Eye Makeup Combo


      These makeup combos are for your eyes only! Select from these awesome eye makeup combos to get all eyes on you. Get gorgeous eyes with the colored kajal combo, eyeliner & mascara combos, eyeshadow & brush, and a lot more to choose from!

      Eye makeup is a vital part of makeup. Because the better the eye makeup, the more stunning you will look. But, poor eye makeup can spoil your whole look. That's why it is very significant to have great eye makeup for a flawless look & for this, we use eyeliner, kajal, mascara, and eyeshadow, and sometimes eyeliner and mascara combo.

      If you are going to do eye makeup for the first time, then you have to take particular care of some things. Eye makeup looks decent only when you know the right method of makeup. If you are doing eye makeup for the first time, then our tips will be very handy for you.

      But, it is not possible to have flawless eye makeup each time. Because doing eye makeup is not simple, especially for women who are doing eye makeup for the first time. But now it will not occur because today we are taking some step-by-step eye makeup tips for you, following which you will never miss doing eye makeup.

      Apply tape before applying eye makeup

      Applying eyeshadow to the eyes is not a cakewalk. Mainly, for women who are going to apply eyeshadow for the first time. If you are also one of those ladies who do not know how to apply eyeshadow, then you can utilize the scotch tape. Because this tap can provide you with a flawless eyeshadow look. For this, just tap on the angle on the outer edge of your eyes & apply eyeshadow according to this shape. This will give a flawless look to your eyes & your eyeshadow will also be applied effortlessly.

      Use Eye Primer

      To do eye makeup, it is most significant that you constantly use an eye primer. Because eye primer works to make your eye makeup last longer. Eye primer also assists in creating a smooth base for the makeup to glide on easily. So first apply a little eye primer & let it dry. Then use an eyeshadow base after that to get an excellent base to settle your shadows if you don't have an eye shadow base. So you can also apply foundation, compact or concealer, and eyeshadow palette combo.

       Choose the right brush

      The most significant thing for applying eyeshadow on the eyes or blending the shade is the eye brush. Because if you desire to have flawless eye makeup, then you should know about the right eye brush. Some girls use a similar brush to do eye makeup. But it is wrong to do this as women apply many shades of color at once, so they have to wash the brush again & again.

      Also, several women apply eyeshadow with their fingers at the start. But for a specialized and classy look, use only a decent eye brush. Also, blend it on the creases with a blending brush. If it is not blended well, then after a while it will start to look terrible.

      Choose the light shade

      After you have applied the primer to the eyes, now you have to pick the eyeshadow to do the eye makeup. But it would be very good if you select a lighter shade. Because several women apply eyeshadow correctly in the beginning, but still cannot get a flawless look as they should. This is because in the start many women use a dark shade, which does not look decent on their face. That's why you use light and modest eyeshadow at the start. Also, you should also take care of the color blend of the eyeshadow with the shade & do not do more sophisticated eye makeup.

      Apply liner or kajal

      When you have eyeshadow on your eyes, now apply liner, mascara & mascara to your eyes. This will give a flawless look to your eyes. Although it is not essential to apply liner, kajal, and mascara as you can do different types of eye makeup without it, it is better that you apply liner & kajal on your eyes. If you need it, you can also use a colorful liner or eyeliner mascara combo.

      After following all steps, you give the final look to your eyes i.e. touch up. If your shade is bulging from somewhere or the liner is not applied correctly, then you must fix it. After this, apply contouring or eye blusher to your eyes & lash line.

      Eye Makeup According To Eye Shape

      Seeing Kareena's Smokey Eyes, you should have thought of giving it a try. This look might look good on you but it is not required that it will look good on everybody. What we mean to say is that before accepting any look or eye makeup trend, you must know the natural eye shape of your eyes. If you know this, then you will be capable of applying Eye Shadow and Eyeliner in the right way & whatever look or trend you want to try, change it according to your Eye Shape. Which will further improve the beauty of your eyes.

      How to prep your eyes

      All those of you who say that they do not love makeup or do not apply makeup, those people also use kajal or kajal mascara combo if nothing else. Kajal and liner are two simple makeup products that almost every girl uses, as these are the two things that immediately glam up your face.

      Well, it is said that the eyes are the mirror of a person's character and therefore there is no harm in highlighting them. By the way, let us tell you that doing eye makeup is not a simple task, it also needs to take care of several small things. There is a right & a wrong method to apply a simple mascara & eyeliner. If the right technique is not followed, then you can be much older than your age and the magnificence of your eyes might be less.

      Lots of you have come to me with a similar very annoying and yet effortlessly fixable problem: “Why does my eye makeup always look so irregular?” it’s because you don’t properly prepare your eyes for eye makeup.

      For every eye makeup look that you’re going for, whether intense or soft, you need to first make a neutral base on your lids. Most eye shadows are powder-based so if applied straight to the skin, they will “grab” in oily areas, creating a mottled appearance. This will make it also unbearable to blend easily. That’s why you need to apply a base on your lids that will not simply keep moisture away & take away any staining but will also create a smooth and clean slate for other shadows, extending your makeup at the same time. For some of you who favor a clean eye look, this might even be the only eye shadow you will ever want.

      White Mascara Magic

      You would have possibly never imagined how beneficial this very simple-looking white kajal is for you! Actually, white kajal has been sold in the marketplace for the last many years, which you might have seen in shops & online stores but would never have thought of purchasing. Purchase it now as soon as possible. If you line the waterline of the eyes with white kajal, then it will make your eyes look better in a pinch. Separately from this, if you want to make an eyeshadow look bright, then before applying eyeshadow, apply a layer of white mascara or foundation.

      Instant Gel Eyeliner

      If your pencil liner does not provide a smooth finish on the eyes or you have to rub it over and over while applying, then now you do not have to worry. Heat the tip of your liner with a match or lighter for 5-6 seconds. Let it cool down a bit & then use, you will get an even finish like gel liner

      Won't smudge the liner

      Frequently the biggest problem of eye makeup people is that the liner gets soiled or spread before the end of the day. If you are also concerned about this problem, then before applying the liner, apply a concealer on the eyelids & then apply a compact. By doing this your eyelids will not turn out to be oily and your eyeliner will not get ruined either.

