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      But what if your waterproof eyeliner pencil is super-easy to apply, allowing you to play with different styles? What if you get the benefits of an easy-to-apply smudge-proof eyeliner, a waterproof eyeliner pencil, and a long-lasting eyeliner pencil, all in one place?

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      What is an Eyeliner? Everything You Should Know Before Buying an Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil Online

      Although waterproof eyeliner pencil is a standard part of your beauty routine, have you ever thought about what goes into this popular cosmetic?

      Eyeliner Pencil, like mascara, has been around for millennia. It is evident that the eyeliner pencil was used in ancient Egyptian drawings. Kohl is a lead-based, smudgeable mixture that has been around since the Bronze Age.

      Although we have removed lead as a key ingredient in good eyeliner pencil, it is still worth looking at the ingredients.

      You will find three ingredients in almost every good eyeliner pencil formula, regardless of whether it is a cream, pencil, or liquid.

      What is an Eyeliner?

      Eyeliner refers to a cosmetic that is applied along the rims of the eyes. You can create dramatic or subtle effects with a variety of good eyeliner pencil. There are four types of eyeliners available: liquid, powder, pencil, wax-based pencil and Kohl. You can find pencil and liquid eyeliner pencil in almost every colour possible, even waterproof eyeliner pencil in glitter colours.

      Liquid Eyeliners

      • The most challenging type of best waterproof eyeliner pencil to use, liquid eyeliner, creates the best dramatic effects.
      • That makes a precise and defined line that is only used on the upper lid.
      • The liquid eyeliner comes in small bottles with precision brush attachments and can have a very intense effect.

      Pencil Eyeliners

      • Pencil eyeliners can be easier to use and are more subtle than liquid ones.
      • The powder-based pencils can be more complex and create a defined line than the wax-based ones.
      • Wax-based pencils can be used to make a smoke effect and are less susceptible to smudging.


      • Kohl is a popular cosmetic from the Middle East, Egypt and India. It has been used since the Bronze Age.
      • Kohl-style best liners can be purchased in the United States as loose powder, pencil, or pressed powder.
      • Kohl is typically black but can also be found in other colours. It can be applied behind the lashes to the inner eyelids, unlike different best waterproof eyeliner pencil types.
      • Due to high levels of lead, health administrations worldwide have issued a warning about kohl-based products.

      Eyeliner pencil is a popular and oldest cosmetic. It can also be used to identify oneself or to bond with others.

      Kohl is a standard colour worn by many Muslim women around the globe. It is a tribute to their Middle Eastern ancestors and a sign of their devotion to the traditions of their culture.

      California's youth gang culture has seen girls display their willingness and determination to wear best waterproof eyeliner pencil for as long as possible. The choice between liquid or pencil also marks their affiliation to a particular group.

      In Goth culture, good eyeliner pencil is essential as it is often worn in black with heavy makeup.

      What Is Eyeliner Made Of?

      Eyeliner pencil, like many cosmetics, can be very different in terms of its formulation. However, some essential components appear to always come into play.

      Three main types of ingredients are required for best waterproof eyeliner pencil: thickening agents and film formers. No matter what formula you choose, this is true.

      Film formers apply a thin layer of film on the skin. That makes applications much more accessible. Thickening agents are next in importance. They make up the majority of best waterproof eyeliner's pencil weight and volume.

      These agents include clays, waxes, and gums. Many of these are naturally derived. Japan wax is one of the most famous. It is derived from Rhus succedanea, the "wax tree" plant. This plant is native to Japan.

      Third, the product's colouring is determined by the pigments. Iron oxides are used for brown and black shades. Titanium dioxide is used for lighter colours (including those with white), chromium oxide for green and ultramarine to make blue.

      Eyeliner pencil is often applied very close to the eyes, so it is essential to choose a formulation that you are comfortable with.

      EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database is a great resource to track toxicity in various cosmetics. This database includes both mainstream and niche brands.

      PETA's cruelty-free list is another excellent resource, listing companies that do not test on animals.

      What is the History of Eyeliner?

      Eyeliner pencil defines the eye. It has also been used to delineate eras and social statuses. It's symbolic of legends such as:

      • Grace Jones
      • Cleopatra
      • Twiggy
      • Boy George
      • Marilyn Manson

      Eyeliner pencil is used to distinguish a senior high school student from a freshman, a YouTube tutorial aficionado and an amateur, and a queen from her peers.

      Eyeliner pencil is no longer a fad. It has become a standard in much popular makeup looks over the past century. I have traced the history of best waterproof eyeliner's pencil rise from Ancient Egypt to flappers to every makeup bag belonging to any cosmetics-wearer I know.

      Kohl: The Origins of Eyeliners

      The first best waterproof eyeliner-like substance that historians have ever seen was Kohl. That was long before makeup artists showed how to create a perfect smokey eye.

      Kohl is a combination of galena (a form of lead sulphide) and other minerals, along with water, oil or other soluble substances like animal fat.

      Although the formulas of Kohl have changed depending on the time and location of their wearers, the function of the product has remained the exact same: to embellish eyes and brows and sometimes other facial features.

      Kohl is a product of the Protodynastic period, 3100 BC. That was long before Nefertiti reigned. Historians also discovered evidence of the use of Kohl and similar best waterproof eyeliner-like substances among Ancient societies, including the Romans (who called them platyophthalmon), Canaanites, Ancient Greeks and others.

      Who Wore Kohl? What Were Its Features?

      Both men and women wore Kohl in Ancient Egypt. Although Kohl was used to highlighting and complementing their eyes, it wasn't the only reason they used it.

      Historians believe there were cultural reasons as well. Scientists discovered that Kohl had antibacterial properties in 2010.

      While both wealthy and poor Egyptians wore Kohl - many Egyptians of the lower class had to use a lead and other minerals to replace the fire soot. It meant that the quality of one's Kohl (detectable through its shine and wear) could be used to measure one's class.

      We know what Ancient Egyptians did with makeup because they kept their lives recorded on papyrus and buried their dead with artifacts. They also left behind remarkable pieces of artwork.

      Kohl is a cosmetic that has ancient roots. A version of Kohl similar to the Ancient Egyptian Kohl can be found in India, Pakistan and Africa. It can also be used to decorate the eyes in the Middle East.

      The practice of applying makeup with traditional Kohl to the eyes is controversial today. Experts have discovered that it contains dangerous levels of lead sulphide, which can lead to lead poisoning. The US Food and Drug Administration declared Kohl illegal.

