Eye Kajal

      What can be more beautiful than a kajal-clad eye? We know you love your eye kajal and we're sure you're gonna like these long-stay, smudge-proof, waterproof, darkest of dark kohl liners.

      Eye Kajal Pencil, The Ultimate Accessory 

      Eye kajal has been a golden standard since the 1920s since it is the foundation of every eye makeup routine. Also, kajal pencil has always been quintessential to Indian beauty, whether it is the defined lips and kohl-rimmed eyes of the 1930s, the bouffant and bold cat-eye flicks of the 1960s, the coloured eyeshadow and underliner of the 1990s, or the sleeker, smudgier forms that are prevalent now.

      Eye kajal pencil is seen as more of a necessity than a cosmetic. It's a major factor in a lot of people's grooming routines.

      Keeping in mind the sweltering, humid, gloomy, and hot Indian weather, it is common for your eyeliner to melt and smear all over your face. Don't worry, Faces Canada kajal pencil is your knight in shining armor. You can now get smudge-proof kajal online and say goodbye to the unflattering “blank pigment rolling down your cheek” look. Let us help you choose the one that best suits your requirements.

      All things related to eye kajal pencil or kohl that you must know

      Our life is full of uncontrolled activities; there’s no more or less time to complete your makeover or to closely care for your details regarding Indian eye kajal makeup or to reapply your makeup before running for your next event. This is the reason why in most women's lives, the office or school washroom is the only place where they can (at least try to) transform from day casual to evening showstopper.

      Kajal is the only eye makeup that every woman must have used at some point in her lifetime. Today, through this post, we are going to tell you every little thing related to Kajal. So if you want to know about the history of kajal eyeliner and different ways to use it, then stay with this article.

       First of all, let me tell you what kajal is. Kajal (Kohl) is a dark spot product that many women apply daily around their eyes to enhance the complexion and beauty of their eyes. However, this practice is not new. It was first started by women of Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa using mascara to protect them from insects and protect the eyes from harmful rays.

      Do you know if something is used the most in makeup, it is kajal? It is conventionally made with the addition of galena (lead sulfide) and a number of other ingredients that help give it its deep black color. As we said, kajal pencil and Surma have been used for centuries to boost the beauty of the eyes. You will be surprised to know whether women have other beauty products or not, but eye kajal pencil is certainly there.

      History of Eye Kajal

      The word kohl is an Arabic name derived from 'Kuhl', and there are biblical references in Hebrew as well. Kajal, which enhances the beauty of the eyes, was first used in Egypt, in India it is known by many other names apart from Surma, known for its full story. Whether a female recognize how to do makeup or not, a kohl pan or kajal pencil has constantly been an element of enhancing one's look. With just some strokes it brings the eyes more compelling and beautiful.

      Different names of Eye Kajal

      There are many other names and types of kajal in South Asia and particularly in India depend on the area, state, or country. In Urdu & Punjabi, it is called 'Soorma', hardly some of you would know this. Kajal pencil is known as 'Kanmashi' in Malayalam, 'Kadige' in Kannada, 'Katuk' in Telugu and 'Kaan Mai' in Tamil.

      For most Indian girls and ladies, kajal pencil is a makeup item that they use to make the eyes beautiful, but some people apply the kajal pencil to protect kids from the harmful effects. All this is very prevalent in the old culture of India.

      Apart from this, eye kajal has been a main part of many costumes and dances of India and their dress. Dancers performing Kathakali and Bharatanatyam use kajal to make their eyes appear bigger than those of Sati.

      Types of Eye Kajal Applicator 

      In ancient times, there were no special methods of using eye kajal. In the old days, women used to apply kajal on the eyes through their fingers. But in today's modern era, many sticks and products have been made to apply it, which makes it easy to apply. We have talked about some of them below.

      •Kajal Pencil/pen

      It is the most prevalent in the modern era of today. And today big cosmetic companies are making and selling it in the market. Kajal pencil is very simple to use & maintain. You will easily find kajal pens anywhere in the market.

      This is the kajal eye pencil from which almost all of us started applying eye kajal. It gives elegance to your eyes. If you are new to the world of makeup then this is the one you should choose. Instead of a sharp kajal pencil, you should choose a pencil with a rounded tip. It won't sting your eyes and will give the liner an even shape. 

      • Kajal Brush

      Liquid Eyeliner Makeup is what you should do when you want a cat-eye look. Liquid eyeliner gives a sharp look to your eyes so that your eyes get the first attention. But apply liquid eyeliner only when you have a practice because if it gets spoiled even a little, then your eye makeup gets spoiled. When applying Indian eye kajal makeup with liquid eyeliner, use only a thin brush.

      When not to apply liquid eye makeup- Do not apply liquid eyeliner on the lower eyelids by mistake, otherwise, it will spread and spoil all your makeup. Always use mascara only on the lash line.

      • Gel

      This is the liner between the liquid and the pencil liner. Its effect is darker than kajal pencil liner. It contains the kajal in a small compartment as well as a slender brush. It is simpler to apply than a liquid liner. Just one thing you have to keep in mind is that sometimes this liner is not suitable for those with oily skin as the liner can spread due to oil.

      How To Apply Eye Kajal Or Kohl Perfectly

      These days it's used as a famous cosmetic product & comes in various forms to use it without any hassle. As mentioned above it is also known as Surma in India, it is a girl's best friend over their usual dresses. Here are a number of steps on how to apply a kajal correctly which you might have been doing wrong till now. Have a look at it.

      To apply mascara properly, first, clean your eyelashes and their bottom area thoroughly with a cleanser and water. If your skin is dry and flaky, or you have oily skin, moisturize the area with a cream; Use some power to remove the oiliness.

      Now, with the help of one of your fingers, pull your lower eyelid down until you can see the waterline or the inner lid line.

      Use only the highest quality eye kajal or any other good indian eye kajal makeup which does not have a sharp edge. Draw it out from the inner corner of the eye, following the path along the waterline.

      If your hand isn't steady enough to line the mascara all the way down, you can also lift it out with your fingers by taking the mascara and dragging it across the surface. But you have to make sure that your hands are properly washed and sanitized to avoid any kind of infection.