      Apply Concealer

      Your goal with this main step is to even out the color of the skin around your eyes. If you have flawless, non-bluish skin, congratulate yourself & move on to the next step. Don't apply concealer under your eyes if you don't need it. It's a big mistake that reduces the penetration of your face if you overdo it. If you do need concealer, apply three dots under every eye, starting at the inner angle where skin tends to be duskiest. Place one more dot under the pupil, & the third on the outer edge. Lastly, pat—do not rub—the concealer in with your ring finger.

      Different types of eyeliners

      You use eyeliner each day, but did you know that there are several different types of liner and eyeliner and mascara combo available in the market.

      Liner is one of the most crucial beauty products in ladies' makeup. From parties to a wedding function, the liner is an imperative part of almost all women's beauty looks. Because females like to make their eyes look attractive but have you ever thought that there are several types of liners too? If you do not know, then for your information, let us tell you that there are also different kinds of liners, which are used in different ways. So let's know how many types of liners are there & which one is good for you.

      Pencil -

      The most common type and the most useful of all eyeliners. Eyeliner pencils come in 2 forms: powder & wax. Powder eyeliners provide you with more control and a precise look compared to wax pencils. Wax pencils are rather hard to apply, but they stick longer equated to powder eyeliners. Some wax pencils also come with a smudger to help soften out severe lines if you feel that the color is too stout for you. To use, just sharpen the pencil & line your eyes as you would with a pencil on paper. Softly rub the pencil back & forth until you get the right sum of color on your lid. A sharp tip will provide you with a well-defined thin line, while a dull tip will result in an extensive, softer line. Be careful not to refine the pencil too much as it can injure your lids. Eyeliner pencils are generally used for an easy, each-day look.

      Liquid – 

      Separately from pencil liners, you can also purchase liquid liners. For your information, let us tell you that this is an eye product, which is a watery form ie wet. It is applied to the eyes with a brush. It is good for women who like to apply winged liners. Waterproof & not waterproof liners will be effortlessly found in liquid liners. If you have to keep the liner on the whole day, then a waterproof liner is good for you. Makeup companies have created different types of eyeliners that result in varying kinds of looks for that very extraordinary occasion. Depending on how they are applied, eyeliner and kajal combo can make big eyes look smaller or make narrow eyes seem wide. They come in diverse forms to help define your eyes, all of them with different characters for that eye-catching look.

      Liquid eyeliners can come in bottles or in a pencil-type vessel. It is packed with color, so a little bit goes an extended way; with one stroke & you have enough color that will last you even until sundown. Unlike pencils, you require a steady hand with a lot of control when applying. It needs a specific time to stick to your lids so don't even blink throughout and after application until you feel that it's dry. It has a very high learning curve, & not suitable for beginners. If you desire to experiment with liquid eyeliners, choose in its place liquid pencils - which are truly liquid eyeliners in a pencil-type applicator. Liquid eyeliners provide you with a more intense look, perfect for a night out or a loving date.

      Gel & Cakes -

       gel eyeliners have smooth richer pigment compared to liquid eyeliners. It's gaining admiration because it's very cool to apply & very mild to your eyes. Cake eyeliners work like liquid eyeliners as you utilize a wet or damp soft angled brush for application. Cake eyeliners are chosen by several makeup artists because it provides great control and ease of use.

      Eyeliners will never go out of tendency. Your eyeliner can go without an eyeshadow, but your eyeshadow needs your eyeliner to make your eyes more eye-catching and captivating.

      Felt tip liner

      Have you ever seen a marker pen? This liner looks accurately like a marker pen & you can apply it very securely. If you desire a liner with a flawless 'wing', then you must use this liner, because it dries very quickly, whereas liquid liner takes a little time to dry. Felt Tip Liner is an eye product that looks precisely like a marker pen. This liner dries up a bit faster than other liners. It is best for ladies who like to apply wing liners. If you are in a rush, you can apply this liner to the eyes.

      Keep these things in attention while applying liner for flawless eye makeup

      It is not required that you apply the liner with the applicator given with it, if you want, you can apply the flawless liner with any thin and little fine tip brush.

      Do not pull the eyelashes down while using the liner. By doing this the liner will not apply correctly and will collect above the eyes. So keep your eyes open & apply liner.

      The liner must be consistently spread over the whole eyelid. For this, you will need practice.

      Apply eyeliner according to the shape of your eyes. It is not compulsory that the liner suiting your friend will look fine on you too.

      Always apply liner securely. Haste can damage the liner. After applying the liner, keep your eyes closed for a while.

      Different types of eye shadows

      If you love to apply eyeshadow on the eyes, then you can try a different eyeliner and mascara combo. Women love to do makeup, they do different kinds of makeup according to their clothing. Most women like to do plain makeup. At the same time, several women like to do heavy makeup. Also, she does eye makeup according to her outfit. However, eye makeup is done in several ways like applying plain liner or applying eyeshadow in various ways, etc. But this makeup looks decent only when there is the right knowledge of the product.

      Because sometimes products such as eyeshadow do not suit your face or dress & they can spoil your appearance. The most important and useful thing in makeup is eyeshadow. If you don't select the right eyeshadow palette combo, it can ruin your whole look. That's why now we are providing you with information about different types of eyeshadow, which you can pick according to your dress and look.

      Powder eyeshadow

      Powder eyeshadow is the most frequently used product. It is like eyeshadow in powder form, which is available in a box. If you do not apply lots of eyeshadow, that is, sometimes, then powder eyeshadow is good for you. Because if you apply it every day, it can spread. Also, if you are just getting started with applying eyeshadow, powder eyeshadow is good for you. Because it is very easy to apply.

