Face Primer

      No makeup look can be perfect if you don't begin right. And that's what our primers are here for! We've got your back with our hydrating, pore-minimizing, age-defying primers so that you begin right and shine like a star every time.

      The right makeup can be totally transformative. Makeup truly has the power to build your confidence and channelise your true self. The makeup industry is truly booming in today's day and age. There are thousands of products that are being produced on a regular basis, each being better than the previous batch. While the makeup industry is truly competitive, there are some things about makeup that cannot be supplemented, but simply made better. One such tool is an immaculate face primer. With a face primer cosmetic, you can truly form the base of your makeup, no matter what look you are going for. A face primer is used for setting the foundation for your makeup. It can truly make or break the look you are going for and hence has to be chosen carefully. If you have a keen interest in makeup and want to expand on your collection, you should definitely take a look into the Faces Canada primer cosmetic. Here's a little more that you need to know about face primers before you indulge in it. 

      What is a primer?

      As far as makeup goes, primers cosmetic have been around for a long time. You must have heard instagram influencers and makeup gurus rave about this product all the time. A face primer essentially helps you to make your makeup look flawless and make your skin look like an instagram filter. While a face primer makeup does have the ability to make your skin illuminated, what exactly are face primers cosmetic? You can think of a face primer as a real life Photoshop that is available in your hands. When it comes to face primer usage, it can be easily applied under your foundation as the basic layer before applying anything. While face primers cosmetic are the most common there are also various kinds of other primers cosmetic available nowadays, for your eye shadow and even to put before applying mascara

      Face primer for dry skin or oily skin is available nowadays separately to be better equipped depending on your skin type. They essentially help your makeup to sit better on your skin and provide higher coverage. A layer of face primer cosmetic also allows your makeup to stay longer on your face even if you have won it for a long while. Chemically speaking primers cosmetic can be silicon based or might also be prepared with natural ingredients. The face primer price varies largely depending on what it is made up of and which brand you are relying on. Remember when you are buying a face primer it is always better to select a brand that you are aware of. For example, the Faces Canada ultime pro primer is truly one of the best in the market and one that you can rely on with your eyes closed. 

      Why is Face Primer Makeup Important?

      Most makeup items that are used on a regular basis such as a foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, concealer, or even a tinted moisturizer help you to see immediate results. For example when you are applying a Foundation you can readily see the product being smeared across your face and a layer of the said Foundation settling in to match your skin tone. One of the biggest reasons why people do not feel the need for face primer use is because it does not provide you with an instant result. In fact, in most cases you will not be able to see any apparent effect right in front of your eyes as soon as you apply it. However this does not discount the importance of a face primer makeup. 

      Even if you cannot see a direct cause and effect relationship when applying a face primer makeup, it actually helps to stabilize your makeup throughout the day. For the sake of experiment, you can try wearing your makeup normally with a face primer makeup on one day and without it on the other. You will soon be able to notice the term makeup definitely sits better and lasts longer on the days you wear face primer makeup, compared to those days when you simply avoid it.

      In fact, face primer makeup is a great tool that you require to make sure that your Foundation is being applied evenly all over your skin. Primers makeup make application much smoother and help you to achieve the more blurred look that lasts all day long. In fact it also helps in bringing out the pigmentation of eyeshadows and concealers. Even if you do not have a well pigmented eyeshadow, a layer of primer makeup is all it takes to make it pop without any additional hassles. The best part about a face primer cream is that it is extremely easy to apply. In fact you will soon realize that it is the easiest makeup product that you can apply which gives you the greatest benefits.

      What does a hydrating primer do?

      Whether you only apply makeup for special occasions or apply it on a daily basis, a face primer makeup is of absolute importance. If you are still wondering what a makeup primer exactly does, here is the detailed list of everything you can expect from a face primer makeup best:

      • Whether you buy a face primer gel or a face primer cream, it is the best thing to create the perfect base for all your other makeup items. Essentially the primer makeup allows other products to stick better to your skin and helps you to carry the make up all day long without needing any additional touch up. 
      • With the help of an amazing primer makeup like the Faces Canada ultime pro perfecting primer, you will be able to make the most out of its silky texture that allows your skin to prepare smooth and perfect. The reason why most face primers makeup help in getting the silky feeling is because they are silicon based. This allows them to seep into large pores, wrinkles, acne scarring and fine lines. 
      • One of the biggest problems when applying makeup is that it can often look cakey and unnatural. When you are applying several layers of makeup products, although it looks amazing when clicking a picture, it can look rather unnatural in real life. For this reason primers makeup are your best friend. Since primers makeup allow other makeup products to sit evenly all across the skin, you don't have to worry about your makeup looking too over the top. This is particularly applicable when you are using powder to bake your face or applying eyeshadow on your eyelids. The face primer is used for achieving the flawless look in these cases. 
      • Although many people are under the impression that a face primer has to only be applied when you are applying a lot of makeup, it is not true. Infact, since the recent trend in makeup is actually to go minimal, there are a wide range of face primer combination skin that are actually perfectly fitted for even a minimalistic makeup look or the famous no-makeup makeup look. Even if you are not found to apply a layer of foundation or skipping the concealer, the face primer makeup will help you to blur all the imperfections in your face that make you feel conscious or even control the shine. 
      • If you are looking for something to mic with your foundation to give it a more sheer finish, your face prime makeup is the best option for you. The primer makeup lends its staying power and at the same time allows you to perfectly dilute the foundation when you are going for a more natural makeup look. For doing this, all you have to do is pour some primer makeup on your hand to warm it up. Then you can add some of your foundation and mix it well with whatever you like until you have reached the consistency of your choice. This is undoubtedly the best trick in the box for a sheer look.
      • If you want a more matte finish for your makeup, a face primer makeup can truly come handy. Some primers makeup provide the perfect level of moisture while not making your skin incredibly oily. It is always best to make your primer makeup  a little warm by rubbing it in your palms before applying it to your skin. This helps your primer makeup to melt better on your skin and aids in better coverage and longer stay. 
      • Some of the face primers in the market help you to multitask. Some primers makeup are equipped with sunscreen and depending on the face primer price you can avail many such benefits. Those primers makeup with SPF provide you with sub protection as well and are a great two in one product that is truly worth every penny. These are one of a kind products that help you to not only get a blurred look but also sun protection all at once!
      • Face primers makeup are also magical against hyperpigmentation. When it comes to fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, you cannot combat it all just by using makeup. A face primer makeup becomes unavoidable as it is the key player that allows to smoothen your skin and provide an even surface for a perfect application. 
      • Since primers are now available for all skin types and combinations, you can truly make the most out of a face primer makeup. Some primers are actually better suited for a particular kind of look while the other one may be needed during another time. Buying a face primer makeup is always a good idea as it is one of the best investments you will ever make as a makeup fanatic or even as someone who is new to makeup.

