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10 Eye Makeup Memes That Will Make You Laugh & Cry

Finally, we have eye makeup memes for y'all makeup lovers! If you've ever even tried eye makeup, you will understand how satisfying yet frustrating eye makeup can be, simultaneously. Scroll ahead because we have 10 of the funniest eye makeup memes that will make you scream "that's me!".

15 Nail Art Trends That Will Rule Fall/Winter 2023

Nail Art and nail polish shades have been in the spotlight since the beginning of 2023. But there’s something different about fall/winter, especially when it comes to nail artEven if you like simple nail polish designs more, there’s something for everyone in Fall 2023’s latest nail designs. Check out our 15 favorites for the season!

7 Trending Ganesh Chaturthi Makeup Looks for Ganpati 2023

Let’s check out trending Ganesh Chaturthi makeup looks for 2023! We have brought the top 7 makeup looks for Ganesh Chaturthi & makeup tips for Ganesh Chaturthi 2023, so you can glam up & slay these 10 festive days with top makeup tips for Ganesh Chaturthi!

13 Makeup Trends That Will Own Fall/Winter 2023

Fall beauty trends are about to step in soon, as the monsoon season almost come to an end and fall 2023 approaches. As makeup enthusiasts, it’s our duty to help other beauty trend lovers like you catch up on the upcoming makeup trends for the new season. Scroll down for 13 makeup trends that will rule fall beauty in 2023.

Bollywood Memes That Match Makeup Newbies' Sentiments

We all love Bollywood memes, & if you’re a new makeup lover, you’ll know how Makeup memes can do the talking for you. We have brought to you some famous Bollywood memes that will speak your mind as a makeup beginner. Scroll ahead to check out 10 super funny Bollywood Memes for new makeup enthusiasts.

9 Bollywood Celebrity-Inspired Makeup Looks for Rakshabandhan 2023

We are all Bollywood fans whether we say it or not. And when it comes to makeup looks, we knowingly or unknowingly follow our favorite celebrity makeup. Rakhi 2023 is here and we have 9 amazing celebrity-inspired Bollywood makeup looks for you! Check them out to recreate your look for Rakhi 2023!

This World Photography Day, Learn How to Get Perfect Makeup for Photos

Slaying it with makeup in general, and slaying makeup for photos are two totally different things. And we don’t wish upon you the makeup flashback faux pas that even our favorite celebrities have been through. So, we’d love for you to save this one and follow it for the perfect makeup for photoshoots, always.

7 Eyeshadow Hacks You HAVE TO Try!

Makeup lovers only know two things—love for makeup & makeup hacksWe know you love eyeshadows but it’s not easy to get those perfect eyeshadow makeup looks. That’s why we have brought 7 eyeshadow hacks and no, they’re not just for your eyes! Did you know you can even use your eyeshadow as blush and highlighter makeup?!

Foods For Healthy Skin—Get Glowing Skin from Within

We all want healthy skin that glows naturally from within. But you can’t get that glowing skin just by applying serums and moisturizers on the outside. For natural skin health and glow, you have to begin from within. Here are some healthy skin foods you can easily include in regular diet.

We Reimagined 12 Bollywood Memes for Makeup Lovers & You’re Gonna LOVE It

Bollywood memes can suit any situation no matter how happy or sad. And of course, makeup lovers love funny Bollywood memes because they fit every makeup situation every! Check out these 12 funny makeup memes—trending memes that we’ve reimagined for makeup lovers, & share them with your friends!

Top 10 Easy Oily Skin Care Tips for Monsoons

Monsoon brings with it a lot of colors & good weather, but for oily skin owners, it also brings oily skin problems. But you don’t have to worry about how to treat oily skin during monsoon, coz we have home remedies to make monsoon oily skincare easy. Check out these 10 tips on monsoon skincare for oily skin for a glowing, healthy skin this monsoon.

7 Golden Rules to Protect Your Makeup Products During Monsoon

Monsoon 2023 makeup is exciting, especially with all those shimmers & glitters that are so IN right now. But to keep slaying your with your makeup in monsoon, you have to keep your makeup products safe during the rainy season. So, if you wanna save your makeup products from becoming unusable, here are some smart things you can do to keep your makeup products safe in monsoon 2023.

Lipstick Trends from Every Decade—Trending Lipstick Shades

Let’s catch up on lipstick trends from every decade, shall we? The 20s and 30s eras didn’t have the word “trending lipstick shades” in their dictionary, or Instagram to tell them which lipstick shades were going “viral” or were IN. But since everything's coming back from the golden era, why not try their trending lipstick shades?

11 Celebrity Quotes to Inspire Makeup Lovers

With or without makeup quotes, makeup lovers have always been the most motivated people. But sometimes, when you feel demotivated, you can always turn to your favorite celebrities for famous celebrity quotesSo, here are 11 amazing makeup quotes by celebrities & makeup artists that you can use as a pick-me-up on a bad day.

World Emoji Day—10 Emojis Apt for Every Makeup Situation

It’s World Emoji Day, and we’re SO thrilled because who doesn’t love those cute emojis, but us makeup lovers? And you have to agree, that there are so many makeup situations that can only be properly expressed and explained with emojis. So, here are 10 cute makeup emojis you can use to express all your makeup moods and love for makeup!

Eye Makeup GIFs That Will Satisfy Makeup Lovers’ Souls

Eye makeup can make or break your look. Imagine a plain no makeup look, and now imagine adding a nice shimmer eyeshadow. And don’t even get us started on how satisfying eye makeup can look—that perfect winged eyeliner, that flawless smokey eye, or simply that one glide of glitter. Here are 12 satisfying gifs of eye makeup that will soothe your makeup OCD!

Monsoon Handcare Tips for Pretty Hands This Rainy Season

Monsoon handcare is a very underestimated part of skincare, not just monsoon skincare but even in general. But one thing that needs more attention in monsoon skincare is handcare. And no, hand cream isn’t enough. So, here are 9 ways to take handcare more seriously during monsoons. Learn these simple things to include handcare in your skincare routine.

Chocolate-Inspired Makeup Ideas for World Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day's tomorrow & makeup lovers can't keep calm! Scroll ahead to choose from chocolate-inspired makeup ideas like brown lipstick, brown eyeliner, nude brown lipstick, and brown smokey eye makeup. We are huge fans of brown eye makeup and chocolate color lipstick. Time to create your World Chocolate day look!

8 Nail Art Designs That Are Glam but Super Easy

Nail art is one of the favorite things of makeup lovers & beauty enthusiasts, especially when easy nail art is involved. Since Monsoon 2023 is incredibly amazing, most of us have ample time for at-home nail art ideas. Here are 8 easy nail designs that you can achieve at home in Monsoon 2023. What are you waiting for?

Foot Care Regime for Pretty Feet This Monsoon

We have some of the best ways to get soft feet in monsoons; we did this foot care homework because we knew you wouldn’t. Most of us look at monsoon skincare and do everything to keep our face glowing during the rainy season. But what about foot care during monsoons? We’ve got you covered with 8 sure-fire ways to get soft feet at home itself!

11 Times Bollywood Memes Were Too Relatable to Makeup Lovers

Okay, we have some funny Bollywood memes for you crazy & gorgeous makeup lovers! Because no matter what’s happening around you, mucky feet during monsoon needing a pedicure, bad eyeliner, panda eyes, Monday morning makeup mishaps… makeup memes can never fail to make you laugh! Check out the funniest makeup memes!