      If you want to make your eyes appear smokier, applying a thick mascara line down the lower rim will give you a better look. After this, you have to smudge it with the appropriate eye shadow color or smudger, which can enhance its beauty.

      When it comes to the upper eyelid, you need to close it gently and line it up in the same way as is done for the lower part. It provides the perfect effect to your eyes.

      This is the usual way of applying mascara. However, for weddings and special occasions, women can create a bit more focus by using different colored pencils, fake eyelashes, and eye shadow. To further beautify the eyelashes, you can enhance them by applying a suitable amount of mascara.

      Apart from applying kajal, these are some things which are necessary to give an attractive look to your eyes. It also helps to make your eyes look bigger. Once you are an expert in applying it, the best ready-to-apply eye kajal is makeup which can transform your look to a great extent without any extra effort. Buy kajal online and keep it in your handbag or purse.

      How to prevent eye kajal from smudging 

      Along with enhancing the magnificence of the eyes, Kajal Cosmetics also brings grace to the character. Applying kajal in the eyes not only brings shine to the face but also the features are also noticeable. Despite this, some girls do not like to apply eye kajal at all. Such girls criticize that no matter how much they apply eye kajal of any brand, their kajal cosmetic starts spreading as soon as they apply it. Well, this is an extremely common problem. Actually, this type of problem occurs with girls who have more liquid in their eyes. But it is also true that if you follow a number of tips then this will not happen at all. In this piece of writing, we are telling you some such tips, which you can follow to prevent eye kajal from smudging.

      You cannot change the fact that a dark carefully applied eye kajal or kohl alone can make you look eye-catching. But more frequently than not, Kajal cosmetic keeps smudging at the inner corner of the eyes, making you look more scary than beautiful. These tips can come in helpful to keep your kohl from smudging.

      1. Instead of face wash, dip cotton balls in cold water and keep them on the eyes. This will help control the oil in the area around your eyelid, so that the mascara stays on your eyes without smudging. Along with this, apply concealer or foundation near the eyes. You can also use BB cream instead. These will also help the eye kajal to stay on.

      2. If you want to use mascara, liner and eye shadow etc. in the eyes, then apply them before applying eye kajal. Apply kajal only after all the eye makeup is complete.

      3. Before applying eye kajal, apply talcum powder under the eyes. Apply the powder with the help of a brush so that it mixes well in the skin and completely absorbs the remaining moisture remaining under the eyes. After that use kajal.

      4. Kajal is branded or non-branded; it should be waterproof and smudge-free. Apart from this, try that it should be in pencil form instead of liquid form. The pencil mascara also applies well and lasts for a long time.

      5. Usually people apply eye kajal evenly in the whole eye, but you keep a light layer on both sides of the eyes and cast a shadow layer in the middle. This will also make your eyes look beautiful and the kajal will also last for a long time.

      Cold water use

      To make the eye kajal last for a long time, take a cotton pad & dip it in cold water and apply it on your eyelids prior to applying. Now wipe the whole lid carefully. After this, apply kajal in the eyes with a kajal pencil, after that apply face powder on your eyelids. Apply face powder on the internal and outer corners & on your lower lash line.

      Use toner

      If you are concerned about eye kajal smudging, then you can use toner. Mascara spreads less by using toner. Take a cotton pad then apply toner on the toner. After this, clean the eyelids of eyes with a cotton pad. This will take away the oil accumulated on the eyes. This will not spread the kajal.

      Use BB cream or foundation

      Prior to applying eye kajal, apply light base and BB cream on the eyelids or under-eye area. This will provide a smooth base for the kajal. Because of this, the kajal does not spread. Separately from this, the eyes look attractive. Using BB cream and foundation will also decrease the dark circles around the eyes.

      Read below some easy ways to prevent kajal from smudging –

      Be it any makeup; first of all clean the face carefully. For this use a toner or daily face washes.

      Before applying kajal, apply a little powder under the eyes so that the kajal does not spread. Oily skin can cause makeup to spread quickly.

      Along with this, apply foundation under the eyes before applying kajal so that the makeup base is formed and the kajal does not spread.

      Always use waterproof mascara or eyeliner.

      If preferred, after applying black kajal eyes, apply a light liner on it so that the kajal looks thick in addition to avoiding spreading.

      Always apply kajal from the outer corner to the inner corner line so that it does not spread.

      After applying kajal, apply compact powder.

      If you desire, apply a dark kajal pencil before sleeping at night & after waking up in the morning, and clean the mascara spread evenly with wipes. This will keep the mascara in place & there will be no need to reapply.

      How to make eye kajal last longer

      To improve the beauty of the eyes, women use kajal. Applying kajal adds shine to the eyes. But the Kajal pencil not only enhances the magnificence of the eyes but also gives you a good-looking and glamorous look. If you do not apply kajal for a day, then it makes your face look stained and sick. But, when the kajal spreads, it starts to look like dark circles. Due to the spread of kajal, besides the look, the whole kajal eye makeup also looks bad.

      How to Apply Kajal Eyeliner,

      Your look will not be complete without excellent kajal eye makeup. Talking about eye makeup, the initial thing to do is to apply kajal. Applying eye kajal is also an art that is not for everybody. Most women easily apply kajal. But by adopting these tips, the beauty of your eyes will boost further.

      1. Cleanse face with toner

      Before applying kajal, it is very important that you clean your face with toner. This will clear the oil present on the skin and the kajal will not spread. Ice can also be rubbed around the face and eyes to keep away from sweating.

      2. Set the Mascara

      Set the kajal to avoid spreading it. Use its black eyeshadow powder. If you use kajal every day, then apply translucent powder under the eyes. This will make the kajal last for a long time.

      3. Apply powder on the outer corners

      To make the kajal last for a long time, apply powder well on the external corners of your eyes. Now use kajal. After applying kajal, spread a little neutral color eyeshadow on the eyelid with a brush. This will dry the kajal swiftly & will last.