      How to prep face before applying hydrating primer makeup?

      Makeup is simply not about applying one product after the other and hoping for the best. While this may look simple and seem to work out for you, it is not really good for your skin. One of the most integral parts about applying makeup is preparing your skin for it as much as possible. Since priming your skin with a face primer makeup is one of the first steps in what is considered as "the makeup process", let's take a look at how you need to prepare your face before applying the primer. 

      1. Cleansing is the first step in preparing your skin before the primer makeup goes in. Now, it is always considered better to apply face primer makeup to a clean face because it is ideal for face primer makeup usage. Now, when it comes to cleansing your face, it is important that you pick the right cleanser for you. This generally depends on your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, it is crucial that you choose a cleanser that is cream based or atleast has hydrating properties so it can leave your skin fresh and moisturized. If you have oily skin, you must choose a foam or a gel based cleanser. These cleansers are milder and do not cause irritation to the skin while removing dirt and oil. For sensitive skin, it is best to choose extremely gentle cleansers which are usually made from plant oils and are extremely soothing and gentle. Finally, if you have acne prone skin, choose cleansers that are rich in tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid for keeping pimples away. 
      2. When cleansing your face, always use cold water. Hot water can be dehydrating and cause your skin to become lifeless and dry, and you surely don't want that. Once you have chosen the right cleanser for your skin (and remember, this might take some time), all. you have to do is take a small amount of it and massage it gently all over your wet face for about 45 seconds to 1 minute. While this may seem like a long time to keep rubbing your face with a cleanser, this is actually the bare minimum time that your cleanser will need to work on your skin. Be very gentle when cleansing your face and always make sure to rinse very thoroughly after the application. Any cleanser left on your skin can cause buildup which is not good for skin. Pat your face dry gently and let the rest air dry. 
      3. Toning is your next step. A toner is often something people don't bother with, but it is an essential product that helps tighten pores, hydrate your skin and get rid of dead cells and bacteria from your skin. But, when you are looking for a toner, it is very important that you stay away from toners that have alcohol as the main ingredient as it can be extremely dehydrating and unhealthy for your skin. You can use soothing or hydrating toners for best results. Now, when it comes to properly applying a toner, you simply have to pat it into your skin either with a cotton swab or with your hand. You don't have to scrub the product in, you just have to wet your face with the toner. 
      4. To make the most out of your face primer makeup, exfoliation is an important step. If you want your age defying face primer makeup to do its magic, you need to keep your skin soft and smooth. However, make sure to exfoliate only once or twice a week. If you exfoliate too often, your skin can become red and raw, while not exfoliating enough might lead your skin to become rather uneven and dull. The simplest way to exfoliate your skin is to use a washcloth during cleansing your face. All you have to do is gently rub the cleanser with the washcloth all over your face in circular motion. Clean the washcloth before the next use. While you can also buy scrubs which are great exfoliators, most of these scrubs are extremely aggressive for your facial skin. It is best to avoid scrubs that you can buy in the market or even homemade scrubs on your skin as they are generally very harsh on your facial skin. 
      5. No makeup is ever completed without a base layer of moisturizer. Now, when it comes to choosing a moisturizer to put underneath your face primer makeup , you need to have two moisturizers ready at all times. During the day time, you need a moisturizer with SPF that will provide you with sun protection and is slightly lighter in composition. For night time it is best to choose a moisturizer that is a little heavier. Before putting on your primer makeup, the lighter moisturizer is your best bet. If you have rather oily skin, you must choose a non comedogenic moisturizer that is oil free. For dry skin, choose thicker moisturizer that will help you to attain a glowing dewy look. 
      6. Before applying the moisturizer, you can consider putting on a serum that will help take your moisturizer game a step further. When it comes to serums, you do not really need a lot because a little is good enough for your entire face. Serums that you may consider should have antioxidants like vitamin C, zinc or are hydrating in nature, such as those with amino acid. Yoh simply have to take a small amount of the serum and dab it all over your face just before moisturizing. Let it dry completely before putting on the moisturizer. 
      7. When it comes to applying your moisturizer on your face, you really don't need to massage it all around your face. Infact, all you have to do is gently press the moisturizer using gentle patting motion with two fingers into your skin. You don't need a lot of moisturizer, a little goes a long way. Before you move on, let the moisturizer sink into your face and do its magic. Let it stay undisturbed on your skin for around 5 minutes so that it is ready for the next step. 
      8. Mist your face with some rose water. Makeup gurus swear by this because it gives a healthy glow to your skin and is crucial for that sheer look. You can get some rose water in s a spray bottle and must put it all over your face. Let us air dry completely. Make sure to choose an all natural rose water for maximum benefit. 

