10 Proofs That Eye Makeup Is Pure Magic

10 Proofs That Eye Makeup Is Pure Magic

Eye makeup is something that can make or break your whole look. So much so, that even a little kohl on the waterline can make your eyes look 10 times more gorgeous, let alone those full-glam, cut crease eye makeup or smokey eye makeup. There are several trending eye makeup tips & tricks that can totally change the way your eyes and even the whole face looks. For instance, you can make your eye look elongated or wide depending on how you apply the eyeliner or kajal, or lift your eyes just by applying concealer in an upward direction.

Here are some eye makeup pics that prove that eye makeup is sheer magic. Scroll ahead for a ride down eye magic lane.

#1 They Way Priming the Lid & Highlighting the Inner Corner Can Magically Open up the Eyes

#2 The Way a Winged Eyeliner Can Steal Hearts from Behind Your Glasses too

#3 How Prepping the Eyes & of Course Steady Hands Can Make Your Eyes Look SO Different!

#4 The Way Colored Kajal Can Make You Look Like A New Person!

#5 Or How a Simple Tweak in Winged Eyeliner Style Can Make Your Whole Look Bold & Glam

#6 The Way Your Brows, Lashes, and Even Eyeliner Colors Can Help You Express Yourself

#7 The Way Cut-Crease Works… You Can’t Deny, It IS Magic!

#8 The Way You Can Use Shimmer Eyeshadows & Bejewelled Eye Makeup to Suit Your Moods!

#9 Or How a Little Bit of Concealer & Setting Powder Can Hide Away Your Monday Morning Hangovers!

#10 Or Simply How a Pop of Color on the Inner Corner of the Eye Can Take your Mood from Day Party to Clubbing

Don’t you agree? Eye makeup IS indeed pure magic the way it can change not just your look but sometimes even how you feel about yourself! Remember that time when you didn’t wear eyeliner and a colleague asked you if you were okay? Yeah, that’s what—the eye makeup magic was missing from your eyes. Tell us what eye makeup means to you in the comments. XOXO, darlings!