      Although it is still available in specialty markets that cater to North African, Middle Eastern and South Asian communities today, there won't be any best waterproof eyeliner pencil containing lead on Sephora's shelves in America.

      You will find a variety of best waterproof eyeliner pencils and sticks labelled "kohl" and "kajal" by high-end brands such as Mac and Dior. This name comes from Ancient eyeliner pencil but refers to a smokey or dark black colour rather than the pencil's formula.

      Eyeliner through the 2000s and Present Day

      Von Dutch hats and Juicy Velour tracksuits are the best way to remember the early 2000s. Eyeliner for men was popular in the aughts thanks to celebrities like Billie Joe Armstrong or Pete Wentz.

      The tight lining was not something that girls outside of the emo scene were unfamiliar with. Their eyes were covered in a single, continuous, black, almond-shaped line, just like Paris Hilton, Destiny's Child and Avril Lavigne.

      The perfect look was achieved by using a flat best liner brush and gel liner on their upper lashes. You can also use the best waterproof eyeliner pencils to achieve this look. The container for gel eyeliner is usually tiny and glass, similar to the smaller, more intricate Ancient Egyptian kohl pots.

      Tight liners, much like Kohl's, can be dangerous. One small study from 2015 found that eyeliner applied to the waterline can increase the risk of best waterproof eyeliner particles entering the eye.

      YouTube was created in 2005 so that anyone could learn how to apply eyeliner like a professional without having to leave their home.

      YouTube makeup artists such as Michelle Phan, whose first tutorial video on best waterproof eyeliner pencil was posted ten years ago, have accumulated over 7.5 million views.

      That created a new generation of makeup enthusiasts who are not only more interested but also very skilled at applying it.

      Internet popularity and makeup's popularity through the various platforms have resulted in more uniform makeup trends around the world.

      The most famous eye makeup looks in America can be easily distinguished from those found in India, Egypt, Dubai and Dubai, where Kohl is the preferred eye makeup.

      Americans seem to have caught up with these women's looks for centuries if not millennia. They use thick, dark lines that trace the lashes and extend to the corners of the eyes.

      How Many Types Of Eyeliners Are There?

      You might think you know everything about good eyeliners pencil. But just when you think you are done, a new best waterproof eyeliner pencil is launched. We have the answers to your questions about gel eyeliners and liquid eyeliners. Continue reading to learn about the pros and cons of each type of best waterproof eyeliner.

      1. Pencil Eyeliner

      The pencil eyeliner is probably the most popular type of best waterproof eyeliner online. You could upgrade from the good eyeliner with kajal if you grew up with it.

      What are its Features?

      • Pencil eyeliners can be quick to master and very beginner-friendly.
      • This good eyeliner pencil glides effortlessly on your lashes and waterline and is often creamy.
      • Some pencil eyeliners look like old-fashioned pencils. You need to sharpen the tip to keep it sharp.
      • Others are mechanical, and you can twist the product to get it out. If you want precise lines, the only problem with sharpenable pencils is that they need to be sharpened every time you use them.
      • The constant sharpening of the pencil is an affordable price considering its ease of use and long life span.
      • The Eyeliner Pencil delivers smooth strokes, intense colour, and seamless application. It is waterproof, smudge-proof, sweat-resistant and fade-resistant.
      • The pencil eyeliner lasts for up to 36 hours and is the longest-wearing formula.
      1. Liquid Eyeliner

      The liquid eyeliner is perfect for bold, dramatic looks.

      What are its Features?

      • It gives you the best precision and allows you to create precise lines.
      • Liquid eyeliners can be used to create many different looks, including winged, graphic, Egyptian, and cat eyeliner. 
      • It isn't easy to use liquid eyeliners. You need to be steady when applying delicate strokes.
      • This good eyeliner pencil is fast drying, so it's best to avoid spreading it to soft, smokey looks. Brush tip liquid eyeliner can be used to draw precise lines and last a long time.
      • You can choose from a matte or glossy finish for most liquid eyeliners. Make sure to match your makeup look with the right one.
      • The Liquid Liner, for example, has a smudge-proof formula that provides intense black colour with a glossy finish that lasts up to 24 hours.
      1. Pen Eyeliner

      The sketch pen eyeliner combines the elegance of liquid eyeliner with the simplicity of a pencil.

      What are its Features?

      • It is easy to draw precise lines with the fine tip of the pen eyeliner.
      • The sketch pen shape eyeliner makes it simple to use, even for beginners.
      • The smearproof and smudge-proof formulas of felt tip eyeliner sketch make it easy to apply.
      • The good eyeliner sketch is a perfect choice if you are looking for dramatic, eye-catching intensity and flawless precision.
      • The pen eyeliner's flexible tip ensures quick and accurate application.
      • Pen Eyeliner long-lasting formula dries quickly, making it one of the most effective matte black eyeliners for drawing precise, sharp lines.
      1. Gel Eyeliner

      Gel eyeliners pencil come in small pots with angled brushes and can be intimidating to use at first, but once you get the hang of how to apply them properly, they are easy to use.

      What are its Features?

      • Gel eyeliners are the best friend of makeup lovers.
      • They can be used to define the lash line and are great for applying eyeshadows all over the lid. Gel eyeliners are waterproof and budget-proof due to their high wax content.
      • Gel eyeliners can be customized to create different looks by changing the angle and thickness of the good eyeliner brush.
      • Gel eyeliners are a great choice if you prefer soft, smudged lines. Gel eyeliners require practice and a steady hand, just as liquid eyeliners.
      • Gel eyeliners can dry quickly, so make sure to close the lids after each use.
      • The Gel Eyeliner will give you long-lasting, smudge-proof lines that last up to 24 hours.
      • This waterproof, oil-free gel eyeliner pencil glides easily on and provides intense black colour that lasts throughout the day.

      Which Eyeliner Is Best For Beginners? A Guide to Mastering Eyeliner

      Are You A Beginner At Using Eyeliners pencil? Use These Ones

      Magnet Eyes Eyeliner Online by FACES CANADA

      An intensely long-lasting good eyeliner pencil that is best suitable for beginners. Here's why use it:

      • This waterproof eyeliner pencil features a vibrant black eyeliner colour that gives stunning, beautiful eyes.
      • Its water-resistant formula is easy to apply, dry quickly and stays all day long.
      • The application is smooth and straightforward to apply with perfect precision while also defining your eyes.
      • Use the edge of the best waterproof eyeliner pencil across the outer edge on the eyelid's upper edge.
      • Keep it away from the waterline. It's only for use as an good eyeliner pencil for the upper eyelids.
      • Make sure you complete your hypnotic eye makeup by using MagnetEye Eyeliner with Kajal for waterline application and Mascara to create those eyelashes that are fanned the legal way to magnetize and hypnotize!

