10 Trending Lipstick Shades for Fall/Winter 2023

10 Trending Lipstick Shades for Fall/Winter 2023

Here are the most trending lipstick shades for all you lipstick lovers! Who knows better than a makeup enthusiast that it isn’t just that statement red lipstick or that one-fits-all nude lipstick shade, but also every other shade in between! Winter is here, also in full swing at some places now, and there isn’t a better time to revise our lip shades for the season.

So, we did some homework to help you update your winter lipstick collection. Scroll down to check out the 10 trending lip shades for fall/winter 2023.

The Lovely Coffee Lip Shades—Mocha, Cappuccino, Espresso

Brown Nude Lipstick—Basic, Yet SO Gorgeous!

Brilliant Corals—to Brighten up Your Light Shade Outfits

Cocoa Shades—Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate; You Pick!

Natural Glossy Lips—Peaches, Baby Pinks, Nudes

Statement Red Lipstick—the Classic That Makes Any Look Better

Classy Wine Lipstick Shades—Perfect for the Party Season

All Kinds of Pink Lip Shades—Barbie, Cool, Shocking, Hot Pink; Take Your Pick!

Plums & Purples—the Team of the Bold & Beautiful

Pink Nudes—for Those Laid-Back but Pretty Sunday Brunches

Now that you have the whole list of lipstick shades you need to add to your winter makeup shopping list, we’re quite excited to know which ones out of these trending lipstick shades are on the top of your list. Comment below, even better if you share your pictures wearing your favorite lipstick shade! Have a lovely winter 2023. XOXO, darlings!