90s Brown Lip Trend Is Back! 7 Brown Shades You MUST Own in 2023

90s Brown Lip Trend Is Back! 7 Brown Shades You MUST Own in 2023

The 90s brown lip trend is back in 2023!!!

Makeup lovers have always loved to follow Bollywood makeup trends. And what better way to find new beauty trends than to follow your favorite celebrity makeup trends! 2022 has gone and given us a lot of good makeup trends, but now the new year is here and 2023 is about to bring some amazing new beauty trends. But we’re the most excited about the beauty trends it is bringing back from the golden era, especially the 90s makeup trends. We’re super thrilled about the 90s brown lip trend that’s coming back in 2023.

You can wear those famous 90s lips using some of your favorite & our best brown lipstick shades that we’ve specially curated for you below.

The Perfect Bollywood Brown

Use Comfy Matte ‘For The Win’ for those famous, pretty brown lips. Add gloss for that sassy finesse.

The 90s Brownie Lips

This Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick Frisky Brown shade is perfect to get those 90s brownie lips. Add some highlighter on your cupid’s bow to make it even more 90s.

The Luscious Coffee Brown

Want those shiny Madhuri-style brown lips from the 90s? Then you must own the Ultime Pro HD Intense Matte Lips in shade Espresso. It’s the perfect shade for Madhuri’s 90s brown lips.

The Luxurious Shiny Brown

Try this silky matte brown shade of the Matte Addiction Lipstick called Fierce Brown. It’s simply superb and will remind you of your favorite Bollywood brown lip look worn by all your faves back then!

The Laid Back Brown Nude

If you wanna go back to the 90s brown lipstick trend but also wanna keep it subtle, we suggest you go for a simple brown nude matte lipstick. If you wanna keep it matte, it’s perfect for you, if going for a hip party, gloss it up a bit!

The Subtle Yet Sexy Rusty Brown

Wanna keep it subtle, yet sexy? Try a Rust Brown Lip & Cheek Tint. It’s not just easy to use but you can also create a very nice monochromatic look using these multipurpose tints.

Wine Brown, Coz 9to5 & 5 to Wine!

Wear a wine brown crayon for your after work parties so you follow the brown lip trend while keeping your makeup occasion-appropriate!

We’ve shared the best brown lip shades with you so you can stay ahead in the trend! Oh, and one more great idea is that you can create brown metallic lips like in the 90s using multipurpose shimmer or a metallic looking highlighter over your favorite brown lipstick! If you’re feeling particularly experimental, try holographic shimmer instead!

Go get these 6 best brown lipstick shades and win the 2023 brown lip trend ahead of everyone else! XOXO, girls!

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