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From Lip Balms to Scrubs—the 5 Must-Follow Winter Lip Care Tips

Lip care is always important, but it becomes lot more important during the winter season. So, gather your lip balms and lip scrubs, and those homemade lip care products coz it will come in handy for the sweater season! Here are the easiest winter lip care tips that aren’t just easy to follow but also very effective.

10 Easy Skincare Habits for Long-Term, Naturally Glowing Skin

Glowing skin is something nobody can say they don’t want, or aren’t working toward. But can you say that you’ve been working on it the right way? We have compiled 10 healthy skin habits that are so easy to follow that anyone, even the lazy ones can follow them to get long-term nourished, naturally glowing skin from within.

13 Lipstick Colors to Fire Up Your Winter Makeup Mood!

Winter makeup is completely different level of excitement! With all those classy boots, colorful sweaters, and winter-flushed cheeks, winter makeup looks are the best because of one of the biggest reasons—winter lipstick shades! So, here’s the list of our 13 favorite winter lipstick shades so your winter makeup always looks BOMB!

One-Line Horror Stories That Will Send Chills Down Makeup Lovers' Spines

From bleeding lipstick to unequal eyeliner, makeup lovers face a lot of mishaps that can be one line horror storiesSo, we’ve compiled 8 such one line stories that will send chills down your spine if you’re a makeup lover. You’d especially like them if you like funny makeup memes, so read on!

8 Origami Nail Art Ideas You Can Do at Home This World Origami Day!

Fall is all about pleasant, bright nail art ideas and fancy, artsy nails, isn’t it? So, nail art lovers gather around as we show you some of our favorite nail paint designs for International Origami Day 2022. What can be cuter than bringing your childhood to your nails with origami-inspired nail art designs? Time to choose your favorite nail polish designs for the fall! Our favorites are #5 & 8, what about you?

Celebrating World Quality Day—9 Best Quality Makeup Products to Own

Love makeup? But what’s the use of wearing it if it’s not the best quality makeup products? Imagine looking super pretty at a party, only to end up with acne the next morning because some makeup product didn’t suit your skin! That’s why we've curated the 9 must-have best quality makeup products for you. Check it out!

8 Rules to Do Makeup for Photos That Are Double-Tap Worthy!

Time to get the perfect makeup for photos this holiday season! We all have makeup looks that suit our personalities, skin tones, shapes of our faces, and of course, our outfits. But there’s one more thing we sometimes tend to forget about—makeup for photos. So, follow these 8 important rules & you will always have the perfect, Insta worthy makeup for photoshoots!

10 Post Diwali Memes That Will Touch Makeup Lovers' Souls

All makeup lovers right now are most likely suffering with post-Diwali blues, especially those of use who love makeup and dressing up & can’t dazzle like firecrackers for the next whole year! We completely get you, and that’s why we have compiled 10 makeup memes that will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

12 Nail Art Ideas for Pretty Toes This Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is one of those times that’s makeup lovers’ favorite, especially for those glittery nail arts and pretty nails. We have compiled some of our favorite holiday toe nail art ideas so you can choose the best ones for the holiday season! Scroll ahead & check out some trendy toe nail art designs for all of our favorite season!!!

14 Post-Diwali Skincare Tips for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Give your skin the love it needs post-Diwali with some simple skincare tips for healthy skin! During Diwali festivities, our skin can take a beating! It's time to detox your skin. But how? Here are a few handy ideas on how to revive your skin post-Diwali with some extra TLC & tips for glowing skin.

Diwali 2022— 13 Skincare Tips to Glow This Festive Season

Make your skin look as radiant as your diyas with this Diwali-special skincare routineAfter all, your radiant skin will make you shine bright this season. While we're busy planning social gatherings and parties, how about blocking some time for skin care as well? Use these skincare routine steps to look radiant and glowing throughout the festive season.

10 Festive Nail Art Designs So You Shine from Head to Toe

Time for some Festive Nail Art Designs! Festive season is all about color, sparkle, and happiness. And what better way to embrace these than wear these as nail art designs! Here are some simple nail art designs that you can wear on your nails for the festive season.

Get Ready for Diwali 2022 with These Bollywood-Inspired Makeup Looks
Let celebs like Katrina Kapoor and Alia Bhatt inspire your makeup look for Diwali 2022! Just a few days remain until Diwali! By now, you've probably already finished buying your Diwali gifts and shortlisted your best festive outfits. But what about your festive makeup look? Here are a few Bollywood Inspired Diwali makeup looks!
11 Times Bollywood Celebrities Drowned Us In Their Kajal Looks

It's Bollywood Kajal Looks Day!!! Kajal eyeliner is one of those things that could totally change your whole look without much makeup. Remember Kareena’s kohl look from Kurbaan, or Deepika’s Kajal liner look from Piku? We have compiled some of our favorite Bollywood kajal looks and we’re sure you love as much as we do!

Trending Diwali Makeup Looks to Rule Festive Season 2022!

The perfect Diwali makeup tips and looks are here, just in time! Diwali is the most cheerful time of the year. It also offers the perfect opportunity to play up your makeup by going bold, radiant, and glowing. So it's one of us makeup lovers' favorite festival! Here are the most popular Diwali makeup trends this year.

12 Times Bollywood Memes Spoke for All Makeup Lovers

Okay, we have got some Bollywood memes for you makeup lovers to crack you up! Wanna befriend a makeup lover? Start a conversation on contouring with a makeup memeSo scroll ahead, and find 12 of our best Bollywood memes that can never be not funny for any makeup lover.

10 Eye Makeup Looks That Will Totally Steal the Show This Festive Season

Festivals are all about beautiful ethnic outfits & great festive makeup looks. We have brought something to take your festive spirits to the next level—festive eye makeup looks to get inspired by this season! Here are 10 beautiful eye makeup looks in every color you can imagine, so get ready to match your makeup with your outfit and set the glam standards high!

7 Amazing Skin Care Benefits of Pink Aloe Vera—the New Face of Hydration

Want great, glass-like skin? Get ready to be WOWed by these amazing skin benefits of pink aloe veraWe are all familiar with green aloe vera. But did you know that a new variety called pink aloe vera has recently been discovered? Here's why you need pink aloe vera in your skincare routine &  the skin benefits of pink aloe vera.

Why Clay Masks Are Beneficial for Glowing Skin & How to Use Them

Masks are the perfect way to indulge in a little "me time," but choosing one can be tough with so many options available. Here are the top benefits of clay masks to persuade you to try one! The following benefits of using clay masks properly will convince you to try them if you have not yet.

8 Alternative Uses of Makeup Products You Might Not Know

We always talk about how to create perfect makeup looks by using our makeup products well. We have decided to break makeup rules & will tell you how you can use all your makeup products to achieve great makeup looks, but by using them for purposes that are far from their primary use. Here are 8 alternative uses of makeup products!

8 Eye Makeup Hacks You Would Never Have Imagined!

Makeup hacks—the phrase that will make any makeup lover happy, instantly. But it gets exponentially more exciting when it is about eye makeup hacks, right? Those winged eyeliner hacks, those heart-stealing smokey eye hacks… could it be more exciting! Scroll ahead to discover 8 unique yet super-easy eye makeup hacks that you might have missed out on.