      4. Apply Long Stay Mascara

      If you desire to maintain the magnificence of the eyes, then apply long-lasting kajal. With this, whatever makeup you do, your look will come out in front. Constantly apply mascara from a good company.

      5. Apply eyeshadow after applying mascara

      After applying kajal, apply a light eyeshadow outside the waterline. Blend it evenly with an eyeshadow brush. This will not spread the eye kajal and the eyes will look very gorgeous.

      Different ways of wearing eye kajal

      If you are bored of applying mascara in one way, here are some different ways to use mascara

      Apply mascara by spreading it thick & under the eyelashes. Make a wing through it on the edge of the eyelashes & after applying mascara on the upper eyelid, make an outline with a water liner. Pull out the liner faintly at the edge of the lid. This makes the eyes look incredibly attractive and good-looking. Indian eye kajal makeup is not complete without kajal.

      If you have not done any makeup, but only applied eye kajal, then it also boosts your beauty. Eyes can be made good-looking by applying simple kajal, but if eye kajal is applied in a somewhat different style, then it adds to the loveliness of the eyes.

      Colorful Mascara

      You constantly use black kajal, if you desire to try something different then apply colorful kajal. If you are going to get ready on a special occasion, then colorful eye kajal will provide your beauty and shine.

      Archer Winged

      Apply mascara by spreading it thick & under the eyelashes. Make a wing with it on the edge of the eyelashes & after applying mascara on the upper eyelid, make an outline with liquid liner. Pull out the liner faintly at the edge of the lid. This makes the eyes look very good-looking.

      If you have time and you desire to make your eyes good-looking, then in its place of simple kajal, you can apply kajal in a different way like this.

      Bold look

      If you want to give a bold look to the eyes with kajal, then apply eye kajal on the lower eyelid by spreading it slightly outwards, that is, apply thicker mascara. Apply mascara moving from the outer corner of the eyelashes to the inner corner. Apply mascara on the waterline of the upper eyelid as well.

      Sharp wing

      After applying the thick eye kajal on the lower eyelashes, pull it out from the edge i.e. make a sharp wing with kajal on the outer corner and then use the eye kajal itself as a liner. Apply mascara by making a thin line on the inner corner and a thick line on the outer corner.

      Smudge look

      Although there are usually ways to prevent eye kajal from getting smudged, the smudge look also looks good. If you like it then you can apply eye kajal on the outer corner of the eye with a little smudge and take it a little below the waterline. Give a round effect by applying mascara in the same way on the upper lash line. Complete indian eye kajal makeup by applying mascara.

      Fishtail eyeliner

      If you are one of those who do not know makeup very well, but are always attracted to eye makeup, then you will surely love winged eyeliner or fishtail eyeliner too. Winged Eyeliner not only makes the eyes look bigger but also adds to your eye makeup after applying it. Winged eyeliner will look great even if you have applied natural eye shadow. But many people have this problem that winged eyeliner does not look perfect to them.

      With some this problem comes that they are not able to match the other eye like one eye and with some there is a problem that they are not able to start right. So what to do? If you love eye makeup and you are not able to apply the perfect winged eyeliner, then we tell you some tricks that can help you.

      Apply winged liner with the help of tape

      This trick is the most famous. If you have seen, many beauty bloggers use tape for winged eyeliner. This will help you get the perfect arch. There are a few things you need to keep in mind before applying tape.

      •       Apply tape before doing full face makeup.

      •       Touch up the side of your eyes first.

      •       If you are applying tape after doing full makeup, then touch up the face later.

      Know your eye shape and how to apply eye kajal according to it

      Eye shape is a significant facial feature that is usually overshadowed by the color of the eye it’s framing. While there are several types of eye shapes, including monolid, downturned & almond-shaped, people infrequently know how to categorize their specific eye shape. 

      Below, the different types of eye shapes are listed, along with icon examples and makeup tips to highlight your beautifully unique eyes. 

      Women do make-up to look stunning. Good makeup without eye makeup looks imperfect. For beautiful eyes, women apply liner. Applying liner improves the beauty of the eyes a lot. But sometimes applying liner in the wrong way reduces the attractiveness of the eyes.


      If your eye contours are hooded, apply a cat eyeliner. Apply thin eyeliner in the corner & thick in the center of the eye.


      Women with such an eye shape can utilize different types of eyeliner. In this, bring the upper and lower eyelids together; a little eyeliner must be applied on the outer corners of the eyes. The lower eyelashes must be colored with eyeliner. 


      Deep-set eye shape when the eyes are turned inwards so that the eyebrows are more decorated. These are called deep-set eyes. The outline of the eyes of actress Shraddha Kapoor is also deep-set. In this eye shape, the eyes must use light and shimmery colors. Smokey eye makeup looks nothing special on such eyes. Wing liner does not look excellent on eyes of this shape.

      Downturned -

      Women whose outer edge of the eyes are disposed of slightly downwards, while applying the eyeliner, must apply the eyeliner on the outer edge by lifting it upwards. This will make your eyes look bigger & brighter. Eyeliner must be applied on the lower eyelashes to make the eyes look bigger.

      Upturned eyes

      Women with such eyes have a variation in the upper and lower eyelids. In such circumstances, draw a line on the outer edges of the eyes with the rising eyeliner & apply eyeliner on the lower lash with light hands.


      Women with such shaped eyes are known as the lucky ones. They must apply eyeliner according to their eyes. In this, starting thin lines of the eyeliner from the inner edge of the eye and growing its thickness till the outer corner.

      Tips for formal eye makeup

      The conventional Smokey eye makeup colors are, of course, black or grey. You are though not limited to these colors. When using makeup for Asians, do not forget that there are many options accessible to you. Choose eye-shadow colors that contrast with or intensify the coloration of your eyes in its place of matching it precisely. Violet eye shadow, when you put on your eye makeup, your aim must always be to make your eyes look better.

      A big mistake that several people make when it comes to normal makeup is that they try to make each of their facial features a central point. Applying eye makeup products can be a terrifying concept if you are not equipped with the right knowledge and equipment. Once you know the fundamentals, If obviously pretty types appeal to him, Goth makeup would turn him off. Natural-looking makeup would be your top bet.

