7 Lipstick Shades You Need This Monsoon

7 Lipstick Shades You Need This Monsoon

Monsoon is all about colors and freshness. And that must show in the lipstick shades you wear too, innit? 2023 brought to us a lot of lipstick shades that we all love, nude lipstick shades, glosses & matte lipstick shades, the evergreen statement red lipstick, and of course, the famous old brown lipstick shades are back too! But which ones should you pick and which to leave aside? Well, the lipstick shades you choose totally depend on your wardrobe, your general color choice, and of course, your skin tone. But you don’t have to go through the pain of getting into all this just to choose your shades from all these trending lipstick shades, coz we’ve done the homework on your behalf!

Scroll ahead to check out the 6 trending lipstick shades you need to own to match all your outfits, suit all skin tones, and slay all the upcoming monsoon parties!

Two Perfect Nude Lipstick Shades - Nude Brown & Nude Pink Lipstick


One of Everyone’s Recent Favorites—a Brown Lipstick Shade

A Perfect Plum Lipstick–-to Go with Your Cocktail Outfits & LBDs

A Wine of Maroon Lipstick—for Office Parties & Casual Outings

One Statement Red Lipstick—That Suits Your Skin Tone & Undertone

And Finally, a Pretty Pink Lipstick—to Go with Literally Everything

Now that you have these 7 amazing lipstick shades to choose from, we are guessing you are up for a party! Don’t forget to share your picture with us in the comments wearing your favorite lip shades. XOXO, darlings! 🙂