Red Lipstick

      We have some ravishing reds for you to choose from! Whatever the occasion or mood, there's a red to suit them all. Go on, search for your favorite red in your choice of liquid lipsticks, creamy lipsticks, crayons, or weightless matte finish lipsticks.

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    • Comfy Matte Liquid Lipstick

    • Filled with the goodness of almond oil and vitamin E, our collection of effortless red matte liquid lipsticks comes in 12 shades. Furthermore, they are alcohol-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and have a ten-hour long stay. So, try it out now if you want to look stunning while taking care of your lips.

    • Weightless Matte Lipstick

    • Are you looking for a red matte lipstick online with a pigment-rich formula that works in a single stroke? If yes, our weightless matte lipstick is the best option for you. this red colour lipstick online is enriched with almond and jojoba oil which moisturises your lips and keeps them soft. Red colour lipstick online is super light, has a powder matte smooth texture, gives medium to full coverage, and stays put all day long.

    • No-Transfer Matte Lipstick

    • Available in 12 mesmerising shades, our transfer proof matte lipsticks are long-lasting and smudge proof. This non-transferring red lipstick online is moisturising, too, because of the chamomile oil in it. This collection of red matte lipstick is paraben-free, making it safe to use without having to deal with any side effects.

      So now that you know about the trendiest red lipsticks that you can try out, it's time to learn about our other amazing products.

      Red lipsticks are probably the most popular and the oldest shade of lipstick out there. With time the number of variations to the colour has increased and so has their general demand on the world.

      Why Is Red Colour lipstick so Popular?

      • Ladies have more colour and brightness contrast between facial highlights and skin than men, which is improved through make-up.
      • Research shows that red lipstick are all around engaging, perhaps because of an apparent relationship with sexual excitement.
      • Profoundly alluring ladies were seen significantly more appealing in red and red lipstick on dusky skin is a statement in itself.

      Types of Red lipstick:

      • Matte Red colour lipstick

      Whenever a lipstick is matte and sparkle free, you get a murkier and more pigmented look from it, giving an intense and uniform completion to the lips. Your undertone of skin is not visible, and the absence of focus keeps light from ricocheting off the lip tone and reflecting, making it look all the more even and smooth. That is the reason, with bolder lip colours like red, going for a matte look is better, assuming you need the colour to look rich and profound. This quality permits a red lipstick to resemble that equivalent serious shade on each complexion and lip tone, without the wearer's own lips' colour playing with the completed look. Thus, on the off chance that you need an assertive red lipstick matte look, there are the sparkle-free, matte, and pigmented lipsticks to attempt. The way to picking the ideal red is getting the suggestions of your skin along with the feelings of the lipstick-and how they cooperate.

      • Liquid Red colour lipstick

      Liquid lipsticks are ideally suited for making exact and fresh lines, though conventional lipsticks need an extra lip-liner to accomplish a similar look. So, assuming that you're after a distinct lip shape and are worn out on padding lipsticks, a fluid lipstick may very well be your most ideal choice. A liquid lipstick is one that contains more solvent, emulsifiers, and oils that makes the pigment runny. To create the thick viscosity that’s related with a liquid lipstick, they are also more packed with the pigment like dyes. A liquid red lipstick works a lot like paint where a layer of pigment is glided on the lips. They dry onto the lips by sticking to the upper surface layer of the lips, providing intense red color.

      • Crème Red Colour Lipstick

      A cousin of sheer lipstick, creme lipstick applies smoothly and acts as an ideal offset of surface with a touch of shine. Where sheer lipstick has more oil, creme lipstick has more wax, providing it with a more solid level of fortitude. A creme lipstick reflects a little bit of light- that is less than a glossy lipstick but more than a matte lipstick. These lipsticks are more moisturising than any other lipstick because of the high wax content. While application, creme lipsticks are velvety and smooth and can be applied very easily on to the lips. These formulas are buildable and the intensity of the red can be controlled for every lipstick shade of this type. This kind of lipstick goes incredible with proficient wear or end of the week excursions. Choose a Faces Canada red lipstick in crème consistency and see the magic!

      • Liquid Matte Lipstick

      Practically every one of the liquid lipsticks are planned so that they keep going for a long term and support the matte look. This normally intends that there are more possibilities of your lips becoming dry. Strong lipsticks don't have a matte completion so they will keep your lips hydrated. These lipsticks dry in a way that it reflects no light and are more dull in their look. However, this dry look also offers a great way to wear bold and dark looks on a day to day basis because their lack of shine and general brightness doesn’t make these intense pigments on the face look like an eyesore.

      Shade of Red

      Red colour lipstick is a broad term that can describe a number of different shades. Understanding these shades will help you choose the shades that will look the best on you. All these colors of red can be divided into five broad categories. These categories are used by companies to make the organisation of the numerous red lipstick shades easier, both on the shelf and online. The categories also help in making people understand the type of shades that might look good on them.

      Pinks- The first and the lightest shades of red lipsticks are those which closely resemble a pink lipstick. These pinkish reds are often described as warm pinks. These red colour lipstick shades have a cooler undertone to them. Any shade that is between pink and red can fall under this category. These colors can be made by adding orange or red to any shade of pink to achieve different shades. This treatment if done on a baby pink will yield a soft reddish tone but when the same is done on a brighter magenta pink, the color will be darker and more intense. But both these colors should resemble the pink color enough to fall under the category.

      Orange- Orange is a little more than the lighter shade of red- as pinks are made by mixing red and white an orange cannot be achieved by such a mixture. Even after diluting a red with white, an orange would need another color which is yellow. The amount of yellow and red in the orange would determine the intensity of the shade. The orange category of red lipsticks include colors ranging from coral reds to brick reds. They are warmer reds but in a lighter shade that stand out very well in light to medium skin.

      True reds-

      These are the kind of shades that pop into our mind when we say the word "red". Colors like cherry red fall under this category. These colors are the intense blood and fiery colour that we all know and love so much.