      Perfect Noir Eyeliner Black by FACES CANADA

      Smudge-proof and intense eyeliner pencil for beginners. Here's why use it:

      • It is a dazzling good eyeliner that enhances your appearance.
      • It is contained in a compact tube; it is easy to carry the best waterproof eyeliner pencil wherever with you.
      • It comes with an applicator tip that is sufficient to make the application easy.
      • Its creamy texture makes it glides across the waterline easily.
      • It lasts for a long time without getting smudged. Because it is dry, the application becomes smooth and clean.

      Ah, good eyeliner pencil. We love you dearly; however, why are you so hard? We offer you our time and patience, yet you continue to rebel like a teenager who is moving and streaking. And we're saying enough.

      We're going back to the basics today and revealing game-changing suggestions for those who struggle with best waterproof eyeliner (or simply those who haven't considered it). Here’s an good eyeliner tutorial that has helped us conquer our frustrations with good eyeliner and has greatly improved our ability to trace, retrace, and flick.

      Use a Pencil

      Suppose you're just beginning to learn about the world of  best waterproof eyeliner pencil. You may be overwhelmed by the number of choices. Pencil, gel the feeling... It's a long list of options that is endless. We'll offer you our top tips: Choose an appropriate pencil. Why? It's because it's an excellent starting point for beginners to learn good eyeliner pencil. Smooth pencils glide along easily, don't twitch and are much more tolerant with shaking hands over gel or liquid.

      Layer Your Eyeliner

      Do you love the black, inky flicked look of liquid liner but don't have the right technique to draw an exact line? Draw your eye using an eye pencil first, and then apply the liquid over it. It makes your line stronger without the need of drawing your line precisely on the blank canvas (i.e. your lid).

      Connect your Dashes

      If your lid seems to pull whenever applying best liner, you may want to consider the simpler method. For example, draw three dots around your eyes and connect them.

      It's kind of like playing connect the dots. Have fun with it, and take your time. Practice makes perfect.

      Blend the line with an good eyeliner brush that is angled, or just remove any imperfections with an abrasive swab of cotton that's dipped in the makeup removal product (or cream).

      Clench the Toes

      It's time to master the art of good eyeliner; however, your hands are still unstable. It is a simple solution by clenching your toes. We learned this bizarre cat-eye technique from Kat Von D's makeup artists, which is why you're aware that the technique is proven, and you can put it to the test. Simply put, it's a good idea. You're welcome.

      Another trick can help the look of your good eyeliner pencil. If you're prone to shaking hands, make an environment of stability. Apply your makeup at a table so that you can put your elbow against the table.

      Flick and Connect

      Cat-eyes can be intimidating for the non-schooled. We get it. The best advice we can give to newbies is to begin by working from the outside in. Put your best waterproof eyeliner pencil in the outside corner of your eye, draw a wing to an angle similar to your lid, trace a line across your upper lid, and connect it to the wing.

      Clean a Little

      We'll reveal one of the secrets: even professionals don't always draw the perfect pattern every time. Most makeup artists use a swab of cotton to refine their flicks and lines. Dip in a small amount of cosmetic removal product (or maybe even use the eye cream) to clean up mistakes. Another secret of the industry? Cotton Buds that are tightly wound to give you to clean up with a minimum of effort. The makeup artists of Beyoncé swear by these like many others.

      Tight lining is Necessary

      Have you heard of the term tight-lining? It's probably the simplest method to apply eyeliner pencil that can draw attention to your eyes in the most subtle method. To make your eyes appear more defined, apply gentle pressure in the middle of your lid, and then raise your lid. Apply your best waterproof eyeliner pencil (black is the best choice) and draw lines on the region of skin that is below the eyelash line. (You're likely to look a bit odd when you do this, but the end result will be worthwhile). It is recommended to use an good eyeliner brush and smudge the line until it doesn't look as sharp. You can then curl your eyelashes and apply mascara as normal. Your eyes will be dazzling; we guarantee it.

      Set the Liner

      If your lids are oily or eyes with hoods, you may be tempted to quit the best liner when you see the streaked, smudged and smudged mess on your eyelids at the time of day. There's an easy solution. Take a little translucent powder in a loose, fluffy eyeshadow brush, then apply it to your best liner in order to create a luminous look.

      Go Nude

      Are your eyes tired? Here's the simplest solution ever: Make use of a naked eyeliner pencil and trace your waterline on the bottom. The naked will open your eyes and give you the appearance that you slept for eight hours. If you're looking to awaken your eyes choose a hue that resembles an even skin tone, so something off-white that has a hint of yellow or pink. Make sure to keep eye drops in mind as the best companion when you're exhausted. They will help you look fresher prior to putting on your makeup.

      Use Tailored Technique

      Once you've got it all figured out previously mentioned, we've got one more tip for you to consider making your good eyeliner pencil application more suited to your specific eye shape. A small tweak can make all your good eyeliner pencil problems disappear.

      Pro Tips on How to Apply Eyeliner Properly?

      Even in the event that you're not one who is interested in more sophisticated eyeliner styles, eyeliner pencil is an everyday staple for the majority of people who are looking for an everyday makeup routine. If applied properly, it can revitalize your eyes and draw attention to their eyes.

      Even better is that there's no limit to the variety of lines that you can draw, including cat-eye, winged and even the hottest reverse cat-eye. Eyeliner pencil can be an extremely versatile yet essential cosmetic item that belongs in every makeup bag.

      If you're still not sure of the best way to draw a cat-eye line or to get the perfect winged eyes in the case of hooded eyes, then you will likely be able to benefit from this easy tutorial, which will show you that applying good eyeliner pencil doesn't require an undergraduate degree in physics or attending the master class of a YouTube influencer. And if you're interested, browse our most popular best waterproof eyeliners online that are clean and easy to apply.

      For The Classic Line

      Before you try to master more sophisticated good eyeliner applier techniques, you should master the basic line. It is simply drawing your line of lashes from your inner and outer corners, regardless of whether you are on the top or the lower part of your lid. The classic lines work perfectly with pencil, liquid and gel liner. But the trick is learning how to line your lids with ease without pulling on their lids.

