12 Times Bollywood Memes Spoke for All Makeup Lovers

12 Times Bollywood Memes Spoke for All Makeup Lovers

Okay, we have got some Bollywood memes for you makeup lovers to crack you up!

Makeup lovers around the world are the same—they want to buy new makeup all the time, own 53467 shades of nude lipsticks and still want more, and just can’t stop when they get a new highlighter. But you know one more common makeup lover thing? It’s their love for makeup memes! Wanna befriend a makeup lover? Start a conversation on contouring with a makeup meme! Wanna impress her with your intelligence? Notice her makeup and compliment her on her new red lipstick! Wanna make them laugh? Send them a Bollywood makeup meme and see them giggle with joy!

Yes, we know we’re jibber-jabbering. So scroll ahead, and find 12 of our best Bollywood memes that can never be not funny for any makeup lover.

#1 My BFF When I Just Can’t Stop with My New Face Palette


#2 Them: “How Much Time Can You Spend Shopping for Makeup?”

#3 We’ve all been there, done that, right?

#4 When Someone’s Jealous of Your New Lipstick and You’re in an IDGAF mood

#5 My Friend: 2 Hours Late, Where Have You Been?
Me with Perfect Winged Eyeliner:

#6 Counting the Number of Red Lipsticks I Own and How Many More I Want

#7 Pulled It Off Quite Well, Right?

#8 Them: You Can’t Possibly Go Overboard with a White Saree

#9 Wore Your New Highlighter & Bae Doesn’t Notice

#10 When You Fail at Contouring for the 10345th Time

#11 Half Way to That Wedding & Realize You Forgot Your Makeup Kit

#12 When He Notices Your New Lipstick

So, whether you have to make new meme friends, or impress that makeup lover with your funny makeup meme collection, you’re free to use these super funny bollywood makeup memes to your advantage. Tell us in the comments how it worked!