9 Beauty Swaps for Monsoon Season

9 Beauty Swaps for Monsoon Season

With these monsoon makeup tips, your makeup can weather any stormliterally!no matter how big or small.

Imagine this: You've spent all morning picking out an outfit and matching your makeup, and for once, even your hair cooperates. After you've done all the hard work, down comes the cat-and-dog weather that ruins everything.

Rain, heat, and humidity are the three enemies of flawless makeup. And this monsoon season, you'll have to deal with all of them! Makeup meltdowns are dangerousyou don't want your eye makeup running down your face right before that special party. Thankfully, a few beauty and makeup swaps here and there, and you’ll be ready to face the rain without your makeup melting. Let’s check out what these summer to monsoon makeup swaps are, shall we?

#1 Swap Your Foundation for a CC Cream—Keep It Lightweight

During the monsoons, heavy foundations can weigh down your skin, clog your pores, and make you sweat. Instead, opt for CC creams to achieve a sheer finish and even skin tone. 

CC creams are incredible products that perform three functions: moisturizer, color-corrector, and foundation. With a minimal amount of layers, you will be able to cover up your blemishes and achieve a more even complexion. Isn't that cool?

#2 Switch to Liquid Lipsticks—Say Goodbye to a Feathered Pout

The problem with wearing lipstick in monsoon is that they tend to dry out the lips and become feathered. Lip balm and primer can only help so much—especially in the case of people with naturally dry skin. Don't worry though, monsoons are ideal for switching from cream-based lipsticks to liquid matte ones.

Don’t forget to choose a liquid lipstick with a nourishing formula that promises to keep your lips colorful and hydrated all day long.

#3 Swap Makeup Wipes for a Double-Cleansing Routine—Keep the Breakouts Away

The monsoon may not be the best time to use makeup wipes for removing dirt and grime (even though they are a lazy girl's dream). Humidity tends to increase sebum production and sweat, which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. And you are probably wearing waterproof makeup this season, which can't be removed with a face wipe.

Cleanse your skin thoroughly with a gentle, hydrating cleanser that won't leave it patchy. If you are prone to acne, double cleanse your skin and follow an anti-acne routine. If you’re lazy like we all are, find a skin-friendly bi-phasic makeup remover that has both oil (to remove waterproof makeup) and water (to wipe off the oil).

Double cleansing should include an oil cleanser to remove oil and sebum buildup, followed by a foam or gel cleanser to remove long-wear makeup and pollution. Additionally, the double cleansing procedure brightens the skin by sloughing off dead skin cells that do not reflect light and are on the surface. As a result, new and ready skin cells are left behind, allowing active ingredients to penetrate more effectively.

#4 Switch to Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner—Avoid Raccoon Eyes

A rainy day can be fun and romantic if you stay inside—but disastrous for an outdoor event or a day out with the gal pals. 

You will only be able to avoid raccoon eyes in a heavy downpour if your eye makeup is budge-proof. The weather makes waterproof mascara and eyeliners a no-brainer. Also, make sure to use a primer before applying your eyeshadow so that it lasts longer. Else, you can skip the whole shebang altogether.

#5 Swap Oil-Based Products with Water-Based Ones—and Choose Non-comedogenic Products

Switching to a lighter moisturizer is essential. During the humid season, your skin tends to hold on to more water, so you might prefer a water-based formula instead of a heavy cream. On oily, enlarged pores, heavy moisturizers—especially those formulated with creams—can clog pores, resulting in blackheads. 

Even when it comes to makeup, choosing oil-free products that specifically state they are non-comedogenic may be helpful. It's important to let the skin breathe during the monsoon. You will feel more comfortable wearing these on your skin, and they will last longer as well.

#6 Switch to Powder Formulas—Bid Adieu to Melting Makeup

It would be a shame if you had creamy bronzer or contour meltdown in the rain, right? By switching to powder formulas during the monsoon season, you can avoid such makeup blunders.

You can prolong the wear of your makeup with powder products—and they also give you a matte finish.

#7 But, Swap Your Powder Blush for a Cream One—Keep the Flush on, All Day Long

Stick to creamy blush formulas since they are lighter and blend better with your skin. A blush with a rich, velvety texture sits well on your skin and leaves it looking radiant and natural.

Additionally, cream blushes are great for creating that no-makeup makeup look. The creme lipstick in your kit can do the job quite well if you do not have a creamy blush on hand.

#8 Switch to Brighter Colors—Don’t Let the Gloomy Weather Spoil Your Mood

You can always pop a bit of color into your make-up kit to lift your spirits if the gloomy skies of the season have got you down. Over the winters, neutrals and browns dominated make-up kits, but monsoon is the time to break convention by introducing unusual shades.

Put a bright pop of color on your lips and replace your black eyeliner with a metallic (but waterproof) one. 

#9 Swap Your Setting Powder for a Makeup Spray—Set It All Right

If the weather is humid, you will need a makeup setting spray to seal your makeup and keep it shine-free. Setting sprays should be non-sticky, lightweight, and durable so that your makeup will last longer and not smudge.

From a distance of six inches, spray the formula lightly in a T-formation and then in an X-formation across your face.


Saying goodbye to all your monsoon makeup woes is as easy as following these monsoon makeup hacks. Make the suggested product swaps in your beauty kit, and you’ll be ready to take on the world with your on-point monsoon makeup.

Do you switch your beauty products according to the season? Let us know all about it in the comment section!