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      Lipsticks are a daily part of our lives and there is a wide variety of shades, types, finishes, and lipstick best brands available. If you love lip colors, knowing about them in a little detail can help you become a pro at them. There are many rights and wrongs that accompany lipsticks but a little knowledge can help you become a pro at them so that you don’t make mistakes with these amazing and versatile makeup items. Just as important as it can be to be on top of our looks in today's society, they can provide the edge while making contact and meeting new people.

      History of lipstick

      Living in the 21st century, we are quite familiar with a range of lipsticks. Lip pigments that we know of now have gone through a long evolution.

      The historical backdrop of it goes back hundreds of years and ages. Lipstick isn't new; however, indeed, certain details may be. They have advanced to such an extraordinary degree that we can now customize our look as indicated by complexions and shades. Different brands have gone through various handling stages to get amazing shades and pigmentation. Not at all like bygone day lipsticks, cutting edge lipsticks consolidate different leafy foods, natural oils, and more to hydrate, feed, and make your lips frown prepared. Likewise, a wide scope of lipstick conceals is accessible, from prevailing red lipstick to nonpartisan shade lipstick. They likewise arrive in a long-lasting waterproof matte lipstick or shimmery completion to keep them glowy or mix with complexion.

      In old times, cosmetics were a superficial point of interest and all kinds of people enjoyed putting on cosmetics. Aside from its aesthetic qualities cosmetics additionally had restorative allure. Individuals from the Sumerian civilization can be credited as the earliest clients of lipsticks. The stain was obtained from normally happening substances like natural products, henna, dirt rust, and obvious bugs. Mesopotamian ladies were a little on the fancier side and utilized ground valuable gems to add tone and sparkle to their lips.

      The first use of “lipstick” can be credited to ancient Sumerian civilization, where people crushed gemstones and applied the pigment around their eyes and lips 5000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians (3000 1500 BC) applied red lipstick as a symbol of power and its shades were achieved through crushing various insects, animal remains, or plants. Egyptians, maybe, were the primary genuine lipstick darlings. Attractive colors like purple and dark were common. They collected their shade source from a few rather fascinating sources, for example, the carmine color that was gotten from grounded cochineal bugs. Truth be told, the carmine color is as yet utilized in lipsticks and different items. In any case, Egyptians utilized unsafe substances like lead and a blend of bromine, man-nite and iodine that might bring in infectious disease or even demise.

      In Japan likewise, ladies wore thick cosmetics and dull online lipsticks obtained from tar and beeswax. It was uniquely in Greek Empire, its utilizationwas related to prostitution and whores were under commitment to wearing dull lips, by regulation.

      Around about 9AD, an Arab alchemist named Abulcasis designed the solid consistency lipstick. He at first made a stock for applying aroma which could then be squeezed into a form. He attempted a similar strategy with colors and created strong lipstick. 

      With the approach of Christianity and rigid convictions, the congregation censured the utilization of lipsticks or any cosmetics, besides. Red lips were related to Satan's love, and ladies wearing them were associated with being alchemists and witches. Aside from whores, no self-regarding ladies wore hued lips. Lip treatments, be that as it may, were well known and adequate. Ladies hence covertly added shading to ointments or turned to squeezing, gnawing, or scouring lips with different materials to cause them to seem redder.

      The lipstick re-showed up during Queen Elizabeth's reign in England. She advocated pale white skin and red lips, however, even the accessibility was confined to honorable women or entertainers and entertainers who showed up on the stage. Till around three centuries from there on, it only stayed available to entertainers and whores.

      Till the late 1800s, almost all lipstick was DIY, made from carmine dye extracts from insects called cochineal Around the timeline of 1884 AD French scent organization named Guerlain turned into the main organization to deliver them economically. They made their lipsticks from fat, beeswax, and castor oil and it was then enveloped by silk paper. At this time, it was not sold in the convenient metal or plastic tubes we know today. Instead, it was sold in paper tubes, small pots, or wrapped in paper.

      By the the1920s, it had made a super durable spot in the regular routines of ladies. In 1923, James Bruce Mason Jr. made the turn-up tube and gave us present-day lipstick as far as we might be concerned today. The design symbols of the day were the quiet time celebrities and individuals re-made their dull lips. Plums, cherries, aubergines, dull reds, and browns were the most pursued tones in this period. It was reasonably and efficiently manufactured. Magazines urged ladies to wear sharp tones and ladies determinedly withstood.

      By 1912, fervent use of cosmetics was common in fashionable women in Western culture. Metal lipstick tubes became available in 1911, making it easier and more convenient for women to reapply them on the go.

      In 1923, the first swivel-up lipstick tube, the design of which is still commonly used today, was patented by James Bruce Mason Jr. During WWII, metal tubes were replaced by plastic tubes.

      By 1930 they had became popular in other parts of the world as well. Liquid, the semi-matte formula was invented in 1990 and was widely used till the early 2000s when shimmery lip glosses took the world by storm. It was 2015 when waterproof matte lipstick became widely available.

      Kinds of Lipstick Online

      Creamy Lipstick

      Creamy lipsticks are the traditional lipsticks that come in bullet containers with screwing, push-up bottoms. These have a velvety finish and are smooth. But they come in a solid form and have a smooth and velvety finish. Their formula is mostly oil or wax heavy, compared to the pigment present. They are buildable and the color and depth and transparency of the shade depend on the amount applied. They are mostly used to create natural looks that are perfect for day makeup because the formula reflects light and doesn’t look too intense. Creamy lipsticks are extremely versatile and almost any shade looks good in this formula. hd nude indian shades have become very popular recently and they look the best in the creamy consistency. Even bold colors of the Faces Canada lipstick crayon range can be used every day since they are extremely hydrating and do not dry out lips.

      • Liquid Lipstick

      One of the most popular forms of lipsticks today is lipstick liquid. The high pigmentation that provides a mostly opaque coverage with one coat is its primary point of attraction. These contain the pigmentation of solid lipstick and the consistency of thick lip gloss. They are to be applied like a smooth coat on the lips which reminds many of candy apples and there shouldn’t be streaks while application. Liquid lipsticks are easy to apply and come in tubes with a wand applicator or in pump tubes. These are known for their longevity and create bold, striking looks, even with lighter lipstick shades. Products like Faces Canada liquid lipstick online are perfect for the everyday use of people who do not like reapplying makeup frequently.