      If you're still trying to master how to draw the traditional line with a pencil, liquid liner or gel, begin by drawing small smudges along the line of your lid as close to the bottom of the lashes as possible. You can then go back and gradually fill in the gaps and make sure to keep the same size that you started with.

      Pro Tips:

      • The act of stretching your lids may result in a suppler and tauter surface for application, especially when you use pencils. In the longer term, it can result in excessive stretching and sagging. Make sure to get rid of this habit of sagging.
      • Make sure you choose waterproof eyeliner pencils that don't slide across your skin as gels, liquid lines with bent tips, or felt-tip liquid liners.
      • Grab the edge of the liquid eyeliner applier and stamp the applicator at one end until it is connected.

      For the Cat-Eye

      The cat-eye is an old best liner that makes your eyes appear more lifted. It is a variation of the traditional good best eyeliner applier technique by making a slight upward stroke to the outside corner of your eye. You could achieve this style in the ideal world in one smooth stroke over your eyes.

      If your line isn't aligned properly or doesn't have that distinctive thick and thin style, consider making your lines in 2 steps.

      Start by drawing the core line that runs from the inner corner to the outer corner. Make sure you end at the outer corner. From there, work inside. Make sure you know the point at which you would like your flick to end.

      Draw downwards until you're connected to the end of the line you drew in your outer corner. After that, using small strokes, draw the eye area where you need to by adding the thickness and depth you'd like.

      Pro Tips:

      • Similar to our advice earlier, don't close your lid, especially in the case of hooded eyelids. The flick or wing you're trying to create is an eye-cat wing, and a geometric pattern won't look good and could be hidden within the fold.
      • The traditional cat-eye isn't quite so dramatic as a wing. You'll have to be in the corner, as long as your flick is pointed upwards.
      • Felt-tip liners are the most convenient method of applying a cat-eye because you simply have to lay the tip on your eye. The tips are typically drawn with a pencil-thin end, which allows you to create an ideal angle with just a single press against the lid.

      For the Wing-Tip

      Winged liner is applied as cat eyeliner and is compatible with all eyeliner pencil products. The most notable difference is that the wings tend to be more dramatic and may be accentuated in length and height, depending on what you like. Follow the steps above--with the addition of a bit of product and vigour.

      However, those who have unhooded or monolids are the sharpest in their learning curve, especially with cat eyes and wings. The appearance of your eye may cause the flick or wing to disappear into the folds of the eyelid.

      The normal way to draw the wing is to tilt your head towards the side with your eyes closed while looking towards your mirror in order to create the wings. However, those with eyelids that are hooded, or monolids, are advised to avoid this. Instead, look towards the front. The outline can be traced to create the line you draw and then add the lines.

      Pro Tips:

      • Wings can be created using any type of good eyeliner pencil. However, liquid liner pens or felt-tip ones with tapered brush heads typically offer the highest precision.
      • If you're worried about smudging -- a typical issue for applying good eyeliner to monolids, opt for a best waterproof eyeliner pencil.

      For Smoky Liner

      The smoky eyeliner just means that you're smudging the best liner, mainly in the under-eye and the outer corners. To achieve this look, you may find that you'll require various good eyeliner brands or eyeshadow based on your preferences. The process of applying it is likely to be similar to good eyeliner pencil, but you'll also be lining the under-eye area.

      For instance, you could apply a liquid liner to make the upper eyelid, but you could then apply the pencil, shadow or gel liner to make the under-eye line as well as the cat-eye flick. After application, smudge both the lower line and flick, which gives a smoky appearance.

      Pro Tips:

      • Opt to use a smudge brush to achieve that perfect look of smudges on your under-eye.
      • Gel, kohl, and pencil liners are great for drawing smoky lines as they can be easily smudged.
      • If you are interested in taking the look of a smoky eyeliner with a smokey eye, simply apply a beautiful shading gradient to the lid and pay special focus on the best liner.

      For Under-eye

      Based on your personal preferences and your overall makeup style objectives, you might consider that an under-eye line doesn't need to be there. (Obviously, when you want to create a smokey eye, the line under the eye is vital.) However, in many instances, it's possible to skip it.

      It's a good rule of thumb that liquid liner isn't an ideal option for this line because liquids can easily end up in your eyes before it is dried out and set.

      The majority of the time, gels, pencils and even eyeshadows are good options for this style. Like the classic good eyeliner look, you'll want to adhere to the shape of your eye as close to your lash line as is possible.

      Pro Tips:

      • Enhance your eyes by choosing lighter shades.
      • Darker shades are perfect to create a dramatic look.
      • Particularly in dark tones, be careful not to line the full length of your under-eyes to stop the best liner from making your eyes appear smaller.
      • To create an eyeshadow underneath the good eyeliner, use it with an eyeliner brush that is angled.

      How to Do Different Types of Eyeliner? A Perfect Guide

      Of all the items which can make you look gorgeous instantly, good eyeliner pencil is at the top of the list. However, if your Google search history is about how to use eyeliner pencil, then think of today as the day God will answer your questions. If you're someone who screams when you hear the mention of the word "eyeliner," you're lucky. It is a long-overdue discussion about all things good eyeliner, and you ought to join in as soon as you can. Before we dive into the depths of tips for applying eyeliner to your face for beginners, let us give you a brief overview of the various types of eyeliner that are available. Pick one of the best weapons you can use for destruction. We've all experienced over-plucking in the salon and are aware that the process of growing out will take a long time and be a chore. You can turn down the panic queen because we've got tried and tested solutions to boost your brow game sooner than you're used to. We promise you that you will not return to the same place for long.

      Pencil Eyeliner

      One of the most efficient ways to apply good eyeliner makeup is to rely on the soft-tipped pencil liner because it functions in exactly the same way as a pencil liner. It's great for beginners in makeup and also affordable, as you can apply the same best liner to shade your waterline. If you're in love with slight smokey, smudged-on purpose eyes, look no further.

      Gel Eyeliner

      Finding gel eyeliner is the most effective method of achieving the perfect good eyeliner styles. It may be a daunting task initially. However, the tool will become your friend when you've mastered its art. One of the best things with gel liners is you don't have to fret about eye rubs that happen accidentally because the best liner stays in place until you're ready.

      Liquid Eyeliner

      The majority of women are worried about applying liquid eyeliner, but here's the actual procedure. Liquid eyeliners are renowned for their good techniques that help make fine, thin strokes simpler to create. If you've got buttery fingers, a dependable liquid eyeliner is an ideal formulation to begin your good eyeliner makeup.