      Once you have covered these steps, it's finally time for the primer makeup, Now, it is not mandatory for you to follow all eight steps before putting on the primer cosmetic. In fact, it is okay for you to skip some steps on days you are in a hurry or are simply feeling lazy. While this is undoubtedly a good practice to follow these steps to prepare your skin for a whole day of makeup, some steps can be missed here and there on some days. No matter what, just remember to cleanse and moisturize your face at least, even if you are in great hurry. These steps don't take much time although they do seem like a lot. Ensuring good skin health is absolutely crucial for a flawless makeup look! 

      Is it important to apply primer cosmetic every time before applying makeup?

      While the importance of a face primer makeup has been discussed above, there can still be some confusion with respect to a face primer usage. When it comes to using face primer makeup, it is necessary that you applied every time before doing your makeup. While many people ignore this step, there are various benefits to applying a primer that will help you to attain a flawless look. Think of your face as a blank canvas that needs to be prepared before the paint is applied. Without a primer cosmetic, the makeup will not settle properly and you will be left with a cakey appearance. Whether you are doing your regular makeup or something fancier, it is always important to start with a primer cosmetic. In the beauty industry, it has become almost mandatory to apply a good base of a face primer makeup before anything else goes into your face. 

      For the most part your daily makeup routine may simply consist of putting on a tinted moisturizer or a sheer foundation with some powder and eye makeup. You might feel that since you are already using a moisturizer you do not need to go through the additional hassle of applying a layer of primer. However this is far from the truth. Even though moisturizers and nowadays even foundations have some hydration capabilities, the work of a primer cosmetic is far beyond simply providing moisture. It helps you to lay the correct edifice for whatever makeup you are going to use and also has protective functions. 

      In fact a face primer makeup is considered as a protective layer between your skin and foundation. If you have a rather sensitive skin or one that is acne-prone, face primer use is absolutely mandatory because it reduces the chances of breakouts and pimples. Even if you have a combination skin or dry skin, you need to pick the right primer for your face online so that you do not suffer from any permanent or long term side effects of using makeup on a regular basis. The primer cosmetic essentially seals your skin and allows it to have a protective barrier to help you from the effects of harsh products that can cause irritation and damage to your skin. 

      A face primer makeup is also of special importance to make your skin smoother underneath. It takes care of your bumps and fine lines giving you a more smooth surface to work on. This way you will be able to apply your makeup effortlessly without having to blend it for hours. Since a good primer like the face ultime pro perfecting primer seals your makeup in place, it becomes more long lasting. You do not have to give your makeup a touch up every now and then once you apply your primer. So, even when you are paying for the face primer makeup price you are saving makeup in the long run. 

      A dewy look is more popular nowadays and everybody wants their makeup to glow rather than appear dull and lifeless. The problem with applying Foundation without a face primer is that it can begin to look rather lifeless after a few hours. When you apply a base coat of a good primer, you can keep looking youthful and radiant even after hours of application. This can be attributed to the fact that primers makeup help you to get that Instagram filter face by reducing the appearance of fine lines, pores and pigmentation. An age defying primer can actually make your skin look youthful even after layers of makeup! 

      If you feel that wearing makeup during the summer days is a pain, a primer makeup is your best friend. It is true that summer comes with its own hassles because of the excessive sweating, especially if you live in a humid climate. A primer makeup is extremely functional in absorbing excess oil and sweat from your face to keep your skin looking fresh and shiny all day long! 

      While a face primer makeup may seem like just another product that you need to add to your list, it has a wide range of benefits that you simply cannot deny. For the most part, if you have chosen your primer makeup with care, you will want to wear it every time before applying your makeup because the results are truly sensational. 

      Difference between a foundation and a Primer Makeup

      The beauty industry is truly making progress in leaps and bounds as the days go by. Companies are producing makeup items that are more inclusive in order to cater everyone's requirements depending on the skin type and complexion. Primer cosmetic and foundation are both products that are applied to enhance one's natural skin and provide a solid base for all kinds of makeup to go on. The most important distinction between a primer cosmetic and foundation is that a primer cosmetic is primarily used to smoothen the texture of the skin mobile on the other hand the foundation allows to attain an even complexion before any other skin products are used. While it is true that these are both products that are applied on the face, there still remains a vast difference in their application, intent and use. 

