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The Ultimate Guide to Using Strobe Cream for a Celeb-Like Glow
Ever wondered how celebs always seem to have that perfect, lit-from-within glow? Well, my dearest glow-getters, the secret lies in a little magic potion known as strobe cream. So, let’s embark on a dazzling journey to discover how to use strobe cream for that celebrity-like radiance!
Hydration 101: Best Ways to Use Moisturizer for Dry Skin
Dry skin can be challenging to manage, but the right moisturizer can make a world of difference. In this guide, we'll explore the best ways to use a moisturizer for dry skin, helping you achieve a hydrated, glowing complexion. We'll also answer common questions about moisturizers, including the effectiveness of aloe vera gel and tips for a daily skincare routine at home.
How to Use Cleanser for oily skin without damaging the barrier

Choosing a cleanser for oily skin can be a task. Many people feel they should keep washing their face frequently or using stronger cleansers would help because their skin always looks shiny. But that will damage your skin even more. Our beauty experts team has researched for you and compiled all the information you need about how to do cleansing at home for oily skin.

Glam Up with These Mother's Day Party Makeup Looks

It’s Mother’s Day and we know you’re gonna wanna shine your brightest with your most amazing party makeup looksSo, we’re here to sort out your mother’s day party makeup look with the most basic yet glam makeup ideas that include everyone’s favorites too like – red lipstick, smokey eye makeup, winged eyeliner, multipurpose tints, and of course – strobe cream, to bring out your inner shine.

6 Brilliant Mother's Day Gifts for Moms-to-Be

Mother’s day 2024 is approaching & who would be more excited than new mothers & moms-to-be? It’s their first chance to receive Mother’s Day Gifts! We'll help you find the best mother to be mothers day gift for her, which includes makeup that’s safe for a would-be mom. Choose your combination of Mother’s Day gifts for moms to be.

Beginner's Guide: How to Choose the Best Moisturizer as Per Skin Type

Since it’s summer, some of you might wonder–why moisturizer is even importantWell, to answer that question, moisturizer in summer is as important for your skin as it is in winter. A good moisturizer keeps the skin’s barrier intact with hydration and adds a protective layer to save it from the harsh summer heat. So, it’s wise to include moisturization in your summer skincare routine.

Easy Daily Skincare Routine at Home for Dry, Oily, and Combination Skin

Daily skincare routine at home can be easy with fewer steps if you do it properly and regularly. Caring for your skin starts with knowing what type it is. It’s not always easy—for instance, you may suspect you need an oily skincare routine, while you actually have a combination skin. Here are the 3 main types of skin and what skincare routine you need to follow for each.

7 Party Makeup Looks FTW at Summer Sundowners!

We’re back with summer party makeup looks? Time to ditch your liquid highlighters & cream blushes in the hot & humid summer & bring back your favorite powder blush palette. So, get ready for summer sundowners with our 7 trending party makeup looks for spring/summer 2024! We hope your strobe creams, waterproof mascaras, & your favorite kajal is ready !

8 Anniversary Gifts for Her That Will Make Her Glow!

It’s the season of weddings and wedding anniversaries and we know what you’re looking for – the perfect anniversary gift for her! While everyone says it’s easy to find gifts for women, it’s not. Scroll ahead to find the best anniversary gift for her that she’s ever received, to make her fall in love with you all over again.🙂

Daily Skincare Routine at Home for Glowing Skin in Summer

Summer is back! We know you’re wondering if your daily skincare routine at home can save your skin from the heat & humidity. It will soon be the peak time for skincare problems when summer beauty tips come in handy. Scroll ahead for simple summer skin care tips to minimize the effect of summer & maximize the effect of you. ;)

6 Minimalistic Bridal Makeup Looks to Get Bride-spiration from!

‘Tis the season of the wedding bells! Makeup-lover brides unite for the perfect bridal makeupWe have 6 perfect makeup looks for you if you’re looking for minimalistic bridal makeup. From bright traditional bridal makeup to smokey eye makeup for your celeb-like beige lehenga, we have everything you need to make a statement as the modern bride!

Easy Glam Festive Makeup Looks for Eid & Baisakhi 2024

And we're back with makeup looks! Eid & Baisakhi are almost here & we're all looking for festive makeup looks to glam up our ethnic wear. Be it Baisakhi or Eid, there's one common thing that never gets old -- party makeup! This time, we've easy makeup looks that are beginner-friendly, basic makeup step-by-step!

6-Step Daily Skincare Routine at Home for Summer

Want a daily skincare routine at home that’s easy, yet effective? We have it! And that too, in 6 easy steps to do skincare at home. It can be used for all skin types; just make sure you don’t use anything your skin generally doesn’t respond well to. Scroll ahead to find the beauty expert’s 6-step daily skincare routine at home, for glowing, youthful skin.

7 Minimal & Glam Party Makeup Looks for Spring/Summer

We've brought some Summer party makeup looks to enhance your spring/summer 2024 experience. Let’s pour summer into your makeup with these 7 summer-like party makeup looks. Whether you like minimal makeup, are into a lot of strobe cream, or are simply a lover of blush palettes—this list has a few trending makeup looks for everyone.

9 Pink Makeup Ideas - Coz Spring Calls for Colorful Makeup!

Love Pink? We have 9 pink makeup ideas for you! It’s time to dive deeper into spring/summer makeup with these fresh pink makeup looks. There's something for every kind of pink makeup lover. Scroll down to check out the most trending makeup looks for this year’s spring/summer makeup.

Easy Summer Skincare Routine for Hydrated Skin

Welcome to our summer skincare routine special edition on World Water Day! Before you close the tab thinking “This whole post must be just about drinking water all day”, let us tell you, it’s not. We have created a complete skincare routine to keep your skin hydrated this summer & it’s not just drinking 8 glasses of water every day.

10 Pictures to Show What Happiness Is...for Makeup Lovers

Every year, we celebrate International Day of Happiness on 20th March. To makeup lovers this day becomes a little more special if certain specific things happen, like finding that perfect nude lipstick shade! But you have to remember to find your happiness within, even if your winged eyeliner goes wrong, or red lipstick doesn’t look as you like.

Beginner’s Guide: Winter-to-Summer Makeup Switch

Did you know that not just skincare but even winter-to-summer makeup differs a lot? Summer Makeup is quite different from winter makeup, mainly because now the weather is hotter and more humid, and of course, you sweat more. To accommodate all these weather changes with your makeup looks, we have a few beauty tips for a smooth winter-to-summer makeup switch.

11 Smokey Eye Makeup Looks to Remind You It's 'No Smoking Day'

We’ve got your fave – smokey eye makeup looks! The 2nd Wednesday of March every year is observed as “No Smoking Day”. Of course, the day is observed to spread awareness about why you shouldn't smoke. But makeup lovers would know  one kind of smoking is still always in trend – smokey eyes!

11 Makeup Hacks to Get Perfect Makeup for Beginners

Makeup beginners love 2 things the most – makeup hacks and makeup tips. Imagine if you’re a makeup newbie who can’t get their eyeliner right, what would be your biggest happiness at this point? Let us guess – an easy eyeliner hack. We have 11 beauty hacks to help you get easy makeup looks. Scroll ahead!

7 Women’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Make Her Day!

International Women’s Day is almost here, which makes it the perfect time to get ready with Women’s Day gifts NOW! We know gifts for women are easy to find, yet, there are some special gifts that scream Happy Women’s Day. Here’s our curated list of International Women’s Day gifts you can choose from to make her feel special.