      • Matte  Lipstick

      A comparatively new lipstick shades is long-lasting waterproof matte lipstick. True waterproof matte lipstick doesn't shine due to the reduced light reflection. True mattes come in liquid forms but bullet mattes have also recently become available. They aren’t completely matte however since solid lipsticks need some emoluments to build. Matte lipsticks are extremely long lasting waterproof lipsticks since they can’t be rubbed off easily. They’re bold and dull because the pigment concentration is higher than the oil or wax. Even though Faces Canada's weightless lipstick can last all day, they aren’t suitable for daily use by people who have dry or chapped lips. It is important to exfoliate and hydrate lips before using these to prevent streaks and patches.

      • Bullet Lipstick

      Bullets are highly-pigmented lipsticks that deliver unparalleled color payoff in a silky-smooth, plush-matte formula. The Great wars were the origin of these online lipsticks. The war made beauty into a tactic for everyone, from collaborators to spies to housewives. For the first time in history, woman-power had become a factor in war - a woman’s lipstick became an instrument of personal morale. Around this time, Helena Rubinstein specifically designed her packaging to look like a bullet and hence began the usage of the term, bullet lipstick.

      Lipstick Shades

      Now that you understand the formulas, you need to know about the lipstick shades, especially how to choose the right one. The right lipstick shade depends on the tone of your skin and the wrong lipstick shade can be an eyesore that needs to be avoided.

      Light Tones

      People with light skin tone tend to prefer lipsticks that are a little warm to produce contrast. As an everyday long lasting lip color that looks natural, choose shades that are two in one lipstick shades darker than your natural lip color so that it can provide good contrast. Corals and warm pinks are great for day looks. Dusty long lasting waterproof lipstick red colour lipstick and brown beige lipstick nude is great for a bolder look. Using shimmer gloss over your lighter lipstick shade will make you look angelic and is a fun idea that makes your lip color unique.


      If you have a medium skin tone, you may opt for warm colors like red and taupe for natural looks. However, if you want to be fun and bold, bright pink lipstick, cool oranges like Faces Canada amber lipstick, brownish reds Faces Canada brown lipstick, and beige nudes are perfect for you. Glossy lips look great on you but for longevity, you can choose creams as well.


      If you have tan or olive skin, any shade of waterproof lipstick red color and orange will look natural on you. You might want to stay away from beige and light brown because that blends with your skin tone. Dark maroons, warm pinks, reddish browns will provide a stark contrast and stand out beautifully too. You will find many Faces Canada lipstick shades that will be perfect. Even though sticking to long-lasting waterproof matte lipstick will be safer, you can also go for the glossy formulas for dark long lasting lip colors. Do stay away from iridescent shimmer though.


      Finding lipstick shade for a dusky skin tone can be quite easy. The one thing you have to remember is to stay away from cool lipstick shades. You can carry every shade with warm undertones but dark cherry reds or reddish browns are your best friends for everyday looks. Purple lipstick shades like Faces Canada hot plum lipstick, wine, burgundy, or dark beige nudes are the best waterproof lipstick in India for you too. You may want to stay away from the shimmer and waterproof matte lipstick, while the cream formula will be better.

      Pick Your Lipstick colour according to your skin tone 

      1. Lipstick shades for dusky skin

      Choosing a lipstick is by no means a simple task as there are too many guidelines to decide on the most suitable lipstick lip colour for one's skin tone. But when it comes to women with medium or dusky skin tones, it becomes even more so puzzling. What complements the dusky skin are hues of red and pink such as maroon, burgundy, and cherry! A nude lipstick shade that is not too light looks great as well. However, the bright lipstick shades like coral and orange are a big NO here. Anyhow, one can experiment with matte and gloss looks, as it always looks gorgeous on dusky divas

      2. Lipstick shades for fair skin

      People with fair or light skin must try light pink, coral, peach, nudes, or beige. If one has cool undertones, a soft mocha and nude should come off beautifully. Warm undertones can try pale pinks or a nude with a little peach. You also can’t go wrong with a red lipstick lip colour. If you want a subtle wash of red or even a glam statement look, waterproof lipstick red color is a must-have for any makeup bag!

      What are lipstick undertones and how to choose the right one

      Lipstick undertones are similar to body undertones. If a lipstick colour has an undertone of orange, peach, golden or red then it will fall under the category of warm-toned lipsticks. The color hints toward the warmer section of the color wheel.

      A cool-toned lipstick colour hints towards the other side of the color wheel and has tones of blue, light green, purple, and pink. In the beginning, when one is a makeup novice, it can be tricky to identify if a shade is a warm-toned or cool-toned lipstick.

      How to Identify Cool Undertones: 

      You can say you are cool-toned if you have a pink, red, or bluish hue to your skin. You can also tell your undertone is cool if the veins in your wrist look blue, or also if your skin tends to burn in the sun before getting a tan.

      How to Identify Warm Undertones: 

      You can say you are warm-toned if you have a yellow, golden, or olive hue to your skin. You can also tell your undertone is warm if the veins in your wrist appear green (versus blue), or also if you tend to tan easily in contrast to getting burned

      How to Identify Neutral Undertones: 

      You can say you are neutral-toned if you have a mix of pink and yellow at the base of your skin. You can also tell your undertone is neutral if the veins in your wrist are neither green nor blue and look different or maybe a blend of the two colors.

      Checklist for buying lipsticks online

      Buying lipstick online can be a hassle for some while leisure for others. In any case, the following guidelines will help you out-

      ·   Quality - 

            It's always recommended to go for quality when buying lipstick online. Sure, it can cost more, but a long lasting waterproof lipstick that look fabulous until its last breath and also won't be as harmful to the skin has always got to be the first pick. So be sure to go for the better waterproof lipstick brands rather than the local ones.

      ·   Fix a budget- 

            This is the second most significant thing to remember. Going a little overboard on lipstick is an easy decision. Try not to purchase a costly lipstick and lament later. Search for the brands as indicated by your spending plan. Assuming your spending plan is low, search for the best waterproof lipstick in India.

      ·   Skin Tone - 

           Always keep in mind your skin tone before buying lipstick online. Buy lipstick online shades that complement your skin tone, because otherwise, it can be a blunder.

      ·   Personalization - 

             It's always necessary to personalize lipstick colour. By this we mean fact-checking. Some chemicals present in the lipstick can seep down to the bloodstream, so it's important to check the ingredients and contents first so that you don’t get an unwanted allergic reaction. Try to buy products with the lesser ingredients, as then it would be easier for you to understand them and not to mention, safer too.

      ·   Dynamics - 

           Your skin changes throughout your life. So it is important to keep up with the trends your skin follows and adjust accordingly. Skin tone, gradient, and luster are important properties, so keep in mind to change your lipstick shades as these factors change with your age.

