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      Let us make your face blush! Select from our range of long-lasting, skin-friendly, natural-looking blush makeup in flattering shades.

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      A cosmetics item that can enhance your glow and draw out the diva in you is what we call blush makeup. This blush makeup product can make your cheekbones look alluring without looking too artificial. So let us explore Faces Canada’s new collection of face blush online.

      Going to a party? Or just hanging around with friends? Well, it doesn't matter where you are up to – your makeup needs to be pitch-perfect. And, in your quest of getting pitch-perfect makeup, a cheek blush makeup can really make it or break it.

      It's a time-tested fact that the best cheek blush makeup, when applied, can go a long way and make you feel ready all day. Whether you are going to a party, a trip, or to your office, using a cheek blush makeup will change the whole game.

      There were days when cheek blush makeup didn't have a good reputation in the women's makeup world. When applied, it kind of felt stuffy, and women often felt it was hard to add it to their makeup regime. As a result, it was exclusively reserved for dance shows and concerts. However, those days are gone now.

      Today, face blush makeup products are more improved and easier to apply. And, guess what? Due to its efficiency and quality, it is getting more popular than ever among women. It's like we have found a perfect cheek blush formula that works. And this formula is what makes all the difference in women's makeup routine.

      Thus, the hype is real – a quality face blush makeup can indeed pull off miracles. Whether it is a powder blush or a cream blush, your skin is destined to get the radiant look that it deserves. It will make your skin look awake, add a dimension to it, and reflect a sun-kissed warmth.

      Moreover, depending on the type of shade, placement, and finish, a cheek blush makeup will make you look like a cherub. Luckily, teens and women worldwide are not underrating this miraculous product anymore. The product is finally getting the limelight it deserves, whether on TikTok or Instagram Reels.

      So, with that being said, keep on reading as we get to know more about how the best blush makeup can add life to dull skin.

      What is Cheek Blush?

      Also known to many as rouge, face blush is a makeup product that is applied on the face (basically on the cheek area) using a makeup brush. The primary purpose of cheek blush is to add more colour and even the skin tone of the face.

      Commonly, a cheek blush is found in two forms – powder and creams or liquids. Both the forms have their own advantages and can be used based on the skin type. When used, a face blush makes a face look sweeter and adds definition to it.

      You might have heard that many forms of makeup have originated from Ancient Egypt. Old testaments and scriptures mention the use of various kinds of cosmetics by the ancient Egyptians. Blush makeup was among these materials too. Back then, the Egyptian women applied cheek blush on their cheekbones and lips as well. Also, men used blush makeup too and spread it on their lips.

      During the Victorian era, face blush was considered to be an immoral cosmetic product. Having pale skin without any makeup was an indicator of good status. If any women wanted to have some colour on their face, they would pinch their cheek areas to get it. However, this is not recommended as it can lead to broken blemishes and broken capillaries.

      When it came to existence, face blush was made from things such as beet juice, strawberries, or mulberries. However, dangerous substances like lead and mercury were used to make it during the 18th century. The use of these substances was stopped around the 1920s.

      Nowadays, cream or face blush liquid are made from cold cream and unique dyes. When it comes to powdered blushes, they are made from talcum powder and unique dyes that come from rosewater, safflower, or carmine. 

      Whether women have fair skin or not, some women wear cheek blush daily. While other women only wear it when going to a party or other special occasion. Face blush is an integral part of women that work in theatres or concerts. They wear it because their skin can look paler under stage lights.

      When cheek blush is applied, it makes a face appear wider. Those who want their face to look wider should use a light shade on the top part of the cheek and a dark shade over the temple.

      In case a narrower face effect is preferred, apply a darker shade near the outer edges of the face and the hairline. Complete the look by placing darker colours below and lighter colours above.

      Additionally, a cheek blush can also be dusted on the chin, nose, and forehead.

      Everything You Need to Know About Cheek Blush

      Blush is a product that we grew to love seeing on our moms' vanity and in the hands of all the glamorous women we are inspired by. But when we do have it in our hands, it can be a daunting task. Let's find out how to use it best.

      Blush is a soft pigment that can be found in creams or powders. It mimics the natural blush of your skin, making your complexion more vibrant and healthy.

      Now, you have to stop because of this flaw. You are not the only one who has a natural flush. You don't blush. It takes some longer than others to master blushing, as they don't have any natural colour or placements to copy. Don't worry if you aren't able to blush naturally; you can still use blush.

      No matter if your skin is naturally rosy, blush can be used to highlight imperfections. Although full coverage foundations can mask imperfections, they also remove your natural colour. That is why you will reach for a blush to bring it back.

      Everyone will tell you to smile and tap your blush on the apples of your cheeks. These are the most prominent areas of your cheeks. They are the ones that show when you smile.

      Although this is an excellent way to begin, blush, just like any other eyeliner, will vary depending on the shape of your eyes. You can play with the placement. I like to apply face blush halfway onto my cheeks and then brush it up towards (but not necessarily reaching) my ears. It gives you nice shape and movement.

      I don't believe in "less is more," not at all. It's much easier to add colour to face blush and build it up than to diffuse too many colours by blending them out. You will usually only need a small amount of colour to achieve a beautiful wash, so don't go crazy.

      A small to medium-sized brush for your face should have bristles that don't feel too dense. That is where a stipple brush works best. This is my favourite. It's perfect.

      They aren't densely packed, and their lengths vary so that they blend product easily without adding too much colour. You run the risk that the bristles will be too densely packed. It can cause you to spread too much product and make it difficult to diffuse. The brush will also continue to lay down more cheek blush.

      To remove excess product, tap the brush in the pan and flick the stem to clean it. This is a good rule of thumb for any brush you use. Use a light tap to gently massage your cheeks. Next, blend with soft swirling movements. While I blend, I gently sweep the brush backward and slightly up. However, you can choose the best placement for your face.

      You might feel a little strange wearing face blush if you aren't used to it. You're not allergic to blush. Take a deep breath, then walk away from the mirror. Come back five minutes later. You'll be amazed at how much your eyes like it when you take a break and look around.

      Don't worry if you feel you have applied too much. You can just apply some foundation to it. To muffle the colour of a powder blush, you can use a powder foundation. Use powder foundations for that, and it never fails. A thin layer of cream foundation can soften a cream blush. It will make it appear more natural and flushed, which is a good thing to remember.