      Stick eyeshadow

      Stick eyeshadow is a very plain eyeshadow, which you can effortlessly apply in daily wear. It is a makeup item that looks like a kajal or pen. Plus, you can hone it like a pencil or use it on the eyes like lipstick. It is good for women who like to apply eyeshadow on an everyday basis. If you are out for a long time, you can utilize stick eyeshadow. Because this shadow lasts for a long time.

      Glitter eyeshadow

      Glitter eyeshadow is the perfect eye makeup for women. Because it is bright in look and works to highlight your eyes. You can wear it on any particular occasion or with a fashionable dress. If you desire to get a stylish look at a party or some wedding function, then you can apply glitter eyeshadow.

      Liquid eyeshadow

      Along with stick eyeshadow, you can also purchase liquid eyeshadow. For your information, let us tell you that this is an eye product, which is a watery form i.e. somewhat wet. It is applied to the eyes with the help of a brush. It is good for women who like to do eye makeup. One can also choose an eyeliner mascara combo to get a special touch. You will easily find several types of shadows in liquid eyeshadow. But, liquid eye shadows are like most lip glosses.

      Cream eyeshadow

      Separately from all these eye shadows, there is a different eyeshadow which is called cream eyeshadow. This eyeshadow is like a gel, which is used on the eyes with the help of a small and thin brush. But, applying this eyeshadow is a bit simpler than liquid eyeshadow. It is perfect for girls who have dry skin or who do not sweat. Because this eyeshadow spreads on oily skin.


      Shimmer eye shadow is like frosted but is less dense and has more shimmer & shine in it. It is great when you desire a dressier look, but possibly better-left home on a day in the office. It's good by itself or on top of the alternative shadow. If you have deep wrinkles around the eye part, you might want to stay away from Shimmer eye shadows altogether, as the sparkles tend to fall throughout the day & settle in those creases.

      If you wish to get the highest quality eyeshadow, it can be costly if you're a makeup fiend like me. Purchasing wholesale cosmetics can save you time and cash, and makeup constantly makes a great gift for any woman!

      What is mascara?

      Makeup is a very crucial eye makeup item to make the face attractive. To get the perfect and best look you need to purchase an eyeliner and mascara combo. For this, you need to pick the right mascara & know the right technique to apply it. In this piece of writing, we are going to tell you the perfect way to apply mascara.

      There is a motto that eyes tell a lot without saying anything, so it is very significant for them to look beautiful. In today's era, ladies do not like to go out of the household without makeup, even if it is only eye makeup. Because after eye makeup, your entire look changes. Particularly when you apply mascara on your eyes, it adds to your eyes.

      Now when it comes to mascara, I would like to inform you that most of the time people make mistakes while applying mascara and ruin their whole makeup. That's why now we are going to tell you the right method to apply mascara in this article so that you can effortlessly use it anytime, anywhere.

      Choose Mascara Carefully

      First of all, select the mascara according to your lashes. If you have small eyelashes then you must choose essential oil enriched mascara & if your eyelashes are not thick then you must opt for volume mascara. If you sweat a lot, you must wear waterproof mascara.

      Eyelash curler

      If you want a flawless finish, purchasing an eyelash curler is important. The Eyelash Curler plumps up your lashes, lifting them up & making them appear longer. Always purchase a curler with a soft rubber pad that won't harm your lashes.

      Choose the color of the mascara

      Now there are many types of mascaras and kajal mascara combo available in the market. Normally women prefer to apply black or brown mascara. But exploring different colors can be truly fun. You can pick your mascara for different occasions, as every color has its own definition.

      How to apply mascara

      Step 1

      Before using mascara, apply a light moisturizer & primer to the eyes. After this, apply the eyeshadow of your choice, which matches your dress.

      Then apply eyeliner to the eyes to make your eyes look attractive and bold. Blue & green eyeliner is in trend these days.

      Step 2

      Use an eyelash curler to bend your eyelashes. Place the curler under your eyelashes & press down on the eyelashes for at least 10 to 15 seconds.

      Step 3

      Now comes the mascara number. For this, pick the right mascara and ensure that the mascara does not come on the brush too much. Now with the support of the mascara brush, apply it to the upper eyelids while looking up. Remember that there should be more mascara on the eyelashes & very less on the ends.

      Step 4

      Now use a little and fine brush to apply mascara on the lower lashes. To apply mascara to your lower lashes, place a makeup sponge under your eyes to evade smudging. For more remarkable lashes, let your mascara dry for 15-30 seconds & then curl your lashes.

      Step 5

      For thick and long lashes, apply an additional coat of mascara. Open your eyes & use the brush to apply mascara to the roots of your lashes & for a finishing touch, apply mascara to the lasting lower lashes with the tip of the wand.

      What does mascara do?

      Sometimes in the makeup world, makeup newbies & beauty pros alike ask themselves: “what does mascara do for my whole look?” While it can be the cherry on top of your bold look or be something simple you throw on to improve your eyes before running off to work, the easy answer is mascara coats your eyelashes to make them look complete, longer, & define your eyes. Simple, right?

      We know that the highest quality eyeliner and mascara combo can make you look great. Even after applying less makeup, a coat of mascara works to emphasize your eyes. But are all mascaras made for all kinds of eyelashes? Using the correct wand and mascara for your lash type is like getting the right moisturizer for your skin. We know, it's a boring task, but without applying accurate mascara, you can't bring your makeup to a fresh look. All you have to do is check the stick. The different curves and brush styles generate unique effects on the lashes. To make your job simpler, we've put together a guide to assist you to find the right mascara, which you actually need.

      The eyes stand out the most in face makeup, which changes the appearance and feel of the entire face. But if this eye makeup is not given due consideration, then it can become a big mistake. Yes, because while doing makeup, it is considered the most significant part to highlight the eyes correctly and 'mascara' does this work perfectly. Even if it is a matter of Smokey, clean & dark eye look. But it is not just about everybody using the flawless eye tool like mascara in the correct way. It takes a lot of practice and patience to use it correctly. Now we are telling you here, every myth associated with mascara and the methods of using it appropriately. With the help of this, you can get a flawless eye look in the future.