      Purple reds-

      The red colors that have blue undertones or purple mixed into them fall under this category. There are a ton of mauve and maroon shades with such purple tones to them. They can be both light or dark and look great on medium and darker skin. These colors pop out since they provide a great contrast to your skin color and undertones.

      Having a purple toned red will prove to be a unique and uncommon shade in your lipstick collection.


      The red shades that are darker and richer and have hints of brown in them fall under this category. These shades are perfectly suited for people with darker skin or if you want to create a bold look that can look good with a smokey eye. These versions of reds can also come in near-nude shades and a great everyday wear when in matte finish.

      Even though there can be shades of red that might fall in between two categories, these are the main criteria followed to differentiate the colors. Understanding these categories will make it easier for you to navigate through a store or while getting red lipstick online and get the correct lipstick you want.

      The Perfect Shade

      The perfect shade of a red lipstick online is not too difficult to find. However, to find the shades of red that will look best on you would depend on a number of factors.


          The undertone of a person is the skin’s temperature or the hue that is visible through the surface of the skin. To recognize your skin's connotations and colours, take a quick look at your wrist. In the event that your veins show up more purple-ish, you have a cooler undertone and you must go with lipsticks that also have cooler undertones. These shades would include a mauve red or a pinkish red. A cooler undertone of red lipstick is often defined as those lipsticks that have blue as one of the base colors in them. Assuming your veins look greener, you have a warmer undertone and warm will be your go-to undertone for lipsticks as well. Very much like skin, lipstick likewise has different undertones to be matched and there are a variety of red lipsticks for Indian skin. Warm lipstick is generally an orangey-red and a cool red is generally a blue-red, similar to a profound rose concealer. If you have a combination of both green and purple as your veins, you might want to stick to neutral shades on either side since you have a neutral skin tone. Need a red lip that looks understatedly stylish? After that, go with a red lipstick or for that matter a cherry red lipstick or a brick red lipstick that has similar undertones as your skin. These should be your staple options for your everyday lipsticks. Now you have two options. If you need a red lip that truly pops, pick a lipstick with hints that are something contrary to your skin's. You might want to go with shades with the opposite undertone as yours to create a very eye-catching lipstick look. This is possible mostly with red lipsticks since they have a general boldness to them, no matter their base colors. All things considered, a young lady must have choices, isn't that so?

        • Skin tone-

        • Once you’ve figured out your undertone, you need to consider your skin tone as well. Anybody can wear any lipstick if they like a shade enough, irrespective of how much melanin they have. However certain shades have the power to wash out your skin, making it look drab and dull. On the other hand, some shades might be so bright for your skin that it looks unsavoury. If you have lighter skin, your everyday looks must include lighter corals and nude-red shades like rose or beige-pinks. If you want to create a bold look for parties, you can go with cherry red lipstick, warm maroons, and brownish reds. You should stay away from purple based colors since they tend to be too contrasting over a light skin. If you have tan or medium skin, you should go with muted cherry red lipstick, mauve reds, or even warmer corals. You should stay away from pinkish reds because they would definitely wash out your skin. If you want a pink, you need to choose one that has a little purple-ish hue for bright, contrasting looks. Dark blood-reds, chocolate tones, etc. also look quite good if you have a bold makeup to balance the lipstick out. For darker skin you should choose terracotta or brick red lipstick, warm oranges, and purple-based reds as your everyday looks. Bold maroons and deep red lipstick are your best friends while attending a party or at a night out.

        • Lip color-

        • Our lip color often differs from the color of our skin. The lip color of every person is different- people with lighter skin might often have darker lips and vice versa. The color of your lip would determine the lipstick color since it would change the way the lipstick looks while applied when compared to the way the lipstick looks in the tube. If you have a lighter and pinkish lip, the color would most likely mimic then one in the tube if it’s a light, nude color. But for darker colors, it might look darker because the base is so light. If you have darker lips, any dark color would appear darker. So you might want to pick a shade lighter than the one you want to create- for instance, a darker cherry red if you want a maroon. You might want to stay away from lighter shades and even if you want some, you would need an extremely pigmented lipstick. For lighter lipstick colors, choose red matte lipstick instead of crème based ones.

          If you follow this simple color theory, it would be much easier for you to choose a lipstick that would look absolutely gorgeous on you depending on the occasion.

          Find your signature red lipstick

          If you love red lipstick on you, you might want to have a signature shade of the best red lipstick. A shade that everybody recognises you from and one which would be best suited for your needs, no matter the time or occasion. If you follow the aforementioned rules, you will be able to pick the color of the lipstick pretty easily. However, now what matters is the finish or type of lipstick you want for your signature shade. Do you like unique completion? Matte? A liquid Matte? Lip Balm? Or then again perhaps the standard hydrating lipstick recipe? Settle on the completion you like, to limit the choices of red lipstick shades names.

          If this shade will be used by you only on special occasions, you might want to go with a lip gleam or gloss. These are shiny lipstick or lipsticks that will reflect light. A red lip gleam will make you look ethereal and they go best with a soft and dewy makeup look and white or pink dresses.

          If you want lipsticks for everyday use and are planning to wear them all day, it is obviously better to go with liquid lipsticks or matte lipsticks. These lipsticks tend to be more pigmented and long lasting and are rarely transferred or smudged. If you want a lipstick shade that is both beautiful and low-maintenance for your day-to-day use, a matte finish will be your best choice.

          However, if you tend to have drier lips or lips that tend to flake, a liquid or matte lipstick will be unsuitable for your daily use. With dry lips, there is a tendency for the pigment to stick to the cracks, lines, and loose skin of the lips and the lipstick cracks, defeating the purpose of a long-lasting formula. For people like you, a crème-based lipstick will be best suited. These lipsticks are the solid lipsticks and are more moisturising and hydrating than liquid matte lipsticks. They often contain special oils and wax that are specifically meant to provide moisture to the lips.