      After the skin is moisturized and your basic skincare routine is done, primer cosmetic is the first product that is applied on the skin. A primer cosmetic necessarily makes the skin even by filling the pores and smoothening out fine lines and wrinkles. The application of a face primer makes sure that the base has been made secure so that the product you apply later on stays put and blends easier. On the other hand, a foundation is usually applied after the face primer cosmetic. Foundations come in a variety of formulae. They can range from liquids, to mousess or even sticks. The foundation is generally applied to give your skin and even complexion band match the tone of your skin perfectly. A foundation is also useful when you want to cover hyperpigmentation or blemishes in your skin. 

      HD Primer is typically the first product that is applied on the screen as it fills in the pores and gives a smoother appearance to your skin. On the other hand, a foundation comes right after the hd primer cosmetic and helps to provide you with even tone. While tinted primers cosmetic are coming to the market nowadays, most hd primers cosmetic are sheer in nature and its job is not to add skin. Foundation, when picked right should match your skin tone perfectly and you can always rely on foundations to adjust to your skin tone. Most hd primers are face primer oil, gel, cream or even come in the form of a powder. While there are various kinds of foundations that come in many formulas such as mousse, liquid, stick and so on. 

      When it comes to finding the right foundation, it can be truly a hassle. Foundations come in warm as well as cool tones and you have to find the right color that would blend well with your skin. Since, Faces Canada ultime pro primer is not a tinted product, you do not have to worry about matching the skin tone or any other problem. Since a hd primer is not required to be matched with your skin tone, you can use any of the ones available in the market, just on the basis of your taking type. You can get face primer oily skin, face primer for dry skin or a face primer for combination skin, according to your requirement. 

      Difference between a Concealer and a HD Primer

      If you are new to the world of makeup, there are a number of products that might confuse you, because they seem to have the same function. There is much confusion about the difference between not only concealer and face primer but also concealer and foundation. When it comes to face makeup, these are the most important tools that you need in your arsenal and are absolutely necessary to complete any look. Now, when it comes to understanding the difference between a hd primer cosmetic and a concealer, the most important thing to be kept in mind is that a hd primer cosmetic is the most basic layer that prepares your skin for the application of other makeup products. It smooths your skin texture making it way easier for makeup to glide on your skin and also create a better scope at adherence. Once a hd primer makeup has been applied, you can then go over with other makeup products like foundation and concealer.

      In the beauty industry, primer makeup is essentially the first tool that is applied to your makeup look. Once the skin has been cleaned, prepared and moisturized an even layer of face primer cosmetic needs to be applied. A hd primer cosmetic is very important as it allows your skin to become smoother by hiding fine wrinkles and blemishes. An age defying primer will help you to have a flawless surface for all your makeup products to glide on and make your makeup look a long lasting one. In fact hd primers cosmetic are becoming so popular nowadays that they are not only available for different skin types but also for different areas of the face. A hd primer is crucial for getting rid of the crease lines that appear when you get your makeup done. 

      A concealer on the other hand is often regarded as a magical product that can help you cover up everything from red patches, dark circles, hyper pigmentation or a zit. For the most part, a concealer is very difficult to choose because it needs to be a good match with your skin tone and also allow your skin to feel brighter and glowing in the long run. Concealer is generally applied after the foundation goes on. However experimental makeup artists like to provide your skin with some concealer right after the application of a hd primer. For the most part you might require more than just one concealer to match skin tone, while a single hd primer can be used all over your face without any difficulty. 

      A primer is a useful makeup tool because it adds an additional layer between your skin and the rest of your makeup, essentially shielding your face and also creating a flawless base. A concealer on the other hand acts as a colour compensator that helps in concealing any flaws in the skin that need some additional help. Why hd primers are available in various forms to help extend the life of your makeup while concealers help hide dark circles, uneven skin tone, skin discoloration, blemishes and much more. A face primer may come in the form of powder, cream or gel while concealers are generally sold as sticks, liquid or an ointment that needs to be put on and blended with the help of a brush or a damp sponge. HD Primers are easier to apply since you do not have to worry about blending them in. It is almost like a cream that You apply with your fingers. While hd primer is the first step in all of your beauty routine, a concealer can be used in the second or third step depending on when you want to apply your Foundation. 

      How is an HD primer different from a normal primer?

      While primers have been popular in our makeup market for a long while, the newest addition to this list is an hd face primer. You can think of an hd face primer makeup as an upgrade on your regular primer makeup that does the job of a basic face primer makeup, but better. HD primers have become quite popular because many makeup artists and gurus believe that they are better and provide instant results. For example, a HD primer helps you to minimize your pores quickly and makes your skin look considerably brighter. In comparison to normal primers, HD primers have a silkier texture that allows for even application and an even smoother canvas for your makeup to go on. These primers are somewhat better as they had better absorption capabilities and gets absorbed into your skin much faster, completely sealing your pores, so that other makeup products do not seep into them. 

      Most blurring face primer oil or creams available in the market are mostly HD primers. In fact, these even last longer. Essentially, hd face primer makeup is a fancier name given to primers that are absolutely amazing and are an upgrade from your regular face primer cream. They help to achieve that flawless velvety matte look that you get when applying Instagram filters, but in real life! Like any primer, HD primers are applied before any other makeup products and are generally a cream or gel based product. These are non greasy and extremely lightweight so as to not interrupt with your normal skin feel. 

