Lip Gloss


      History of Lip Gloss

      Early 1900

      Lip Gloss’s origins can be traced back to the 1900s when Max Factor created it with the intention of enhancing the sensual and provocative appearance of actresses in silent films. (1) With its success in Hollywood and the rising interest of women towards it, the father of lip gloss got inspired to sell and popularise the product. 


      A generous application of lip gloss on the lips to make them look bright and seductive became one of the favourite makeup trends for women in the 1960s, making it the most popular makeup essential. In the 1970s the invention of fruity and flavoured lip glosses was another prominent reason behind the growing popularity of lip gloss among younger women. 


      Its admiration grew throughout the 1980s when various TV and movie stars used to set the fashion trend, and it started to be valued for other qualities as well. For instance, it was used as a multitasking makeup product, like a lip balm to protect against atmospheric agents and was preferred over lipstick for the natural feel it gave to lip makeup.

      Present Times

      The use of lip gloss, whether coloured or neutral, matte or glossy has grown in popularity in recent years. You may get everything from transparent to coloured to glittery to glossy to very glossy and non-stick lip gloss.

      7 Interesting Lip Gloss Facts You Wish You Knew Before

      1. Max Factor created lip gloss in 1930 to give actors' lips a glossy or sparkly appearance in movies. In 1932, he introduced the first lip gloss and named it X-Rated.
      2. The first flavoured lip gloss was launched In 1973 by Bonne Bell and was named Lip Smacker (2).
      3. The first sunscreen-infused lip gloss was promoted by actress Lillian Gish.
      4. When it is dry, cold, and windy, lip gloss works as a waterproof barrier to keep the lips supple and moisturised by preventing them from evaporating.
      5. It is seen that Lip gloss is the first kind of cosmetic product a young girl purchases.
      6. Initially, lip gloss was designed keeping the actresses in mind.
      7. With so many flavours available currently, Strawberry was the first flavour introduced in Lip Gloss.

      Benefits of Using Lip Gloss

      • Helps Enhance Your Appearance

      Keeping a lip gloss handy in your luggage can suffice if you are someone who is constantly on the go and lacks the time to do detailed makeup. Also, one can instantly look gorgeous and stylish by applying a thick layer of favourite sparkly lip gloss from Faces Canada.

      • Available in Various Hues

      Lip glosses are multipurpose and offered in a variety of hues at Faces Canada. These hydrating lip glosses enhance every look of yours, whether it be neutral, nude, red, or metallic. On days when you want to show off, a bright Wing woman 05 red lip gloss would be ideal whereas nude glosses like homegirl 02 and BAEbe 03 provide the necessary effect for a full makeup look.

      • Have a Moisturising Effect

      Faces Canada’s Beyond Shine Lip Gloss is enriched with exotic Macadamia Oil that helps moisturise lips and works on chapped lips. Being antioxidant in nature the macadamia oil present in the lip gloss shields the lips from external elements like wind, cold, and UV rays while promoting the recovery of the lip tissue.

      • Versatile Lip Product

      Lip glosses are so adaptable that you can wear them alone, as part of your everyday makeup routine, or even with smoky eyes. Glosses have become the key component in everyone’s beauty routine. Get the best lip gloss online in India from Faces Canada.

      • Makes Lips Look, Fuller

      If you have naturally thin lips, then lip gloss can help make them look larger and fuller. Lip glosses have immediate lip-plumping abilities. Your lips look thicker because of the hydrating lip gloss's ability to reflect and absorb light. 

      • Easy to Apply 

      Simply put on your lip gloss and you're good to go—no lip liner or contour necessary. It's one of the simplest lip products to use. Beyond shine lip gloss online at Faces Canada has an excellent formula and provides a 24-hour long-lasting stay. To set it repeatedly, you don't need a compact or touch-up.

      • Easy on Pocket 

      Last but not least, lip gloss from Faces Canada doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Available at just Rs. 425, this non-sticky lip gloss is all that you need to carry in your handbag to amp up your everyday look.

      Uses of Lip Gloss

      In Winters

      1. If your lips do become chapped during winter, applying a lip gloss infused with macadamia oil will help the skin on your lips heal more quickly and effectively. Additionally, it fills in the lip cracks, making them less prone to infection and discomfort. Go for lip gloss online shopping at Faces Canada.
      2. Lip skin is fragile and lacks sebaceous glands, so it does not naturally produce moisturizing oils like the rest of your skin. This exposes it to external elements, making it vulnerable to weather-related harm. A hydrating lip gloss comes to the rescue in such situations. It hydrates your lips regardless of how dry or chilly the weather is. 