      ·   Patch Test - 

            Test your product on your forearm or any other part of your body and keep it for 24 hours to check for any rashes or reactions that might develop.

      ·   Check Shelf Life - 

            Before buy lipstick online, you need to check its shelf life. You need to check the date of expiry as well as the date on which it was manufactured. Normally long lasting waterproof lipsticks online have an approximate shelf life of three years. However, some stores will try to get rid of their products, which are around a year old to finish the old stock. If that happens, you only have two more years of shelf life. So, it is always best to check the shelf life before lipstick online shopping and maximize the value for money. The vast majority of the long lasting waterproof lipsticks have an expiry date of a long time from fabrication, but some could have just two years of the timeframe of realistic usability. Flip the lipstick shades case and search for the expiry date. It is normally written as '24M' where 24 is the number and M addresses months.

      ·   Don't fall for Repetition - 

            Keep in check the lipstick shades you already own or have tried. Don't always buy the same lipstick shades you have been using all along. This will prevent hoarding of similar items and also, trying out something new lipstick shades is also important, right. This way the door of possibilities will always remain open.

      ·       The Brand- 

            Numerous assortments of lipsticks are accessible with Indian and worldwide brands. You can attempt a couple prior to choosing the sort you need. Search for the great long lasting lipstick in India.

      ·   Expiry Date- 

           This is otherwise called the timeframe of realistic usability of the lipsticks. Very much like different beauty care products, lipstick shades additionally have an expiry date, which extremely less of us know about.

      ·   Crème or Matte? - 

            This is the hardest choice to make. However, since it's late spring, I would propose you get a long-lasting waterproof matte lipstick online. The crème finish lipstick shades falls behind in fortitude when contrasted with the matte ones. So, choose for yourself which one you need for your lips.

      ·       Search for originality- 

            The market is loaded with fakes. Also, the amusing truth is, you will not have the option to recognize a phony and a genuine one without any problem. So never purchase lipsticks from the neighborhood sellers or an obscure lipstick online shopping site. Search for the marked stores close by to buy long lasting waterproof lipstick.

      ·       Look through the lipstick online Reviews carefully- 

            There are sure sites that are devoted to posting beauty care products audits. Check the surveys of the lipstick brand on the web. This will assist you with making a reasonable buy.

      ·       Take a look at the ingredients-

            Assuming you're sensitive to specific fixings, check the fixing list prior to getting it. Stay away from parabens.

      ·       Stay true to the type you need- 

            Try not to be confused between the shade and the sort. Be certain which kind of lipstick shades you need. A sparkle, a long lasting waterproof matte lipstick, the color of a silk one. Right now, one requirement is to appropriately conclude which kind of lipstick shades you need. Likewise, remember the climate and the reason.

      Lipstick Hacks

      1.     How to prep your lips for perfect lipstick application

            Ignoring lip care can be as devastating as ignoring skincare, especially if you use lipstick on a daily basis. Lipsticks with dry formula will be inapplicable on chapped lips and even smooth crémes often look patchy. However, proper lip care can solve these problems easily.

            Hydrating and moisturizing lips is very easy and can be easily incorporated into your daily skincare routine.

            You have to exfoliate your lips once or twice a week to get rid of all the dry skin that flakes off from the lips. You can buy lip exfoliators but can easily make one at home with petroleum jelly, brown sugar, and essential oils, the complete process can be found later in the article. Hydrating the lips is the next step and has to be done daily to achieve smooth lips. You can use lip balms that are organic and do not contain a lot of chemicals.

            These balms need to be applied at least twice daily, once before you go to sleep and before you do your makeup.

            Before applying lipstick you can also use lip masks that hydrate lips but using serums can also help. This helps make your lips smooth and supple, providing a great canvas where you can work with any type of lipstick without issues.

            After lip care comes lip prep where you use products that help stay the longest and apply properly.

            The first step toward lip preparation involves lip primer. Using a lip primer helps smoothen any lines or cracks on your lips so your lipstick can apply smoothly and stay smooth too.

            Even though dedicated primers for lips are better, you can also use your face primer for a similar effect.

            If you want the lipstick color that is visible in Faces Canada lipstick swatches you should use your concealer or foundation and apply it lightly throughout your lips and blend properly with the surrounding skin lipstick colour.

            Make sure you line your lips so the color doesn't bleed and apply your favorite long lasting waterproof lipstick canadian nudes and enjoy the best makeup look ever.

      2.     Lipstick Longevity

      Many people prefer wearing Faces Canada matte lipstick or dry lipsticks that are difficult to remove because of their longevity. But for many people who have dry skin, long-lasting waterproof matte lipstick  are unsuitable for everyday use since they draw out moisture which can be very harmful in the long run. Cream lipstick and oil-based lipsticks are your friends but they have their own problems. They are not very lasting because they are extremely transferable. Every time you drink or eat anything, you will lose pigment, and reapplying too frequently can be annoying. Luckily, there are easy hacks that can make your waterproof lipsticks stay a little longer.


      The easiest and least time-consuming is the use of loose powder. Apply two or three layers of your crème finish waterproof lipstick brands.

      Once it's dry, hold a thin tissue paper over your lips.

      Take any loose powder on a fluffy brush and dab on the area of your lips over the tissue paper.

      If you feel the color seems too dull or light, apply the color again and repeat the process.

      This helps set the lipsticks and the layer of powder protects it from sweat and smear. Buy a lipstick set online. 

      You can use all kinds of loose powder but using your setting powder works the best for this process.

      This also helps the lipstick look a little matte without completely drying your lips.


      Another great hack that prevents smudge and transfer is blotting.

      After applying a few layers of Faces Canada red lipstick, use tissue paper or a cotton handkerchief and dab your lips lightly.

      This leaves behind a stain of the original lipstick color so you would need to apply the pigment again and repeat the process twice or thrice to achieve the required color.

      This is the best way of ensuring your lipstick doesn't smear easily while also maintaining its original lipstick shine and texture. 

          Lip liner base

      Creating a good base becomes essential for crème lipsticks. Applying a primer helps but making sure that the lipstick color lasts longer with the best pigment. 

      To make sure your bold look doesn't look dull you can use the simple trick of making the base with the color itself.

      You can buy lip liners that are sold together with your Faces Canada lipstick or you can try and find a shade closest to the lipstick from other places.

      Apply the same shade of lip liner throughout your lips and find a lip liner one shade darker to create the outline.

      Then apply your lipsticks properly and make sure they are dry before you go out.

      Whichever method you use, remember that they do not stop smudge but only slow down the transfer. So remember to always carry your lipstick if you want to keep your look intact.

