7 At-Home Lip Care Tips for Season Change

7 At-Home Lip Care Tips for Season Change

Seasons change, and so does our lip care requirements. As fall 2023 brings dry winds, cooler weather, and the festive season with more parties, we know you need healthy lips the most. And healthy lips are possible with a lip care routine appropriate for the dry, cool fall season.

A season that takes away a lot of your skin and lips’ moisture giving you chapped, dry lips, and is also the season you want to look more and more gorgeous for each party because it is the festive season! Chapped lips will not help you in any way to look pretty.

So, here we are with 7 DIY lip care tips for fall 2023, so your smile stays brighter through the beautiful falling leaves, office parties, and of course, Halloween!

#1 Lip Scrub To Remove Dead Skin

You can make a natural lip scrub at home with sugar, honey, and if you want – glycerin or coconut oil.

#2 Secure it with a Hydrating Lip balm

A good lip balm is truly important for soft lips. No matter how much you’re a fan of lipsticks, sometimes a colored lip balm can give you that cute look more easily in fall and winter.

#3 Choose a Lip Balm with SPF

Make sure your lip balm has SPF, because you obviously cannot apply your regular sunscreen on your lips.

#4 Never Lick Your Lips

It will temporarily feel soothing but will aggravate the dryness & contribute more to chapping the lips.

#5 Hydrate from Within

We know, “hydrate” must be the most clichéd lip care tip or even overall health. But trust us, hydrating IS really that important.

#6 Condition Lips with Almond Oil

The Vitamin A & E in the almond oil will keep your lips naturally hydrated and nourished.

#7 Keep Lips Naturally Hydrated at Night

Use DIY Honey & Ghee lip balm or simply apply pure coconut oil instead of your regular lip balms.

Follow these 10 easy lip care tips during the fall and winter months to keep your lips not just healthy but soft and brighter looking. This lip care will also help with discolored or hyperpigmented lips – especially with the Vitamin A & E from almond oil & the nourishment of coconut oil. Happy lip care, happy fall 2023. XOXO, darlings!