      Things to keep in mind while using Kajal

      Don’t try to Apply Kajal Makeup In the Inner Corners many girls start to apply their kajal eyeliner from the inner corners to the external corners. You know, this only makes your eye kajal pencil soaked thanks to the soft area and it won’t come out as strong as it should. You must always start applying it from the outer corners. In fact, you shouldn’t be applying it in your inner corners at all, particularly if you’re going to be lining your upper lids & if you have little eyes. When you line your upper & lower lids, leave your inner corners devoid of color to stop your eyes from looking smaller. Try it to notice the changes.

      Eye Kajal dos and donts

      Who doesn't like applying and using kajal? Beside making the eyes more beautiful, it works to add beauty to your good looks. It is correctly said that without kajal, the attractiveness of the eyes is not considered complete. But do you know that a little mistake about applying your eye kajal can spoil your entire look. In such a state, it is significant for you to know those tips, by which you will be able to provide such a look to your eyes, so that people will not get tired without praising you.

      1. Do not Compromise on Kajal

      Whether it is a matter of eye kajal or any other makeup product, one must never compromise on its quality. Because this will spoil your eye makeup and can also harm the eyes. So, always purchase branded kajal according to the sensitivity of your eyes. In the marketplace, you will find herbal, gel-based, organic eye kajal containing gulabkhas, which will work to take care of your eyes. If your eye kajal is also mixed with camphor & almond oil, then it will work to take care of your eyes gently along with the expansion of your eyelashes. With this type of kajal clove lasting, there is no fear of diffusing them.

      2. Cleanse the skin around the eyes

      You should have seen that several people do not have oily skin around their eyes, which looks excellent nor does it allow your makeup to last for a long time. In such a state, it is significant that whenever you do eye makeup, you should clean your skin. With this, your eye kajal will not spread as well as last for a long time.

      3. How to Apply Mascara

      Kajal stick must always be applied according to the shape of the eyes, only then it works to improve the look of the eyes. If your eyes are small and you desire to make them look bigger, then you can emphasize them more from the edges by moving the eye kajal from the inside to the outside on the waterline or else you can provide a bigger look by layering the eyes. Similarly, if you have big eyes, you can emphasize them by layering or even with a particular stroke; your eyes will start giving a beautiful look. Try to apply only long-lasting kajal, so that your eyes can look stunning for a long time. 

      4. Avoid touching the eyes

      Even after applying well-known eye kajal many times, the eyes start watering. This frequently happens because you have not cleaned the eyes correctly. That's why it is compulsory to clean the eyes. But if you are going to a party and after applying kajal, your eyes start watering instantly, then do not rub it but try to clean it with tissue paper. If you do not do this, then your stunning eyes will start looking ugly along with all your makeup getting spoiled. 

      5. For Smokey Eyes follow these tips 

      These days the Smokey eye look is in huge demand. But this look provides excellent results only if you do not make any mistake in the choice of colors for it. And blend it well, so that your makeup does not look unreliable. For this, you will first need to apply makeup primer on your eyes. Then set it well with the help of a brush, so that it blends well. Then gradually apply transition color on it and blend it well, after that use black base color for black Smokey eye and then blend it well, so that it does not look irregular at all.

      You have to mix it well on the crease. After this, again after taking the conversion color, apply it well on the crease, then apply black eyeshadow on the eyelids and mix it well. So that it does not look crumbling. Then apply black eye kajal on the waterline & blend it well by applying black eyeshadow on the bottom outer line. Lastly, get smokey eyes in minutes by using gold eyeshadow to highlight the inner corners. Remember that if you desire green smokey eyes then you must use green base color and if blue then use blue base color. It depends on your preference.

      6. Take particular care of this

      Avoid sharing beauty products, mainly lipstick, lip gloss, eye kajal pencil and liner with someone. Because of this bacteria can come in contact with you and infect your eyes. Due to which your wish to be beautiful can turn worse. Also remember that whenever there is an allergy in the eyes, keep away from doing eye makeup. Always pick herbal and organic products for the eyes, as they do not damage the eyes due to being made from natural ingredients. So if you want stunning eyes then do not overlook these things. 

      Eye kajal works to brighten up the eyes. The beauty of the eyes increases as soon as you apply kajal. Frequently women apply or do not apply some makeup on the face but never forget to apply kajal. These days there are different brands and colors of kajal accessible in the marketplace.

      The particular thing is that now apart from black eye kajal pencil of other colors is also being used a lot. In today's time, you can try liquid kajal, gel kajal, kajal pencil, tube kajal, box kajal, but the most significant thing is that you must know the right trick to apply it. Even though eye kajal is generally applied by almost every girl, do you know that if you follow little tricks then it will make your eye makeup look much better. Nowadays we will tell you how you can use a number of hacks with kajal.

      Which mascara to select?

      The selection of eye kajal must always be done properly. Whenever you buy kajal, remember that only kajal pencil should be smudge proof. If it spreads after applying kajal, then the area under your eyes will begin to look dark and it will look like you are getting dark circles. If your eyes get watery, then gel based kajal will be ideal.

      Try this hack to make eyes look bigger immediately-

      When it comes to kajal, it has to be applied only in the lower water line, but if you desire to see a lot of change in your eyes, then apply it in the upper water line as well. For persons who have small eyes, this is the most excellent option. With just one small trick, your eyes will look extremely big.

      How to remove the kajal

      Applying kajal on the eyes has become a daily thing for women. Women have become so used to it that if they do not apply kajal pencil on their eyes even for a day, then they start looking unwell and withering. There are several types of mascara available, such as pencil, roll and or in a box. But several women complain that their mascara spreads, which makes them creepy. No matter how much you get rid of kajal, but it remains as it is, then here are a number of tips that will make it simple to get rid of kajal.

      Here are several ways in which you can gently and efficiently remove kajal from your eyes:

      Believe it or not, there is a right way to take off our eye makeup which we should follow, because not only the eyes but the skin around it is also very sensitive. That is why refrain from using harsh soaps or face washes.