      3. Removing lipstick

      ·       Liquid

      You can use solvents such as any oil or Vaseline to remove liquid lipstick. Use a cotton swab dabbed in the solvents and rub it over your lips, that should do fine. Even lip balms will also do fine in this aspect. You can also use lip scrubs available in the market. 

      ·       Matte

      Waterproof matte lipstick are often very drying, and you can’t totally rely on water or wet wipes to take off your lipstick. Instead, dip a Q-tip in a cream or an oil-based cleanser and then apply it to your lips and let it stay for a few minutes. Then use the clean side of the Q-tip to gently wipe off your lipstick. Q-tips are effective for removing your lipstick because they don’t smear or spread the color around your lips. Just in case there is any color left on your lips, repeat the previous steps until it is completely gone.

      ·       Creme

      Begin with a cotton pad and some warm water. Soak the pad in some lukewarm water and massage your lips for some time while trying to rub off the lipstick. As the color starts to soak into the cotton swab, clean your lips with the neat portion of the cotton. To remove the residual color, apply some petroleum jelly and keep it for a while. Later on, rub it off with another swab. And well, that will do it.

      Lipstick DIYs

      Ombre Lips

      The ombre effect has become extremely popular in beauty. It started mainly from nail art but is now commonly used in hair colors, eye makeup, and now lips.

      By ombre, we understand the blend of two colors seamlessly. It is generally from the lighter shade to the darker shade of the same color but the ombre blend can be achieved by two different colors too but that might make the process a little more difficult.

      Ombre lips if done correctly can look extremely beautiful. The process is quite easy if you understand it well.

      The first part is to choose the correct colors. You have to keep in mind that not every color looks good together. The safer option is to apply age-old combinations like baby pink and cherry red or brown and beige lipstick nude color. Many such colors are available with Faces Canada lipstick shades.

      Apply the darker shade as an outline and the lighter shade on the inside. Take a flat brush and blend them together by drawing the darker color towards the lighter one and vice versa until there are no hard lines.

      Applying a gloss or lip balm can make the lip look better. 

      This method is used for horizontal or outside to inside ombre look but the same method can be used for them all.

      For instance, you can apply a dark color on the corners of your lip and a lighter one in the middle and blend them.

      Once you are familiar with the process, you can also create looks with dissimilar colors like lipstick red and black or blue and pink, etc.

      Lip scrub

      Exfoliating lips is very important to ensure healthy lips but it can be quite costly.

      It is better to make it at home since the main ingredients are everyday items that are easily available around the house.

      For gentle lip exfoliation, you can use powdered sugar, honey, and coconut oil. These are the base ingredients.

      Take two tablespoons of powdered white or brown sugar and mix with 1 tablespoon honey and half a tablespoon organic coconut oil.

      The consistency should be right before a paste, meaning the sugar should clump together but should still be powdery.

      You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oils like peppermint or lavender for an elevated smell. It is also possible to substitute coconut oil for extra virgin olive oil.

      The honey helps fight against irritation and provides hydration and the oil helps soak in and lock the moisture.

      You can create any concoction of smells and flavors while keeping the base of the lip scrub intact.

      Warnings while Buying Lipsticks Online

      It is very important to use good waterproof lipstick brands since lips are a delicate area. There is also a tendency for us to eat lipstick when we eat or drink things. Thus, before buying lipsticks, it is absolutely essential to read the list of ingredients for each lipstick. Look out for any harmful chemicals or substances that you are allergic to, in your product. Before applying the product, always swatch on your arm or below the ear and wait for a day to make sure you are not allergic to the product. Another thing to remember; try your best never to purchase lipsticks online. Color tends to seem a little different in photographs and may disappoint you in reality, so don't buy lipstick online. Many lipsticks online sites are untrustworthy, selling counterfeit goods that are difficult to distinguish from genuine goods. The second point is crucial. Know your skin tone and make your choices accordingly. Never follow current trends or fads. The final suggestion is a lifesaver. When purchasing lipstick, never rush. Go to the store and try on the lipstick, then take your time to pick the best option. Check to see if the color is right for you if it's spotty or not, and then try the shade before deciding.

      If you are buying lipsticks online, read through the reviews properly. You should also look for pictures of Faces Canada liquid lipstick swatches on skin tones that match your own to make sure the color is suitable for you. Also, lipsticks that proclaim to be quasi transferable have a tendency to quickly dry out the lips. Non-transferable lipsticks should always be avoided to avoid chapping and drying of the lips. If you really want a non-transferable lipstick, look for other aspects like whether or not it has moisturizing properties. An excellent lipstick, on the other hand, should hydrate and protect your lips. As a result, non-transferable lipsticks should be avoided.

      Understanding these basic rules about lipsticks and knowing ways to make them the most perfect, can always help you alleviate your makeup look. By following these tricks and hacks, you will never face a problem with your lipsticks.

      Daily Wear Lipstick according to your skin tone

      Even with a very light makeup look we need to wear lipsticks and nude lipsticks are the best when it comes to daily use. However, picking the perfect nude shade for your skin tone may not be as easy as it sounds. Nude lipstick shades give you the perfect blend with your makeup but choosing the wrong shade can also ruin your whole makeup. Here’s how to choose the perfect nude shade for daily wear.

      For Fair Skin Tones:

      Nude Lipsticks with Pink undertones will be the perfect get-go with your pale, fair skin tone for daily wear. The nude shade will blend in perfectly with your skin tone and the pink shade will blend beautifully with your natural pink lips to give you the ‘natural daily wear’ look. While choosing a nude lipstick for fair skin, paying close attention to your complexion and undertones will help with choosing the perfect shade. If you have warm undertones choosing nude lipstick shades with orange or beige undertones will give you a flawless blend.

      For Medium Skin Tone:

      Those with medium and olive skin tones are suited for a lot of different nude shades, from lighter nude peach to darker nude brown lipsticks their skin tone will blend just fine with all these shades. However, lipsticks with orange and yellow undertones are the best pick for warm skin tones. You can also choose caramel or beige which will perfectly complement your warm tone. If you have a slightly cooler skin tone then going with a pinkish peach will add a flawless look to your daily wear.

      For Dark Skin Tones:

      ‘The darker your skin tone, the darker your lipstick should be”, follow this general rule while choosing a shade for dark, dusky skin tone, or go for a delicious shade like chocolate brown or reddish-brown. Avoid any light lipstick shades like nude pink or lipsticks with cool undertones since they can make your lips look ashy and frosty.

      Best Lipstick Shades for a Night Out:

      For a night out or night party choosing a lipstick shade that goes well with your outfit is tricky since you need to match it with the darker shade of the night. Here is a list of the best lipstick shades for a night out.