      You can find a lot of articles on colour. The thing is, you don't know what it looks like on you. Wear it if it is a beautiful colour and if it suits you. Every day, I use a purple face blush. It's flattering because my hair is purple. However, I would still wear the same colour even if it were my natural hair colour. You're smart. It's your face. It's your face.

      Keep in mind: It is always best to start with a light hand. A good brush can do as much good as a great product. There is no one right way, so you can experiment with different placements until you find the best. You can look amazing if you believe you are. You already look great.

      Types of Blush

      Blush, a cosmetic product that gives the cheeks a rosy tint, is used primarily for this purpose. You can find it in shades that range from pale pink to bronze. There are two types of blush: powder and cream. The texture of blushes can affect the way it looks on the cheeks. There may be differences in the application methods between the types of blushes.

      Cream blush is a smooth-textured product, usually packaged in a small container or other shallow containers. Cream blush can be used with your fingers or a sponge. It has a creamy inconsistency, so it is easy to spread on the skin and blend into it. Cream blush is preferred by some makeup artists over other types of blush. It often adds a subtle sheen to the cheeks. Cream blush is more pigmented than powder blush and can add more colour per application. It may make it more appealing for those who prefer darker cheek colours.

      Powder blush has a lighter texture than a cream face blush. Powder blush is available in two versions: a loose and a pressed powder. It can be applied with a brush to the cheeks. Powder blushers may prefer the sheer colour. It allows them to adjust the intensity by applying thin layers until they achieve the desired look.

      The skin type of the wearer can influence which cream or powder blush they choose. Powder blush can cause irritation to the skin, so cream blush is better for those with dry skin. The glossy texture can add moisture to dry skin. Powder blush applied to dry skin may also be used to highlight any skin flaws or cracks. The powder particles could stick to or sink into crevices or cling to the skin. Cream blush, on the other hand, may not suit oily skin as it can accentuate shine. Cream blush may not adhere well to oily skin, which could lead to reapplications.

      Powder blush and cream blush can react differently to makeup products such as concealer and foundation. Cream blush works best when applied directly to skin that is either dry or well moisturized. Cream blush can look more darkened or clumpier if it is applied to thicker makeup products. Powder blush is lighter, so it might work better for people who use full-coverage makeup.

      What is Powder Blush?

      Blush, a cosmetic product that colours the cheeks, gives it a brighter appearance. It comes in a variety of shades, from pale pink to bronze.

      Powder blush is one type of blush. It is delicate and coarse in texture. The cream blush can also be applied using a beauty blender or brush. Although it is effective on bare skin, the cream blush can also be used to enhance makeup.

      It is a light and dry product that gives the cheeks a sheer colour. It gives the cheeks a light colour due to its consistency. It is available in two versions: a loose and a pressed version.

      Powder blushes are usually less pigmented than powder blush. Powder blush is less pigmented than powder blush, which is why it's preferred by those who prefer light makeup.

      This product is better suited for oily skin. It gives the cheeks a subtle, sheer colour. It also reduces the skin's shine. This face blush is not recommended for dry skin. It may cause skin flakiness and dryness.

      Powder blush is an excellent choice for those who like light makeup. It has a sheer colour that can be maintained while still retaining the intensity of the blush. Applying a thin layer can give you the desired look.

      Features of Powder Blush

      • The texture of the powder blush is coarse
      • It is sheer
      • It is transparent
      • It is lighter and can be applied with makeup
      • It is suitable for use on oily skin

      What is Cream Blush?

      Blush, a cosmetic product that colours the cheeks, gives it a brighter appearance. It comes in a variety of shades, from pale pink to bronze.

      Cream blush is one type of blush. Cream blushes have a smooth texture. The cream blush can also be applied using a makeup sponge, fingers, or a brush. The cream blush can also be used on lightly moisturized or bare skin.

      The cream blush gives the cheeks a glossy, sheeny appearance due to its thicker, glossier finish. It has glossy, sheeny hues that are due to its consistency.

      Powder blushes are usually less pigmented than a cream blush. People who like heavy cheek colours will love the colour of cream blush.

      Because of its smoother and glossier appearance, it is better suited for dry skin. It also adds moisture to the skin. Cream blushes are not recommended for oily skin because they can enhance shine.

      It may be necessary to reapply on oily skin to keep it from sticking to the skin. It is necessary to reapply on a regular basis in order to maintain the colour of your cheeks.

      Features of Cream Blush

      • The texture of the cream blush is smooth.
      • It is not very sheer.
      • It is more pigmented as compared to powder blush.
      • It is preferred to be applied on bare skin.
      • It is suitable for use on dry skin.


      Powder blushes are great for oily and combination skin types. Powder blushes can also give the skin a matte, polished look.

      Cream blushes are moisturizing. Cream blushes are more suitable for mature and dry skin. They are more natural and give skin a younger appearance.

      Cream blushes are lighter than powder ones, and they're easier to build up. Cream blushes are easier to build up and have greater control over how intense the colour is.

      High-pigmentation powder blushes pose a risk if you have fair skin. Although I love being a pale princess, it can make face blush application difficult.

      Use a light hand with a stippling toothbrush when applying powder blushes that are very pigmented. This brush is more effective at applying powder blushes. It picks up fewer products and allows you to control the application. You can always add more products if you feel the need, but it's not something I use often.

      A big fluffy brush is the best choice for blushes that are light or medium-pigmented. It makes applications much quicker and more precise. You can blend out any blotchy or sharp edges in both cases.

      Cream blushes can be set quickly and are very difficult to remove once they have been set. Avoid streaky and marred cheeks! You'll need to quickly blend them in. While you can use your fingers to do this, if you don't want to stain the surfaces, a stippling toothbrush is a better option.

      Cream blushes have a short stay power; that is my main complaint. The cream usually blushes for 6 to 7 hours on dry cheeks. This isn't bad. However, powders can be forgotten that I have them on. The majority of my makeup is still visible when I remove it late at night.

      Many cosmetics are available. You can use one of these items to create a variety of face blush colours on your cheeks. There are two types: powder and cream blushes. However, they are very different from each other. There are differences in the texture of powder and cream blushes.

      Cream blush is packaged in a small container that has a smooth consistency. The face blush blends well, so you can use a cosmetic sponge to apply it on your fingers. Its consistency is key to its ease of use. Cream blush is very popular due to its sheer effect. However, the pigment is more pigmented than powder blush makeup. Cream blush can be used for dry skin.

