12 Primer Tricks We Bet You Didn’t Know

12 Primer Tricks We Bet You Didn’t Know

An unsung hero of the beauty world, primer makes sure your makeup looks flawless. So if you don't have a face primer in your makeup bag yet, you should definitely invest in one. 

A primer prevents your makeup from melting off, helps it last longer, and gives you a smooth base to work with. But it doesn't stop there. 

Primer is a much more versatile and efficient tool than you may have previously thought. In light of this, we have rounded up our favorite primer tips from expert makeup artists. Scroll down to read more. 

Benefits Of Using Primer

Before we get into the details of primer makeup hacks, let’s discuss why you must have primer in your makeup kit!

Blurs Those Pores

When you wear a liquid foundation, your pores become more visible. You can simply take care of this pesky issue by using the best makeup primer to seal your pores and cover them up smoothly.

Helps the Makeup Glide on Smoothly

It is important to use a primer before you apply your other base products as it helps to achieve a velvety texture on your skin. As a result, your makeup glides on fluidly and looks well blended.

Gets You Long-Lasting Makeup

The right primer will keep your makeup looking fresh for a long time. In other words, no more makeup mishaps throughout the day.

Gives Your Skin a Protective Layer

Using a primer ensures that your skin is protected from other makeup products, so there's less chance of breakouts or long-term side effects.

Absorbs Excess Oil

Having oily skin can cause your makeup to crack and appear patchy. A primer can prevent this from happening! 

Primer essentially creates a layer between your skin and your makeup, reducing oiliness.

Tricks To Make The Most Out of Your Primer

Try these tricks and make the most of your primer makeup use.

#1 Less Is More

The amount of primer you need to cover your entire face is less than you might think.

If you apply too much primer, it can have the opposite effect of what you desire, giving you a cakey look instead. A pea-sized amount is generally enough, depending on the product you use. 

Make sure you spread the primer gently all over your face or problematic areas (such as the area under your eyes to smooth out fine lines).

#2 Mix It with Your Foundation

Does your full coverage foundation look cakey on your skin? If yes, then this hack is for you!

Adding a little primer makeup to your foundation can help thin out the heavy formula. As opposed to applying foundation alone, this will give you a more natural appearance. This method is particularly effective for cream foundations.

#3 Apply It to Your Lids

Applying primer to your lids can create a smooth surface for the eyeliner and eyeshadow to follow. It can also help prevent creases, and make your makeup last longer.

Be sure to choose a primer that is designed to be used before applying eye makeup. With your ring finger, apply it to your lids and blend out.

#4 Tame Your Eyebrows with It

This primer hack can transform your timid brows into bold-looking ones. Apply primer directly to your brows and then brush them through with a spoolie.

The primer can be worn alone to keep brows in place or layered over brow powders and pencils to enhance them.

#5 Help Your Lipstick Last Longer

Face primer and eye primer aren't the only types of this product; lip primers are also available. Make your lipstick glide on more easily and stay on longer by applying one before applying your lipstick. 

If you're short on lip primer, you can substitute it with a little bit of foundation or concealer.

#6 For Lip Liner Perfection 

Tired of wiping your lip liner and reapplying it when it swerves outside the lines? Primer can help!

Instead of starting afresh, use a cotton bud or concealer brush to apply a small amount of primer on the extra product and erase it.

#7 To Tame Frizzy Hair and Flyaways

Applying primer to areas affected by humidity is one of our favorite tricks for treating small frizzes. You could use this hack to target certain small, unkempt areas of the hair and smooth out flyaways quickly. 

#8 Boost Your Lashes

Primer makes your foundation, eye makeup, and lipstick work better. So, why not use it on your mascara as well? 

Take a mascara wand and apply primer to it. Then, brush your lashes from the tip to the base, just like with mascara. Follow up with your favorite mascara to achieve longer-looking lashes.

#9 Clean Eyeshadow Fallout

Cleaning up eyeshadow fallout can be a nightmare, and it may ruin your makeup. You can avoid this by using primer instead. 

Using a clean powder brush, remove any loose eye shadow, and then put on a little primer with a foundation brush to restore perfection.

#10 Turn Your Powder Eyeshadow to Cream

Want some creamy eyeshadow without spending some money on it? Simply mix your powder eyeshadow with some primer to get the desired consistency. There, you have your DIY creamy eyeshadow!

#11 Revive Your Old Eyeliner

If your old liner has dried out from being exposed to the air or the warm weather, adding a little primer to your gel eyeliner can easily revive it. No need to purchase a new one!

#12 Always Finish Right

If you want your makeup to stay in place, using a primer as your first step is a smart move. But how you finish your makeup routine is also crucial. 

When you're done applying everything, spray a setting spray or dust on loose setting powder. This will set your makeup just right, and help you look your best throughout the day.

The Takeaway

We hope all your “how to apply primer” and “what else can my primer do” questions have now been answered.

Say hello to the primer, and you are on your way to a fresh look that will carry you through the day. Make sure you follow our tips and tricks to shine.

Have any more primer hacks to share? Tell us in the comment section below!