7 Women’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Make Her Day!

7 Women’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Make Her Day!

International Women’s Day is almost here, which makes it the perfect time to get ready with Women’s Day gifts NOW!

We know gifts for women are easy to find, yet, there are some special gifts that scream Happy Women’s Day, and that’s what we want your this year’s gift to say! So here’s our curated list of International Women’s Day gifts you can choose from to impress her, and more importantly, make her feel special and happy.

Scroll down to choose her ‘type’ of women’s day gifts!

#1 Cook Her a Special Meal — Coz She’s Such a Snack!


Trust us, personalized gifts always hit home, and this one will hit the jackpot (of course, if done right 😛). Plus remember, men cooking look hotter than men not cooking 😀

#2 A Long-lasting Eyeliner Pen — a Sign of Your Never-Ending Love for Her

Plus, it would also be a token of how much fun it is when both of you "wing" life together!

#3 A Brunch Date by the Lake or Beach, or the Woods If She’s into That — Perfect for the Weather!


Which girl doesn't love brunch dates? We hope you know it's a rhetorical question, coz literally every girl does! And if it's by the lakeside, whoaaa you've won her completely!

#4 This Perfect Gifting Kit — for the Makeup Lover in Her

You will be on her favorites list once you gift her a kit full of all her favorite makeup products!

#5 Cute Handmade “Open when…” Notes in a Jar — A Gift That Keeps Giving


If not "open when..." notes, you can try a "100 reasons I love you" jar! She'll be super happy, trust us.

#6 A Red Lipstick — for the Strong Woman Who Always Makes a Statement!


Nothing can say "I love you" better than a bold lipstick that she's definitely going to love. And we're sure the comfortable wear is only a bonus point!

#7 A Party Makeup Kit — Perfect Gift for the Girlfriend if She’s a Party Animal

We hope we have sorted your Women’s Day gifts! Tell us in the comments, which one you’re going to pick. Also, if you’re a woman, we’d love to know what Women’s Day gifts you chose for yourself, coz that’s the best! Happy Women’s Day, XOXO, darlings! 🙂