      Powder blush can be either fine or coarse in texture. You can use the powder blush as a face blush on your cheeks or as a looser version. This face blush makeup can be applied with a brush or a beauty blender. It is a little dryer than others. It gives your cheekbones a light, sheer colour. It is suitable for oily skin.

      Combine them for a long-lasting glow and a pop of colour. First, apply a cream blush to your skin and then add a powder blush of a similar shade on top. You can forget about touch-ups. The colour will not change. That is what I do when it gets warm so that I don't have to worry about my face melting in the heat.

      How to Choose the Perfect Face Blush Shade According To Your Skin Type

      Every woman has a favourite makeup product that she can't live without. Mine is Blush. If you are anything like me, face blush can be a great way to keep your face looking fresh and youthful all day. Many women use the cheapest pink face blush they can find. There is an art to selecting the right face blush shade for your skin tone.

      Selecting Best Blush Shades Based On Fair, Medium and Dark Skin Type

      For Fair Skin:

      If you have fair/light skin, the best blush colours are peach, light coral, or soft pink. Ladies with pale skin tones and pink undertones should wear soft pink shades. The peach/coral shades will add a pop of colour. For those with a lighter skin tone, warm or golden undertones and a pale complexion, the peachy coral shades will look natural. The soft pink blushes will add a pop of colour.

      For Medium Skin:

      Rich pinks, warm mauves, and deep peach face blush colours are great options for those with medium skin tones. For a natural look, wear the rich mauve or pink shades. The deep peach shades will add a pop of colour. For a natural look, ladies with golden or warm undertones should choose the deep peach shades. The rich pink and mauve blushes will add a pop of colour.

      For Dark Skin:

      Deep fuchsia, warm brown, raisin, tangerine, and berry shades are great for dark-skinned women. For a natural look, choose the Fuschia and light berry shades if you have pink or cool undertones. The tangerine hues will add a splash of colour. For those with golden or warm undertones, warm brown shades or tangerine colours are best. The pinks and berries will add a pop of colour, while the tangerine and tangerine shades can be worn for a natural look.

      When Should You Wear Cool and Warm Blush Tones

      It's easy to decide whether you want to wear a warm- or cool-tone blush. Choose a blush that has the same undertone as your skin to create a natural-looking look. For bolder blushes, choose one with a different undertone than your skin. If you have a warm complexion (a yellow undertone), choose a warm blush shade to give your skin a natural look and a cool shade for some colour. If you have cool skin, it is reversed.

      Finding the Best Face Blush Based on Skin Tones (Cool, Warm or Neutral)

      Blush is essential in your beauty bag. Blush is known for its versatility and ability to instantly brighten your face. This easy-to-use beauty product can be used to create your own look. This beauty staple is equally loved by makeup novices as full-glam lovers.

      Two things are important to remember about blush. First, how it is applied and second, how to choose the right colour; we can help you if you are unsure where to begin.

      Finding the Right Face Blush Depends on Your Skin Type

      It is essential to consider your skin tone when choosing the right blush. It will make it easier to find colours that flatter your skin instead of making you look crappy.

      First, determine your skin colour before you start choosing a face blush shade. After that, you can start to consider your undertones. There are three types: neutral, cool, or warm. There are many ways to determine which category your skin belongs to. That is helpful when choosing a face blush colour. You want it to pop or look natural.

      Put on a white shirt, and you can determine your undertone. Your skin will appear pinker or rosier if it is a cooler tone. Your undertone may be warmer if your skin appears yellow. If you find that you look more attractive in off-white colours than in stark white, it's a sign that you are warm-toned. You have a neutral undertone if both colours don't wash you out.

      You can also check your undertone by looking at the colour of your veins. It is especially important if you have them around your neck or face. You may have cool undertones if you see blue veins. Your veins that appear green indicate warmth.

      Below we'll discuss the best blush colours for your skin. For a natural look, use a blush that matches your skin's undertone. Healthy skin is key to a flawless makeup application. You can make your blush application easier by taking care of your skin.

      You can create a bold, striking look by choosing the opposite undertone to your skin. If you have olive skin, a warm undertone would be a warm blush to create a natural look and a fabulous pink for bolder looks.

      Which face blush is best for Fair Skin Tones?

      Fair skin types should seek out blushes that highlight their skin tone instead of obscuring it. Most of the time, lighter shades look better; however, you could also include a splash of deep shade, too.

      1. Baby Pink

      The colour that performs for those with fair-skinned skin is infant pink. The shade is actually a natural one naturally for people with fair skin. So if you're seeking a true flushed appearance, this colour is an ideal choice.

      1. Peach

      Peach blushes are flattering for all shades of skin, fair and not. If you're looking for something that's more vivid and striking, that baby pink peach could be the perfect shade you're searching for. If you're wearing an undertone of yellow, then this could be extremely attractive (though nearly anyone could do it!).

      1. Plum

      If you're wearing plum blush on a fair skin tone, it's crucial to blend the blush into the other makeup you're wearing. If worn correctly, the plum blush can bring drama and intrigue to fair skin tones.

      Which face blush is best for Medium Skin Tones?

      The vibrant face blush shades are appealing for medium-tone skin—ideal for a feminine and chic look or for something more refined.

      1. Apricot

      Blushes made of Apricot are delicate enough to not take the spotlight from the rest of your makeup, but they are strong enough to be noticed for how beautiful your face blush appears.

      1. Berry

      Berry lets you be bold with your face blush for medium-toned skin. You can add drama with a more intense shade of berry or opt for a lighter one to create a more relaxed appearance.

      Which face blush is best for Olive Skin Tones?

      The olive skin is known as having a warmer or neutral undertone, with an appearance of green.

      1. Warm Peach

      Yes, warm peaches are a little different from regular peaches! This shade can make your olive skin appear radiant and warm. You should avoid cooler colours in order to appear more natural. They could make your skin appear somewhat ruddy. Warm peaches can make your skin appear more radiant just enough.

      1. Rose

      Pick a face blush that is rose If you're looking for an elegant, genuine flush. The colour is generally considered to be the middle of the road for people with olive skin. It's not overly bold or gloomy. It's noticeable, yes, but it'll also appear natural. If you're seeking a casual blush, you've just found the perfect match with rose.

