8 Eye Makeup Hacks You Would Never Have Imagined!

8 Eye Makeup Hacks You Would Never Have Imagined!

Makeup hacks—the phrase that will make any makeup lover happy, instantly. But it gets exponentially more exciting when it is about eye makeup hacks, right? Those winged eyeliner hacks, eye enhancing techniques, and those heart-stealing smokey eye hacks… could it get any more exciting!

Scroll ahead to discover 8 unique yet super-easy eye makeup tricks that you might have missed out on.

#1 This Genius Eyeliner Hack with Makeup (Wait for It) Remover!


#2 This Ultimate Use of the Eyelash Curler to Make the Perfect Graphic Wing!


#3 This Simple AF Cut Crease Hack Using Eyelash Curler


#4 This Perfect Wing Using Just Your Eyeshadow!


#5 These 3 Easy Graphic Eyeliners Using Liquid Lipstick, You Read It Right!


#6 This Summer-y Graphic Eyeliner Using Matte Lipsticks Only!


#7 This Perfect Hack with Kajal to Get the Doll Eye Look


#8 And Finally, These Blue Smokey Eyes Using Eye Pencil!


So, now that you’ve seen them all, which ones of these eye makeup hacks had you already known or tried?

Also, Don’t forget to share your own eye makeup tricks in the comments. We’d love to include them next. Have fun! XOXO, darlings.