      Light Shades: For a night out, you may want to choose a light shade that will stand out at night. Here are some of the light shades that will give you a glossy look. A pinkish peach with a bit of lip gloss to make your lips stand out, a class red will do just fine for a brighter shade, or a glossy rose gold: adding the tiniest bit of glitter to your fold lipstick shade will make it the perfect makeup look for a night out.

      Dark Shades: Choosing a dark color lipstick for your night out will help you blend in perfectly with the night’s dark shade. A dark reddish-brown with a black dress will fit perfectly for a night out, or a dark purple might blend just perfectly if you love to try something unique.

      Lipsticks colors that can make your teeth look whiter

      A bright smile doesn’t come by easily, a warm smile can brighten up the mood but it’s an expensive task to smile as brightly. But choosing your lipstick shade with more patience can help you smile brightly. Here are some lipstick shades that will make your teeth look whiter and will make your smile brighter.

      Bright Pink: Pink is a divine color, it fits all skin tones, goes with daily wear makeup looks and it can make your teeth look whiter. Pink lacks the dark contrast and with bright pink’s high shine formula it can make the teeth pop.

      Red: Since blue and yellow stay across from each other, it’s quite simple that blue-based tones will cancel out the orange and yellowish tones. So, choosing a blue-based shade will make your teeth look whiter rather than going for an orange shade.

      Purple: Choosing dark purple over dark brown will be a perfect fit to make the teeth look whiter since brown doesn’t help with whitening the teeth it only brightens the brown tone in your smile whereas the hint of blue in dark purple helps with the teeth’s whitening.

      Nude: Sometimes all you need is a little gloss to make your teeth look brighter. Nude is perfect when adding that little gloss of brightness to your teeth.

      Lipstick shades according to your zodiac sign

      Choosing a lipstick shade according to your skin tone adds a huge impact on your makeup look. But what about choosing a lipstick shade according to your zodiac sign, sounds intriguing right? Find out which shade goes well with your personality. It may be one that you’re already familiar with and goes well with your skin tone or it may be that one shade that you’ve always wanted to try. Here’s the list of lipstick shades according to your zodiac sign.

      1.  Aries: ‘Bold and Assertive’, the true fire sign. The perfect color to describe them is red. Bold long lasting waterproof lipstick red color is a perfect match for Aries.

      2.  Taurus: Warm, cozy, and earth sign. You are a warm shade and love to stay calm and relaxed. A warm brown tone is your perfect shade according to your zodiac sign.

      3.  Gemini: If you are a Gemini, you want something other than red and pink, you are always up for trying different things out of your comfort zone so peachy lips are the best shade for you.

      4.  Cancer: Sensitive and caring, these two words describe them perfectly. A water sign, they are usually calm and don’t like drawing too much attention to them, pink is the perfect fit for cancers. If you are cancer, adding a peachy pink shade to your makeup will go very well with your beach look.

      5.  Leo: Bold, fearless, and loves to be the center of attention. If you are a Leo you don’t care for others’ judgment and love to present your own opinion, metallic gold is the perfect fit for your sassy yet soft nature.

      6.  Virgo: Sophisticated and classy. Virgos have a very charming personality and orange is the perfect color to describe them. If you are a Virgo then a brownish-orange would be a very suited shade for you.

      7.  Libra: The Air sign that loves to keep everything around them balanced and they’re also the fun and extroverted type and the pop shade that defines them is coral.

      8.  Scorpio: A powerful personality with a mysterious and magnetic aura around them, and loves to experiment with new things, Purple is the best-suited shade for Scorpios.

      9.  Sagittarius: They are adventurous and full of life and can glam up the party, love to explore, and are open to new opportunities, reddish plum shaded liquid lipstick that will last a whole day would be a perfect match for them.

      10.   Capricorn: An earth sign that is ambitious yet loves to keep things simple, a beautiful brown with a classy light shade is like a match made in heaven for Capricorns.

      11.   Aquarius: A unique lipstick shade for a unique water sign, the quirky, creative, and fun people who are not bound by social norms, a true deep wine shaded red lipstick is their best match.

      12.   Pisces: Pisceans are made of reality and fantasy, they live in between, creative minds and charming people perfectly describe them, and poppy pink is their perfect shade.

      How to Apply Lipstick Flawlessly Every single Time

      Choosing the perfect lipstick shade for you according to your skin tone will complete your perfect makeup look but applying the lipstick perfectly will add a flawless touch. However, applying the lipstick flawlessly every single time is even harder than choosing the perfect lipstick shade. Here are some tips on how to apply lipstick flawlessly.

      Exfoliate and Hydrate Lips before Applying Lipsticks: The first step to applying lipstick flawlessly is to gently exfoliate the lips with a damp cloth. Never apply lipstick on dry lips, exfoliate it first and hydrate it by applying some lip balm, let the lip balm sit for a few minutes and then apply the lipstick.

      Color Correct as Needed: Use a light-colored foundation for the dark lip to even the tone of your lip color, once the dark tone is muted you can apply any lipstick shade you like.

      Pick a Perfect Shade to Apply on your lips: The third step includes picking a shade that goes perfectly with your skin tone also with the makeup look and the dress that you are going to be wearing.

      Trace and Fill Lips with Liner: Adding liner around your lips before adding lipstick will give your lips the perfect shape you desire and will also make the lipstick stay for a longer time. You can also finish by applying lip liner after the lipstick to fill up the edges.

      Use a Lip Brush for Precise Line: Using a lip brush will help with adding a more precise detail to your lips. And in case you make a mistake while applying the lipstick, use your concealer or a flat brush to clean up the line. Some ladies prefer using a lip brush because it gives them more control over the product while applying rather than just applying it directly from the tube.

      Work with Your Lip Shape: Use a liner and give your lips the perfect shape. If you have thinner lips then overdrawing your lips with a liner will help with drawing flawless lips, use a liner that is close to the shade of your natural lips color. However, overdrawing the corners will make mess up the whole shape of your lips. And when it comes to fuller lips instead of overdrawing use the liner to match your natural lip line and use a darker tone liner for fuller lips.

      Blot and Set Your Color: After applying the lipstick gently squeeze your lips together, use a tissue, and press it all over your lips (don’t forget the corners). Reapply your lipstick and blot again to give it a long-lasting effect.