          If you live in a cold dry place, you would need a moisturising lipstick and a lip gloss, balm, or crème lipstick will suit your needs better. Make sure the product you are using has hydrating properties so that the makeup can be beneficial for your skin in such harsh weather. However, if you live in a hot and dry climate, wearing any of the aforementioned formulas is of little use since they will rub off due to sweat and liquid consumption. People in such areas need a signature matte, long lasting liquid to make sure there are no continuous patches being created in your look and you don’t have to reapply your lipstick every 10 minutes.

          Keeping these ideas in mind would mean you can easily find a few products of different shades of red lipsticks which can become your staple makeup item that you can wear everyday without getting bored.

          How to Apply Different Shades of Red Lipstick

          1. Prepare your lips with proper moisturizer.
          2. Set the base up with foundation and concealer.
          3. Line your lips with a red lip liner
          4. Apply your lipstick thoroughly
          5. Smudge your lipstick with a dry cotton pad to give it a blotted look and to absorb the excess stain.

          Fun Facts About Red Lipstick

          • As indicated by a review by the University of Manchester, men are fixated on deep red lipstick. Per the study, men gazed at red lips for an astounding 7.3 seconds versus the measly 2.2 seconds they took to see bare lips. In examination, pink lips got 6.7 seconds, making red the consideration grabber.
          • In 2017, the specialists on the TV show “The Doctors” inferred that the ideal bare lip conceal for you is the shade of your areolas. Ummm… great, we guess?
          • In 2015, the lipstick business saw a spike in dry matte liquid lipsticks which subside into the lip's barely recognizable differences and breaks. The reputation of Kylie Jenner's lip infusions, and the absence of perfection in the completion of these famous yet drying lipsticks prompted an expansion in the prevalence of lip fillers among magnificence powerhouses.
          • 'Temperament matcher' lipsticks became well known among little youngsters during the 1980s. These changed shading in view of the pH of your skin, and have now been created as very good quality recipes for grown-ups too.

          Do An Ombre Red Lip

          Stage 1

          Begin by saturating your lip region with a decent hydrating lip medicine. Assuming you have unpleasant and flaky lips, we prescribe applying a lip scrub before the utilisation of a lip balm to smoothen and relax the lips. After that, apply a light concealer all around your lips to conceal the haziness or any lip pigmentation that you might have. In the event that you have genuinely pink lips with next to no pigmentation, you can avoid this progression.

          Stage 2

          After that, take a bright and radiant red lip pencil, ideally in a matte recipe to characterise your lips. Begin by making more limited strokes from the top most lip region and totally covering your lips. Then, utilise a similar lip pencil and fill the upper lip region totally.

          Stage 3

          Take a Mac red lipstick and top it over the region where the liner was applied before. Utilise a flimsy lip brush to mix the lipliner and the lipstick uniformly for a perfect completion. Use the equivalent concealer, which was utilised in the initial step and begin filling just the middle lip region to light up it.

          Stage 4

          After it is done, use a tissue paper or cotton pad and smudge your lips delicately. This progression will eliminate the cruel edges and abundance lipstick from the lips.

          Stage 5

          Next, apply an extremely radiant orange lipstick over the focal point of your lips. This lipstick ought to be applied straight over the concealer, applied in the past advance. After that, apply a glossy lip balm to the focal point of your lips to add volume and full impact. Utilise a flimsy lip brush and mix the orange with the deep red lipstick gradually to eliminate any brutal edges.

          Stage 6

          And finally, apply a delicate champagne or highlighter eyeshadow to the lower focus of the lip. This progression is discretionary and on the off chance that you are not happy in adding more polish to the lips, then, at that point, you can skip it. Applying a shimmery equation to the lips will give a delicate featured look to the lips.

          And you are finished! You can undoubtedly change the shade of the lipsticks utilised in this cosmetic instructional exercise. In case, you utilise more grounded differentiating lipstick tones, like pink and purple, the ombre impact given will be more extraordinary and dynamic.

          Use Your Red lipstick as an Eyeshadow

          Many people prefer using lipstick as a substitute for eyeshadow. One of the main reasons behind this idea is that a crème or liquid lipstick pigment will be darker and more intense than any powder-based eyeshadow. If people are going for a bolder look, it is better to use lipstick instead of eyeshadow.

          Lipstick stays on longer than a normal eye-shadow since it subsides into the skin, so there's no requirement for an eye-shadow preliminary or primer as well but you can use it anyway to ensure that your makeup look stays intact even if you sweat or rub your eye.

          You can also create a makeup look on the go with this substitution. If you are running late or have to go to a party after work, you can just use the lipstick that you are already carrying as eye makeup and you can create a gorgeous look in no time. You can also create a makeup look on the go with this substitution. If you are running late or have to go to a party after work, you can just use the lipstick that you are already carrying as eye makeup and you can create a gorgeous look in not time.

          The best way to use lipstick as an eyeshadow is by taking a little bit of the pigment and applying it on the lid. Make sure you are already done with the base and have applied a base color and/or an upper lid color. The base color is the lighter shade of the color you are going to apply on the lids and should be applied throughout the lid and upper lid. This color helps blend the main lid color with the skin- for instance if you are using a deep red lipstick for the eye look, you would need a light application of pink or orange shade all over your eye. The application of the pigment should be in the middle of the lid. Take the flat brush as your applicator and apply the pigment by gently tapping on the skin. This tapping should be spread between the outer corner of your eyelid and an inch off the inner corner of the eye. Next take a blending brush and blend the pigment first towards the inner corner with single one-way strokes. Then you have to blend the outer corner and do so with circular motion and blend the crease into the upper lid. Blend the lipstick well to make sure that there are no harsh lines. Next you can apply eyeliner or even just mascara and you are done.

          If you do not have so much time, you can just take the pigment on your fingers and repeat the same process as that of the brush. To blend, use a clean finger instead of the one with pigment and you will mimic the makeup look of a professional even if you do it in your car.

          You can also use an angular brush dipped or rubbed in lipstick to create a red eyeliner look matching your deep red lipstick that would look great with a flowy red dress for an evening party. Just make sure you are taking enough pigment from the first go so that you won’t have to layer on the eyeliner.

