Add Drama to Your Eyes with Colored Kajals

Add Drama to Your Eyes with Colored Kajals

Use colored kajal to give your everyday look some much-needed oomph.

A staple in every girl's makeup kit, black kajal is like a reliable nude lipstickalways there to match all your outfits and even out any makeup look. However, after a time, you might get bored of wearing the same old black kajal every day. And we don’t blame you for that.

Though it accentuates the eyes prettily, its jet-black hue can get a little monotonous after a while. Fortunately, there are some amazing colored kajals to add some vibrancy to your makeup look. Are you excited yet? You should be because there's no better way to enhance your beauty bag than with colorful kajal. And after reading this post, you'll know exactly why!

Add Definition to Your Eye Makeup Look with Colored Kajal

#1 You Can Choose from Multiple Shades!

You should choose your kajal according to your mood and outfit, just like you choose your lipstick. There are dozens of shades of colored kajal available out there, so opt for one that reflects how you’re feeling.

  • You can have a touch of self-appreciation in your look with some green color kajal
  • If you want to step out of your comfort zone without being too out there, you can use some brown magic. 
  • With a dash of blue kohl, you will be able to inject some much-needed motivation into your boring 9 to 5. 
  • Alternatively, you could use burgundy to accentuate your natural beauty and evoke the colors of love in your life.

#2 Choose Colored Kajals that Are Long-Stay

When you are sick of having to touch up your eye makeup every few hours, you know it’s time to make some changes to your beauty game.

You won't have to worry about your eye makeup fading away anytime soon with a 24-hour stay kohl pencil. With the long-lasting colored kajal, you'll stay looking sharp all day longfrom office hours to the after-party.

#3 Select Colored Kohl with Waterproof Formula

Nowadays, waterproof kajal is the “it” thing, providing long-lasting, easy-to-wear formulas that are immune to sweat, water, and humidity. So the next time you decide to take a dip in the pool with your makeup on, you won't have to worry about looking like a raccoon. 

#4 Make Sure it’s Single Stroke Application & Rich Pigment

Are you tired of repeatedly dragging your kajal through your lids to achieve the desired color payoff? Now, you won’t have to. With a soft core, the one-stroke defining kajal pencil glides easily across your skin and produces the darkest color, even on the inner rim of your eyes.

#5 And Has Natural Ingredients, Free from Chemicals

The use of natural makeup products minimizes your exposure to harmful ingredients. As a result, there will be less chance of skin damage and other health issues.

Wearing Colored Kajal in Different Ways

Line Your Lower Lash Line—Keep Things Natural

Obviously, you don't need us to tell you that you can line your lower lash line with kajal. It may be something you have been doing for years. However, using a colored kajal makes all the difference here. 

When you don't want a heavy look or just want to keep your look minimal and natural, line your lower waterline with a colored kajal. Add a coat of mascara for a natural, fresh, and well-defined eye look. Ta-da! It's that simple.

Wanna add a twist though? Add a colored eyeshadow to your upper lid! It can be the perfect color kajal with a twist if you like to really experiment with makeup

Vibrant-Lined Upper Lids—Not-So-Basic Eyeliner

Want to create an eye-defining makeup look but don’t have a colored eyeliner handy? Use a colored kajal instead! 

  • Line your upper lid with kajal just as you would with your eyeliner. By lining your eyes, you will be able to highlight them and define your eye shape.
  • You can extend your liner and create wings if you want.
  • Line your lids with two colored kajal if you want to get really creative. For example, you could use black kohl to outline your lid and blue (or any other color) to draw the wings.

Colored Kajal on the Waterline—Bigger, Brighter Eyes 

By tightlining your lash line, you bring definition to your eyes and make them appear fuller. Using a color kajal for tightlining can also make your eyes pop. Since the liner is not noticeable on the waterline, this technique is also known as invisible eyeliner.

  • Lift your upper lid gently with your ring finger so you can see the waterline beneath your lash line. 
  • Draw a line along your upper waterline with a kohl pencil. 
  • The final step is to apply mascara to complete the look.

Practice and patience are key to mastering this method.

Colored Smokey Eyes—Old School, but Better

Did you think you could only create a smokey eye look with your best eyeliner? Well, you thought wrong. Accentuate your eyes with a smokey eye look with brown-colored kajal and create a subtle look for romantic dinners and zoom meetings. Here's how to get it:

  1. Apply brown eyeshadow all over your eyelids after priming them.
  2. Make sure you apply brown kajal along the upper and lower lash lines, as well as the waterline.
  3. Use an eyeshadow brush and softly blend the kajal in an upwards direction.
  4. Make a sharp wing with your brown eyeliner.
  5. Open up your eyes by applying multiple coats of mascara. 

Smudged Kohl Eyes—an Iconic Look Made Eye-Mazing

It's impossible to ignore the iconic appeal of kohl-rimmed eyes. When you couple that with a little color charisma, you are the star of the show. In order to achieve this look:

  1. Use concealer to prime the eyelids for a long-lasting look.
  2. Use your favorite colored kajal to line the tops and bottoms of your eyes.
  3. Ensure the inner and outer corners are stroked smoothly.
  4. Using an angled flat brush, lightly blend the upper and lower waterline line for a smooth, smudged appearance.
  5. To finish the look, coat your lashes generously with volumizing mascara.

The Bottom Line

Running late for that get-together with friends and don’t have time to put on makeup? Simply add a dash of colored kajal to your eyes in one of the ways defined above—and you’re done. A little kajal goes a long way!

Have you ever created any out-of-the-ordinary looks with your kajal? Share them on Instagram and tag @facescanada, and you might just get a feature on our story!