      Sketch Pen Eyeliner

      With one of the most effective good eyeliner applier techniques ever, a pencil liner has been gaining in popularity lately. It's designed to look like a fine-tipped pencil pen. The only thing you have to do is slide it over the eye's upper line of the lash. Actually, some of the most fantastic pens even boast the slanted tip of a felt pen that'll allow you to become an expert at flying your eye within a matter of minutes.

      Which Eyeliner is best for Hooded Eyes? Tips to Apply Eyeliner on Hooded Eyes

      Are you looking for the best good eyeliner online on hooded eyes? Here's one to love:

      Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner online by FACES CANADA

      Make your eyes stand out and stunning with the Faces Canada Magneteyes Matte Eyeliner online. It is a smudge-proof formula that will glide effortlessly and leave your eyes with a stunning black matte. Its application is so effortless and smooth that you can achieve flawless quality, giving perfect clarity to your eyes. With a fade-proof blend, the formula will keep the vibrant colour in place for hours and offers stunning, beautiful eyes all the hours of the day!

      Why Buy this Eyeliner Online?

      • It provides an intense black look in a single wipe
      • It is long-lasting and smudge-proof
      • It has a pinpoint precision
      • It is cruelty-free and paraben-free

      Some Pro Tips to Apply Eyeliner on Hooded Eyes

      Eyes with hoods can be somewhat hooded, to highly hooded, with the majority of the lid that moves (the portion of your eyelid that is mobile) is completely covered. Additionally, hooded eyelids could result from the natural aging process or fatigue. One of the most difficult things to master is the good eyeliner pencil, as depending on how hooded your eyes appear, this will dramatically alter how your face looks. If it is not done correctly, it could completely disappear or appear more dramatic than you wanted.

      Here are some game-changing eyeliner applier techniques for hooded eyelids.

      Use an Ideal Eyeliner

      The first step is to choose the right good eyeliner pencil. If you discover a brand you like and which is a good fit for you, it can really make the application process easier -- and give you a stunning look all the while. When searching for that perfect good eyeliner pencil, think about what you'll be doing with it and what style you'd like to achieve. For instance, if you're applying it to the line of lashes, an good eyeliner pencil could be the ideal choice.

      Focus On Outer Area

      When you think about using eyeliner pencil, you should concentrate on the outside eye's corner. Applying good eyeliner pencil or dark-coloured eyeshadow will make the eyes of those with hoods appear wider and more prominent, which will help to hide the appearance of hoodedness. It can also give the illusion of having lines across all your lids, even when you've only applied it to your outside corner.

      Use The Liner On The Upper Waterline

      Contrary to other eye shapes, one of the issues faced by hooded eyes is insufficient eyelid space which is apparent when one opens their eyes. An effective way to protect eyelid space would be to use the liner on the upper waterline instead of tight lining. In this case, you should opt for a best waterproof eyeliner pencil since liquids in the eye could cause a large (or uncomfortable) mess.

      The tightening process can make your lashes appear thicker and larger. You can also lightly feather an best waterproof eyeliner pencil across your lashes in order to enhance the effect.

      Use Gel Eyeliner

      The art of creating the perfect wing is truly a feat of art, particularly when it's done with the help of a beauty tape. Liquid liner is a common option since it provides the most control and an elegant line. However, for those with dark eyes, the liquid liner could leave undesirable smudges on areas you didn't expect in the event that the liner is wet when you close your eyes.

      Another alternative that is equally effective as liquid eyeliner is gel. Although it takes some time to get used to, the gel can provide you with the control you require to get the liner perfect. And it's less likely to leave streaks all over your lids. The gel can also last twice as long as liquid liner, meaning you don't have to apply makeup throughout the day.

      Create Elongated Wings

      If you're trying to create a wing for one's eyes, it can be difficult to create the perfect triangle and then align it with the lid's rest. Unfortunately, this method isn't easy for those with hooded eyes. However, this does not mean that a wing cannot be accomplished. Actually, the wing has the potential to create an eye-opening effect that is amazing.

      Instead of a single flick, where the majority of the best liner rests on the lid, you can elongate the best liner so that the wing is visible when the eyes are open. Most of the effect is off the lid. Be sure to ensure that the wing faces upwards and not downwards.

      Focus Less on Lower Lid

      Of course, it's preferred. However, good eyeliner pencil applied to the lower part of your lash line can draw your attention to the lower lash line, making your eyes appear more closed and droopy. There's no harm inlining the lower part of your lid, but focusing on your upper good eyeliner pencil will give you more full eyes, should that be your intention.

      Which Eyeliner is best for Round Eyes? Tips to Apply Eyeliner on Hooded Eyes

      The round-shaped eyes look attractive and can be a great choice for eye makeup. They are youthful and usually look attractive with minimal makeup. The round eyes are a great way to appear alert too.

      Make the most of your eyes with good eyeliner to round your eyes. It will increase the sparkle of your eyes more. Here's our eye makeup guide for round eyes, designed to assist you in enhancing your eyes by eye elongation and lifting techniques.

      Tips on Applying Eyeliner to Round Eyes

      • For eye shape enhancement, utilize a liquid eyeliner. Line your upper lash line very sparsely. The line should be drawn from the eyes inside the corner until the outside corner. It can help strengthen the lash line and make it appear broader.
      • To make your eye appear more round, try making your lash line extremely large in the middle of your upper line of lashes.
      • If you're looking to open your eyes, try extending the line that runs along the outer corner of your eye.
      • To extend the shape of your eyes to make your eyes appear longer, draw a cat-eye to the top of the line. Make sure that the liner is facing towards the top of your outer eyebrow for a lift.
      • The more you're stretched, the more rounded your eyes will appear.
      • Make sure to draw lines towards the inside of your eye to complete your look.
      • Apply a few more coats of liner on the line you've drawn.
      • If you would like your eyes to appear slightly almond-shaped, you can add an eye pencil to your good eyeliner.
      • Apply a few layers of your favourite mascara in black for extra attraction.
      • Make sure you eliminate any mistakes or liner flaws using a makeup removal pen.

      Which Eyeliner Is Best Suitable For Round Eyes?

      Are you searching for the ideal waterproof eyeliner to use on round eyes? Here's the one you'll love:

      Ultime Pro Eye style Liner Black by FACES CANADA

      It offers fantastic best waterproof eyeliner colour retention that lasts longer than 12 hours without flaking or fading off. It is equipped with an 0.4mm flexible tip applicator to draw striking and ultrafine lines effortlessly. Its fast-drying formula is water-proof and provides your eyes with an ultra-soft finish.

