9 Things from Your Kitchen You Must Include in Your Skincare Routine

9 Things from Your Kitchen You Must Include in Your Skincare Routine

The famous 10-step skincare regime must be one of the most trending skincare routines right now. With serums and oils and creams and masks and a hundred varieties of each of this available, we sometimes forget how important it is to keep natural ingredients in your skincare routine too. Of course, serums and sunscreens are essential ingredients to great skin, but the real glow comes from within.

For that real glow, we have 9 things that you can simply lift from your kitchen and use as a skincare ingredient. Of course, different things work for different skin types and beauty regimes. But you’d be surprised to know how many combinations of skincare ingredients you can make from these 9 ingredients. Go ahead and see what suits your beauty routine!

#1 Haldi for Natural Radiance

Famous for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric can make your skin glow naturally. The antioxidants work on reviving your skin, which is how it brings out its natural glow. Mix and apply honey, turmeric, and yogurt and rinse on drying.

The combination helps reduce sun damage. Regular use can help combat aging and wrinkles as it helps the collagen in your skin to keep the elasticity intact.

#2 Besan (Gram flour) for Soft, Smooth Skin

If your mom has been into beauty and skincare, you must have bathed with malai and besan since you were a kid. Want an easy yet effective face pack?

Simply mix besan (gram flour) & malai (milk cream), apply & keep it for 20 min and rinse it off. You’ll find your skin getting softer, more moisturized, and glowing with each passing day with regular use.

#3 Honey to Balance Oily Skin & Fight Acne

Honey has great antibacterial and moisturizing properties. Mix with tomato pulp and it can cure sunburn mix with haldi & yogurt, and it will help you with acne!

It can be your oily skincare routine’s best friend. Apply it as is on your face overnight to balance oily skin & reduce excess oil production. Honey is the key to that much sought-after healthy, dewy glow. AND it's non-comedogenic! So no worries about pore clogging and breakouts.

#4 Coffee for Exfoliation & Radiance

Coffee isn’t just the cure for your sleepiness at work or the thing before which you hate facing the world or people in the morning. It’s also a great exfoliator and fights skincare issues like a pro. Use coffee ground texture to exfoliate and reduce puffiness with the caffeine content.

CGA content in coffee can also reduce inflammation due to acne. Use a coffee & honey pack regularly to get gorgeous, radiant skin.

#5 Potato for Bright Skin & Natural De-Tan

Perfect DIY exfoliator for sensitive skin. Simply grate half a potato into oatmeal & milk (½ teaspoon each) & gently scrub for 10 minutes before rinsing off. Even potato skin is great to remove dark spots.

Potato brightens the skin, removes tan, and cleanses your skin of germs & bacteria. Mix with turmeric and it becomes a miraculous natural depigmenting mask.

#6 Lemon for Natural Cleansing & Dead Cell Removal

Although not suitable for every skin type, once you patch test and if it works for you, lemon can have great natural cleansing and bleaching effects. It perfectly exfoliates dead skin cells, and the citric acid can reduce the effects of tanning, leaving your skin glowing.

The key to using lemon safely though, is to only use small amounts and make sure to do the patch test.

#7 Tomato for De-Tan and Soothing Inflammation

Tomato can be great not just in your Bloody Mary, but also for your skin! Mix tomato pulp with honey & apply it all over the tanned area, with regular use you will see the tan gradually going away, leaving you with glowing skin.

Tomato also has anti-inflammatory properties, that soothe irritable skin, and vitamins C & E calm the skin further.

#8 Milk for Baby-Soft, Plump Skin

Did you know milk is a great toner? Of course, if it suits your skin. It can help reduce early signs of aging, exfoliate your skin, add natural glow & suppleness, and even cure sunburn!

Add it to a mix of rice flour, honey, and olive oil, use it as a mask, and you have the Japanese secret to rejuvenating, brightening, and moisturizing your skin.

#9 And of course, Cucumber for Its Antioxidants

We’re all aware of this amazing fresh ingredient’s antioxidant properties that help reduce wrinkles.

Cucumber is rich in Folic Acid and Vitamin C that together help your skin fight toxins, facilitate newer cell growth, and make it healthier, youthful, & firmer.

So, which of these natural skincare ingredients are you already using from your kitchen? And which ones have you been inspired to use by this list? Well, these are all quite multipurpose for your skincare routine, and a little bit of careful, well-researched mix & match can give you happy, calm, glowing skin with regular use!

Tell us your favorite ones & the ones we may have missed out on this list. Have a happy & successful skincare routine! XOXO, darlings.