      Light Up Your Lips: There are a few other steps that you can apply at the end to give a glossier effect to your flawless makeup. To brighten up your look apply some highlighter to your lips and face makeup, choose a product of your choice, and dab it to the Cupid’s bow, located on the center of the upper lip and now your makeup is up for a shinier look which will help you stand out

      Do's and Don’ts for Matte Lipstick:

      1. Do: Exfoliate once or twice a week. The first step before applying matte lipstick is exfoliating the lips. Since matte lipsticks have a flat non-shiny finish and it clings to your lips, applying matte lipstick on dry lips will draw more attention to the lips since the crack and the flakes will be visible even after applying the lipstick. Exfoliating your lips is like washing your face for fresher and more glowing skin.

      2. Don’t: Skip lip balm or primer. After exfoliating your lips, you need to hydrate your lips. This is a necessary step before applying matte lipstick. Use lip and or primer and let it sit for a few minutes. Hydrating will help soften the lips and apply the lipstick more smoothly and will add an even look to the lips.

      3. Do: Line your lips. Many ladies prefer not to use lip liner but it is a necessary step while using matte lipstick. Lining your lips before applying the matte lipstick will increase the longevity of the lipstick and will also help in giving your lips the perfect shape.

      4. Don’t: Apply multiple layers. One swipe is enough for a perfect matte lipstick look. You don’t need to apply too many layers to get full coverage and applying too many layers will make you feel heavy and thick on the lips. Also applying too many layers will make the outcome look messy and leave you with a sticky feeling on the lips.

      5. Do: Match your lip liner. Do pick a lip liner that comes close to your lipstick shade. A lip liner will help the lipstick from going outside of the natural lip line.

      6. Don’t: Be afraid to clean up mistakes. Making a mistake while applying the matte lipstick isn’t something that you should look out for since you don’t need to wipe the entire lipstick and just the parts where you made a mistake.

      Do’s and Don’ts for Liquid Lipstick:

      1. Do: Exfoliate the lips before applying liquid lipstick. The first step before applying liquid lipstick is exfoliating the lips. Lipstick on dry lips never goes well but applying liquid lipstick on dry lips will leave your lips with a disastrous outcome and draw more attention to the lips since the crack and the flakes will be visible. Exfoliating your lips is like washing your face for fresher and more glowing skin.

      2. Don’t: Skip lip balm or primer. After exfoliating your lips, you need to hydrate your lips. This is a necessary step before applying matte lipstick. Use lip and or primer and let it sit for a few minutes. Hydrating will help soften the lips and apply the lipstick more smoothly and will add an even look to the lips.

      3. Do: Add multiple layers. Most liquid lipsticks are pigmented, apply multiple thin layers to the lips, wait for the first layer to dry off before applying the other layer to the lips.

      4. Don’t: Forget to line your lips. Many ladies prefer not to use lip liner but it is a necessary step while using matte lipstick. Lining your lips before applying the matte lipstick will increase the longevity of the lipstick and will also help in giving your lips the perfect shape. The liner adds more definition to the lips. Choose a liner shade that goes well with your lipstick shade or choosing a nude shade for the lining will also do the trick.

      5. Do: Match your lip liner. Do pick a lip liner that comes close to your lipstick shade. A lip liner will help the lipstick from going outside of the natural lip line. Choose a liner shade that goes well with your lipstick shade or choosing a nude shade for the lining will also do the trick.

      6. Don’t: Scrub your lips while removing liquid lipstick. While taking off liquid lipstick use gentle force on your lips, removing liquid lipstick can be tricky since they stick onto the skin and lips are very sensitive parts so scrubbing while removing the lipstick will have a disastrous effect on your lips and you’ll end up with sore lips. Also, don’t forget to hydrate your lips after removing the lipstick.

      The best nude lipstick for your skin:

      We all love lipsticks that can blend perfectly with our everyday makeup or for a night out and parties. To give our lips a ‘my lips but better’ effect nude shades are a perfect choice that blends well. Even with a very light makeup look we need to wear lipsticks and nude lipsticks are the best when it comes to daily use. However, picking the perfect nude shade for your skin tone may not be as easy as it sounds. Nude shades give you the perfect blend with your makeup but choosing the wrong shade can also ruin your whole makeup. Here’s how to choose the perfect nude shade according to your skin tone.

      For Fair Skin Tones:

      Nude Lipsticks with Pink undertones will be the perfect get-go with your pale, fair skin tone for daily wear. The nude shade will blend in perfectly with your skin tone and the pink shade will blend beautifully with your natural pink lips to give you the ‘natural daily wear’ look. While choosing a nude lipstick for fair skin, paying close attention to your complexion and undertones will help with choosing the perfect shade. If you have warm undertones choosing nude lipstick shades with orange or beige undertones will give you a flawless blend. Wearing a pinkish peachy nude with a bit of lip gloss to make your lips stand out better with the perfect blend.

      For Medium Skin Tone:

      Those with medium and olive skin tones are suited for a lot of different nude shades, from lighter nude peach to darker nude brown lipsticks their skin tone will blend just fine with all these shades. However, lipsticks with orange and yellow undertones are the best pick for warm skin tones. You can also choose caramel or beige which will perfectly complement your warm tone. If you have a slightly cooler skin tone then going with a pinkish peach will add a flawless look to your daily wear.

      For Dark Skin Tones:

      ``The darker your skin tone, the darker your lipstick should be”, follow this general rule while choosing a shade for dark, dusky skin tone, or go for a delicious shade like chocolate brown or reddish-brown. Avoid any light shades like nude pink or lipsticks with cool undertones since they can make your lips look ashy and frosty. Choose a dark brown shade with reddish undertones to wear with a black dress for your next night out.

      The Best Red Lipstick for Your Skin:

      Red is the most common lipstick color and it comes in various shades. Most of the lipstick shades have a few reddish undertones to them. Here are the prettiest red shades according to your skin tone. 

      For Fair Skin Tones: Red lipstick looks good on everyone and goes with every skin tone but choosing the perfect red that complements your skin tone will add a classy look and add more definition to the lips. If you have fair skin then choose coral or cherry red to make your lips pop. A vibrant bluish red with pink undertones will be the perfect red shade to complement your pale fair shade.

      For Medium Skin Tones: Red is a color that matches every skin tone and for medium skin tones every shade of red match the medium skin tone. But to get the perfect red lipstick look wearing an orangish-red with your warm skin tone or a blood-red will look flattering on you.

      For Dark Skin Tones: Glossy red lips will look the hottest on you if your skin tone falls under the dark type. Red lipsticks complement every skin tone and for dark skin tones choosing a darker red will suit you just perfectly for your red lipstick look. 