      While primers are now available depending on skin type, such as, face primer for oily skin or face primer dry skin, HD primers are generally good for all skin types since the formula is super inclusive. Infact, some companies produce HD primers that contain vitamin based serum and act as a skin saviour as well. Vitamin e, for example, promotes better skin and neutralises free radicals on your skin. HD primers are definitely an upgrade on basic primer formulas and the face primer price for the HD variant may be a little more than for regular face primer makeup. 

      Types of primers

      While a face primer makeup is an absolutely amazing product for all makeup lovers, did you know that they come in a number of formulas? Initially, face products were thought of as a one size fits all product, but this simply can't be true owing to the fact that we all have different kinds of skins which need a particular type of products. Keeping this in mind, a wide variety of primers makeup have been launched into the market keeping in mind the various skin types that need to be catered to. Depending on your occasion and your skin type, you can choose from a wide range of primers available in the market. Some of the primers makeup include:

      • Matte

      Matter primers are the best suited for those with particularly oily skin. These primers help you in blurring your large pore while at the same time smooths fine lines. Like all hd primers they also increase the longevity of any makeup look as well. Matte hd primers are generally made of silicone that helps to make your skin texture as smooth and radiant as possible. This way, you get a smooth canvas on which makeup products can simply glide on. These mattifying hd primers are generally a little more tacky, this means that they help your foundation and concealer to stay in place without being affected by sweat or elemental forces of nature. The reason why it is perfectly suited for oily skin is because matter hd primers helps keep oil at bay especially in the t zone. Besides, you can be assured that your makeup doesn't get creased or smeared. 

      • Hydrating

      Oil based primers or a face primer oil is a primer that is formulated using oils of various kinds. This is the best face primer for dry skin as it helps your face to look hydrated and glowing from within. Oil based primers do not just give a shimmery or oily look to your skin. For people with dry and rough skin, these primers are a godsend because they are formulated with hydrating and nourishing oils as well as ingredients. Some primers come with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants which are not only hydrating but also are very good for enhancing your skin health. If you are struggling with dry patches on your skin that makes any and all makeup look patchy, a face primer makeup is the best thing for you. It provides a consistent base so that even makeup powders have the right base to stick to. Whether you apply a lot of makeup or stick to the basics, an oil primer helps in setting a hydrating base no matter what makeup you apply. 

      • Illuminating

      If you follow the makeup culture, you'd be aware of the new glowing no-makeup makeup look. The idea is to make you look radiant from within and almost create an effortless look. For a look that is named "no makeup makeup look", you surely need a variety of products to achieve this look. Besides the right product, this is also a very technical makeup look to achieve that not many can attain. It requires mostly cream or oil based products, whether it be the blush or even eyeshadow. However, the most important thing that you need for this look I'd an illuminating primer. An illuminating primer is what helps you attain an almost photoshop quality to your face. It not only blurs and fills in your pores but is also instrumental in providing a sheen to your face that is much different from how a glitter based highlighter works. Even if you are not into this no-makeup makeup look, an illuminating primer is still a great choice if you want to look fresh and dewy, especially for those who have dry skin or those who want to own their oily skin. When you apply foundation over an illuminating primer it appears almost glasslike and extremely dewy. It's surely one of the best ways to add instant glow to your face.

      • Colour correcting primer

      Even with the right shade of foundation and concealer it is sometimes difficult to get an even tone all around your face. The reason why this happens is because our face is not the same color all around. Some regions are slightly darker or lighter than the others and we also have different undertones in various regions. For the most part, underlying skin tones cannot be really treated, except by color correcting. In case you have hyperpigmentation, rosacea or simply have dark circles that are getting very difficult to counteract, a color correcting primer is your best bet. These primers act just like your regular face primer makeup but at the same time provide you with an additional color that allows you to counteract the problem of uneven underlying skin tone. Neutralizing underlying skin tone is not an easy task and might sometimes become very annoying if you have to do this everyday before your makeup schedule. One best way to deal with this problem is to get a colour correcting face primer makeup natural. Green color correcting primers are used to combat the redness in your skin so that they don't peak from underneath after you have completed your makeup look. Likewise, you can use red color correcting face primer makeup to combat dark circles or hyperpigmentation and so on. 

      • Silicone-based primers

      The use of silicon and makeup products is fairly new in today's day and age. While there is a lot of debate as to whether silicone based makeup products should be used or not, the advantages of silicon waste primers cannot simply be denied. As the name suggests, silicon based face primer makeup have silicones and their formula which allows for better coverage and fills up large pores. Pores, when not treated properly before applying foundation and concealer can start to make your makeup look uneven. Silicon based primers are one of the best primers that allow your skin to feel absolutely supple and smooth after the application. These primers are also very effective and do not allow your makeup to get me out or appear creased even if you wear it for long enough. Silicone based primers have become very popular as they provide a flawless finish for the rest of your makeup and do the job as promised. The face primer makeup price, especially the silicon-based ones, are a little steeper than the others owing to the complexity in their formulation.

      • Moisturizing primer

      Moisturizing primers are much like hydrating primers. They are incredibly useful if you want to bring some glow and warmth into your face. For the most part moisturizing primers are used by people who have dry skin and want to make the skin look less dull. One of the common problems with using powder makeup products is that it tends to make your face more rough and dry. Moisturizing primer is a great product at such a juncture because it works with the powder product to provide your skin with healthy glow and even complexion. This is in fact a great 2 in one product which allows you to provide moisture to your skin as well as take care of big pores and fine lines. Doing your skin care routine everyday before makeup can be not only monotonous but you might not have so much time everyday. At such a juncture a moisturizing primer is the right fit for you. This face primer makeup adds a layer of hydration and moisture to your skin which helps to make it look supple and healthy throughout the day. You also do not have to use an additional moisturizing product before the application of such a primer because facial moisturizing primers are loaded with hydrating ingredients. They also help you to even out the imperfections of your skin while keeping your skin moist and glowy. 

