12 Times Men Stole Our Hearts with Their Makeup Skills

12 Times Men Stole Our Hearts with Their Makeup Skills

Makeup Lovers are makeup lovers, no matter what their skin type, tone, or gender. Lately, we have seen so many super-talented male makeup artists who have grown their skill and passion beyond gender bias and judgmental attitudes. And they’ve made their point – makeup for men shouldn’t be treated any differently than makeup for women.

But not just that, there are some makeup artists that have especially won our hearts with their amazing makeup skills. Scroll down to make your day with these amazing looks that prove makeup for men is as exciting & amazing as that for women:

#1 This Ultra-Glam Makeup for Beginners



#2 This Glam Party Makeup to Make You Shine



#3 This Easy Soft Glam Look for Any Occasion


#4 This Lovely Look for Date Nights



#5 This Beginner-Friendly Makeup Look



#6 This 5-Min Wedding Glam Makeup



#7 This 1-Min Soft Glam That’s Literally the Quickest Way to Glam up



#8 This 2-min Base Hack to Make You Glow at Weddings



#9 This Super-Easy Makeup for That Glowing Peaches N Cream Look



#10 This Uber-Glam Makeup That Even Beginners Can Slay



#11 This Ultra-Glam Party Makeup with Blue Eyes to Hypnotize



#12 This Statement Made on International Men’s Day, Like a BOSS



If you thought makeup is just a thing women do, we hope you’re sitting there mesmerized by how makeup for men can break ground, and slay parties at the same time. Makeup is an art, a skill, a passion—and no one gender owns it. Let’s learn, create, and glam up! XOXO, darlings! 🙂