11 Amazing Ways to Wear Glitter Eye Makeup

11 Amazing Ways to Wear Glitter Eye Makeup

With its chic, exquisite appearance, glitter eye makeup has stood the test of time. Like the glitter-filled eye looks we saw on our Euphoria crushes (cue the heart-eyed emoji), adding a touch of sparkle to your lids definitely creates an eye-catching look.

Even if you don't apply glitter every day while applying eye makeup, it's great to have a stash on hand just in case you get creative—or feel like trying something new for a party or festivity.

But let's face it: rocking glitter eyeshadow like the makeup pros can be a little tricky. However, with a little bit of practice and refinement, glitter can look amazing on just about any makeup look you desire. Not convinced? Read on for 13 ways to make any eye glitter look amazing.

#1 Cosmic Creation

We are in love with this glittery eye look, which literally has us seeing stars. With this high-impact glitter look, you'll be able to reflect light all around you, lighting up your lids from sunset to the end of the day and everything in between.

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Recreate this look by mixing and matching different shades of eyeshadow with varying sizes of glitter to achieve the "stars shining in the sky" effect. Make sure to line your eyes with a black liner to complete the night sky look. 

#2 Shimmering Smoke

An easy way to brighten up a classic smokey eye is by incorporating a touch of sparkle. 

To recreate this look, apply a matte gray shadow all over the lid. You can also opt for matte black shadow if you want to go a bit darker. Afterward, apply a layer of glitter shadow in the same hue all over the base. The shimmer-inspired smokey eye will work for formal and semi-formal occasions alikefrom dinner to drinks.

#3 Edgy Glitter Tears

Would you rather let your glitter be wild and messy than keep it defined and under control? If so, check out this glitter tear look—the glitter eye makeup Euphoria star Rue shows off!

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Create realistic tears that cascade down your cheeks in an asymmetrical manner under your eyes to achieve this look. Even though this isn't a look for work or school, we don't see anything wrong with showing off your inner sparkle at a party!

#4 Jewel Toned Lids

This jewel-toned disco eyeshadow look with olive and teal colors creates a stunning contrastand the glitter adorning the center of the lids makes you sparkle.

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Create a smokey eye look by using your favorite metallic tones. Using gel glitter, add all the sparkle you want to your lids once you have completed your eye makeup. 

#5 Rainbow Disco

A truly magical look, this eyeshadow look contains every color of the rainbow. Would you like to know the not-so-secret to making these eyes pop? Using white eyeliner!

Put a medium-thick layer of white eyeliner on your lids. Next, grab a high-pigment shimmer palette and place different colors on different areas of the eyelid! This gives each hue a chance to shine.

#6 Neon Pop

Glitter and neon eye makeup—what could be better? Make your eyes sparkle with pearly glitter shadow all over the lids.

Combined with a neon eyeliner along the lash line, the shiny lid is playful, fun, and will make you want to wear it all day.

#7 Gold and Glamorous

Glamorous gold eyes that draw everyone's attention? We are in! To achieve this look, first apply an adhesive glitter to the lids for extra stickiness. Then, carefully apply a chunk of gold glitter to the lids.

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For envious eyes that last all night, apply a shimmery bronze eyeliner shade above the waterline and lashes with a sharp pencil.

#8 Just the Line

The most magical thing about glitter is that it doesn't necessarily have to cover every inch of your face. You can just use it to line your eyes and still reap the benefits.

If you're pressed for time, you can choose an eyeliner that already contains glitter, or you can apply actual loose glitter eyeshadow on top of the liner. 

#9 Inner (Eye) Beauty

A tiny hint of glitter at the inner corners of the eyes can make such a difference in how a look looks. 

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Use a fine eye brush to apply the best glitter eyeshadow to your inner corners. Take care not to get any pigment in your eyes. Once you are satisfied with the placement, add some kajal, mascara, and sharp eyeliner to finish the look.

#10 Golder Hour

If golden hour were a makeup look, we're convinced this would be it. Creating this breathtaking look doesn’t just require the use of glitter on the eyes, but it also includes lighting up the cheeks with a highlighter.

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After all, glitter doesn't have to stay on the eyes for it to make a bold, powerful statement.

#11 Glitter Lower Liner

Do you have shimmery shadows so shiny that you don't need to add glitter to them? Make it more exciting by brushing some glitter eyeliner underneath your eyes to complement that eyeshadow!

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Gold was our choice here, and we were blown away by the effect.

The Bottom Line

The following list includes plenty of ideas for how to wear glitter makeup and look like a pro, no matter what your style is: smokey eyes, subtle shimmer, winged eyeliner, or dramatic sparkles.

Try out these looks and let us know your favorite look in the comment section below!