      Coconut oil

      Coconut oil is one of the safest & most useful ingredients you can use to remove all types of makeup, mainly eye and lip makeup. You can apply coconut oil to a Q-tip or a cotton pad and press it gently against the waterline. Leave it for a few seconds & gently remove the kajal.

      Coconut oil is the best ingredient that you can apply on your face. This ingredient removes makeup efficiently and nourishes your face. They also help in stopping dark circles. You can also use castor oil as it helps in promoting the development of eyelashes.

      Milk and Aloe Vera Gel

      Mix together 1 tbsp aloe vera gel and 1 tbsp milk. Dip a cotton ball in this solution and gently wipe off the mascara. The mixture of milk and aloe vera gel will not only cleanse the eye kajal but it will also nourish the delicate skin around the eyes.


      If you think that dark circles under the eyes are only due to kajal, then before sleeping at night, massage your eyes lightly with olive oil or castor oil. Applying oil will also leave the mascara and the eyelashes will also become thick.

      Cleansing milk

      If using oil isn't your thing, excellent cleansing milk will work as well. Take an enough amount of cleansing milk on a cotton ball and use it to softly wipe off the kajal. You can repeat this 2-3 times till the kajal pencil comes off totally. It is advisable to use an extremely soft cotton ball or pad.

      Using cleansing milk must be a part of your everyday beauty regime as it not only removes makeup but also dirt and dirt from your face. Cleansing milk is also gentle on the skin which makes it a grand mascara remover.

      Use wet cloth

      If you're in a rush, the simplest thing you can do is a wet piece of cloth. It is secure & you just need to ensure that you rub it gently on the eyes and not be too harsh. One of the best ways to remove mascara from the eyes is to take an extremely soft cloth like a napkin & hold it under the tap for a few seconds. Wipe off extra water from the cloth and use it to softly wipe off the mascara.


      Apply it on the kajal spread around your eyes and mascara and then wipe with cotton, the kajal will be completely missed.

      How to make small eyes appear bigger

      If you have small eyes, then you can make your eyes look better with kajal. These kajal tips can be of grand use to you.

      It is said that our eyes are the 'window of soul'. It is not surprising because many poems and songs have been written on them. Several beautiful comparisons have been made from Do-Eye to Almond Eye. Big eyes make anybody look young. Even little eyes have their own charm.

      But the use of makeup, particularly the way you apply kajal on small eyes, can make a huge difference. Applying mascara in certain ways can make your eyes appear bigger. But before you start applying kajal on your eyes, you have to do a few more things.

      To know how you can make your eyes look bigger by applying kajal, take a look at these tips specified by us. Also, before applying kajal, you will also pay attention to a number of significant factors.

      Shape of Eyebrow also makes eyes big & small

      The shape of our eyebrows plays a very significant role in setting the look of our eyes. It is important to keep them trim and in shape at all times. Find the outline that goes well with your face shape & your small eyes. Thick, bold and good-looking eyebrows draw attention to the eyes. As the natural shape of the eyebrows will provide you an innocent look, the arched eyebrows give you an immense and mature look.

      Eyes look smaller even with dark circles

      Several women do not notice this, but puffiness & dark circles under the eyes can make your eyes look lesser. Get enough sleep, eat healthy, and wash your face frequently with cold water. Right the blemishes around the eyes by applying a light concealer one step from the foundation, but before that utilize a primer.

      Use thin tip kajal

      Avoid using mascara with a thick tip. You can also apply liner, but don't make a thick line. This will make your eyes look smaller. For smaller eyes, it is wise to use kajal pencil with a thin tip or brush as they tend to provide narrow lines. 

      These types of methods will work

      To make your small eyes look bigger, you can apply kajal on the eyes in different ways. How well you apply kajal pencil with such a style, it depends on you, try the way which you find comfortable.

      Try tight line

      When you line your eyes tight, it essentially means applying kajal pencil to the middle of the lashes at the waterline. If you apply mascara in the lower lash line or fill in the upper & lower lash lines, your eyes will look less. To make your eyes look bigger, make a tight line & while doing so use a kajal pencil only.

      How to apply makeup for brown eyes

      While applying makeup, if you focus more on the eyes, then the entire look of the face changes. You might not know, but with the help of your eyes, you can make a new look every day. All you need is to do makeup correctly and recognize your eyes. Just as every person around the globe is different, in a similar way his eyes are also different. Whether it is a matter of eye shape or eye color. When you do eye makeup, you should first take care of the size & color of the eyes. For instance, if you have small eyes, then too thick eyeliner does not look fine on the eyes and it makes the eyes look even lesser. In the same way, before doing eye makeup, you must also focus on the color of your eyes. So let us tell you now about how to make brown eyes makeup-

      The particular thing about brown eyes is that every color looks great on them. You can give them any kind of shade. But if you are getting ready for a job or want to give a totally different and bold look to your eyes, then you can select metallic shades like brown, gold, bronze or even pink. Such shades focus more on your eyes & make them even better-looking.

      White eye pencil

      If you have brown eyes, then you should have a white eye pencil in your makeup kit. It makes your eyes more attractive. Particularly if the white liner is used with metallic shades, then the attractiveness of the eyes comes out. Also, it makes your eyes look bigger.

      Use of concealer

      If you have dark circles under your eyes, then certainly use concealer while doing makeup. If the dark circles under the eyes are noticeable, then all the eye makeup will also be concealed. By the way, if you take a shade light while concealing, then you can effortlessly highlight your under-eye area along with concealing it. After this, you will not need to do highlighting individually.

      Interesting facts about kajal English

      Kajal pencil is considered to be the favorite beauty product of almost every Indian woman. After all, what's not to like in this makeup item? It is a major cosmetic item that helps women to show off their most expressive assets, their eyes, and also display them in the sexiest way possible. Let us tell you today about some interesting facts related to kajal, which you have hardly heard before.

      1. Do you know that kajal is made from natural ingredients and soot? Due to its organic nature, the original and pure version helps to protect the eyes from infections. Also, when it is applied, it gives a soothing and cooling effect.