      How Mascara Affects Your Eyelashes

      This beauty product has a great history, dating back to the early Egyptian era. While it first looked like a pressed cake, mascara is now sold in a cream formula, with an applicator wand inside a resealable tube.

      The reason for its enduring admiration? Mascara has a number of beauty benefits. It immediately enhances thickness, length, & a shadier color to the lashes, which draws attention to the eyes & creates definition..\ Though there are several positive attributes, there are also short-term & long-term issues that might present themselves.

      1. Decide What Kind of Mascara you’re looking for

      First, you need to choose what kind of mascara you actually want. This will be ascertained by finding out how much makeup you apply. If you are living in hot and sticky weather or your eyes tend to water a lot then water-proof mascara must be your choice.

      2. Choosing a Mascara Color

      Your eye color & skin tone certainly determine which color of mascara is good for you. If you need to accentuate your eyes, black mascara adds drama to your eyes & adds charms to your eye makeup, while brown mascara will work best for a natural look. Colored mascaras are also very attractive, but they are bold.

      3. Determination of Odor and Texture

      Ensure you smell your mascara before purchasing it. - We know it sounds strange to you. If the smell is too sharp or awkward, avoid purchasing this. If you notice that the texture is too sticky, it could be a sign of low quality or poor quality. So, when selecting your mascara, make sure it has a velvety consistency and comprises natural beeswax along with mineral pigments.

      How to do different types of eyeliner makeup

      A different trend of makeup is seen in ladies. At the same time, eye makeup is most significant in makeup. In such a condition, here we will tell you the tips for applying eyeliner with the help of an eyeliner and mascara combo.

      Currently, makeup has also become a need. A different trend of makeup is seen in ladies. At the same time, eye makeup is most significant in makeup, because no matter how much foundation you apply on the face, if you do not highlight your attractive eyes, then your makeup looks incomplete. At the same time, your tough work also goes to waste. In such a condition, you do not need to worry much because here we will tell you the tips for applying eyeliner, which will make your glitches easier and you will also be capable of doing makeup effortlessly at home. Let's know.

      A beautiful appearance comes only from eye makeup. You won't believe it, but a simple eyeliner can provide you with a stylish look. The special thing is that you can apply eyeliner in different styles.

      Thin wing liner

      As simple as it looks, it also gives a stylish look. If this time you also need to adopt this style, then take a liquid liner & draw a thin line above the eyelid, applying eyeliner from the internal corner of the eye (the corner near the nose). After reaching the edge on the outside, pull out the liner a little & release it. Be cautious not to leave or break the line while applying the liner. Leave the lower lids blank. After this, apply a nude pencil like kajal on the inside. This will make your eyes look bigger and better.

      Simple light liner

      This technique of applying eyeliner is for those who like easy makeup on their eyes. A liquid or gel liner is necessary to apply this style. It is applied from the internal corner to the outer corner & the liner line is so thin that it is not recognized that you have applied the liner. After this, apply nude pencil on the waterline of the eyes (where the kajal is applied). Now make the eyelashes with an eyelash curler and apply some mascara. That's it, you are all set to go to any party.

      Cat eyeliner

      Flawlessly applied classic cat eyeliner will change your entire look. To apply it correctly, take a liquid or gel liner and make a thin line on the inside. Keep the line thicker as you move outward. After this, apply a thin liner on the end and match it with the outer liner detached from the top. For a bold look, apply mascara on the eyelashes. Your eyes are set to grab the attention of everybody at the party.

      Double wing liner

      To apply a two-winged liner, begin with the winged liner itself. After this, draw a thin line with the liner on the lesser eyelids. Apply the liner as close to the eyelids as possible and even out the outside, to create the look of wings. Leave the top wings and bottom wings separate. If you feel that they are getting a little bit, separate them with a white pencil. Draw a tail between the two with a white pencil. Your two-winged liner is organized. This is a great look for any party etc.

       Make designs on eyelashes

      This is the newest style in the list of eyeliner styles. More and more girls and ladies are making small designs on their eyelashes. Even if it is a small heart or a little bubble. This style will suit you well too. Design it with the tip of the liner. The easy design will make you stand out from the others at the party.

      Three things about eyeliner

      Before applying the lining, shake the liner vial well. After this, when you take out the brush by opening the lid, ensure that there is not much liner on the brush. If this is the case, apply the liner only after spreading it off the vial.

      Do not start using liner from the inside of the eyes. From where your eyelashes begin, draw a line with a brush. Apply liner while drawing the line outward.

      After this, fix the places where the liner has been missed. You will be capable of applying a good liner only once you stop drawing long lines. This can cause the linear line to be the crook. Draw a big line with small lines.

      While applying eyeliner remember these things -

      If you are in need and do not want to apply eyeshadow to your eyes, then you can also make your eyes attractive by applying an interesting liner. For this, you can use colors like Steel, Silver Grey, and Peacock Green & Blue as they are very fashionable.

      On the other hand, if you are going to a gathering, then you can apply winged eyeliner. This enhances the magnificence of your eyes. For this, look at the extent of the wing as long as you desire in the mirror & pull it outwards and upwards. At the same time, after carrying a thin line from the inner corner, stop in the middle. 

      This will boost the beauty of your eyes even more. At the same time, if you desire, you can also do the bottom line for this with tinted eyeliner. By doing this you will not need to apply much makeup. By doing this the magnificence of your eyes will also sparkle.

      How to apply kajal on the lower lash line properly

      Kajal is an important part of eye makeup, many girls and women use different types of eye makeup. But the role of Kajal is the most important among them all. Although applying kajal is a very easy task, according to some people, it is an art because applying kajal in the lower part of the eyes is not everyone's cup of tea. That's why today we are going to tell you here how you can apply kajal in the lower part of the eyes.

      Kajal or kohl pencil is an essential part of any eye makeup routine, and it is the main product in your vanity. While there are lots of ways to improve your eyes currently, knowing how to apply kajal stunningly and with precision will immediately make your eyes look dramatic and pleasing.