      Why Love This Eyeliner?

      • It is extremely black
      • It has excellent eyeliner colour
      • It stays for more than 12 hours
      • It does not smudges or fades
      • It has a quick-drying formula
      • It is water-proof

      How to Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger With an Eyeliner?

      Eyeliners can assist you in mastering techniques to create small eyes appear larger. By using different kinds of good eyeliners (such as liquid liners, gel liners, and pencil liners) and colours, you can make different good eyeliner styles to keep your eye makeup up to par. That is how you can apply eyeliner on smaller eyes:

      Use Flesh-toned Eyeliner

      Eyeliner in black can create the look of your eyes as it draws interest. Because your upper lashes form an upper part of your lash line, kohl on the waterline can complete the design regardless of whether you apply good eyeliner or not. It encloses your eyes to a significant degree and makes your appearance smaller.

      If you apply a black eyeliner underneath the lower line of lashes and apply a flesh-toned or white eyeliner for the waterline, it will open the eyes and give the illusion of larger eyes.

      Many people think that white liner is rather harsh, so you should apply a flesh-toned best waterproof eyeliner. It will reduce any redness around the eyes and make them appear bigger.

      Use Dark Eyeliner but Don't Use It on Inner Corners

      If your eyes are small eyes, it is recommended to begin applying dark eyeliner slightly from the corners of your eyes.

      If you begin applying the dark eyeliner from the inside corner and then apply it to the outer corner, it will define the shape of the eye, leaving no space to give the appearance of larger eyes.

      But, if you keep your inner corners unoccupied and apply the good eyeliner, you can apply a glittery beige eyeshadow or liner for the corners of your eyes. It will bring out eyelashes and help them appear larger.

      To give your eyes a youthful appearance, apply the same glittery eyeshadow or liner underneath your lower eyelash line too. Also known as the Ulzzang appearance within South Korea, this waterproof eyeliner applier technique opens your eyes immediately.

      Define the Upper Lash Using the Right Shade

      Based on the tone of your skin depending on your skin tone, you should choose an best waterproof eyeliner that defines your eyes. For those who have lighter skin tones, black is an unnatural colour that defines the eyes. A moderate brown or eyeliner blue shade could be more suitable than black.

      A darker shade of the eyelids can cause the eyes to recede and appear deeper than they actually are. A medium blue or brown shade that is smudged with brushes to define your eyes softly is more effective. It draws focus to your eyes without making them appear harsh.

      The overall appearance also is more natural. People with darker skin tones can wear dark brown shades or black as they aren't likely to draw too much attention, and they perfectly match the tone of your skin.

      The Eyeliner Wing Should Point in the Right Direction

      When applying good eyeliner, it is important to close it in the proper place so that your eyes appear larger. If you're not planning to apply eyeliner on your lower eyelash line, you should not extend the best waterproof eyeliner further than the outer edge of the eye.

      Finish the eyeliner wing in the direction that it's exactly at the same angle as your imaginary straight line that runs from your waterline until the last point where your eyebrow has been.

      It creates a more cat-like appearance of your eye (that is called cat eyes) and will make them appear more youthful and larger. If you draw the liner of your eyes below the point of your eye, it could cause your eyes to look tired and droopy

      How to Make Your Eyes Appear Smaller With an Eyeliner?

      If you have large eyelids bulging eyes, you may want to use methods to shadow your eyes and visually shrink eye size.

      The most important thing to keep in mind when trying to make big eyes appear smaller is to reduce the size of the lid and eyeball. You'll hear the term "visually" mentioned several times in the following five steps. Learn shading techniques that fool the viewer to think that your eyes appear smaller than they actually are.

      Imagine this visual reduction as being the same as wearing an elegant outfit of black and white instead of the pleated white peasant gown. The black dress doesn't reflect light and can visually reduce your body's size. That is the reason why so many people prefer wearing black! The white hue of a dress can make your body appear bigger and heftier. Applying similar rules to eye shadow can reduce the area of your large eyes, creating a lower-profile appearance.

      Use Eye Shadow & Cream Primer

      If you suffer from dry skin, you should use the cream primer. Oily skin types will get better results with the primer for powder. Apply this primer using your fingertips or a small brush right away prior to applying coloured eye shadows and liner.

      Tightline the Eyes

      Make use of a best waterproof eyeliner pencil or gel liner and brush for your eyes' upper and lower rims. The best colours to use are dark brown, black as well as navy blue. If you want to make your eyes appear smaller, avoid lighter hues such as ivory, white, and pastels.

      Use Dark Shades on Outer Lids

      Select a dark shade of eye shadow. Use the brush to sweep it over the lids' outer edges and blend it into the center. Apply any shade insofar as it's within the dark/deep range. Earth tones are best for specific skin tones, while jewel tones work well with others. For a unified look for daytime, you can try shimmering brown or plum colours. For the evening, navy blue colour, gunmetal gray, or smoky black make a stunning style.

      Use Winged Eyeliner

      It's not mandatory, and you'll appreciate it for those with down-turned or almond-shaped "sleepy" eyes. Nothing can make you appear bored or tired better than eyes that finish with an upward slope.

      Use a liquid winged eyeliner pencil (or liner brush, cream or gel eyeliner) and apply it to the upper lash line, spreading the colour about 1/4 inch away from the point where your eyelids end. Because it's extremely difficult to explain the correct application method for a winged liner in words, watch the video above for basic instruction.

      Note how the curved line makes eyes appear larger and slimmer instead of oval and round?

      Use Mascara and Curl Lashes

      Keep your lashes in the eyelash curler for about 10 seconds. Then, you can apply your preferred waterproof mascara. Be sure to pay attention to both the outer and center eyelashes.

      How to Easily Apply an Eyeliner?

      Eyeliner designs can transform your appearance in a single swipe. They're the most essential makeup item included in every woman's makeup kit even if they'd rather keep it simple.

      The perfect wings or highlighting the beauty of your eyes with the best waterproof eyeliner, can be a daunting task. Naturally, professional artists are able to win every time. If you're just beginning to learn the game, you might require practice to attain the level of precision. We're here to provide you with an easy-to-follow guide on how to use eyeliner in a precise manner.