      2. Hardly you know that the word Kohl is derived from the Arabic name 'Kuhl'. If you have read the history of Kajal, then you must know that the Persian word for this is 'Sormeh', it is known as 'Kajal' in South Asia.

      3. Where was kajal used for the first time, then let us tell you that traditionally, kajal was used for the first time in Egypt from 3100 BC. The Egyptians used mascara as an excellent eye care remedy and as an adornment. They used it extensively to line the upper and lower lash lines because they believed it would protect their eyes from the sun. This was known as 'Gallin Eye Paint'.

      4. Apart from ancient Egypt, many African tribes also used mascara. But those people used it differently, instead of applying kajal pencil to their eyes, they used it to draw different lines around their forehead, nose, and other parts of the body.

      5. Kajal has many other names in India depending on the language and region. For example, it is called 'soorma' in Punjabi, 'kanmashi' in Malayalam, 'katuka' in Telugu, 'kan mai' in Tamil, and 'kadige' in Kannada.

      6. In some parts of India, kajal pencil is used to 'protect the child from evil'. For this, people used to apply kajal pencil on the eyes of the children as well as apply black tika with kajal on their forehead.

      7. Kohl is available in pencil, gel, and powder form. However, the most ordinary kohl accessible in the market comes in the form of a pencil.

      Kajal pencil mistakes to avoid

      Kajal is certainly a significant part of every Indian girl's makeup bag. This is one product you will find each girl has! Even with girls who say that they don't wear makeup or they don't like makeup.

      Whether it is to hide tired eyes after a restless night or to give a sexy touch to your makeup, kajal pencil is one thing that can make you look sexy and stunning without putting on too much effort. Be it makeup experts or makeup virgins, kajal is everyone's first preference. There is a big reason for this because it comes in about everyone's budget & gives you the feeling of being dressed-up without much attempt.

      Over the years, makeup has been her best buddy for making girls good-looking and glamorous and perhaps this is the reason why everybody feels that there is no right or a wrong way to apply kajal. If you are also one of those people who think that you can never make any mistake in applying kajal, then you need to read this piece of writing. These are very ordinary mistakes that most of us make while applying kajal, due to which our whole look is frequently spoiled.

      Here we are mentioning some common mistakes that we do mistakenly and we do not even know. Read on and know that even you are not making these mistakes.

      Applying Mascara Using Only One Stroke

      Women frequently apply a single stroke of kajal. Because of this, the eyes do not look gorgeous. Start applying kajal pencil from the internal corner of the eyes, slowly applying it outwards. To look striking, pull the skin under the eyes & keep it tight.

      Applying too much mascara on small eyes

      Dark & heavy kajal looks extremely sexy and stunning but not if you have little and hooded eyes. By applying thicker kajal on small eyes, they start to look smaller, so if your eyes are also small, then apply kajal pencil in easy and thin strokes.

      Smudge Kajal pencil along with Dark Circles

      We know that smudging kajal gives a very natural and sexy smoky eye look but it is a bit hard to say how right it is to do so. If you are stressed with the problem of dark circles, then you must never smudge your kajal pencil because by doing this your dark circles become more tinted and you get panda eyes instead of smokey eyes. If you still want to try smokey eyes inspired by Kareena Kapoor, then ensure to conceal your dark circles first.

      Using Blunt Mascara

      This is a fault that we are all responsible for repeating. Most of the girls believe that there is no need to hone until the tip of the kajal pencil is worn out because the kajal is still working! But doing so is also a big mistake because using a blunt kajal pencil gives a disorganized and uneven look. So, before applying kajal, constantly check its tip and edge.

      Applying mascara only on the waterline

      If you think that your work is over by applying kajal pencil simply on the waterline, then you are applying kajal pencil wrong. If you desire a nice kohl-eyed look, apply mascara through your mascara pencil not only along your waterline but also on your upper lash line. By doing this your eyes will look bigger & brighter. The procedure of applying mascara in this way is called tail lining

      Step by step guide to applying kajal like a pro

      Even if makeup is not done & only kajal is applied to the eyes, the face looks more gorgeous than that. Mascara has been used for a long time anyway. All girls apply kajal in their own way. A number of girls apply kajal only on the lower waterline, while few apply above. There are also different types of mascara. Everyone applies kajal, but do you know the correct way to apply it? No, then let's know in this piece of writing.

      Set up the eyes first

      Clean your eyes before applying kajal. To make your mascara look right on the eyes, cover the dark circles under the eyes. To cover them, apply your base, concealer with a finger brush as you like. When your dark circles are concealed, the kajal will show up well on the eyes.

      Apply light mascara first

      Apply light mascara to the waterline under your eyes & start darkening it from the corner of your eyes. If you have little eyes, then take care not to apply kajal on the internal corner of the eyes. Starting from the back a little, the eyes will look better.

      Apply a double layer of mascara

      If you desire your mascara to stay on the eyes for an extended time, then apply one more layer of mascara for this. Apply kajal well from the inner corner as before. On the other hand, to make the eyes look bigger, apply a very light coat of kajal on the external part of the eyes.

      Apply kajal on the waterline too

      You should have noticed that without smudging the eyes of several girls, kajal gives a special light smoky look. Her eyes sparkle in a different way. That's because she applies a stroke of kajal in the waterline above the eyes as well. Pull the eyes upward with your fingers & then apply mascara. You might have some problems in the beginning, because that area is very delicate. 

      Final look with mascara & eye shadow

      Now it's time to provide Kajal with the final look. Now apply skin tone colored eyeshadow or some eyeshadow similar to it evenly on the eyes. Apply a coat of mascara to complement the mascara and make the eyes look more stunning. The correct way of applying eye shadow & mascara can also make kajal more effective. So, if you want, the opinion of a makeup artist can also be taken about this.

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      The secret to natural eye makeup

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      Fill in the thin portions of your brows with a Faces Canada eyebrow pencil, then brush them with clear mascara to set the strands in place. A cool-toned dark brown eye shadow can also be used as a brow filler. Fill in the arches; start with the darkest colour at the start of the brows and work your way up to the arches, tapering the colour at the end.

