8 Alternative Uses of Makeup Products You Might Not Know

8 Alternative Uses of Makeup Products You Might Not Know

We always talk about how to create perfect makeup looks by using our makeup products well. But all we look for are things like how to apply lipstick perfectly, how to get the perfect eyeshadow look, or how to make a good winged eyeliner.

We have decided to break makeup rules and will tell you how you can use all your makeup products to achieve great makeup looks, but by using them for purposes that are far from their primary use. Here’s an example – have you ever imagined using your mascara as a liquid liner when your liner is empty? You get the drift, we’re sure.

So, here are 8 alternative uses of makeup products that you might own, but have never seen as multitaskers!

#1 Mixing Makeup fixer with Your Powder Products to Make Cream Products

#2 Applying Stick Illuminator under your CC cream for the perfect dewy base

#3 Using Only Your Eyeshadow Palette as Your – Bronzer, Blush, Highlighter!

#4 And Using the Same Eyeshadow Palette to Create Ombre Nails!

#5 Mixing Red / Pink from the Same Eyeshadow Palette with Foundation to Create a Bright Blush!

#6 Using your Brow definer as Your Lip Liner for Pouty, Fuller Lips

#7 Using Your Liquid Lipstick as Your – Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, and Blush!

#8 Using Lip Gloss to Get the Trending Glossy Eyes

So, which ones of these alternative uses of makeup products would you like to try? Our favorite is #7, being the lazy makeup lovers, it’s amazing how just one product can become 3 other products and still enhance your look so well!

Do you have such alternative uses of you favorite makeup products? Tell us in the comments!