      Buy Lipstick Online - Let your lips tell the story

      When picking makeup accessories, you should consider your lips just as much as any other part of your face. Be sure you choose lip accessories that enhance and accentuate your lips. Faces Canada is known for its long-lasting lipsticks, which come in a number of shades and textures, so you won't have to compromise when it comes to choosing a lipstick for yourself. Check out the weightless Creme Finish Lipstick for a smooth application and silky finish. This light and glossy creme lipstick is enriched with Vitamin E and made with an amazing ultra-glossy formula to nourish and hydrate the lips. It is also infused with Shea Butter, Jojoba and Almond oil for healthy lips. Faces Canada creates the most beautiful shades of cruelty-free lipsticks. You can also go for the weightless Matte Finish Lipstick that gives the most captivating powder matte smooth finish you could ever dream of. It provides an intense pop of colour to your lips in a single stroke and feels comfortable for long-term use. 

      Buy lipstick online from Faces Canada and get the best quality lipsticks at a highly affordable price. Get your favourite shades of alluring pinks, browns and reds in this Velvet Matte Lipstick that gives you a luscious velvety matte finish for any and all occasions. Available in 15 timeless shades, this non-drying long stay lipstick glides smoothly across your lips for an even application. Make sure you get the best of our high quality lipsticks available in the prettiest shades!

      Latest Lipstick Collection For Exquisite Lips

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      You can also check out our other products such as the various Makeup Accessories that make makeup application a simple and effortless process for you. Brushes for eyebrows, mascara, blush, eyeshadow, foundation, powder and many more are available to give you the perfect look. For some super saving and deals, you need to check out the Combo Kits that consist of all the good stuff rolled together! Be it Coloured Kajal Combo, Dramatic Eyes Combo, or the Perfect Base Combo, these are sure to win you over with their superior quality.

      Why Choose Faces Canada?

      Faces Canada has achieved global recognition for its outstanding quality of skincare and makeup products. We believe in expressing ourselves through makeup and wearing your looks with confidence. For your convenience, we offer a variety of different shades that suit every skin tone, complexion, ethnicity and skin texture. We bring innovation and experience into all the products we make to make them perfect for the Indian skin tones that brings them to a world-class standard. Our diverse range of high quality products are all cruelty-free and hypoallergenic which makes them easy and safe to use. We perform strict checks on quality so you can relax and shop from our wide variety of products!


      How do you find the perfect shade of nude for your skin tone?

      Everyone is wearing a trendy nude lipstick concealer, from your number one VIPs on honorary pathways to the best supermodels on the red carpets and runways. Nude lipsticks are extremely versatile, and with the appropriate nude lipstick concealer that complements one's skin, one can never go wrong. Nude lipstick hides are great for creating an equilibrium for bold looks or adding a dash of normal-appearing tone all the rage, whether you require a nude peach lipstick to complement a superb smokey eye or are looking for an ordinary pinky-nude lipstick to wear to work. As a result, it should come as no surprise that nude lipsticks are among the most commonly worn lipsticks throughout the year. While the proper nude lipstick color may easily make you look up-to-date and put together, the wrong one can make even the most beautiful cosmetics look monotonous. If your nude lipstick concealer is too light, it can make you look ashy and tired. It's excessively dull, and it defeats the purpose of having a bare lip! Choosing the finest neutral lipstick for your skin is more difficult than it appears; you must consider both your complexion and your hint before deciding on the perfect match!

      • Nude lipstick conceals for light complexion tones

      Consider your coloring and hint to locate a shade that draws out your highlights when choosing a nude lipstick for light and light skin tones. If you choose a nude lipstick to conceal that is too light for your complexion, pale, fair, and fair complexion tones are at the most risk of being wiped out and flaunting the dreaded "concealer lips." If you want to convey a calm vibe, look for delicate, dusty nude pink lipsticks with a chilly undertone. These nude lipstick colors will enhance your natural lip color and blend seamlessly to give you the "my lips, but better" effect. Nude lipsticks with earthy color recommendations should be avoided since they tend to hide pink lips. Nude lipstick concealed with orange or beige hints would offer a beautiful flush of shade to your lips if you have warm recommendations. When you need to go for an au naturel cosmetics appearance, light nude peach lipsticks are also a definite thing.

      • Nude lipstick conceals for medium and olive complexions

      With a medium or olive complexion, you can wear a variety of nude lipstick concealers. Your look can deal with anything, from lighter nude peach lipsticks to more obscure nude earthy colored lipsticks. The finest nude lipstick for people with medium and olive complexions combines warm tones such as caramel, beige, and orange to complement their natural yellow hues. To completely exaggerate the shine of your colouring and tie your brilliant sensation with the glow of the lipstick, go a shade darker than your skin tone.

      If you have a light or olive complexion with a cooler undertone, look for a sheer blush pink nude lipstick concealer that is somewhat darker than your lips. This will ensure that the chilly sensations and pink hue do not wash away your tanned, warm complexion. You may also apply lip shine to the center of your lips to create depth and dimension to your neutral lips and make the lip color stand out.

      • Nude lipstick conceals for profound and brown complexion tones

      Find a nude lipstick concealer that conveys a dramatic though unpretentious distinction to your look while searching for a nude lipstick concealer for gloomy, deep, and brown complexion tones! Doesn't it sound like you're going against the grain? Pay attention to what we're saying. Your nude lipstick hue must make your lips stand out in a positive way. A too light nude lipstick can make you look pasty and eerie, while a hue that is too close to your skin or too dark will blend in with the other aspects.

      For people with deep and brown complexion tones, the finest nude lipstick concealer should have rich hints of chocolate brown or red. Avoid using pink nude lipsticks with cool emotions because they might make your lips look icy, which isn't a good look on anyone! Strongly pigmented recipes with warm undercurrents will emphasise your coloring's natural warmth. You can also use a sheer or reflexive nude lip with hazier looks to let the natural color of your lips show through.

      Is it true that lipsticks make your lips darker?

      This depends upon the brand of your lipstick, as well as how you apply it and eliminate it. A few brands make lipsticks that stain. On the off chance that you don't remove the stain appropriately prior to dozing, and afterward awaken, and wear a similar lipstick once more, yes; your lips could turn stained and more obscure.

      All things considered, keeping away from this kind of stain is simple. When you get back home, remove your lipstick with some oil on a piece of material/cotton fleece. Try not to rub them excessively hard, knead them tenderly and the oil will get all the shading out of your lips.

      What oil to use: The most edible oils, coconut oil and olive oil, both work well as lipstick removers.

      Remove all the pigment, dab a little oil/lip salve all over, and relax. Lips will feel smooth and beautiful, with no pigmentation. It really does make a difference!

      How can I stop my lipstick from drying out my lips?