      In Summers

      1. You'll eventually tend to appear older than your actual age if your lips are dry and look cracked due to lack of hydration during summers. Applying a hydrating lip gloss makes your lips look soft and supple and takes years off of your appearance, making you look younger.
      2. Love matte lipstick but detest how dry it is? We understand your love and hate connection with your lips. A non-sticky lip gloss will perk up your lips, soften them, and guarantee that your matte lipstick applies smoothly without making your lips look dry.
      3. Summers call for dry weather and lack of moisture can easily cause the thin protective layer of lips to peel off, resulting in dry, chapped lips. Choosing a lip gloss online that has hydrating and nourishing elements like macadamia oil can help the skin on your lips revive and look more plump and soft.

      Amazing Shades of Faces Canada’s Beyond Shine Lip Gloss

      Everyone wants their lips to be noticeable, right? And what better way than giving them an additional shine with an application of lip gloss? Lip gloss's sheen will help draw attention to your lips and make them appear larger by drawing more light to them. Lip gloss can also be used to keep your lips hydrated. 

      If that's not enough of a reason, the macadamia oil present in the Beyond Shine Lip Gloss helps smooth, moisturise, and nourish your lips. 

      Available in 5 different hues, this lip gloss suits all your moods and occasion. Whether you are going on a romantic date or a date with your girlfriends with a hot pink Ami Girl 01 hue.

      Be a lady boss with Wingwoman 05

      Nervous about a romantic date night? No worries! Carry yourself with confidence in BAEbe 03 hue. 

      Want a light day party makeup, nothing looks better than a single stroke of Homegirl 02 shade. 

      Be ready for a glossy pout with Twinster 04 hue.

      Be a stunner everywhere you go, with the glossy lip gloss online from Faces Canada.

      How to Use Lip Gloss With Other Lip Makeup Products

      Liquid Lipstick

      If you want glossy lips, use a non-sticky lip gloss on top of your liquid lipstick for a high-shine appearance that will stay longer. Hop on for lip gloss online shopping now!

      Lip Liner

      If you're a makeup enthusiast, you undoubtedly think that using just one product on your lips is insufficient. It can be challenging to achieve long-lasting pigment without sacrificing lightweight texture, particularly when it comes to lip glosses. Because of this, using a lip liner below our lip gloss is one of our favourite new lip tricks. You'll never wear lip cosmetics the same way again.

      Hydrating Lip Gloss Tips and Hacks

      1. Exfoliate Your Lips 

      It is always recommended to exfoliate your lips before applying any lip care product. Exfoliation helps in creating a smooth canvas to apply the products easily and gives a perfect finish. Exfoliate using lemon and walnut lip scrub from Faces Canada and wipe off the remains with the help of a damp cloth. The process naturally helps in giving your lips a plump look.

      1. Make it Stay Long With a Setting Powder 

      To make your lip gloss remain longer, use a lip liner or lipstick that matches the colour tone of your lip gloss. For added staying power, softly set your lips with translucent powder before applying the gloss. Buy the best lip gloss online in India at Faces Canada.

      1. Do Not Rub It Against Your Lips 

      Rubbing your lips together can push the lip gloss outwards messing up the whole look. The same goes for licking your lips; try to limit this as much as you can. Always have your gloss with you if you are going to an event so you may touch it up if necessary, especially if you plan to eat.

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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Can I apply lip gloss under my lipstick?

      Yes, you can apply lip gloss under lipstick but the best way to put on lip gloss is after lipstick application. It then gives a glossy look to your lips. 

      Can lip gloss be used every day?

      Yes, lip gloss can be used every day. Lip gloss online at Faces Canada provides your lips shine, nourishment and protection against harsh UV rays. 

      Can I use lip gloss overnight?

      Using Lip Gloss overnight moisturises your skin and works on chapped lips by helping in the regeneration of skin cells. 

      Can lip gloss cause dark lips?

      It depends on the ingredients present in the lip gloss. Faces Canada Beyond Shine Hydrating Lip Gloss is infused with the goodness of Macadamia Oil, thus helping in hydrating the lips and locking the moisture from within.
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