      Prepare Your Eyes

      This is a crucial step that is often overlooked and is actually the most important thing you can take care of. After you've cleaned your face, apply an oil-based moisturizing product on your face, and then put an eye cream on your eyes. The eye cream aids in reducing wrinkles due to age and helps smooth out any discoloration or redness that may be present on the eyes.

      Keep the Base Clean

      To create a smooth and silky base, apply a small amount of primer on the eyelids beneath your eyes, as well as in the eye area, where any kind of eye makeup might be. The main purpose of the primer is to smooth the skin and therefore it is easier to apply makeup. It gives you an elegant appearance and will help keep your makeup in place for a longer time. Apply a concealer to the top of the eyes and underneath the eyes. Apply it evenly and ensure that you use the powder to set your eyes.

      Line Away

      Next, the step that is most crucial is applying the good eyeliner. It is possible to apply the brush provided with it or buy one. Start by drawing a line across your eyelashes. Make sure you use small strokes as well as lines. It is better to do the work. If you attempt to make it long, it will become an issue. Therefore, keep your strokes shorter. Once you're comfortable with one eye, you can try the other. Make sure you ensure that the eye is as symmetrical as you possibly can.

      The Wings

      I'm never content with just the good eyeliner I put on my lid. I think I'm susceptible to an urge to do it on the fly or in some other way. It's an attempt to complete me by some means. We'll now move on to how to achieve this look. The trick to determining the perfect angles is following the naturally drawn lines in your lower line. If you notice an extension of the line from to the lower part of your lash line, that's the area where your liner has to expand out. Draw the line out, and then fill it slowly. Be patient since you're just starting out. If you make a mistake in the event that you fail to follow through then you'll have to begin with a fresh start.

      Finish it up

      When you've completed pulling out the liner (congratulations are in order!) The next step is in drawing lines across the lower lash line (only in the outer area) with an eraser pencil, then smooth it out. Apply mascara, and you're done!

      Top Eyeliner Hacks for Dazzling Eyes

      Applying eyeliner is an absolute pain! Particularly if you're not familiar with the best waterproof eyeliner applier techniques and tips, you're almost blindfolded. Eyeliner can transform your appearance, changing it from ordinary to stunning in one flash.

      It is possible to use a basic liner style for work and then add a wing to make you look more elegant for the night. It can make a difference to a basic jeans and t-shirt outfit and add a chic touch to a chic evening dress.

      If you like the look of good eyeliner but aren't sure how to best make it work, we have a few eyeliner hacks for beginners that you should definitely learn!

      Use Pencil Eyeliner First

      Instead of starting with liquid eyeliner, try using pencil eyeliner to first define the shape you wish to make. After that, line it with the liquid eyeliner- it'll be much simpler and go on effortlessly! After you have defined the shape of your eyes using a pencil liner, you can fill it in using liquid liner for the desired look!

      Follow the Dotting Method

      What's the method for dotting, you may ask? Make small dots on the upper part of the line using the pencil you choose. Make them join slowly using liquid liner, creating it to appear like one gorgeous line of good eyeliner. Be sure to blend them smoothly so that there's no trace left of the dots.

      A Magnifying Mirror Can Help A Lot

      A magnifying mirror can assist you in achieving the perfect eyeliner appearance. It will provide you with more clarity when you apply your good eyeliner. It will also aid in applying the look without any hassle!

      Rescue Your Eyes with Mascara

      Did your eyeliner dry out before you went to a gathering? You don't have to worry about it. You can apply it instead! Use a good eyeliner brush with an angle for applying your makeup like a liquid liner. It'll work just as well and look as good!

      Harder Eye First

      It's the one that is more difficult to make up, isn't it? Start with that eye, so it's easy to make a match. Otherwise, you'll be spending too much working to align the harder eye with the easier eye!

      Use a Gel Eyeliner

      Are you finding a liquid liner too challenging to put on? Try using a gel eyeliner and an extremely stiff brush for a more easy application. The gel does not move as fast as liquid, making it easier to get it right. When the liquid liner has been becoming difficult, you'll appreciate this technique!

      Want a Perfect Wing? Use Concealer

      In the case of makeup mistakes, concealer serves as a perfect corrector. One of the most common errors you could make is to use makeup remover or water to get rid of black streaks. Use concealer on an angled brush and use it to erase any liner mistakes!

      Top Eyeliner Tips & Tricks

      Aren't there times when you feel the most joyful when your best waterproof eyeliner designs look perfect!

      Eye makeup can be so simple. However, we often don't give our eyes the amount of attention they require to look and feel their best. Particularly for those who aren't makeup experts. Because the difference between saying "just wing it" and actually winging it is entirely different.

      Forget about smokey eye makeup and loose eyeliner. On some days, it's hard for a clear line across the eyes. On those days or for those with shaky hands, as well as for those who are just beginning, there are some helpful eye makeup tips. Take a look!

      Understand What Eyeliner you are using

      Are you using a pencil, liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner, or even a pen? While it might not seem like much, the kind of good eyeliner can make a difference. It's more precise for the use of liquid eyeliner. Pencils and pens can be easier to apply. For deep, dark and smooth lines, a highly long-lasting, pigmented liquid is the best choice.

      Hold Your Eyeliner Perfectly

      It can be difficult to maintain your hand steady. However, there are ways to deal with it. This one is going to be successful, I promise!

      Simply change the way that you hold your liner. Instead of hanging it up on the ground, place your pinky finger on your cheekbone for stability. This trick will be a success.

      Use Dots to Make Perfect Lines

      It's okay not to line up as well as a pro. It is possible to begin by drawing dots on the line. After that, fill it in with a complete line. As time passes and your practice, you'll be drawing straight lines that are not filled with dots!

      Keep a Q-tip in your bag to swiftly correct any slips.

      No Pulling of the Skin

      It's not uncommon for people who are new to the art of pulling their skin when applying eyeliner colors. It certainly makes the job easier. However, once you let it go, the liner eventually returns to your skin and makes it appear rough. The most effective method is to utilize the resting pinkie fingers technique and give it your best.

      Don't Smudge

      After all that, and if you find yourself scratching your liner, it's nothing to be concerned about. It's always possible to use concealer in a small amount to fix the issue. Make use of a Q-tip to get the best results.

      If you're not looking to apply concealer, you could opt for petroleum jelly. You'll be surprised by what it can do!

      Try Smokey

      Naturally, we're talking about good eyeliner! Sometimes, it's no time to make it happen. When your eyeliner is smudgy, but you're not able to find time to tidy up the mess, try smokey eye makeup. It is possible to use the highly pigmented eyeliner kajal sticks for a smokey eyeshadow.