      1. Bronze

      If you're smart in the way you apply the bronze face blush shade, it could be used as a contour, which is the ideal combination of both! This shade is perfect since it gives warmth and radiance to your complexion. If you've got a tan, the shade will help to enhance it, which makes it the perfect shade for summer.

      1. Copper

      Copper is a potent face blush that will bring a natural glow to the skin. If you've got a light complexion, it only requires one swipe of blush. If your skin type is moderate to deep olive, go for a few strokes.

      Which face blush is best for Deep Skin Tones?

      For those with deeper skin tones, you are able to experiment with different face blush shades to create a striking, flirty appearance.

      1. Brick Red

      If you have a deep complexion and a deep complexion, a terra-cotta hue can make your face stand out. Use warm hues for those with more pronounced skin because cool shades can make your skin appear rough and worn. Brick is more powerful than a cool, similar shade, such as the raisin.

      1. Berry

      Berry is the perfect alternative for a night-time look. Begin your day with just some dabs of face blush made of berries, and then build it up when you're ready for a happy hour with your ladies.

      1. Plum

      Plum is a more stunning, bold colour. It is sure to be one of the top shades because of the variety it can be. It's possible to wear it as a regular face blush makeup or make it more dramatic for an event. It's extremely versatile, making it an obvious winner.

      1. Tangerine

      Tangerine is the lively, gentle face blush of your fantasies. This colour is casual and stylish, making it perfect for summertime. Combine it with your other makeup essentials, or pair it with a tiny amount of mascara. You'll look stunning regardless of what.

      How to Apply Face Blush Like A Professional?

      What's the secret to the warm glow that is lit from within? The perfect pink. As with all cosmetics, there's no standard size or style with this essential cosmetic. The ideal shade to use for you will depend on your face's shape, skin tone and type of skin, not to mention your individual style. No matter what someone says, applying makeup is individual and being imaginative is the best part of it.

      However, before you jump into the latest trends or try out new face blush shades, it's crucial to be aware of the fundamentals. Learn how to make soft, rosy cheeks within a matter of minutes.

      1. Determine Which Type of Face Blush Will Be Most Effective To Your Particular Skin Kind

      The face blush comes in a selection of formulas (powder cream, powder and liquids and more), and each one is best suited to specific types of skin, with some crossover and, naturally, some crossover.

      If you're prone to oily skin, then cream blushes can slide across or make your skin oilier. However, powder formulations might be the solution. For those with dry skin, it could be the reverse case: powder formulations could highlight dryness, while cream and liquid formulations can give a hint of moisture to the complexion.

      1. Determine the Right Shade To Match Your Complexion

      When you've decided on the kind of formula you'd like to use, you'll have to choose the right shade. Carrillo suggests that a good spot for starting is in the direction of "Look and see what colour you naturally 'flush' like in the gym or when you go for a run." Be aware of the colour and attempt to replicate it by finding the same shade of blush.

      If you're fair-skinned, mild skin, cool light pink can be a good option. For skin tones with medium tones, you might want to go with a neutral pink and peach hue. For olive skin tones, peach and rose shades tend to look gorgeous. On darker skin tones, warm reds, corals and even hot pink tones make stunning appearances.

      To ensure that your shade appears natural and natural-looking on the skin, ensure that the undertones in your shade match the undertone of your face (cool or warm or neutral). If you're not sure which shade of your undertone is right for you, look here for our tips on how to determine your undertones.

      1. Find the Right Tool

      When you've got your ideal face blush formula, you'll have to make sure that you have the proper tools in your bag. It's best to apply face blush best when applied using an angled, fluffy blush brush. In the case of a liquid or liquid, you can try applying the face blush using your fingers or using a foundation sponge in order to mix. If you're a fan of brushes for makeup, these may be used with liquid and cream formulas as well. Make sure to use synthetic bristles to achieve a more effective blend.

      1. Load the Product

      If you've got everything you require, you're ready to apply. When using a face blusher made of powder, you can begin by lightly moving the brush around in the compact. If you're applying a liquid blush, simply apply it to the skin. Keep in mind that less is more. If you'd like your face blush to be bolder, you can always return to the same shade and layer to add more.

      1. Use Blush Application in a Manner That Flatters Your Face's Contour

      The best way to apply face blusher is by blending it in the cheeks' apples. (Not sure of the location? Look in the mirror. Notice the front part of your cheeks, which pops out whenever you smile? That's them.) However, a different position could look better based on the shape of your face.

      1. Blend It Out

      If you're using a blush made of powder, it is common to first apply it by the back and forth movement utilizing the brush. However, you should always return to the application and blend it using circular motions so that the colour appears more natural and not like stripes of colour.

      How To Get Sun Kissed Effect With Blush?

      We are not aware of anyone who is trying to be burned by the sun, but we do not advocate that you glorify sunburns. What we believe everyone wants in the summer is the flush you feel during a hot summer day. It's not too hot and flushed with an added glow everywhere. It appears healthy and radiant. It's also achievable without sun-related damage. You probably have the majority of the items needed in your arsenal. It's just a matter of planning.

      1. Determine Your Undertone

      While it's not necessary, we do think that finding your undertones and noting the colour of your skin naturally gives you the most natural appearance. Pay attention to the shades that your skin is turning when outside in the sun or the heat. Picking products that resemble those shades will appear the most natural when you create an illusion of sunburned skin. In essence, the focus is on browns, reds, peaches as well as tans.

      If you have green and gold undertones or olive-toned skin, you'll probably need to choose products that are deep and warm intones. If you have a more pronounced skin tone, you're likely to be able to benefit from warm golden tones as well as deep shades of berries.

      1. Find the Perfect Formula

      Formulas for products are another thing that can be personal to you. Any formula can be used well, but if you're looking for the most natural-looking finish listening to your skin can be helpful. We prefer a blend of powder and cream; However, honestly, it's any formula that will work.

      You might want to stick with the powders for skin that are very oily and creams if they are extremely dry on your skin. If you're in the middle as I am, you can combine both will be effective.

      1. Placement Matters

      While the selection of shade and the formula are essential, the most important element to create a fake sunburnt look is the product's positioning, in my view. Consider the areas of your face that receive sunlight and the place where it is first reflected on it. It's at the top of your face, such as cheekbones, cheeks, forehead and nose.