      • Lash it out: Faces Canada offers you the best volumizing mascara to lift and define your lashes. Use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes and then confine them with a defining mascara. If you're going for a natural look, avoid applying too much.

      Why choose Faces Canada?

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      Frequently asked questions

      Is it necessary to remove kajal before sleeping?

      Most of the time, we don't bother to remove any remnants of kajal or eyeliner before going to bed. However, you must make sure to use an eye makeup remover or apply baby oil to your eyes and gently wash them with cold water.

      Is eye kajal safe for waterline?

      According to some eye experts, using eyeliner in the waterline of your eye is not recommended because there are specialised glands there that create and discharge oil. Instead, buy kajal online to define your eyes

      Will kajal look good on me if I have dark circles?

      If you have dark circles, it's advisable to stay away from kajal as it makes the eye region look weary rather than defined. If you wish to apply kajal, you'll need to use a color corrector to achieve an even-toned base.

      How can I use kajal without smudging?

      There is a quick trick to prevent smudging other than using Faces Canada's smudge-proof formula. Kajal smudges the most from the inner corners of your eyes, so use a white eyeliner liner or eye shadow all along with inner corners before applying a kajal. Buy the best volumizing mascara online.

      Is it good to apply kajal every day?

      Kajal gives a gorgeous look to the eyes. Now we see that women cannot live even a day without kajal. But do you know that applying kajal daily harms the eyes?

      Women love doing makeup. If women have to go anywhere, then they apply kajal in the name of makeup. In fact, kajal makes the look of women very particular. It would not be wrong to say that women like to apply kajal for gorgeous eyes. But do you know that applying more kajal is also unsafe for the eyes? In ancient times, people used to make kajal at home. But these days the kajal sold in the market contains chemicals, which can damage the eyes. This leads to allergies & dryness in the eyes. Now we are going to tell you about the harmful effect of applying kajal.

      Eye damage due to kajal

      Ingredients like mercury lead and parabens are used in kajal, which can cause conjunctivitis in the eyes. It is also called eye twitch. Applying kajal daily can lead to eye allergies, corneal ulcers & dyed eyes. 

      Is it necessary to remove kajal before sleeping?

      Kajal is the jewel of women's makeup & to make them good-looking, women apply kajal to their eyes. After using kajal in the eyes, the good looks of the eyes get enhanced. No woman or girl goes out of the home without applying kajal in her eyes. 

      As we have already told you that by using kajal, you can make your eyes very beautiful. But do you know how harmful chemicals and elements present in the eye makeup products available in the market nowadays can harm your eyes? That's why many makeup experts always advise that you must always take off your eye makeup before sleeping.

      Does kajal make your eyes bigger?

      Most people think that the way to get big eyes is by loading up on black kohls or kajals. But, this is wholly the opposite. The dark black kajal really makes the eyes appear smaller & boxed in. Considering the Indian skin tone, a white eye pencil might not be the most flattering one to use. 


      Women usually think that highlighters are only used to highlight the cheekbones. You can also utilize highlighters to make your eyes look bigger. Apply highlighters on the eyebrow bone and the internal corner of the eyes, this will provide a bold look to your eyes. You can also use highlighters on the center of the eyelid. You will find several types of highlighters in the marketplace for the eyes, but you should use pencil highlighters. It is also simple to use.

      Smokey eye makeup

      Smokey eye look is not a new tendency but women love this eye makeup look the most. By the way, this eye makeup look is good for those women whose eyes are small in size.

      Does kajal cause dark circles?

      Women apply kajal for good-looking eyes. Eyes look gorgeous by applying kajal, but do you know that applying kajal in the eyes can prove to be unsafe for the eyes. Kajal can harm the eyes. There are some chemicals in kajal, due to which the eyes become allergic & the eyes become dry. It has also been seen that kajal causes dark circles.

      Eyes can be damaged by applying kajal, elements like mercury, lead & parabens are found in kajal, which can cause itchiness in the eyes. Applying kajal can cause eye allergies, corneal ulcers & dye eyes. Using kajal can lead to inflammation inside the eyes called uveitis.

      After applying kajal, remember these things, women frequently use liner and kajal for gorgeous eyes. It is very significant to remove the liner and mascara from the eyes before going to bed at night. The eyes must be cleaned before sleeping. 

      Where should we apply kajal to eyes?

      Kohl application can be difficult for lots of people as it needs to be right to look excellent. Smudgy or uneven lines can make your eyes look bad & spoil the look. In order to keep away from such a scenario, follow these tips:

      Kajal comes in a range of packaging. From traditional Surma boxes which need to be applied with the help of your finger, to pencil sticks that are much simpler to apply. Depending on the look you desire to create, keep both the thick & thin sticks useful.

      Start from the inner corners of your eyelids to the external. You can trial with your look by drawing out the line a bit more than where your eyelid ends, giving it a cat-eye glance.

      To apply on your lower lid, softly pull the lower lid with the aid of your ring finger and look in the upward course. Now draw out a line with the kajal stick with the aid of your other hand. Don't press too hard & keep away from getting any inside your eye.

      What are the benefits of kajal?

      Talking about kajal, it is counted in the few special makeup items which are certainly present in the makeup kit of almost all girls. Women use it to improve their good looks. Talking about the benefits of applying kajal to the eyes, it is recognized to enhance the good looks of the eyes. In the present time, various brands of kajal are effortlessly available in the market. But all these kajal are made using damaging chemicals. So, using them constantly for a long time can prove to be dangerous. That's why we would recommend you to use homemade kajal instead of ready-made kajal.

      Here are a number of benefits of using kajal

      Increases eyesight – Homemade chemical-free kajal are very helpful for our eyes. If used frequently, they are helpful in increasing eyesight.

      Protection from the harmful effects of sun-rays – Many times your eyes become red & watery due to being in the sun for a long time. In such circumstances, the use of kajal helps you to get rid of this trouble completely. It works to stop the harmful effects of the sun's rays on the eyes.

