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12 Times Men Stole Our Hearts with Their Makeup Skills

Makeup Lovers are makeup lovers, no matter what their skin type, tone, or gender. Makeup for men shouldn’t be treated any differently than makeup for womenThere are some makeup artists that have especially won our hearts with their amazing makeup skills. These amazing looks prove makeup for men is as exciting & amazing as that for women:

Shimmer Eyeshadow—2023's Most Trending Makeup Look

2023 brought quite a few makeup trends but the most trending one is shimmer eyeshadow. And we’re totally in love with the shimmer eyeshadow makeup, especially the inner eye pop of colored shimmers! We've curated the best shimmer eye makeup looks for you, so go get your shimmer eyeshadow palette & get glowing with gorgeous, shimmer eyes!

10 Fabulous Nail Art Ideas for Summer 2023

Summer is here and so are the colors of summer, along with the colorful nail art ideas! We have something to make your weekend—10 amazing-looking yet easy nail designsIt will be a fun summer thing to do, and who knows, you could also get more likes on Instagram with those glorious nail paint designs! Let’s go!

Oscar 2023 Red Carpet Looks That Will Rule 2023 Makeup Trends

Oscars are known to set makeup trends for the year. Oscar 2023 red carpet brought some latest makeup trends, & we might have spotted few of the best makeup trends of 2023. Here are the best Oscar 2023 makeup looks, of course, including our very own Deepika Padukone’s Oscar Look!

7 Steps to Ace the Retro Makeup Look Like Zendaya & Jenna Ortega

2023 has brought back the retro makeup look, and believe it or not, the 2023 version of the vintage makeup, or what we call the 60s makeup, has been making heads turn at many celebrity events lately. So, here are 7 easy steps to ace that vintage makeup look without any more delays!

13 Thoughts Beauty Lovers Get During Holi

Holi 2023 is here and amid a lot of confusion, we’re FINALLY celebrating Holi with all our enthusiasm. It’s a little bit of an anxiety-inducing time for skincare enthusiasts. So in the middle of choosing the best Holi makeup look & skincare on Holi, here's what happens in beauty lover’s minds during Holi.

10 Inspiring Makeup Quotes to Pick You Up on a Bad Day

Don’t you think funny makeup quotes work better to inspire you? “When you’re sad, just apply some red lipstick and ATTACK!” This one always makes me jump up and sort my head - an instant charge-up! I REALLY will get up, put on my red lipstick, and attack! So, here are 10 pick-me-up makeup quotes for you!

10 Lipstick Shades to Go with Your Florals This Spring

The best lip shades are those that enhance not just your face but also your outfit! Spring is here, so here's a list of best lipstick shades for your spring outfits! Be it florals, satiny white formals, office blacks, or wedding golds, these 8 best lips shades would sort your lipsticks as per your spring 2023 wardrobe in seconds!

10 Latest Makeup Trends to Help You Slay Spring 2023

Spring is here and it’s time to find out the latest makeup trends. We can’t wait to begin with Spring makeup trends 2023 so you can lay your hands on the latest trending makeup look before everyone else and slay it just like you always do! Here are 10 latest makeup trends to glamorize spring 2023 with trending makeup looks.

9 Things from Your Kitchen You Must Include in Your Skincare Routine

The famous 10-step skincare regime must be one of the most trending skincare routines right now. But for the real glow, we have 9 skincare ingredients you can simply lift from your kitchen. You’d be surprised to know how many combinations of skincare ingredients you can make from these 9 things to suit your beauty routine!

7 Vibrant Spring Nail Designs to Welcome the Flower Season

There is no art like nail art for beauty lovers. And since spring is almost here, what better way to welcome the flower season than with spring nail designs? With bright floral nail designs, trending glitter nails, & comic nail art, we’re all in for spring with colorful nails! Scroll ahead to see some easy nail art ideas for spring 2023!

Celebrity Makeup Inspiration for Valentine's Day 2023

Do you look forward to the latest celebrity makeup looks? Then we have something for you on Valentine’s Day 2023! We have curated some Bollywood makeup looks for Valentine’s Day and we know you can’t wait to recreate these for your Valentine’s date. So go on and wear these Valentine’s Day makeup looks inspired by your favorite Bollywood celebrity makeup.

6 Pizza-Inspired Makeup Ideas for Pizza Day 2023

Pizza Day 2023 is here and OMG how can we keep calm when it’s about our favorite thing! But of course, we’re also makeup lovers. So what happens when Pizza Day meets our love for makeup? Obviously, some pizza-inspired makeup! If you don’t have any invites, throw your own party to flaunt your Pizza Day makeup!

Makeup Looks for 7 Days of Valentine's Week 2023

It’s incredible how much hard work goes into deciding Valentine’s Week makeup looks. Given hard cracking the Valentine’s Day makeup look alone is, 7 days of Valentine are ought to be super stressful, right? So here are 7 makeup looks so you don’t just slay Valentine’s day 2023 but the all 7 days of Valentine’s Week!

6 Valentine's Day Gifts for Your "Makeup-Lover" Lover

It’s that time of the year when singles cry and couples, well, they also cry. Coz they’re dying inside trying to find an appropriate Valentine’s Day gift for their partners. So, here are the 6 best Valentine’s Day gifts for your makeup-lover lover. Have fun!

9 Lipstick Shades to End January with a Smile on Your Face

The January-February season hits differently—weather-wise, wardrobe-wise, and makeup-wise. Don’t you think there are certain lipstick shades that go too well with your winter outfits, especially in January-February? So, here are 9 lipstick shades to end January and begin February with a perfect, colorful smile!

8 Motivational Quotes to Turn Makeup Lovers’ Day Around!

There are always good days and bad days. On those days, motivational quotes can sometimes help pick you up. But when you’re a makeup lover, you always have one more way to look at things positively than other people do—makeup quotes. Here are 8 inspirational beauty quotes to pick you up even on your worst days.

Republic Day 2023 Makeup Ideas for Patriotic Makeup Lovers

Republic Day 2023 is almost here and who doesn’t want to shine in the colors of the Indian flag, especially when you have a Republic Day celebration in the office? Fret not, we have quite a few Republic Day makeup ideas for you, so you stand out from the crowd this Republic Day in the office, ranging from full-fledged tricolor to single-color makeup ideas.

11 Nail Art Trends That Will Rule 2023

2023 is here and has brought along with it a lot of beauty trends including nail art trends. We know you’re super-excited to know which nail art trends are gonna be trending this year. So, here are the 10 nail art trends of 2023 that you must catch up with before everyone else does! So scroll ahead and try them all!

10 Funny Makeup Memes Courtesy Your Favorite Spirit Animals
All makeup lovers want are 3 things—perfect winged eyeliner, perfect lip shades, and perfect makeup memes. But imagine how it would be if your spirit animal speaks your mind as makeup lovers. So, here are 10 cute pets being your makeup spirit animals through these 10 funny makeup memes!
Skincare Routine Changes to Transition from Cold to Warm Weather

Did you know that your skincare routine needs to transition with the weather? You cannot continue with the same beauty routine in cold weather that you were following in summers & vice versa. So, here are a few basic skincare tips to help you transition your skincare routine from winter to spring 2023!