Strobe Cream


      Buy hydrating strobe cream online for a Dewy Makeup look

      Want a dewy, glass-skin-like makeup look? A hydrating strobe cream is what you need for that natural-looking, radiant makeup. Strobe creams give a subtle lit-from-within glow that makes your makeup look dewy. The perfect strobe cream for Indian skin illuminates the skin and makes your no-makeup makeup look brighter and better. Get strobe cream online and enjoy the much-loved dewy makeup look sported by all your favourite Bollywood stars.

      Faces Canada Strobe Cream gives an instant luxurious illumination to your skin and makes your makeup appear flawless and radiant.

      Difference between Strobe Cream and Highlighter

      Are you wondering if an illuminating strobe cream and a highlighter are similar since they almost serve the same purpose? Well the almost is pretty big here. Unlike most highlighters which impart an unrealistic shimmery sheen, an illuminating strobe cream provides a subtle, glow-from-within look. The idea of using strobe cream for oily skin is not to make the skin look even shinier. A strobe cream is used to boost the glow in dull-looking skin. You can use a strobe cream before applying foundation for that irresistible dewy base.

      What are the Benefits of strobe cream?

      Strobe creams are known to give an instant glow and freshness to your skin. Let us take a look at the benefits of using strobe cream in your makeup.

      Provides Radiance on Skin

      Faces Canada Strobe Cream with skin brightening particles gives an instant radiance to your skin. The nanoparticles reflect light and give that dewy look to the skin.

      Hydrates the Skin

      This strobe cream has a unique formulation that is enriched with hyaluronic acid and shea butter. These are highly hydrating ingredients that keep the skin hydrated and moisturised.

      Improves Skin Clarity

      Get a strobe cream online to improve your skin’s texture and clarity. A strobe cream can make your skin appear smooth and flawless.

      For the Lazy Makeup Days

      Faces Canada Strobe Cream is the perfect product for your lazy makeup days when you don’t want to do too many things yet don’t want your skin to look dull or tired. Just apply the strobe cream and pair it with some kohl and lip gloss and you can get a dewy look just like that. 

      It’s a product that multitasks

      We all love a makeup product that multitasks, right? A strobe cream is like a highlighter, primer, and moisturiser all in one.

      Suits all Skin Types

      Faces Canada Strobe Cream is the perfect base makeup product for anyone with oily skin or sensitive skin who doesn’t want to layer on various products. Apply it on the high areas on your face and get the glowing look.

      Strobe cream uses

      Strobing has been a popular makeup trend lately. It is very popular worldwide because it can create a natural dewy look. Strobe creams typically contain light-reflecting particles which reflect light, making the skin appear radiant and luminous.

      How to use strobe cream in winter?

      Winter dryness affects everyone. One of the best strobe cream for indian skin is to add moisturiser. The Faces Canada Strobe Cream is hydrating in itself, but the winter weather requires more moisture for your skin. Add a pea size amount of the Faces Canada Strobe Cream to your favourite face moisturiser and apply on your skin for a dewy natural finish.

      How to use strobe cream in summer?

      Summer heat, on the contrary can make your skin appear oily, dull and tanned. But this strobe cream for oily skin will help you. You can add strobe cream to highlight specific areas of the face, such as the cheekbones or bridge of the nose after you have applied your sunscreen. Apply only small amounts of the product and use light hands for application so that the skin doesn’t look greasy.

      The Best strobe cream for Indian skin tones

      Get the best strobe cream for Indian skin online because it is a versatile product. If you are concerned whether a strobe cream will suit the Indian skin tone or not, let us clear that for you. Faces Canada Strobe Cream is available in two different shades that you can choose based on your skin tone. If you have fair to moderate skin tone use the Silver Strobe skin.

      And if you have wheatish to dusky skin tone you can go for the Rose Gold strobe cream Faces Canada it is best strobe cream for Indian skin. For the best strobe cream in India, choose Faces Canada.

      Strobe cream for different skin types

      Strobe creams are a multi-benefit wonder that can be used as a moisturizer, highlighter and day cream all at once. This is a perfect strobe cream for oily skin because it is alcohol free. Faces Canada Strobe Cream is also the perfect strobe cream for sensitive skin because it contains no harmful chemicals or preservatives like paraben. This strobe cream for oily skin is vegan and cruelty-free.

      Tips and Hacks: Ways to use a Strobe Cream

      We told you earlier, how versatile this product is. Let’s take a look at various ways you can use a strobe cream.

      Mix with your foundation for a dewy base

      Add a small amount of Faces Canada strobe cream with your favourite foundation for an evenly blended dewy look. Strobe cream when added to foundation gives a luminous finish and makes your skin look fresh.

      Layer it under your blush

      Instead of a shiny highlighter, use a strobe cream under your blush for a natural shine and a bright pop of colour. It will add a dewy rosy glow to your cheeks.

      Use on the inner corners of the eyes

      Want to make your eyes look brighter and awakened? Use a tony dot of the Faces Canada strobe cream in the inner corners of the eyes after you have used eye shadow to look more awake. It is also one of the best ways to turn a day look to a shiny and bright evening makeup look. 

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      Things to consider before buying strobe cream online

      Buying strobe cream online is easy because we deliver high-quality products directly to your doorstep. Here are fa ew things to keep in mind while ordering strobe cream online.

      • Choose chemical-free strobe cream
      • It is better to buy from a reputed brand
      • Choose a vegan beauty product that is cruelty-free
      • Get a strobe cream that is free of chemicals and preservatives like paraben or sulphate


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      We understand how important it is for you to look beautiful and radiating every day. That is why we keep in mind to make our products free of any nasties and harmful chemicals like paraben or mineral oils. All our makeup products are vegan and cruelty-free. Buy the best strobe cream in India online only at Faces Canada.



      Can we use strobe cream daily?

      Faces Canada strobe cream is a safe makeup product and can be used daily. Use only small quantities and use a light hand for application.

      Can strobe cream be used alone?

      This strobe cream can be used alone along with some kajal and lip gloss. You can also mix this strobe cream for sensitive skin with moisturiser or foundation for a dewy look.

      Can strobe cream be used as a moisturizer?

      This is a makeup product that multitasks. You can use it as a moisturiser since it is enriched with hyaluronic acid and shea butter. Make little dots on the face and apply this strobe cream.

      Can we use strobe cream after primer?

      It is better to use a strobe cream after a primer and before applying foundation. You can also mix the strobe cream with the foundation and apply it after primer. This way it lasts long on the skin.

      Is strobe cream the same as a highlighter?

      No, strobe cream is not same as a highlighter. A highlighter is used after doing the makeup on highpoints of the face to reflect light and make it appear shiny. However, a strobe cream is used in the beginning to give a dewy look to the skin.

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