6 Reasons It's Wise to Invest in a Good Makeup Setting Spray

6 Reasons It's Wise to Invest in a Good Makeup Setting Spray

A good makeup setting spray isn’t a choice, but a makeup essential, no matter what season it is. Whether you're going full glam for a fun evening with friends or keeping it simple for an important meeting, it's important to make sure that your makeup stays in place—and that's where the setting sprays come in.

A makeup setting spray is like liquid cellophane for your makeup, and it's the best way to keep your flawless foundation, shining highlighter, and crisp-lined eyeshadow from melting away.

So no matter if you're a newbie to makeup spray or someone who’s been using them for a while, take notes. We're about to teach you everything you need to know about this beauty essential—including our take on the best setting spray.

What exactly is a makeup setting spray?

Setting spray or makeup fixer is the last step in applying makeup. This prevents your makeup from melting and locks your look in place. Using makeup sprays is similar to using hairspray to enhance one's hairstyle.

Keeping your makeup looking fresh throughout the day isn't always easy, but makeup setting sprays are an excellent way to keep midday touch-ups to a minimum. By using a makeup finishing spray you can ensure that your makeup will not slide, smudge, crease, or fade quickly.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Makeup Setting Spray?

#1 Gives You a Matte Finish

If your makeup melts shortly after you apply it or you have oily skin, you need a setting spray.


You can use a setting spray to protect your makeup from melting and to avoid getting shiny due to excessive oil production on your skin. Using a makeup spray will ensure that your makeup stays matte for longer.

#2 Holds Makeup for Long

Maintaining your makeup for an extended period of time is difficult. Makeup sprays, however, seal in your makeup look so it doesn't wash away easily.

The setting spray prevents smudging or creasing of makeup, no matter how much you sweat.

#3 Hydrates Your Skin

Dry-skinned folks—or people who use a powder formulation as their makeup base—might notice that their makeup cracks if they wear it for longer periods of time. You can use a setting spray in both cases to moisturize your skin. As a result, your skin will feel silky smooth and you will be able to say goodbye to crack makeup.

#4 Refreshes Your Makeup

Those who use makeup fixers often just spritz it on their face before leaving home and forget about it until their next use. However, you can also carry a spritzer in your bag while going out to ensure that the makeup stays fresh all day (or night) long. 

#5 Gives You an Airbrushed Look

In order to achieve a flawless base, you need to use the right techniques while applying the foundation. Do you know you can make your makeup look more natural by spraying a little bit of makeup setting spray on your damp makeup sponge? It will make your makeup look airbrushed and blend effortlessly.

#6 Intensifies the Color of Your Eyeshadow

The trickiest thing about wearing eye makeup is trying to keep it in place, especially when you are trying to create a dramatic look using shimmery eye shadow. 

If you need some help, here's a makeup setting spray trick — spray your eyeshadow brush with setting spray before picking up and applying the product. When you do this, the eyeshadow will have more intensity and does not fall out.

The right way of applying setting sprays

Step 1: Apply It Last

The setting spray adds the final touch to your finished look. Apply your foundation, mascara, and other beauty products, then seal your makeup with a setting spray.

Many pro makeup artists will also use setting sprays to set each layer of face products during the application process (for example, spraying after foundation, then after concealer, and then after blush). However, this is a complicated technique that requires expertise to avoid appearing cakey or stiff in the end. If you're planning to do this, practice first— don't experiment on a special day!

Step 2: Shake the Bottle

It is important to follow this step in order to ensure your setting spray goes on smoothly without dripping or running. When your setting spray bottle sits around for a while, important ingredients can separate, so give it a shake first to get the most out of every spritz.

Step 3: Spray in an X and T Formation 

Hold the bottle around six to eight inches from your face for the best application. If you hold the spray from a distance, you can ensure that you get an even, thorough coat of the spray on every makeup item you need to set. 

If you want to ensure you're covering as much surface area as possible, spray at first in an X formation, then in a T formation. Then you can spot spray if necessary (but you probably won't need to). 

Step 4: Let Dry 

Let your setting spray dry naturally before leaving the house or pulling your clothes over your head.

In this way, the spray can fully absorb, preventing your makeup from smearing.

Our Favorite Setting Spray

The Ultime Pro Makeup Fixer is our favorite setting spray, and for good reasons. A blend of moringa, chamomile, and Matricaria flower petals, caffeine, and hyaluronic acid, it hydrates skin while protecting it from free radicals and pollutants. You can stop makeup meltdowns and increase the staying power of your makeup with this best makeup setting spray.

The best part? It’s suitable for all skin types. So, be ready to forget all your makeup mishaps during the day with a refreshing spritz.

The Wrap-Up.

In addition to providing a relaxing, cooling sensation, makeup setting spray has many other benefits. With this article, we hope you look forward to spritzing your makeup spray every time you complete your glam-up routine.

Did you find any of these benefits helpful? Have any more secrets to share? Let us know in the comment section below!