      How to choose the perfect primer according to your skin type 

      Even if you have planned the perfect makeup look, without the right primer it is very difficult to make your makeup last long. A face primer makeup is one of the best ingredients for your base makeup to look perfect. Now, face primer makeup is not a one size fits all product, especially because it works integrally with your skin. When buying and looking for the perfect face primer makeup usage you have to be very careful about your skin type. Depending on what look you are going for and how your skin reacts to certain ingredients, it is important to buy your perfect primer on the basis of your skin type. 

      Dry skin

      Dealing with dry skin is as problematic as having oily skin. Well you do not have to worry about soaking all the grease from your face, there are other problems that have to be dealt with when applying makeup. For the most part applying powder products is extremely difficult because it ends up making your face look even dryer and almost patchy. Even the Foundation can sometimes look extremely patchy and reveal the underlying problems. For this reason you need a face primer for dry skin in order to add hydration and a moisturize to your skin. There are special face primer oil that not only have great hydrating properties but also come with antioxidants that are good for your overall skin health. A primer with creamy texture will allow your skin to look dewy even if you cannot stick to a moisturizing skin care routine everyday. For those struggling with dry skin and trying to find the right face primer dry skin yah number it is about finding a hydrating primer rather than looking for something that will fill in your enlarged pores. When it comes to finding the right primer for your face, prioritizing the right thing is key.

      Oily skin

      If you have oily skin, doing any kind of makeup is troublesome because no matter what product you apply, you run the risk of your skin becoming too oily. A primer is the best product if you are fighting with oily skin and want to have a flawless makeup look. A face primer for oily skin will not only allow you to cover enlarged pores but also make sure that the oil in your skin disappears in a matter of seconds. Mattifying primers and silicon based products are great for those troubling with oily skin as they are best suited for filling enlarged pores. Without the right primer it is impossible to not look greasy even if you are using matte Foundation. The reason why primers are so important is because a primer not only allows your other makeup products to stick better to your face but also ensures even application throughout. With the right base coat of a primer the foundation can stick better to your skin and stay in place throughout the day. Since face primer oily skin essentially blocks your pores temporarily, your skin does not produce as much oil as it does without a primer.

      Normal skin

      For those who are blessed with what we consider normal skin, finding a primer is not so difficult. You can choose any Faces Canada primer depending on the kind of look you are going for. For the most part it is always better to choose a hydrating primer because it allows your skin to glow and look radiant. However if you like a more matte finish, you can also choose mattifying primers. It is always best to go through Faces Canada primer review before choosing the right one for you. Going through the reviews and comments will allow you to understand the nature of the primer that you are selecting and apply it according to the makeup look that you want to achieve. However, It is never advised to skip application of a primer before putting on other makeup products even if you have normal skin. The primer acts as a safeguard between your skin and other products. It helps your skin to remain healthy and not be affected by the chemicals in makeup products. Depending on your budget, you can peruse Faces Canada primer price to understand what fits your needs the best. 

      Combination skin

      Combination skin is undoubtedly one of the most difficult to tackle. While the rest of your face remains dry, the t-zone becomes a hot spot for all the oil and grease to pool. Naturally you will have to look for a primer that not only combats and counteract the effect of dry skin but also oily skin. The right face primer makeup is hence difficult to find for those having a combination skin. Many people hence, stick to using two Primers, one face primer for oily skin that is to be applied on exclusively the t-zone, while another face primer dry skin that can be applied everywhere else on the face. While this technique is very good for makeup gurus and those who deal professionally with makeup, it is not the best option for everyone. Not only is it expensive to buy two different primers but also it can become a rather time consuming process. If you do not want to go through the hustle of applying two primers everyday, there is a solution for you. A primer that does not mattify too much and that the same time isn't very hydrating is the right fit for you. The Faces Canada pro perfecting primer is a great option that you can choose that will offer you the best of both worlds. 

      Acne-prone skin

      Having acne prone or sensitive skin means that you cannot apply all kinds of makeup on your face as it can have a negative reaction to your skin. While it is always advisable for those having acne prone skin choose makeup products and skin care products very carefully the same applies for a primer. If you do not want anything to aggravate your skin and must hence stay away from ingredients that you cannot understand or are not aware of. There are many face primer makeup natural that can provide a good base for your makeup without causing too much trouble to your skin. A sensitive skin also means that you might suffer from a lot of redness in which case you must look for primers that are colour correcting in nature. Green primers are best suited for those with an acne prone skin as the green pigment counteracts redness sufficiently. This way you will be able to kill two birds with one stone. You do not have to spend time, energy and money having to colour correct your skin with a separate product as the primer does it for you while keeping our makeup intact for a long time. 

