7 Incredible Makeup Tips for Accentuating Different Body Parts

7 Incredible Makeup Tips for Accentuating Different Body Parts

Get flawless skin, leaner-looking limbs, and a red carpet glow with these body makeup tips.

You might have wondered how celebs look so flawless on the red carpet. There's a simple answer: body makeup. By concealing imperfections and contouring the body, you can leave it looking leaner, stronger, and more flawless in general.

Contouring and highlighting the face area have become a daily ritual, but highlighting your body with makeup can be tricky if you do not know where to begin. To help you out, we talked to some of our favorite MUAs and have come up with this detailed guide on makeup tips and tricks for body contouring. Read on to find out the best body beauty tips you didn't know you needed.

#1 Make Your Jawline Razor-Sharp

Model-like jawline is something we all desire, but of course, not every single one of us has one. Thankfully, contouring exists in the beauty world. Here are some simple tricks for getting your jaw in shape quickly.

Make sure your chin is tilted towards the ceiling for a clearer view of your jawline. Sweep bronzer across the jawline on either side of your chin, one or two tones darker than your natural skin tone. Next, add about a two-inch line of highlighter just above the jawline. The shadowed effect will give your jawline a defined appearance. Keep blending until it looks natural.

#2 Defined Collarbones, Here We Come!

If you love showing off your collarbones in off-shoulder dresses, then this makeup trick is for you! A well-accentuated collarbone can make your makeup look pop and draw attention to it.

Apply a light layer of BB cream to your neck and collarbones to create a luminous, hydrating appearance. Find a face highlighter that is one shade lighter than your skin color and apply it around your neck hollow and on your collarbone so that it stands out. After drawing parallel lines of bronzer, blend everything together.

#3 Show off a Swan-like Neck

Slimmer necks are always welcome, aren't they? Here's an easy contouring trick to flaunt a swan-like neck in an instant. 

Begin by highlighting the center of your neck with upward and inward strokes. Use the same technique on both the front and back of the neck. Once you have applied a highlighter, contour the outer part of your neck with a contouring stick in a shade darker than your natural skin tone. Make sure you blend well to get the desired result.

#4 Cellulite-Free Shoulders and Hands for the Festive Night

Most people find their arms to be weak points when it comes to toning their bodies. When you gain weight, your arms accumulate the most cellulite and lose their muscular shape. Sleeveless gowns or blouses with high necklines accentuate your bulky arms. Thankfully, with a perfect highlight job, you can hide bulging hands and give the illusion that you have sleek arms instead.

Use your favorite powder highlighter that matches the undertone of your skin and a fluffy powder brush. Draw a gentle outline around the shoulder joint and top line of the shoulder. Continue highlighting the outer edge of the arm ending at the wrist bone. 

#5 Get Abs to Die For

Hitting the gym every day is HARD, which is exactly why we are here to help you out in the fake-a-fit-stomach department. The next time you wear a sareeor any dress that shows off that tummylet the highlight-contour duo work its magic.

Start by drawing a diamond grid on your stomach using a medium-brown contour. Then using a yellow-toned concealer, fill in the central 'abs'. Use a white highlighting shade to highlight the outer and lower abs, similarly to sculpting your face. Create shadows and light effects by blending highlighting colors with darker shades. The finished product: looks as if you have been doing sit-ups for a long time!

#6 Realize Your Sleek & Long Leg Dreams

Many people dream of having long, sleek legs. The majority of us, however, are blessed with heavy thighs and out-of-shape legs due to our couch-potato lifestyle and binge eating sessions. In such instances, short dresses seem awkward. So, should we put away our little black dresses? You don’t have to! A strategic layer of bronzer and highlighter is what you need. 

Make sure you exfoliate dry skin before applying moisturizer for smooth, glowing skin. Sculpt the leg by applying bronzer to the contours of the thighs, the shins, and the calf muscle. Apply shimmer along the shin, calf muscle, and mid-thigh. It will instantly make your legs look smoother, hydrated, leaner, longer, and toned. 

#7 Go for Killer Cleavage

Contouring might be your new thing if you want a little extra oomph in the boobs. It actually takes little to make a big difference. The Kardashian-Jenners and many other celebrities contour their chests for photos, and you can too. Everyone wants the sexiest boobs in the world, right?

Using a concealer three shades darker than your natural skin tone, start by applying it to the inner corners of your breasts. Avoid harsh lines by blending concealer up and out with a fluffy brush. Use a body bronzer to highlight your chest—choose golden tones for a subtle glow. Next, make your collarbone stand out by using a concealer and blending nicely.  Finally, apply some highlighter to the top of your breasts. Use a fluffy powder brush to blend out your highlight for a flawless finish.


The wonders of body contouring & highlighting can give you a long, swan-like neck, add definition to your cleavage, tone your abs, and make your arms and legs look sleek. Get a sexy, lithe look with these makeup tips to highlight body parts and unleash your inner celebrity.

What is your favorite way to show up with glam body makeup? We'd love to hear from you in the comments!