          Go monochrome by wearing a radiant red shade on your lips and afterward smearing some on your eyes for the red lipstick eye makeup. Rub the tip of a finger straightforwardly on the lipstick slug and apply the item onto the top.

          Use Your Red lipstick as a Cheek Tint

          Red lipstick online are also a very popular substitute for blushes or cheek tint. Red is a go-to color for the cheeks, especially if someone thinks that they are looking a little pale or cold. Most times we do not notice such things while in a hurry but if people point out how we are “looking sick” or we have “lost color”, it might make you feel bad. The best way to fool these people and make ourselves feel better is by introducing a little color onto the cheeks. But very rarely do we carry a blush palette since they are bigger, however, lipsticks are a constant companion for most. You can use any shade of a red lipstick like, from pink to magenta as a check tint, of course, the intensity of application would differ for lighter or darker shades. If you have lighter skin, you might want to use pink or coral shades and with darker skin cherry reds or lighter maroons would suit you best. Any warmer orange and pink tones look best on medium or tan skin.It gives a characteristic looking tone to the cheek and can be utilised as a cheek stain as well. Apply red or pink lipstick daintily on your cheeks with your fingers and mix in with your fingers in an upwards movement or brush it out. Set it with a little fixing powder and you are all set.

          The best way to use lipstick as a blush is by taking a little bit of pigment on a finger and applying it on the apples of your cheek. If you do not know where to get the best result with a blush, smile- and the part of the check that rises is the most suitable place for the color. Tap the pigment on this area and blend it with gentle and single strokes into the hairline. You can repeat the process if you want a darker color and to lighten it, repeat the blending motion with a dry finger or cotton handkerchief over the applied area.

          If you think that a particular red lipstick looks too good as a blush and you want to permanently have it as a check tint, you can create a different product itself. To create such a product, you would need the concealer or foundation that you would normally use as base. Once you have this product in a separate container, you would need to mix the lipstick pigment with it. If you are using a liquid lipstick directly pour a few drops of the lipstick into the foundation but if you are using a crème lipstick, you would need to melt the solid lipstick. Cut a little bit of the lipstick from the top (about 1-2 inches) and melt it in a microwave. Start with 10 seconds and continue until it is completely liquid. Pour this into the foundation and mix with a toothpick. Customise the shade according to your requirement by adding either more foundation or more pigment to lighten or darken the product respectively. You can now use your favourite red lipstick as a check tint every day.

          Use Your Red lipstick as a Color corrector

          Red lipsticks very obviously has many uses since the amount of variety the different shades provide a huge color variety. It has been recently discovered by some professional beauty professionals that red lipsticks can be used as a color corrector as well.

          A color corrector is a product used as a base makeup product at the same time as a concealer or even before. A color corrector helps cancel out redness or blue or purplish tones. These tones are present and visible on most people but sometimes they are very apparent and visible on few specific people on whom this underlying hur is quite strong. Due to the intensity, the color cannot be subdued even after the concealer. A similar hue is present in your dark circles and sometimes they are so apparent that various layers of concealer and foundation cannot suppress it. However, we cannot apply too many layers of these items since they can make the makeup look cakey and fake. This is where a color corrector helps. They are a little pigmented and used to reverse the shade of pigmentation so that the end result is close to the natural skin color.

          A red lipstick helps so much in this process since they are extremely pigmented and intense. A red lipstick can cancel out the blue or purplish tones that appear in our eye bags or on pigmentation like acne spots or dark spots.

          It is quite easy to use a red lipstick as a color corrector if you follow these simple steps.

          • First you would need to do your natural akin care routine with proper moisturising and sun protection.
          • Create a strong base with a proper primer since you would need a smooth canvas as your face for this hack to work properly.
          • Take a red lipstick and swipe it in this even strokes under the eye- 2 or 3 lines should do the trick. If you have other dark spots which appear purple or blue, apply the red on them as dots.
          • You'd want to choose red colors close to your skin's underlying color. This means light skinned peoe should use pinkish reds and lighter, cooler reds. People with medium skin tones should go with corals or similar warm orange and yellowish red colors. If you have dark skin you will need colors like burgandy, berry, and cherry red colors.
          • Give the lipstick a little time to dry and absorp into the skin. After about two minutes blend the lipstick out properly with a beauty blender so that a faded hue is left behind without any harsh lines.
          • Next you'd want to apply your concealer over the same places as the red and blend thoroughly.
          • You'll notice that as you build up your makeup with foundation, powder, blush, eyes, lipstick, etc. you'd notice that the red is completely invisible but the dark shadow of eye bags has also vanished.

          Since red lipsticks are so easily available, most people tend to prefer using them instead of color correctors. Dedicated color correctors are difficult to find and even if you do they are mostly available in pallettes. This is a waste since you'd never use most of the other colors present.

          It is much better to use creme based lipsticks as color correctors since they are easily blendable and would mix with the other layers of the makeup properly. They are so not too pigmented that they would be visible from beneath the other layers which can happen with a liquid red lipstick.

          If you want to use a color corrector regularly, you can always make one with your favorite lipstick. Choose the correct lipstick shade that would suit you and cut off a little bit from the top. Microwave this part until it's melted. Mix this melted lipstick with a little bit of foundation or concealer. Make sure that the hue is strong enough that the color correction works instead of it looking like a blush. If it's too light you can add more the same way.

          Liquid lipsticks are quite long lasting, not only on the lips but also in their packaging tubes. If you are storing liquid lipsticks the way they are meant to, the lipstick would rarely dry out within their expiry date. The one thing that is a must to keep a liquid lipstick intact is using it regularly. When the wand is dipped into the lipstick regularly, the pigments mix well with the emulsifiers and solvents, making sure that they do not separate and hence do not dry. The pigments also sometimes absorb the oil or the oil evaporates when the tube is not tightly shut. Lipsticks dry out when only the pigments are left behind, without the needed viscosity of the liquid components to mix into the pigment and be suitable for application. Whatever the reason may be, even if your favorite liquid lipstick has dried out, not all hope is lost. There are certain ways which can revive your old liquid lipstick. The elements you might need are mostly available around the house and it’s quite easy to make sure you use up the whole lipstick and get your money’s worth out of it.