      Mature skin

      As you grow older the effects of your age start to become noticeable on your skin, especially on your face. Fine lines and wrinkles start to appear even if you have been taking great care of your face from a young age. This is simply the effect of the passage of time and a natural phenomenon that occurs to everybody. If you are worried about how to combat the forces of nature and age, a silicon primer is your best option. Silicone based primers are best suited if you have large pores and fine lines. An hd face primer makeup or a silicone based primer fills the pores on your skin and also sits between the fine lines, helping your skin to become flawless and smooth. An overabundance of texture on your skin can wreak havoc on your makeup look as it may make your makeup look cakey and it may start creasing. With a silicone based primer you can get an even texture on your skin so that the makeup can glide on smoothly. These are often called an age defying primer and their effects are truly magical. You will be able to get your youthful glow in no time at all. 

      Face primer makeup hacks and tips

      Here are a few hacks and tips that will helps you to become pro at using a primer with Faces Canada primer online:

      • Two primers are better than one: Creating layers with your face primer makeup is never a bad idea. As long as you are aware of which primer has what effect on your skin, you can play with your primers in every way you want. Many makeup gurus swear by using a hydrating primer online first and then going over with a pore minimizing face primer online. This way you will be able to find the best way to get a flawless look. 
      • Never forget to moisturize before applying your primer online: Even if you are using a hydrating primer, it is very important to still moisturize your face. Even a hydrating primer online cannot provide you with the sole benefits that are offered by a moisturizer. Even if you don't have time to complete your full skincare routine, a simple cleanse owed by a moisturizer is good to go before applying a hydrating primer online. 
      • Pay special attention to your T Zone: Even if you don't have combination skin, your t zone still has the highest chance of gathering oil and grease throughout the day. Hence, it needs some extra care when you are applying face primer online makeup. The best way to make sure that your t zone is taken care of is to gently dab sufficient primer on this area by using a single finger. This lotion allows for better coverage while giving it a blurrier appearance and keeping oil at bay. 
      • A primer is for all skin types: Many people still do not understand why they need face primer makeup and try to rationalise it using their skin type. While those people with oily skin believe that the moisture content in their skin is enough and doesn't require a primer online, those with dry skin believe that a face primer makeup is more necessary for those who have rather oily skin. None of these are true because no matter what your skin type, you need a face primer online. Not using face primer makeup can make your face look cakey or too greasy and you simply don't want to run such risks as it can seriously damage your look. 
      • Your eyelids need a primer too: Eyelids can become seriously creased if you don't put a primer. Imagine all those hours spent on creating the perfect makeup all going to waste simply because a primer was not applied! Beauty gurus and celebrity makeup artists always advise to put primer on the eyelids. In fact, these are so important that there are primers specially made for eyelids. Not only does it stop your eye makeup from creasing but also makes your eyeshadow super pigmented. 
      • Primer can help keep your brows in place: Did you know that primers can be used to keep your eyebrows perfectly in place. All you have to do is apply the primer online right on your brows and then brush it through with a spoolie. This makes your brows stay put and then you can go ahead and shape it with a brow pencil or powder, depending on your choice of makeup. 
      • Prime your lips too: Primers online have become really popular on the lips and you will even find primers that are exclusively made for your lips. Priming your lips helps your lip makeup to glide better over your lips and also helps them to stay longer. Even if you don't have matte lipstick, this is the best hack to make any lipstick matte and long lasting. You can also apply the primer online along your lip line. This way you can stop your lipstick from bleeding out of its designated location and stay put. 
      • Primer cleans fallout easily: When you apply eyeshadow, fallout is an obvious by-product that you simply cannot tame. No matter how expensive the eyeshadow is, you simply cannot expect it to fallout. This issue becomes even worse, especially if you are working with glitter eyeshadows or face glitter. The problem with fallout is that it can make any makeup look extremely messy and ruin a perfectly good look. When going for a heavy eye makeup, it is always advisable to do it before putting anything on your face, except your primer online. Most people use a tissue paper or a makeup wipe to get rid of the fallout but it drags the product all over the face and can sometimes even make it worse. The solution here is to use a face primer makeup. You can squeeze some primer on a brush to wipe off the excess or you can even take it in your fingers and dab the fallout gently to get rid of them. This is truly one of the most magical hacks that celebrity makeup artists swear by! 
      • Hydrate a dried gel eyeliner: Gel eyeliner is perfect for getting crisp lines, whether you want a winged eyeliner or something more subtle. They are an absolute dream come true product because they stay put and are extremely pigmented. However, the worst part about using a gel eyeliner is that they get dried up rather quickly and once dried, it is almost impossible to revive them. Since these are expensive products, it feels like burning a hole in your pocket. If you have a dried up eyeliner, worry no more because a face primer online is all you need to revive it instantly. Simply mix a tiny bit of the primer with the gel eyeliner and watch it glide over your eyelids like it did before! 
      • Deal with your baby hair with a primer: Baby hairs can look absolutely stunning when you style it properly. However, most times they become extremely unmanageable and keep flying everywhere, rather out of fashion. The only tool that can take your baby hair are hairsprays. Hairsprays are expensive products and if you want an alternative to save you from a baby hair related disaster, a primer is your savior. You can take some primer on your fingers and smoothen your baby hair with it. This is a quick fix that gives a long lasting result! 
      • Make your perfect BB cream at home: If you don't have a lot of time and need to get your makeup done fast or simply like to cut some steps when doing your makeup, you can make a BB cream at home that is really quick! All you have to do is take a pea size amount of your primer and mix it with a few drops of your foundation. Once thoroughly mixed and somewhat warm, you can dab it all over your face and simply use a brush, sponge or your fingers to blend it all over your skin and you are good to go. Two steps in one! The primer helps the foundation to stay put on your skin throughout the day, while the foundation adds the pigmentation that your skin needs for an even tone. 
      • Get a glowing look: Highlighters generally come in a powder form or the ones that come in gel or liquid forms can often be too glittery or sometimes appear straky on your skin. If you want a glowy rather than a glittery look simply using a highlighter won't do you any good. One of the simplest ways to get that glowing, radiant and youthful charm is with the help of an illuminating primer online. These illuminating primers are absolutely stunning as they provide a sheer look to your skin without being too loud. You can apply the primer to areas you want to highlight such as your cheekbones, your collar bone, your nose and more. After the primer, you can go over with a little amount of the highlighter to seal the look and get a gorgeous glow that lasts all day. 