      We prefer to begin with applying my makeup on my full cheeks and blend downward (how the sun strikes your face) on my cheeks over my cheeks, across my forehead and finally onto my cheeks. Most of the time, we apply blush to cheekbones or in a strategically placed spot on the cheeks. However, think about it this way: our skin isn't just reddening strategically. It's generally all over the place, so if you're looking to get your fake sunburnt-looking blush to appear natural, you'll want to create the same appearance.

      1. The Finishing

      We definitely sport an unburnt-looking sun-kissed look that has no eye makeup or lips, just a simple balm that has SPF. However, if you're looking to have a complete beat, we really love wearing this look with a luscious red lip, bronzed eye and a slender brow.

      Areas to Apply Blush Other Than Cheeks

      You might not be aware of it yet, but among the most flexible cosmetics in your makeup kit is blush! It's true; those beautiful face blushers and creams are able to go beyond their usual purpose of making your cheeks appear more radiant. From a simple lipstick tint to applying eye makeup in a pinch using a different compact could transform a simple blush into a multi-tasker. Are you ready to break the rules in regards to the best places to apply your blush? We've provided you with inventive ways to use your blush in more places other than your beautiful face.

      1. Eyeshadow

      Eyeshadows with bright colours are everywhere; however, there's no need to go to the shop even if you don't have one lying in the bottom of your makeup and blush kit. Instead of spending money on something that's brand new, you could reuse your blush. Make use of your brushes or fingers to apply the blush on your eyes and blend it out around the eyelids' crease.

      1. Make a Tint for your lips

      Imagine this scenario: You've got something that is the perfect shade for your lips. The only issue is that it's not the colour of your lips; it's a blush. What you need to apply is a coat of lip balm and blush to your lips to give a subtle shade. Add the gloss to your lips, and you're ready to go.

      1. Use below Your Neckline 

      Don't be unafraid to draw interest below your cheeks by adding a touch of blush to your chest. It can add a touch of definition and will help smooth out or cover any discoloration that is visible below the neckline. The use of a satin blush in makeup is ideal for an ethereal glow. The inclusion of camellia oil provides some water to the delicate skin of your chest.

      1. Make It Centre and Front

      Although it was once an unintentional face-makeup faux pas, however, when done properly, applying a small amount of blush around your nose can be a good thing; by applying blush on the tips on your nose, you'll give your face a youthful appearance like you've had a fun day in the sun. Instead of sticking with your typical blush colour, consider the bronze hue.

      1. Colour Correction

      Correcting colour concealers can be a necessity, particularly if you're suffering from dark circles or dark spots. What do you do when something unattractive appears, and you don't have a corrector at hand? The blush can be used as an alternative to a concealer that corrects colour! To hide dark circles around your eyes, use a pink blush to your eyes, putting on the shade. The red colour will counteract the bluish hue of the dreaded dark circles. If your under-eye area has been filled with blush, you can't keep it the way it is. Apply concealer directly to the area, and nobody will know the difference.

      1. Use it as a Nail Colour

      This tip is an excellent method to make use of a damaged blush and highlighter palette or the final piece from an older blush. You can crush the blush until it is a fine powder, then mix it with uncolored or clear nail polish to make an entirely new nail colour. The sparkle of the blush is an excellent addition to the colour of your nails when you're feeling imaginative!

      1. Make Sure to Balance Your Head

      After applying blush on cheeks, your forehead could begin to look out of proportion. To make it more balanced, it is possible to apply a little blush to your forehead, too. (Plus, it's not a good idea for the forehead area to be like it's been left out!) Make use of a pure blush with a subtle shimmer to warm the area over your brows.

      1. Cheekbones

      It's no secret that dusting the cheeks is one of the most simple ways to apply blush. However, the latest trend in blush draping elevates it to a whole new level. In this method, apply blush similar to how you apply a contour powder or cream to shape your cheekbones. It's equally effective to add more definition to your face but also gives you a warmer and flushed appearance. For a test run for yourself, pick up an emollient blush that is similar to. Take a bite of your cheeks and pucker the lips (a.k.a. create a fishy look) to find out the area where your cheekbones are located, and then apply the blush on the temples and cheekbones.

      1. Apply this to your Chin

      As you add hue to the rest of your face, do not forget about the lower part of your face (now that you're able to remove your mask frequently these days). The addition of the blush to the chin area makes your face appear larger, but applying a tiny amount of a darker shade on your Chin, it will give the face a shape that can enhance your face.

      1. Put a little POW into Your Brow

      Suppose you're still not yet ready to go for the trend of eyebrows that are rainbow, test it out with a touch of blush. Use your fingers to apply the blush lightly into your eyebrows will add some sparkle and define your eyebrows. It will also help them stand out from the rest of your face.

      1. Use under Your Foundation

      When it comes to the best ways to apply blush, we typically think of blush as a final step. But depending on whether you're using a powder or cream blush, it might become the very first product you put on your face. For a natural-looking glow, apply a cream face blusher with a lighter shade on your cheeks prior to applying the foundation. The under blush acts as a blush highlighter and allows for an illuminating glow to be seen underneath your foundation.

      Blush Hacks and Tips

      Of all the beautiful cosmetics available, it is possible to overlook blush as an additional product: It's a rookie error. Just a few strokes of blush can make you appear healthier, and your skin looks younger. It gives a glow that highlighters and bronzers simply cannot duplicate. It can also be an extremely difficult makeup product to apply. It's not as easy as a simple smudge of your cheeks.

      If your blush doesn't stay on its own, you're afraid that you're using the wrong shade or formulation or aren't sure how to begin; we're here to assist. Finding a beautiful, long-lasting, beautiful glow is achievable regardless of whether your skin is dry, oily or simply sweaty. These fantastic blush tips create this incredibly flattering (and surprisingly adaptable) product that fits your facial form, complexion and your lifestyle.

      1. Prepare Your Skin

      For your cheek blush to blend into your skin and remain there all day long, cleanse and moisturize on your face prior to applying blush makeup. A dry (or oily) skin can't hold makeup well; therefore, keeping your skin clean, cleansed, exfoliated, and soft allows makeup to blend seamlessly as well as last for longer.

      To keep your cheek blush lasting longer, begin with a primer for makeup that prepares your skin and creates a non-slip foundation that will last for the duration of the day. If you're not ready to purchase a new cosmetics product, put a layer of blush over makeup or moisturizer with tint in order to make your skin more even and give the blush an ideal foundation to adhere to.