          • Warm water-

          Before you start applying different products into your lipsticks to liquidate it more, you should first see if there is enough dried oil components inside the oil already. Checking this is very easy and you wouldn’t have to put into the effort of adding extra things when it’s not necessary.

          To check this, you would just need a bowl of warm water. Take a bowl full off water and microwave it for about 2-3 minutes. Take it out carefully and put the lipstick inside the bowl. Do make sure to take a bowl that is big enough that the portion of the tube containing the product can be completely submerged. Keep the lipstick inside the water until the water gets cold. Repeat this process for about 2-3 more times. The heat helps the dried-up oil that has been absorbed into the pigments melt as the pigment particles come loose and separate from each other. If this hack works, you will find a richer and more intense color coming out of your liquid lipstick. The thick liquid will not be easily appliable.

          If this hack doesn’t work and your lipstick is still dry, you would maybe want to read on to know what else you can do revive your dead liquid lipstick.

          • Oil-

          Oil is a great way of to rehydrate your dried out lipsticks. Oils have natural moisturising properties that are great for your skin. However, you can only use those oils that are suitable for using on skin. These oils would normally include coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc. These oils are very easily available around the house but if you need to buy them, they are quite cheap.

          To use the oil for your lipstick all you need to do is put at least 7-8 drops of extra virgin or organic coconut oil or olive oil into the tube and mix it properly. You should shake the tube very well and mix it around with the lipstick wand as well. Now you should keep the lipstick aside for about 2-3 days in a cool and dry place so that the pigment can be properly absorbed into the oil. If you are worried about the smell of the oil or generally don’t like it, you can also add a few drops of essential oil like rose, lavender, sandalwood essences to improve the scent of the lipstick.

          Oil with its natural hydrating property will make your liquid lipstick even better for your lips whenever used.

          • Aloe vera-

          Aloe vera is an extremely hydrating and nourishing plant extract which really great for the skin. You do not however have to take it out of the plant since there are aloe vera gels widely available in the market.

          You can scoop out about half a teaspoon of aloe vera gel and put it inside the lipstick. Shake it well and keep it aside for about 2 days. When you will apply again, shake it again and mix it around with the applicator. You will find that the semi solid aloe vera has mixed with the dried pigments and made it liquid again so that it can be easily applied again. If you see that the liquid lipstick is a little thick, you can repeat the same process again till you find the consistency that you like.

          The lipstick you will add aloe vera to will be the best liquid lipstick to carry around in your purse. You will not need any nourishing product like a lip balm before applying this lipstick since the aloe vera will be moisturising enough. If you have problems with dry lips, especially with matte lipsticks, this little addition of aloe vera gel would solve it completely.

          • Petroleum jelly-

          Petroleum jelly is somehow a fix for a lot of things and dry lipsticks are one of them. Petroleum jelly are the most common product which is easily found in our homes and quite cheap at the store. You can add petroleum jelly to your dry liquid lipsticks and see how quickly it gets better.

          Scoop out about a full teaspoon of petroleum jelly and pour it inside the liquid lipstick tube. Shake it vigorously and make sure the petroleum jelly it coating the whole tube from the inside. Keep it aside for a few days and when you try to use the liquid, make sure you mix the product around with the wand.

          Take enough pigment on the applicator and apply it thoroughly. You will instantly notice that the dried and thick liquid has turned into a smooth liquid lipstick that can be put on very easily and without any issues.

          The addition of petroleum jelly will also help make the lips soft whenever the lipstick is applied. However, if you are adding it to a completely matte lipstick, there is a small chance that when the lipstick dries, it will not be as matte as it used to be. It will however still be as long lasting as is expected from a liquid lipstick.

          • Duraline-

          Duraline is a product by a company called Inglot which has recently become a popular favorite in the beauty community. The product is often described as a medium for mixing substances. It looks like a thick oil or serum and is completely colorless and odourless. It dries matte and is available in a small bottle for a pretty cheap price. This product can be used to revive any beauty products that may dry out like eyeliner, mascara, brow pomade, pressed foundation powder, etc. This list also contains liquid lipstick.

          You would need not more than 1-2 drops of the product. Pour it into the liquid lipstick with the dropper provided in the bottle. You need to mix the product well and give it about half a day to work its magic. You can check the lipstick and if the consistency is too thick, apply about 1-2 drops more. This magical mixing agent would make your dry and old lipstick as good as new.

          It is better to use Duraline than any unnatural product like alcohol since it doesn’t ruin the formula of the lipstick. It is also completely safe and easily available online. This product is a great addition to be kept in the makeup bags of any makeup lover to make sure you use up all your beloved products to its last drop.

          Any one of these quick and easy hacks are enough to make sure your dry liquid lipstick is usable again. You can choose to use any one of these products to fix your problem or try them all to settle for the one you like the most for the future.

          How to remove lipstick

          1. Cotton pads and warm water can be the ideal trick. Immerse a cotton pad in the warm water and use circular motion to wipe the lipstick off. As the tint transfers to the pad, use another clean cotton pad to clean it off completely.
          2. You can try massaging petroleum jelly on your lips to get rid of long lasting lip products. Vaseline or other brands of jelly will liquefy even the most obstinate lip stains. Use your fingertips to dab and rub some petroleum jelly on your lip and allow it to sit somewhere in the range of 1 and 5 minutes. Clean your lips off with a cotton pad dipped in warm water.
          3. You can start by applying a clear lip balm on dry lip colours to keep your lips hydrated. This will make removing your lipstick much easier at the end of the day. Now when it’s time, message a few drops of olive oil or almond oil or even coconut oil on your lips and let it rest for 1 to 2mins. After that use a cotton pad to wipe it off in a circular motion.
          4. Remember to hydrate your lips normally with almond, olive, or coconut oil. Massage 3 to 4 drops of any of these oils onto your lips and allow the oil to sit for 2 minutes which will melt the tint away. Then, at that point, wipe your lips in a circular movement with a wet cotton pad to remove the oil and lip tone.
          5. You can also use over the counter makeup removers to remove your lipsticks. Lipstick removers arrive in an assortment of styles, including creme, liquids, oil, and gel. Each works in a somewhat unique manner, however taking everything into account, you can apply the item to your lips, let it absorb, and afterward wipe it away with a cotton cushion.