      Eyes look big - Big eyes look very stunning. By applying kajal, your eyes appear a little better. Along with this, it also provides shape to your eyes, which increases their attractiveness further.

      Treatment of several eye problems – It is believed that the use of kajal is also effective in the treatment of diseases like cataracts & night blindness. It removes the dirt coming into the eyes & also protects the eyes from insects and mites.

      Gives coolness to the eyes - As the competition is growing in today's lifestyle, the time of people's work is also increasing. Kajal is particularly helpful for those who work on a computer or laptop till late at night. It cools & relaxes the eyes.


      Homemade herbal kajal contains copper which has antibacterial properties. It protects the eyes from the risk of infection & viruses. Separately from this, it also works to support the eye muscles.

      Keep eyes fresh

      Talking about the advantages of applying natural kajal to the eyes, its use removes strain and fatigue from the eyes and makes them unwind. Due to this, you feel fresh despite applying kajal to your eyes. This kind of homemade kajal is made from camphor.

      Clean the eyes

      The advantages of applying homemade or herbal kajal in the eyes also do the work of cleaning the eyes. Its use also works to remove dark circles. Along with this, it also works to eliminate the impurities that accumulate in the eyes. Its use is also recognized to protect the eyes from the problem of infection.

      Remove Eye Irritation

      Where the problem of eye irritation is seen several times on using readymade chemical-based kajal On the contrary, this kind of problem can be avoided by using herbal and homemade kajal. The natural ingredients available in it work to remove the trouble of eye irritation.

      Is it safe to apply kajal on the waterline?

      It depends on your eyes and skin nature. Generally, it is safe to apply kajal on the waterline. Many times in a rush or when we run out of kajal we tend to apply our eyeliner as kajal. This might seem a simple way of using your products professionally but is it safe for your eyes? The eyeliner is applied to the top of your eyelid & kajal, on the other hand, is applied to your waterline- does it make sense to change their uses? Eyeliners and kajal are made in different ways to satisfy different requirements. So applying eyeliner on the waterline may not be an excellent idea.

      It generally happens that you apply kajal in your eyes from inside to outside whereas you must apply it from outside to inside. While applying kajal from inside to outside, the tip of kajal gets wet & then you don't get the right pigmentation, and then after trying again and again, the mascara has to be darker.

      Can kajal be used as an eyebrow pencil?

      The thing ladies pay most attention to while doing makeup is their eye makeup. If eye makeup is very good-looking then her look becomes perfect. On the other hand, no matter how much effort and time you use in your makeup, when there is a mess in eye makeup, you still do not get the look you want. Especially, these days when it has become compulsory to wear a mask, and then the significance of eye makeup has increased even more because only your eyes will be noticeable after applying the mask. By the way, in date-to-day life, girls like to keep their look natural.

      If you have dark eyebrows, a brown kajal can become useful to fill those brows. It works the magic of a brow pencil and provides you with fuller-looking brows in just one try. The constancy and texture are the same as the brow pencil so you can completely rely on it for last-minute brow duty.

      Does kajal have lead?

      The lead present in mascara is a very unsafe substance. Long-term use in children's eyes can lead to the accumulation of lead in the body and can harm the baby's nervous system. Lead can also cause unusual behavior in the child. Due to this, the growth of muscles can stop & the kidney can also be damaged.

      Kajal mostly consists of amorphous, carbon, zincate, magnetite, and minimal. With its constant use, lead can accumulate in the body, which can have a bad outcome on the brain and can also damage the bone marrow. The cornea situated between the eyes is very sensitive to dust and dirt, that is why nature has arranged the eyelids so that needless dust and fine particles do not enter the cornea of ​​the eyes.

      How do I keep my kajal from smudging under my eyes?

      By applying kajal, the eyes look gorgeous and shiny. One day if kajal is not applied, then the face looks totally withered and sick. But when the kajal spreads, it starts looking like a dark circle. At the same time, it also spoils the whole makeup, due to which the mood of the girls is turned off. Let us see how to stop kajal from spreading.

      How to save kajal from spreading

      Before using kajal, clean your face with toner. This will keep the skin clean & dry. Apply under the eyes as well.

      While applying kajal, do not apply it to the edge of the eyes, as there is a possibility of spreading kajal. To avoid spreading kajal, apply a thin layer towards the edge of the eyes & a thick layer in the middle.

      When kajal spreads roughly, it starts looking like dark circles. So in this case you can utilize eyeliner. You can apply eyeliner on the skin under the eyes; remember that the eyeliner must not be applied to the inside of the eyes. Apply as if you have applied kajal.

       You can apply both kajal and eyeliner so that it does not spread. Apply kajal first & then apply eyeliner from under it. Thick kajal looks incredibly nice and it also enhances the magnificence of the eyes. Don't forget to apply powder after that.

      Are kajal and kohl the same?

      Kajal- This is a product made from natural ingredients that can work as both mascara & eyeliner. Being made from natural ingredients, it is excellent for the eyes & protects the eyes from infections caused by makeup. But, applying kajal is a bit difficult as natural kajal can simply spread into the eyes. Kohl Pencil - It is made up of only powder, wax & artificial color. It has a similar quality as kajal but it is less messy to apply and can be applied effortlessly. Eyeliner- These liquids, gels & pencils are accessible in the market in every form. They can be more damaging to the eyes than kajal because generally the eyeliner is not made from natural things, but chemicals are used in them. Their texture is not soft & silky like kohl and kajal. Eyeliners generally have a roughness.

      What is better?

      You must be thinking that in this way kajal is the most excellent option for eye makeup but it is not so. Kajal can stay on the eyes for some hours or even for a few days, but it is hard to apply due to its easy spread. Kajal is applied downwards in the eyes & once it spreads, you require a good amount of time to fix it. On the other hand, eye makeup is extremely easy with kohl pencil because it is extremely smooth and can be effortlessly applied to the eyes. But, there is a slight risk of the kohl pencil spreading while applying. Eyeliner is perfect for giving a cat-eye look to the eyes. With eyeliner, you can effortlessly give a dramatic look to your eyes. So if you are in a hurry then eyeliner is a superior option for you

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