13 Vintage Makeup Trends You Can Still Slay in 2022

13 Vintage Makeup Trends You Can Still Slay in 2022

As much as we love the latest makeup trends—graphic liners, facial gems, and negative space eyeshadows—we can’t help but recreate some blasts from the past in form of vintage makeup trends.

The beauty industry goes through its own journey. Previously, trends were influenced by starlets, politics, and innovations of the time, but now things are changing fast thanks to social media influencers, fashion runways, movies, and other media.

Nevertheless, some makeup trends make a comeback in different forms as the years pass. It's no different this year; prepare to feel the nostalgia because we've spotted 13 iconic classic makeup trends returning on the runways and soon in our daily routines.

#1 Overdrawn Lips—for a Fuller Pout

Think Kylie’s almost natural looking fuller lips and you’ll know what overdrawn lips are. Before injectables were even invented, starlets in the past drew outside their lip lines to create fuller lips. And because they were so innovative, we still see this retro makeup trend everywhere—it's a lot easier to create than it sounds. 

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Start by lining the lips with liner, just beyond your natural lip line, to give them a fuller appearance. Then, fill in the space using your favorite lipstick. Ta Da!

#2 Matte Skin—For the Win

Ever seen '40s female icons with shiny skin? Obviously not. In those days, the pressed powder was extremely popular, creating the illusion of perfectly matte skin. And even though we love the look of a dewy highlighter look, matte skin is just as gorgeous.

You can achieve the desired finish by using a matte foundation or by topping your creamy foundation with translucent powder.

#3 White Liner—Bigger and Brighter Eyes

Yes, you read that right. For decades, women have been using white eyeliner to make their eyes appear brighter and bigger—it's one of the oldest tricks in the book. In case you don’t have a white eyeliner, you can go for a similar shade (maybe silver) from your eyeshadow palette for the illusion of wider eyes.

By topping off your white eyeliner with a black cat eye, you can give the old makeup trend a modern touch. Or if you’re using the silver eyeshadow, you can even use lip gloss to make it into a glossy eye!

#4 Heavy Blush—Healthy Glow

The '30s were the decade for flushed, healthy looks. While most modern makeup wearers prefer a more subtle finish, slightly heavy-handed blushing is still more on-trend than ever.

Instead of applying blush on the apples of your cheek, apply it high on your cheeks if you want a "snatched" look.

#5 Red Lips—Classic Queen

Red lips have always been a classic statement—they never go out of style. First popularized in the 40s and 50s with winged liners, they have been around for decades for a reason.

It doesn't matter what kind of red you choose—matte, gloss, or tint—you can always find one that will suit your skin tone.

#6 Fake Beauty Marks—for Some Marilyn Monroe Glam

We have always fangirled over Marilyn Monroe's signature style—including her bouncy red lipstick, blonde waves, and darkly-lined eyes—but it was her distinctive mole that gave her that signature edge.

No wonder people still continue to recreate that beauty mark on their faces. With an enhanced (or totally fake) beauty mark, you can add glam and drama to your everyday outfit.

#7 Au Naturel Brows—Feathery and Wispy

In the 1980s, untouched brows gained popularity after decades of ultra-thin, over-plucked brows. And beautiful natural arches are what we love most these days (put down those tweezers). 

Remember: these brows should look feathery and wispy without being so overgrown that it feels like months have passed since your last visit to the salon.

#8 Naturally Sunkissed—Embrace Yourself

As a result of the women's liberation movement in the 1970s, many women opted for minimal or natural makeup looks. With highlights and lip gloss, it was all about enhancing their natural features and giving them a glowing appearance.

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Today's no-makeup looks replicate this vintage makeup aesthetic by making you look like you awoke feeling rested and ready to take on the world.

#9 Long Lashes—Go Dramatic

One of the leading fashion icons of the ‘60s was a British model and actress Twiggy. Although her boyish pixie cut is worth remembering, it’s her unique long lashes that have stood the test of time.

Celebrities like Yara Shahidi, Emma Roberts, and Lucy Hale are still emulating Twiggy lashes, and you can too—with a generous coating of lengthening mascara or by wearing falsies.

#10 Nude Lips—Subtle & Sweet

Excess was all the rage in the '80s, but makeup trends in the '90s reversed that. It was all about being more subtle and neutral with foundations, eyeshadows, and blushes. What truly defined the decade were nude lips with warm brown tones worn by supermodels like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

This shade is still one of our favorites from the decade.

#11 Cut Crease Eyeshadow—Be Extra

Despite what you may think, celebrities like Twiggy and Diahann Carroll wore cut-crease eyeshadow before the beauty vloggers we watch today were even born. You use the cut crease technique to highlight the definition of the eyes by combining a strong eyeshadow shade with a line or "cut" placed in the crease.

The result creates the appearance of wider and brighter eyes.

#12 Smokey Eyes Sans Liner—Tone Down the Drama

A simple eyeshadow look was more popular in the '30s than the dramatic winged eyeliner we boast nowadays.

Even in 2022, you can never go wrong with a smoky eye coupled with nothing more than mascara.

#13 Lip Gloss—Glam Boss

Gloss is so 90s, isn't it? If you remember when you were a teenager, you may have used a small tube of shimmery lip gloss before heading out with your friends. 

However, it seems that the gloss has made a comeback today, and what a comeback it is! Comparatively to the garish and metallic shades of the past, today's lip glosses are dominated by peachy, pink, and neutral shades. Adding a few coats of mascara and dewy makeup completes the look. 

The Bottom Line

This year, vintage makeup trends are making the rounds, and we don't want you to miss out. Create your own look by following these vintage makeup tips. Also, let us know your favorite look from the list above.