          Removing makeup with the products is not enough and you have to clear out your pores. Always wash your face after removing makeup, especially when using an intense pigment like red lipstick. Dermatologists generally suggest double cleansing once with an oil cleansor for oil based pollutants and then a gentle cleanser for water based pollutants.

          Once you have removed your lipstick you have to make sure you hydrate your lips properly. If you had applied a drying lipstick and are observing some flaky skin you can exfoliate the lips with a gentle lip scrub. Use a hydrating serum or lip mask and the apply your regilar balm before falling asleep.

          Common mistakes made with red lipstick

          A red lipstick is a dark and intense color. Even though they look great because of this property, it also makes the wearer susceptible to making more mistakes. If you are unaware of what exactly you should be doing with your lipstick, the smallest of misshapes will tend to be more visible or noticeable to others. If you know what the most common mistakes people tend to make, you can start being careful about them. 

        • Choosing the wrong color-
        • Every person has atleast one red shade that they can call their own. Thinking that red is not your color because somebody had said that it looks too bright on tan skin or that it highlights the flushed cheeks and makes your face look too red are completely ridiculous notions. If you choose a red color taking into account all the personal uniqueness of your face and the occasion for which you're dressing up you will find a tpn of different red colors that will make you look gorgeously bold. There are obviously times when you want to look too flushed or bright and a great red shade would be your best friend in that scenario. As long as you love how you look and are confident in it, nobody can tell you how to feel about your fierce fiery lips.

        • Missing lip liner-
        • Creating a proper structure of your lips so that your red lipstick can shine through properly is very important. Many people tend not to line their lips, especially when using darker lipsticks, thinking it's not necessary. That cannot be more far than the truth. A lip liner is supposed to make sure you "color within the lines" with your lipsticks. Or a lip liner would ensure that your lip color stays within the borders of your lips. If it doesn't and you overline your lips it can be difficult to remove the color from the skin. If you are in a hurry, you wouldn't have the time to follow the lengthy steps necessary to remove thin streaks of lipsticks from around your lips. And if you do not, it can be very noticeable to the eye when using a bright color. Even when you do follow the steps of cleaning the smudges correctly, there's a chance that a hint of a lighter tint of the color is left behind, which happens a lot with matte lipsticks. This is too much headache and it's just better to line the lips than go through so much hassle. It takes considerably less time to do so and you can create dynamic looks by switching up the liner colors.

        • Wrong application-
        • The application of lipstick is quite important and not many of us know the proper way to do it. Generally, people just rub the lipstick onto their lips but that is not the best or correct way to deposit the pigment of a lipstick. It will be better if you apply lipstick with a brush. Take enough product on the brush and tap the pigment onto the lips. Once this layer is dry, brush it out with another layer of pigment to blend it together. Many people also make the mistake of applying only one layer of lipstick. If you are using any formula apart from liquid lipstick it is quite essential that you apply layers so that the lipstick subsides into your lips and the intensity and true color of the red lipstick shines through. Correct application and layering of lipsticks will ensure that your lipstick is completely opaque which is exactly what you want while choosing a darkly pigmented color like red.

        • Not cleaning edges-
        • If you want a sharp and clean look for your bold lips, you should always clean the edges of your lipstick. Even after being very careful with the application of lipstick, we always notice that a little bit might bleed through anyway. This might look a little messy if you're trying to create a makeup look that is professional. This mess is not very noticeable while wearing nude lips or lighter lip shades but if you are applying a dark red pigment, it catches the eye of people. To avoid such scrutiny and waste time trying to minutely remove the messy areas it is better to just clean up the surrounding areas. The best way of cleaning up and introducing a sharp contrast between your lips and the skin, you can use a proper concealer or foundation. Take your usual tone of the concealer on an angled brush. Carefully outline the lips from the outside and then blend it out to avoid harsh lines with a beauty blender. Apply a little bit of setting powder to avoid oil or shine and you are all set. 

        • Be prepared-
        • You should always be prepared for lipstick mishaps wherever you go. Depending on the plans or what you are going to do for the day this preparation will vary. If you are going out to dinner, or a party there is a higher chance of your lipstick rubbing off from coming in contact with liquids or sweating through them. The same happens if you are at work all day because you have to eat and drink there too. In these cases, if you are trying to avoid blotchy lipstick looks, always carry a lip balm, the lipstick, and a translucent powder in a small container. You do not really have to carry brushes if you do not have space. Just apply the lipstick directly and put the powder on with a cotton handkerchief that you probably already have. However, if you are going on a casual day out with friends or shopping, you may not need all these things and just the lipstick and lip balm will suffice. Whatever the case may be, one thing is a must- you should always carry the lipstick that you are wearing with you wherever you go for the day.

          Being completely aware of these very common mistakes would make sure that you do not repeat them on a regular basis. These are tips that pros have figured out from years of trial and error and they are great for beginners. Nobody would know or will be able to detect your lack of knowledge if you do not make rookie mistakes. 

          Red lipstick makeup looks for different Occasions

          There can exist hundreds of different shades of lipsticks and out of them you have picked out the ones that suit you the most. That is however not enough, you also have to know when and where to use them. You can make or break a makeup look by just using lipstick. Knowing and understanding which shade of lipstick to pair with what look is very important. A shade of lipstick and the makeup look as a whole has to be suitable for the occasion. Here are the few basic makeup looks for a few different occasions that will help you understand the role of the lipstick shade in the makeup. If you are a beginner, you can follow these tips as a guide and it will help you choose the perfect lipstick that will enhance each of your makeup looks.