      We will learn various tips and tricks to work with a kajal mascara combo in this article. Applying kajal might seem intimidating at firstly, but it is simpler than using eyeliner. You can apply a kohl pencil to create a single stroke or even bold Smokey eyes. Once you have understood the right method, you can achieve diverse eye looks in no time. So, if you want attractive kohl-rimmed eyes, keep reading this piece to find a step-by-step guide for applying kajal.

      Apply a light mascara to the waterline under your eyes & start darkening it from the angle of your eyes. If you have small eyes, then take care not to apply kajal on the inner corner of the eyes. Starting from the back a little, the eyes will look better.

      Keep Your Lines Thin

      Keep eyeliner on the lower lid thin & unremarkable. The clear pitfall of bottom eyeliner is that it can create the impression of dark circles under your eyes, which no one wants. Keeping the line thin & soft by using the side of the tip of your lining pencil, rather than pressing down, is key for avoiding under-eye darkness.

      Adding a dark liner to the internal corner of the eye “closes” the eye & makes it appear smaller—that’s what you don’t need.

      In its place, use a light hand to sketch out a soft line just below your lowest lashes so that there’s a bit of waterline exposed to keep the area looking light—it’ll add the definition you’re going for without changing the sizes of your eyes.

      Don’t Line the Inside Rim

      Lining the waterline in black to describe the eyes has grown in popularity in the past few years, but we intensely advise that you don’t do it, especially on the lower lash line. Not only will it make your eyes appear darker and smaller (are you sensing a theme here?), but the possible eye health repercussions—infection, discomfort, & just run-of-the-mill irritation—make it even more unappealing.

      Be Careful About Blending

      You need to blend the liner into the lash line & at the edges so it looks certainly defined, rather than harsh, but blending too much can cast a stained shadow around the area, which will, again, contribute to the look of dark circles. Blend upward and side to side, & if you notice the liner starting to make eyes look a little dull, it’s time to stop blending & start cleaning up.

      Tips and Safety measures to Followed While Using Kajal

      Since your eyes are delicate and very weak to damage, please make sure that you follow a few precautions when it comes to putting unconditionally anything on them.

      Would you share your toothbrush with your associates? No, right? Do not, under any conditions, share your kajal or eyeliner with others. Germs can effortlessly be transferred in the process and you might pick up a bad eye infection.

      If you use contact lenses, invest in an eyeliner and kajal combo that is most significantly smudge-proof in order to avoid getting some of the product on your lenses.

      To avoid permanent damage or going blind, make sure you do not do your eye makeup or pull out your kajal pencil for a quick fix, while you are in a moving bus.

      Skip kajal or other eye products, when you have an eye sensitivity or infection.

      To keep away from infections, avoid using products that have expired or are close to their expiry dates.

      Constantly take off your eye makeup before you go to bed, using either an eye makeup remover or coconut oil.

      How to apply eyeshadow

      Your eyes become attractive when you apply eyeshadow, if eyeshadow is applied wrongly while doing makeup, then the look gets spoiled. So know how to apply the perfect eyeshadow.

      The look of your face changes once you apply eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is also applied in several different styles. Most girls select the color of eyeshadow according to the color of their dress, while some girls apply neutral color eyeshadow. It happens several times that the color of the eyeshadow or the technique of applying it is not right, so the hard-working makeup also looks bad. So you learn to apply the flawless eyeshadow.

      Apply tape before applying eyeshadow

      Scotch tape can provide you with the ideal eyeshadow look. For this, just apply it at an angle to the outer edge of your eyes & apply eyeshadow. With this, your eyeshadow will not go out of the eyes & it will get a flawless shape.

      Perfect Eyeshadow Tricks

      If you are applying several colors of eyeshadow, then choose the shades cautiously. Keep these makeup tips in mind like constantly applying the lightest shade near the brow line, standard shade on the eyelids, and dark shade on the crease. If you want to provide a bright look to the eyes, then you can apply a light shimmery eyeshadow on the internal corner.

      Eye shadow brush selection

      Selecting the right brush is also necessary for applying eye shadow. You can use various types of brushes for the eyes. One brush is used to cover the eyes, while the other brush is used to highlight. To sharpen the corners of your eyes, you will require a thin and pointed brush & a gentle and hard dome brush at the crease. If you are applying eye shadow very close to the eyelids, then use a Flexi pencil brush for this.

      Choose shade

      When you are in the procedure of applying eye shadow, it is necessary to select a good color among different eye shadow shades. When selecting eye shadow, also pay attention to the color of your face. If your skin appearance is dark, then not all colors will look decent on you. For this motive, it is very significant to choose eye shadow based on the color of the skin.

      Get help from a white base

      If you are using an eyeshadow that is not pigmented, prepare a white base before using it. For this, you blend by applying white kajal or eyeshadow on the eyelids. After that apply tinted eyeshadow. With this, the shade of your eyeshadow will come out well & you will get it.

      Choose the product according to skin

      When you select any makeup product keeping in mind your skin type, then you get the correct result in it. The same is the case with eyeshadow. If your skin is oily, then powdery & dry then use cream eyeshadow.

      Use a primer

      If you wish your eyeshadow not to spoil for a long time, then use an eye primer. After wiping the lids carefully with the tissue, apply a primer. This will not simply keep the eyeshadow from getting damaged. Rather you will also get a perfect look. If you don't have primer, you can utilize concealer instead.

      Do you know that applying eyeshadow as per your eye shape can make a great transformation? Well, you could always usually layer on eyeshadow & liner. But when you know your eye shape & apply eyeshadow flawlessly, your eyes would give a more hypnotizing look like never before. Yes, it is not as simple as getting those shining eyeshadows packed in attractive custom eyeshadow boxes. In order to get a healthier look, you need to recognize how to apply your eyeshadow as per your eye shape.