      1. Pick the Right Shade

      Blush doesn't come in a single size. You must choose the appropriate shade that flatters your skin. If you choose a shade that's too dark or bright could actually make you look older instead of providing that youthful glow. It's important to select the shade that is close to your natural flush. The best method to determine what you want is to nudge your cheeks. If you're not sure, here are some suggestions to help you find your perfect shade:

      If you're blessed with fair, pale skin, choose light pinks for a lovely splash of colour that won't cause a smudge on your complexion. Light pink and lilac formulations provide a subtle wash of hue that enhances your fair skin without appearing gaudy.

      If you're blessed with light-medium skin, pick an ethereal pink shade that will create a lovely glow. Because this shade is widely pleasing, if you're uncertain, test it on your own in the desired shade.

      For olive or golden-toned skins, the warm undertones to the skin may be able to stand up to more vibrant, punchier pinks.

      Skin tones with darker shades may be paired with warmer tones with warm undertones, such as an apricot-coloured bright, to create a heavenly glow and stunning results.

      1. The Right Formula

      The right blush for you is not just about the colour. You have to choose the ideal formula, too. There are three kinds or types of blushes: powders, creams and staining.

      If you're prone to oily skin, the cheek stain can work well. They look dewy and will last for years even if your skin tends to get sweaty or possess oily skin. Apply a tiny amount each time. Once it's set in the skin, it can be difficult to fade.

      If you have combination or normal skin, the creamy formulations are excellent types of blushes and have great longevity. Cream blushes are easy to apply for all skin types. It comes in a variety of colours and can give skin a new youthful appearance.

      If you suffer from an oily skin type, use a powder-based formula. Powder blushes are great for smoothing pores and creating an illusion of blurring. Despite common opinion, creams and stains aren't ideal for people with dry skin. They are prone to cracking as they dry, which can accentuate the appearance of dryness.

      1. Use the Right Brush for Applying Blush

      Your makeup only looks like the makeup tools you apply it using, and if you're planning to spend money on equipment, you should invest it in the blush brush! It must be thick natural or vegan hair that is soft and able to disperse the shade. A hair that is packed tightly could take up too much product and saturate your face with colour, but a loser brush picks smaller amounts of the product while giving a gorgeous shade that is powerful enough to be noticeable.

      1. Apply Blush Based on the Face Shape

      Blush is designed to be strategically applied to your face. This means you must consider your bone structure in consideration before applying it.

      Faces with heart-shaped shapes: If you have a face that is long, with prominent cheekbones, and a chin that is narrow, most likely you have a heart-shaped appearance. Apply blush in the "C" shape starting from to the top of your temple towards the cheekbone. Apply more product on the cheekbone and then blend it toward the temple by pushing it back and outwards. Do not go overboard with the application. You're trying to create a blended appearance since it's more than just the cheeks.

      Faces with oblong shapes: If your cheeks, forehead and jawline are roughly the exact sizes, that means you have an oblong-shaped look. Make sure to cover the apple of your cheek with blush, starting from the top of the cheek, then blend hue towards the nose before drawing it to the temple. Put a bit of blush to the forehead and along the edges to tie the appearance together.

      Face with a square shape: If you have straight faces and a straight jawline, then you have an oval face. When you have a square-shaped face, you should fill in the entire cheekbone, starting at the corner of the brow all the way to the hairline. In long, gentle movements, you can sweep blush across your cheekbone, beginning low and then going upwards. Apply blush from the eyebrow to the nose gently and gently, and smoothly.

      Face with a round shape: Your cheeks make up the fullest part of your face, and you have a curly jawline, then you have an oval face. To get the most beautiful blush, stand in front of your mirror and smile, and then stroke blush across your cheeks' apples. With a foundation brush and medium-sized strokes, upwards towards the temple and downwards towards the earlobes, blending.

      Oval faces: If you have a face that is lengthy, with large cheeks, smaller cheek, and a smaller forehead, then your face may be oval. Beginning with the highest point of the cheekbone by gentle strokes, draw blush toward the earlobe, then blend toward the temple. Apply a tiny amount just above the temple, as well, to create harmony.

      1. Blend

      Simply applying blush in the right places isn't enough. You need to ensure you blend it well. Make use of a moist sponge or a firm brush to blend the blush to your face. Make sure that your blush is a natural flush and not clown-like blush makeup. The colour should blend seamlessly without any sharp lines but still give a visible, radiant hue.

      1. Use Tissue

      The translucent powder can be an ideal cosmetic product for setting your makeup. It could make your skin appear dull, particularly when your skin is dry. Instead, apply a blot by putting a tissue on your cheek and then gently pressing the area with the makeup sponge. It absorbs any excess product without dulling your complexion.

      Brush to Apply Blush

      Which one to pick and which one to pick? Sometimes this simple makeup decision can be a little difficult to answer. I bought a beautiful brush set recently. However, I found myself spending hours looking at the various options, which is why I don't use them! Let's begin by discussing an area where brushes aren't too many such as blush brushes.

      Here are three different shapes of blush brushes used to produce very distinct effects even with the same blush colour. From left to right

      1. Small and dense

      This tiny brush is the perfect choice for those who want to make an intense bright pop of colour to your cheeks.

      1. Medium and domed

      The bristles of a domed-shaped brush spread to spread the blush in a manner that appears soft but rosy but not bright.

      1. Angled

      Choose a soft bent brush for a soft, super-believable and diffused cheek colour. It is possible to swirl it around cheeks and then up to the temples without becoming too strong.

      Want to Buy Blush Online? Select the Best Blush in India that Suits You Best

      Berry Blush by FacesCanada

      We present Faces Canada Berry Blush online in 3 stunning shades that flatter all skin tones. Apply a little blush on your cheeks and instantly transform your look into an uplifting, fresh and radiant one! The lightweight blush is highly pigmented and gives your cheeks a gorgeous high definition look by a simple swirl. There are no touch-ups required because this blush is extremely long-lasting and lasts all day long! Natural berry extracts brighten the skin and keep it looking youthful due to the vitamin-rich goji berry, which helps nourish your skin to give it an attractive look. Shea butter in this blush can help keep your skin moisturized. The best thing about this shade is that it's simple to blend and customizable.

      Why Buy This Blush?