      Outline Your Waterline

      Uncertain about how to apply it normally, or don't want to create too strong an outline? Use the liner pencil underneath your lash line and over your waterline. It is a fantastic technique to create hooded eyelashes.

      It can also make your usual smoky eyes look dramatic or allow your lashes to appear fuller using just eyeshadow.

      How to Properly Remove Eyeliner?

      Suppose you're slicing your makeup off at the night's end, or you've been victimized by an unintentional line during good eyeliner application. In that case, you're probably contemplating what options you have in taking off the beloved eye makeup.

      Lucky for you, there's more than just one option to remove makeup that you can employ to sweep away unwanted eyeliner. In fact, we've put together the following three ways to remove good eyeliner effortlessly, so there's no need to stress about an unattractive makeup look or the seemingly impossible cat-eye. Interested? Let's go!

      Micellar Water

      Micellar water has always been one of our most-loved and tried-and-tested methods to remove makeup, such as good eyeliner. The micelle-based molecules form a cluster to remove makeup and impurities. There's no need to rinse or rub harshly. It is an excellent solution for people who have strayed slightly too much or want to erase the line that was drawn without ruining the remainder of their makeup.

      Simply put a cotton swab into the liquid formula, then use it to wipe away the liner smudge of your choice. Since there's no need for rinsing and you don't need to be concerned about washing off the rest of your appearance during the process! Are you looking to make use of it to remove your eye completely? Make sure to saturate your cotton pad and keep it in front of your eyes for a couple of seconds, after which you can gently clean.

      Eye Makeup Remover

      Of course, using eye makeup removers may appear to be an obvious solution; however, it's an option worthy of mention. Contrary to the traditional makeup removers, the eye makeup removers have been specially designed and tested by an ophthalmologist for use with the eyes. If you're looking to wash your lines away, think about it to be a safe option!

      Makeup Wipes

      Not to be left out, the makeup wipes are off the list! They're a great alternative for travel since you can simply put a bag in your purse or backpack to remove makeup while on the move. It's ideal for nights when you can't wait until you return home to wash off your makeup. Get rid of your lines on your commute!

      Best Eyeliners to Buy



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      Explore The Wide Range Of Smudge-Proof Eyeliners 

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      Our Magnet Eyes Eyeliner is enriched with a 24 hour long lasting formula that is quick drying. It has a deep black pigment for a bolder finish that can easily be applied using the specially created fine tip for one stroke application

      Looking to invest in a great eyeliner then Ultime Pro A Matte Made in Heaven Ink liner Black is the choice for you. It has a classic felt tip liner that makes its application smooth and easy. It stays put for 24 hours, features a super matte, waterproof and smudge proof formula and is parabens free.

      Our Beyond Black Long Stay Liquid Eye Liner Black is not just a basic black eyeliner. It gives you a prominent black and bold eyeliner finish which is high on shine and lasts all day. The smudge proof formula comes with a precise applicator for ultra-fine or dramatic application. Go Beyond Black and make a style statement. 

      Why Shop From Faces Canada?

      With 40+ years of expertise, the globally recognized brand for makeup products, Faces Canada has cherished two million-plus customers by providing them with premium quality products with impeccable taste at an affordable range to suit all complexions and ethnicities. Faces Canada is also renowned for having the best volumizing mascara on the market.
      You may check out our website to buy eyeliner online or kajal online and make use of the available offers in this regard for a pocket to dote on!


      Does My Eyeliner Need To Be Waterproof?

      Our expert opinion is that all eyeliner online products should be waterproof. What's the point of focusing on your cat-eye, drawing out your lashes or accenting using eyeshadows if all that definition is going to just wash be gone before lunchtime.

      Do you put eyeliner on, first or last?

      Your eyeliner is supposed to be put on after your entire makeup regimen is complete. A lot of makeup gurus start with the eyes, however, it is advisable to apply eyeliner at the end if you are using an eye shadow palette too.

      Why does my waterline eyeliner disappear?

      This may be because your liner is too dry or hard. Using a waterproof or gel eyeliner would be the best to resolve this problem.

      How do you prevent eyeliner from smearing?

      Applying quality eyeliner with high pigmentation and smudge-proof attributes will not smear easily. Using gel eyeliner, absorbent sheets, and applying primer on lids will prevent eyeliner from smearing.

      How to Apply Eyeliner Flawlessly?

      Apply your eyeliner in the following easy steps:

      • Understand What Eyeliner You Are Using
      • Prepare Your Eyes
      • Keep the Base Clean
      • Line Away
      • The Wings
      • Hold Your Eyeliner Perfectly
      • Use Dots to Make Perfect Lines
      • No Pulling of the Skin
      • Outline Your Waterline

      How to Apply Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes?

      Here’s how to easily apply eyeliner for hooded eyes:

      • Use an Ideal Eyeliner
      • Focus On Outer Area
      • Use the Liner on the Upper Waterline
      • Use Gel Eyeliner
      • Create Elongated Wings
      • Focus Less on Lower Lid

      What Is Reverse Cat-Eye Eyeliner?

      Reverse cat eyes are exactly what it's called. It's an upside-down variation of the classic winged look. Instead of applying only eyeliner to the upper lash line, use it to the lower line of your lashes (because why should your lids get all the attention?). In the case of your wing area, this basically is the same.

      What Eyeliner to Use as a Beginner?

      Because it's the simplest and the most effective way to begin for those who are new to eyeliner, the smoothness of the pencil allows it to glide on effortlessly, doesn't pull and is much more tolerant with hands that shake than gel or liquid. Similar to writing using pencils, the eyeliner pencil is the simplest and most effective eyeliner for novices.

      Which Type Of Eyeliner Is The Easiest To Apply?

      A pencil that is smooth glides across effortlessly, does not pull, and is less prone to twitch when your hands shake than gel or liquid. Similar to writing using a pencil, an eyeliner pencil can be the most simple and most reliable eyeliner for novices. Simply hold it as you would an ordinary pencil and draw on the line of the lash.

      Can I Apply Eyeliner On My Lower Lash Line?

      If you smudge too much, it could cause an aged appearance, and not having the correct tools to apply to the waterline could cause eye irritation. It is recommended to avoid liquid liner for the bottom lashes. It could form tiny lines beneath the eyes or make them appear unnatural as it's hard to remove effectively.

      Read more