      Know Your Eye Shape

      Before we go through the procedure, first you need to know precisely which kind of shape you have. Of course, you don't want to end up purchasing the perfect eyeshadow shade wrapped in the beautiful eyeshadow boxes that turn out mistakenly on your eyes. Now read out the guidance below totally to find out which one is yours.

      • Round Eyes

      Stand up in front of a mirror. If you can see your whole iris totally without any part of it being covered up by your top lid, then say hello to your attractive round eyes.

      To make an excellent look with these eyes, you could apply the liner from the inner corners of the eyes working your way out. Keep in mind to highlight the brow bone & apply light eyeshadow to your eyes' internal corner. Next, add a medium shade above the lid to increase contrast and complete it with a darker shade alongside the crease.

      • Almond Eyes

      If you could get oval-shaped with small overturned outer corners, then you are blessed with almond eyes. Known for being super-symmetrical, these almond eyes are a common shape that will match with just about the whole thing.

      Go for a classic nude smokey eye that uses a standard matte brown on your lid and combine it with a marginally darker shade mixed into your crease.

      • Upturned Eyes

      These ones are measured to be almond eyes with a twist. Yet, overturned eyes take it up a notch for a more noticeable angle, which makes the lower lid look better than the upper one.

      Create a more imaginary look for your upturned eyes by applying a little dark shadow or liner on the outer corner of your lower lashes. Then, use a medium-toned shadow on your lid before glazing it with a gentle highlight on your brow bone.

      • Downturned Eyes

      As opposed to the upturned eye, the corners of these downturned eyes are dropped down for an upper lid that looks better than the lower.

      For these kinds of eyes, never try to blend eyeshadow far above the crinkle as it will give a tad messy look to your eye shape. The finest way to pop up these eyes is to shade them with natural colors of eyeshadow packed in branded custom eyeshadow packaging that can enhance your eyes.

      • Monolid Eyes

      Well, these ones are creaseless loveliness. You could add more length to your eyes by applying a gradient effect on your lids. Begin with your lash line and gradually work upward into a further shimmery tone under your eyebrows.

      • Hooded Eyes

      Ladies with hooded eyes have the skin spreading from their brow bone sags just a bit to cover the crease.

      You could provide a treat to your eyes to make them look to have more lid space. All you have to do is keep your eyebrows well-maintained & apply a light shade eyeshadow the entire way up to your eyebrows' bone.

      How to match eyeshadow with the rest of your makeup 

      Often this question will trouble you too, but you can match your eye makeup with the rest of your makeup, just for that you have to keep in mind that you use makeup from the same company. The eyeliner and mascara combo is a great option and you can set your makeup according to your outfit.

      Eyeshadow is one of the greatest ways to show your imagination when it comes to makeup. There are so many eyeshadow options to go with! Although this is in general a good thing, it can also make it a bit hard when trying to decide which ones to use.  

      Your eyeshadow should improve the looks of your eyes. Applying eyeshadow correctly makes your eyes more gorgeous. Retouching your eye makeup can provide you with more hassles particularly when you are enjoying a party; and of course, you do not wish to have an eye eyeshadow that will merely sit on the eye for hours after you have been spending so much energy applying it. The eyeshadow primer can help you with this. Before putting on your eyeshadow, make it a point you have applied the primer in advance.

      When you apply all the colors you have selected for your eyeshadow, ensure to blend them carefully. These have been the tips that expert makeup artists keep on reminding their customers when they will do their eyeshadow themselves. Blending is constantly the key. Observe the eyeshadow which is not mixed and you will see the change. You need to have selected three types of shades: the first one is called the base, a light color shadow that will be applied on the entire eyelid;

      The major color which you will apply to the crease of your eyelid, & the third is the highlighter, which will go above that color, underneath your eyebrow. Then, you have to blend all the colors you have chosen. You might either use your fingertips or a makeup sponge in order to merge these colors & that the defining lines will not extend be visible; so eyeshadow will look obvious in the eyes. Take note, that blending must be done in an upward direction. If you have blue eyes, you need to only use eyeshadow colors that will match your eye color. Blue-eyed can select some shade of eyeshadow except blue. But, of all the blue shades, you can choose navy blue.

      Using the blue eyeshadow shades for your blue eyes will not improve your eyes; it will just make your eyes appear extremely dull. Brown-eyed women might select any color. It is simpler for them to choose eyeshadow colors than some other eye colors. You can even base your color choices on your skin tone & hair color. If you are already mature, ensure not to use light shimmery eyeshadow; you can think that this color will provide you with a younger appearance. No, it will not for it will just describe your sagging eyes & will even make wrinkles more visible. These are all certain basic tips you need to know. You can study the internet & read beauty magazines for you to learn more.

      How do you select the correct shades of neutral and nude eyeshadow? A general guide is to choose colors that are about 2 shades lighter or darker than the natural color of your eyelids. Here are several extra tips:

      Nude and Neutral Eyeshadow for Fair/Light Skins:   

      Nude colors will look good on the lighter complexions. Choose eyeshadow colors like rosy beige, taupe, rose gold, & champagne. Even softer shades of gold & bronze are also decent options.  

      Nude & Neutral Eyeshadow for Medium & Olive Complexions:   

      Warmer colors will generally look the best on these complexions. Select eyeshadow shades in the brown family; golden browns, bronze, honey, coppers, & peachy colors are good options. 

      How to do a Smokey Eye

      Like some of the other well-known makeup trends in the style industry which become ageless like for example cat eyes. Even Smokey eyes seem to be a similar kind of tendency which so far is showing no signs of dying out in fashion parties, shows & catwalks. All women want to look their best & if combined with flawless eye makeup, the beauty & glamor of the same individual is heightened by several notches.

      For Smokey eye makeup, first, take a drop of primer & apply it to the eyelid. It is very significant to apply it because due to heat & oily face, eyeshadow tends to spread from the crease line.

      * Use light shade eye concealer. Apply it well under the eyes & on the eyelid. With this, the eyeshadow will be applied effortlessly.

