10 Ways to Keep Your Feet Pretty and Soft in Mucky Monsoons

10 Ways to Keep Your Feet Pretty and Soft in Mucky Monsoons

Here's the truth: Monsoons are beautiful and fun, but they also create a lot of skin problems. Besides dull skin and breakouts, you have to deal with numerous foot problems as wellgetting soft feet being one of them!

Foot care can be quite tricky during monsoons since their prolonged and constant exposure to standing water during a downpour makes them more susceptible to dirt, germs, and disease.

You don't have to worry though. The following foot care tips will ensure that your feet stay soft even during the worst tropical outburst, so you can thoroughly enjoy the most beautiful season of the year. 

#1 Cleanse Your Feet, Regularly

A good foot hygiene regimen is very important during the monsoon. Keeping your feet clean to get rid of stinky odors and dirt accumulated on them is the best way to get soft feet without any hassle.

If you do get your feet wet from monsoon muck, make sure you wash them immediately. If possible, soak them in hot water combined with baking soda, cleansing soap or mild shampoo for 10-15 minutes. Doing so keeps the bacteria at bay and gives your feet the desired softness.

#2 Exfoliation Is the Next Step

As you move about, your feet bear the weight of your body and rub against the ground and your footwear. This results in very rough and cracked feet. Therefore, foot exfoliation is extensively importantespecially during the rainy season, when your feet need some extra TLC.

Exfoliating your feet is crucial to keeping them smooth and soft. By scrubbing, you prevent the formation of corns and calluses on your feet by getting rid of dead and dry skin.

Don’t have a foot scrub in your beauty bag? Try using your body scrub instead. If you prefer, you can even make your own foot scrub by combining equal amounts of coffee grounds and sugar. Add a tablespoon of coconut oil to the mixand you’re good to go!

#3 Keep the Feet Dry

A damp environment is a perfect breeding ground for fungal infections like athlete's feet. Athlete's foot causes itchiness, burning, peeling, and in some cases may also result in painful blisters.

Keep such fungal infections at bay by thoroughly drying your feet after washing, especially the area between your toes.

#4 Moisturize for an Extra Dose of Softness

Your moisturizing routine should extend beyond your face and hands. The lack of moisture can lead to scaly, chapped feet. If not treated, chapped skin becomes extremely dry and hard, especially on the heels. It is then likely to become a magnet for dirt and grime, which will stick to the surface. 

Chapped heels are not just unattractive, but they can also be painful. Be sure to moisturize your feet every day after you have washed them. Your feet will thank you for massaging them with your favorite body cream every day as a soft feet remedy!

#5 Wear the Right Footwear

When it's raining, choose rain-appropriate footwear, such as gumboots, rubber sandals, and flip flops, rather than sneakers and heels. They are designed to keep your feet dry by protecting them from water. Moreover, they don't slip on the slippery roads, so it's a win-win.

Never wear a pair of shoes that are damp or wet. In addition to skin diseases, it can also give you a cold, a cough, or worsethe flu.

#6 Wash Those Shoes Often

Keeping your feet clean is of no use if you end up stuffing them in dirty shoes. You should wash your shoes regularly to keep them fresh and prevent bacteria from growing.

#7 Foot Soak to Help You Fight Foot Odor

If your feet are persistently smelly, soak them in a tub of hot water mixed with some lemon juice. See long-lasting results by doing this twice a week.

Not only will lemons prevent your feet from sweating excessively, but they will also eliminate bad odors and keep your feet feeling softer.

#8 Trim Nails Carefully and Regularly

An overgrown toenail does not only collect dirt, but is also prone to breakage. Therefore, it is extremely important to cut your toenails with a nail clipper regularly.

However, don't cut your nails too short as they can damage the nail bed, which can cause pain, especially when walking. It's better to cut them at an angle rather than straight across to prevent ingrown nails.

#9 Sleep with Lavender Oil On

Lather up your feet with lavender oil before going to bed to make soft feet. Using this oil regularly will soothe cracked heels, kill bacteria and leave your feet smelling nice.

Additionally, it helps you sleep better.

#10 Get a Pedicure

Foot spas are a great way to pamper your feet and to keep them feeling soft and looking beautiful. A DIY can work well if you don't want to spend money at a salon. Here’s how to do that:

Steps for a DIY Pedicure

1. The first step is to use a cotton round and nail polish remover to remove any lingering polish.

2. Then, fill up the basin with warm water and an Epsom salt bath soaka great choice for sore feet. Soften your cuticles by letting your feet sit for five to ten minutes, then dry them one at a time.

3. Make sure your nails are trimmed and filed using a nail clipper.

4. After drying both feet and treating them, apply a dollop of lotion for dry skin to each. Spend a few minutes massaging your feet and toesor as long as you like!

5. And finally, grab a bottle of your favorite polish and get painting. Now that you have taken care of all the health of your toenails and feet, you can paint your toenails whichever way you want.

There you go! Lovely feet in no time.


Even though taking care of your feet during the monsoon might be challenging, it's not impossible. If you follow the soft feet home remedy religiously, you will have the feet of your dreams in no time.

Try the tips above to get soft feet, and let us know how it goes in the comments section below!