8 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Faces Canada Fresh Eyes Kajal

8 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Faces Canada Fresh Eyes Kajal

Does any makeup lover need reasons to buy kajal? We doubt so. It's the thing that can single handedly change your whole look!

Often referred to as kohl, kajal is one makeup essential we cannot live without. Our relationship with this makeup item dates back to our teenage years—and we’re never letting go of this sacred bond. Using just one swipe, this wonder product adds definition to your eyes, making them appear larger, brighter, and more defined in seconds. With these many benefits of kajal, it is no wonder women—and even men—all over the world have been fans of this magic makeup throughout history!

When it comes to choosing the right kajal, we bet you have your favorites. However, that's all about to change today! After reading this blog, you’ll be convinced that the only kajal in your vanity bag should be Faces Canada Fresh Eye Kajal. Aren't sure how? Read on!

The Must-Have Features of Your Kajal Pencil

#1 Feel the Calmness and Soothing of Rose Extracts

Tired of wearing kajal that leaves your eyes itchy and irritable? Well, it's time to switch your makeup game. Invest in a formula that leaves your eyes feeling as comfortable as when they’re bare.

You can feel a calming freshness in your eyes from the moment you swipe these kajals on, thanks to their natural and soothing ingredients, such as rose extracts.

#2 Pigment That Feels Great on Sensitive Eyes

Some people's waterlines are like the internet these days—easily offended. Don’t understand? What we mean to say is that there are many people who suffer from sensitive eyes, which begin to water at the first touch of most eye makeup products.

Thankfully, the beauty industry has started focusing on crafting kajal and kohl sticks for sensitive waterlines. These kajals glide flawlessly over your waterline and lids, leaving you looking gorgeous. Say goodbye to tears and redness!

#3 Long-Lasting Kajals That Will Let Your Eyes Do All the Talking

Ever had to endure the embarrassment of smeared and dripping eye makeup in the middle of a late-night party? Having been there, we can empathize.

Thanks to 24-hour stay kohl pencils, you won't have to worry about your eye makeup fading away any time soon. With just a single swipe, you will be left with crave-worthy color that lasts up to 24 hours.

Look sharp at work—and even during the after-hours drinks—with this long-lasting kajal.

#4 Lightweight Finish That Doesn’t Drag You Down

If you're used to wearing a kajal that droops your eyes, you'll love lightweight formula kajals. These effortless kajals are easy to use and don't feel heavy on your eyes.

You'll be able to accentuate your eyes all day long with an incredibly deep & intense line.

#5 Top-Notch Kajal with a Waterproof Formula

The popularity of waterproof kajals in recent years has increased because of their promise of long-lasting, easy-to-wear formulas that protect from heat, sweat, water, and humidity. Your look stays intact throughout the day with a waterproof kajal.

Plus, these formulas prevent you from coming out of the water with raccoon eyes at the pool party.

#6 Smudge-Proof Eye Makeup for a Care-Free Day

With these latest kajal formulas, you can not only define your eyes but also improve your eye makeup game.

They have long-lasting staying power and intense black pigments, which leave you worry-free about smudging all dayand nightlong!

#7 Natural Ingredients That Love the Environment

Your eyes and the environment cannot possibly benefit from the chemicals in eye products. That's where kajal with natural ingredients comes in.

With natural ingredients, these babies leave youand the planetfeeling good.

#8 Paraben Free Kajal for the Win

Last but not least, you should never let paraben-containing makeup products touch your eyes. To put it simply, parabens are toxic and can seep beyond the skin's surface, which can lead to health problems. Say yes to paraben-free kohl pencils today!

The Faces Canada Fresh Eye Kajal offers you all these features and more! So don’t shy away from reaching for this magic wand the next time you go makeup shopping!

A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Smokey Eyes with Your Kajal Pencil

Now that you know the reasons why you should use kajal from Faces Canada, let’s learn how to use kajal properly to create a smokey eye!

Always Start with the Prep 

Many makeup artists believe that not priming is a crime. The same applies here. No matter if you plan to wear eyeshadow or not, it's always safe to prime your eyelids before applying eye makeup.

Using a matte eyeshadow primer or concealer, prime your eyelids and set them with translucent powder.

Kohl for the Win

Using a kohl liner such as Faces Canada Fresh Eye Kajal will help you define your eyes. You should start by applying the kajal all along your waterline and tight lining your eyes. Create a black kajal frame around your eyes by gradually thickening the lines.

The thickness of the lines depends on the intensity you want for your smokey eyes.

Embrace the Smoke by Smudging

Start smudging out the kajal with a flat shader brush. Blend out the edges to ensure opacity and intensity, while at the same time achieving a diffused, smoked appearance. Don't drag it too low, otherwise, your eyes will appear droopy.

You can create smoked-out wings by gently flicking the brush upwards and outwards.

Transition Smoothly

Using just a black shade might make you look unattractive. Make the edges softer by blending matte brown eyeshadow over them. Keep the brown color where the kajal almost ends, not all the way up to your waterline.

When you have finished, take a small, fluffy eyeshadow brush and gently run it over the whole thing. Apply a few coats of mascara to finish.

The Bottom Line

Fresh Eye Kajal adds a spark to any look, whether you're getting ready for a date or just a regular workday. Use this face kajal to achieve a perfect smokey-eye look using the tips above.

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