      * Apply matte eyeshadow similar to the color of the eyes. Smudge it well with a big eye brush.

      * Now apply dark gray eyeshadow on the upper eyelid of the eyes.

      * Now mix it well so that it mixes with the light eyeshadow & provides a natural look.

      * For a smokier look, apply black eyeshadow over gray eyeshadow. Blend both with a big brush.

      * Apply eyeliner on the lash line. Select a gel/sketch eyeliner in the place of a liquid one. It is effortlessly applied. It is also good for Smokey's look.

      * Now smudge the eyeliner well with the aid of a smudger brush or eye bud.

      * Finish the eye makeup by using kajal.

      Smokey eye makeup is a trend that comes & goes with other fashion styles. It is used mainly for nighttime use. This kind of makeup has been around for centuries. Women throughout history have made their eyes up to stand out. Cleopatra is shown in wall paintings to have had this kind of makeup on. 

      You might be wondering what can be the top colors that you can select. Well, it is good to make pairs of light colors on the base & then dark colors on top. For example, a soft gold as the base with dark purple can be an outstanding combination and so are the combinations of the champagne base with blue or peach shadow base and a dark bottle green upper shade. Well, most people like to discover how to apply Smokey eye makeup using a black shade.

      Smoky eyes provide a gorgeous look to the eyes. Smoking out your eyes has become a well-liked eye makeup process because it is simple to create and benefits all kinds of faces. A Smokey eye look sets a dramatic tone & draws attention to your eyes. Keep your lips nude if you want a Smokey eye look.

      Go over your lashes after applying mascara. Keep a clean, dry mascara stick to separate your lashes after every application of mascara. Use a mascara that builds length & plumpness without going brittle or flaking or stomping. 

      Brush this dark eyeshadow on your upper eyelid & into the crease. Then sweep it upward & outward from the crease onto the bottom of the brow bone. You do need to be able to see the shade when your eyelid is open as well as closed.

      The customary Smokey eye makeup colors are, of course, black or grey. You are still not limited to these color choices, you can also use less strong colors such as violet, chocolate, coffee, dark pink, dark green, copper, dark blue, or purple.

      Now, using a darker color eyeshadow & an eyeshadow brush, apply the shadow starting at the outer corner of your eye and mix inwards. You do not need the darker shadow to go any higher than the crease of your eye. Also apply just above the lashes and mark upwards. The key here is to mix your shadows together.

      Blend in shader color: The brush must be used to blend in the darker color starting from your lash line to the crease. This darker color must be mixed into the lash line so that the eyeliner disappears.

      Use a flat edge brush for this portion. Rub the side of the spines in your darker color. Then hold the brush almost upright, with the flat edge touching your eyelashes. Stroke the color straight up to just above the crease. It's all about the method here. You need to be capable of seeing this color a little above your crease when your eyes are open.

      How to properly remove eye makeup

      Taking off your shadow, liner, & mascara can be a pain—literally. Scrubbing your lids not merely irritates the sensitive skin around your eyes, but can lead to lash fallout, infection, & the less damaging but still irritating morning-after raccoon eyes. If you desire that there is no damage to your eyes, then you must avoid these little mistakes while removing eye makeup.

      Use makeup remover

      Eyes are extremely sensitive, so do not try to remove makeup from them by dyeing it with a cloth or washing it through the water. Use a top brand of makeup remover to remove eye makeup. For this, take a cotton pad & apply makeup remover on it and close your eyes & apply it on it and then stop. After that remove makeup by swiping softly.

      Can remove from oil

      By the way, you can also use some good oil like baby oil, coconut oil, olive oil, or delicacy-free essential oil to remove makeup. With its help, you can effortlessly remove eye makeup. It is safe & can be used for almost every skin type.

      Use earbuds for the edges

      Use ear buds in the place of cotton balls or pads to remove makeup or eyeliner and mascara combo on the waterline & edges of the eyes. Dip it with makeup remover and cautiously remove the makeup from the waterline & edges.

      Remove waterproof makeup with baby shampoo

      Standard makeup gets removed with a normal remover. But sometimes it takes lots of effort to remove waterproof eye makeup. For this, you can apply tear-free baby shampoo. This is a good idea especially for getting rid of the eyeliner & mascara combo. Unless you are wearing contact lenses.

      Remove makeup before removing contact lenses

      If you use contact lenses, take them out only after removing eye makeup. Otherwise, your eyes can be harmed. Along with this, remember that such makeup remover must not be used on the eyes with contact lenses that are oil-based.

      No Vaseline at all

      Many of us remove our lipstick and makeup with the help of petroleum jelly. But it is not right for the eyes at all. Before applying petroleum jelly, take a little care, because it also makes somebody allergic. It can also cause annoyance and rash in the eyes.

      It is significant for every woman to apply makeup correctly, as much as it is essential to remove it. Actually, some types of chemicals are used in makeup & if it is not removed then it causes damage to the skin. By the way, just as the eyes are the most intensive throughout makeup, in the same way, while removing makeup, the eyes must be given the greatest attention.

      If you do not clean eye makeup correctly, then it causes lots of damage to the eyes. So, if you take care of your eyes, then you must know how to remove eye makeup correctly. Although many times girls mistakenly make some errors while removing eye makeup, which they do not even recognize. So, now we are telling you about many similar eye makeup removing mistakes-

      Removing makeup does not mean that you just put a cleanser on a cotton pad & start cleaning it. There is also a method to remove makeup. While removing makeup, first you must remove lipstick, after that you remove your eye makeup and clean your face correctly. Some women constantly remove eye makeup later, while this method is wrong.

      Rub hard

      Some women are in a rush while applying eye makeup and so rub very hard to clean off the makeup. If you do the same then recognize that you are making a huge mistake. Keep in mind that the skin around the eyes is very weak. Rubbing it back & forth can break down the collagen & elastin in the skin, leaving you with fine lines and creases. Due to this, you will start looking mature over time. Not only this, when you remove eye makeup by rubbing strongly, it also causes problems like pain, burning, and redness in the eyes. So avoid applying too much force while removing your eye makeup.

