited to get glammed up at all of these best festive makeup looks. So, we are back with some gorgeous makeup ideas for your Lohri, Pongal, & Sankranti Makeup Looks!

Easy & Effective Winter Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

Winter is getting harsher & drier, and it calls for a better winter skincare routine, especially for dry skin. With normal skincare, dry skin can get super-dry during the harsh January winters and even flaky if you don’t know how to care for dry skin in winter. These 8 skincare tips are relatively easy to include in your winter beauty regime.

8 Surprising Makeup Facts from Ancient Times!

Well, this time we’ve brought makeup facts you would be surprised to know. So it’s not your regular makeup ideas or makeup tips & hacks, but straight-up facts about makeup that come from eras that literally invented makeup as we know it today. Well, not exactly, because we’ve come far away from using crushed bugs for lipstick, and insect ashes for concealer.

9 Makeup Looks to Make New Year 2024 More Gorgeous

New Year 2024 is almost here & we're all ready to welcome it with our lovely outfits & gorgeous faces with lovely makeup looks! We bet you makeup lovers must have your makeup kits in place. So here are 9 curated New Year makeup looks for you to welcome 2024 in style!

8 New Year Resolutions for Beauty Enthusiasts

New Year 2024 is approaching and it’s that time of year when we all are in the mood for New Year resolutions. Of course, makeup lovers have their own beauty and skincare resolutions for the New Year! Here are 8 New Year resolutions for makeup lovers to begin New Year 2024 with great skin & perfect makeup.

Bollywood Makeup Memes to Match Your Holiday Season Mood

There can’t be anything funnier than Bollywood memes, even when it comes to makeup – funny makeup memes are the best thing to describe what makeup lovers go through every day. Here are 9 funny makeup memes to match your holiday season mood.

11 Nail Care Tips for Healthy & Pretty Nails This Winter

Winter is in full swing and so are we, with these easy at-home nail care tips, so you don’t have to burn a hole in your pretty purse by paying hefty manicure and pedicure prices. It will especially come in handy to have a nail care regime for winter as the skin around your nails is sensitive and tends to get dehydrated.

Bollywood Memes for Nail Art Lovers That Will Crack You Up

And we’re back with makeup memes! No matter what your mood, time, or occasion is, nothing can cheer you up like Bollywood memes. And if you’re a makeup lover, then one more amazing category of funny memes gets added - Bollywood Makeup Memes! Spread the joy with these latest Bollywood memes for nail art lovers.

Pastel Nail Art Designs You Must Try This Winter

Nail art is something anyone can enjoy. Winter calls for pretty nail art in pleasant pastel colors. Tell us, who doesn’t love a pretty pastel green nail design. Here are 11 cute, cool, and mostly easy pastel nail art designs for 2023 that will win your heart and enhance your winter 2023 looks.