          • Work- For work, you would want a muted look which is clean and professional. Since you have to be at work for almost all day, you would also want your work makeup to be light and comfortable. Any heavy makeup items are not ideal in this situation but that doesn’t mean you cannot utilize your red lipsticks here. You just have to pick one that goes well with your makeup and/or your outfit.

          You would want to start with your regular morning skin care that must include moisturizer and sunscreen with 30+ SPF. Do not skip sunscreen on your lips either like many people tend to do- your lips need protection from the UV rays as well.

          You would want to start your makeup with a good primer. Primers help in covering the pores of our face providing a smoother and clearer surface on which makeup can be applied. It also helps stay the makeup on longer which is needed for an all-day makeup look. Use your concealer below the eyes, on the T-zone, and on blemishes like dark spots and acne. To shape your face, it is better to use a contour stick or liquid contour instead of a bronzer. Sculpt your face by applying slightly below the cheekbone, jawline, sides of the nose, and near the hairline on the forehead and blend the two products thoroughly to avoid any harsh lines. Next, you’d want to lightly apply your favorite foundation and set it with a translucent powder. Once your base is done, it’s better to choose the lipstick you’ll apply because that will determine the colors of the rest of the makeup. Choose a lighter shade of red if you want to have a light makeup look- pinks and corals for light skin tone, orange and brick reds for medium, and brownish or cherry reds for darker skin tones. However, if you want the lipstick to pop against the muted face you’d better go with darker shades of the corresponding colors. Do not deviate from the colors for your lipstick since it wouldn’t suit the rest of the makeup and look a little out of place. Put a little bit of blush on the apples of your cheeks to add a little color to your face. Add a great wing liner and a little mascara and you are done for your office look. Do remember to apply setting spray so that the makeup look can stay on for the longest time possible.

          • Date- For a date, you can go with a soft and glowy look that will make you look ethereal. Any romantic look deserves a softness and brightness and this makeup look will help you with that.

          The first step is definitely primer but to start the glow from deep within, you can mix your primer with a little bit of highlighter, preferable liquid. Take a little bit of primer on the back of your palm and squeeze two drops of highlighter on it and mix thoroughly with your finger. If you do not have liquid highlighter and scrape off a small amount of powder highlighter and mix with the primer. Apply this mixture thoroughly and you will immediately notice the difference. Do your base with concealer and foundation. You can shape your face at the base level but for a date you’d want your face to look a little more angled and so a bronzer is preferred. Take your regular bronzer which should be a little darker than your skin tone and apply with a fluffy brush below the cheekbones, below the jawline, sides of the nose, and on the forehead close to the hairline. Make sure to blend quite well with swift one-way motions. Next, you’d want a good setting powder but set your base properly.

          Apply a soft pinkish or peach toned blush on the apples of your cheeks. Instead of using matte blushes, you can also pick the blushes in your palette which have small flecks of sparkle or glitter in them. Next comes the highlighter which is a pretty important part of this soft look. Take a pink toned or rose-gold highlighter and apply it on your cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose, especially on the tips.

          With this look you’d want to create a monochrome look so now comes the time to choose your lip color. Soft pinkish colors are your best friend here. Pick cool pinks and warmer nude colors for lighter skin tone, brick reds or mauve tones for medium skin, and cherry reds and purple reds for darker skin. Once you have chosen the color, you’d need to create an eye look that matches the tone. Apply a lighter base color and go with a similar eyeshadow color as the lipstick for your lids. You can again apply a transparent glitter lightly but you’ll be okay without it too. You can add a cat eye to the look but a voluminous mascara will suffice just fine.

          Once done with the eyes, apply the lipstick you have chosen. It is better to use a crème lipstick for this look because on your lipstick you’ll apply a lip gloss. You can choose whatever lip gloss you want but the transparent ones with small iridescent flakes will be the best choice here. Now take the highlighter you applied earlier and apply it on your cupid’s bow. Use a setting spray and you are done with your soft and romantic look.

          •       Casual-

          There are times when we aren’t going anywhere special or specific. Hanging out with friends, shopping, going to get coffee or snacks at your local café are these casual plans. The beauty of these plans is that you can wear and look like anything you want for the most part. You know that everybody will be a little dressed up but you also don’t want to overdo it. In such scenarios, being minimalistic is the perfect way to go.

          Since it is for a shorter period of time you wouldn’t need too heavy of a base and can easily skip primer. After doing your normal skincare, you can just apply concealer to hide your eye bags and other blemishes if necessary and blend properly with your skin. You can sculpt your face if you want to but be sure to be very light handed with your contour or matte bronzer. Next apply setting powder throughout. It is better to not skip the powder since its function is not just to keep the base tightly sealed but to also make sure you don’t sweat too much by filling in your pores. This base will be sufficient for the few hours that you will be out.

          Next, you can choose the red lip color. For minimalist makeup its best to stick with with the nude-reds or shades that are a little warmer than your skin. However, since you are going for a nearly bare face look, you can also choose a shade that is a little darker than these shades so that they pop. Maroons on a lighter skin, browns on medium skin, and dark purples on darker skin are these bright shades that will add a great contrast to your makeup look. Generally, the lighter colors are chosen for day plans and the darker colors will look better if going out in the evening or night but you can reverse it as well according to the plan.

          If you are choosing the natural reddish tones, you can use the same tones as an eyelid color or cheek tint. If you do not know how, you can follow the instructions given above. If not, go for the most natural blush tones, just to add a little color to your face and help it not look completely pale. You can do an eye color too but if you can do a great wing, stick to that and a little mascara either way.

          If you are choosing the lighter shades for the plan, apply transparent gloss or balm to add a little bit of shine. The darker colors can stay matte but they would also look good with an added shine.