      • It gives you an ultra-matte and lightweight finish
      • It is easy to blend and has an intense colour
      • It is long-lasting
      • It is good for the skin

      Perfect Blush by FacesCanada

      Make it a Blush! Blend and build up to your heart's desire with Faces Canada Perfect Blush online. It's easy to apply with a silky smooth texture that is super lightweight and lasts for a long time. A dermatologically tested blush that provides excellent shading. The glowing light-coloured colour gives the cheeks a natural glow. The subtle shimmer of the colour gives the cheeks a natural glow. Its silky texture is super light and lasts for an extended time.

      Why Buy This Blush?

      • It is easy to apply
      • It blends with the skin effortlessly
      • It is light and lasts long
      • It has a silky smooth texture

      Ultime Pro Blush Online by FacesCanada

      This blush gives your cheeks a flawless airbrushed look with a multidimensional effect. The formulation ensures easy uniform application to give you a long-lasting translucent, and sophisticated finish.

      Why Buy This Blush?

      • It blends with the skin effortlessly
      • It is long-lasting
      • It is easy to blend and has an intense colour 

      Things to Keep in Mind before Buying Blush Online

      1. Pick the Right Colour

      Selecting the correct colour of blush can be crucial if you wish to appear healthy and content. If you choose the wrong shade, it can make you appear dull, lifeless or look unkempt, something you want to avoid at all costs.

      1. Take Note of Your Skintone

      Decide if your skin has a warmer or cool undertone. Based on this, pick a colour that is suitable for your skin. It will add an extra dimension to your face. It can help to highlight and lift your cheekbones. For, e.g. If you have cool undertones, go for peachy tones. If you're blessed with an undertone that is warm, the pink family is ideal for you.

      1. Skin Colour Matters

      It is essential for a blush to complement the colour of your skin. For a blush that pops and creates a natural flush, pick the right shades for your skin shade. For fair skin, delicate blush pink colour and soft peaches are good choices. For medium skin tones, warm shades such as mauve are great. For darker skin, dark shades such as brown or berry work well.

      1. Select the Correct Shade

      In deciding on the right colour of your blush, you must first take into consideration your complexion's tone along with your undertone. Skin tones are the ones you can see on the outside, your complexion. Undertones are the things we don't detect, such as your hidden colour or underneath colour, she explains. To find your undertone, she suggests looking at the inner side of your wrists in natural light. There, you'll be able to see yellow and green or purple and blue veins. If you've got a blue hue, there are cool undertones, but when your veins appear green, you're warm. Can't tell? You're somewhere in between and are thought to be neutral.

      The undertone of your skin will assist you in choosing the ideal blush shade. If your skin has a warming undertone, you should opt for warmer blushes. However, they insist on the fact that makeup is all you create it to be. You can pick the colour that appeals to you.

      1. Choose the Most Effective Formula

      As for formulation? You can pick between liquid, cream or powder, based on your preferences and occasion. Powder blush is placed on the skin's surface and is the first thing to take off, particularly during hot summer days.

      It's also crucial to choose the product with the kind of finish you prefer and is a good fit for your skin type, regardless of whether it's dry, oily or a combination. If you're prone to dry skin and would prefer a matte look, you can still apply liquid blush. You just need to make sure you choose one that is able to dry down to a matte finish and is non-oil-based. If you suffer from dry skin, a cream or liquid blush could be the best option, but there are powder blushes made with primers.

      Mistakes to Avoid While Using Blush

      1. Selecting The Wrong Shade That Matches Your Face Tone

      As a principle, you should choose the colour of blush you select to be a reflection of what your cheeks appear like when you are flushed naturally.

      1. Utilizing The Wrong Formulation To Suit Your Skin Type

      Much as when trying to choose the best foundation formula, There are numerous kinds of face blushers that are suitable for different skin types. From traditional powders to creams and even translucent tints, there are numerous types of blushers available. What is the best blush in India for you? For those with oily skin, what is the best option for you? For oily skin, start by applying a cream blush after that, an even dusting of blush powder with a similar colour to hold the product and give it a longer-lasting look. If you're dealing with dry skin, the slightest dab of cream blush or even a tint provides the dewy glow that you're seeking. If you're layering your face blusher with the foundation, you'll need it to blend easily. Creams and liquids work well together, while powder foundation can be used with a face blusher palette.

      1. Applying Too Much

      Yes, we are aware of this, but it is important to apply less than what you require. If you are unsure, cut only half of the amount you wish to put on. It's possible to increase it; however, it's much more difficult to remove it.

      1. Blending Not Working

      The face blusher is meant to mimic the areas you naturally blush. If you don't blend, you will end up with a stripey face. The answer? Excellent makeup brushes, of course.

      What's The Best Way to Apply Blush for My Face Shape?

      If you apply blush, take a look back at the moment from a well-loved musical. Imagine Julie Andrews pinching her cheeks in The Sound of Music in the hope of appearing like she was flushed. Experts are of the opinion that adding a dash of colour to the apples of your cheeks is a reliable application technique for all facial types. If you're not sure what the apple of your cheeks is, try making a big smile and then blending the colour to the top of your cheek. After applying your colour, blend upwards and outwards in order to create a soft, blended look, but be sure that you don't blend the colour too close to the nose or toward your eyes that could drag your eyes down.

      Applying blush to the cheeks' apples is always an excellent option, but there are a few basics you can refer to if you're looking to personalize your application according to your facial shape. Square and oval-shaped faces can be best served by the traditional method of application as described above. In the case of heart-shaped or round faces are a good candidate for applying blush along the cheekbones beginning at the outer edge that is visible. It can help create the appearance of more defined facial features.

      To get a sun-kissed appearance, apply blush on your nose. While this technique of applying blush has been gaining popularity on TikTok in recent times, it's nothing new. It creates the appearance of a bonne mine, meaning that it improves the appearance of skin health. To get this look of flush, apply blush on your cheeks. Then, use the colour left in the brush smooth across the surface of your nose. It will create the illusion of a flush, which cool breezes or vigorous exercise could naturally bring. If your skin is more oily, the method may not work for your skin type as the natural sebum can cause the colour of the nose to change and appear blotchy later during the daytime.

      Add The Perfect Glow To Your Cheekbones With Faces Canada Blush Online

      The Faces Canada assortment of blush makeup palettes includes various shades that complement all skin tones. Read on to find out the best blush in India for you.

