7 Setting Powder Tips & Hacks You Must Know

7 Setting Powder Tips & Hacks You Must Know

Interested in stepping up your makeup game? If so, you won't want to miss these amazing setting powder hacks.

Setting powder has been part of our lives since we first delved into makeup as teens by using our mom's favorite compact. Yet, we are still unfamiliar with their magic potential. Yes, that tiny compact you keep untouched back there on your vanity can be useful in a variety of beauty situations.

From mattifying your makeup to keeping it in place all day, this makeup staple can do it all! Let's take a look at some coveted setting powder tips. But first, read on to learn how to apply setting powder properly.

How to Apply Setting Powder

#1 Choose Your Applicator

It is crucial to arm yourself with the right applicator once you have selected your powder. You can start with a powder brush. With the dome-shaped brush head, you can evenly apply the powder—even if you're bleary-eyed in the morning.

Don’t want to add another brush to your collection? You can count on your trusty makeup sponge for any beauty challenge. As a result of their unique shape and texture, makeup sponges offer a wide range of coverage and application options.

#2 Apply the Right Amount of Product

Dry-skinned individuals may not want to apply powder to their complexion in the same way that someone trying to control oily skin would. How you apply your setting powder depends on whether you have oily or dry skin.

In general, oilier skin types desire more matte coverage, so apply more powder with the sponge and press it into the skin. Those with drier skin types or those who prefer a more natural glow should use a brush for lighter coverage.

#3 Set Your Products after Every Step

You can use translucent powder to set cream-based products, such as foundation, concealer, or cream blush.

Dab some powder over the product after applying each layer. Doing this will prevent your makeup from creasing over time.

#4 If You Overapply, You Can Easily Fix It

Often, we've applied too much makeup (blush is the worst) and panicked while trying to remove it without running our whole face. If that happens with setting powder, you can buff away the excess using a fluffy brush. 

Setting Powder Makeup Hacks You Must Try

#1 Tackle Oily Skin

Setting your makeup with powder can be a good measure if you battle with an oily skin type. By using it, you can absorb excess oil—and prevent your makeup products from melting in the middle of the day. After applying foundation and complementary products such as blush and bronzer, apply setting powder with a fluffy powder brush. 

You can also use this setting powder tip on days when you don't wear makeup. Just a dusting of translucent face powder keeps shine at bay and keeps you from blotting all day.

#2 Get Dramatic Lashes

Looking for setting powder tips for makeup that’ll leave your eyelashes looking dramatic and lush? Well, here you go.



You will end up with clumpy lashes if you apply layers and layers of mascara. To combat this, apply mascara over your lashes and then sprinkle the loose setting powder on them while the product is still wet. Add another coat of mascara over the loose powder. Your lashes will appear thick without feeling heavy thanks to the lightweight buildup of the face powder.

#3 Make Your Lip Color Matte

You can instantly mattify your lips with loose translucent powder without drying them out. Place a thin layer of tissue over your lips after applying your usual lipstick.

Using some setting powder, lightly dust the tissue and press it onto your pout with a powder brush. Remove it carefully to reveal a long-lasting matte finish. The same trick can also be used to extend the wear of matte lipsticks.

#4 Lighten Up Your Blush and Bronzer

All of us love to add a rosy flush to our cheeks with blush and bronzer to achieve a sun-kissed look. It is easy, however, to overdo it with color and make yourself look stand out, and not in a good way.

If you are having trouble toning down the excess color in your blush and bronzer, you can use a setting powder to tone them down instead of wiping everything off and starting over. It is important to choose a compact powder that matches your skin tone in order to avoid drawing attention to your cheeks even more.

#5 Make Your Pencil Liner Last

Prevent smudging of your pencil liner with translucent powder. To create a matte base for an eyeliner look, dust loose powder on your eyelids before applying an eyeliner pencil or kajal. When your eyelids are matted, outline your upper lash line with your eyeliner pencil.

As a final step, add another layer of powder to avoid smudging your liner into your eyelid crease.

#6 Prevent Eyeshadow Fallout

In spite of your best efforts to blend eyeshadow, you may still end up with fallout underneath your eyes. The best way to remove makeup is to saturate a cotton pad in makeup remover and wipe it away. However, sometimes that just makes things worse. 

Luckily, you can take proactive measures if you know fallout will play a role. Apply setting powder generously under each eye before applying eye makeup. As a result, any fallout will land on top of your powder when you apply your shadows. Using a clean makeup brush, you can wipe away the powder beneath your eyes when you're done with your eye makeup look, and the fallout will follow.

#7 Conceal Blemishes

During makeup routines, translucent powder is commonly used for setting makeup.

However, for extra coverage, you can apply powder to a cotton swab to cover any blemishes that are still showing through.

The Bottom Line

The most frustrating part of applying makeup is having it smear, crease, and wear off so quickly after you craft your look. Setting powder is the perfect solution in such situations. Your makeup looks can be perfected quickly if you use the right product and follow the tips above.

Have any questions on how to use setting powder for makeup? Let us know in the comment section below!