          •       Party-

          At a party, you are expected to and would also inadvertently want to be the most glamorously dressed and the makeup should match the atmosphere as well. Here you can play around the most with your look. With heavy makeup for parties the lipstick color would depend a lot on the eye look that you would be choosing but before all that, you’d need a proper base. For a party look you’d definitely need a good primer so that your skin can comfortably take on all the makeup products that are going to come after. However, if you are creating a shiny look, you can use the glowy primer hack by mixing it with highlighter here as well. Then you can apply your concealer under the eyes in an inverted ‘V’ formation, on your jaw bone, your temple, and on the bridge of your nose. Apply your contour liquid or stick in straight lines in between the two contour lines on the cheek, below your jawbone and neck, on the sides of your nose, and near the hairline of your forehead. Blend these two products properly in their respective areas, making sure there are no harsh lines. Next you would want to set your base properly with a translucent powder. If you want a heavy makeup, you can also apply bronzer on the same places as the contour but it is not a must. Next comes the blush and you should apply a color that is darker than the blush tone that looks natural on you. If peach shades are your casual blush tones, you might want to go with cooler oranges- following this theory is the most full-proof way of making sure your blush is not too bright which often makes your face look kind of fake.

          Once you are mostly done with the face makeup, you’d want to choose the eyemakeup. If you are doing a smokey eye with a black dress, you’d want to pair that with lighter red shades so that the eye shines through. If the plan is for a cut-crease look with red or pink metallic shadow to match a red cocktail dress, go for a dark red like maroon or red with brownish tones. You might want to match the crease color with your lipstick which brings a little uniformity. If the party has a dinner or drinks plan, you might want to stick with matte shades but if not, you can play around with different sparkly glitter-both transparent or colored over the lipstick. Always apply eyeliner at a party because you’d want your eyes to look big. If your makeup look has colors where a black eyeliner will not pop, you should line the waterline with black kohl subtly. You can apply false lashes if you are comfortable with them and apply mascara over it or on your natural lashes. Apply a bright highlighter like gold or silver tones on your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and tip, and on your cupid’s bow.

          Whatever lipstick you choose at any of these events, always make sure you carry the lipstick with you, especially when using solid lipstick or glosses over the lipstick.

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          Taking care of your lips and looking good are both important. So why waste money on chemical products? You must choose from our wide selection of chemical-free and high-quality matte or liquid lipsticks and end your search for the best lipstick here. 

          Frequently Asked Questions about Red Lipstick

          How do I know which red lipstick is right for me?

          Since there are so many shades of red out there, it can be confusing to know which mac red lipstick will look the best on you. But if you carefully understand your skin tone and what suits you best according to the warmth and color of your skin, finding the perfect shades aren't difficult at all. However whenever you are shopping for lipstick, always make sure to swatch it on the inside of your wrists. The color that is visible in the tube is not always the color that shows up on skin. This is obviously due to the variance in skin tone and how the color reacts or pops on it. But it is also because in the tube, the pigment is quite tightly packed which makes it appear darker or more intense but when applied, the pigment disperses, completely changing the color. When swatched, the warm, cold, or neutral undertones also shine through, making it easier to understand the color. So to know if a red shade of lipstick will suit you, always test it out on your hands and judge them for yourself.

          How does red lipstick make you feel?

          Makeup has been and still is a very important tool used for looking and feeling more confident. A good makeup look changes the way we feel in a day which also changes others' perception of us as we walk out into the world. With the long and fierce history associated with red lipstick, it is not a surprise that they change the way we look at ourselves as soon as we have them on. Red lipstick is supposed to make us feel bold and empowered. It looks absolutely gorgeous and striking and gives each one a unique look and we know it.

          Can I wear red lipstick with thin lips?

          The beauty of a great red lipstick is that it makes our lips pop out. This is why if you think you have thin lips, pigmented deep red lipstick will always look good on you. However, if you are too worried, you can slightly overline your lips with your lip liner. Make sure that you go very slightly away from the natural border of your lips and make sure to mimic the shape of your lips completely. Do not overline on the sides since overlining only looks good or convincing when done in the middle of your upper and lower lips. Blend the line with your natural lips and you do not need to be conscious anymore about the shape and size of the lips.

          Does red lipstick make teeth look yellow?

          The color of the lipstick will never determine whether your lips look whiter or yellow. That would depend on the undertones of the lipstick you are using. If you are worried that your lips might look too yellow, you should stay away from lipsticks with warm undertones- these would include coral and orange shades. You should stick to red lipsticks that have blue undertones. Any cooler pinks, purplish reds, and mauve tones will help make your teeth appear whiter by providing contrast and cancelling out the yellow tint.

          How do I know if my red lipstick has blue undertones?

          If a red lipstick has blue undertones, it will appear cool. You would be able to notice that it looks less like orange and more like a darker pink. Lipstick with blue undertones also often appears purple on light skin tones. To be absolutely sure, you can swatch the lipstick on a thin tissue paper and you will immediately notice the difference in the pigment. A red lipstick with blue undertone looks great on people with very warm skin as well as on medium or olive skin tone since it provides the perfect contrast required by your lips to appear bright and distinct from the rest of the face.

          Can you wear red lipstick casually?

          Red lipstick is a versatile shade that may be worn at any time of day or for any occasion. It goes with anything and everything, from casual to fancy. So, certainly, it can be applied casually too.

          How do you properly apply red shade lipstick?

          To keep your lips from becoming patchy, start with the lip balm. Following that, apply a lip liner in the same colour family. Finally, apply red lipstick to your lips and fill them in to make them appear plumper.

          Red lipsticks are extremely variated and have a beautiful shade. You need a shade of red for each occasion and once you start picking each one, you'll see how easily they invade your lipstick collection. The versatility of red lipsticks and their ability to imbibe a genuine surge of confidence and fierceness in their wearers is the basic reason behind their immense popularity. Once you know and understand each hack and tip mentioned above, wearing red lipstick becomes extremely easy. Choose the best red lipsticks of different textures and finishes and claim the world as your own. 

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