      1. Faces Canada Berry Blush

      Introducing Faces Canada Berry Blush online in 3 stunning shades that complement different complexions. This lightweight blush powder is profoundly pigmented and gives your cheeks a super mattified, top-quality wrap-up. It is enriched with skin-brightening natural berry extracts and nutrient-rich goji berry that maintains the youthful gleam. The moisturization factor is taken care of by the shea butter component. 

      • Hop to the beach: Promises a brilliant sun-kissed color that gives a flawless flushed shine—ideal for the individuals who prefer a natural-looking orangish tinge. 
      • Call me honey: Perfect for a super stylish peachy makeup look that’s perfect for a brunch date as well as a night out with your friends.
      • Love vibes only: This shade offers a dominant pink tint perfect to define your cheekbones while looking stunning for your date night.
      1. Faces Canada-Perfect Blush

      Easy to apply with a plush surface that feels very light and long lasting, this is a dermatologically tested blush that comes in striking hues perfect for a flawless finish. The silicons present make it easy to blend. This blush is recommended for everyday use. It is perfect for a day out on the beach as well as a dinner party.

      1. Ultra Pro HD Light camera blush

      The blossom and roseate shades give your cheeks an impeccable, glamorous lift. The formulation guarantees simple uniform application, making it easy to apply while also effortlessly staying on for a long time. It is also recognised as the best blush in India.

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      While you peruse our new blush collection, you can also check out our other face makeup products.

      Start off in the right direction by buying foundation online. As it is the base for any look, finding the right foundation is a must. Try our new collection of light weight face primers as well. Both of these new lines garnered positive reviews from our clientele.

      Faces Canada also sells highlighter online at affordable prices. You can buy our face palette or the Ultime Pro Blendfinity stick and experience comfort and style in one small package! In fact, if you are looking for a concealer online, don’t look further! Faces Canada has you covered there as well. 

      Why choose Faces Canada?

      Faces Canada is a globally recognized brand that always puts its customers first. We cater to many different skin types and complexions and are continuously working to make our brand more inclusive and diverse. Our experts use advanced technology and the highest-quality ingredients to make safe, convenient and affordable products. 

      Faces Canada ensures that all our products are dermatologically tested and cruelty-free. Moreover, we are constantly evolving to find more sustainable ways of makeup production. So keep shopping with us to get the newest and latest products! 


      How do you apply blush correctly?

      Follow these steps for the perfect blush makeup look.

      Step 1: Decide on the formulation that will suit your skin

      Step 2: Find the ideal blush shade that will suit your complexion

      Step 3: Take a blush brush for application and blending

      Step 4: Apply your blush on your cheekbones if you want an uplifted look. If you want a softer look, you can apply your blush on the apples of your cheeks

      Step 5: Make sure you apply the blush equally on both sides; do not apply blush in circular motions.

      Why do we blush our noses?

      Applying blush to your nose makes for a soft, natural look. Also, if you don’t want to garner all the attention to your cheeks, you can blush your nose and apply a small amount on your forehead and your chin. 

      Can I apply blush on bare skin?

      Indeed, one can apply blush on bare skin without any preliminary foundation. However, it is wise to prepare your skin with a face primer before blush application. You will notice a distinguishing difference in the aftermath of the two scenarios. 

      The perfect blush for you depends upon your face shape, complexion, skin type, and also on your very own signature statement. In any case, before you plunge into the most recent pattern or trend with new blush tones, you must trial and error your way to understanding which blush and blush application technique suits you best.

      Where to Apply Blush Correctly?

      Blush placement could transform your entire face, creating instant lift effects to your look.

      1. Begin by using an angled makeup brush. Apply a small amount of a blush made from cream.

      2. Examine your facial form. Instead of applying blush with an apple-on cheeks method, focus on the highest point of your cheekbone and place it in the areas you want to highlight and define.

      3. With a circular tap, gently massage the product into your skin by moving it up towards your temple.

      4. For those who have high cheekbones, such as Anele, this method can be extremely flattering since it accentuates the facial contours and defines your face in one swift swipe.

      5. For those who have more round, prominent cheeks, applying blush on the central portion of the cheek improves the appearance of this feature and gives it a more pronounced and attractive glow.

      Can I Wear Blush Every Day?

      It is technically possible to wear blush throughout the day. If you're prone to irritation, then you should choose the right blush for your skin type, and it is appropriate to wear it throughout the day. Naturally, at the end of the day, or prior to going to bed, you should always wash your face.

      Which Is Better Powder Or Cream Blush?

      If you're looking for a sophisticated or professional makeup look, Powder blush is the best choice every time. It's a perfect fit and offers the makeup professional or you more excellent precise application. Cream blush is your best option for a more natural, summer-like look. It's soft, doesn't feel heavy, and can be layered over BB cream.

      What Type Of Blush Is Suitable For Dry Skin?

      If you have dry skin, you'll be fine with all face blusher kinds, but if you prefer the look of ethereal dew, go for using a moisturizer cream, gel or serum-based formula. For a more dramatic look, you can apply a face blusher made of powder in similar colours over the top.

      Can You Wear Blush Without Foundation?

      Yes, you can apply blush in place of foundation or primer. There is no need to apply primer prior to applying your makeup; however, applying primer to your skin prior to the application of the blush is an ideal idea. It will help create an air barrier between your skin and makeup. It will prevent your makeup from blocking your pores.

      Can You Wear Blush Alone?

      Yes, you can apply blush in place of foundation or primer. It is not necessary to prepare your skin prior to applying makeup; however, prepping your skin prior to application of the blush is recommended. It will help create an insulating layer between both.

      Can You Apply Blush With Fingers?

      Yes, you can apply blush by using your fingers.

      Should You Put Blush On Your Nose?

      Yes, you can put blush on your nose. You may also decide to apply the blush to the top of your nostrils as well as the cheeks' apples.

      Can I Apply Lipstick As Blush?

      Your lipstick could double as a lasting blush cream that you apply to your cheeks. It's an exceptionally commonly used alternative to lipstick, and with an excellent reason. If you're caught stuck with your makeup, the blush lipstick could double as a lasting cream blush for your cheeks.

      Should Blush Be Applied Before Or After Highlighter?

      If you're using blush, bronzer and highlighter, you must make sure that you use them in the correct order. The bronzer is applied first, followed by blush, and finally highlighter. Bronzer should be on the lower part of the cheekbone, blushing on your apples and highlighter on the top of your upper cheekbone.

      Read more