      Use facial cleanser

      Removing eye makeup is never that easy. Eye makeup does not come off effortlessly, due to which women often rub it strongly. In this case, you need a different procedure, so that you do not have to rub too tough. Many times it is seen that ladies try to remove eye makeup with the help of a facial cleanser. Due to which the eye makeup does not come out correctly & you have to rub the eyes. It would be better if you remove eye makeup with the support of eye makeup remover only because with its help you can effortlessly clean waterproof makeup too.


      Can I add other products to the eye combo?

      It is entirely up to you whether to add more makeup products to your eye combo or not. We are saying this because there are many people who have sensitive eyes which is why adding any extra eye makeup products to your makeup kit will not prove to be the right choice for you. But if you still want to use additional products in your eye combo, then you have to make sure that all those products are manufactured by the same company and are completely safe.

      Can I apply eyeshadow every day?

      Do you want to look attractive every day, & for this you have to do makeup each day? Be it college or office, if you desire to be maintained then it is essential to do makeup. By using the right cosmetics in the right method, you can keep your face & skin healthy. You just need to have great knowledge of this. Makeup has a remarkable power of renovation, an individual who looks useless can start looking beautiful. But if you put on more than a limit, then there can be worse effects on the face & skin.

      1. Falling of Eyelids Applying too much make-up to the eyes, there is a possibility of a loss of eyelashes because the product includes chemicals.

      2. Dry eyes: Due to unnecessary eye makeup, there is a problem with dryness. This problem is most ordinary in the eyes. Sometimes grittiness also starts in the eyes.

      Can I do eye makeup if I have sensitive eyes?

      Do your eyes itch, burn & turn red when you wear makeup? Though cosmetics are supposed to improve your appearance, you might feel anything but attractive as your eyes water & your makeup runs. Fortunately, it’s possible to look at your top without enduring any pain or distress when you follow these tips.

      Don’t Let Makeup Come in Contact with Your Eyes

      Makeup can effortlessly travel the short distance from your eyelashes or eyelids to your eyes, triggering sensitivity & dryness. The problem can be mainly painful if you wear contacts because the lenses trap the elements and prevent them from being washed away. If you have sensitive eyes, don’t apply mascara to the roots of your lashes & use eyeliner on the outer part of your lids only.

      Certain makeup products can bother your eyes. Here are tips for selecting the top product if you have dry eyes:

      When you have dry eyes, there are several makeup products that you must avoid, such as:

      Old mascara that smashes when it dries. All eye makeup must be discarded after 3 months.

       Powder-based & liquid-based products, including eye shadows & foundations.

      Products that comprise fragrance.

      Do I need a brush to apply eyeshadow?

      For an attractive eye look, you need to mix eyeshadow well. The brushes used for this are lesser than the rest of the brushes. These are made in such a technique that they can work well on the crease of your eyes. The Lid Brush is used to apply shadow to the lids of your eyes. It is like a foundation brush but smaller. With the crease brush, you can apply shadow to your crinkle. These brushes are dense, angled & pointed. These are more used for Smokey eyes. The eyeshadow mixing brush is used to blend the eyeshadow well without moving it around.

      Soft Eyeshadow Brush – This brush is used to mix the color of the eyeshadow & add a softer look to the edges of the Smokey eye. The fleecy bristles of this brush make it simple to blend highlighter & bronzer.

      Do I need an eye primer before doing eye makeup?

      The use of face primer is required to protect the makeup from spoiling for an extended time and for a smooth base. But this is the first condition not only for the face but also for eye makeup. Yes, you will find primers accessible in the market. Before using eyeshadow, clean and wipe the lids carefully. Then apply primer.

      There is a vast focus on the eyes throughout makeup. This is the reason why more time is given to the eyes throughout the makeup process. But sometimes it happens that even using the finest products, eye makeup brushes, etc. does not provide you the look that you truly want. So I don't realize where the mess went. Possibly this happens to you too often, in which case you must definitely use a primer once. Although you should have been using primer on your face till now, but have you ever used it on your eyelid as an eye makeup base. Possibly not, although you can use it once on your lid & see magic. Trust me, your eye makeup look will be totally renovated and you will get the look that you have always desired.

      How to remove mascara properly?

      Mascara provides volume to the eyelashes & makes the eyes look very attractive. But, to make the mascara last longer, most girls use waterproof mascara. But as easy as applying it, it takes more effort to remove waterproof mascara. Cleansing alone is not enough for this. Therefore, we explain how to remove waterproof mascara without damaging your eyelashes.

      Coconut oil

      As we all are conscious that coconut oil has several natural properties. Because of this, it is used in many ways. You can also remove waterproof mascara by using coconut oil. To remove the mascara, all you have to do is put some drops of oil on a cotton pad & then apply it to your eyelashes & it will take away your waterproof mascara.

      Use baby shampoo

      Baby shampoo is also the best option for removing waterproof mascara. This is because baby shampoo is hypoallergenic, which is considered fairly safe for the eyes. Now put a few drops of baby shampoo on a cotton pad & then remove the mascara.

      How to set eye makeup?

      If you wear eye makeup then we know you have felt the obstruction of putting on eye makeup, only for a few hours to pass and it’s smudged, washed-out, & you look like you just woke up. Wouldn’t it be nice if once you put on your eyeliner it stayed in place the whole day?

      Well possibly it won’t stay all day but we do have a few tips and tricks that are confirmed to keep your makeup from smearing, smudging, & running down your face for hours!

      If you plan to apply eyeshadow, shy away from oils and creams. These will slip into your eye creases.

      Use liquid eyeliner or waterproof gel liner for staying power.

      Use the best primer, this will make sure that your eye makeup stays put.

      Trace over your eyeliner with the same eye shadow. You will need the best-angled makeup brush.

      Start with a clean slate. Before you put your makeup on, ensure you wash off any additional oils overnight.

      Keep eye makeup remover on hand for some quick fix that is required.

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