      Products with price list in tabular format

      Here's a list of Faces Canada primer online

      Product Name

      Price (₹)

      Ultime pro primerizer primer + moisturizer


      Ultime pro perfecting primer


      Vitamin rich primer


      Ultime pro HD ace base radiance primer



      Primers are absolutely magical products that can truly make or break any makeup look. While many people do not understand the hype around them, these products are an absolute necessity whether you apply makeup regularly or only sometimes. It does not matter if you want a dramatic look or a supple one, depending on the type of primer you are using, you can provide the fight base for your final makeup look with the face primer online itself. They are available in a wide variety of price range and have multiple functions. Find the right primer for your skin and get the perfect look every time!


      Can face primer makeup be used alone?

      Primers can be worn by itself and are a great way to attain the "no makeup" makeup look. They bring about smoothness to your skin and you don't have to be weighed down by the additional hassle of wearing a foundation and concealer. The best makeup primer will allow you to feel youthful and radiant just by itself! However, it is to be kept in mind that the sole purpose of using a primer is to make sure that your makeup remains intact for a long time and it helps to set your foundation better. So, you cannot expect a lot from just your primer if you are not going to wear the rest of the makeup. If you however, want to wear primer on its own, you can read the Faces Canada ultime pro primerizer review and wear it, as it hydrates and smoothes your face to provide you a flawless look. 

      Should primer go on before or after moisturizer?

      You must always apply a moisturizer before applying your primer. Getting your skin prepped before a long day of makeup is absolutely essential to maintain your skin health. Besides, if you apply the moisturizer after the primer, it beats the point of the primer and it no longer remains relevant. So, remember, moisturizer your face first and then go in with your primer. 

      How long do you let the primer set before applying foundation?

      It is crucial that you give enough time for your primer to set before applying the foundation. After applying a thin layer of a good primer like the face ultime pro perfecting primer online, just wait for about 60 seconds for the primer to fully set before applying the foundation or concealer. 

      Can I wear 2 different face primer makeup?

      Not all primers serve the same function, while some are more hydrating in nature like a face primer oil, others help in minimising your pores. Some primers are meant for dry skin while others are meant for oily skin and so on. So, if you want to combat various issues or want a makeup look that demands the application of more than one primer, you can definitely apply as many primers as you want. It solely depends on what issues you want to target and what your skin type is. Depending on these criteria, you can combine a hydrating primer with a silicone based one, or a mattifying primer with a cream based formula and so on. 

      How to apply a hydrating primer?

      Makeup is both technical as well as relaxing. It can sometimes take hours to get it right and is a rather long process. However, the application of the face primer is rather simple and undoubtedly one of the easiest steps in a makeup routine. Once you have found the best hydrating primer for you based on the Faces Canada primer review, here are the steps to be followed for the perfect application:

      • Firstly, you have to begin with a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Once you have completed your skincare routine, and adequately moisturized your face you are ready to apply your face primer makeup. This is the perfect stage to apply your sunscreens or serums. Remember, once the primer is applied, you have to move on straight to the foundation or concealer. 
      • Once your skin is prepped, pump or squeeze a pea sized amount of the primer on the back of your hand and mix it with your fingers. This allows the hydrating primer to get warm and ready for application. 
      • Once warm, dab the primer all over your face and with two fingers gently rub the primer all around your face. 
      • Make sure that you cover every surface of your face including your eyelids, forehead, chin, etc. If you use a separate primer for your eyelids, reserve the area for that specific primer.
      • Now, let the primer set for about 1 minute. 
      • Once set, you can now move on to the next step of your makeup routine. 

      Is there a need for primer on oily skin?

      If you have oily skin, you still need a primer because the join of a primer is more than simply producing hydration to the skin. Putting makeup on an oily skin comes with its own challenges. There is more sweating and accumulation of grease all over the face which can ruin a good makeup look. A face primer for oily skin is a very important product for those who want to combat these problems. Primers that are specifically made for oily skin do not provide additional hydration. On the other hand they allow your skin to become matte and help control the amount of oil secretion by minimizing your pores. So, having a hydrating primer for oily skin is absolutely necessary for a great makeup look. 

      Are there different primers for oily , dry or combination skin?

      The makeup industry has made progress and leaps and bounds to make all kinds of makeup products more inclusive. For this reason, you will now be able to find face primers that are particularly made for different skin types. There are a wide variety of face primer dry skin, face primer oily skin and face primer for combination skin. You can choose the primer that suits you the best after going through the Faces Canada primer review and find your perfect match for the perfect look. 

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