      To keep the lipstick from drying out your lips, you really want to saturate your lips well ahead of time. The ideal time span is applying your lip analgesic somewhere around 20 minutes prior to applying the fluid lipstick to guarantee that your lips are completely saturated. Wipe the lips with lipstick prior to painting them! You can utilize an exceptional lip scour; you can make it yourself by blending sugar with honey. On the off chance that you don't have these fixings available, simply rub your lips with a toothbrush. A demulcent is required after the scour. While you are doing cosmetics, your lips will be immersed with dampness. On the off chance that the matt lipstick is covered, utilize no unique tools and apply the lipstick with a flimsy level brush. This makes it simpler to control inclusion. Try not to paint your lips with a thick layer. The thicker the covering, the more grounded the sensation of dryness. Attempt to keep as little dampness as conceivable on the lips (this happens consequently when you lick your lips). As the dampness vanishes, the skin of the lips dries out and in the long run, starts to drop off.

      How can I create Ombre lips?

      One, carefully frame your lips with a lip liner of your choice (make sure it's a little darker than that of the lipstick).

      Two, add a little tint to the corners of your lips using a matching lip pencil for more dimension.

      Three- Gently blend the lighter of your two lipsticks from within your lips outwards with a level lip brush.

      Four- Apply your more esoteric lipstick to the edges of your lips, which you had previously disguised with a lip pencil. Make use of your lip brush to blend everything together without turning your lips all the same color.

      Is it safe to use any kind of lipstick on your cheeks as a blush or even on your eyes?

      If you're wondering if we'll be able to use lipstick as blush, the answer to that is yes. Lipsticks can be used as a fantastic cream to make your skin flushed. These are especially beneficial if you have smooth skin because they soak into the skin and last longer. It is suitable for all skin types.

      Can I make my glossy lipstick matte?

      You can change any lipstick into matte lipstick by utilizing some tissue paper and clear powder. Or on the other hand, you can utilize a mattifying item, oil-smearing tissues, or child powder to get a matte lipstick look.

      Apply your lipstick. Apply your lipstick to the surprise of no one. Ensure that you apply the shading equitably so you won't need to do final details after you mattify the lipstick

      Smear with tissue paper. Then, take a piece of tissue paper and use it to smear the abundant lip tone. Place the tissue paper between your lips and compress your lips onto the tissue.

      •Now and again, this might be to the point of creating a matte or semi-matte look. In the event that you are content with the look, you can skirt the powder.

      Pat on some clear powder. To get a totally matte look, utilize cosmetics wipe or brush to apply a tidying of clear face powder to your lips. It is ok assuming the powder is a piece lopsided, simply ensure that there is some powder all around your lips.

      •You can simply apply the powder straightforwardly to your lips, however, to get lipstick on your powder brush, lay a tissue over your lips. Then, tap the powder onto your lips through the tissue.

      Press your lips together. Squeezing your lips together will assist with circulating and, surprisingly, out the clear powder. Hold squeezing your lips together until the shading looks even and your lips look matte all over.

      •On the off chance that there is still some sparkle, you can apply somewhat more clear powder to your lips and press them together once more.

      How do you keep lipstick from bleeding?

      To ensure no-drain wear, a little-known technique is applying a clear setting powder. After you wear your lipstick, use a major, fleecy brush, set the shading with a slim layer of clear powder. This guarantees your lipstick won't liquefy onto the skin or move to your teeth. It's great for a night out or a huge occasion. Be certain not to utilize a shaded powder, as it will change the tone of your lipstick and look cakey after some time.

      How do you wear lipstick all day?

      1. Peel and Hydrate

      Peel your lips with a sugar clean like Lip Strip by Faces Canada. The most effective way to do this, is to apply the cleaner, let it sit, and afterward eliminate it with a clammy washcloth. You can likewise utilize a delicate toothbrush to tenderly apply a hydrating lip demulcent like Faces Canada’s Original Multipurpose Soothing Balm.

      2. Prime and Prep

      Prior to applying shade, you would need to prepare your lips with groundwork. Lip groundwork isn't exactly vital except if somebody has truly dry lips. It's simply one more layer of item making the shading more averse to remain. To give additional dampness to prepare lips for lipstick and augment wear time, try Faces Canada’s Picture-Perfect HD Lip Primer or something similar to that.

      3. Line and Fill

      Lip liner is prescribed by professionals to hold the tone back from blurring. Team pencils like Faces Canada’s Plush Rush Lip Liner - Sensual Nude give a dependable, hydrating, and water-safe tone. The stunt is in applying lip liner accurately. The tricky tip is "to the line and fills in the lips totally with a liner." For the best outcomes, utilize a comparable lip liner to line and fill in the lips prior to applying the lipstick. This guarantees the ideal lip shading that wows, yet stays.

      4. Apply and Blot

      Fluid lip tones are not difficult to apply, aren't excessively dry and give obscure inclusion day in and day out. On the off chance that you're searching for fortitude, go matte. An extraordinary long-wear lipstick is Faces Canada’s Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick since it's really lightweight, waterproof and has a smooth matte completion. When you apply the lipstick, smudge, and rehash, swiping on your shading and blotching until you have the specific tint you need.

      5. Set with Powder

      Set your lip tone with a clear powder like Faces Canada’s Studio Finishing Powder. A smidgen goes quite far and guarantees your lips don't get cakey. A powder sets the lip tone and dodges annoying exchanges. On the off chance that you have dry lips, nonetheless, stay away from the lip setting powder as "your lip tone get even drier."

      What Color lipstick makes teeth look white?

      Any lipstick with blue-concealed or purple-concealed suggestions can assist with neutralizing the hotter, yellow tones that might be available in your teeth, providing you with the presence of a whiter grin

      What color lipstick makes your lips look smaller?

      There's no mystery that wearing dim tones makes you look slimmer. A similar thought applies to cosmetics: when you wear dim shaded lipsticks, it makes your lips look smaller. Wear lighter tones, and they naturally look greater.

      What is the best quality lipstick?

      The best quality lipstick is one which hydrates and nourishes your lips and coats them evenly with an intense and rich colour. Faces Canada’s Lipstick collection has a diverse variety of smooth lipsticks that last long and enrich your skin.

      How to Apply Lipstick Flawlessly Every Single Time?

      The best way to apply lipstick is to first hydrate your lips and then color correct, fill them up with a liner and work according to your lip shape. Depending on the shade and texture of the lipstick, you can watch swatch videos for the perfect application of Faces Canada lipsticks.

      What should we apply before lipstick?

      Before applying lipstick, you must exfoliate your lips thoroughly and hydrate them with a lip balm or lip primer. This ensures your lips don't have any dry spots that may cause flaking after application.

      Read more